Air Force One - Movie Review 

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Not sure I can even type the description for this movie here without getting flagged, Anyhow, Here's my review for AIR FORCE ONE


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30 jul 2020



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NexisFilms 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact : Gary Oldman could play the plane itself - and he'd nail it .
Zach Prosperi
Zach Prosperi 14 dagar sedan
Legit cackled at the Harrison Ford impression 😂
Aray Månad sedan
Jeremy needs to review the Hunt for Red October
RedaDoodles Månad sedan
The girl who plays the first daughter is Liesel Pritzker. She has more money than the whole cast combined. Before this film, she played Sara Crew in Alfonso Cuaron's A Little Princess.
DamageIncM 2 månader sedan
Still waiting for Air Force Two... They promised it...
שי רובין
שי רובין 2 månader sedan
You should really do a review for children of man!
siefullah mayhall
siefullah mayhall 2 månader sedan
Can you do U.S Marshals and The Fugitive
Nick McMillan
Nick McMillan 2 månader sedan
Air Force One is way better than Con Air yo. Not even close
trexation 2 månader sedan
Fuck, I just realized that I have never seen this film.
Gareth Trevor
Gareth Trevor 2 månader sedan
If speed and die hard had baby you get air fore one that ansome air fore one is
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 2 månader sedan
*This was basically my all time favourite movie as a kid lol*
swissbeats2k 2 månader sedan
We want Demolition Man!!!
OGC 404
OGC 404 2 månader sedan
Plz good sir review good will hunting
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 månader sedan
Why does this guy reminds me of projared
Ray Rossiti
Ray Rossiti 2 månader sedan
There's ONE 90's movie I would love 2 see a review on - the original MUMMY movie with Brendan Fraser! Underrated sci-fi thriller that is genuinely awesometacular!!!!!
Shapoor Painda
Shapoor Painda 2 månader sedan
Bird box
J Ruiz
J Ruiz 2 månader sedan
If Jeremy ain’t review it, I don’t watch it
Hugo Tate
Hugo Tate 2 månader sedan
Never seen this but just after a minute m if his description I’m gonna
Semaj Jarrett
Semaj Jarrett 2 månader sedan
More like Jesus Jahn
Jean Castro
Jean Castro 2 månader sedan
Since you're doing oldies but goodies, will you review Collateral?
Ricardo Figuera
Ricardo Figuera 2 månader sedan
Dennis the menace
Zachary Zarvos
Zachary Zarvos 2 månader sedan
Jedi Jahns 🧔
mike c.
mike c. 2 månader sedan
One of the better DIE HARD-esque movies ever! Kick ass, President Han Jones!!! 🤘🤘
Liz Williams
Liz Williams 2 månader sedan
I attended the DC Premiere of this film. John Kennedy Jr. was there. Unfortunately he sat next to his fiancée instead of me, so all I got was a glimpse.
Dewayne Clark
Dewayne Clark 2 månader sedan
"America fuck yeah"...president jumps from behind chair......amazing, fucking amazing.
Portugalska Krivina official
Could you review The Negotiator (1998)?
Logan Hosein
Logan Hosein 2 månader sedan
You should review all the indiana jones!
A. T.
A. T. 2 månader sedan
Jeremy's hair be getting closer and closer to that Wolverine Origins look every day.
Conscious123 _
Conscious123 _ 2 månader sedan
President Ford: Get 'em off my tail!
Edge Video & Photography
Edge Video & Photography 2 månader sedan
Better start rebranding this channel as Lumberjack Jeremy with that thick beard. Liking it!
Mario Williams
Mario Williams 2 månader sedan
One of my favorite films. It was definitely amazing :-)
MrKirk2019 2 månader sedan
I actually saw this on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago. I'm trying to go through the Harrison Ford filmography and since this one was available (among other Ford films) I felt this one was a good revisitation. Yes, I do agree Xander Berkeley's turncoat wasn't explained (a fault of the film) and the CGI of Air Force One crashing (as a commenter or two pointed out here) was iffy.....but the film overall is interesting. It's good to come back to every now and then, and you feel the danger since anyone who isn't Harrison Ford or his onscreen family can be killed.
Misael Muñiz
Misael Muñiz 2 månader sedan
Jeremy needs a new movie coming in the theater and a haircut.
