Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 - Video Game Review 

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The sequel to the surprisingly fun Kickstarter add on goal. Here's my review for BLOODSTAINED: CURSE OF THE MOON 2!
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11 jul 2020



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infinitycrops Månad sedan
I take a few month break from this channel, then come back and Jeremy is looking like Howard Hughes lol. This pandemic is nuts
elgato9o Månad sedan
why are 8 bit games so wanted??? I don't understand it, I can't stand them. I draw the line at 16 bit, after that it's just pixelated blocks that just look ugly no matter what you do. I can' appreciate detail in 8 bit bcus to me there is no details to appreciate.
MasterMike 000
MasterMike 000 Dag sedan
@elgato9o Not entirely true actually. Making games in 16 bit or 32 bit, costs more and is harder to make. I mean just recently, in an interview with Takuya Aizu (CEO of Inti creates), he said that he wouldn't mind making a third Bloodstained Cursed of the Moon game and not be 8-bit. However, it will cost more and take more time for the company to make that sort of game. For sure 16 bit games will sound and look better, but again, modern 8bit games try to capture the feeling of old 8bit games while not being restricted like the NES console. Like the final bosses in Shovel Knight or Bloodstained Cursed of the Moon 2...They are awesome, badass looking boss designs and fight, that really wouldn't be possible in a NES console. If you prefer 16 bit that's fine, but don't really think that these modern 8bit games are bad, because they certainly are not.
elgato9o Dag sedan
@MasterMike 000 that still only applies to a degree. At least for me. My limit is at 16bit. Sounds and looks better and I can get behind that. And wouldn't be much more taxing or harder to make than these 8bit games
MasterMike 000
MasterMike 000 Dag sedan
Ever heard the term, "Gameplay is more important than visuals/graphics". Games like Shovel Knight, Bloodstained, Hyper Light Drifter, Undertale...they are great games. I didn't even grew up playing 8 bit games but I love the modern ones because there aren't being hold back by the console limitations. Like Castlevania 3 on the NES, took a while to switch characters...while Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 1/2 only takes 1 second. So while an NES wouldn't be able to capture these games...they capture the feeling of playing one.
JonSnowIII 2 månader sedan
My boy has aged like fine wine, seriously.
Bryan Vegas
Bryan Vegas 2 månader sedan
Good shit. Subbed.
Peter RETRO Palmiotti
Peter RETRO Palmiotti 2 månader sedan
Is this a retro game? I think Jeremy said it was a retro game. LOL
Possiblekim 2 månader sedan
You never mentioned the intermission. It is the highlight of the game XD
Chris Thorn
Chris Thorn 2 månader sedan
Wrong thumb nail and title...this clearly isn’t air force one
Evan Hakansson
Evan Hakansson 2 månader sedan
Jeremy you should review Hollow Knight!!
Christopher Frost
Christopher Frost 3 månader sedan
You lost my respect for shilling raycon, they are just like their owner ray j, worthless garbage
MekaniDragon 3 månader sedan
If you like metroidvania games, I would also recommend the following games: - Iconoclasts - Salt & Sanctuary - Hollow Knight - Death Gambit - Blasphemous - Indivisible - Owlboy - Metroid: Samus Returns - Carrion
Moone Shadow
Moone Shadow 3 månader sedan
My son is doing play through on this game and it was pretty damn epic. His name is mrj0el on twitch.
peloquinful 3 månader sedan
Ghost of Tsushima please ... it's game of the fuckin year
Alukard TheDeathknight
Alukard TheDeathknight 3 månader sedan
Wants to make another castlevania game but Konami is ... Konami so no ... but STILL wants too make "A Castlevania" game so makes a NOT Castlevania game. Castlevania so here we have Bloodstained a castlevania game yet not Castlevania but TOTTALY is a Castlevania and that i like 😙👌. But Fuck Konami
TooToo246 3 månader sedan
I understand the appeal of these pixelated graphics, but come on, 8 bit is just too old and outdated. At least make it 16 bit, and put some effort into making it look like Symphony of the night. The characters look extremely out of place, with extremely limited animation sprites and color palate
Reidbynature 3 månader sedan
This just makes me nostalgic for Circle of the Moon.
