Artemis Fowl - Movie Review 

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Well, I saw it, because why not? Here's my review for ATREMIS FOWL!


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17 jun 2020



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MP 3 dagar sedan
This movie really did have a lot of potential. I’ve heard lots of good things about the books and honestly I feel like films based off of them could’ve had the potential to be the next Harry Potter as far as fantasy novels being adapted into films goes, but Disney clearly was not the right choice to adapt it. They really should’ve just either sold the rights or given the film to a division which could’ve potentially gotten away with more faithfully adapting it like Lucasfilm or Touchstone.
Roei Potash AKA Poihpio
great, now I want apple juice.
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor Månad sedan
1st friend: So what happened? Did your parents ground you for spray painting a bad word in front of the school? 2nd friend: Worse. I have to take my brother & sister to see a movie with them. 1st friend: Okay... how's that worse than being grounded? Movie:
Chester The Dinosaur
Read the book before watching the film. Angry is not a word for how I felt... I made an angry review of it on my channel!!!
Jackson Huntley
Jackson Huntley Månad sedan
I just read the book to compare it to the movie which I saw a few months ago....good grief....
Sam B
Sam B Månad sedan
I honestly don't think there should've been a film adaptation of at all. The series is just way too surreal for that kind of thing, idk
Reveri247 2 månader sedan
You're working that look, Jeremy!
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett 2 månader sedan
Guys, I don't think that's apple juice.
East Awesome
East Awesome 2 månader sedan
This movie was awful. I was drunk and still disliked it. If fairies truly exist, I wish they could sprinkle fairy dust to wipe my memory.
Nenthil 2 månader sedan
This movie pissed me off in first few minutes - when I saw Artemis surfing. Coudn't even watch more than 15 minutes of that shit. They totally destroyed one of my favourites childhood books.
Christopher Blair
Christopher Blair 2 månader sedan
I'm glad I know nothing about these books and don't care because Disney has hurt me enough. If an IP doesn't fit your "brand" then maybe don't fucking buy that IP, Disney.
Otto Wels
Otto Wels 2 månader sedan
I know it's a childrens' books series, but they are fucking great, even still. Eoin Colfer is a fantastic writer.
Andrew William Omlie Jr
Andrew William Omlie Jr 3 månader sedan
My acting would be way better than this
Ethan Jacobs
Ethan Jacobs 3 månader sedan
Make it better apple juice
The Seleuf
The Seleuf 3 månader sedan
I counted 80 plot-related inaccuracies throughout the movie. These included (major spoilers ahead): - Artemis Fowl is a skinny, pale, pencil-neck who's never done a day of manual labour in his life. He doesn't surf or skate or fight. - He sleuthed the existence of the fairy folk by himself. His father didn't know shit about them. - Butler does all the fighting for him. He faced off against that troll ALONE (with a second wind from Holly Short) and WON! He became an urban legend among the fairy folk. - His name is Butler, he is the butler as well as the bodyguard, and not even Artemis knows his first name until the third book because of Butler's professional discipline. - The time-stop didn't work like that. At all. The way it's first depicted in the film absolutely screws Artemis' entire plan, so to save even some shred of the siege they changed how it worked AGAIN, aka weren't just inaccurate but internally inconsistent, and created a bucket of plot holes that weren't in the book. - The golden acorn never existed in the books. Artemis kidnapped Holly to ransom her for a tonne of gold, plain and simple. - Artemis wasn't trying to save his dad until the second book because he didn't even know his dad was still alive until then. - His dad was a criminal mastermind and Artemis knew and was following in his footsteps. Artemis was, without a doubt, the villainous antagonist of the first book. - His mom wasn't dead. She was a main line of humanity in Artemis in the first book. - Mulch the dwarf was dwarf-sized and was more of a side note in the first book. Mulch, the troll, and Holly escaping her cell were the only things Artemis didn't plan for in the whole affair. - Holly was kept in a solid cell, not a cage in the middle of the kitchen and she ESCAPED the cell, she wasn't just let out and Artemis never gave her a chance to mesmerise him. - Holly Short was the first ever female L.E.P. Recon officer in fairy history because apparently fairies can be sexist too. Julius "Beetroot" Root was your classic fluming, cigar-chomping, shouting police chief from buddy-cop movies, but by genderflipping him and half the L.E.P. Recon officers they erased most of Holly's personal plot and replaced it with some half-assed words about her dad. And if you were waiting for me to mention "blackwashing" the Eurasian Butler, I don't necessarily consider that a plot-relevant change, but I will say it's weird they "blackwashed" Butler but didn't undo the "whitewash" of Holly that the comic books did. The books repeatedly describe Holly's skin as being nut-brown. It would've been more interesting to see an accurately brown-skinned Holly and a Butler with some Asian features.
