Bad Education - Movie Review 

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The true story of theft, embezzlement and crime, all in the wonderful world of education. Here's my review for BAD EDUCATION!


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27 apr 2020



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Denzel Bolden
Denzel Bolden 3 månader sedan
Alex wolf came along way from naked brothers band
Sir TroLLington Da 3rd
Sir TroLLington Da 3rd 4 månader sedan
2:58 Great quote and it was partially used to sum up the premise of a great show that got canceled... Called "Blood Line" ..Its a slow burn but the payoff is wonderful.
NeverMind Gaming
NeverMind Gaming 4 månader sedan
Wow Jeremey mentioning Alex wow he's my favorite actor
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 4 månader sedan
Watch the British version of Bad Education, now that’s funny
A normal channel honestly
A normal channel honestly 4 månader sedan
I thought it was the Jack Whitehall one
PARAGON, the Assassin_Chief
I’ve no interest in the movie whatsoever, I’m here for that collar baby!!!!
Chris Catino
Chris Catino 5 månader sedan
The whole movie was fantastic for sure, but the 'acc-ele-rated' scene with the mentally slow child really stuck with me, and I think speaks to your point about the humanity of the characters in the film. That scene in a subtle way really drives home the idea that while Tassone was involved in this embezzlement scheme deep down he truly cared about the student's education at his school and despised the parents who squandered the administrations efforts despite being guilty of exactly the same crime. The movie very clearly declares that good and evil is not black and white. The conversation on the bleachers at the end with ray romano's character was almost too on the nose for me. The comical dichotomy of Tassone professing his deep care and sacrifice for his students and even engaging in a spelling lesson all while the FBI are in the conference room next door really drove the point home and would have served as a fitting ending for me.
mysticknight48433 5 månader sedan
Alex Wolff also plays Spencer from Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle
Leo Rodrìguez Guti
Leo Rodrìguez Guti 5 månader sedan
Great movie 🎥 🖤👌🏼😌
Jonesy 420🥂
Jonesy 420🥂 5 månader sedan
Thank you so much for your commentary it is so hard to watch goodshit🤣 during this quarantine🙏🏿 New York State🤦🏾
Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis 5 månader sedan
Watch lucky number slevin
J L 5 månader sedan
Just do the free hbo trial on prime
Yash Raj
Yash Raj 5 månader sedan
Has Jeremy watched dallas buyers club?
Shuffle Them Truffles Babey
Ffs I thought this was going to be about the Jack Whitehall movie
CeciVizz 5 månader sedan
My dad is a school board president for my hometown's school district and shit like this (from the movie) does happen and people will do crazy things. So watching the film, it just reminded me of all the drama that occurs in school politics that my dad has told me and its so wild, they could make a movie out of it too, lol
NerdTalkTv !!!
NerdTalkTv !!! 5 månader sedan
When’s the legacy of kain review???
R35 5 månader sedan
Thought It was going to be the British one
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 5 månader sedan
Hell yeah I need to see this movie.
SimplyCarbon 5 månader sedan
The Laundromat is a must watch.
Menace 314
Menace 314 5 månader sedan
hugh jackman, as a wolverine con man f**k yes. everyone should watch the deuce
Shrikant Joshi
Shrikant Joshi 5 månader sedan
Movie showed dark issue but movie wasn't dark....
lilyira 5 månader sedan
Will you review Carnival Row?
Paul Tovar
Paul Tovar 5 månader sedan
I love HBO
Joshua Larsson
Joshua Larsson 5 månader sedan
never would have noticed the coller lol people care?
Aziz Shahzad
Aziz Shahzad 5 månader sedan
Red dead 2 review
Sanchit Khairnar
Sanchit Khairnar 5 månader sedan
Jeremy teasing to try not to notice the collar me who turns the quality to 144p so it doesn't annoy me😂
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez 5 månader sedan
Make a scarface(1983) review
RedLightning17 5 månader sedan
That opening.....man I love Jeremy
John Patz
John Patz 5 månader sedan
That's why you sign up, then immediately after it's paid for and activated you cancel, so the subscription is literally only a single month.
