Bloodshot - Movie Review 

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Vin Diesel stars in this Robocop-esque comic book movie which could be fun, or could take its self too seriously for its own good. Here's my review for BLOODSHOT!


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12 mar 2020



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Hayden O’Rourke
Hayden O’Rourke 7 timmar sedan
This guy kinda looks like vin deisel no cap
david sugar
david sugar 6 dagar sedan
Well i might regret it now but i had 20 $ on my xbox so i just digitally bought the uhd 4k for 15 just by trailer now im here look at reviews oh well only 15 if i dont like it lol
Multiverse 16 dagar sedan
Bloodshot #1 was the first Valiant comic I ever bought..... ahhhh .... the sweet memories. ;)
Anas shah shah
Anas shah shah 23 dagar sedan
UltimaPowers Månad sedan
I really enjoyed 'Core', the generic cheesy sci fi about tunneling to the centre of the earth to restart the earth's core with nukes.
Brian Egendorf
Brian Egendorf Månad sedan
The villain of this film should just be called, "Dick"...because that is literally all he is...He's a villain for no other reason than he's a dick because he randomly decides he doesn't like Vin, and that he should kill him....
Brian Egendorf
Brian Egendorf Månad sedan
The best part of this movie was the opening scene with Tony Koebble dancing to "PsychoKiller".. after that, the air just leaves the balloon...
Pirate King Boros
Pirate King Boros Månad sedan
I liked it. People expected WAYYYYYYYY too much from it. I’m sorry but people were expecting an Avengers level origin. I’m sorry. But Valiant comics have never been THAT intense. At least not in my experience. It’s fair to say that at its weakest it’s a 6 at the lowest and at its best it’s an 8. Final fight was awesome but it’s a chore getting there.
Mysti Wilkins
Mysti Wilkins Månad sedan
I kinda liked Bloodshot, but I can definitely agree that the trailer gave way too much away. And the scene with the GI douche word vomiting the plot was unnecessary. It was one of those movies where you didn't have to try an keep up with the plot, just kinda zone out and watch the explosions. 😆
robk1990 Månad sedan
If this had come out around 10 years ago I think it would probably have been a better movie. Now in 2020 after coming off of Endgame, I don’t think it’ll be remembered as a classic
DrJones 97
DrJones 97 Månad sedan
Why is this movie getting so much negativity? I fucking loved this movie, the story was quite a cliche but the way it was handled was refreshing. The nanotechnology was fucking brilliant, gave me a Transcendence vibe and fucking loved it. This movie is great and if you're a sci fi lover or into Superhero movies, this is a great watch. Just ignore all the hate.
Dane Jensen
Dane Jensen Månad sedan
I really liked it. It's fun
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly Månad sedan
It sucked
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly Månad sedan
It wasn’t very good
isaiah balboa
isaiah balboa Månad sedan
I liked that movie until that British guy showed up. I don't know why but he kind of ruined the movie.
Mr. Padilla
Mr. Padilla 2 månader sedan
Sometimes i waited for him to say "I am Groot" 🤓😅
JTTank55 2 månader sedan
Yeah I fucking loved this movie idk what you are on
Moviesgamesbeyond 2 månader sedan
Van Dammes Street Fighters number one fan is me not you haha. Glad someone else loves that movie as well as me.
cliff woodbury
cliff woodbury 2 månader sedan
I don't remember Robocop, but i thought this movie was good. My problem with Valiant is originality, as many of Valiant Comics characters look like so many characters that have already been created. Most of them closely resembling Marvel and D.C. Comic characters, but Bloodshot is similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator. I will say the way they shot this movie he seems more unique, but a lot of that has to do with character selection, being that Vin Diesel is a completely different type actor from Arnold. He is one of their coolest characters, but i would have gone with XO Man-of-War first, an Archer and Armstrong film next, and then a Bloodshot followed by a Harbinger film!!!! They should be alright as long as they don't go with Ninjack, and since they did take this route i would like to see an XO Man-of-War next, even though his bio reads exactly like a Character from D.C. or Marvel whose name starts with an A.
