Blasphemous - Game Review 

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A violent, punishing "Metroidvania" game involving a world of twisted religious lore. Here's my review of the game BLASPHEMOUS!


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18 mar 2020



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Bebe Fett
Bebe Fett 9 dagar sedan
Has Jeremy reviewed Bendy and the Ink Machine?
Derf.MW 10 dagar sedan
Best Metroidvania games are probably still Super Metroid and Hollow Knight. Zero Mission is also mad underrated and has some of the best/most organic level design and smoothest mechanics I've ever seen in a game, but the difficulty is not particularly challenging. Really looking forward to playing Blasphemous though, the game looks great
Son’s & Daughters
Son’s & Daughters 14 dagar sedan
Ah, my man Jeremy. I can always trust your reviews. If you gave a score like this to a game, I’d be a fool to not bench my initial concerns or pessimism. I think I’ll make the purchase after all. (Was concerned given the initial reception but after all the patches and free dlc, and this review, I think I’ll give it a go)
Joe Snider
Joe Snider 18 dagar sedan
It's $10 on psn right now until 10/15 I think. I'm downloading it now hope it's great I trust Jeremy's reviews and I love metroidvania type games plus this is cheaper than a 6 pack!!
Matthew Guggino
Matthew Guggino Månad sedan
i would totally watch a jeremy jahns lets play
Vae Victis
Vae Victis Månad sedan
The aesthetic reminds me more of Demons crest from the SNES. If you haven’t heard of Demons Crest, then you must play it if you are a fan of castlevania and mega man.
Vae Victis
Vae Victis Månad sedan
Yeah I get the blood omen vibes. Very dark world
GobboMNK Månad sedan
Currently playing it and loving every crushing moment.
Hree Månad sedan
Play hollow knight too
ZestyCrunchMan Månad sedan
They fixed the map in the free dlc.
Sebastian Sanhueza
Sebastian Sanhueza Månad sedan
When are we getting a Cuphead review?
SSJ Ryu 2 månader sedan
Blasphemous is definitely on my wish list. Especially since there is dlc coming. Gotta wrap up Hollow Knight first. Another great MetroidVania game, similar to Ori
Clayton Kirby
Clayton Kirby 2 månader sedan
No alcohol is required
yvwe 888
yvwe 888 2 månader sedan
So basically you are: if Jake Peralta from 99 is leaving the police and starts reviewing video games and movies? Come on man ... the style and the voice and the hair...
Anxious Neck Games
Anxious Neck Games 2 månader sedan
La-Mulana 1 & 2 are the biggest, bestest, and most challenging Metroidvanias in existence.
Phantom Spaceman Gaming
Phantom Spaceman Gaming 2 månader sedan
Shame this game doesnt have a spell that makes your attacks like the crissaegrim (chris-aye-grim) for a brief moment.
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 2 månader sedan
The theme reminds me of Binding of Isaac.
debartello martinez
debartello martinez 2 månader sedan
Watch this video to see exactly how bad youtube stacks their liked videos. 13k likes, sure , guy
machachaist 2 månader sedan
no matter the game , movie, still make me laugh. love you man
Unsungzero612 2 månader sedan
Guess what just got DLC? Also, a LOT of stuff has been improved. These guys have really put in a lot of work.
MekaniDragon 2 månader sedan
Also, consider playing the following Metroidvania and Soulslike: - Iconoclasts - Salt & Sanctuary - Death's Gambit - Owlboy - Dark Devotion - Mortal Shell - Hollow Knight
Palek 2 månader sedan
I saw you for the first time and it was the last one. To many cuts and not funny jokes. I couldn't watch it constantly for more than 10 seconds. Thumb down.
Felix Jr
Felix Jr 2 månader sedan
The dlc is better looking in some areas.. I want a secuel as well
David Hurst
David Hurst 3 månader sedan
I just beat the game today for the first time. I loved it and this review.
Jon Mondor
Jon Mondor 3 månader sedan
Def consider giving Hollow Knight a go! Similar gameplay and difficulty as Blasphemous with a captivating art style and score.
Lirka 3 månader sedan
The free DLC is coming out on August 4th! Also, another game I'd recommend is Hyper Light Drifter.
DycE29 3 månader sedan
For a sprite based game. Game kitchen made a very disturbing and creepy. i hope they could expand this universe even more and give us bigger game after blasphemous!!!!
Bobby Hawk
Bobby Hawk 3 månader sedan
Jj there is going to be a new game plus in August
Aaron Cho
Aaron Cho 3 månader sedan
Free DLC came out and it’s everything you asked for and more
UNCAGED-MONSTA 3 månader sedan
You wanna have a difficult time play horizon zero dawn on ultra hard that’s some bullshit lmfaooo
Mayorets Vasily
Mayorets Vasily 3 månader sedan
This game is basically Hollow Knight meets Dead Cells
Mitch 3 månader sedan
I hope Epic Games releases again Shadow Complex, now that was a Metroid game.
