Better Call Saul - Series Review (So Far) 

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Better Call Saul Season 5 just wrapped. Here are my thoughts so far on this Breaking Bad spin off/prequel.


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22 apr 2020



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T Long
T Long 6 dagar sedan
I’d watched the first 4 seasons of better call Saul
John Reppucci
John Reppucci 9 dagar sedan
I kind of felt the same way with Breaking Bad. First couple seasons were good but it was a slow build to the final 3 seasons which were epic.
Rhys Wong
Rhys Wong 12 dagar sedan
Kim is breaking bad, I like it. I hope it goes on to the next season.
Alex Pollock
Alex Pollock 15 dagar sedan
No mention of Chuck?
Adrian Davies
Adrian Davies 16 dagar sedan
One of the few shows that gets better every season
H V Månad sedan
personally I prefer this show to breaking bad, the character development is just outstanding I never felt this invested in a tv show
Eduardo Morales
Eduardo Morales Månad sedan
Never really liked my name Eduardo but family calls me lalo so it’s weird I kinda like the name now lmao
Dude Lebowski
Dude Lebowski Månad sedan
Just as good as Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan is a genius
mexiaznann Månad sedan
I’m nervous that the writers wrote themselves into a corner with how amazing they wrote Jimmy/Saul. I just can’t see how they’re going to bridge the two shows and have us believe that Jimmy becomes the Saul we see in Breaking Bad
Ranga Månad sedan
Easily the best show on TV right now.. In many places i feel its better than BrBa just because the writers, actors everyone has matured and learnt a lot.. The characterization of every single person is just so deep and amazing
Mr. Movie Mafia
Mr. Movie Mafia Månad sedan
I had the strangest dream last night, Jeremy was reviewing BCS but it was a weird Sci-Fi party show and we was talking about how the aliens were his least favorite part, but everything else was great.
Jay P
Jay P Månad sedan
Very fair review. I like this!
Kyle Hopkins
Kyle Hopkins Månad sedan
I am surprised you like Breaking Bad more than The Wire and The Sopranos
WhiteLavender425 Månad sedan
Season 5 has gotta be the best season yet. Nice example with the restaurant btw lol
Iron Lung
Iron Lung Månad sedan
I was allergic to the first 3 seasons like chuck and electricity ,I'm glad it got much better
Jimmy Mcgill A.K.A Saul Goodman
I want to see Jack’s Gang and Vamonos Pest in Season 6 somehow they were the most evil villains in Breaking Bad.
Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma Månad sedan
The restaurant analogy is soo apt.
Sequiro Månad sedan
Lalo is like Negan, that very charismatic villain that you love to watch yet fear as they could just wipe you out on a whim. Gus is a supreme villain that is just terrifying because he is so cold and calculating. My favorite character of the show is more and more becoming Nacho. I think nearly every character deserves some mad props though. Even Howard has these layers.
flanunu 2 månader sedan
Give this show an Emmy already
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 2 månader sedan
Great vid
UF KAK 2 månader sedan
Lalo & Nacho ❣️
Nathaniel Thrush
Nathaniel Thrush 2 månader sedan
Better call Saul is a much different show than Breaking Bad, but it is so fire and much better written with overall better characters to be honest, which is also why I still enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 practically as much as seasons 3, 4, and 5.
Cat Bird
Cat Bird 2 månader sedan
This show is amazingly horrible. Compete trash since day one and absolutely boring. They try to ride on the coattails of the success on Breaking Bad and the characters from that show and it just didn't work. Any suspenseful part with characters from Breaking Bad are basically ruined in Better Call Saul. Like parts that include Mike. It's not very suspenseful when you know he's not going to die because he's alive and well in Breaking Bad. And nobody really cares about Jimmy McGill. The name of the show is Better Call Saul. People want to see Saul Goodman. Not spend three seasons watching bulshit with Jimmy McGill. On top of that, the show is filled with non important Side characters who add basically nothing to the story at all. It's just filler to kill time because they couldn't come up with anything decent to actually put in the show. Year after year the ratings have decreased for this piece of s*** program and now it's finally getting canceled. I think they were just being nice and let the people finish the show the way they wanted to, on a failing note. Breaking Bad was at least decent. This follow-up is just complete trash in every way possible. They should have canceled after season 2 and save themselves the embarrassment of making such a horrible product.
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores 2 månader sedan
would El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie be dessert
Exquisite Lemon
Exquisite Lemon 2 månader sedan
This show always had me on the edge of my seat! Loved it
Nickles Dimes
Nickles Dimes 2 månader sedan
the beginning of jeremy's quarantine hair
Gondwana 2 månader sedan
Better Call Saul is so good that when you show Breaking Bad to future generations, they gotta start with season 1 BCS.
