Bill & Ted Face The Music - Movie Review 

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It's been decades since the classic duo has traversed time to save us all, but they're back together to finish their song, and save existence! Here's my review for BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC!
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28 aug 2020



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sevengance Dag sedan
Worst movie ever .
Tommy~RJ 3 dagar sedan
This guy is trash just like the movie
stethespaniard2 4 dagar sedan
It's bad
Funny Depressive
Funny Depressive 6 dagar sedan
Face the music is a most excellent movie!
i loved them both cant wait to see new film
Watching TrainsgoBy
Watching TrainsgoBy 10 dagar sedan
Watching TrainsgoBy
Watching TrainsgoBy 10 dagar sedan
prashams 11 dagar sedan
I really liked the movie
PT Philosophy-Theology
PT Philosophy-Theology 16 dagar sedan
It was as good as the second one, slightly below the first
chicostephenson 18 dagar sedan
the only reason it feels slightly different is because it's been 30 fucking years. the actresses playing bill and ted's daughters killed it!!
josh72456 19 dagar sedan
I saw it this evening. I saw bogues journey first I didn't see original until later on. With this one it was what I expected so I found it watchable. The cinema experience was a bit strange I go to try and see it in the afternoon and it closed. I found it weird because I thought did the internet lie to me so I go back to the later showing at 7pm. I ask if they were only open in evenings no they open at 3:15 apparently so maybe they only open in afternoons now in that cinema particularly. I saw this in UK so they ask for me for phone number and name for trace and test due to epidemic situation. The screen room only had me and two other people no problem there, but if I were to compare my experience seeing tenet in France nearly 2 months this ago where there were more people which surprised me a bit and no test and trace that is interesting. With tenet I saw it the day after it came out so maybe regulations were more ignored then and tenet was the hyped film of the year
RosieBabyCheeks 20 dagar sedan
Just finished watching it. I ready did like it in parts. It was an interesting ride. Did not expect the after credit scene, but much appreciated it.
ulyssez guerrero
ulyssez guerrero 23 dagar sedan
“There’s no movie about a cat named Alex” ALEX THE LION from Madagascar, “Am I a joke to you”
Bodhi James
Bodhi James 23 dagar sedan
You look like Al Pacino in Serpico
Crispybiscuits 27 dagar sedan
I like bogus journeys sorry more, but I think excellent adventure is funnier
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez 28 dagar sedan
I enjoyed this a lot :) a feel good movie that was better than expectations!
Eli Elsaf
Eli Elsaf Månad sedan
You probably could have done a bit more research on Alex Winter. Despite him playing an airhead, he's basically a well respected tech genius in real life.
Bradley Månad sedan
I liked it but the ending felt really anticlimactic
RobbieRKO Månad sedan
Excellent adventure was probably the best of the 3 and probably a bit more grounded sorta... Whilst bogus was just a hilarious train of laughter that I couldn't get enough of... And to be honest face the music was a great inbetween combo of the two!
Ziggy The Adventurer
I love how they virtue signal and make the protagonist female. I was thrilled to see them trash the legacy and let us know that Bill and Ted weren't the actual hero's. essentially making the first 2 movies pointless. for people new to the movies and seeing this first it would seem ok. but any real fan should be disappointed to say the least.
The Sixth Doctor
The Sixth Doctor 29 dagar sedan
No virtue signalling happens in the movie at all. Bill and Ted are the protagonists and still play the main part, get the most screentime etc. Their daughters have an entirely different skillset (encyclopedic musical knowledge vs. actual musical talent) and support their dads in their quest. The daughters organize the final concert and manage the mixing desks, but the timeline doesn't re-synchronize until Bill and Ted are on stage hammering out the final riffs to complete the melody.
Matthew Brazzel
Matthew Brazzel Månad sedan
Haven’t watch you in a while but the hair is gas
Merry Christmas to u
Lol he just put picture of himself in a suit saying its Keanu like we won't know 😂
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
Reddie 4eva
Reddie 4eva Månad sedan
Tbh I was invested in the daughters more than the fathers
Nathan VanLaningham
Nathan VanLaningham Månad sedan
Ok been a Bill and Ted fan for awhile and I got to be controversial, Bogus Journey is my favorite
jherrenor Månad sedan
Treasure your friends, love your neighbours, and be excellent to each other!
Andre Beau-lee
Andre Beau-lee Månad sedan
well i liked it but the two things that got to me was ok cool now the universe needs saving not just the world time line has changed cool. BUT DONT fuck with BJ allowing the guys to actually bring peace to the world. the literally stopped the wars in the middle east. this movie kinda fucked with that. and the abrupt ending. I hope there is another cut of the ending somwhere where we see the after math or bill and ted do the classic high five.
