13 Ghosts - Movie Review 

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Another movie among my Halloween Movie Review Extravaganza! Here's a movie that I remember being awesome....let's see how it holds up. Here's my review for 13 GHOSTS!
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Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne 7 timmar sedan
Man you look really goof with this hairstyle and beard really handsome ❤️
SF Ghost
SF Ghost 12 timmar sedan
One of my favorite horror movies of all time actually...scary? No....but fun?..absolutely! And the lore is even better. I've always wanted a prequel where we see them hunt these ghosts and bring the lore to the screen.
jarednil69 15 timmar sedan
Scotty Davlin
Scotty Davlin Dag sedan
I lived in a house that had 14 mirrors once. No clear glass, but a ton of mirrors none the less.
Paula Andrea Cassé
I actually liked this movie as a kid. Mostly I always got interested in the stories behind the ghosts? At least the concept was nice. Other than that, it was all gimmicky
David Meloche
David Meloche 2 dagar sedan
The house was very gothic clockwork.
Mariamyupperz 2 dagar sedan
This movie was such a good time! I remember laughing at it and my sister being scared. So weird but cool!
Elli 2 dagar sedan
Wow a movie from my childhood! Thought nobody remembers this movie
arrownoir 2 dagar sedan
Saw it early this year, wanted to like it much more than I did... it was mediocre.
Uncle Anaesthesia
Uncle Anaesthesia 2 dagar sedan
It's a popcorn movie. Turn off your brain for two hours and it's passable. Decent experience in theatres.
Diego Pereira
Diego Pereira 2 dagar sedan
At a glance I thought he was reviewing Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater haha.
TheDaringPastry1313 3 dagar sedan
I searched your videos ... You never reviewed Misery? D: Or if you want a real life horror story, you should watch the documentary, "The Cove".
rikU 3 dagar sedan
I need a anthology series on each of the ghosts and a second series with all of them together fuking sh*t up.
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 3 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
Fredrick Garrett Sr
Fredrick Garrett Sr 3 dagar sedan
13 ghost needs a remake
henry broke
henry broke 3 dagar sedan
Appreciated that Tony Shaloub was cast in a heroic role in a horror movie targeted at teens. Made this stand out in a way.
homa taha
homa taha 4 dagar sedan
SAW!! have you seen it?
Micshork 4 dagar sedan
I Consider this a Guilty Pleasure
Carson F
Carson F 4 dagar sedan
Jeremy looks like Jon Snows brother
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt 5 dagar sedan
I remember watching this when it first came out and I was 11. Even then I could tell it was baaaaddd
Noaha Martinez
Noaha Martinez 6 dagar sedan
Loved this review love your channel please review a movie called 1408 please i would love to hear how you feel about this movie and what you think
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 6 dagar sedan
I think it's still an awesome movie, you have an awesome Channel Jeremy!
The World of Pierre
The World of Pierre 6 dagar sedan
I love your altered beast intro!
Izaiya Carter
Izaiya Carter 6 dagar sedan
yo what i have that exact housecoat 😮
Robert Frost
Robert Frost 6 dagar sedan
What MK11 fatality is he talking abt? Too lazy to look up or update the game on my Switch.
Foba Bett
Foba Bett 7 dagar sedan
Jeremy have you become an alcoholic during this quarantine/pandemic?.........
Cinedragon 7 dagar sedan
It's my guilty pleasure. I really like it! Especially since all the ghosts have their own backstory.
Korven509 7 dagar sedan
You forgot to mention thr big tittie's ghost girl lol
Keith James
Keith James 8 dagar sedan
Got to love the Glenlivet 15 in the beginning lol. Good taste. This movie is still quality cheese for me though!
musicluv80 8 dagar sedan
Can you review Night of the Creeps
ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE 8 dagar sedan
This movie was dogshit
Ashley Ayane
Ashley Ayane 8 dagar sedan
The creepiest part was the fat man baby😳
Corey B
Corey B 8 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but 3 minutes should not be called a review
L J 8 dagar sedan
I loved this movie growing up
john farren
john farren 9 dagar sedan
Liked it back then and still like it, but there is no character real development of the people or the ghosts. I do think it has the raw material for a really good limited series.
Cloud City
Cloud City 9 dagar sedan
As broken as this movie is, I still love it. And Mathew Lillard is GREAT in it, playing "the audience", basically. And the backstories of the ghosts are scary af.
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy 10 dagar sedan
I admittedly love this movie lol. It's definitely cheesy & not great but the premise and characters are enough to get me. I really wish someone would remake it & expand on the backstory of the characters.
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 10 dagar sedan
You should do "When a Stranger Calls" 😨
Lyndell Robinson
Lyndell Robinson 10 dagar sedan
I kind of liked it when I first saw it. The whole theater audience I saw it with laughed at the end at the line right before the credits. I liked the premise but wish they had tied things together better and included more background on the ghosts. I still enjoy rewatching it from time to time. Matthew Lilliard and Rah Digga were my favorite characters.
