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ioan 8 sekunder sedan
legit watched this for the first time today and then this video pops up.....there's something spooky going on around here
Keith Drummond
Keith Drummond 16 sekunder sedan
One of my top 5 vampire movies. I HATED Keanu Reeves for YEARS because of this. He was the only weak link. Yes, I grew to love him later on. But I wanted to murder him for this role.
Azel8 RRP
Azel8 RRP Minut sedan
Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman would be a cool review.
I completely agree.
Tiago Zadra
Tiago Zadra Minut sedan
You should watch Herzog's Nosferatu
Leigh Knight
Leigh Knight Minut sedan
This is one hot movie
Fairwarning 007
Fairwarning 007 Minut sedan
Favorite line from the movie: "Woah... like, Count Dracula... I know kung fu."
MW 77
MW 77 2 minuter sedan
The love story angle ruins it. In the novel Dracula was a predator, not a lover.
Ali Adam
Ali Adam 2 minuter sedan
Anne Simonton
Anne Simonton 3 minuter sedan
Jeremy, can you please do Frankenstein (1994).
Emily 3 minuter sedan
I pray for justice for Theresa Halbach, Steven Avery and Brendan, I cannot wait for that day when they are all free! It's very sickening to see such a corrupt system from a cop all the way up to Supreme judges, shame on all who denied their rights. The truth always comes out, and that will be a scary day for those who were against. Such a tragic story but I have faith Kathleen and her amazing team will bring justice! I also pray for Stevens parents the broken hearts they carry is so unbearable, you can see the pain and hurt in their eyes as they grow older. I pray for Barb because the truth may actually be worst than she could ever imagine.
Brandon Ninja
Brandon Ninja 3 minuter sedan
Still great.
ND AR 3 minuter sedan
Will you review the Leslie Neilson parody? It's honestly golden comedy.
Treva Land
Treva Land 3 minuter sedan
A horror movie which is never remotely scary to me fails 100%. Plus some effects were laughble, there's a lightning bolt made with a............FLUORESCENT LAMP!!!??? I remember at the movies I was expecting a serious scary horror movie but I got a bad comedy.Yes the parts about Dracula's life and how he became a vampire is good but the rest to me is crap and feels and looks like a bad 70's movie .
Phill Tolkien
Phill Tolkien 4 minuter sedan
That Annie Lennox song is great.
Collegiate Misfit
Collegiate Misfit 4 minuter sedan
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 4 minuter sedan
Hey Jeremy, you do know Pitt and Cruise is in this movie as well right?
JC4 4 minuter sedan
Gary Oldman best role is his part in The Professional
The MegaNintenBro
The MegaNintenBro 5 minuter sedan
I JUST watched this for a horror movie class and couldn’t get over how weird it was
Katsas Georgios
Katsas Georgios 5 minuter sedan
Ι'm reading the book right now. It's absolutely not a romance, lemme tell you.
maxacorn 5 minuter sedan
fun fact: i actually read bram stoker's "dracula" for my channel. it's not my best work but it's my most popular vids.
Elaine Lorain
Elaine Lorain 6 minuter sedan
i never seen so much passion and integrity in a movie review before, even the excitement on the thumbmail pic says it all
Devon Laporte
Devon Laporte 6 minuter sedan
Do Netflix Dracula
Al. Ben.
Al. Ben. 7 minuter sedan
I first watched this in my honors high school English class, it’s a guilty pleasure classic in my book
Kowalski - Turn It On
Kowalski - Turn It On 7 minuter sedan
Saw this movie at the cinema when it came out. Thought it was too loud and baroque on the big screen, but love it on the small screen.
Penny Copperhatch
Penny Copperhatch 7 minuter sedan
That was cool I was the "1000 Like" when I clicked it!...Your Welcome Jeremy!
E K 7 minuter sedan
This movie scared the crap out of me as a kid !!
