Bill & Ted Face The Music - Teaser Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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The first trailer for Bill & Ted's new adventure has hit the internet! Here are my thoughts on the teaser trailer for BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/Zp1yrm-W03edqn0.html
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9 jun 2020



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Lazarussoul 82
Lazarussoul 82 2 månader sedan
Currently watching this movie with nostalgic tears in my eyes....
Coates Spalding
Coates Spalding 3 månader sedan
Sam and dean would’ve made either great sons of bill and Ted or replacements
Royale With Cheese Please
Royale With Cheese Please 3 månader sedan
🤘Most Excellent 🤟
Farah Stephens
Farah Stephens 3 månader sedan
I absolutely LOVED it, as a Dyed in the Womb B & T Fan. I may have shed a tear seeing them in those characters again.
Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson 3 månader sedan
Party on dudes
Arinze Onyiah
Arinze Onyiah 4 månader sedan
Jeremy should just finish every episode with - Party on dudes
Ignacio Rodríguez
Ignacio Rodríguez 4 månader sedan
George Carlin may be gone but, we do have Bill Burr.
rxo12369 4 månader sedan
I don't have any great expectations about this movie, but I want to watch it, just because is Bill and Ted.
Carjo Consul
Carjo Consul 4 månader sedan
I love how we both thought of “fuck shit up” was a legit response
Roland Chang
Roland Chang 4 månader sedan
God bless Major Kirrahe. He was the very model of a minor Major character
ALLABOUTBEEATS 4 månader sedan
Bro there's an episode of regular show that they had the same story line
KyrenCross 4 månader sedan
They should make Waynes World sequel next ^_^
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 4 månader sedan
I saw the teaser trailer and I hate to say this the movie looks terrible.
Niop Tres
Niop Tres 4 månader sedan
Why does Keanu look so old
Charlton Bighetty
Charlton Bighetty 4 månader sedan
Totally this dude rocks with his reviews.
John Arevalo
John Arevalo 4 månader sedan
Please watch Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix and make a video review
Brinta 4 månader sedan
Keanu looks like a mix of Severus Snape and Bill Nighy.
thezoneforonlyyou RSM
thezoneforonlyyou RSM 4 månader sedan
I know Reeves is WAY older now, he didn't nail how Ted would speak in the prison scene, I will see this film none the less. I'm also pissed Bill & Ted have daughters instead of sons at at the end of bogus journey, but [fingers crossed] I still hope this will be the film of the year.
Legion Of SnowBros
Legion Of SnowBros 4 månader sedan
I didnt like it. Keanu looked wierd like a cancer kid in a wig and drawn on eyebrows...
Kevin Dragone
Kevin Dragone 4 månader sedan
Why hasn’t anyone brought up it’s their children who write the song?
evie80 4 månader sedan
Hahahaha,I can't wait for this haha.
John Barrella
John Barrella 4 månader sedan
I hear Carlin will be in it though! Unused footage
Adam Carr
Adam Carr 4 månader sedan
U look old
Scott K
Scott K 4 månader sedan
Never thought I'd see the day that I lost respect for Keanu
Brian Buck
Brian Buck 4 månader sedan
I got to see Carlin live twice. He was amazing.
B D 4 månader sedan
1,080th comment 🧂🥢🥡
Wha Guitars
Wha Guitars 4 månader sedan
In Jeremy's next video he should don a Gandalf style beard and wig to show the passage of time. LOL
itaketheSQUARE 4 månader sedan
Strange Things are afoot at the Circle K
MRSketch09 4 månader sedan
I've seen the trailer, and like you, I am "cautiously optimistic" ... After all I enjoyed the original, so.. you want to see the sequel top that or be better.
Raishon Stanley
Raishon Stanley 4 månader sedan
I love the trailer it good to see them back doing a part 3 and I also can’t wait to see the movie
Ben West
Ben West 4 månader sedan
Never have we needed the song more than now. This movie might actually save the world.
Julian Baxter
Julian Baxter 4 månader sedan
The only thing that seems weird to me is that the ending of part two has headlines and magazines of them being young declaring world peace and harmony. What happened there? Sensationalism?
John Booker
John Booker 4 månader sedan
"Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" was underated af. Yeah,I said it.
Andrew Lux
Andrew Lux 4 månader sedan
Getting high before coming here was the right thing to do
Cowboy Gomez
Cowboy Gomez 4 månader sedan
Hay just so you know I’m pretty sure the movie is coming out on August 21st. Also the trailer came out on 6/9 dude!