Jason Nunez
Jason Nunez 2 månader sedan
Ya I rewatched it a month ago and really enjoyed it
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 2 månader sedan
“AMERICA F@$K YEAH!” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah........ (Catching my breath) ........hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha🤣
Changaya Kausa
Changaya Kausa 2 månader sedan
Do Blood Sport next.
maggie198333 2 månader sedan
I watched this movie many many times as a child.
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson 2 månader sedan
You should review The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals together!
Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins 2 månader sedan
01:26 😂🤣
Bim 2 månader sedan
Under Siege next please
walter hank
walter hank 2 månader sedan
Harrison Ford is the 🐐
4jonah 2 månader sedan
PLEASE do "The Long Kiss Goodnight"
TheCreepypro 2 månader sedan
man this movie is great and not enough people talk about so thanks for this
Kyle Swinderman
Kyle Swinderman 2 månader sedan
Can we start a movement to get Harrison Ford to be the actual president?... Asking for a friend
Yabuturtle 2 månader sedan
Jeremy now looks like John Wick. And that's cool.
killbot_factory 2 månader sedan
I always thought of this as the unofficial third part in the Ford-led Jack Ryan trilogy.
s blagg
s blagg 2 månader sedan
SInce we're going back and doing 90s thrillers. do the somewhat forgotten Breakdown next.
Chewy1015 2 månader sedan
Surprised Jeremy didn't mention anything about Harrison Ford in this movie being Donald Trump's favorite movie POTUS.
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 2 månader sedan
Demolition Man please!!!
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley 2 månader sedan
We need a President Ford. 🤣
Shaun Mendonca
Shaun Mendonca 2 månader sedan
Jeremy can u play nier automata And review it I really want to know what u felt about the game And ur views Please 🙏
Cytron1515 2 månader sedan
"GET OFF MY PLANE." That was good Harrison Ford voice mimic by Jeremy. He actually sounded like the guy when it said it like that... cool.
Cory Edwards
Cory Edwards 2 månader sedan
Watched it on July 4th, in these dark times, and it helped to brighten the dying flame in my heart, that is the love of my country. Also the terrible CGI plane crash at the end had me lmfao.
Tony Andrew
Tony Andrew 2 månader sedan
Imagine Air Force One based on today's President, I guess it would be more of a comedy than an action movie lol
Michael G
Michael G 2 månader sedan
It’s the only movie that I watched three times with the second and third time being completely oblivious to if I watched it the first time. I watched it the first time on VHS a couple of years after it was released, then on 2004 or so I thought I had never watched it then remembered watching it halfway through, then circa 2010 I pulled the same thing. An extremely immemorable movie that was made memorable only through that comedy of errors.
Katherine Seward
Katherine Seward 2 månader sedan
I love it. What other action movie lets you not only see all the bad guys get it in the end in a way that you feel just was served in such ironically funny ways? Air Force One is a classic!
Victor M
Victor M 2 månader sedan
Please Review The Edge and The Ghost and The Darkness
WellOfStyx 2 månader sedan
Ahh Air Force One: the second most gripping story involving Harrison Ford in a plane 😉.
Brennan Hearn
Brennan Hearn 2 månader sedan
One of the single best movies of the nineties, right alongside Independence Day.
Puppana 2 månader sedan
Ford and Oldman feckin' brought it with this one.
KillianoC 2 månader sedan
Nice impression at the start there
Freejack1971 2 månader sedan
I just watched Under Siege with Steven Seagal for the first time in over a decade. It was...interesting. And Erika Eleniak? Hubba hubba!
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 2 månader sedan
Harrison ford, enough said. Avoid, you've already seen it.
JS B 2 månader sedan
Why is Jeremy reviewing old movies? He needs a haircut. Jeremy should review under siege.
WildWulf 2 månader sedan
Do ‘Broken Arrow’ review plz
jp3813 2 månader sedan
One thing that's pretty strange in this movie is that there are conflicting info about the villains' first names. In the film itself, the general's name is mentioned by a translator to be Ivan Radek, and Glenn Close reads a file that identifies Gary Oldman's character as Egor Korshunov. Yet the end credits list them as Alexander Radek & Ivan Korshunov.