Cocaine Cat
Cocaine Cat Månad sedan
Hey Jeremy do you think you can do The Devil All The Time?
LARRYSITO Månad sedan
i'm the only one who thinks the movie suck? also i'm a huge fan of bill and ted
Big Michael
Big Michael Månad sedan
Bill and Ted face the music is wicked🔥🔥🔥🎶
Nos Llew-Blaidd
Nos Llew-Blaidd Månad sedan
So, I waited to watch this as the film was released in the UK cinema a couple days ago so I went to see it with my wife. I was so worried it was going to be hit with the woke stick and to my surprise, it wasn't :) It did have a different feel but I honestly do not think they can recapture the same magic although they came close, my only complaints were how over the top the daughters were, it just didn't feel natural and the music at the end they could have used metal or rock again but they went for a more generic flavourless pop with some cool guitars. My wife only complaint was the end song too. My Ranking is Excellent Adventure 10/10 Bogus Journey Face The Music 8/10
gutz1981 Månad sedan
Just saw it. It is so woke I did not want to believe it and has with it right until the end. So yeah, anything that was a story about men being "Chosen ones" in the past now has to be altered so it was a woman or women all along. What a waste of a film.
Punkwaste SPOLR Podcast
I feel like in the audition process, they told the “Thea” actress.. “hey don’t be anything like Bill.”
Be'erit Konforty
Be'erit Konforty Månad sedan
Does anyone else feel like this movie should have ended with [SPOILERS for what the ending *isn't*, I guess?] Bill & Ted going back in time and teaching early humans the first song? That they united humanity by giving us music itself? As an added bonus, for it to have been something like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Something so ridiculously mundane and basic to counter the convoluted song at the beginning of the movie. Thematically, this would have played beautifully on Bill & Ted's personalities - that you don't have to be complicated to be beautiful, and meaningful. The movie could have ended with them going back and playing music in their garage to their daughters, free of the immense expectations put on them, free to just hang out and have fun with the people they love. To be human.
tommy towse
tommy towse Månad sedan
Just seen it . Was actually so good ! Sequel was not doomed like some are
jeffery hodges
jeffery hodges Månad sedan
Honestly I thought it was going to be full of woke propaganda but it was pretty damn decent and I enjoyed it
deadpoolnerd Månad sedan
I overall loved the movie, the subtle nods to the other films like Kid Cudi turning out to be Station. I just felt the ending needed like an epilogue, because it just kinda felt sudden just a narration from the daughters saying yep and it worked. I dunno something to have like a overall goodbye to Bill and Ted, and even possibly hint at like a series or more movies staring the daughters which I adore the actresses and their performances.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Månad sedan
I don’t think it was hinting that Kid Cudi was station, I think it was more that Station is now an obscure saying in the Bill & Ted universe and Kid Cudi knew Bill & Ted helped originate it so decided to say it to them as a way of showing respect
Voice Box
Voice Box Månad sedan
My favorite Bill and Ted film is Bogus Journey , just the one i watched the most as a kid (im 19 years old keep in mind). I am so glad my brother baught this film on VUDU , this film is TOTALLY worth it. Such a good film , very funny , a few jokes fall flat , but really really good. The ending makes you want more , and i cant get "The Song" out of my head XD
johnsonslawnservice Månad sedan
Good review dude be excellent
Matias Månad sedan
Bill & Ted 3: Woke the Music
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Månad sedan
Keanu reviewing a movie about Keanu??? And I'll put it this way: they did everything humanly possible that you could do with a Bill and Ted storyline. A must-see for any hardcore or even casual fan.
Ryoka1 Månad sedan
1:36 Why is JJ posting a selfie?
Prime2678 Månad sedan
Excellent adventure is my favorite. I like that whole meeting their future self premise and gathering all the historical figures. It all connected. I hated bogus journey. It was horrible in my opinion. Face the music made up for it. I enjoyed it.
Wayne Månad sedan
I think I may end up giving this movie miss unless I'm really bored and contemplate watching it for about 30 minutes. I just can't deal with bogus rehashes, the first two were brilliant and the ending was perfect, there was no need to make this movie other than to introduce two females, because even bill and ted aren't allowed to be alpha male role models..
X Isla
X Isla Månad sedan
Its written by the same original dudes who made the first and second one, dude. It was a really fun time and also very sweet and even a great closing story for this EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. Me and my best friend got reunited just to watch this just as we did in highschool and we ended laughing and tearing.