Otto Wels
Otto Wels 2 månader sedan
I think the blackwashing is relevant, and more important than Holly's whitewashing. To be clear, I found the whitewashing stupid, and it's telling that the film also did whitewash her again. But whether Holly's skin is white or not doesn't really make that much of a difference - and it could also been purple instead. As far as I know, there aren't many magical underground creatures in real life for comparison. But in the books Domovoi Butler is practically one of the most important characters, the one most close to Artemis, the main character. It's not really so much about the skin colour, but about the socialization. Butler and his work ethics is clearly influenced by East Asian and Russian principles: Patience in suffering and a great stoicism, a stong honour codex like the Samurai and Shinobi, a Buddhist and Christian Orthodox restraining of emotion, and a total self-sacrifice and loyalty to one's master. It's no coincidence the very first scene plays in Ho-Chi-Minh City (instead of Artemist surfing) and it is early mentioned that Butler was educated in Japanese martial arts since he was little. It the contrast between the extremely white Artemis and his Eurasian Butler. These values are essential also in Artemis' thinking. He requires abolite loyalty, but also promises that in return (even though he has no scruples to abyse loop holes). All these characteristics went totally lost for no reason. As if an interracial character wasn't diverse enough, only to satisfy a stupid tokenism.
HGB MD2930
HGB MD2930 3 månader sedan
Honestly this kid is so bad at acting I’m actually thinking of going into acting because if this child can somehow manage to score a gig like this with no skill whatsoever then anyone can
HGB MD2930
HGB MD2930 3 månader sedan
Mr. Seemingly Expected well from what I saw which was the whole film start to finish I can safely say this kid is horrendous and no amount of reshoots would make any difference. Also I’ve seen kids on Disney and Nickelodeon shows with better talent than this
Mr. Seemingly Expected
Mr. Seemingly Expected 3 månader sedan
From what I've seen in cut scenes, he's actually decent in them but specifically as a cruel and scheming Artemis, which Disney got cold feet over and reshot to make him "likable". So maybe they miscast him because of rewrites making him a worse choice rather than because of his own acting talent.
Anto Hollywood
Anto Hollywood 3 månader sedan
Cant argue this movie was complete garbage
Katherine Lott
Katherine Lott 3 månader sedan
I LOVE these books. And I was so disappointed. To put this in Harry Potter terms: the producer and director of this film thought it was a good idea to throw Bellatrix LeStrange into the first movie in order to force Harry into becoming a wizard, go to school and open the Chamber of Secrets. Instead of just telling the first three books NATURALLY.
Richard Whereat
Richard Whereat 2 månader sedan
@Katherine Lott then saying he was protected by the power of his mother's love, but you also want to appeal to gun nuts, so voldie was actually done in with a mini gun.
Katherine Lott
Katherine Lott 2 månader sedan
@Richard Whereat Flip-flopping on Harry being a bad guy because you don't want to upset soccer moms.
Richard Whereat
Richard Whereat 2 månader sedan
Only, in the movies Harry is a bad guy, and Bellatrix is his friend.
DrStfuFool 3 månader sedan
What happened to the Drunk Critic?
Kris Andersen
Kris Andersen 3 månader sedan
Everyone in these comments is going to hate me for this, but I actually enjoyed this movie. Of course, I know a little secret: The movie is the movie, and the book is the book. As long as you remember that they are entirely seperate creations, then it's possible to enjoy both. It's like trying to compare the Harry Potter books to the Harry Potter movies. Both are very enjoyable as long as you don't expect them to be identical. There has never been a completely accurate movie made from a book, and there never will be. If you are expecting such a thing, then you need to just stick to the printed word, and leave cinema completely out of your world.