Dhinesh V
Dhinesh V 2 månader sedan
Kim Wexler is the kind of wife walter white deserved. Instead he got that emmy winning bitch :(
Sean Brazell
Sean Brazell 3 månader sedan
The performance by the actress who plays Kim deserved an Emmy. But she wasn't even NOMINATED!
Jay 3 månader sedan
This little show about a lawyer and his relationships and journey is one of the greatest shows ever made.
Ballo 3 månader sedan
Anyone here after that brutal Emmy snubbin'?
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma 3 månader sedan
Spoiler: My favourite character is Mike Ehrmantraut. Really feel bad for him, the way he lost his son, was trying to support his son's wife and daughter and then later how in BB he dies. He had a moral code. The way he spoke for Nacho to Gus and Gus himself had to convince him to join his side. Also, not to forget, Mike kicks ass in what he does.
Liz444 3 månader sedan
just finished season 5 D: AHHHHh@!!!
Grant Jochum
Grant Jochum 3 månader sedan
Tio is not his name, its Spanish for uncle
Mani 3 månader sedan
Fun fact: Lalo and Natcho were both mentioned by Saul in his first appearance in Breaking Bad. When Walter and Jesse kidnap him, Saul thinks it's the cartel and yells out; "It wasn't me it was Ignatcio! (Natchos real name). Saul also says that he's "Soy amigo del cartel" (what Lalo calls him) and asks Walt and Jesse if it was Lalo that sent them and get relieved when they say no.
Darragh 3 månader sedan
Just finished the series so far and Bagman is legit one of the best things to ever exist.
Ivar The boneless
Ivar The boneless 3 månader sedan
Is it necessary to watch breaking bad before better call Saul?
BillNyeGuy 3 månader sedan
I might be the only one but while I love Breaking Bad, I think Better Call Saul is a better show. I just think it’s 100% consistent with not a single bad episode or low moment.
Fence Eater Lad
Fence Eater Lad 3 månader sedan
Mike was the best character in breaking bad and he is still my favorite in this but nacho and lalo are a close second
Lewis Davidson
Lewis Davidson 3 månader sedan
Take a shot every time Jeremy says Saul or Jimmy/James.
ray ray
ray ray 3 månader sedan
In a time when everything is about nostalgia , this show is a fresh of breath air , it's amazing it's his own show just shows you everyone is a hero.
Anakin 3 månader sedan
Tony Dalton is amazing
Ali Miri
Ali Miri 3 månader sedan
Amazing show
Chris This
Chris This 4 månader sedan
Better call saul is one of the best shows rn.
MrMoneyclips 4 månader sedan
Lol, Jeremy's hair a month ago. TBH, Jeremy looks like the weak superman in The Flashpoint Paradox. Great movie.
Grant Pflum
Grant Pflum 4 månader sedan
Please react to legion the tv series next.
Geoffrey Luis Alcalde
Geoffrey Luis Alcalde 4 månader sedan
Right on the nail to say Kim Wexler is the real tragedy of the show. But as the latest finale implied, it might turn out that Kim's unraveling (realizing that she fully accepts her morally compromised tendency) may be the last straw for Jimmy to swing farther astray rather than Jimmy influencing Kim (because as we saw, Jimmy is still Jimmy at the end of S5)
Nate DS
Nate DS 4 månader sedan
I'll just put this on the back burners until season 5 comes to netflix. Which btw, why the hell hasnt it by now? The first 4 are but the 5th isn't.
Ballsonjahead 4 månader sedan
Where can I stream season 5, is it only on american netflix? Or another platform?? Need to see it asap!
Ali Miri
Ali Miri 4 månader sedan
The worst thing about this show is kim and the fact that she has too much screen time(more than mike or gus which is dumb af) is the most boring part of the show
player unkown
player unkown 4 månader sedan
Alright they brought back tuco hector and gus maybe todd next
Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar 4 månader sedan
Lexi Gonick
Lexi Gonick 4 månader sedan
Can you review Euphoria on HBO?
Bill Gates Aladdin
Bill Gates Aladdin 4 månader sedan
I completely agree about the first couple seasons. 100%. I dont think it's our fault as the viewer that it took us a bit to really get into it either. In fact, i found the exact opposite to be true. I feel like if we didnt already care too much about these characters and weren't already set up to want to see Saul's story, we wouldn't have been too invested in the show itself for the first two seasons. Its very very slow. Its a CHARACTER driven show, not so much plot driven. I think that would've caused problems if the show had to stand on its own. Season 3-present are fantastic, and that's because it becomes more plot driven. Just my opinion though.
