Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Movie Review 

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A gem of a Batman film that often gets overlooked. Here's my review of the Animated Batman adventure BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM!
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13 aug 2020



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Rockzilla570 5 dagar sedan
I would like to see Jeremy do a review of Sub-Zero animated movie as a follow up.
thewinterizzy 5 dagar sedan
This is one of my FAVORITE movies of ALL time. Such a staple in my childhood.
Geek37 11 dagar sedan
I rewatched it recently and it stands up 3 decades later.
Big Blue Elo80
Big Blue Elo80 22 dagar sedan
73 minutes definitely worth it 🔥🔥🔥
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 25 dagar sedan
An amazing movie, period. 😁👍
Marlon S
Marlon S 26 dagar sedan
Mask of the Phantasm for the win
Braxton Wages
Braxton Wages 27 dagar sedan
This movie has always been amazing. For the longest time this and the first Superman movie were the only faithful adaptations of comic book superheroes. I mean, honestly what a bold move this was back in the day. An animated movie that wasn’t dumbed down and something adults could watch.
Jsteel135 Månad sedan
Jack nicholsons joker and mark hamills joker could they exist without each other?
Logan Månad sedan
Now if they made this movie with Pattinson as Batman, and it's over 2 hours long, my God I can only imagine it's probably gonna be the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight, but then again it's my theory. Would be cool if they did
charles kidney
charles kidney Månad sedan
(Spoiler warning) An issue I had with the movie was that after we first see the phantasm in Gotham. We then see Bruce having a phone conversation with Andrea on a plane to Gotham. Meaning she couldn't have been in Gotham when the phantasm was in Gotham. Which if you have seen the movie is an issue for very obvious reasons.
Jay Lutz
Jay Lutz Månad sedan
Mask of the phantasm is a masterpiece
Rahul Bhakat
Rahul Bhakat Månad sedan
sherley walker's music is the one which pops up in my head when i think about bat man with kevin conroy's voice and mark hammil's laugh as joker
SuperAdam Bomb
SuperAdam Bomb Månad sedan
I haven’t seen the animated series but I kinda wanted to watch mask if the phantasm but not really. Then my friend just kept telling me that I just have to see mask of the phantasm so I gave it a watch. Now I can’t decide if mark hammil is the best joker or heath ledger
Robin Månad sedan
I just noticed that there is a batman silhouette cut-out around the phantasms face on the poster
steelbarber Månad sedan
Just watched this and god damn it’s depressing
Ryan Abraham
Ryan Abraham Månad sedan
Where is my review of batman:under the red hood
Alex Kuieck
Alex Kuieck Månad sedan
Why is Wolverine talking about a Batman movie??
Nigel Anicette
Nigel Anicette Månad sedan
I watched Batman:Mask of the Phantasm today and it was a great movie. I got more familiar with Andrea or The Phantasm. Joker was the center of Andrea's transformation into the Phantasm. The fact that Bruce used to date her and became his ex-fiancee brought some tension between the two, when they saw each other again a decade later.Seriously, it's one of the best Batman movies of all time. I'm glad I watched it.
Cbandit Månad sedan
That scene when alfred reacts to to Bruce in his suit the first time. He has pure fear in his eyes with admiration
amazingonion Månad sedan
My mom is a batman fan who grew up reading the comics. Says this is the best batman movie. I agree.
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott Månad sedan
You should reveal the dark knight returns part one and two
James Kelly
James Kelly Månad sedan
Did anyone else think Andrea died in this movie or is that just me?
John Dejesus
John Dejesus Månad sedan
that laugh at the end from the joker when these are blowing up was the best laugh i seen him do.
The Lockenbubi
The Lockenbubi Månad sedan
Mark Hamill Heath Ledger Joaquin Phoenix Jack Nicholson Jared Leto
gyzard Månad sedan
If only they use that plot as a live action movie
something dianne
something dianne Månad sedan
I will subscribe to this channel because of this review 👍
David M
David M Månad sedan
Yes I will take a shot! Stole the words right out my mouth.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson Månad sedan
Besides Back to the future it's the only other movie that is almost perfect and tight
Team SMSD Månad sedan
Will Fuss
Will Fuss Månad sedan
Do Batman by gaslight
Dave Richards
Dave Richards Månad sedan
Flawless film. My dad took me opening weekend to see it. The best batman film, a top 5 super hero film.