Alan Q. Wake
Alan Q. Wake Månad sedan
Meh. Its something different
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright Månad sedan
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson Månad sedan
That was one off the worst movies I've ever seen. I didn't even smile though whole thing. I just shook my head and wondered how this even made. It sucks ass and the only way I made it through the whole thing was alcohol 🤣
White Wolf
White Wolf Månad sedan
First movie was most excellent; second movie was quite bodacious; and the third movie was a triumphant conclusion to a magical musical awesome adventure!
C T Månad sedan
As a fan of the original I have no idea why they are making this now and not 15 years ago when the actors wouldn’t look like 60 years olds pretending to be 40 year olds....
chris cole
chris cole Månad sedan
Dude you sound just like ted !!!!! Bogus journey is my fave! Got it on dvd
Agent Active
Agent Active Månad sedan
Too Pale to Cry is a great song name
Ian Doherty
Ian Doherty Månad sedan
Bro who are we kidding this movie is HORRIBLE. I couldnt believe how awful it was
User Name
User Name Månad sedan
If only they had sons they could restart this franchise
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia Månad sedan
Well the writer of these movies was the writer of the first Men In Black.
ProdigiousATea Månad sedan
i still plan to see this but A Excellent Review
Mehdi Syed
Mehdi Syed Månad sedan
I love your beard Jeremy. But that upper lip clitorous.........
Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer
saw it in the cinemas today and I will say I enjoyed most of it the third act kinda let it down, the two daughters were not the ones who wrote the song because there was no song, the message in the end was that the song didn't matter, what mattered is that we were all playing it at the same time. I smiled a lot in this movie, enjoyed the fan service and the funny cameos, but this is a movie you only need to see once or twice (or watch it back to back with the other two).
NekoGrace 79
NekoGrace 79 Månad sedan
Alex Winter looks amazing. It WAS good to see him.
Jock The hunter
Jock The hunter Månad sedan
Am I the only one who thinks that Keanu and him look a like
Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers Månad sedan
I loved it
Chance Moody
Chance Moody Månad sedan
I used to be such a big fan of your reviews man!! For YEARS!! You’ve changed so much. Maybe it’s the fame 🤷‍♂️ if you could call it that. You don’t seem to care and you act above everything. It’s not present to watch. Your opinions of movies are WAY predictable and truly seem to not care. By all means, you don’t HAVE to keep making these. If you’re over it, just stop. But maybe try to put a little heart back into em, act like you care, and give a genuine review with some depth. Your reviews are WAY more predictable than the movies. But what do I know. I’m not a professional like you. BUT I AM in a profession where if you get too comfortable and stop bringing the flair, you will lose your following.🤷‍♂️
james miller
james miller Månad sedan
This is elegant work :)
poopmannelson1 Månad sedan
Their daughters are the ones who write the song aren’t they?
User Name
User Name Månad sedan
I thi k we all knew that from the trailer What a shocker. That part was a big let down
Amadeus Månad sedan
"You want some Bill and Ted punk!?"
Maantje G
Maantje G Månad sedan
The Movie was Great i liked it allot . it deserve's more credit. it's not a Bad movie
JBilly 2003
JBilly 2003 Månad sedan
The ending was really abrupt, but it was still a fun movie
78hooman Månad sedan
My God the parts without Bill and Ted in were soooooo boring - I think I'll just look for an edit with the Bill and Ted scenes stitched togher - If Hollywood could stop ruining classic franchises I would really appreciate it
luis ortega
luis ortega Månad sedan
Give me more!
Justin William
Justin William Månad sedan
This movie rules
Czesionyo Månad sedan
Please do Who Framed Roger Rabbit!!!!!
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert Månad sedan
Not a fan that 2020 decided to give them daughters when in Bogus Journey they had sons at the end, kinda ruins the continuity. But if Jeremy thinks the actresses did a good job then I'll watch it cause who doesn't love themselves some guilty pleasure Bill and Ted adventure
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert Månad sedan
@MsWolfQueen33 In Bogus Journey they were Bill Jr and Ted Jr when introduced, not really girl names
MsWolfQueen33 Månad sedan
The writers (I think?) said they had daughters, look it up
Randomshitstormz Månad sedan
You queef.
PopCultureIsDead Månad sedan
I agree. The movie was cute and a fun sort of ending to the franchise, but maybe 5 more minutes at the end would be better. The after credits scene with old Bill and Ted was cute, but seemed to not go anywhere either and also abruptly ended. Side note: Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey was originally called Bill and Ted Go To Hell, but the ratings board would slap the movie with an X rating and only allow it to show at the last showing in theaters, just because it has the word 'Hell' in the title. Stupid. So the new name was used.