Bearded wizard
Bearded wizard 2 månader sedan
Like the new no alcohol required
Reaper Kezia
Reaper Kezia 2 månader sedan
Martin Sullivan
Martin Sullivan 2 månader sedan
If you haven't done it yet, how about a review of The Mask of Zorro? Another fantastic 90's film, directed by Martin Campbell who also revitalised the Bond franchise twice with Goldeneye (more 90's!) and Casino Royale!
William McFarland
William McFarland 2 månader sedan
The Netflix cut has a weird continuity break when a clip from after the initial escape appeared before the initial escape ... and then the audio disappears for a minute after an hour or so later. It's a broken file, and so weird that it's streaming on such a popular service. I compared it to my Blu-Ray and it's a different cut. An objectively broken cut. So weird.
Steven Reyna
Steven Reyna 2 månader sedan
You gotta shave Jeremy. You're starting to look like a bum.
Vysakh K U
Vysakh K U 2 månader sedan
Review " Leon the professional "
Stevey Hooves
Stevey Hooves 2 månader sedan
I love Air Force One. I remember last time I saw it was on VHS... Hoo boy it’s been a while...
Eva Macias Art
Eva Macias Art 2 månader sedan
It’s my favorite movie!!!
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 2 månader sedan
There's a new trailer for Robert Pattinson's Batman out, maybe Jeremy should review that next. It looks ok but I think Ben Affleck is a lot better at being Batman
Big Blue Elo80
Big Blue Elo80 2 månader sedan
Jeremy looking like Carlito 😂😂
Larry McCanna
Larry McCanna 2 månader sedan
NoNameforNow 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, can you please watch and review FX's series "The Shield?" It's on Amazon and Hulu and I think you would adore it.
Benny Yu
Benny Yu 2 månader sedan
I just watched LA Confidential and would love to hear your thoughts on this masterpiece!
stone henge
stone henge 2 månader sedan
Since you been doing throwbacks, ive finally sat down to rewatch soldier starring kurt russell from 98 and i gotta say, it actually holds up. Id give it a good time, no alcohol required.
Solanki_IITGN 2 månader sedan
This movie is awesometacular.
Felix H. Araujo
Felix H. Araujo 2 månader sedan
Wow, you guys are running out of movies lol.
Kimosabi The indian
Kimosabi The indian 2 månader sedan
Review the new transformers series on Netflix
Hunter Rim
Hunter Rim 2 månader sedan
Please review Indiana Jones!!!
Dattatreya Madgula
Dattatreya Madgula 2 månader sedan
Please review 'The Fugitive'. Another great movie
Captain Yorkie YT
Captain Yorkie YT 2 månader sedan
Air Force 2: Not this shit again Ford is the Vice President
GHOST 2 månader sedan
If you’re reviewing classic movies review blood on and blood out
Thomas Harvey
Thomas Harvey 2 månader sedan
Harrison Ford has terrible luck with flying
Sam AL
Sam AL 2 månader sedan
Like the beard 🧔 man
Nate Browell
Nate Browell 2 månader sedan
Closest thing President John Patrick Ryan we’ll see outside of Debt of Honor, Executive Orders, The Bear and the Dragon, et al.
A 2 månader sedan
Matthew Savoy
Matthew Savoy 2 månader sedan
Can u review SPHERE ?
Joshua R
Joshua R 2 månader sedan
Man, Jeremy got eaten by a mop 😅
Kephra Rubin
Kephra Rubin 2 månader sedan
Wish we had a president that badassn and yes to Gary Oldman he's got range. He's been so many different types of people it's awesome.
JMWFilmmaker 2 månader sedan
All I wanted was to hear you say “Get off my plane.” Thank you. Take the like. Have a blessed day.
Shane Young
Shane Young 2 månader sedan
You ever gonna review Greyhound?
Matthew Jund
Matthew Jund 2 månader sedan
What do FaceOff, Con-Air, and The Rock have in common? 🤔. That’s why they’re great
whisperienced 2 månader sedan
LMAO I saw the thumbnail and immediately said Get off my plane and as soon as it starts... well you know.
Adam Cornish
Adam Cornish 2 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy! I’d love to hear your thoughts on umbrella academy ;) :P
Jacob Bowser
Jacob Bowser 2 månader sedan
Requesting that you please review The Fugitive with Haranson and Tommy Lee Jones next?
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