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Host Of Odin
Host Of Odin 11 timmar sedan
Is Cobra Kai Season 3 really the third season of Cobra Kai?
Ghost Apostle
Ghost Apostle 12 timmar sedan
The irony that MCU made some people too dumb for subtleties.
scribblebeck 12 timmar sedan
no laugh track! according to Hollywood Reporter they recorded eps 1 & 2 in front of a live studio audience!
fabi794 12 timmar sedan
Idk man, those scenes where the reality breaks are pretty intense 😳
Steven Corey
Steven Corey 12 timmar sedan
Thx for saving my time before I watched it. You the man!
WFA Phillips
WFA Phillips 12 timmar sedan
Jeremy's hair is flawless wtf
Raghu Sharma
Raghu Sharma 12 timmar sedan
The point is you know its not real but they are doing an homage, we don’t need answers to a 9 episode series after 2 episodes lol. The show gave you enough intrigue with the creepy dinner scene and the stuff in ep 2 with the radio. They are having fun with the homage and giving you some tidbits. How does Jeremy enjoy shows if he wants the answers in the first 2 episodes lmao Imagine they revealed all their secrets in 2 episodes and then bored you for the next 7. Not sure what kind of tv shows Jeremy enjoys. Part of the fun of mystery is to try and piece together all the messaging like the visual clues and things people say. I think you didn’t watch the show properly based on how you have reviewed it,
Z Serbs
Z Serbs 12 timmar sedan
I understand the pros and cons for the weekly episode release vs all at once. I think I’ll just wait until the end of the show and binge it once the shows at the end
William Jimenez
William Jimenez 12 timmar sedan
Your reviews has been off you liked Wonder Woman 1984 and NO OTHER movie Critic liked wonder woman 1984 and that movie SUCKED!!
Giann De Jesus
Giann De Jesus 12 timmar sedan
Jeremy - “Disney, I’m not gonna subscribe to your fucking streaming service!” Jeremy 2 years later - “Here’s my Mandalorian season 2 review”
tstarks1975 12 timmar sedan
I totally agree. I'm only watching it because it's Marvel but they definitely need to do something the next episode or two. If it was any other show it would just suck
Boscovision BOTTOM TEXT
Boscovision BOTTOM TEXT 12 timmar sedan
You summed up exactly how I feel. It was a crap sitcom first and a Marvel show second. They should have put it all up so we could binge it
The Dark lord of the Jedi
There is a part where the lady’s blood has color and the helicopter
Nahue Stark
Nahue Stark 12 timmar sedan
Just saw it on D+, EVEN tho is a cliche thing, they made a beautiful movie, gorgeos looking movie too.
Reed: TheGr8AndPowerfull M
My thoughts at the ended were just pure confusion
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards 12 timmar sedan
You should totally react to the new Cherry trailer
HyperionWasabi 12 timmar sedan
Three dojo's? Wasn't it implied that Johnny and Daniel merged dojo's at the end?
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald 12 timmar sedan
Proper Pronunciation The Force Awakens= Tuh-Fah The Last Jedi= Tulj The Rise Of Skywalker= Turos
Sophie Shields
Sophie Shields 12 timmar sedan
Bruh did you miss the whole bit where mr.hart was dying and the hydra tv ads I’m really enjoying it
Jorge Cano
Jorge Cano 12 timmar sedan
I wonder how much DC is paying Jahns to consistently hate everything Disney and marvel puts out and to love everything DC
roxxylala26 12 timmar sedan
Movie seriously gave me a headache. Nolan tried too hard.
LOCL 12 timmar sedan
My theory is we are in Wanda’s head. The last she saw Vision, he lost all color after the mind stone was ripped out. She refuses to leave this world because it’s one where her and Vision can be together. The beekeeper could be a reference to AIM.
