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Cobra Kai: Season 3 - Review
3 månader sedan
Clifford Agyekum
Clifford Agyekum 3 timmar sedan
Just watched it. Really enjoyed myself 😂 fun and adventurous
aj r
aj r 3 timmar sedan
Please stop doing your paid promos in the beginning
C M 3 timmar sedan
This was a damn good movie!
Brinny 3 timmar sedan
S'all good man
ChowdhuryRayan 3 timmar sedan
Is this movie not a direct parody of John Wick from the same director? That's the vibe I got from the trailer.
Ryan J Martin
Ryan J Martin 3 timmar sedan
Hey Jeremy, don't know if you've heard or seen anything but I highly recommend POSSESSOR by Brandon Cronenberg (yes, son of the legendary David Cronenberg. and holding up the mantle quite well I'd say.) Anyways, don't know if you'll get this but maybe some audience members can enjoy this science fiction horror thriller :D Cheers!
Greg Young
Greg Young 3 timmar sedan
lolol does anybody buy blueray these days?
KolPlays 3 timmar sedan
I liked him since cable guy.
Matt 3 timmar sedan
I need your invincible take jeremy! Got my fingers crossed for a season recap 🤞
yeetyotedude 3 timmar sedan
Loved this movie! My first trip back to the movies since Joker.
Karanvir Kooner
Karanvir Kooner 3 timmar sedan
the Whedon Cut is garbage
Osei Abedi
Osei Abedi 3 timmar sedan
Considering this is the same guy who wrote the John Wick films. Is it too soon to expect a crossover universe of Wick/Nobody in the near future? Two middle-aged badasses against the Russian Mob. You can’t complain about that.
Karanvir Kooner
Karanvir Kooner 3 timmar sedan
having seen it The Snyder Cut is a fantastic movie
Doremi Fasolatido
Doremi Fasolatido 3 timmar sedan
Blinkist...for people who can't read a 1,000 page book in 15 minutes. Oh wait...I can.
evillink1 3 timmar sedan
Yeah, they're really promoting the middle aged angry guy who punches Russians genre. But this movie was a bit more contemplative, with some of that bored suburban worker bee angst ine finds in stuff like American Psycho and Falling Down. I really like the running gag where the movie pauses for the protagonist to go on an exposition dump, just for the person listening to die on him. Very groovy flick.
Nicolas Kowalski
Nicolas Kowalski 4 timmar sedan
A History of Violence will always remain high on my list.
Ghost Zero
Ghost Zero 4 timmar sedan
Weak movie
Varun Khanna
Varun Khanna 4 timmar sedan
I think Zemo didn't actually believe Steve Roger was incorruptible... but rather, he was trying to... entice Bucky & Falcon to his way of thinking, to humanize himself. Mind games.
Ace Hole
Ace Hole 4 timmar sedan
Captain boomerang is my only enjoyment In this film.
Motivique Studio
Motivique Studio 4 timmar sedan
Better Call Saul is one of my favorite shows of all time, and Bob Odenkirk was perfect in it.
Ty Waits
Ty Waits 4 timmar sedan
This bullshit is why I stopped buying games
Mikey P
Mikey P 4 timmar sedan
I was so on board for this movie, but it just didn't work. I love the premise, I love Bob Odenkirk, but there was just something missing to bring all the pieces together.
Boby Digital
Boby Digital 4 timmar sedan
3:42 isn't that what DNA is?
Damien Knight
Damien Knight 4 timmar sedan
Best sponsorship ever! I watched the entire thing! Wow!
Jia Xiang Yang
Jia Xiang Yang 4 timmar sedan
such a good movie
Ethan Holgate
Ethan Holgate 4 timmar sedan
Loved Nobody it was freaking awesome especially Doc Brown moein dudes down with shotguns so satisfying 🤘 jeremy I love the scenes hutch is telling his story to people how are half dead and about to die at any second and after he's done talking there dead 🤣 It reminded me of the airplane gag i wonder if it was a reference such funny scenes 🤣
Catman DUU
Catman DUU 4 timmar sedan
I saw it in a theater when it came out, several weeks ago. It's really good. I don't think it was so much he needed to remember how to kick ass I believe it was more of a pain for pleasure kind of thing. He likes being hit. That's how I took it at least.
alvaro cortez
alvaro cortez 4 timmar sedan
More like History of violence than John Wick.
