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Adithya Sudheer
Adithya Sudheer 21 timme sedan
3:16. Hehe *coughs in endgame*
KALEN BERREMAN 21 timme sedan
Loved the animated series, and the comics as a kid. I really hope Todd makes that movie, and hope he has enough help for it to actually be good.
Godzilla In A Human Suit
Attempt #48 to get Jeremy to review the Kill Bills
Ntombikayise Nzimande
Ntombikayise Nzimande 22 timmar sedan
i wish Jeremy would also give a rating for series.
Graeme Faulkner
Graeme Faulkner 22 timmar sedan
Yeah man but you forgot to mention, even with all the flaws, that this last episode of season 6 is one of the most terrifying tv episodes of all time.
Jonathan Appleseed
Jonathan Appleseed 22 timmar sedan
bruh this makes me sad :(
Chris B.
Chris B. 22 timmar sedan
I have to disagree on the tone, when they weaved in some of TJ Miller's comedy, it felt out of place; TJ Miller is no Bill Paxton. I have to say, though, the implosion was one of the best death scenes I've seen in a long while.
Zentron 22 timmar sedan
Yeah, I would definitely choose a 4th season if I had to choose!
Sean Brazell
Sean Brazell 22 timmar sedan
Love this series. It's available entirely free on youtube, too.
TheCreepypro 22 timmar sedan
I can't help but agree a season 4 would be nice but I wouldn't mind a new spawn movie that was actually rated R either
s. Jackson
s. Jackson 22 timmar sedan
Maaaan the clown was the best, the cynical laugh.... oh man I loved everything about performance, the guttural laugh: "kya ka ka ka ka... get with the fucking program".
Kamil Jurewicz
Kamil Jurewicz 22 timmar sedan
Batman and Spawn animated series - Best animated superhero shows in my humble opinion.
J 22 timmar sedan
Movie officially turns 5 today! I enjoyed it; I actually was surprised Nostalgia critic saying a lot of people hated the movie Didn’t get that at all, not a single reviewer or anybody I talked to mentioned their dislike for this It’s got a wicked sense of humor based around the misery of the holidays. Good scares too. Yes it's PG-13 but scary enough and funny enough. Takes a clever approach of the old mythical legend. And it shows that this family isn't perfect making anyone give up on the magic of Christmas. Happy it was done by the same guy who did Trick r Treat. Yes it's trying to be too much and teeters in R-rated territory. It’s all good fun though. It’s true too that it shows what’s happened to Christmas; commercialization, satire, and smothering promotion over family ties. It’s a good break from the usual schmaltzy holiday fare if you want terror around the happiest time of the year.
C-Sec Officer 123
C-Sec Officer 123 23 timmar sedan
I would take season 4 over any amount of movies for Spawn
Maximus X
Maximus X 23 timmar sedan
Thanks for reviewing this so more people can know this masterpiece exist
Dranix Rush
Dranix Rush 23 timmar sedan
I like the series, however, the parts that annoyed me was the slow progression and all the bitching Al did, "Oh Wanda..."; for have the series. Not saying I wouldn't be doing the same thing if ever in the same predicament.
Jono Zero
Jono Zero 23 timmar sedan
..just saying.
Jono Zero
Jono Zero 23 timmar sedan
In D & D there is an alignment called a chaotic good also a class called lawful good. My point is, perhaps Al Simmons is CG & Angela is LG and together they are the Eastern principle of Yin & Yang.
pitchingwedge 23 timmar sedan
The fact that Obi wan loved anakin was kind of the point. Obi wan wasn't the master Anakin needed, Qui gon was. That's why the duel of the fates was the duel of the fates. It ultimately put anakin down the wrong path. Qui gon would have been the stoic, objective guiding father figure required to teach anakin to control his darker impulses. Obi wan wasn't that. He got attached to anakin and treated him more like a brother because he simply wasn't ready to assume the position of master that Maul (and, by extension sidious) put him in.
big kahuna burger
big kahuna burger 23 timmar sedan
Still waiting for American beauty
Jono Zero
Jono Zero 23 timmar sedan
I never watched the HBO anime but I loved Tod Mcfarlanes ability to illustrate the folds & exaggerated fabrics in clothing & costumes in the comics.