W4ELU 3 månader sedan
I Give it the really cool visuals especially his nanomachines in slowmo
crookim 3 månader sedan
Why is Guy Pearce on this movie? he clearly is the only one who can actually act! This movie is garbage, is on the new Charlie's Angel's level of bad!
Jussi Hippi
Jussi Hippi 3 månader sedan
Wouldn't call Vin an actor. I think he has never acted, or tried really
SCARFACE 3 månader sedan
This movie was shit its just Dominic Toretto talking with a batman voice who then gets the healing powers of wolverine.
Night Raven
Night Raven 3 månader sedan
i liked it for the premise, not really for the execution
Operative Winters
Operative Winters 3 månader sedan
Can you review “Ninjak vs The Valient Universe” on bat in the sun?
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 3 månader sedan
What do you expect when the script was written by the same guy who directed “Truth or Dare”?
str8ballinonyou 3 månader sedan
You know I was going to skip this one,but I decided to rent in on redbox and I enjoyed it 🤣 . You was right about the the gi joe guy being too cartoony as a villain though. Other than that if theres a sequel I'm here for it. 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️
David Baran
David Baran 4 månader sedan
I actually thought it was pretty enjoyable and the special effects on Vin looked better than the terminator in the last terminator film. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, since #1 they should have not torched all the servers as they probably need all that tech to fix up and repair Vin/Bloodshot, and #2 technically they acted like domestic terrorists and basically killed a corporate CEO/Director and destroyed his company. That's like a former employee blowing up the Amazon HQ. The cops would have been all over them and they would be sitting in jail now with murder charges on their heads instead of having that nice sunset scene together. The end fight was cool and the chick was super hot so that is AAA in my book. (There is something very enjoyable about 2000's esque generic sci-fi action flicks).
caesars boygus
caesars boygus 4 månader sedan
White house down
Nova 4 månader sedan
It was good until he woke back up
Obsideus 4 månader sedan
that "badass" voice sounds like adam Jensen lol
Tedd Jasiczek
Tedd Jasiczek 4 månader sedan
My favorite cheesy sci-fi movie hands down is Virtuosity.
Joshua Gardner
Joshua Gardner 4 månader sedan
i loved the intro to this video.
Satsuinohado 4 månader sedan
I liked it and for the people that just watch this review and don't even give it a "shot" at least rent it and judge for urself
Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko
Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko 4 månader sedan
Finally theathers opened in my country, first movie that i watched after the lockdown
Natalia Ruiz
Natalia Ruiz 4 månader sedan
Love street fighter thanks for mentioning Van damme I love his cheesy movies different times love the 90s this movie was too long fell asleep in the 3 part of this movie
Jez 5 månader sedan
Soso Lawson
Soso Lawson 5 månader sedan
It was an OK movie although had more style than substance
spurtree1 5 månader sedan
Vin diesel is Riddick or Dom, that is it! It's not like he is the rock who is Mr comedy action guy which basically all people seem to love 😁.
Nova 5 månader sedan
There were badass scenes but I wish he would’ve played psycho killer while he killed the man who “killed” his wife. ( iykyk )
Michaela Mizan
Michaela Mizan 5 månader sedan
Watched it only for JImmy - sam hughan
suckmyassloser 5 månader sedan
I'm so glad you hated this.
Dominique Taylor
Dominique Taylor 5 månader sedan
There was no chance of this movie ever being good.
J Sensei
J Sensei 5 månader sedan
I liked this movie, it was awesome.
Stephen McQueen
Stephen McQueen 5 månader sedan
Doom vs Bloodshot.. hmm
Kraven83 5 månader sedan
Eiza Gonzalez is absolutely stunning in this.
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas 5 månader sedan
It was better than that witch hunter crap he did, and that not saying much.
FifeHanny 5 månader sedan
Yearning resurrected soldier comic to film? Behold the ROGUE TROOPER movie to come out in 2 years. (They better not fukk that one up 😠).
pitchingwedge 5 månader sedan
It's basically a higher budget version of Upgrade without the style, violence or authorship
JtKillah1996 bonnetplume
JtKillah1996 bonnetplume 5 månader sedan
Sliverwater oh okay true lol the cgi sucked tho
pitchingwedge 5 månader sedan
@JtKillah1996 bonnetplume Yeah. Leigh Whannel made Upgrade for 5 million. Bloodshot cost 45 million.
