Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition - Movie Review 

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It's been a few years since BvS Ultimate edition came out on Bluray. I finally saw it. Does it make the experience better, or just longer? Here's my review for BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (ULTIMATE EDITION)!


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5 jun 2020



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Samuel Shin
Samuel Shin Dag sedan
I concur the Ultimate Edition is an improvement, but I feel as though it shouldn't have been this long in the first place, and to me i wasn't the right story to tell. Why make a movie this long only to get it cut down and choppy, it's a big corporate film that is gonna have it's masters. Again, it's more coherent and improves the theatrical cut but if you have to add an additional hour to justify your story to explain everything and show me things I wasn't supposed to see, as opposed the the theatrical cut that was out there for the mass then I don't think it was the right story to tell in the first place. THAT BEING SAID, I do appreciate what it was going for, I enjoyed some moments and I love Cavill and Affleck in their roles. Gadot is great, she met my expectations when I had my doubts.
Chew Her
Chew Her 2 dagar sedan
Lex should be so cold and calculated. He is very intelligent. The portrayal of Lex in this movie made him feel like a pussy.
Giotube 3 dagar sedan
Ultimate edition is my favorite movie.
Kiran K S
Kiran K S 3 dagar sedan
WB : 3 hours is too longer. Zack Snyder : oh yeah hold my 4 hour JL 😎
adamspeckert 7 dagar sedan
I really liked the ultimate edition of this film.
P 8 dagar sedan
I honestly buy into Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor and the "Martha" moment. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT KEEP SCROLLING: SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT KEEP SCROLLING: SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT KEEP SCROLLING: SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT KEEP SCROLLING: For the "Martha" moment, Zack Snyder actually cut together a montage of the night Bruce's parents were murdered. So it makes sense as to why he screamed at Supes all hyped up and shit. He was traumatized and probably will be for the rest of his life. Because Traumatic experiences are never easy to heal. They take so much time to heal from and you never come out the same ever again. You'll feel better, but you're not the same. So kudos to Zack Snyder for that moment. For Jesse, his actions in Lex Luthor justify his "insanity". He plants piss for the senator to drink from, he lets his assistant die in the bombing, he let a disabled man believe he was going to do good only to literally gaslight him in a bombing, and not only that, he kept this man's monthly checks that Bruce was sending him on a monthly basis, therefore, gaslighting Bruce into thinking it's all his fault, he threatened to have that woman who testified at the beginning of the film murdered (which then he did thru his contract hire), etc. The list goes on and on of the things that he's committed. And at the beginning of the movie, it also hints at his troubled upbringing with his father raising him. And at the end of the film, I literally jumped when he grabbed the jail cell bars. That's how effective this movie swayed my opinion.
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 9 dagar sedan
Bruce is a billionaire Jeremy
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 9 dagar sedan
So dc didnt think to release this version initially? Ha those dumb motherfuckers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 4 dagar sedan
@Bjorn Blackman yeah.. DC is a part of WB
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 4 dagar sedan
@kvaknan here wait this whole time I've been pounding dc when its wb who fucked this up?!?😵😵😵
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 5 dagar sedan
Not DC it's WB
Miras Derbissalin
Miras Derbissalin 9 dagar sedan
I really can't shake off the feeling that Snyder still makes the same movie over and over again. And this movie is Sucker Punch
2020 broke all of us jeremy 😢
adam jondo
adam jondo 11 dagar sedan
Ditto with James Cameron's underrated 'The Abyss'. Theatrical Cut is a mess. Extended Cut soars.
עמית קניטל
עמית קניטל 12 dagar sedan
Where can i watch this version
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 10 dagar sedan
Hbomax... If you can't get it just pirate it
Shadowstar Prime
Shadowstar Prime 18 dagar sedan
Where can I buy the Snyder cut of justice league
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 12 dagar sedan
@Shadowstar Prime it will be available on Blu-ray after the complete release of series
Shadowstar Prime
Shadowstar Prime 15 dagar sedan
@Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago or yes but is it coming to 4k blue ray too
Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago or
its coming out on hbo max
Jacob Kirk
Jacob Kirk 18 dagar sedan
Personally love this movie, it has so much detail, love and hidden meaning poured into every shot. I understand that some of the story decisions will alienate some fans, but if you pay attention to how they work in relation to the overall narrative, I think you’ll really enjoy this movie.
arlen parker
arlen parker 19 dagar sedan
endgame wasnt exactly a short film, imagine that being cut up in the same way...