Albin Engström
Albin Engström 3 månader sedan
That's one odd looking bottle of apple juice you got there Jeremy.
Pontius Porcius
Pontius Porcius 3 månader sedan
Bathrobe Jeremy is best Jeremy.
aleee2010 3 månader sedan
I agree this was pure trash.
Youlander Davis
Youlander Davis 3 månader sedan
William defoe's Green gobbler outfit hilarious, yeah I went to sleep on this movie twice, woke up pissed that it still had 49 minutes left, I'm done!!😴😴😴
Simon Christian
Simon Christian 3 månader sedan
I loved the Artemis Fowl series and Artemis is one of my favorite fiction characters. Needless to say I was excited when I found out about this movie and really wanted it to be good (to do the books justice). But wow this movie was bad. It's like they took bits and pieces of the plot from the books and rearranged them in the worst possible way. Why not just make a movie of the first book like the Harry Potter films? It was perfect the way it was. So many "why" moments in this film. Even those who know nothing about the books would fail to enjoy film. Jeremy sums it up nicely. This is supposed to be a suspenful action/crime film. Yet there is no suspension. No engagement. The few action scenes are lame and poorly edited. And the ending... yeah this is one film no one will watch twice.
Vinny Arana
Vinny Arana 3 månader sedan
Slap me back for reviewing your review at minute 100:35 of this movie 😡
cookie monster
cookie monster 3 månader sedan
can you please drop your hair color brand if you use one? pretty please? i am searching for hair colours that don't make hair fall out.
Xitij Thool
Xitij Thool 3 månader sedan
Book are great there are many incidents that showcase the intelligent factor. Seriously you are drinking ""THE GLENLIVET" SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY instead of APPLE JUICE on SElosk ? This confirms that Movie is worse than we imagned.
Emelefpi 3 månader sedan
Apparently, Brannagh was channeling Gilderoy Lockhart when directing this....all of the pomposity and arrogance and over-inflated sense of confidence in his abilities, but NONE of the talent
Sam Awan
Sam Awan 3 månader sedan
I never comment on SElosk videos, but commenting now to let you know you should leave your hair at this length. Cheers!
Abel Redae
Abel Redae 3 månader sedan
The book is was better
Joshua Darovitz
Joshua Darovitz 3 månader sedan
I love this rugged, down to earth, don't give a f***, apple juice drinking Jeremy Jahns review. when the country starts getting back to normal you should dedicate at least one review a month to doing it specifically this way. with everything going on we are all weathering the same storm, and it's nice to see you turning lemons into orange juice. Keep up the great work! Keep having fun with it!
Paradime 3 månader sedan
Go read the books. They're 350% better then this crap.
Tony Rossi
Tony Rossi 3 månader sedan
It didnt upset me because Disney is like watching the Chicago Cubs. It will be 102 years before the make a book concept into a movie correctly.
Tony Rossi
Tony Rossi 3 månader sedan
The books are awesome.
Zee Gillespie
Zee Gillespie 3 månader sedan
Mortals engines was nearly the last straw but this is the book to big screen adaptation that finally broke my spirit............
The Popcornpassport
The Popcornpassport 3 månader sedan
wow, really liked this review! it seems like we have a lot of the same thoughts! hope to see more , great review!
om omair
om omair 3 månader sedan
th's was the worst movie i've seen this year.... it's really just a waste of time
Ken Burke
Ken Burke 3 månader sedan
The biggest problem with Artemis Fowl? Disney rewrote it to such an extent it was a joke!!!
brokenswmr 3 månader sedan
I've read all the books, and it is correct to say that the movie doesn't follow the books, like at all. But in my opinion, the movie should stand on it's own, aside from the books. I don't understand why so many people have to point out that the movie doesn't follow the book, many of the marvel movies don't follow the comics, yet those movies stand on their own and I regarded highly. Artemis Fowl is a bad movie, plain and simple, has nothing to do with the books it was based on.
Jon Carr
Jon Carr 3 månader sedan
I don't think that was apple juice.
Draobtra Channel
Draobtra Channel 3 månader sedan
Are you trying to look like Keanu Reeves 🤔 ?
king of Anime
king of Anime 3 månader sedan
I truly hated these costumes they look like FUCKING Santa elves instead of supernatural elves with super-high tech technology not fucking Santa's little helpers
The Independent Think Project
Its like it was filmed in quarantine.
