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Nobody - Movie Review
21 dag sedan
On yo feet maggot
On yo feet maggot 8 timmar sedan
This should’ve been like a 8-10 episode show. Worked pretty well for the witcher
Dan Olson
Dan Olson 9 timmar sedan
When did Jeremy ditch the punch?
StephonST 9 timmar sedan
Wh- wheres the punch??
Sam Folan
Sam Folan 9 timmar sedan
Amazing book, entertaining movie. I'm embarrassed for them that they called the movie Without Remorse attempting to reference the book. They should have just called it: A John Kelly story. MBJ is great, but I hated watching it with the memory of the book in my head. There was almost nothing from the book in this movie. I can't even.
jesus Enriquez
jesus Enriquez 9 timmar sedan
Last time I got snatch flavor I got in trouble 😂
Mike Faller
Mike Faller 9 timmar sedan
My favorite Guy Ritchie film is Aladdin... Said no one ever.
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers 9 timmar sedan
Scorpion and SubZero were an ABSOLUTE WIN, as a kid that watched the OG in the theater back in the day. These characters were freaking PERFECT. So much so that, IMO they wasted a HUGE opportunity to make the movie ONLY about these two characters. The rest was okay. Although my boys Kung lao and Cano stole the movie a times.
Araris Valerian
Araris Valerian 9 timmar sedan
Snatch flavor... lol
Quentin Hood
Quentin Hood 10 timmar sedan
Definitely the gentleman 🕴️
Suhas Malasani
Suhas Malasani 10 timmar sedan
Robert Aguilar
Robert Aguilar 10 timmar sedan
Put this movie on and stopped it after 10 min
Jennifer E. Pergola
Jennifer E. Pergola 10 timmar sedan
"The Gentlemen" was a fun movie - think I'll skip this one, though :-).
Last Warrior
Last Warrior 10 timmar sedan
I just watched it. It's bad ass!
Jarrett Tyree
Jarrett Tyree 10 timmar sedan
That Statham impression tho!
Tuckers Baby
Tuckers Baby 10 timmar sedan
Fart noodle I’m not looking down
Axelsanx 10 timmar sedan
Saw it, liked it.
Freeman Twins
Freeman Twins 10 timmar sedan
Just left the theater for this movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it
Christopher Freeman
Christopher Freeman 10 timmar sedan
New Ice cream! Snatch Flavor....
Pattabiraman Muthu
Pattabiraman Muthu 10 timmar sedan
Say what you want but this movie has some of the ultra realistic legit combat scenes.
walt disney
walt disney 10 timmar sedan
Invincible is the boys if the writer didn't hate the superhero genre
Mayur 11 timmar sedan
Thumbnail looked like HHH
BlackSuede 11 timmar sedan
I highly recommend getting your hands on the Invincible omnibus
Malcom McLeod
Malcom McLeod 11 timmar sedan
Let's be honest the 1995 Mortal Kombat is still better, not quite flawless victory but close.
ArmaRes 11 timmar sedan
Randomly saw this generic justice league cartoon on my feed. Figured I’d watch it before bed. I was definitely shocked to see super hero’s get brutally murdered. Not going to lie, that fucked me up so bad I didn’t sleep and called out of work. I watch a good amount of anime and that violence doesn’t bother me. I was not expecting to see what I saw. I see have no interest to watching this show and it still creeps me out.
Rich Speirs
Rich Speirs 11 timmar sedan
Yes Joss had people do reshoots for jokes and also those horrible Superman upper lip pics.
Neondre' H
Neondre' H 11 timmar sedan
I literally choked on my blunt at the snoop impression lmao!
dinoatcharterdotnet 11 timmar sedan
So the real killer still walks free? Denzel just wanted Rami's character to have closure by sending him the red barrette, making him think he really did kill the killer? What happens when they find another body killed in the same manner?
Feel Good Forever
Feel Good Forever 11 timmar sedan
What a trash review. Did you even watch the movie? This feels like a summary of the trailer.
suicune2001 11 timmar sedan
I just finished the season and.....HOLY FUCK! O_O
Super Fark
Super Fark 11 timmar sedan
Jason Statham should play Moses in a remake of 10 commandments lmao
Dj Magik Mike
Dj Magik Mike 11 timmar sedan
Gotta stop having michael b Jordan ruing movies. This clown says he made this shit movie
Alexander Grom
Alexander Grom 11 timmar sedan
Attention to details and overall quality of writing... it just feels solid, real... it doesn't feel stupid or "plastic-y".. made my week lol
Leslie Parish
Leslie Parish 11 timmar sedan
Loved this movie Guy Richie does Michael Mann
Gregory Peer
Gregory Peer 12 timmar sedan
1:41 "Goodnight everybody" - Yakko Warner
Cole Wrathman
Cole Wrathman 12 timmar sedan
Good movie!
spam boi
spam boi 12 timmar sedan
Mister Pinkman
Mister Pinkman 12 timmar sedan
“Resident evil as survival horror is gone, it’s in the past, it’s probably not coming back.” I’ve got good news for you past Jeremy
Ty Jensen
Ty Jensen 12 timmar sedan
I'm excited for Wrath of Man but my cinemas are closed.
barry place
barry place 12 timmar sedan
I'm really glad you liked Joker and Snatch but any chance you could tell us a bit about this movie
Kratoscallofduty 12 timmar sedan
I have the feeling that Jason Statham calls his dick a megalodon. Gotta love that 'snatch flavor'.....haha
Muloka Chishi
Muloka Chishi 12 timmar sedan
Ok ajdjdhhdjdjdkjsjsjsk
Joseph Markell
Joseph Markell 12 timmar sedan
If Jodie Turner-Smith is a navy seal then I am the Dalai Lama
SuperMichael 98
SuperMichael 98 12 timmar sedan
Where Jeremy’s Joker Journey began.
