Bill & Ted Face The Music: Trailer 2 (My Thoughts) 

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A new trailer for BILL & Ted Face The Music has his the internet, so let's talk about it!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/Z5yBqZ1yv6Nk3YU.html
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24 jul 2020



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Suns Geek
Suns Geek Månad sedan
Shtuff83 Månad sedan
Keanu looks rough in this
Tasho Khan
Tasho Khan Månad sedan
i watch this channel first quarantine ( used to watched it ).. and hahha there is look going on ... hhahahha
John Duffy
John Duffy 2 månader sedan
HOLLYWOOD: We cant have WHITE MEN!!!!! Be the heroes, IT MUST BE WOMEN!!!!! Bill and Ted is gonna be woke and IM GONNA TURN GREEN AND MURDER EVERYONE!!! I dont have a good feeling about this. LOOK AT THE JAY AND BOB REBOOT....
Peter Owens
Peter Owens 2 månader sedan
This series should've stayed in the late 80's smh so now they're 50 year old loveable idiots with daughters..tragic! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ lol
Broke and Caffeinated
Broke and Caffeinated 2 månader sedan
So the daughters are the true ones who save the universe and Bill and Ted never grow/become these amazing artists like the first 2 movies and even the comics made it seem...... sure, why not...
Vinny Atoori
Vinny Atoori 2 månader sedan
I pray that George Lucas will find a starwars project for Keanu Reeves!
MrDeadhead83 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, please can we have a review of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey before the new one arrives?
Hugo Silva
Hugo Silva 2 månader sedan
Of course it had to be daughters, of course...
Daniel Catallo
Daniel Catallo 2 månader sedan
Have another Twinkie Genghis Khan. Samara Weaving killed in Ready or Not...I wonder how she got cast in this?
Quacy Sampson
Quacy Sampson 2 månader sedan
Yeah Jeremy. I think your theory is going to be proven to be spot on. Also, don't connect the dots when the movie is over. Be excellent dude. 🕺🏿😂
Automaton 42
Automaton 42 2 månader sedan
Keanu Reeves hasn't done a shitty movie yet. This could be it?
Metal Pizza Dude
Metal Pizza Dude 2 månader sedan
Shave the beard Jeremy...
GsterfunkGLA82 2 månader sedan
Wonder what happened to little Ted and little Bill, have they had a sex change? So they're doing it again!
Syklone 2 månader sedan
I just hope it's about Bill and Ted and not a setup for Bill and ted's daughters to have their own franchise. Happy for them to be in the movie, but I'm not paying to see them.
Jack Reslinski
Jack Reslinski 2 månader sedan
They had sons at the end of bogus journey
sawyer moulton as nova for mcu
A lot of good songs rnt written by the artist who sing them so they could sing it but the daughters write it
Siddhsen Borulkar
Siddhsen Borulkar 2 månader sedan
Hi..a year back I came across a show called Black Sails...turned to be really good..surprised you haven’t reviewed it yet..cause Im sure must have seen it or atleast heard about it
TG5455 2 månader sedan
I understand your point that it's Hollywood and they always have a way to screw it up, just look at Dumb and Dumber To.
LifeBeginsWithChrist 2 månader sedan
At least "Dumb and Dumber To" wasn't as bad as "Son of the Mask". Then again, the best part of the former was when they showed clips of the original in the end credits.
kutangelwings 2 månader sedan
If they try to force a bunch of political bullshit in the movie and try to make the daughters be the main characters, I’m going to be pissed, but not surprised.
Juil 2 månader sedan
If nothing else, I have confidence in Keannu Reaves picking good projects.
LeaveDenbyAlone 2 månader sedan
Just like the other two films, it really just needs to be fun.
connorthepom 2 månader sedan
Well the daughters have killed my excitement for this film Why do they always have to do this lame trope of every pre existing characters having daughters that are exactly like them and it’s never funny
Ja'cori Robertson
Ja'cori Robertson 2 månader sedan
Trope? What others movies have they used this trope
Thomas Moody
Thomas Moody 2 månader sedan
The princesses was part of the band also
lpsalsaman 2 månader sedan
Damn Jeremy, the only thing you need is a volleyball with a face to do the review with you! Anyway, I hope it's at least a decent movie, so far it seems pretty good in the trailer. Keep up the nice work!