Ashleigh Hahn
Ashleigh Hahn 13 timmar sedan
This kind of reminded me of that one episode on Legends of Tomorrow where they parodied popular tv shows dragged out into a series and considering how much I liked that episode I can’t wait to see more.
TheUltimate620 13 timmar sedan
Jesus Jeremy Jahns is more Nomad than Steve Rodgers now
Ashen-Phoenix 13 timmar sedan
How is it almost no reviewer looked up how to say Gal Gadot's name?
Drake 816
Drake 816 13 timmar sedan
I wish I could forget Breaking Bad and start it all over again.
Roman Beal
Roman Beal 13 timmar sedan
Oh my God what is going on with your hair looks good though
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 13 timmar sedan
yeah but Mandalorian already had our attention before the week over week.I couldnt get passed the first 5 min of the sec ep of wanda vision. I cant watch it. It sucks
Antonio Gordon
Antonio Gordon 13 timmar sedan
It was assssss in my opinion hopefully it gets better and more interesting. Imma watch the mandalorin and see the hype for that
paul Doherty
paul Doherty 13 timmar sedan
It's the stupidest show of the century what a waste so disappointed
Grey.Fox 13 timmar sedan
I usually agree with Jeremy but this time I'm almost polar opposite. I like them releasing week-to-week because there is a sense of suspense. I didn't think I would like the 50s sitcom style but with the conservative sprinkling of the weird moments, it has a David Lynch Lite feeling to me with cheery suburban veneer hiding a more sinister underbelly. For me, it was a show I didn't think I'd really be that in to, but I'm actually digging despite it first seeming cheesy and fake. It's one of the more rare Marvel movies that's unique and requires attention. Also, those fake ads. *chef's kiss*
Kirtland Higgins
Kirtland Higgins 13 timmar sedan
Theres a mortal kombat movie?
iffy _530
iffy _530 13 timmar sedan
Going into this film I was expecting to be laughing my ass off like I did in Thor Ragnarok HOWEVER! This film doesn’t focus on that for me, it focuses on growing up something Jeremy fucking nails👏
Rainheart94 14 timmar sedan
I have to admit, I'm part of the minority that agrees with Jeremy, but only because of my strong dislike of sitcoms, so these first few episodes are very difficult for me to appreciate. Maybe it's not for me, who knows, but I really hope that the next sitcom parody episodes lean a bit more into the plot .
ventmonster 14 timmar sedan
Barely got through the first episode. Didn't attempt 2nd
DeepFreeze172 14 timmar sedan
Anyone else take way too long to realize that "Wandavision" is a play on television?
Ken Hill
Ken Hill 14 timmar sedan
I have to respectfully disagree with Jeremy here. I think the mid-century sitcom on its own is charming and entertaining on its own merit. Of course I know the shoe is going to drop sometime and I’m enjoying the breadcrumbs they are putting in each episodes.
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith 14 timmar sedan
What a great trilogy
Kyria Stephens
Kyria Stephens 14 timmar sedan
Are you serious? 🤔 That movie was trash. Who bought you Jeremy?
Dae Thomas
Dae Thomas 14 timmar sedan
It's pretty good. I think you're gonna be JO by the end, Jeremy. Give it a minute. I loved the first 2 eps & thought they were clever
Jonathan Dagnillo
Jonathan Dagnillo 14 timmar sedan
I do agree that it would have been nice to see more hints and intrigue- but the interesting thing about what you said, where you said this would work better as a binged show- is that it's entirely possible that we see things kick up a notch in the third episode. We have to go on faith and assume things kick up at some point and that this is not literally a sitcom throughout the entire season. So, in a way, they took the 2 most "disposable" episodes and threw them online together so that we could actually "binge" through them and get to the "meat" faster ;)
Jhonhel Sontosidad
Jhonhel Sontosidad 14 timmar sedan
These episodes triggered my PTSD in black mirror
Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson 14 timmar sedan
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez 14 timmar sedan
To this day, in my mind, this will always be the best movie AND book out of the series
Michael Reineke
Michael Reineke 14 timmar sedan
This is House of M or whatever, right? At the end she will destroy all mutants; but MCU already has no mutants.... So is this going to CREATE mutants? IDK. I hope it isn't just "Oh no Hydra got her and that's it no real implications to the X-Men".