TheDon2Tuff Månad sedan
Anything BTAS is goated
Jake Draper
Jake Draper Månad sedan
Why the fuck are you so good at impressions?
Satan Lover13
Satan Lover13 Månad sedan
1:57 I swear one day we will have cannonical proof that phantasm is Terrys grandma!
Josh Essex
Josh Essex Månad sedan
Glad to see Jeremy put on a spotlight on this absolute gem of a film
Arne Cruz
Arne Cruz Månad sedan
The best Batman movie I have seen on big screen (it was shown in theaters here in the Philippines for a week). Great animation, great story, great music (the intro credit is tthe best), great characterisation. Again, better than Dark Knight or Keaton's Batman. Again, in myy opinion, the best movie Batman.
Mayur Gangawane
Mayur Gangawane Månad sedan
Unpopular opinion and ik I'm gonna get so much shit in the replies, I felt this movie is kinda overrated and just didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, maybe because I didn't watch it as a kid andthe nostalgia factor doesn't come into play for me.
ThemcoversMB Månad sedan
Aw man I hope you do one on sub zero.
Randy Scott
Randy Scott 2 månader sedan
Surprise you didn’t mention that phantasm was used only one more time after this movie. It was a ep of JLU when they talked about terry being Bruce’s son
Trash Man
Trash Man 2 månader sedan
Wow you reviewed a movie that is almost 30 years old! Someone is slow and a failed film student.
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia 2 månader sedan
Batman Under The Red Hood needs more love.
CooLin1stPlace 2 månader sedan
Fine Wine.
James Novick
James Novick 2 månader sedan
Honestly thought the movie was overrated overall and felt no real romantic connection between Bruce Wayne and Andrea.
dvon1097 2 månader sedan
Its the best batman movie before batman begins came out
Ragas 2 månader sedan
You did not talk about music!
ThePhildefer001 2 månader sedan
You NEED to do return of the joker! Haven't seen it in your videos.
Chris Dryer
Chris Dryer 2 månader sedan
This movie is why mark hamill counts as the best theatrical joker.
ProdigiousATea 2 månader sedan
Its truly a Gem and one the best batman animated movie next to Under the Red Hood , Return of the Joker, Dark Knight Returns and Gotham Knight or Batman Subzero
Ezekiel Caselton
Ezekiel Caselton 2 månader sedan
Amazing Movie
Jacob Reeves
Jacob Reeves 2 månader sedan
Remember when we were young and we'd watch a VHS tape over and over again, and you'd see the trailers over and over again?
Vols fan82
Vols fan82 2 månader sedan
I remember watching it as a kid when it first come out and loving it, so I showed it to my 11 year old son and he absolutely loved it. Batman the Animated Series is my all-time favorite series and you're right this movie was awesometacular.
midwings00 2 månader sedan
This is an original animation story. And look at what they are doing now. Butchering the source material for no reason. I mean Hush actually had some work put in. He s just a guy who is jealous of Bruce Wayne. I mean most thugs batman beats up are like him but!! They actually make him a top tier villain! But what did we get in the animated one? Oh its the Riddler! What!?? Why?? He is already a big villain, why kill the original villain and make this guy Hush?? Hush was a guy who is jealous of Bruce Wayne! A boy who sees his parents die, who later dresses up as Bat and beats up crazy clowns but stops short of killing them. He is jealous of this guy! But no DC animation is now garbage. Court of owls was also massacred. No setup nothing. Just R rated violence for the sake of it....
MahoutsuGuy 2 månader sedan
To add on to Phatasm not being a villain, remember in the JLU episode they show that Phatasm was hired to kill Terry's parents but didnt go through with it
music man
music man 2 månader sedan
sounds like trump playing batman lol
S W 2 månader sedan
I need this dude to do a reaction video to the new trailer of "The Batman"
BootyToast 2 månader sedan
Best batman movie period.
Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards 2 månader sedan
Phantasm is going to play a major role in Tom King's "Batman/Catwoman" comic series coming out in 2021, and he's said that he's treating the series as a direct sequel to this movie.