Michael 4 timmar sedan
Derek Kolstad wrote all three John Wick films as well as Nobody
Kevin Porter
Kevin Porter 4 timmar sedan
Yeah this movie was a ton of fun
Kodie Kulp
Kodie Kulp 4 timmar sedan
Jeremy looking like the slim jim guy.with that hair cut
David Sweetman
David Sweetman 5 timmar sedan
I found it intensely boring
huskytzu 5 timmar sedan
Nobody: Movie Review:
Mjolnir Carlssen
Mjolnir Carlssen 5 timmar sedan
Haircut. Awesome. I’m watching your reviews again.
Andrev Saddler
Andrev Saddler 5 timmar sedan
Loved it. Saw it in theaters and I couldn't help laughing at the joke
Johanne 5 timmar sedan
Watching again right now on cable. I still have the same strong emotion. The horror, the fear, I'm right there with everyone. James Cameron did it with this. It's amazing! Cried like heck the first time and cried again...I'm always right there with all the emotions. People died in so many different ways. It's still such a compelling story and so sad. Billy Zane, fine af, but a horrible human in this so I couldn't see his looks. Kate Winslet is so so pretty in this. I much prefer her hair red than blonde.
Ducks 5 timmar sedan
I wish I could say I have nothing against McCarthy but she keeps accepting *the same character*
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez 5 timmar sedan
Saw it last Saturday. Did not disappoint!!
TheMeloettaful 5 timmar sedan
Bram Stoker's version is my number 1 favorite vampire movie! The second being a tie between Fright Night 1 & 2, and the third being Dracula 2000! What ties them all together for me is the romance in them. But out of all of them Bram Stoker's does it best! Especially that one scene where Vlad has his chance to turn Mina but doesn't at first because he doesn't want to basically damn her soul for eternity BECAUSE he loves her so much 😍🤗! And that takes serious strength to refuse to do that to her 😊. The soundtrack also plays a huge role in this movie too, even bought the soundtrack myself because the music was awesome!
DeGoat DeRozan
DeGoat DeRozan 5 timmar sedan
Garbage moving
Bass Thumper
Bass Thumper 5 timmar sedan
Nuthin like John Wick...if you have a Family you would understand....
Kunisake 5 timmar sedan
I just bought it today and I will take that advice: shoot the zombie a couple times, shank e'm when they drop
Ed Crts
Ed Crts 5 timmar sedan
Wtf Jeremy had an earring?
Danymite hazard
Danymite hazard 5 timmar sedan
Feminism is just screwing everything up in Hollywood movies
ANGRYWOLVES 5 timmar sedan
It's set in the John Wick universe.
Mr J
Mr J 5 timmar sedan
Love JJ's verson of that special effect
ftd888 6 timmar sedan
Someone involved in this film clearly saw Frisky Dingo. ...but didn’t understand why it’s bizarre humor worked.
noor saab
noor saab 6 timmar sedan
Lol.. never once mentioned "Christian Bale"
CZacharyChad 6 timmar sedan
Good for you Jeremy for promoting them sponsors. Been here from the beginning. Your success makes me happy.
CZacharyChad 6 timmar sedan
Honestly puts some ads on your videos. You be earned it.
dan g
dan g 6 timmar sedan
Should called the film! Nobody cares! Lol
Julian Schmidt
Julian Schmidt 6 timmar sedan
Your playing Hotline Miami AND you're playing it on the Vita? That's pretty awesome
MetalReign 6 timmar sedan
This is a late comment but here goes The first Sicario was Excellent The second one was a Clusterfuck
Geoffry Gifari
Geoffry Gifari 6 timmar sedan
when will we eventually get a blockbuster action movie where russians are the protagonists?