Midgar Section 8
Midgar Section 8 14 timmar sedan
Was I the only one that I did not find it very entertaining, turned off like 10 min into it
bipolar vampire
bipolar vampire 14 timmar sedan
You need to read the house of M i the comics give you a better understanding of what's really going on¥
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson 14 timmar sedan
I think people need to understand that some people don't like weird for weird sake
Josh Farmer
Josh Farmer 14 timmar sedan
It's the only show I've watched where the into sequence takes place right before the credits at the end
Jennifer E. Pergola
Jennifer E. Pergola 14 timmar sedan
Probably of the two movies I would watch "Magic Mike" and skip this one - if I have to sit through scenes of people stripping, I want some actual plot and characterization, please :-).
Iain 14 timmar sedan
There was so much though hinting that things weren’t normal besides the fact that we know it’s in the MCU, every scene where something unusual happens the entire show starts to shift dramatically.
SavagePhantoms 9000
SavagePhantoms 9000 14 timmar sedan
The way Vision says "If it's that damn tree again I'm gonna rip it out of its roots!" in episode 2 was priceless 😂😂😂😂
RainNYC 14 timmar sedan
Does anyone think the middle of his mustache look like a clit....
Percy Tremblett
Percy Tremblett 15 timmar sedan
Jeremy Jahns is the Keanu Jesus of youtube
[mycrazylife] 15 timmar sedan
So Jeremy what did u think of those Mortal Kombat movie pics?
Milos Stojanovic
Milos Stojanovic 15 timmar sedan
If show is officially part of MCU, its logical for people to watch movies before that, or at least parts with well Wanda and Vision. If not, show is not for them then. Not every show needs to be separate thing, especially comic book shows/movies. Who is not interested, just move along, watch other shows, simple!
iPleatheTV 15 timmar sedan
Lmao when Jeremy makes fun of Robbie’s old haircut but now he’s kinda sporting it 😭
satnav1980 15 timmar sedan
It should of just been Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman shouldn't have been in this at all.
Jackie V
Jackie V 15 timmar sedan
I know in the Disney+ survey is said “looking forward to traveling to different time” for Wanda vision. So I am wondering if that survay dropped some spoilers for the show. Having a 90’s and 2000’s episodes would be fun.
Mujtaba Rafid Ibrahim
Mujtaba Rafid Ibrahim 15 timmar sedan
Daredevil 1, 2 & 3 are probably the best movie series trilogy of all time.
Anthonie White
Anthonie White 15 timmar sedan
Is it just me or I actually like how its film like a sitcom. It makes the strange and down right unsettling parts more inpactfull
Matthew North
Matthew North 15 timmar sedan
It does give you a shit ton of intrigue, literally everything Agnes says and how every cast is asking Wanda for help. To say the least, it is not hard to realise shit is going crazy. The internet is going nuts at everything we are getting, soooo many new characters are in this as well as returning ones from Captain Marvel etc. Listen to the people in the town, notice how they all want Wanda to have children yet have none themself lol.
NalaT 15 timmar sedan
Long Division.
infamously boring
infamously boring 15 timmar sedan
I haven’t watched Castlevania yet, but I simp for Trevor and Alucard. 😏
Shaharia Chowdhury
Shaharia Chowdhury 15 timmar sedan
I kept watching just to stare at wanda cuz damn she was fine in that old timey sauce
Angelo Herrera
Angelo Herrera 15 timmar sedan
First episode when ever the dude was choking abs the woman was saying oh stop it stop it
Phantom 1
Phantom 1 15 timmar sedan
4:04 they didn't😞
Naomi McIlvaine
Naomi McIlvaine 15 timmar sedan
As someone who isn't a "MCU" person, I've seen most of the Avengers movies, and others throughout the years but I haven't seen most of them, and I don't know the "universe" I was intrigued and I find the formula of a sitcom character who is learning they are in a sitcom, it's Truman show
newtongeorge burrell
newtongeorge burrell 15 timmar sedan
Awesome beard and mane Double J!