Zeno96 3 månader sedan
I’m not gonna lie, I like your game reviews more than your movie reviews.
Challenger Delta
Challenger Delta 3 månader sedan
Please watch Midsommar
Leigh Needleman
Leigh Needleman 3 månader sedan
Curse of the Moon 1 had excellent music. My 3 favorite songs were: stage 5 song (pirate ship), stage 7 song (library, floating books), and Gremory boss theme. I agree that Curse of the Moon 2 music isn't quite as memorable but it's an excellent game. Much harder than game 1, which was interesting. My favorite new character in this game was also Hachi (super mecha pup) and my favorite in game 1 was Gebel ^__^
Evenmoresteven 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, please play Hollow Knight
vdogaymer 3 månader sedan
Love that you do gaming reviews on retro style games, you rock Jeremy, ever thought of just going full on game reviews?
BeerBelly Butler
BeerBelly Butler 3 månader sedan
I expect a Ghost of Tsushima review next week.
Graeson Gunner
Graeson Gunner 3 månader sedan
Cool look
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 3 månader sedan
Now we need a metal gear clone.
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 3 månader sedan
When game creators can do Castlevania better than Konami.
Auster93 3 månader sedan
What are the 3 tracks in Curse of the Moon 1 you were referring to?
Kundlas 3 månader sedan
I mean I can pocket my Base Model Switch, but maybe invest in a Switch Lite if you want a similar portability factor? Seems like it isnt that much bigger than the Vita.
Comic Sans
Comic Sans 3 månader sedan
Full Co-op Campaign is so unique.
jose luis arrese
jose luis arrese 3 månader sedan
The controls, as you well say, are too clunky for a game that's supposed to be precise and with difficult platforming.
Yuri Botelho Palheta
Yuri Botelho Palheta 3 månader sedan
Do Enter the gungeon, It's kind of old , but its so much fun.
Matt Borba
Matt Borba 3 månader sedan
You should watch Train To Busan
Kobalt_ 3 månader sedan
If you liked what you've seen and you wanna Seymour, click right here to Seymour!
Missy 3 månader sedan
Hey, Jeremy, you don't have to defend why you're playing on casual mode. Not everyone can play games on Hard mode, you're playing it at the speed you want and that's cool!
Leigh Needleman
Leigh Needleman 3 månader sedan
As someone who didn't grow up with NES, I don't think my sister and I would have played Curse of the Moon 1 without the infinite lives/zero knock back mode. It's a great quality of life feature to expand your audience and I think it was an excellent choice.
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 3 månader sedan
Sounds awesome, but I’m going to wait for the Physical on Switch to buy this.
Magesh M
Magesh M 3 månader sedan
U look like Low budget john wick
Jeffrey Galie
Jeffrey Galie 3 månader sedan
Are we taking a stroll back to 1995?
Steven Santoro
Steven Santoro 3 månader sedan
Red Dead Redemption 2 Review Please!
KungFuKuya 3 månader sedan
that hair, raziel?
JoJo Warrior
JoJo Warrior 3 månader sedan
Can you please please do a “remember the Titans“ review…? It would really help in this time and age!!
David King
David King 3 månader sedan
Jeremy do avatar the last airbender cartoon review
Striljr 3 månader sedan
you should have done a review on Streets of Rage 4.
Mayor Joshua
Mayor Joshua 3 månader sedan
U can put your switch on your pocket, just take the controllers away
BellowD Gaming
BellowD Gaming 3 månader sedan
JJ you should do more game review videos. Metal Gear and your RE game reviews are few if the best I've seen in youtube.
mdkleve 3 månader sedan
Been playing curse of the moon all day and night. love it
Daniel Dover
Daniel Dover 3 månader sedan
What I loved about the Bloodstained series is that it feels like it came from this Alternate Universe where Castlevania never existed and there was always only Bloodstained. And it's GOOD. I had so much fun with those games.