Blue Collar Men Productions
Thank you for reviewing this! I loved it
MasterRobinsonTV 6 timmar sedan
Omg Jahns! I didn’t know you were catholic lol Jk loved this review, can’t wait to see the movie
Kevin F
Kevin F 6 timmar sedan
First movie I saw back in the theater in over a year. I loved every second of it
Ichris 6 timmar sedan
What happened to your punch 👊? 😳
Shaun M
Shaun M 6 timmar sedan
What if he ends up in John wick 4?
Robert Sterling
Robert Sterling 6 timmar sedan
many people say its similar to equalizer and yes john wick comparison not as good as that, to be honest, i would say its die hard, being a family man and all, but i thought the movie would have been great, if they established more of the world around him, but its great visuals and the fight scenes are great, just the story was to fast, but im down to see more sequels, basically die hard family man movie, nothing different but a good movie we got somewhat.
Mottahead 6 timmar sedan
Nobody is saying that this is a John Wick movie .... yet it is. It takes place in the future and Christopher Loyd plays a very old John Wick.
Soori 92
Soori 92 6 timmar sedan
Its like RED and JOHN WICK all together
Hard Boiled Entertainment
So the former badass is married to the mother of Wonder Woman!
COD4 R 6 timmar sedan
This movie is as believable as the bible.
MindsOfConflict MOC
MindsOfConflict MOC 3 timmar sedan
@COD4 R I’m 11 and also stoked
COD4 R 3 timmar sedan
@MindsOfConflict MOC if you're 10 you'll love.
MindsOfConflict MOC
MindsOfConflict MOC 5 timmar sedan
@COD4 R thanks for confirming that this movie is incredible
COD4 R 5 timmar sedan
@MindsOfConflict MOC the movie is trash just like the bible.
MindsOfConflict MOC
MindsOfConflict MOC 6 timmar sedan
Since faith is subjective that’s totally a good thing.
Brandon Vicedomini
Brandon Vicedomini 7 timmar sedan
Do you not make enough money off ad revenue or have enough money you have to waste several minutes of our time with dumb ass ads.
MindsOfConflict MOC
MindsOfConflict MOC 6 timmar sedan
Please watch your language
Alicia Bell
Alicia Bell 7 timmar sedan
Blinkest - what the movie Fahrenheit 451 was warning us about
sam kanfoush
sam kanfoush 7 timmar sedan
Directed by the same guy who brought us Hardcore Henry!
Tha Botmon
Tha Botmon 4 timmar sedan
Hardcore Henry is awesome. Everybody that love action movies should see it
Daniel White
Daniel White 7 timmar sedan
We are approaching "Peak Stupid" and pretty much everything is crappy atm... see you all on the other side of it
D Day
D Day 7 timmar sedan
Here I am, just coming into realization....that Jeremy doesn't do the punch at the end anymore. At least not since the Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer. Huh...didn't know I'd miss it so much.
Mr Cane
Mr Cane 7 timmar sedan
Fuck yeah finally
oneof Yus
oneof Yus 7 timmar sedan
Oh no, you fell for blinkest...
Twitch 7 timmar sedan
Now getting a SElosk ad for Breaking Bad season 6.
Aiden Don
Aiden Don 7 timmar sedan
Support thr filmmakers. I want to see more movies of this quality.
Payeyo Garcia
Payeyo Garcia 7 timmar sedan
Did everyone forget "A history of violence?
SJC 7 timmar sedan
Any movie with Melissa McCarthy = 🤡+🤮+💩+👎
ehcmier 7 timmar sedan
Back during Breaking Bad days, when Bob was saying how much he loved being uncomfortable, on the ground, either spitting sand that gusting wind was blowing into his face on a freezing night for his big introduction scene, or being beat up in his office, and really just relishing the gritty side of filmmaking, I had no idea he was gonna wanna take it this far, and over a decade later, hahaha!
David Hopper
David Hopper 7 timmar sedan
Great review bro
David Wouldntyouliketoknow
I dont know who uses their hands more Jeremy or AOC
Tarabusaw 7 timmar sedan
I love the movie!!
Hamza Farooq
Hamza Farooq 7 timmar sedan
good fight scenes everything else was just meh.
Cameron Robertson
Cameron Robertson 8 timmar sedan
Why is the Nights watch even still a thing?