Mitch 3 månader sedan
It's more like Bloodborne meets Super Metroid.
Alex Re
Alex Re 3 månader sedan
Has Jeremy ever played the fromsoft games.
wait,what? 3 månader sedan
You really went downhill content-wise huh
Porter Lyman
Porter Lyman 3 månader sedan
This was the review that convinced me to buy it. I haven't been this addicted to a game in a long time. I can't get enough of it.
Eric WR
Eric WR 3 månader sedan
Bring up the Kain series......instant subscribe.
Dave Buford
Dave Buford 3 månader sedan
Dark Devotion is another great game if you like Blasphemous.
cj13236 4 månader sedan
Jeremy, pleaaaassseee try hollow knight, I played through the entire game recently and it's one of my favorites of all time at this point, most games dont come close to hollow knights world building, lore, exploration, atmosphere, and boss fights, even the fighting is engaging even if it's simple
Christian Mabe
Christian Mabe 4 månader sedan
Please review Bloodborne. I just want you to experience it's glory and gush
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez 4 månader sedan
A game i didn't hear about I'm not into dark souls esc games besides Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order do you think I should try it out I never played castlevania either would it be right for me
Daddy De La Vega
Daddy De La Vega 4 månader sedan
Just picked it up on switch for $12 digging it so far but I can tell the difficulty is gonna ramp up lol damn souls like games!!!
John Gillette
John Gillette 4 månader sedan
Pick your zone, stick your zone, discover your zone!
John Gillette
John Gillette 4 månader sedan
Dodge, Duck, Dip, Slash, and Dodge.
Obsideus 4 månader sedan
Im still annoyed blasphemous isnt available in New Zealand
TheAngryDanishViking 5 månader sedan
So it's a metroidsoulsvania game.
Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley 5 månader sedan
you should review Hollow Knight!
Viaja con John Dunbar
Viaja con John Dunbar 5 månader sedan
Another metroidvania game that I recommend: Iconoclasts. I will probably play Blasphemous when the DLC is released.
biostar4 5 månader sedan
If you are interested in more metroidvania games like blashpemous, I recommend Death's Gambit. It is also a pretty good action game
Mārtiņš Tereško
Mārtiņš Tereško 6 månader sedan
Looks kinda like "Salt and Sanctuary".
arnold arun
arnold arun 6 månader sedan
Jeremy, you should definitely play hollow knight. That is the pinnacle of dark souls side scrolling metroidvania
Juan Balderas
Juan Balderas 6 månader sedan
I agree. Street fighter 3rd strike best looking game in history
Link Cullum
Link Cullum 6 månader sedan
This guy is pure geek but he handles himself with his interests to not be made fun of or outed as a weirdo. I find this guy as absolutely cool. Simply because he is all in passion.
Rohit Pal
Rohit Pal 6 månader sedan
I played salt and sanctuary and this ..and find salt and sanctuary more worth to ppay then his
Ralph Luaifoa
Ralph Luaifoa 6 månader sedan
I'm so grateful for this review, you really get in depth with it,unlike IGN. I just finished watching their take on blasphemous and its not exactly my cup of tea. Keep up the good work.
stringTheory80 6 månader sedan
This is STEPHEN A SMITH'S favorite game
T E 6 månader sedan
Do a review for Planescape Torment or Numenera.
T E 6 månader sedan
Your screen character kind of reminds me of Jason Lee as a nerd.
Kartman Eric
Kartman Eric 6 månader sedan
bondaren 6 månader sedan
This game is like playing through the paintings of the classic Spanish artists, Goya, el Greco and Velazquez, absolutely brilliant work of art
Conrad Kujur
Conrad Kujur 3 månader sedan
Absolutely agreed, just beautiful in many ways. The art is brilliant and epic mix of classic paintings.
The Somber Gamer
The Somber Gamer 6 månader sedan
I really love these game reviews! Keep them coming or make a second channel!
Was I Entertained ?
Was I Entertained ? 6 månader sedan
I'm now obsessed. Thanks for this review. It's my first ever MetroidVania, and I'm loving it.
easthight 6 månader sedan
Another game that's like side scrolling dark souls is Salt and Sanctuary, it's pretty good.
Bolt Music
Bolt Music 6 månader sedan
Playing. Love it. Waiting on more DLC
Faruk G
Faruk G 6 månader sedan
I bought this game because of this review. I am a real Dark souls fan and this was like a perfect experienxe for someone who has never played castlevania or sth.
Porter Lyman
Porter Lyman 3 månader sedan
Same here. After playing Dark Souls, Blasphemous is a walk in the park. Still challenging, but nice break after Dark Souls.
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos 6 månader sedan
Blasphemous is the best game on earth.
Shmirko 6 månader sedan
I appreciate what the souls like games did for the industry, but I always found the OG Dark Souls hard to play, I prefer smoother, swifter gameplay when playing brutal games like Dead Cells and Celeste.