JtKillah1996 bonnetplume
JtKillah1996 bonnetplume 5 månader sedan
Sliverwater higher budget?
Mythical-0kay 5 månader sedan
I genuinely liked the movie, the way I see it, it’s kinda like Venom. A movie with great CGI and effects, good premise but just not executed well. But despite that still is rather liked by audiences and still delivers a decent sci-fi action film.
HOCKEY HELL YA 5 månader sedan
It was just dumb fun
BAXTER SOLO 5 månader sedan
Redbox had this rated 4 out of 5 stars so I rented it with a coupon code. Got it for less than a dollar... Wish I would have watched this review before I spent less than a dollar on this garbage movie.
SoleKingRu 5 månader sedan
My gf and I really enjoyed the chz. I honestly wouldn't mind a sequel. Love Live 🧀
Akhil Bhargava
Akhil Bhargava 5 månader sedan
Still better than XxX: Return of Xander Cage.
Jan Sandman
Jan Sandman 5 månader sedan
another movie about stupid corporations building a non-cooperative specimen for a prototype totally original.
Thrano 5 månader sedan
Basically the Hollywood version of Hardcore Henry.
Adrian Cabonce
Adrian Cabonce 6 månader sedan
Can you do spectral?
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Jason David Frank portrayed a better version of Bloodshot
TNaxIIB 6 månader sedan
Dafuk the whole movies in the trailer. They Shoulda held off on SOME of the suspense. But no the trailer explains the whole plot. But the action was great tho
federico leonardi
federico leonardi 6 månader sedan
is just me that likes the movie? and btw i didnt see the trailer first , i never wither expected or asked for deep plot movie ,the plot twist is nothing new but it was cool how it was delivered , just like that boom here you go, i liked the action and comon there is super mister X vin disel demon , i dont get it why everyone is hating it so much
NAJIB I'LL BE BACK! 6 månader sedan
Its sux. Really hot sexy girl and No Kissing? Really?? GAYYYYYYYY!!
Hyde Street
Hyde Street 6 månader sedan
Wow, you're an idiot.
Michael Choueiri
Michael Choueiri 6 månader sedan
I thought it was dumb fun
Mary Freeman
Mary Freeman 6 månader sedan
why did I waste 20 bucks on this film?
The Meme Guy
The Meme Guy 6 månader sedan
This video got more attention than the film.
Austin Bacon
Austin Bacon 6 månader sedan
Well I liked it
Frank Dogg
Frank Dogg 6 månader sedan
The chick in the movie is fine as fuck
JD 6 månader sedan
This movie is so fucking dumb the action scenes were horrible, Vin Diesel was trash in this his acting is so terrible like always and he has so much shitty dialogue, the movie feels like a terrible 2003 movie, characters are awful, its so cliche, bland, dull, boring and so painful to sit through, it feels like a shitty Upgrade rip off, I fucking hate this movie 1/10
Angie Chagani
Angie Chagani 6 månader sedan
Should’ve never cast vin diesel, this movie doesn’t suck it Hoover’s vacuum
Brad ShadowDog
Brad ShadowDog 6 månader sedan
I really liked this movie. Maybe it was cause when I saw the trailer I wasn't paying attention so the only thing I remember was Vin Diesel getting shot & his body repairing itself. I thought the movie was going to be him being a ghost so I went into this movie completely blind.
B C 6 månader sedan
Just watched this online. All paid for legally. You're way harsh on this movie. This was okay. A welcome nice escape while stuck at home with COVID19 lockdowns going on. PS - saying it's like 00's movie like it's a bad thing is bizarre. 00s movies are superior to today's movies
Dylan 6 månader sedan
Eh, just like cheesy macho man testosterone filled 80s action movies, I enjoyed *Bloodshot* in the same sense.