Michael Newman II
Michael Newman II 11 dagar sedan
That one on screen death Jeremy mentioned HAS to be the lawyer getting sliced by the glass doors. I remember clearly seeing this opening night in theaters, the whole room went silent, then a collective "Whoa" as his body separated and collapsed. Then, the next year (or maybe 2yrs) the movie "Ghost Ship" tried to 1up that with a ship wire slicing through the whole deck. It wasn't as impactful b/c they built it up and you saw it coming. The lawyer and the glass doors was instantaneous.
Sabrina bennett
Sabrina bennett 11 dagar sedan
I don't care 13 Ghost is my guilty pleasure
Eivind Flores
Eivind Flores 11 dagar sedan
13 Ghosts is one of my favorite movies of all time! The DVD extras are fantastic!
Mr.Chair 11 dagar sedan
Holy shit i have been looking for this movie for a long time. I remember watching it a ling time ago but cant remember the name
Matthew Delano
Matthew Delano 11 dagar sedan
Im a sucker for the creature designs in this movie. Rest is garbage. But man I love the Ghosts. How bout the end of Cabin in the woods though.......
Michael Di Filippo
Michael Di Filippo 11 dagar sedan
The original is better.
frank senior
frank senior 11 dagar sedan
Kevin Parmar
Kevin Parmar 12 dagar sedan
i LOVE this movie...im thinking Jeremy is getting a bit loopy with this lockdown thing. his opinions have been well...jaded? i mean, this movie came out in 2001. the type of cuts it does is meant to simulate the flight response from the characters perspective. 90% of the people in this movie are below the age of 30. yea they are freaked and fail perception rolls. granted its not aweoms omg this is the best movie ever. but shit dude... its deff memorable.
KiNg VoNNie 86
KiNg VoNNie 86 12 dagar sedan
Guilty pleasure.
Bryon Grosz
Bryon Grosz 12 dagar sedan
While I agree with some of your criticisms, I think you are ignoring the strong points. The house is cool. The ghost designs are pretty cool. The idea is pretty cool. Some of the death scenes were pretty cool, especially the lawyer. The casting and acting was very good. I've think I've watched it three times and it never lost anything for me. It's not a classic, but it's pretty good.
JayBee 12 dagar sedan
I see Jeremy with a bottle of booze. I click. When he drinks and reviews...they are the funniest
Erik Truchinskas
Erik Truchinskas 12 dagar sedan
I love this movie
BelzoraHollow3 12 dagar sedan
I still love this movie lol
tgrujic1965 12 dagar sedan
I see the werewolf, but I also get a vampire wibe too.
Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey 12 dagar sedan
Cant believe Jeremy referenced altered beast. Freaking awesome.
Anthony The Realest
Anthony The Realest 12 dagar sedan
This movie is dogshit but you drinking so I get ya pal 🍺
TenTonNuke 12 dagar sedan
Even as a kid I thought the acting was atrocious (Shannon Elizabeth's serious acting is unrecognizable from her sarcastic overacting in Scary Movie) and the movie wasn't really that good, but I did like the concept of each ghost being released on a timer into a maze. Though the Jackal and the Juggernaut are basically the only memorable ghosts.
sean clayton
sean clayton 11 dagar sedan
The hammer didn't standout?
TenTonNuke 12 dagar sedan
Thanks for not making me feel weird about day-drinking scotch. It's 2020. Seems like a good time to be drunk all the time.
WebSorve 13 dagar sedan
What did I think about it? Dog shit!
Tyce Pickett
Tyce Pickett 13 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure the mk 11 death you are talking about is Nightwolf's " raise them over my head and snap them in half one " that was pretty badass
Tyce Pickett
Tyce Pickett 12 dagar sedan
@franko vib3 oh yeah! I forgot about that one.
franko vib3
franko vib3 12 dagar sedan
Jacqui brigg’s fatality with the blue wall/barrier
hootbutler 13 dagar sedan
Altered Beast!!
Mrbobert 13 dagar sedan
If you actually read all of the ghost backstories you'll see that they're all quite different, and pretty great actually. I just wish they would've found a way to work all of the ghost stories into the movie instead of having to find them in the extra stuff on the DVD. I'm just saying the ghost are very interesting, but the movie they're in isn't.
King Merck
King Merck 13 dagar sedan
Lol I definitely know which mk11 fatality he's talking about, that kill is literally the only thing i remember about the movie
sean clayton
sean clayton 11 dagar sedan
Which one is it? I've seen the movie so it's not a spoiler for me.
FNG GAMING 13 dagar sedan
Love this movie personally, always watch it if it's on
D Mackaveli
D Mackaveli 13 dagar sedan
back in the day this movie was definitely scary, a remake would do it justice
Trelution 13 dagar sedan
2001 me loved this also. I haven't seen it since maybe I'll keep it there.
Dan The Movie Man
Dan The Movie Man 13 dagar sedan
hahah this movie is terrible.
SephTube 14 dagar sedan
Never got the fascination for this one, I like Matthew Lillard and Shannon Elizabeth though
Mary Freeman
Mary Freeman 14 dagar sedan
It would be fun to see Monk deal with ectoplasm;-)
Blu'Rrr Everex
Blu'Rrr Everex 14 dagar sedan
Good then, Bad now.