99999999 999999
99999999 999999 2 månader sedan
captain spazma
captain spazma 2 månader sedan
Little bill and little ted now identify as female. What else did we expect in 2020?
captain spazma
captain spazma 2 månader sedan
I've got a bad feeling about this movie. I think the daughters (who were clearly boys at the end of 2) will be the main characters and bill and ted are just in the trailers to sell tickets. Think Ghostbusters 2016 or terminator dark fate.
shock value
shock value 2 månader sedan
King of New York or Copland or Ricochet or Fightclub good choices for reviews if bored
HonkyTonkBuffalo 2 månader sedan
I also thought it was weird that the Wise One didn't refer to the guys as Wyld Stallns...but I thought it was just me.
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 2 månader sedan
Gonna be completely honest, here: I'd rather see a Dogma 2 than a Bill & Ted 3. Kevin Smith is a well that's darkly amusing to revisit at his worst, surprisingly hilarious at best. This? Just no. It reeks of cash-in as much as the rebooted RoboCop and last Indiana Jones flick.
Awesome Person
Awesome Person 2 månader sedan
I just hope it’s non heinous
James Deziel
James Deziel 2 månader sedan
I had same thought about the kids and Ted’s dad being right, BUT my thinking is if the daughters’ song is the song to save humanity, their destiny is to have those kids and so they didn’t do NOTHING, they fathered the saviors of humanity, and that in and of itself is it’s own excellent destiny.
Pete Briggs
Pete Briggs 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, be excellent to Bill & Ted movies. And party on, dude!
El Martillo
El Martillo 2 månader sedan
so Bill and Ted are now just old losers and their daughters go on an adventure through time, like they did in the first 2 movies, so this is just another woke movie, it's going to suck with lots of "member berries" please be good, please be good, but the way they make movies these days, sigh...................
El Martillo
El Martillo 2 månader sedan
@Kam 90 and considering I was an adult when those movies came out in the theateroh, I'm pretty sure I know what the movies were about I seen them a couple times and know where did Rufus say "hey you need to bang those princesses and get them knocked up because when you get old you're going to be nothing but a loser and you need your smack talk and daughters that act just like female versions of you when you were teenagers to pull your ass out of the fire". Yeah but there's nothing won't about the trailer LOL I swear most of you people are so busy virtue signaling and patting yourself on the back, did you don't even realize how retarded you are LOL. I'm really glad you commented LOL
El Martillo
El Martillo 2 månader sedan
@Kam 90 yeah and Ghostbusters 2016 wasn't woke either. and we can't have Luke Skywalker as the hero so you better kill him off and have a female Luke Skywalker that's even there and knows everything and is all-powerful. In the first two movies wild stallions music was what United humanity. the story was not these two guys are losers and in their fifties they act like teenagers so their daughters have to put together a band and write a song to save humanity. You're a moron LOL
El Martillo
El Martillo 2 månader sedan
Wyld Stalions music was what saved humanity, what happened??????
Alcovitch 2 månader sedan
Bill & Ted are going to face the music... of feminism.
actwealthy 2 månader sedan
and furthermore....Kevin Smith cried his eyes out watching it. He cried and he cried, and cried, just like a little girl.
actwealthy 2 månader sedan
Ive actually watched the trailer 100 times. I am actually bummed out that its fiction. I think they will take us to the "other side" we will get to the top of the wall, go over the wall, and still land in fiction by the end of the movie. I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I'd like to buy the world a coke, and keep it company.
actwealthy 2 månader sedan
Its Gone With the Wind for 2020!
WILLY MANSILLA 2 månader sedan
you can see the hollywood propaganda already
Darkwing Dave
Darkwing Dave 2 månader sedan
I have a question: Does Jeremy EVER respond to the questions asked by his followers?? Is he just reading and saying "Ahhhhh", "Hmmmmm", Awwwwww" to himself then... moves on? Kinda seems it. Anyways, I feel that he doesn't respond like other SElosk authors do. ::Meh::
Kelly Pagano
Kelly Pagano 2 månader sedan
This movie is gonna suck. I’m sorry, it is. The original is a fun movie. It’s no great cinematic work though. People should keep their expectations low and just have fun with it. Please, youtube critics... don’t overthink this one!
Kelly Pagano
Kelly Pagano 2 månader sedan
Kam 90 I didn’t make up my mind to hate it. I am actually a fan of the original. I expect I will have fun with it and I’m gonna see it. I just mean, I’m not gonna break down every little piece of it after the fact and criticize it. I expect it will be not as good as the original though. Based on the recent track record of the movie business in recent years with movies like this. I’m gonna accept it for what it is... a fun revisit of a classic comedy. I’m not expecting cinematic brilliance though. That’s all. That’s what I mean by let’s keep expectations low. I mean let’s not expect citizen Kane or something. Lol.