Gungan 3 månader sedan
This movie was dumb.
SoggySSB 3 månader sedan
There's a joke to be made about Josh Gad never shutting up and the horrifying jaw unhinging cgi
Jugger naut
Jugger naut 3 månader sedan
im baffled, im blown away, unbelievable that this kid is white and male. wtf, its not an overweight black chinese trans girl.
remliqa 3 månader sedan
Well, Disney did whitewash this. Holly was supposed to have brown skin in the book and had to fight the toxic masculinity an sexism from the Fairy military due to the fact that she was the fist and only female LEP-Recon officer. Heck the Butlers were supposed to be Eurasians .
Eugene Rosario
Eugene Rosario 3 månader sedan
Sometimes Disney making some. movies friendly isnt the best choice.
bigjake360t 3 månader sedan
So is that apple juice from an angry orchard?
Arinze Onyiah
Arinze Onyiah 3 månader sedan
For the entirety of this quarantine period please wear the robe and sip on the... apple juice 😂
Glassey 3 månader sedan
It pissed me off because it wasted my time
Johann Fowl
Johann Fowl 3 månader sedan
I know adaptations are not exactly easy, but I wished somehting at least MADE SENSE in this fricking movie
Sarah Almeida
Sarah Almeida 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, I would love to see you do a review of Netflix's Loche and Key series. Very dark and better adapted to screen as a TV series.
N3DD N3DD 3 månader sedan
5:55 I'm stealing that line
zygas25 3 månader sedan
Disney had no faith in this movie. They knew it was gonna suck. Even with the pandemic, they had other films like mulan that were finished but pushed to fall while this one got moved to disney plus instead on its original release date. They were going to write it off either way. The pandemic gave it an excuse.
DaRandomPerson 3 månader sedan
I think that "apple juice" got him through the movie and the review.
Cheshire Ket
Cheshire Ket 3 månader sedan
I hated this. So bad. They shouldve used the kid who plays number 5 in the umbrella academy
Carl Weezer
Carl Weezer 3 månader sedan
Apparently he’s a dick in the books that’s his character and I feel like If a second movie was made it could be good
Kahn Krete FPV
Kahn Krete FPV 3 månader sedan
I've never even heard of Artemis fowl. Thank God 4 that😆
remliqa 3 månader sedan
In that case I suggest reading the book . To say that this is an adaptation in name only is l an extreme understatement.
Justin Bennett
Justin Bennett 3 månader sedan
This movie had like 1 scene that was accurate to the books (the psychology scene). Also, I am pissed off that they made Root a female character. Not only was he a male character in the book but, it also takes away from Captain Short's plot. In the book, Short was the first female LEP Officer. That was very important because it played a crucial role as to why Root was tougher on Short than on other members under his command. Some of my Complaints: -Disney completely changed the plot. -Disney changed aspects of the characters. (root being changed from male to female, Artemis engaging in combat when in the book he was a soft skin rich kid that didn't like to get his hands dirty (at least at the time the movie is supposed to be taken place), The Butlers being a mix of European and African when in the book they were European and Asian.) -Disney made the movie far too kid-friendly. The book was fairly dark and very detailed I would have liked to see that in the movie. -Officer Short became friendly with Artemis far too soon in the movie. In the book she was still holding grudges against him until like the 2nd or 3rd book. One last note. If I had not read the books I would likely have no clue what was going on.
Carrie Poitras
Carrie Poitras 3 månader sedan
Movie Holly: You know Arty, maybe I was wrong about you. You're actually so sweet. Do you want to be friends? Book Holly: *punches him* I hate you so much you little bastard.
Sreshta Loka
Sreshta Loka Månad sedan
"i dOn'T LiKe lOLliPoPs"
Aknologia King of Dragons
Aknologia King of Dragons 3 månader sedan
Fans: they didnt follow the books at all! Disney: whats a book?
Blackadderthefourth 3 månader sedan
Don't worry about insulting the book... This isn't it.
Rowan Daws
Rowan Daws 3 månader sedan
I honestly taught myself to read by just being stubborn and the books being so good that I couldn’t understand half of it and I still couldn’t put it down.