Almerindo Naval
Almerindo Naval 24 dagar sedan
broh, honesty I trusted you. But this movie is trash either way
Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago or
@Almerindo Naval His problem is not that he is good he problem is that will he continue to be good. Remember the line in the movie where Alfred said "he is not our enemy" bruce replayed with "20 years in gotham Alfred, how many stayed good" Think harvey dent. That is what Bruce is worried about -but TBH this is just his justification to try to kill superman he is truly just angry and helpless about what happened in MOS
Almerindo Naval
Almerindo Naval 13 dagar sedan
@Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago or brother, I know the writers, point blank, told us Bruce is frustrated/depressed... I'm saying, it doesn't organically make sense for him to feel that way about superman, all these year later. You still haven't told me how Bruce doesn't understand that Superman was trying to save the world that day? And are you telling me, that all these years after MOS, superman hasn't been able to show he is a good superhero?
Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago or
@Almerindo Naval did you even listen to alfreds dialogue in the movie. "It's the rage the feeling of helplessness turns a good men cruel" "The world isn't what it used to be men fall from the sky God's Hurl Thunderbolts innocents suffer" "New rules master Wayne" Alfred was obviously there to tell us what bruce wayne's state of mind was. Dude you obviously didn't understand the movie go watch it again pls.
Almerindo Naval
Almerindo Naval 13 dagar sedan
@Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago or this idea of batman being portrait as a vigilanty/thug by media/politicians/police force, is a common thread, through the batman lore, so we can assume it, at least happens in this Batman's early days too. But even if its only happened after MOS, Bruce should still understand the idea of trying to use your power for good, but being seen as an antagonist. and after the initial trauma, Bruce should ask himself if Superman isn't basically the same as him. Because batman Also can't be kept in check if he decides to Rick havic in Gotham. psychologically, it makes no sense
Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago or
@Almerindo Naval if you paid attention to the movie you will find out that batman just turned that way recently (most likely since MOS) and he hates super man because he can't be kept in check if he decides to go awall and kill the planet
MagicianFlip69 24 dagar sedan
So the Snyder cut is an alternate version of the justice league
Elias Ezekiel
Elias Ezekiel 26 dagar sedan
This Luthor is based on Superman Birthright and its more of a modern Luthor. I personally love Jessie's character.
Iwillsee Tureen
Iwillsee Tureen 26 dagar sedan
Keep the hair and the beard. 2020 did you a favor.
Sabotarian 26 dagar sedan
Batman v Superman Ultimate edition has a whole different fan base
Diestro Corleone
Diestro Corleone 27 dagar sedan
5:26 I thought he was gonna say: 'It takes it from feeling like a sloppy mess to an interesting... mess'. But I agree, the Ultimate Edition certainly makes the movie a lot better. Still far from great, but much better.
Pizza 27 dagar sedan
It's still a bad movie imo.
William Erazo
William Erazo 27 dagar sedan
Yeah my cousin said it was 10x better than the crap they put out
Bob Fisher
Bob Fisher 28 dagar sedan
this old house
Xani 28 dagar sedan
I loved bvs ultimate ed much better like if u afree
turtle soup
turtle soup 28 dagar sedan
Batman making ppl afraid to commit crimes..... uh yeah. that's what he was going for. He specifically dresses like a bat to induce fear. lmao
heck75nj 28 dagar sedan
Just watched this version ..now everything makes more sense and interesting at the begining....this movie is friggin awesome and worth the 3 hours ..
Carlos Francis
Carlos Francis Månad sedan
Just rewatched it today. It’s not as bad as people say it was good for me. Not amazing but just good. There was some amazing moments, The people who really stun me were Batman and Superman. Their characters are awesome, the only thing I don’t like is Lex... I saw Lex as a calm wise smart deep voice intimidating masculine man. You know and the BvS just gives me some kid version that is not really intimidating and not really giving that calm wise vibes. But if I had to rate the movie I give it a good 6.8 out of 10. But let me tell you, best Superman and one of the best Batman I gotta say
Jayson Black
Jayson Black Månad sedan
Don’t forget, Affleck helped rewrite and produce josstice league reshoots.
junaid shaikh
junaid shaikh Månad sedan
Ultimate edition is one of the best superhero movie of all time
Brandon Jenkins
Brandon Jenkins Månad sedan
Honestly Jesse’s Lex is growing on me. “Everything Great about BvS: Ultimate Edition” by Cinemawins points out that he’s only awkward and quirky around normal people giving them the false impression that he isn’t up to no good.