Mark Arandjus
Mark Arandjus Månad sedan
Post credit scene y'all, don't miss it! :)
The Flye
The Flye Månad sedan
Here's the thing withhe daughters...when I heard about the daughters thing...I was worried about one thing the most...the daughters hating their parents and being just total bitchwads for no reason. But they didnt...they made them so endearing that it's a breath of fresh air tbh. Like why does every family movie have to have the dad being unloveable. Honestly, I don't regret buying this movie, especially with the love for music itself.
elenabob Månad sedan
Not as bad as could have been, opposite, what what's in there that derrailed a little?
janet auster
janet auster Månad sedan
What happened ? Ithoghtiwrote a review for Bill and Ted Face the Music? Is it still there ? Also I know I paid for the vieo with my new credit card. Do you know I did? Whatever you know or don't now I loved the movie Boland Ted Face the Music. And thank you for still letting me participate and write in the commentaries.
THEtrueBLUEstarJ Månad sedan
If mib and bill and ted didn't get the abortion. But honestly not as bad as I feared they would take it. Solid 5/10.
Greenkidd Månad sedan
my cousins live in San Dimas, theyre life guards at a pool and they still say things like Gnarley and bogus lmao
Aimon Benfield-Chand
bill and ted don't say gnarly, dude
Dr Bones
Dr Bones Månad sedan
I like the first one the best... then three... then 2, don’t hate me but 1 and 3 were consistently good and 2 kinda cut off half way through and wasn’t as funny.
Luke Hutchison
Luke Hutchison Månad sedan
2:00 this video made me realise when Jeremy hits 2 million he should reveal his legs
Alec Beutler
Alec Beutler Månad sedan
I thought they left out some stuff with their wives but I started thinking maybe they're planning a sequel with their daughters
Paul Steven Conyngham
Worst movie this year. Hell the 2nd worst movie I have ever seen after Independence day II.
xPumaFangx Månad sedan
forty minute solos............ best line from the movie.
G Richard Yamagata
G Richard Yamagata Månad sedan
Great Review. We enjoyed this movie and agree with your comments.
Peter Haywood
Peter Haywood Månad sedan
The trailers look kind of bogus, but the movie is getting praise from those I respect. As a long time fan I'm totally in!
Capri-Omni Månad sedan
I don't know, it may just be that I am now closer to Bill and Ted's age in this movie than I was when I first saw "Excellent Adventure," (several years after it came out -- when the pressures of high school were far behind me), but I actually think this movie has more *heart* than either of its two predecessors. I don't know how to explain what I mean in more detail without spoiling key plot points, but we see how important Bill and Ted's families are to them, and their final meeting with their far future selves was really sweet. "Sweet" -- that's the word for it. And maybe it's just the way this year has gone / is going, I'm just in the mood for something sweet instead of something wacky. Ya know?
Chubless The Bear
Chubless The Bear Månad sedan
Bogus Journey
Nightengale NoxRose
Nightengale NoxRose Månad sedan
I'm so excited for this movie! Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is among my favorite films! I'd rank it like 4th best movie of the 80s for me ;) The second movie was ok, but not a favorite of mine.
gox123 Månad sedan
The third installment suck balls!
ANN TUMBLR Månad sedan
Men In Black was written by Ed Solomon, who co-wrote all the Bill and Ted movies
Alejandro Echeverri
Alejandro Echeverri Månad sedan
I think this was my favorite one
OligarchySlayer Månad sedan
John Wick reviews Bill and Ted.
MrWeeboler Månad sedan
I bought the movie because it was $5 more. It sucks. Worst $25 spent in 2020
Cliff Hass
Cliff Hass Månad sedan
Can you review Serpico Next?
Scott G
Scott G Månad sedan
Jeremy looks like a mixture of jamie kennedy and Justin long
RamaKrishnan Balakrishnan
Well now we have a lookalike of keanu reeves !!! It’s JEREMY JAHNS 😁😁!! Pretty much the hairdo says so !!
jason wilson
jason wilson Månad sedan
you have no idea
69johndz Månad sedan
Didn't like the movie. Didn't like the robot. Alex Winter is the best part of the film (and the actress who plays Billie is really good too). But, the plot is rehashed, retconned, and WOKE. 1st movie: Bill and Ted MUST create the song that will save the universe (eventually). 2nd movie: Bill and Ted DO create the song that will save the universe. 3rd movie: Bill and Ted do not create shit. Rufus was totally wrong. It is THE DAUGHTERS who create the song that saves the universe. Of course. 😒
Amaury Luciano
Amaury Luciano Månad sedan
Have you seen after the credits scene?
4touchdowns1game Månad sedan
babuser abyuser of beuse
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