Adi Dobrea
Adi Dobrea 5 månader sedan
I really liked Mike Ermentraut's story
Adam Osborn
Adam Osborn 5 månader sedan
Sup bro
ranaadel swiess
ranaadel swiess 5 månader sedan
Wow this might be the best review you've ever done. I love ur analogies
Rafael Esparragoza
Rafael Esparragoza 5 månader sedan
you should review Dave! FX/HULU Series... I think is very underated
Phillips Charles's
Phillips Charles's 5 månader sedan
Hope the wife is a strong boss an he get toghether an happy at the end movie? Different endings
Nomadic Budgie
Nomadic Budgie 5 månader sedan
Yes, BB is faster paced with more action. However, this show has better more complex characters than BB. As in, you could give any of these supporting characters their own show and it would work, unlike most of the BB supporting characters.
t 5 månader sedan
Better show than Breaking Bad because of the characters. Even the characters that were in that show and are now in BCS are more developed and interesting
Oakley Sierney
Oakley Sierney 5 månader sedan
I've never heard a review on any show where I emphatically nod my head the whole way through. All of your points are SPOT ON!
The Rainmaker
The Rainmaker 5 månader sedan
Charismatic is the right word to describe Lalo. Btw that shootout in the desert was f*cking badass.
Caffeine Red Squirrel
Caffeine Red Squirrel 5 månader sedan
I like better call saul way better than breaking bad for some reason
Mariana Camarena
Mariana Camarena 5 månader sedan
Better Call Saul is AMAZING. The first time I watched I was kind of bummed after BB ended so I didn't care that much about the show... but then I re-watched and it was like a NEW AND FANTASTIC WORLD. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are so fuckin' good at writing characters and oh man... the dessert episode was perfect!!!!! :')
Juzu Juzu
Juzu Juzu 5 månader sedan
Better Call Saul is the perfect complementary part to Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad has the best original idea "how truly domesticated bitter insignificant man changes to scarface" and it has the perfect leading couple with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. It's also great because anyone can enjoy it. But I have to say, after rewatching Better Caul Saul for couple of times and really getting what that show is about, the writing on BCS is better. One of the most important things on BCS is that Jimmy is a black sheep of the family, but he is the innocent on. It's his totally useless father to blame and also his brother that couldn't see his father as the bad guy, so he started to blame Jimmy. Chuck was also jealous of Jimmy. And Jimmy only wanted the approval of his brother, all the way up till he became Saul Goodman. He needed that from his brother as he was the man of the house, in a way the father figure, because looking up to loser like their dad is impossible. I think I know what season 6 is going to bring, and by the end of BCS I think most understand why this show is the perfect complementary part to Breaking Bad. Hint, it's not going to be tragedy ;)
Mihir 5 månader sedan
It feels like the creators (who do such an amazing job) wrote the characters knowing there will be prequel to breaking bad
Cláudio Banjai
Cláudio Banjai 5 månader sedan
I don't live in the US and just have Netflix and there is only the first three seasons there, heard a lot of good things about the next seasons and it is kind of hard to not watch the show by other means 😏, but out of respect to the creative team behind Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad I will wait!
Angry Ninja
Angry Ninja 5 månader sedan
I hope that better call Saul runs into breaking bad, because when Walt and Jesse take Saul into the desert he says “it was Ignacio (nacho)” and “did lalo send you?” Meaning lalo is still alive in breaking bad so maybe (like every other antagonist) he could die. This would overlap the timelines but things would still make sense because nachos story doesn’t interfere with Walt and jesses
slither king
slither king 5 månader sedan
Season 5. Starts to really see great writing. And it’s faster
Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter 5 månader sedan
Nacho Varga is probably the greatest character ever that was spawned from one throwaway line in another show
Ivan Lawton
Ivan Lawton 5 månader sedan
you should watch the free solo documentary..
asim riaz
asim riaz 5 månader sedan
okay i'm not gay but i'm in love with lalo....the dudes charisma and charm on another level..
Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis 5 månader sedan
Watch lucky number slevin
itaketheSQUARE 5 månader sedan
Walt killed MIke. Fuck.
Top Gear, 50 a gram
Top Gear, 50 a gram 5 månader sedan
I fancy fuck out of Kim ngl
Chooey Sooares
Chooey Sooares 5 månader sedan
What I love about Better Call Saul is just the sheer depth of each character. We know exactly who Jimmy, Kim, Mike, Gus and Nacho are now. Their characters have been portrayed with so much depth and ingenuinity that it explains/justifies their actions in BCS and Breaking Bad perfectly.