Brown Stones
Brown Stones Månad sedan
he has been converted
Bell Reve
Bell Reve Månad sedan
I remember you tore the “theatrical” version apart those years ago.... mhm
kehef sherwani
kehef sherwani Månad sedan
Someone tell me please where we watched ultimate edition
kvaknan here
kvaknan here Månad sedan
Go to torrent if you can't find it.....
Bill Tackett
Bill Tackett Månad sedan
To be fair, let's remember the context after the theatrical release of BvS. It was a very divisive movie which underperformed at the box office, and was a follow-up to Man of Steel (which itself was somewhat divisive, with tone largely to blame). The tone of BvS was also questioned (particularly when contrasted with the success of the more-colorful and lighter-hearted approach of the MCU), and fingers were pointed directly at Zack Snyder for its middling performance and failure to generate positive buzz about their cinematic universe. The problem was that at the time BvS released, Snyder was already waist-deep in production for Justice League, and the Warner leadership had already invested too much and gone too far to turn-back. It seemed like the unfortunate passing of his daughter offered a convenient and diplomatic way to move Snyder off of the project and bring in Whedon to "bedazzle" Justice League and Make It More Marvel-y. Even though the ultimate edition does make BvS more enjoyable, I just didn't want all of the historical context to get glossed-over and for folks to forget that there were a number of contributing factors to Whedon being brought in.
Padmini Menon
Padmini Menon Månad sedan
One of the things I noticed is the fact that Snyder, whenever he makes a superhero flick, takes a lot of time establishing the story and the characters. Not that there's anything wrong with that but the studios think from a financial standpoint that no one would want to sit for more than 3 hrs. This case is different with justice league but if he hadn't left the project, the studio still wouldve cut down lots of stuff as now we know, his version is 4 hrs long .
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory Månad sedan
I’ve only ever seen the Ultimate Edition. Love it, though it is predominately a Batman movie featuring Superman.
Never Ending Voices Portfolio - Aaron Fischer
The theatrical version is garbage. Ultimate edition is a masterpiece.
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt Månad sedan
onaga snyder, his name is now.
Abraham Samuel
Abraham Samuel Månad sedan
JL Snyder cut is going to be a hell lot different from theatrical cut. I bet!! WB are a big time pain in every director's butt. They think they can treat DC superhero movies like their other SciFi movies. No! You Can't!! These superheroes have a history and a character. You cant just play with them in order to make nothing but shit!!
D Rafi
D Rafi Månad sedan
Giancarlo esposito would’ve been a better lex luthor
pablo maybe
pablo maybe Månad sedan
I just finished the movie and damn it is aging really REALLY GREAT!! The ultimate version is far superior and it just make sense on everything. Can't wait for the real justice league in 2021!!!
Nabeel Shajan
Nabeel Shajan Månad sedan
It was better than theatrical cut..... Can't argue that. But some keep saying it's a masterpiece that just dumb. Even after watching the ultimate edition the martha scene was not convincing.
kvaknan here
kvaknan here Månad sedan
Yeah it's not a masterpiece but it should be atleast 75% on RT.
Devendra Pisda
Devendra Pisda Månad sedan
Man the movie is a cinematic journey with great scores than that of any marvel movie
Joshua Allison
Joshua Allison Månad sedan
Jessie eisenberg would be a great riddler
the bean
the bean Månad sedan
Every One
Every One Månad sedan
Yeah...the martha scene...I just can't get passed that. So dumb.
Amyra Ahmad
Amyra Ahmad Månad sedan
I actually own this fish tank skin and nobody except me uses it.
Korra Nomad
Korra Nomad Månad sedan
Ooof, James should go back and re-edit this video. Zack Snyder's Justice League isn't just a different movie; there is no overlap. It was confirmed that not a single original frame from Zack Snyder's film was in the Josstice League, because what originally was, was re-shot to fit the movie Whedon was making (ex. Batman atop Gotham PD). Seriously, Snyder got WAY too much flak for his attempt at bringing the DCEU up to speed with Marvel. It could've been off to a better start, but it would have been better regardless if WB let him make his vision.