Jordi Nagel
Jordi Nagel 5 månader sedan
It’s a shame that some people will think of Bad Teacher when they first hear this movie title... Complete garbage, that film was. Hopefully this one will become more famous
Hillary Etafo
Hillary Etafo 5 månader sedan
Please please just watch watchmen series
YT_ DAN_ISH 5 månader sedan
How is it ?
RGkong 5 månader sedan
Will this be on HBO Max?
Phil Nye
Phil Nye 5 månader sedan
I can’t look away from you collar 🤦🏼‍♂️ I hate you but also love your content so I can put up with it
rickyrich93 5 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, I know it weird to request a review of an entire trilogy of movies, but you absolutely should review the Before Trilogy! Please, give them a chance! Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight!!
Billy Sweet
Billy Sweet 5 månader sedan
Just finished and I gotta say WOW. Hugh Jackman was AMAZING in this. What a legend. Everyone did so good. One of the best movies of 2020 so far!
Allan 5 månader sedan
Is Jeremy using Note 9?
Peter Chavez
Peter Chavez 5 månader sedan
Review Back to the Future Part 3
Omegaluladdf dhddnn
Omegaluladdf dhddnn 5 månader sedan
Noive vod
Anthony 5 månader sedan
the movie was filmed at my school, the hall ways the auditorium and everything.
ricardo mendoza
ricardo mendoza 5 månader sedan
The ogs will remember that boss he mentions as the inspiration for the cop that gave Jeremy a ticket with the fingerstache 😬
KCO 5 månader sedan
are u a blood?
Lewis Wood-Ashby
Lewis Wood-Ashby 5 månader sedan
Dude watch "The Bad Education Movie" things fucking hilarious
Luckychris02 5 månader sedan
also may know Alex Wolff from The Naked Brothers Band
jiji 5 månader sedan
Are you Italian or Greek?
walter toly
walter toly 5 månader sedan
Great flick
CB 4567
CB 4567 5 månader sedan
Who else thought this was the jack whitehall one?
Dan Albanese
Dan Albanese 5 månader sedan
Jeremy I highly suggest watching and reviewing the Sopranos series during Quarantine
Adarsh Hota
Adarsh Hota 5 månader sedan
Is no one gonna notice the fact that the back of the collar of Jeremy is flipped down ? I mean I don't understand the physics
fanboy editor
fanboy editor 5 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy I was wondering if you’ve seen the last of us 2 leaks? If you haven’t then i recommend you don’t, but if you HAVE seen them are you going to make a video about it?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5 månader sedan
when you said the last air bender movie made you want to watch the animation did you get around to that? because now would be a good time
Ray 5 månader sedan
How do you manage to use movie clips in your videos without being demonetised?
Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan 5 månader sedan
You bastard....
Suzy Syrett
Suzy Syrett 5 månader sedan
Straight up laughed my ass off at this intro! Needed that - thanks Jeremy😎👊
denno021 5 månader sedan
I'm enjoying what you're doing with your hair
i cant splel
i cant splel 5 månader sedan
You should watch the good boys. You will like the movie
Matt Jagger
Matt Jagger 5 månader sedan
Review the shield and mad men
The GECK 5 månader sedan
Was the collar really flipped up or was he just sinking
StephenRahrig 5 månader sedan
Yeah bro definitely should not have pointed out the collar thing. Looks totally intentional
Josh Glynn
Josh Glynn 5 månader sedan
Bad Education is also an english Comedy Movie made as a spin off from the TV show starring Jack Whitehall. You should watch that😂 its called The Bad Education Movie
Anime Alpha
Anime Alpha 5 månader sedan
Forget reviews, will you grow your hair out ?
DuraDigi 5 månader sedan
I stared at your neck the whole video. Thanks allot Jeremy 😂
Grathoss 5 månader sedan
aww, for a minute i thought Hugh Jackman was attempting to do the UK's Bad Education but try and play Jack Whitehall's character. That would have been something else. lol.
Michael Huitinga | Reyez!