Entertainment Wizard
Entertainment Wizard 3 månader sedan
Limited Run Games can't do a Vita version, only eastasiasoft can do vita physical releases now!
Jorge Daniel Garcia Garza
Jorge Daniel Garcia Garza 3 månader sedan
I really enjoy hearing your opinion on games, currently burning through the last of us part II to watch your spoiler talk!
ثامر المطيري
ثامر المطيري 3 månader sedan
Please we want a translation of your videos in Arabic please, please .
TheCreepypro 3 månader sedan
man it is nice to see a game like this not only get it due but also be so affordable
Collin Michael
Collin Michael 3 månader sedan
I’m highly anticipating your video on palmsprings
Diego Ramos24
Diego Ramos24 3 månader sedan
Review Palm Springs, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.
seth sprague
seth sprague 3 månader sedan
Vita Boyz
JJ Miles
JJ Miles 3 månader sedan
Did you review South Park The Fractured But Hole game yet?
Icon94 3 månader sedan
I want Jeremy to have a gaming channel
Lyle Davids
Lyle Davids 3 månader sedan
Drinking game based on how many times he says bloodstained curse of the moon 🤕
B C 3 månader sedan
Its jahn wick
TheHubb Stuff
TheHubb Stuff 3 månader sedan
SOTN forever. Please do a review of Shia new movie trailer "the tax collector"
nondjmaster 3 månader sedan
Please do Fary Cry 6 reveal and cinematic trailers.
badmaaash 3 månader sedan
It’s jump and hold, not jump hold and down. Used to do it like you and messed up my timing a lot till i figured it out.
Jimmy Tan
Jimmy Tan 3 månader sedan
Jeremy you ever think of streaming?
TheMetalGaia 3 månader sedan
Please, more videos featuring your doggos!
Fabian Rojas
Fabian Rojas 3 månader sedan
Your beard distracts me much
Matata 007
Matata 007 3 månader sedan
Bro you have to play the messenger
Mister E
Mister E 3 månader sedan
I think we all pretend that this is just a Castlevania continuation. Cause Konami isn’t doing anything good for the franchise. They’ll probably rerelease SOTN on next gen for a quick buck and call it a day.
Darugdug 3 månader sedan
bruh i thought ur reviewing aNIME
mUCHO Duong
mUCHO Duong 3 månader sedan
Had to check the vid release year when I heard PS Vita mentioned
Luis Alvarado
Luis Alvarado 3 månader sedan
Movie: The Legend of BAAHUBALI 1 & 2
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 3 månader sedan
I hope you do another alternate universe Jeremy Johns video again.
Brian Knoke
Brian Knoke 3 månader sedan
Jeremy please review Guns Akimbo! I just watched it tonight. In my opinion it is an extremely over-the-top action thrill ride with lots of good comedy.After watching years and years of your reviews I really think that you would like it.
Tyicius 3 månader sedan
How about a Swordfish movie review?
Wesley Z.
Wesley Z. 3 månader sedan
So... Those other reviews soon right?
GLORYORDEATH 116 3 månader sedan
What's up Jeremy great review as always and I tell a game you should really check out if you haven't already is The Messenger, it's friggin AMAZING man for real it starts off in 8 bit and after a certain point it switches and you jump back and forth between 8 and 16 bit, great platforming, combat, action and some really good humor as well. Also there is an animated series called PRIMAL by Genndy Tartakovsky, same guy who did Samurai Jack and the original Clone Wars shorts that I'd love to hear your take on cause the adventures and emotions the two main "characters" take you on throughout the season, I'm talking laugh out loud to damn near crying....and not a single word of dialogue is really quite amazing. So the challenge is issued, the gauntlet thrown down, watch PRIMAL first season and give us one of your great reviews on it
Leo Rodrìguez Guti
Leo Rodrìguez Guti 3 månader sedan
Daniel Joseph
Daniel Joseph 3 månader sedan
God you need to play hollow knight
unchartedrocks1 3 månader sedan
Any1 played the run & gun game Blazing Chrome?