AGATH0R 7 månader sedan
Ive been waiting for a sequel to salt and sanctuary :)
TheBoiVenom 7 månader sedan
Definitely should try the handheld Castlevania games, (although you’ve probably already played them) but if you haven’t, You should play aria of sorrow, Dawn of sorrow, Portrait of ruin, and order of ecclesia.
Kyle Shane Horner
Kyle Shane Horner 7 månader sedan
Hollowknight is the new king.
McMexican 7 månader sedan
Hey man review bloodstained: Ritual of The Night
Grahf Zero
Grahf Zero 7 månader sedan
Okay, so I sat down and bought this game and Dark Devotion. I started to play Dark Devotion 1st. After about 14 minutes, I got my money back. The game looks nice, but I do not like that the buttons in the game cannot be remapped. I'm sure I could go into my controller settings itself and bind keyboard keys to the controller, but I don't want to have to do that. I really wanted to like that game. And then, there's this game. MILD SPOILERS When you fight your first enemy, which is essentially a boss, when you kill it there is a cinematic. You literally take off your helmet, the one that is shown depicted in the thumbnail here,hold it up to one of the bleeding wounds of this giant boss, fill it up with blood, and then put it on your head. I heard Cell from Team Four Star in my head going "Oh that is HARDCORE".
NewGodFlow89 7 månader sedan
Have you played DMC 5?
Jonathon Tobin
Jonathon Tobin 7 månader sedan
You should play dead cells
Tim J
Tim J 7 månader sedan
This sucks buttt
Teddy The Broke Bard
Teddy The Broke Bard 7 månader sedan
When ever I play Castelvania Symphony of the Night I always play it with a new weapon start the game kill am enemy they drop a weapon Ohhh looks like I use that now (yes even if you have a super good weapon and a simple Dagger drops you stop using the good weapon and start using the Dagger)
SassyScentsTM 7 månader sedan
Literally just beat this game now. I loved it and agree with everything you said. Spot on.
Matt Phillips Reviews
Matt Phillips Reviews 7 månader sedan
"Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain"
Gangweed Podcasts
Gangweed Podcasts 7 månader sedan
Where's the red dead 2 review
ClassicLogic 7 månader sedan
you should totally do a princess bride movie review. old but a classic
Raven House Mystery
Raven House Mystery 7 månader sedan
Have you ever tried Valfaris? It's kind of a side-scroller for metal heads.
RandomGameCritic 7 månader sedan
Don't mind me, just another guy passing through to recommend Hollow Knight.
KeijiMaeda86 7 månader sedan
The Messenger is still probably my favorite modern metroidvania. Blasphemous is centered around combat where enemies deal massive damage and take quite a few hits then The Messenger is all about platforming and traversing.
FearedMonster 7 månader sedan
One thing Blasphemous does right when it comes to Soulslike games is the lore. Many try to emulate the Dark Souls gameplay mechanics but let's be honest here, what makes Dark Souls really stand out is the lore and atmosphere. The environmental storytelling through item descriptions and talking to NPCs. If it didn't have these elements, I don't think people would have been as invested into the game as they are and Blasphemous does an incredible job at emulating it while doing its own thing by covering everything with its fucked up religious theme.
Jamie Duke
Jamie Duke 7 månader sedan
Check out Valfaris!
Terrance Fitzgerald
Terrance Fitzgerald 7 månader sedan
You need to do separate montage videos of all of your ratings categories with the name, most epic or brutal review lines, & then the rating. Maybe break them down by year. That should take some time, & be awesome.
Tony Barnes
Tony Barnes 7 månader sedan
Wow, Jeremy Jahns has talked about a game I worked on! (Legacy of Kain) Not only mentioned it once, but several times! I can now retire! LOL! Awesome!
jose guerrero
jose guerrero 7 månader sedan
Some suggestions Ori and the blind forest then also Ori and the will of the wisps, are really good games you should try playing if you have a chance.
JayEm1325 7 månader sedan
Jeremy you HAVE to play Hollow Knight NOW
Aaron Koustik
Aaron Koustik 7 månader sedan
You should try Salt and Sanctuary, very similar and it's a blast as well.
Adam Davis
Adam Davis 7 månader sedan
Man you are BORED aren't you. Keep em coming
Really looking forward to playing Blasphemous
mistergianpaulo 7 månader sedan
I know you mainly do movies, but i do appreciate the video game reviews brother.
Lil Kabuni
Lil Kabuni 7 månader sedan
This fucking game pissed me off the fucking platforming killed me more then the bosses and monsters
Nitish P.
Nitish P. 7 månader sedan
Hollow Knight!
Hatta Zulzila
Hatta Zulzila 7 månader sedan
Instead of a sequel, I'd ask the developers to make the same game but based on different religious tones other than Christian...
Udit Singh
Udit Singh 7 månader sedan
Play Bloodborne.
Rapture82 7 månader sedan
Check out Valfaris! It's pretty tough
RedCrim Chan
RedCrim Chan 7 månader sedan
I wish this game lore goes to movie
penyuwan 7 månader sedan
Jeremy play Control if you love Cosmic Horror + SCP.
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