Chris Day
Chris Day 4 månader sedan
get a haircut bro! you look like crap
Gerardo Rivera
Gerardo Rivera 4 månader sedan
This guy needs a haircut ASAP!
Tristen Ankney
Tristen Ankney 4 månader sedan
Nicolas Awad
Nicolas Awad 4 månader sedan
Jeremy really trying for that reboot of Carlito's Way.
Pablo Romero
Pablo Romero 4 månader sedan
You got the John Wick look going on
David Buffalo
David Buffalo 4 månader sedan
The release date is not unknown, it is only contingent upon the number of theaters available to ORION on that date. The opening date is 8/21/2020 (8 +21+20+20 =69). That is the reason that the date was picked. If this virus nonsense creates another lockdown, I would anticipate it would go to streaming only. I am not terribly optimistic that theaters will be open by then. The politicians continue to play games.
Leonardo Rafael Videos
Leonardo Rafael Videos 4 månader sedan
I will say this: I've never seen a Bill and Ted movie I hear everyone excited about this trailer and decided to check it out for myself. Got very confused. Went to watch Jeremy's video to see if I understood it better. I don't think I did...
antdujar 4 månader sedan
Watch the first two movies mang. That's the only way.
Thedarknate08 4 månader sedan
Chicken Code
Chicken Code 4 månader sedan
Please review Artemis Fowl I wanna see how you feel about a movie that is so bad
emcats84 4 månader sedan
Bill and Ted's: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. You are a fool if you think this movie will be good. Hollywood has been done for years now.
Devin Austin
Devin Austin 4 månader sedan
Jeremy I'm a longtime fan. If you're not worried about backlash can you review Dave Chappelle's 8:46? Thank you.
SNYDER CUT 4 månader sedan
Please review *King of staten island* Movie was funny as hell🤣🤣🤣
Leather Banshee
Leather Banshee 4 månader sedan
I bet there will be a cgi younger version of them they meet in the past that will look incredible.
Ron Wess MusaQ
Ron Wess MusaQ 4 månader sedan
Ah Yes ...Party On Dude.....Loved it back I'm sure I'll Enjoy Bill & Ted Face The Music ...didn't see this coming but I'm ready ("
Terance McNamara
Terance McNamara 4 månader sedan
Can you do a “The Lodge” review? Currently on Hulu and surprisingly good!
norrie007 4 månader sedan
Is it me or does Jeremy look like keanu reeves? Especially the hair
bless 84
bless 84 4 månader sedan
I would love to hear your review on Tom Hardy's Legend
Kevin Masters
Kevin Masters 4 månader sedan
Keanu Reeve's looks so much better without his beard!
Big K
Big K 4 månader sedan
He looks better with the beard
Shane Wrightson
Shane Wrightson 4 månader sedan
My guess............Bill and Ted dont write it , there daughters do. BOOM 2020
Dream Dragons 90
Dream Dragons 90 4 månader sedan
Jermey please review Superman red son
Was hoping for a bit more development of the characters. Still dump teenagers, not dump grown ups. But i like some of it.
Cesar'Snaps 4 månader sedan
Jeremey... can you please review this movie called “Amores Perros” it’s a Mexican movie directed by Alejandro G Inarritu and it is amazing... I will literally pay you, it’s awesome and it must be reviewed by the master of reviews
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith 4 månader sedan
So you're saying that this trailer was most triumphant. I understand.
Fuzzy_Lumkins001 4 månader sedan
Stooge it will suck i wanted this since bogus journey but it will be fing terrible
StruckdownButNotdestroyed 1980
The hair is rocke Excellent dude!
Mr. YTP 4 månader sedan
He should review Jeepers Creepers!
Shark Partyer
Shark Partyer 4 månader sedan
So pathetic.
Big K
Big K 4 månader sedan
What is?
Ford Family 5ive
Ford Family 5ive 4 månader sedan
What up Jeremy man, have you seen Nicholas cage's Color out of Space? I would really like to watch your review of it before I see it lol
Everything 80's Podcast
Everything 80's Podcast 4 månader sedan
"Party on dudes!" -Abraham Lincoln
Everything 80's Podcast
Everything 80's Podcast 4 månader sedan
I'm not sure they can pull this off, but the two have a great chemistry and I just hope it doesn't go the way of Dumb and Dumber To.
Amit Patel
Amit Patel 4 månader sedan
John Wick when he retires
Gamora 4 månader sedan
Can you do a review for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Gamora 4 månader sedan
Big K
Big K 4 månader sedan
Lol no.
Lord Captain Commander Dunn
Please do Artemis fowl!