Ahmed shakib
Ahmed shakib 23 timmar sedan
Bro never shave your beard or cut your hair.
Feedsomefood 23 timmar sedan
Fuck yes!! Good!!
James Grenga
James Grenga 23 timmar sedan
Great video man. Your killing it lately
Faora Fan
Faora Fan 23 timmar sedan
This movie was absolutely terrifying, agreed it's an awesometacular
N. Quick
N. Quick Dag sedan
I watched this series on HBO in my teens it was amazing then. Always loved s Spawn
player moves
player moves Dag sedan
Why you have to spoil that😭😭 great review tho
kfezUSMC Dag sedan
Jeremy: it's free to hope 2020: the fuck it is.... lockdown for you
Hermit Card
Hermit Card Dag sedan
*Review Disney's Gargoyles.* *Review Disney's Gargoyles.* *Review Disney's Gargoyles.* *Review Disney's Gargoyles.*
Hermit Card
Hermit Card Dag sedan
One of the best cartoon evers. There will never be anything like that, in this woke shit decade.
Inesophet Dag sedan
I was quite drunk when i watched it and fuck me i really really liked it and laughed my ass of. Had a good time, watch it drunk is definetly a good recommendation.
Jerlemi2 Dag sedan
Thank god they didn’t make the exact cartoon over again. This movie was a great live action remake. I wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes in if I had to sit and listen to Eddie Murphy’s annoying chatterbox voice.
Omar Shalaby
Omar Shalaby Dag sedan
Please review paranormal it's on Netflix
Heidrosign Dag sedan
Benedril Hackysack was amazing in this movie.
Mike French
Mike French Dag sedan
I had a friend who let me borrow the series on VHS. I remember it being good and remember being pissed there wasn't a proper conclusion
szewei85 Dag sedan
Andrew Dag sedan
dude, this show was one of the greatest pieces of adult american animation made. I still watch it from time to time. Spawn is classic!!
Lesley March
Lesley March Dag sedan
Can we please drag Gargoyles through the rated-R coals? No, seriously. HBO? Please?
Anna Wiktor
Anna Wiktor Dag sedan
I was disappointed by episodes 4, 5 and 6. And there were other flaws. It had a potential but they blew it.
Dahlia Murder
Dahlia Murder Dag sedan
Such a good show
erman bumaguin
erman bumaguin Dag sedan
I challenge you to mk11, i'll hit those chicks in 30 seconds caveman
i-thal hawkins
i-thal hawkins Dag sedan
kylo ren stopped being an officer in mid battle..? what changed his mind..? I'll watch it again.
Ian W
Ian W Dag sedan
Cut the beard and hair bro.
Robert Norris
Robert Norris Dag sedan
I have the series dvd, reminds me it's time to rewatch it again.
Tigol Biddies
Tigol Biddies Dag sedan
I really liked this movie, especially the liberal people.
Aaron Hess
Aaron Hess Dag sedan
Jahns is starting to look like John Wick. It works for him.
TheTedwms83 Dag sedan
I would love to have both.
Let us hope that McFarland never get to make the new live action movie cause everytime he talks about it it sounds awful.
Aye Jai
Aye Jai Dag sedan
I'm so glad I was a too cool for school teen to watch this in 98 (i was 19) because... damn you sucked the joy out of this movie... I had no reference to this movie... I really enjoyed this movie... sucks that you didn't
Jarrett Tyree
Jarrett Tyree Dag sedan
Keanu Reeves' younger cousin has quite the SElosk career reviewing movies and tv shows Definitely sub if you haven't already
Brandon Holmes
Brandon Holmes Dag sedan
I would definitely support a rated R version of Gargoyles
TheHardMode Dag sedan
It's actually pronounced Harry Ho-Lee or Holy.