Steve J
Steve J 2 månader sedan
I don't believe your comment that Hollywood could fuck this up. This is one of the few occasions where they have no power. Keanu wouldn't be involved unless he believed in the story and had complete say over the final product.. He doesn't need the money or the fame. Alex doesn't need to spoil the legacy either. I think if it fails it fails because of the core story, not studio intervention. I loved both original films and hope to love this equally..
Pablo Saucedo
Pablo Saucedo 2 månader sedan
I hope this isn't like jay and silent bob reboot, cringey and terrible 😂
anKniteOwl 2 månader sedan
honestly Keanu shoulda kept the beard. on top of that, they sound so old like they've been gut punched. the lost beard accidentally enhances that oldness. they don't look like optimistic goofballs as much as they do grumpy old men, accidentally. on top of that, the possible "daughters do the REAL work" element seems too Ghostbusters 2016-y. there's a lot of added female representation but not that much ethnic diversity,particularly of this "future council" led by Holland Taylor. it seems disingenuous when stuff like that happens.
Shane 2 månader sedan
Soooooo...looks like this movie is going to be woke. All the warning signs are there. I'll wait for confirmation but looks like this will probably be a pass for me, pretty sure I got the woke plot figured out.
Shane 2 månader sedan
@Kam 90 Well I explained what warning signs I saw and why I thought they were given the stuff going on in media lately...also i'm mixed race, so that white male guilt shit don't work on me. Nice try though.
Lola Jaramillo
Lola Jaramillo 2 månader sedan
Shane While I am still hoping that it will be done for something like making their kids girls just so it would be cuter with the connection between the kids and their dads, or that it will mean that the song made that will save everyone will be shown to make sense, since it will be put together by both genders, with the same DNA and love of music. I am aware that there could be more to it that may not be so great. But for now I hang on to the hope that all will be put together with the same attitude that the first two films carried with the boys, to where the girls will help out just like how their dads would, with doing only what is needed when something gets thrown into their otherwise small inner world, that always seemed cut off from a lot of the reality around them.. The ‘black guy’ in the film is, Kid Cuddi. He’s a music artist, so I’m thinking he gets involved somehow to help out with part of the mission, or gets sucked into helping out somehow. I think at least he may be used as being somewhat integral to the mission, and not just some guy being used. The original writers of these films are the ones who wrote this one too, hopefully they weren’t pushed into putting things together by any type of regulations. We can only hope everything will work out for the best, especially since Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves didn’t want to make this movie without seeing that it had the best script for it..
Shane 2 månader sedan
@Lola Jaramillo Taking a franchise and changing the male roles to female ones, there's also a black guy thrown in there just for the sake of having a black guy i'm guessing, didn't see him do or say anything in the trailers(wouldn't be surprised if they made him gay just to tick all the diversity boxes). I'm also going to guess that they don't come up with this magic song anymore and that their daughters are the ones that do...which would mean them becoming the new "Bill and Ted" if they do another movie after this. That's all just guessing though, could be 150% wrong but from the way Hollywood has been trying to get more and more woke these days it wouldn't surprise me.
Lola Jaramillo
Lola Jaramillo 2 månader sedan
Why, just because their kids are females? They’re almost exactly like their dads in this new trailer, brains and all.. Nothing too new, unless they just stumble across something to help out..
Marvin Huth
Marvin Huth 2 månader sedan
Kevin Smith did it first......and yeah, it sucked....
Adrian Bara-popa
Adrian Bara-popa 2 månader sedan
There's a movie on Amazon Prime that's only a little over an hour long by the name of The VelociPastor. I would really like to know what your thoughts are on it. I think the rest of your fan base would also appreciate this movie review.
Zion Harris
Zion Harris 2 månader sedan
Joshua Logan
Joshua Logan 2 månader sedan
Was stoked until you mentioned the possibility of them making Bill and Ted irrelevant. Getting a bad Disney Star Wars/Terminator Dark Fate vibe now.
Anoneemus Noename
Anoneemus Noename 2 månader sedan
"Little Bill and Ted" are women now? Hmm...why does that make me extremely suspicious all of a sudden? Ugh, i hope if this turns out to be another half-assed woke/misandrist/SJW propaganda film people have enough sense by now to check user reviews first and pirate it if they still want to watch it for some reason. We need all that stuff to bomb like Birds of Prey from now on so we can get smart people at the helm again... ...and for all those people ready to jump and label me as their opposition, no, i don't mean "straight white males". I mean anybody that can actually do their jobs (well) without injecting all their reductionist partisan politics, racism, sexism and whateverphobia into the film. Oh almost forgot, in case anyone is wondering, i'm a centrist egalitarian. My sex, skin color and orientation are irrelevant in this context (as it should be ;)
Joe England
Joe England 2 månader sedan
I like how they're keeping all the continuity, though the ending credits of the previous film seem to have been excised.