Whiteyforever1 3 månader sedan
Please review Doom Patrol please 🙏. I guarantee you'll love 💘 the series.
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo 3 månader sedan
Jeremy you should watch "Dark"
hakkensensai 3 månader sedan
Konami "We're not making new Castlevanias." IGA "Fine, I'll make my own with blackjack and hookers!"
Justin Clowater
Justin Clowater 3 månader sedan
Still waiting for that review of Jeremy's quarantine hair
UpInHurr 3 månader sedan
I also was wondering about that Death Stranding review! I'd also recommend Control if you haven't played it yet! Very metroidvania but within an over the shoulder semi-open world perspective...
Jack Palmer
Jack Palmer 3 månader sedan
Yo Jeremy you should review Palm Springs
Erick Alvarez
Erick Alvarez 3 månader sedan
Just rewatched Speed Racer on HBO max. I always thought the movie was good but watching it now that I'm older I think its great. Would like to see what you think about it now that it's 12 years old
Macro Content
Macro Content 3 månader sedan
2019 had a lot of bangers. RE2 remake, Bloostained ROTN, Sekiro, The Outer Worlds, Link’s Awakening, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Castlevania Collection, and I can keep going. Bloodstained is filling the hole left by Konami and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Koji Igarashi is the only person I trust with the franchise at this point and it’s in good hands, since the same director, artists, and composers are also involved in Bloodstained that also worked on Symphony of the Night along with other Castlevania games.
Black Condor
Black Condor 3 månader sedan
your review of games is awesome, like your movie review. you are awesome reviewer.
killgaz motron
killgaz motron 3 månader sedan
Blue77ewolf 3 månader sedan
Ritual Of The Night. I got the Plat trophy on PS4. DAMN GOOD GAME. Totally worth it
Draegor X
Draegor X 3 månader sedan
CoTM2 is pretty good. Just finished the first playthrough, big fan of the original.
Miya Takamura
Miya Takamura 3 månader sedan
Do a review for Need For Speed HEAT right now. *I SAID RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!*
zbennalley 3 månader sedan
I want everyone to look at the go to his videos thumbnails on the channel and you can literally see the visual growth of Jahn's hair. Go..... I'll wait..... That's pretty cool right!? Also go ahead and click that like button and subscribe to his channel. 👍
Simon Lafortune
Simon Lafortune 3 månader sedan
some guys look fantastic in a beard and jeremy is one of them
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 3 månader sedan
I personally don't like that you only have one attack. I get that's how games in the 90s were but it wasn't fun for me. I still bought it cause I think the developers deserve to be awarded. It's a good game. Just one I don't like.
Scott Prazak
Scott Prazak 3 månader sedan
Jeremy’s looking more and more like Edmund Dantes in every video!
Francisco Lourandes
Francisco Lourandes 3 månader sedan
Jeremy the bois and I are replaying snake eater, hop on
fickdiebiaatch 3 månader sedan
Please review „7500“!!!!!
happy 3 månader sedan
I love metroidvania type games! It's my fav genres.
Goobernater81 3 månader sedan
Play Hollowknight, literally the best game in the metroidvania genre
Jewel Jade Flores
Jewel Jade Flores 3 månader sedan
Watch Japan Sinks in Netflix a very good and depressing anime
mike the kraken
mike the kraken 3 månader sedan
I’m just here to ask Jeremy to review The Umbrella Academy... especially before season 2 starts
Dakota_ _
Dakota_ _ 3 månader sedan
Dude do the train to buscan movie review
korodi zsolt
korodi zsolt 3 månader sedan
Play Deus ex games those are good two
Just some Guy
Just some Guy 3 månader sedan
I actually enjoy curse of the moon 2 better than the first and I think I enjoy both curse of the moons better than ritual of the night. Also I feel ritual of the night is closer to aria of sorrow and dawn of sorrow than sotn.
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