Akira Hatson
Akira Hatson 3 månader sedan
you wanna know artemis hates sports,butler isnt black,his father is kidnapped by russians,root is a man,foely is useful,except for two females in the fairy police statipn the others are man,artemi's fowl mother is alive just crazy,artemis loves gold and so on
GoProJoe 3 månader sedan
I'm really impressed that this channel hasn't caved to pressure of corruption. It must be immense. The big six production companies are among the most evil in the world.
remliqa 3 månader sedan
What are you talking about?
Keith Marshall
Keith Marshall 3 månader sedan
I keep wondering if he parts the tache in the middle on purpose. 😂
Mexicanadiense79 3 månader sedan
Is...is Jeremy OK?
4c_aperture 3 månader sedan
It absolutely pissed me off and I don’t even plan on watching it! I can’t believe what they did to my favorite little evil demon child 🥺
Ariel Harloff
Ariel Harloff 3 månader sedan
I knew the whole Acorn thing made no sense to anyone who had no idea of the books XD also yes Holly and root are elves XD fairies are all magical beings elves are a subspecies but of course you wouldn't know that from the movie XD Yes I have read the books they're amazing easily better than Harry Potter if you ask me and yes the movie pissed me off. It sucked all soul out of the story and took away any agency from the main cast. The mcguffin acorn thing is not a part of the books artemis is pretty close to being a sociopath in the first book and it works and Holly is the first female recon officer in the books constantly fighting her societies pervading sexism (she's also not a child but a grown woman) also butler took out an entire elven police unit by himself only aided by a device artemis built in like an hour so butler could see his invisible enemies cause Artemis is that smart. All of your opinions are totally valid and having read the books makes the movie even worse. Tldr: Read the books folks.
Squids 3 månader sedan
Dude the movie is so dissapointing and without a climax. It left me with so many questions. Wtf Disney? Was this supposed to be a tv show, but then they didn't? And why load so much fucking info on us in the beginning? I don't care, fucking show it. ... This movie pissed me off.
Victoria Orihuela
Victoria Orihuela 3 månader sedan
If it didn’t fit their brand then they shouldn’t have taken on filming it. They ruined it.
Calamity Sangfroid
Calamity Sangfroid 3 månader sedan
Wait why is if bad to call her an elf? That's her actual species.
Joshua Nunez
Joshua Nunez 3 månader sedan
lol, never read the books but I expected a lot more from the Butler. Literally talked this dude up in the beginning just for him to be a glorified baby sitter and somebody to ask Artemis guiding questions bc his genius was not enough to come to obvious conclusions on it's own?
Carrie Young
Carrie Young 3 månader sedan
Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons 3 månader sedan
I loved these books why...why did they do this again?! Damn it Disney!
alturius4 3 månader sedan
The movie is as close to the books as the content of that glass is to apple juice
Daryl 3 månader sedan
Where is butlers fight against the troll where he. Dons a suit of armor and beats the troll in hand to hand combat
David Minor
David Minor 3 månader sedan
Apple juice on the rocks???
Junjie Gao
Junjie Gao 3 månader sedan
In the book,,,, OMG!! I am expecting a lot in this movie from the book!!?? ME: the movie was bad!! MY FRIEND WHO DID NOT READ THE BOOK: COOOLLL MOVIE!!! GREAT!!!
prashams 3 månader sedan
Dude this movie was like a bad pilot episode.
Miyanoai14 3 månader sedan
"Sorry, a fairy, not an elf." But you were right? Holly IS an elf... fairy is the more generic term...I guess the movie forgot to mention that too.
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson 3 månader sedan
I honestly tried watching it. For most of my childhood I looked forward to it. But if a fan of your source material can't stand to watch 10 minutes of your adaptation, your doing something wrong.
Jen Ye
Jen Ye 3 månader sedan
this making me think back to "Tomorrowland" and "A Wrinkle in Time" that DIsney had to do and both sucked
Major Gear
Major Gear 3 månader sedan
Brie Larson “How dare you.” A few minutes later ... “Those movies weren’t made for you!
Jen Ye
Jen Ye 3 månader sedan
Jeremy once again doing Lord's work watching the entirety of shitty movies to prevent others from doing so. Yeah i skimmed through it, boring and dumb.