Javier A. Hernández
Javier A. Hernández 4 månader sedan
Is it me or does Jeremy looks like Keanu’s stunt double.
Joe LaBallister
Joe LaBallister 4 månader sedan
Doom Patrol on HBO MAX. You should check it out. It's got Brendon Fraser in it and it's probably his best role in such a long time. It's basically a show focused around this rag tag group of misfits with powers? If you can call them that. Idk you decide. But they basically have to stop a god level reality bending villain named Mr. Nobody played by Alan Tudyk. Oh and Cyborg is on the team as well. Idk if you're looking for something new an interesting, it's worth checking out. I'd like to see what you think of it!
Ashley Musovic
Ashley Musovic 4 månader sedan
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 4 månader sedan
First movie was great fun. Sequel was “meh”. This looks...bad. It’s been Way too long
Cobra Kai Student
Cobra Kai Student 4 månader sedan
That "party on dudes!" At the beginning was quite a nice impression... Also you look like keanu.... I had to rewatch it cause i had the phone in my hand watching it barley when the video started. Good one!
Brandon James
Brandon James 4 månader sedan
Let's face the music here, I'm sure it will be EPIC!!!
4bsfun 4 månader sedan
i liked jeremy johns where is he? i had grown to like the familiar face now he looks like some 60's french artist....no like ...i want the opinion of a regular guy not an artistic elitist---i am UN subscribing
Bill Boucher
Bill Boucher 4 månader sedan
Nobody says you "have" to watch any more trailers. If you're worried about spoilers then just don't look at them man. Cool your jets and have patience dudes and dudettes.
ConspiracyKill Happens
ConspiracyKill Happens 4 månader sedan
Dude when you said we need George Carlin now more than ever I liked it so hard I cracked my screen
Matt Mabou
Matt Mabou 4 månader sedan
Excited about this one!!
Doja421 4 månader sedan
Are you a mineral? Yeah... Are you a tank? Woahhh... Excellent!
SENATORPAIN1 4 månader sedan
Looks god awful but will see anyway also keanu looks like someone else is wearing his face terribly.
Nathan Derrick
Nathan Derrick 4 månader sedan
Curious to know your thoughts on Spider Man 2 ps5 trailer
Big K
Big K 4 månader sedan
That's an expansion for a remaster of the first game. It's not a full game.
So0paK5v9N 4 månader sedan
the marketing is lacking, i didnt even no the trailer was out till i saw your video
Seth Church
Seth Church 4 månader sedan
This guy remind me of some people who are stoned by the body language. Just saying
Brett K
Brett K 4 månader sedan
Looks god awful seemed better when i was a kid but will still go see it lol
Ell Bob 242
Ell Bob 242 4 månader sedan
I’m the 1000 comments
Razik C
Razik C 4 månader sedan
Can you do a review of The Fifth Element please.
bcherbs 4 månader sedan
That hair though.
maimunah muhammad
maimunah muhammad 4 månader sedan
Hi Jeremy. Can I ask for you to watch 'Kingdom' korean drama series on Netflix. Hope you check it out since I think you will enjoy it. A review is just a plus for me. Haha. Have a nice day
Chris Savage
Chris Savage 4 månader sedan
I hope CGI Rufus isn't a thing.
Alex 4 månader sedan
How bout a Man of Steel revisit?
sorry209 4 månader sedan
Jeremy can you review constantine (2005) with Keanu Reeves
The 80's Wolf
The 80's Wolf 4 månader sedan
The movie looks like pure garbage imo. Will flop, but people that love nostalgia will force themselves to like it.
NotDeadYetQ8 4 månader sedan
I can’t stress enough how much we need George Carlin today. RIP you OG of comedy.
Comictoon 4 månader sedan
I didn't even know that was keanu reevs I thought that was severius from harry potter
Ceb Svartberg
Ceb Svartberg 4 månader sedan
Hey are you gonna review Blood Machine ???? :D
Akil-da-lion 30
Akil-da-lion 30 4 månader sedan
I love Rufus, but he was barely in the other movies. Literally like one scene per act in the first one. First and last scene of the second one.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 4 månader sedan
This trailer looks weird. Especially Ted’s hair
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones 4 månader sedan
So I take it that they are going to ignore the ending of bogus journey? Because if I remember correctly, didn't they become the band that they were supposed to become? All the news clippings were about them ending poverty and saving the planet from pollution
n whitmore
n whitmore 4 månader sedan
this is the movie i've been waiting for my whole life. haha that's sad, i know.
Cody Black
Cody Black 4 månader sedan
I'm glad they didn't re cast rufus
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