Zion Harris
Zion Harris 2 månader sedan
mask of the phantasm??? glad you're finally talking about this movie knew you were into it
GCT10/31/1990 2 månader sedan
At the end credits there's a song called "I never even told you",when my mom passed away when I was young I listened to that song dozens of times and cry more then any boy should, just downloaded it a week ago and man that song hits home
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, your impressions never fail to make my laugh 🤣
Filip Petrovic
Filip Petrovic 2 månader sedan
The fuzziness you are talking about Jeremy is because Mask of the Phantasm was the first big project that was done on black screen where they took a black paper and drew on it, like the rest of the Animated show but this was the first thing where they tried it so that is why its better later in the show compared to the movie. You can think of the movie from a technical stand point not just a pilot to see if people would like a Batman show in that style but also a pilot to see if they could make that style work
Ricco Canipe
Ricco Canipe 2 månader sedan
saw it on Netflix the other day and it was awesome!
Fadi Abdi
Fadi Abdi 2 månader sedan
The Best adaptation of Batman I ever seen
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 månader sedan
I think the only issue I have with this movie is the dialogue is kinda cringey at times, lines like “you heard Mr Kung Fu” Andrea’s first interaction with Bruce and anytime Bruce says “this wasn’t part of the plan” or “I’ve got to follow the plan” just comes off as kinda goofy and silly in how they’re worded
TheDoubleHELO 2 månader sedan
I remember hating this movie, when I was a kid. Might be time to revisit.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 månader sedan
The kid who was at the film was quite young so I think he just saw that an animated Batman film was on and asked his older brother to take him only for him to be disappointed when it was a slow moving neo-noire movie that focused on an adult relationship as opposed to just a film about Batman fighting a villain and winning
TheDoubleHELO 2 månader sedan
@Mr Critical I started watching it at lunch, actually, and I got to about the halfway point. And you're right: my younger self would not have been happy about how slow the story is. (Plus, I can immediately tell I would have hated the retconning the story gives us about his ex-girlfriend. Even as a child, I was like, "It's Selina or Talia. There are no other girls.")
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 månader sedan
I think it’s a film less catered for children, I saw a one day rerelease of it today and the only two people there walked out in the first ten minuets. I think it’s a bit too slow and serious for some kids to fully get into
Francisco Sierra
Francisco Sierra 2 månader sedan
Its good not great, the animation and action were pretty bad
As Pooped By Anakin Skywalker
Mark Hamill sucks.
Epic7Toxic 2 månader sedan
You should review tax collector
Classic MMA Sports
Classic MMA Sports 2 månader sedan
Tuvya Maeir
Tuvya Maeir 2 månader sedan
Hahn Jackers
Hahn Jackers 2 månader sedan
This is the most complete Batman movie ever made.
MD 2 månader sedan
2 fav batman movie.
MD 2 månader sedan
BTAS Batman is the best Batman.
Jalen Scott
Jalen Scott 2 månader sedan
This is the movie I saw on VHS when I was little. Somehow very memorable in my memories.
I-Dull 2 månader sedan
Review under the red hood.its a fucking masterpiece
DeshiRyze 2 månader sedan
I remember being like 8 when the trailer for this played on tv.
RoboKnightTV 2 månader sedan
It's weird that nobody mentions Batman: The Mystery Of Batwoman, I actually do like that movie
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 månader sedan
Unfortunately Mystery of The Batwoman is a slightly less good movie that came out after the triple whammy of quality that was Mask Of The Phantasm, Mr Freeze Subzero and Return of The Joker so it gets less recognition
Bobbino 2 månader sedan
Can we get a extended cut
Zack Reynolds
Zack Reynolds 2 månader sedan
“Aaandreeeaa”- sad, whispery Batman voice. I don’t know why I remember that right off the top of my head. Lol
ant3 2 månader sedan
Literally popped this into my VHS player a few weeks ago to see if it still worked. Glad to see this review. It remains not just oen of my favorite childhood movies but still ranks as one of my favorite movies of all time.
Jada Brielle
Jada Brielle 2 månader sedan
One of my favorite Batman movies period.
GriZZZly 2 månader sedan
Even if this is the best Batman animated film, my favourite is and always will be The Dark Knight Returns.
DarkHaven 2 månader sedan
The killing joke is my favorite
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 2 månader sedan
Do subzero next.