Louis 5 månader sedan
I personally think that they wont go with the "Kim was around and we never saw her route" Vince dosen't like lose ends and I think that ending the show with that wouldn't sit right with him.
KingBoomstick33 5 månader sedan
Not gonna lie, the first couple seasons had me curious, but I dropped off watching it until about a month ago, and in that time i caught all way back up and I'm glad I did. I was not expecting it to be as quality as Breaking Bad.
jules krueger
jules krueger 5 månader sedan
Historia de La salamanca familia should be the next prequel
Kieran Tohill
Kieran Tohill 5 månader sedan
The one thing that really bothers me is that every time the show makes it seems like Jimmy is finally heading into being Saul for good, 3 episodes into the next season, he’s Mr. Nice guy again. They keep intending to develop his character into being immoral but then the writers undo that character development to hold it off longer. All this to say, it’s annoying that by the final season of Better Call Saul, we won’t have had a full season of him being just Saul Goodman fully into the criminal world. Hell, by the end of season 5, Kim is more of the hustler character and immoral than he is. I just want to see the character of Saul Goodman as his final form already
BroKe GaMing
BroKe GaMing 5 månader sedan
Slipping Jimmy Became Slipping Kim
Anna Donovan
Anna Donovan 5 månader sedan
However, movies still get released, just on streaming platforms - why not review those?
Uzi 1600
Uzi 1600 5 månader sedan
Actors, storytelling, character arcs, character motivation, good well shot action, tense scenes. This show has everything.
Musica Versatil
Musica Versatil 5 månader sedan
And even great comedy, like the squat cobbler episode.
Dan Inbari
Dan Inbari 5 månader sedan
My thoughts exactly, well said :)
Heisenberg 5 månader sedan
Lalo is more terrifying than the Night King.
Porter’s X2
Porter’s X2 5 månader sedan
Lalo seems like so many of the uncles that I have that I see at BBQs he’s so realistic as a character, he’s like a super villain set in reality
Zaki Bern
Zaki Bern 5 månader sedan
You look like *krazy-8* .
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed 5 månader sedan
Hello Jeremy. I always look forward to see your reviews and been your fan for years. If you can, watch money heist tv series from Netflix. Its amazing. I wud love to see your opinion on it. Thank you!
Cringey Cartoons
Cringey Cartoons 5 månader sedan
What about Charles McGill
M0N5T3R91 5 månader sedan
its all good man - saul goodman! 😂
Ronald McPaul
Ronald McPaul 6 månader sedan
Kim is no angel. She's got some childhood shit that Slippin Jimmy merely facilitates coming to the fore'. Jimmy doesn't cause her to have an orgasmic euphoria from running cons, he doesn't even anticipate it. He actually expects she is going to be feeling guilty and fed up.
Mishary Al-Faris
Mishary Al-Faris 6 månader sedan
Agreed on everything. Rhea Seahorn is so.. genuine and subtle in every scene! and omg Tony Dalton! that jump down the ravine made me jump out of my seat! bravo to the stuntman and director for that shot.
JAL 6 månader sedan
I HATED the fact the series devolved into Rambo5 in the final episode. Terrible
Pepperoni Cheesecake
Pepperoni Cheesecake 5 månader sedan
@JAL he only used the pan as a distraction
JAL 5 månader sedan
@Pepperoni Cheesecake 3 trained assassins in a Surprise attack vs a guy with a frying pan. Absolutely RIDICULOUS
Pepperoni Cheesecake
Pepperoni Cheesecake 5 månader sedan
I mean, we do know how violent the Salamanca family can be but they're kinda meat heads. Put a good brain on their shoulders like in Lalo's case and it makes sense he could outsmart the assassins. He did have the home advantage too.
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo 6 månader sedan
Everyone someone says "this character is great, this one is...." I just think: "damn! Everyone is great!".
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati 6 månader sedan
Ah yes, my Uncle Tony..
Medalion 6 månader sedan
To be fair... Jimmy is NOT the one who is pulling Kim into his influence... he is actually asking if she wants in, or even asks her to leave... but she keeps coming back. Kim always had a Slippin' Kimmy or darkside to her that keeps manifesting along the way... to the point we see she is not more Kim Goodman than Saul is at the end of season 5
Franck Lonkeng
Franck Lonkeng 6 månader sedan
The best thing about this show is that, you know the end but you just don’t know how ? If see what I mean .
Abderrahim Dafir
Abderrahim Dafir 6 månader sedan
i watched 3 seasons till now and i'm really disappointed in the show , it's not really that good
reno419rockstar 6 månader sedan
I ✋ 👀 during 1st season. I'll give it another shot.l
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