NeverSaySandwich1 8 minuter sedan
He's hitting all the best horror movies
Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray 8 minuter sedan
The movie was fire down to the Annie Lennox theme song.
thekidfromcanada 9 minuter sedan
This Dracula and Dracula: Dead and Loving It are the most faithful adaptations, which is super weird to say.
kurt collier
kurt collier 9 minuter sedan
Best Dracula movie ever!
skekSo the Emperor
skekSo the Emperor 9 minuter sedan
This is my favourite Dracula movie.
Hunter Dvorak
Hunter Dvorak 9 minuter sedan
You’re wrong Jeremy: Gary Oldman’s best role is none other than Drexl in True Romance!
Glenn Welsh
Glenn Welsh 10 minuter sedan
I remember watching this in college for a Sci-Fi/Horror film class, and I couldn't resist making a couple Keanu jokes. When the horse-drawn carriage rides up to being Keanu to Castle Dracula, I cracked "Wyld Stallyns!" and my classmate erupted in laughter.
GeRMAnsHEPherdS4 10 minuter sedan
Watched this whole review and my one take away is van helsing is a great guilty pleasure and has a great soundtrack
D H 11 minuter sedan
I got jumpscared by a face appearing in the main menu of the movie as a little kid 😂 good times...
Connor notyerbidness
Connor notyerbidness 11 minuter sedan
For those wanting to watch it: at least last i checked someone had posted this movie unedited on youtube
TheBeelzboss 11 minuter sedan
I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to when you say it's his best role. I think his best performances (that I've seen) were in Leon (the professional) true romance, and the dark Knight
ThatOneKid 11 minuter sedan
Why is Dracula’s haircut like that
Ryan Potter
Ryan Potter 11 minuter sedan
how many uploads do you try to avoid copyright youtube strikes? is it annoying? or do you just tell them you're allowed to use the clips
NoX# 11 minuter sedan
This, Interview with the Vampire and Thirst is my favorite vampire films of all time! Also, how in a fuck Gary Oldman wasn't Nominated for an Oscar for this? This is arguably his greatest performance ever!
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 11 minuter sedan
I hope we can see Coppola's MEGALOPOLIS
Perfected Insanity
Perfected Insanity 12 minuter sedan
The costumes are earth shattering just like The Cell. Same designer.
J Gunzler
J Gunzler 12 minuter sedan
FINALLY!! I’ve wanted someone to review this movie for years. It’s about time! This movie is so good... except for Keanu. That Lucy Vampire scene was creepy as F!
John Smith
John Smith 12 minuter sedan
This movie is a masterpiece. One of my favorite movies as a kid as well. I loved how REAL Dracula seemed, how multidimensional. I spent my childhood hunting vampires from then on...
CEDELL29 12 minuter sedan
My favorite vampire movie with Lost Boys coming in second. Keanu’s accent never bothered me really. Everybody played their part well to me. Gary Oldman killed it
Constantine Makro
Constantine Makro 12 minuter sedan
This movie is a timeless masterpiece
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson 12 minuter sedan
AAWIL is the one that scared me as a kid. I always had to prepare, before the transformation scene.
Silvios Aecios
Silvios Aecios 13 minuter sedan
Really this movie is fantastic. If Jhonny Depps was in the movie, the movie would be perfect.
senyum0 13 minuter sedan
Van helsing: or lucy will become the bitch of the devil hahah...
Peter Frank
Peter Frank 13 minuter sedan
Anthony Hopkins is my favorite Van Helsing in film.
ramsey sherif
ramsey sherif 14 minuter sedan
Yo just have to say I'm watching Dracula straight after this love the vids
Matthew Jaco
Matthew Jaco 14 minuter sedan
A lot of people complain that all the performances in this movie are over the top, but I kind of think that's the point. It's not supposed to be a gritty, realistic horror story. It's supposed to be a full on opera of blood, romance, and carnage.
C M 15 minuter sedan
I Love this Movie! I've owned it since it came out on Amazon Prime.
Cody Vaughn
Cody Vaughn 15 minuter sedan
Love this movie!