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 2 månader sedan
This was pretty much batman The animated series movie.
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 2 månader sedan
The Phantasm needs to come Back on the comics but is someone Else just they did with red x on Teen titans.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 månader sedan
As long as they don’t bring back that weird scientist from Tyger Tyger back I’m happy, seriously that episode feels like Paul Dini caught Bruce Timm drawing furry fanart and Bruce had to quickly come up with an excuse. Now if only we could get Baby Doll to come back, she has a lot of potential in modern comics where they can really push her depression to the front without the risk of censors thinking it’s not kid appropriate
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 2 månader sedan
@Mr Critical yes. We need more lost villians from The batman animated series back As well. Redclaw anyone?
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 månader sedan
Phantasm is coming back in the Batman & Catwoman comics apparently
Mr Sanj
Mr Sanj 2 månader sedan
My all time favourite Batman animated movie. Amazing. Dark and engaging.
wondiefive 2 månader sedan
Bruh, I'm a geek for MotP! I did a day trip to a Comic-Con in Chicago, just for the MotP screening/Q&A panel. I got Kevin Conroy to sign my clunky ass VHS copy of MotP while I was there. I wish I could've seen MotP when it first came out back in the day. I was young with little awareness of it, other than Kenan on Kenan & Kel having the poster of it in his bedroom. I didn't watch it until years later in high school from a bootleg copy. Which led to me making my own copy when it aired on Toonami. I did to the 25th anniversary screening of MotP at Movie Tavern two years ago. It was cool watchin' it again in a theatrical experience with my homie that never seen it before. It did suck because the same day the anniversary screening happened, Stan Lee died :( B:MotP still holds up and will forever be my favorite quintessential Batman movie of all time! :D
jjt19335 2 månader sedan
I’ll never forget the same thing I seen it on a trailer my mom got it for me later on didn’t even ask her to do it instantly fell in love with the movie before I was even able to put plot together freakin classic
Rehman Khan
Rehman Khan 2 månader sedan
I am really missing the old energetic Jermy😶. Where the videos used to be straight up funny with a lot of energy. All the videos You have made this year felt like a battery down jermy with most of part simply boring. What happen to Jermy? I think you need a timeout , a refresher. Big Fan from India🔥❤️🙏
Evar Jantz
Evar Jantz 2 månader sedan
Remember when the writing in media didn't treat kids like they were stupid????
Felipe Alvares Hernandez
Felipe Alvares Hernandez 2 månader sedan
Watch watchmen
alucard croft
alucard croft 2 månader sedan
Review the legacy of kain games, preferably defiance. You're a popular guy pal, with your influence square/crystal dynamics might consider carrying on with the story.
Bob Pickleson
Bob Pickleson 2 månader sedan
My biggest gripe is it never explains how tf she was the Phantasm. It never explains the smoke effect, the items going through her, her voice and manly body when in the suit, etc. Literally skips everything. Other than that, my criticisms are small and can easily be explained away by the time it was made and the time it had allotted(like how contrived it felt when they just so happened to be at the same spot in the same graveyard on the same day for the same reason of seeing dead parents).
MegaMan9590 2 månader sedan
Haha, yeah overtime those used to be my small little gripes about it too. Like, Andrea is probably like a hundred 20-30 pounds lighter than the average man yet I she did some minor practice moves with Bruce earlier on in the movie but she'll get bodied in a heartbeat going up against real gangster goonz with a lack of experience than what Bruce had. And I always wonder how did she get all those special effects in that costume? But hey, it's just a movie! *L😂L*
Hito157 2 månader sedan
He cannot be happy and be batman.
Dante 2 månader sedan
This was originally supposed to be direct to video. Greatful it wasn't even though it was only in the theatre for such a short time.
Dante 2 månader sedan
Love this movie, actually saw this in the theatre
Adib Khondoker
Adib Khondoker 2 månader sedan
The scene where he first puts on the mask combined with the music always get me
MegaMan9590 2 månader sedan
And that music in the background sets the tone perfectly.
AgentKyo 2 månader sedan
I shouldn't look too much into this but Jeremy's view count for this review will always remind me on why I'll never shake off the notion that animated movies are under rated.
David Vera
David Vera 2 månader sedan
Jeremy could we get even a short review on Batman: Under The Red Hood
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