Crimson Beach
Crimson Beach Månad sedan
I honestly enjoyed the portrayal of Jesse’s Lex more than I do the Lex we all know. Maybe because I’ve barely seen anything Lex related over the years, but I still really enjoyed Jesse’s spazzy, eccentric take on him. Also I read in a few places that this version of Lex may be loosely based on the Lex from the Birthright storyline? With his long orange hair, trench coat, maniacal and a bit unhinged
Rhett Cujo
Rhett Cujo Månad sedan
“Before 2020 broke me” ain’t the the truth!? 😓
DevilPoroNnj Månad sedan
I liked the theatrical cut actually, came close to loving it. I think uall shld know i how i feel abt the UE
Gexxyfez Månad sedan
BvS should've been called man of steel 2. makes more sense. Batman vs superman turned into Batman/Superman and Wonder Woman vs doomsday
Irrational fear
Irrational fear Månad sedan
Totally agree made lots of people including myself though is was going to be a different movie than it was. Plus it was way too early for doomsday( the death of superman) I think Zack Snyder should have saved this title for a civil type movie.
NOEL Santiago
NOEL Santiago Månad sedan
I love the ultimate edition is one of DCEU best movies
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt Månad sedan
onaga snyder, his name is now.
Samuel Spencer
Samuel Spencer Månad sedan
i watched it last night, looked up what they didnt put in the theatrical cut - a lot of that shouldve been in the theatrical cut!
Jordan Knight
Jordan Knight Månad sedan
Just proves the biggest villain of the DCEU was WB
swave158 Månad sedan
Hate to say this edition felt like a soap opera. They tried to cram to much into this movie.
K Mahesh
K Mahesh Månad sedan
Isn't this a bit late?
kaushik mahadev
kaushik mahadev Månad sedan
Zack Snyder's vision is always longer and so much better. When u have to edit a 4 hour movie into 3 hour one, u loose a lot of insane and justifying stuff.
Jay Ann & JKevz Reyes
I've been watching MOS, BVS, SS, WW, JL, AQ & SZ *every 3 months, 4 times a year,* over and over, again and again. 😂 BOP don't exist to me.
Jason Brandom
Jason Brandom Månad sedan
Have you done an HBO max review?
INSEIKYU01 Månad sedan
Ok well I have to buy this now
Gabo13M Månad sedan
Where's the spoiler talk video?
ImtheONE Hero
ImtheONE Hero Månad sedan
Are mcu fanboys this stupid that they need everything handed to them? The theatrical cut was fine. The ultimate edition has too much going on. If you're smart, you don't need the extra 30 mins. 🤦‍♂️ I'm going to let Jeremy off the hook this time. He looks like he hasn't gone out in years.
Tom Salvato
Tom Salvato Månad sedan
When I look at batman v superman, I act like the theatrical version doesn’t exist and the ultimate edition is the definitive version
Isaiah Pavia-Cruz
Isaiah Pavia-Cruz Månad sedan
I’m so happy the first version I really saw of this film is the Ultimate Edition. I watched it today for the first time and thought it was great.
Los Mi
Los Mi Månad sedan
people listen to podcasts that are free for 5 hours straight, so why wouldn't they sit through 3 or 3 and a half hour cinema blockbuster that's made with hundreds of millions of dollars and that they paid for to watch. Production studios have some dumb fucks working for them.
Giotube Månad sedan
Ultimate editions is a master piece.
Studio 19
Studio 19 Månad sedan
For me the trilogy of Zack Snyder's will be completed in Synder's Cut since he knew he can't do anything beside it, because his universe just got cancelled. However, to launch Synder's Cut will finished what he started. Man of Steel, BvS Dawn of justice, and Justice League Snyder's Cut will always be a masterpiece trilogy like LOTR, Rami's Spiderman and even Nolan's Dark Knight.
McKenan Bundy
McKenan Bundy Månad sedan
I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Micah Welch
Micah Welch Månad sedan
Yep... I tried it... way better. It just made more sense and flowed WAAAAAAY better.
Joels_Creed141 Månad sedan
This is one of the reasons I hate it when studios try and cut a movie down to pieces. I may be in the minority but I wouldn’t mind going to see a 3-4 hour long movie, the extended editions always add so much more to the movies. Case in point this movie and the lotr movies
Sreyan Guha
Sreyan Guha Månad sedan
I can't say whether the Ultimate edition made the movie better.......but what I can say is that the Ultimate Edition actually "made sense"
Elijah blechman
Elijah blechman Månad sedan
I think we've become more accepting of BVS is because we all had preconceived notions of what it should have been. Now that it's years later we're more accepting of it.