Federico Quesada
Federico Quesada 15 minuter sedan
Jeremy did you know that Antonio Banderas also auditioned for the Dracula role? I saw this movie in 1992 when it came out, in a huge Theater, and is one of my best childhood memories of all time...for many reasons. I had read the novel a year before, and seing it come to life in that big screen was just as you said it , AWESOMETACULAR...! Thanks for the review...It was way overdue...
Jack Penn
Jack Penn 15 minuter sedan
When are you going to review the greatest horror film ever made.... The Exorcist!
King Username69 The Magnificent
I adore the style of this movie, but really what takes it away from a perfect movie to me is more human moments like the romance or the death of some charactery. Even though it might seem superficial, when the film is completely dipped in its style, lore and just visceral factors of horror it's at its best. It's such a unique and fascinating flick.
BEast Mortuary
BEast Mortuary 15 minuter sedan
I'm so glad I'm not the only one thT loves this movie, despite Keanu being miscast
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos 15 minuter sedan
My personal favorite Dracula/Vampire movie of all time... it's timeless
Keshav Ajai
Keshav Ajai 16 minuter sedan
Castlevania is still the best Dracula story.
sara 16 minuter sedan
A new dracula was released by netflix created & written by the people who made bbc sherlock. It was also really good
Abel Mathew
Abel Mathew 17 minuter sedan
I didnt even know Keanu was in this movie. I've been living under a rock.
PepePupas 18 minuter sedan
100% agree! It's a beautiful labor of love, and I didn't know about having the cast getting to know each other at his house, it's both personal and professional.
MrBlue3rd 18 minuter sedan
It's been released on 4k but I'd love a criterion rerelease.
maaly8111 19 minuter sedan
Saw this as a kid and by far the most detailed and well acted movie made in the genre. Interview with a vampire is a close second.
PheFo 19 minuter sedan
This is one of my favorite films. And one of, if not the best, representations of Dracula ever. The directing, the writing, the acting (Yes, even Keanu. The accent never really bothered me.), the musical score, the costume design, the special effects. All of it is simply masterful. Also, "Love Song for a Vampire" by Annie Lennox... *chef's kiss*
Monolith2001 19 minuter sedan
181 sins tho. :)
The Iron Detective
The Iron Detective 19 minuter sedan
If only someone would do a deep fake of Johnny Depp in the Harker role. I think it's the one thing that kept this movie was from being perfect. I love Keanu Reeves, but this one was a miscast. I think Depp would have nailed it.
matthew mann
matthew mann 19 minuter sedan
A great film not close to Twilight one bit
HoundSyrup 19 minuter sedan
Oldman portraying Winston Churchill is his best performance. Hands down.
Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer
Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer 20 minuter sedan
did you know that Monica Bellucci was one of the three of draculas brides
Deviant Destinations
Deviant Destinations 20 minuter sedan
Was halfway through watching his Scream 4 review, when I found out my roommate had never seen any of the Scream movies. So I bought a bottle of whiskey and we started watching it... he had walked in right when Jeremy Jahns had started talking about the poor doors, so when the first door got stabbed, he said we should take a shot every time a door foils the killer.... I don't even remember finishing the movie because by the time they got to the car part and he ran around to both car doors as she locked him out...I was hammered.
Justin Clowater
Justin Clowater 20 minuter sedan
Probably the best Dracula film of all time. Just incredible.
gustavo oviedo
gustavo oviedo 21 minut sedan
I love this movie, but ... The accent though lol you gotta love Keanu Reeves.
87_Michael 21 minut sedan
Did you watch Borat 2 yet Jeremy??
Kristian Hestås
Kristian Hestås 21 minut sedan
This movie is really dumb, and I love it
Charles Lawrence
Charles Lawrence 21 minut sedan
Jeremy Darkness section reminded me of Dave Chappell skit of Rick James, Daa'kness, Daa'kness is spreading lol
Willie Dunlop
Willie Dunlop 21 minut sedan
oxy 75
oxy 75 22 minuter sedan
I love this movie.