BrotherGrimmy 3 månader sedan
I wanted to watch the movie, being I was a massive fan of the books when I was like 13. But I don't think I got more than 5 minutes in before I was already pissed off
winner winner
winner winner 3 månader sedan
in the 1st book you hate love him but omg Disney
winner winner
winner winner 3 månader sedan
the book is amazing but the movie couldn't even come close like not even close ? he is evil he is akid and he is awesome and the fairy was not like that ?
Summer Phillipson
Summer Phillipson 3 månader sedan
There is a reason they threw this right to Disney+ whereas they haven't done that with Mulan.
hi hooman i am a snake
hi hooman i am a snake 3 månader sedan
In the book, artemis is a real bad guy with a super smart brain, he's not a hero, he kidnap Holly for gold and he discovery farry world by himself, I haven't watch a movie but from what I heard so far, it doesn't worth to waste any money with it.
The eSports Cave
The eSports Cave 3 månader sedan
Yeah, the movie pissed me off because those books were my favorite thing in my childhood. I mean that literally, it's not exaggeration. I was actually interested to hear how someone who didn't read the books would have seen the movie; you aren't really sure what's happening or why if you hadn't read the books. Also like you said; they didn't do anything with Artemis' intelligence. They neutered several character arcs by not showing... well... anything really. It's interesting to see someone who didn't read the books pick up on the idea that Disney bought a franchise (or the rights to it?) that didn't fit their brand, and then try to make it fit their brand? I love Eoin Colfer's humor, but they basically stripped the movie of any humor that you would point at and go "Classic Colfer right there," if you've read a lot of his stuff growing up. I actually love Colfer's humor because it's actually good story telling; his jokes serve as character development as well as plot development pretty much every time. This would be the easiest humor to integrate into a movie because you don't waste screen time and keep up a good pace... I'm guessing the writers at Disney are either woefully incompetent at this point or the execs didn't think that humor fits "the brand." Actually they inserted humor that destroyed a few characters... but whatever.
Depressed breakfast
Depressed breakfast 3 månader sedan
I’m loving house coat wear’n, drink sip’n Jeremy
Bluestreak 3 månader sedan
I love this guy he and Chris are 2 or the greatest
Phoenix Mason
Phoenix Mason 3 månader sedan
To be honest I’ve never actually read the books I thought it was.....well 50% for me because of the lack of world building and uninteresting moments like when Artemis kidnaps Holly and didn’t actually do anything to threaten her and then a few minutes later they became friends that... I feel like it can work but they could’ve done it much better though. Overall I thought it was okay (a little bit) there are some major flaws I didn’t like and if it does get a sequel I expect them to fix the flaws they have with the this film so that way I can enjoy it 100%.
Papa Murph
Papa Murph 3 månader sedan
I haven't seen the movie, but it sounds like a cross between Home Alone meets The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
Seven Ellen
Seven Ellen 3 månader sedan
Jeremy are you growing your hair longer? It looks great! Please grow it to shoulder length. ^_^
Irina Semina
Irina Semina 4 månader sedan
From the books this movie took only the title and forgot about actual characters and events. Like in the books we don’t just hear that Artemis is a genius, we see him being one. And there’s logic in developing Artemis and Holly’s friendship which took SEVERAL books. They just perverted the amazing characters and stories from the books and didn’t offer anything good in return.
Owen Hare
Owen Hare 4 månader sedan
ah yes gwinette apple juice my favourite
Just some Guy
Just some Guy 4 månader sedan
Haven't seen the movie, but read the book 3 times. From what I got from spoilers is enough to piss me off. First of all, artimis fowl is literally able to learn the fairy's ancient tounge after outsmarting a fairy and decrypting the language within 1 day. Also, his mother is dead, when in the books she's an integral character, as artimis's love for his mother is his only redeeming character trait in the first story. Oh yeah, and artimis is the villan of the first story.
InSanityKing 4 månader sedan
i love the movie, im generally hoping theres more because of how it ended ^_^
Matthew Reyes
Matthew Reyes 4 månader sedan
One of the worst adaptations of all time will forever be Dragonball evolution, and the hallie berry cat woman, like what was Hollywood thinking when they made them. Other than to piss off fans who love the lore, and the characters.
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