RandomMusings01 16 timmar sedan
Completely agree with the comments by Jeremy. Far too many people are really looking to love this series (which I understand, I wanted to too!) and trotting out the "you're not clever enough to understand what they're trying to do" while clinging onto the 5 mins per episode of actual plot development/drama for dear life like a lifeboat in the Atlantic. I get what they're trying to do. I love my weird drama, but repeating without alteration the scenes/tropes of unfunny and ultimately boring sitcoms for the vast majority of the episodes running time does not make it: 1) Entertaining 2) Clever 3) Enough to justify the running time It feels like it's got 2 hours of story in the entire series, and they're really stretching it out to fit the running time - agreed that the same story could be done in one episode. Decompressed storytelling is good when you've got a lot of detail that you want to put out, with interesting storylines and characters, but a lot of these episodes were spinning wheels with the occasional tiny drip of something to keep interested. Repetition isn't satire. For the same reason I don't go hunting out the Dick Van Dyke shows now for my entertainment, I'm not going to be hunting this out again, once I've watched it the one time to actually find out what is happening. If you want to watch good weird Marvel TV Universe stuff, Legion was much better paced and interesting. If you want to watch a comedy/drama involving the tropes of old US TV sitcoms, the film Pleasantville will suit you completely. Hell, even the "trapped while blipping between tv genres" bit was done better in a single episode of Supernatural. Going to keep with it for the moment, but the ratio of old TV recreation to actual plot/characterisation had better start changing soon.
pat eusebio
pat eusebio 16 timmar sedan
Am i the only one who thinks this series has some creepyness in it?
SuperKing604 16 timmar sedan
How many episodes are they doing? Less the 10 i think maybe even less then 8 if so they need to give us more of the plot by episode 3
R. Smith
R. Smith 16 timmar sedan
Lexapro? Bruh! 😳. Team venlaflaxine here 😃
Jackson Wilcox
Jackson Wilcox 16 timmar sedan
Review attack on titan
Mhamad Charaf
Mhamad Charaf 16 timmar sedan
4:05 “2016 the most venomous shittiest divisive year” oh how that statement did not age well
5Amigos32 16 timmar sedan
Did you even watch the episodes? Vision doesn't know what company he works for is or what they do. They dont know where they are or how they got there or anything about their past. The stop it scene . All The "for the children" stuff while there are no children The radio, sewer, helicopter and rewinding. Plus the hydra commercials. These two episodes are filled with ominous creepy things. It's not just two 50s style sitcoms. Also you didn't seem to even understand the plot of the sitcom parts of the episodes. There is a heart on the calendar and neither of them know why and the explanation that it was about visions boss doesn't really hold up because he literally cant forget things. It's another layer of mystery to things. And the conflict in the second episode isn't that hes acting wacky it's that he is doing real magic and Wanda needs to hide it from the people.
Allan Marques
Allan Marques 16 timmar sedan
It was very boring tbh
Jack Moore
Jack Moore 16 timmar sedan
Mad, I loved the first two episodes, thought they were genuinely funny and charming with a sinister undertone that was building to whatever the reveal is quite well. I thought for sure critics would love this MCU experiment but a lot of them seem to be lukewarm on it like Jeremy, surprising!
Alex Prieto
Alex Prieto 16 timmar sedan
Dude Jeremy liking the hair 👍🏽
Iwas Banned88
Iwas Banned88 16 timmar sedan
Undoubtedly an awesome movie considering the Basketball American protagonist. Much wow, very yes.