Allan O'Donnell
Allan O'Donnell 6 månader sedan
even when locked down, even as I exhaust all other media streaming content I'm still not tempted.
Lynam Up Productions
Lynam Up Productions 6 månader sedan
Hands down best generic action movie has to be The One from 2002 with Jet Li and Jason Statham. The movie is terrible but the premise was great. "I'm no one's bitch, I am Yu Law!"
Prometheus Plays
Prometheus Plays 6 månader sedan
Damn I actually thought the movie was pretty good even tho it was a bit on the nose but after seeing these comments :/
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore 6 månader sedan
A good premise with absolute shite execution. This movie was flat af
Amaru43 6 månader sedan
I didn't watched the trailer and I enjoyed the movie very much 8/10
grumpy5555 6 månader sedan
Starship troopers is a great cheezy sci-fi
Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Mitchell 6 månader sedan
I disagree I thought the movie was perfectly fine, it wasn’t perfect but I had a fun time watching it.
Justin Berg
Justin Berg 6 månader sedan
Just watched it and it sucked. Bad acting, and how it's paced
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 6 månader sedan
The acting was so terrible
Abdulrahman Abubakar
Abdulrahman Abubakar 6 månader sedan
vin kills it in that movie. but the director sucks... if there's going to 2. then we really need a new director... and let it be morethan 2hrs pls
Chris Black
Chris Black 6 månader sedan
This movie was good, I just watched it and it was a blast, the action was very good. Idk why people say it's a bad movie. It was an 8/10 for me
David Liston. II
David Liston. II 6 månader sedan
The trailer did show wayyyyyyyyy to much though.
David Liston. II
David Liston. II 6 månader sedan
I just love this movie for some reason.....I don't know why I just love it.
ZiniTevio Ki
ZiniTevio Ki 6 månader sedan
Movie was so terrible omg
Mosi My Creations
Mosi My Creations 6 månader sedan
Lol when you chew so little gum you have an unfinished pack from 4 years ago
-Bristol- 6 månader sedan
Watched it on prime for 19.99. Should have watched your review first. You are 100% correct. Generic and felt like a movie you have seen it before.
Nunu H
Nunu H 6 månader sedan
Bloodshot movie was actually soo good.story was good and action was great.people now dont know shit about movies they would prefer shit like twilight. It's a superhero action movie
itaketheSQUARE 6 månader sedan
I think Matrix Reloaded and Revelations are good. Change my mind.
Chris Robberts
Chris Robberts 6 månader sedan
Just watched it and I agree it’s BAD
Leston Alvarez
Leston Alvarez 6 månader sedan
I thought there was gonna be a plot twist at the end where the whole movie was all just part of the story and someone else was calling the shots and still manipulating vin. Everyone vin killed was planted into his brain by someone else or maybe the black guy or the Indian guy was the real mastermind.. I think that would have been a cool ending
LiLTailormade 6 månader sedan
@ 0:20 LMFAOOOO what a dick
kins 6 månader sedan
The Cheesy early 2000's action movie stuff is exactly what I thought watching it, and, Id say I really enjoyed the movie because of that
Bryan Silverio
Bryan Silverio 6 månader sedan
Your review sucks.
taemr 6 månader sedan
I hated that chewing gum guy.
Isaac Alvarado
Isaac Alvarado 6 månader sedan
This is the first time I would disagree with this review. I actually love the movie. Yeah, it was cheesy, but that action was badass. I was satisfied and am hoping for a sequel.
Joe Lilley
Joe Lilley 6 månader sedan
Idk I had mixed feelings about this movie. Maybe bc I really wanted it to be a good movie bc I usually love vin diesel movies but I also didn’t watch the trailer bc I heard it gives a lot of the movie away. All in all I’d give it a grade C and that’s just bc the whole idea of the movie was great, it was just executed poorly.
sCum 6 månader sedan
Cheesy sci-fi that’s kinda good tho? May I recommend the remake of Dredd
William Eckman
William Eckman 6 månader sedan
It wasn't bad, it was more like a movie that you would watch with your highschool friends and just talk shot the entire time. That guy that can see everything was cool though
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