Michael Huitinga | Reyez! 5 månader sedan
HBO has been putting out good to great based on true events movies for years now. Game Change, Paterno, You don't know Jack to name a few
Kenneth Saul
Kenneth Saul 5 månader sedan
Review Love Death Robots.
ts studies
ts studies 5 månader sedan
Nyc background sound
Brian Daley
Brian Daley 5 månader sedan
Wizard of lies also on HBO is also an excellent corruption embezzlement film. This was a very well done movie and accurate in a lot of the subtleties. I had no idea they were going to release this but I went to Roslyn high school while this was all going down so it was a really cool surprise seeing more of an inside look at this guys personality.
fullerino 5 månader sedan
Bad Editing
Nice2347 5 månader sedan
This was a great film. Surprised it went straight to HBO.
Aotsuta 5 månader sedan
favorite corruption / politics movie definetly Ms. Sloane hands down
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 5 månader sedan
Not having Aunt Becky in this movie is a huge miscarriage of justice.
Liquid Swords
Liquid Swords 5 månader sedan
All I see is the collar.. 😂
Ethio General knowledge
Ethio General knowledge 5 månader sedan
Keep it up 👍♥️
Peter Jensen
Peter Jensen 5 månader sedan
Clone wars season 7 review?
unfair sanic
unfair sanic 5 månader sedan
This movie is so awesome one of the lessons ive learned is that people are hypocrites
One Eye Odin
One Eye Odin 5 månader sedan
somebody please review M-F-K-Z
james price
james price 5 månader sedan
That's the magic of streaming services affordable then u forget about it....$, facts
RED -5
RED -5 5 månader sedan
Review agents of shield
Sayed El Sherif
Sayed El Sherif 5 månader sedan
believe me i wasn't gonna even notice that your jacket collar was flipped down until you bring it up thanks dickhead (i love you man)
Benzaiten 5 månader sedan
I just love Hugh Jackman. I simply do.
Mallymile 5 månader sedan
Can you Review “The King” on Netflix??
Jakeasaurus01 5 månader sedan
Ah, sorry the rip off movie of the decent UK comedy. Noice
Cranium Sex Burger
Cranium Sex Burger 5 månader sedan
Good Time. Not an innocent person, but still human.
Louis 5 månader sedan
I like your hair Jeremy
amit nagpal
amit nagpal 5 månader sedan
avatarong 5 månader sedan
What rating did he give I could only focus on the collar
Ahmet Kurum
Ahmet Kurum 5 månader sedan
You couldn't just let us mention that in the comments. You just HAD to take that away from us at the beginning of the video.
I’m not a troll All the time
Does your mom usually dress you Jeremy?
A 5 månader sedan
Boycott naughty dog.
A 5 månader sedan
A 5 månader sedan
Jeremy, spoil the last of us 2, people need to know about it, boycott naughty dog, it's the only way they will stop with this sjw garbage.
Meda Purnama
Meda Purnama 5 månader sedan
I'd guess that Jackman comes off naturally in his role as an educator because of his past experiences of being an actual schoolteacher in his native Australia.
MinnesotaWeLit 5 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, just to recommend a good show to you during the Quarantine I'd like to recommend the Last Kingdom on Netflix, it's a great show I'd believe you'd enjoy
Immortal Kombat
Immortal Kombat 5 månader sedan
Didn’t mind the collar as much as the hair.
Mr M
Mr M 5 månader sedan
I love how no one would really care but now the he mentioned it I can't stop looking at his collar
Logic105 5 månader sedan
Overrated due to our current situation. I feel like Jeremy and Chris are biased towards alot of movies now just based on the limited amounts available.
Toobrown2toast Games
Toobrown2toast Games 5 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy you should review Orca that killer whale move where avenges his partner's death or something it's that 1977 movie would like to get your take on it. Very curious
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra 5 månader sedan
Please make a video about The Last of Us 2 shitshow at the fuck factory
sbowesuk 5 månader sedan
This movie was WAY better than I expected. Honestly didn't think it would be to my taste, but damn it was great. The cast hit it out of the park.
Sam Aspinwall
Sam Aspinwall 5 månader sedan
Out of all films you could of reviewed, I I wouldn't of chooses this since over 98% of the world can't access HBO.... I would love to have watched the film due to your critique otherwise.
King Juli en
King Juli en 5 månader sedan
What!! Yeah! Something is odd with that collar.
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