Heavy Nerd
Heavy Nerd Dag sedan
Spawn wasn't so known in Sweden back then maybe not even now 😕 but I remember always drawing and painting spawn and everyone thought I was a satanic worshiper especially in school 🤣🤣🤣
Aj Stephens
Aj Stephens Dag sedan
Im pretty sure there was a legal battle over angela from memory between image and Marvel and marvel one hence why she is in the gardian of the galaxy comics etc. And if they got more season of this i would have loved them to get to the point where Spawn becomes God. Some good comic reading there.
EmpireGuy91 Dag sedan
Anybody who hasn’t cut their hair or beard since March is almost certainly a WACKO. Just saying lmao.
Lenny Wright
Lenny Wright Dag sedan
When I was a kid I desperately wanted to watch SPAWN but, my family didn’t have HBO (which wasn’t uncommon at the time) my parents didn’t care about mature content, I watched worst. I still love SPAWN, hope dark horror movie version gets made. 🙏🤞
Andrew Johns
Andrew Johns Dag sedan
Omg i miss gargoyles Goliath is a legend
Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me
Genuine contender for greatest animated show of all time.
La Longue Carabine
Wasn't there some deal where Mcfarlane wanted the new movie to be through the eyes of a detective that's chasing Spawn thinking he's a serial killer?
Igor Khovanskiy
Igor Khovanskiy Dag sedan
There actually WAS a lawsuit from Neil Gaiman to McFarlane considering his work for Spawn comics which Gaiman won. Don’t know if that’s the reason Gaiman’s characters were removed from the series but it certainly could be. Todd was no stranger to losing legal battles, it’s really admirable that did not break his will to fight and create.
Mr. Breckenridge
I watch this cartoon as a kid. Great times.
Monique Newman
Monique Newman Dag sedan
Why do so many MEN HATE and are HATING ON THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!????????
Cypress Willow
Cypress Willow Dag sedan
How can I watch this? Netflix?
Benjamin Dufton
Benjamin Dufton Dag sedan
I absolutely understand that I view the game differently because I haven't played the first, but this is one of the best games I've ever played. I've seen let's plays etc of TLOU1 so I know they story and what happens. But I connected far kore with Abby than Ellie. In that final fight on the beach, I was letting Abby kill Ellie, that to me is how the game should have ended. Ellie had nothing by the end, she'd let her quest for revenge consume her and her life was meaningless by that point, whereas Abby had clearly changed her ways and become a better person.
Travis Smalley
Travis Smalley Dag sedan
Favorite part was seeing Joseph Gordon Levitt with Christopher Loyd again
Christopher Stewart
Dec 2019: “In 2020, PornHub is gonna get a lot more interesting” - Jeremy Jahns Dec 2020: “You have no idea.” - All of us
CHIEF 66 Dag sedan
Sadly spawn has been in production Hell for like 10+ years. There has been multiple attempts to get a new movie and animated series made. Tod McFarland has been talking about them for years but nothing ever comes out.
Chronicles Of Manliness
Loved your thumbnail, perfectly describes what someone needs to do to enjoy this movie. The humor was okay tho.
Adeeb Sharif
Adeeb Sharif Dag sedan
Angela is currently a Marvel character I believe
Ponyboy Caulfield
2:28 *GOLD*
the WhitePanther
Amazing show too bad it was unfinished. 1st season was intense and brutal!
so long
so long Dag sedan
Movies ray lui like movie firestorm 2013 or movie our time will come 2017 or movie death and glory in shanged 2010
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith Dag sedan
Spawn movie had a great soundtrack
so long
so long Dag sedan
Shao bing drama
so long
so long Dag sedan
Liu tao drama
Noobmaster Ruben
I kinda want Ahsoka to join Mando’s journey. I can’t really think of a reason but oh well
so long
so long Dag sedan
Movies jackie chan like movie the myth and project a part 2
so long
so long Dag sedan
Donnie yen movies like movie flash point fight or the last bladsmen or saving general yang
code alpha
code alpha Dag sedan
/watch Dragon Prince
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich Dag sedan
When is it going to be on blu-ray?