Anisul Islam Samir
Anisul Islam Samir Månad sedan
BVS Ultimate Edition is the best superhero movie EVER made.
Ognen Lozanovski
Ognen Lozanovski Månad sedan
Tbh for me, the Ultimate Edition of BVS is one of the best comic book movies ever made.
Afrostrology Månad sedan
batman = white man of tech vs superman man of the sun/son = black man of natural superpowers....we dont need no stinking tech...its in our DNA.
ChocoboKid Månad sedan
Showing is always better than telling/implying and it shows with the extra 30mins.
TFPrime217 Månad sedan
I came out super disappointed after I saw the theatrical cut, and I picked up the blu ray on Black Friday and thought I’d give the ultimate edition a shot, and I came out being surprised it was much better then the theatrical cut and it fixed some of the problems I had with the film to the point I enjoyed it more then I did before. I have never gone back to the theatrical cut.
NINmann01 Månad sedan
It’s almost as if the executives who ordered the film to be so drastically cut forgot about Chekov’s gun. They reduced many elements of the film to irrelevance plot threads and false promises, but left them in their half assed state.
Hunter Månad sedan
Ultimate Cut or not this movie was still a MASSIVE disappointment
Ryan Baran
Ryan Baran Månad sedan
Did you watch the Snyder Cut Justice League trailer?
just a random very intelligent drake
So what i think happened with bvs is this. A lot of people needed two things to happen before this movie before they would accept how batman and superman act. They needed man of steel 2 before bvs so they could see traditional, happy, idealistic superman. This would add some come contrast to bvs so you buy that superman would fall into depression, anguish, and doubt when public opinion shifts on him. People also needed a batman film to set up why bruce is getting more brutal and breaking his rules. I think if we had those two films before batman v superman then bvs would have been a major success. Without that its harder for people to buy that these characters would act like this even if the ultimate edition explains this really well. It would not have helped with lex though but thats a different thing altogether. For me personally as a comic book fan i was able to plug in my knowledge base to fill in the gaps so like "well superman must have had a one year period where he acted like the superman we all know and love and this film is the rug getting pulled out from under him. Batman has been in gotham for 20 years so it stands to reason he must have been tradition batman until something bad happened with robin that has compltely broken his hope in humanity and then the battle of metropolis broke the rest of him and thats why he is breaking his rules in bvs."
Matt The Weeb
Matt The Weeb Månad sedan
They should just let Zack Snyder do his thing with these movies for the first (and only) try
Raheem Perry
Raheem Perry Månad sedan
Ventsislav Stefanov
Ventsislav Stefanov 2 månader sedan
Does it change Batman’s character?- No. Does it change Superman’s character? - No. Does it change Lex Luthor’s character? - No. Does it change the fact that WW still has no business being in the movie? No. Does it change the horrendous Doomsday fight at the end , both narratively and graphically? - No. And this is only scratching the surface.The major problems that people have with the movie are still there. Now is it superior to the theatrical cut? - Yes ,but this is far cry from actually being good.
Ventsislav Stefanov
Ventsislav Stefanov Månad sedan
kvaknan here No it doesn’t. He meets a mom who cries about her criminal of a husband’s death. That doesn’t justify any of his actions later in the movie. There are still numerous problems, but I guess if your biggest question was why would Superman break Batman’s car and threatens him, yeah congratulations. Nothing’s changed for me.
kvaknan here
kvaknan here Månad sedan
Yes it DOES change Supermans motivation
TheNewman38 2 månader sedan
The DCEU had a REAL chance to be different, to offer a different experience than Marvel and that is to give longer more comic-booky stories. Would they have been as successful, maybe not, but they wouldn’t have fallen apart like they did by trying to COPY Marvel in a half-assed manor. Consistent 3+ hr comic book movies with intermissions would’ve been an INCREDIBLY different idea that no one had done before. And I wish they would’ve taken a risk like Marvel did in 2008 and not just copy someone else’s plan.
Makani Stuart
Makani Stuart 6 dagar sedan
@Pizza Endgame is boring ass 3 hour movie that is just filled with childish jokes that's it.
Pizza 27 dagar sedan
Bvs is a waste of 3hrs. Go watch Watchmen, TDKR or Endgame Instead.
unknown unknown
unknown unknown Månad sedan
If you can't tell a consistent and compelling story under 3 hours than you simply have no talent as a storyteller. Many movies have managed to justify their long running time, BvS is not one of them.