Breeze 14 dagar sedan
I disagree I think 13 Ghosts is a cult classic. I guess we will have to chuck this to the next generation to see...
Justin Cleary
Justin Cleary 15 dagar sedan
Saw 1?
xXDazzieXx 15 dagar sedan
An epileptics nightmare
James Darby
James Darby 15 dagar sedan
This movie was awesome! Back in 2001.... this is true haha.
Jonah Romero
Jonah Romero 15 dagar sedan
I love this movie, i think it's really cool still
flinty braz
flinty braz 15 dagar sedan
When did Eddie Rabbit take over Jeremy's channel?
Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid 15 dagar sedan
The movie is trying to be stylistic... Jeremy drinks... it’s just being annoying... Jeremy drinks... I’ve got my friend right here... Jeremy drinks
Night Shader
Night Shader 15 dagar sedan
This movie was really....polarizing.
Cory Holt
Cory Holt 15 dagar sedan
Kid= goat. Hollywood sucks
Sean 15 dagar sedan
Not a big fan of drunk Jeremy or his taste in one of my favorite campy classics.
AlucardNoir 15 dagar sedan
Not going to lie here, the only reason I remembered this movies is the great house design. I loved it when I first saw this. The rest of hte movie though? I don't really remember anything about it. The house though, that was cool.
megan88 15 dagar sedan
This is a awsome underarter movie. Not perfect but awsome
Black Rose
Black Rose 15 dagar sedan
I barely remember 13 ghosts honestly
Robert Viberg
Robert Viberg 16 dagar sedan
you gotta do a review of session 9, or i will be sad, and you dont want me to be sad, because you know, that would be sad
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
☼ jeremy: use a tik tok filter. export the video from tiktok. edit the rest on the screen adress each problem as it comes up. youll be right back...i mean youll be surprised.
Ashton 16 dagar sedan
Still love this movie
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 16 dagar sedan
This film is horrible and I don’t get why some people liked it. Yeah that’s their opinions but still, I saw a friend of mine posted a field about this film on Facebook saying it’s a great film.
The MadMom
The MadMom 16 dagar sedan
When I first saw it when it was new to DVD, I think in 2002, it scared the crap out of me. I was 21 at the time and I remember the thing I liked most about the DVD was the special features lol it had a part where you could select any of the 13 ghost icons and it would explain it's backstory. Those were fun and back then creeped me out bad
The MadMom
The MadMom 16 dagar sedan
Gods I'd Hate to live in a see-through glass house, if that were passed down to me I'd be like lets sell it ASAP and buy a proper house
Thommy Soisson
Thommy Soisson 16 dagar sedan
I recently bought it from Shout Factory. Yeah, it's totally camp & cheese and lots of unbelievable bullshit but..., it's one of my guilty pleasures. I can't argue with you but, I liked it. Even today but, I don't know why.
Addam Stark
Addam Stark 16 dagar sedan
In 2001 I was a high school student and I remember going with some friends to see this in the theater. Back then I thought it was a cool movie since I loved the concept and I'm a Matthew Lillard fan and really dug his performance in this. At the time I had no idea it was a loose remake of a classic black & white film. I actually rewatched it with my wife last Halloween and it didn't hold up nearly as well as I remember. Also, my favorite plot hole in this whole crazy film: Tony Shalhoub is desperately broke, living in a crappy apartment and getting final notices on his bills...yet he still hires a full-time nanny/housekeeper?
Curton6693 16 dagar sedan
The should do a Netflix version of this film
sonicpsycho13 16 dagar sedan
Sums up my feelings exactly. 2001 me loved this movie. Tried to watch it a couple years ago and it was just meh. However, the DVD bonus vignettes of each of the ghosts' origins is still a nice touch.
Damage Included
Damage Included 16 dagar sedan
Who watched this movie because of Shannon Elizabeth, just in case she had another "American Pie" scene? C'mon be honest.
The Fight Queen
The Fight Queen 16 dagar sedan
Loved and adored this movie as a kid and have played the ever living crap out of MK11 yet I still don't understand the reference Jeremy makes at the end of this video xD Can anyone help to enlighten me at all as to which death in the movie/game he is referring to exactly?
itaketheSQUARE 17 dagar sedan
Movies from the mid 90s to 2010 were ultra fucking gory and fun. I don't know what happened.
itaketheSQUARE 17 dagar sedan
Start streaming games. I'll keep saying this every video.
Greybeard 17 dagar sedan
One of those movies that seems overrated to me.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 17 dagar sedan
If you remember it since 2001 I think your going to remember it past 1 day. Shannon Elizabeth is in it, that's worth at the minimum a good time if you're drunk. I actually do own this on bluray
Samantha Bledsoe
Samantha Bledsoe 17 dagar sedan
I was a junior in high school when this came out. I thought it was stupid and not scary at all. My best friend thought it was terrifying. Granted, I grew up on a steady diet of horror flicks and she didn't. A lot of people have told me they love this movie, and I wonder how recently they actually watched it.
Chimp Wimp
Chimp Wimp 17 dagar sedan
I remember always avoiding the aisle that displayed this movie at Blockbuster when I was a kid.
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