Jim Brown
Jim Brown 2 månader sedan
This movie is gonna get hard "pass"
Mask one
Mask one 2 månader sedan
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Mask one
Mask one 2 månader sedan
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Mask one 2 månader sedan
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Mask one 2 månader sedan
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Mask one 2 månader sedan
Train to busan review please
Mask one
Mask one 2 månader sedan
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ozyman writer
ozyman writer 2 månader sedan
I don't want it to be about passing the torch to anyone, sons, daughters, whatever... sick of that. How about two older screw-ups getting their shit together and saving the day with their experience?
Dusty Boot
Dusty Boot 2 månader sedan
No Jeremy, it sounds Cuckish and Woke.
spindler85 2 månader sedan
I already knew the girls would be the ones to make the song.
redxsage 2 månader sedan
*@Jeremy Jahns* -- Dude. You just made me cry. I realized why *Kevin Smith* said the movie moved him to cry. You uncovered it! *_'PRESTON & LOGAN'_* are their Daughters! The girls will write the song that saves the world! AWESOME! *[AIR GUITAR RIFF]* DUDE! SWEET! DUDE! SWEET! ;-D
John Castle
John Castle 2 månader sedan
1:06 Yea....This Is Not Gonna End Well
J C 2 månader sedan
Another Childhood Movie Fucking *DESTROYED* by Woke Feminist Trash I Can Feel it. Just like the same Feeling I had about TLOU2. Why. Just Why. Why did Keanu Wait 30 Fucking Years to make a Sequel ? It was already Perfect the Way it Ended. It was a Teenage Movie, Keanu already Passed that Stage Lightyears ago. He Evolved into this Badass World Class Assassin Action Star to going back to being Ted ? That's like seeing Morpheus going back to being that Silly Cowboy from Peewee's Playhouse. I Hate to Really say this. But Now Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter (Michaelangelo Statue) Looks So OUT OF PLACE. And they're gonna Mix their Daughters into this ? If it's GOING to Be "Bill and Ted" Then the Movie Should be about "Bill and Ted" Not their Daughters. You never seen Stallone putting "Rocky 7" as the Title and then bringing Creed in it. It had it's Own Standalone Title. I don't know. That's why I Hate when People wait 40 to 50 Years to make a Sequel. Because they don't look the same anymore. And Mind You George Carlin isn't Alive anymore. Rock N Roll is Dead, The 80's and 90's Era is Gone. Now I know how Captain America feels about Not fitting in the 21st Century when He was Originally from a COMPLETELY Different Timeline. I'm Happy and Amped to see a Sequel that's a part of My Childhood. But Not Like This. This is Gonna Blow Real Hard.
J C 2 månader sedan
@UCFEDW92QGagFFCeOv4r1RAQ The film hasn't even came out yet and you already whining that the film is Not "feminst or woke"? Because I said something on what I see as a calculated prediction? Your common sense shouldn't have difficulty , to tell that a Bank is going to be Robbed. When you see a bunch of guys walking in with Ski-Masks,Shotguns and a Fucking Duffel Bag.
Jason Rodgers
Jason Rodgers 2 månader sedan
Love his videos but what's going on with his mustache
Grant Mason
Grant Mason 3 månader sedan
You will enjoy it if you just watch the Oculus or the Ritual
Grant Mason
Grant Mason 3 månader sedan
The ritual of the Oculus please Jeremy!!!!!!
Grant Mason
Grant Mason 3 månader sedan
Please do a review on Oculus or the Ritual on Netflix
Parsa Dolatabadi
Parsa Dolatabadi 3 månader sedan
Jeremy looks really good
Blue Werewolf
Blue Werewolf 3 månader sedan
Excellent video
Jeremy Dean
Jeremy Dean 3 månader sedan
Most non heinous.
wx_wolverine 3 månader sedan
I completly understand that you have to go and save Tsushima, i've been doing the same thing lolol
Laegon Waters
Laegon Waters 3 månader sedan
Jeremy "Keanu Reeves" Jahns
ThatGamerGuyZach 3 månader sedan
I actually think it will be the opposite of what you said Jeremy. I think bill and Ted will write the song but the daughters will play it
Zack Luke
Zack Luke 3 månader sedan
I don't know, I can't help but feel this'll just be another mess of a film that didn't actually need making.