Luke A
Luke A Månad sedan
It still has that chance...
airJaws_ 89
airJaws_ 89 Månad sedan
Yeah I said something very similar on Instagram and people were just saying MCU MCU over and over again and didn't care what my point was lol.
CaptainFatBat 2 månader sedan
My whole problem with Jack Snyder's DC universe isn't that its dark (like ppl keep saying its too dark and grim). I actually appreciate the darkness the movies shows. Its that the handling of the main characters are not done well. Superman should be showed as an individual who is ready to make sacrifices for the greater good, but instead we got a superman who's kinda confused. The Snyder's Batman kills and is almost an insecure psychopath who didn't find out that he is being played. Snyder should have stayed true to the spirit of these main character, just like Wonder Woman is true to the main character. When it comes to Justice League though, it was just pure vomit. It was just pure vanilla vomit, like there was no thought to the main villian and his motivations. Also the parademons sucked, they weren't displayed as menancing creatures. It was just too soon to release a Justice League movie, and WB were just focused on emulating the success of Avengers. I don't have much hope from Snyder's Cut (I am a huge fan of Snyder's 300 and Watchmen though), but atleast I hope its gonna be coherent and visually stimulating. I don't agree with Snyder's vision, but atleast his vision of DC universe is watchable and visually exciting. Justice League was just a brain trauma to DC fans.
TAB Kg 2 månader sedan
The thing is that old Lex that we had will not want to kill Superman. Only one Lex who will want to kill Superman is that Lex
Scott Hornell
Scott Hornell 2 månader sedan
With the Ultimate Cut the core of the story - Batman and Superman deciding that the other is dangerous and must be taken out - is actually coherent and rather compelling, and a number of subplots fare better as well. There's still issues obviously including Jesse Eisenberg's performance (his choices suit a character like Riddler better not Luthor), and "MARTHA!" is still ridiculous but the Ultimate Edition is actually a fucking great superhero film. NB: Didn't mind Doomsday as a concept at the end. He's set up well enough as an experiment that Luthor is attempting to defeat Superman and he's powerful enough. Design of him needed to be tightened up, though, he looks like a big turd.
Shooter Sanoff
Shooter Sanoff 2 månader sedan
Soooo much better just watched it on hbo max took me 2 days tho haha
Zzues 2 månader sedan
Finally got around to watching the Ultimate Edition tonight. I loved it,.so much better than the theatrical version. Wasn't a huge fan of Lex, but other than that it was great.
Stefan Pesendorfer
Stefan Pesendorfer 2 månader sedan
Yeah this is better than the original version but that doesn't make this movie good. It is just less crappy
Miguel Lee
Miguel Lee 2 månader sedan
I finally watched this Ultimate edition and it is pretty good. It’s not like the movie is perfect now, but I enjoyed quite a bit, rather than shaking my head at the screen.
sean ryan
sean ryan 2 månader sedan
HEY JEREMY!!!! Can you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please review the. Devils rejects. !!!!!
AReallyBigDwarf 2 månader sedan
1:22 he just put the bodies in the plothole you mcu shill stop bad talking this master piece
Hustle Simmons
Hustle Simmons 2 månader sedan
My thing is Synder draws things out for way longer than it needs to be. He's got serious issues trying to write a clear story with out padding things out with just unnecessary shit.
AlfredEiji 2 månader sedan
I only watched the Ultimate Edition of BvS. I still had problems with certain things like the Martha scene and why Superman had to be the one to use the kryptonite spear, but it was far from inexcusable. I actually enjoyed a good portion of it.
KagenNoTsuki 2 månader sedan
I watched BvS once and it was the ultimate edition so I've never understood the hate because I've thought it was still a solid movie... Until the very end lol
It's MK
It's MK 21 dag sedan
@KagenNoTsuki In case you were wondering about the Doomsday character then I think it's not the real one. It was more of a different iteration of him deprived from Zod's DNA. Real doomsday is still out there.
KagenNoTsuki Månad sedan
@BHARATH NIKHIL Doomsday. EVERYTHING about Doomsday annoys me lol.
Why what's wrong with the ending?
brunoduff 2 månader sedan
And now here I am waiting for his review on the JLSC new trailer
Ryan Muller
Ryan Muller 2 månader sedan
taking Snyders movie away from him cause his daughter died is really rude and mean
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