Pure Hyperbole
Pure Hyperbole 12 timmar sedan
Really struggled to get through this. So boring. Nothing appealed.
P Rieck
P Rieck 13 timmar sedan
This movie made it for me when Statham kills that untalented prick Malone.
CDL Gaming
CDL Gaming 13 timmar sedan
Leaving a like for "Snatch Flavor"
Hollys Dad
Hollys Dad 13 timmar sedan
Review mitchells vs the machines you coward!
Steven Pascual
Steven Pascual 13 timmar sedan
Snatch flavor
RosieBabyCheeks 13 timmar sedan
Tuuteiwtutwurayrau4w5 ed yo DC gr su5
Justin Cannon
Justin Cannon 13 timmar sedan
would definitely like a spoiler review 👀😂
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards 13 timmar sedan
Thought it was good but forgettable. An issue I had was the movie seemed to be setting up a mystery at the start but the trailers ruined all that as you knew what was happening and the traitor was easy to guess.
Trey 13 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks this poster looks identical to the one for Draft Day with Kevin Costner
Kamill Gran
Kamill Gran 13 timmar sedan
That is a bad ass beard man!
skitzboy_ 89
skitzboy_ 89 13 timmar sedan
The first time I saw Mysterio's illusion, it blew my mind! 😳 and he's definitely not dead. Can't wait to finally see the Sinister Six in live action!
Kobalt_ 13 timmar sedan
"That Snatch flavor...." -Jeremy Jahns 2021
mason mack
mason mack 13 timmar sedan
Weird compliment but that was the best ray con ad I’ve ever seen, seemed genuine, entertaining, well made, good job.
jamie percival
jamie percival 13 timmar sedan
The gentleman was his best film since snatch, so I have high hopes for this this one.
Greg Allen
Greg Allen 13 timmar sedan
Great commentary and incredibly entertaining!
Night Shader
Night Shader 13 timmar sedan
A soundtrack similar to Joker? Fuck it, im sold and im in! :D
ehcmier 13 timmar sedan
Mr. Jahns suggesting we check out Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime" on Raycons?
skitzboy_ 89
skitzboy_ 89 13 timmar sedan
Love that Donald Glover plays Miles' uncle Aaron 🔥 Miles Morales confirmed
Mobias Dickus
Mobias Dickus 13 timmar sedan
I’m genuinely disappointed to be hearing mixed reviews about this one. I was excited to see a new guy Ritchie film that isn’t a remake, and I enjoyed the gentlemen so much that I felt that maybe Guy Ritchie is finally back on the right track with his career. I’m sure I’ll end up seeing this movie, but I’m not sure if I’ll risk going to the theaters. Theatre experiences usually suck every other time I go, and the last time I went was great. So I’m on the fence here about spending 13 bucks to watch an ok movie with people munching nachos and talking to each other throughout the entire fucking movie, and somebody will definitely be on their phone too. There’s always somebody in the front row on their fucking phone.
Junior lesego Ragontse
Junior lesego Ragontse 14 timmar sedan
please do a Review of Mortal 2020
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 14 timmar sedan
"You might be looking for that Snatch flavor" Comment of the year so far🤣😂
skitzboy_ 89
skitzboy_ 89 14 timmar sedan
I enjoyed Green Goblin and disliked the "Rhino suit" also 8:20 thank you for explaining who that was because I had no idea 😂
Redd Alchemy
Redd Alchemy 14 timmar sedan
Just binged it. WHOA.....I have to admit, it was pretty damn good. Can't wait to see what happens in season 2. Anything JK Simmons is in, I am there. He is really an underrated actor and voice actor.
Iwhbyd 14 timmar sedan
Jeremy wasn’t slick with the tool reference
Redd Alchemy
Redd Alchemy 14 timmar sedan
I come for Jeremy's impressions. Dead on spot. LOL! Good review, as always though. Saw his review of NOBODY, and he sold me on it. Went and saw it and loved it. Thanks Jeremy, you rock.
TheMarionick 14 timmar sedan
Can I just bring up the fact that Omniman looks like J Jonah Jameson and is also voiced by J Jonah Jameson?
Jamaican Snuggie
Jamaican Snuggie 14 timmar sedan
King Arthur for me...had too much fun with that one...
Nic Dot Nic
Nic Dot Nic 14 timmar sedan
This movie could never have lived up to such an epic title Should've known it was just an action movie
zentaur 14 timmar sedan
thunderwood 14 timmar sedan
The first minute of this 6 minute video is an ad?
Artur In
Artur In 14 timmar sedan
I accidentally watched the video at 0.75x speed and I was convinced Jeremy was drunk xDDDD
Fly 14 timmar sedan
Snatch flavor 👀
Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander 14 timmar sedan
Was he referencing backstreet boys when he mentioned bout the “musical group” 🤭😏
AugustEverlasting 14 timmar sedan
I just wanted to know if that little girl who was friends with Martian Man is all right :(
BBoyEdgy 14 timmar sedan
I liked and subscribed as soon as I heard the pun