Cassius Quinn
Cassius Quinn 3 månader sedan
They should have just left it alone
Capt Gblade
Capt Gblade 3 månader sedan
I thought they had sons last movie?
DJSiQRiQ 3 månader sedan
Bill and Ted 3 Bill and Ted are sidelined for the daughters in their own movie. Call the movie something else. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" / "Get em' To The Greek" "The Big Lebowski" / "The Jesus Rolls" If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure alot are smart enough to realize what the stories gonna be about
Mike Smurawski
Mike Smurawski 3 månader sedan
This looks so dumb. And Keanu looks like he's bored and is just thinking, why the hell did I agree to make this movie?
Colby Burroughs
Colby Burroughs 3 månader sedan
My man watch See! It’s Amazing
Martial Ghost
Martial Ghost 3 månader sedan
I hope not, their daughters make the song? They can save the day BUT Bill and Ted make the song that saves the world... As it should be
OCE1 PRODUCTIONS 3 månader sedan
Go see what kevin smith said ;-)
Liam Godinez
Liam Godinez 3 månader sedan
I hope in the movie they get to meet there past young version of them selves done right by Face Track Scan CGI.
Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli 3 månader sedan
I went from looking forward to this movie to dreading it - correct me if Im wrong, weren't the two little kids at the end of the first movie boys? But regardless, this looks like yet another excuse for Hollywood to insert their ideology into another franchise that fans love.
Lola Jaramillo
Lola Jaramillo 2 månader sedan
Chris Zilli I feel ya’. Still hoping it will be better than what is being dreaded though. I have a strong love with the female characters of, ‘Agents Of Shield’ right now, along with loving all the male characters, as well. They possess strength inside and out, in spaaaades.😳
Chris Zilli
Chris Zilli 2 månader sedan
@Lola Jaramillo Thank you for your reply but I think the key phrase in your statement is "now" as in when the first film was done, no one in society was calling little girls "Little Bill or Little Ted". And yes, I agree with you, you could make that argument that they were always girls and the two dimwits (Bill and Ted) just called their girls that but given Hollywood's current track record of "rebooting" existing franchises that had male leads and not only replacing those leads with females but undercutting the previous leads entirely. We see that done in Terminator, Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr. Who to just name a few off of the top of my head. So I have reservations about the entire thing just based off of past history as I can only think of one franchise that moved from old guard to new guard so to speak the proper way and that oddly enough was the latest Jay and Silent Bob movie in which they had two female characters that shared qualities of the main leads. Allowed all 4 characters to develop on their own storywise without having the need to degrade the original. Anyhow, if you're looking for a good female character, I was always a fan of Sam. (Samatha Carter) from Stargate SG-1. Or Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galatica (heck that show has a bunch of great characters, male and female). Anyhow, cheers.
Lola Jaramillo
Lola Jaramillo 2 månader sedan
The babies in the last film were played by two twin baby girls. They were called “Little Bill” and “Little Ted” by their dads, but it is estimated now that those were nicknames for Bill and Ted’s children that they nicknamed after themselves, and we get to hear the female forms mentioned now, where their names are Willimena and Theodora. Aka, Billie and Thea, like, Bill and Ted..
killwalker 2019
killwalker 2019 3 månader sedan
What the **** is up with Keannu's face????? Does nobody else notice he looks like a WAX version of himself? Did he have prosthetics put on over his beard? Something is Way off.
core knight gaming
core knight gaming 3 månader sedan
Especially Star Wars😢
Matthew Ashbrook
Matthew Ashbrook 3 månader sedan
Oh dude, if the daughters are the ones to write the song that would be awful and totally possible.
Lucas Delaney
Lucas Delaney 3 månader sedan
They'd refer to them as "the wild stallions" if they meant Bill and Ted, so it's their way of throwing a wild card meaning the daughters
Michael Popely
Michael Popely 3 månader sedan
So Jeremy is turning into a John wick cosplayer
Udit Singh
Udit Singh 3 månader sedan
Jeremy slowly ageing into Gandalf
peter papadimitriou
peter papadimitriou 3 månader sedan
Hopefully the theater will be playing it here in Hamilton Ontario Canada I'm looking forward to this one
bwilly the kid
bwilly the kid 3 månader sedan
Did they de-age Margo Robbie to play Bills' daughter?
Mukesh Khanal
Mukesh Khanal 3 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, please tell me you're playing ghost of Tsushima. update: ........................shit i wrote it before watching the first 10 secs of this video. LOL
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