Brahms: The Boy II - Movie Review 

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The Sequel to "The Boy"....Ok, this feels like a January movie in February. But here's my review for BRAHMS: THE BOY II!
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21 feb 2020



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Yaz TheAngel
Yaz TheAngel 2 månader sedan
This movie SUCKED!!! God I started laughing in the theater when I was watching it I couldn’t stand it, the story was dumb, it destroyed the first movie! The first movie was awesome, the real Brahms was amazing such a sick twist! This movie wasn’t even needed, yes I was hoping for a “The Boy 2” BUT with the same characters Brahms Heelshire and Greta Evans I NEED MORE OF THEM!!! I hope one day we will get that original beautiful story back and not the new one. Brahms X Greta for life! 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Kaio_K!d 2 månader sedan
I rented this movie for my mom since we watched the first one. 10 minutes into it I said "what if the doll was really the one calling all the shots", and Boy was I right!
Zay 0825
Zay 0825 3 månader sedan
Movie had no relations to the first movie 🤦🏽‍♂️
Marko Delich
Marko Delich 4 månader sedan
Am I the only one who liked this movie? It kinda changed the concept, but it was pretty solid. The pacing was decent, the screenplay and the directing are average... The jumpscares were unnessecary, the middle marathon is often when it comes to writing a screenplay, this movie has total opposite. The middle of this movie is slow, saggy, boring and really dumb. I'd give it a 7.5/10
Cyrus Chang
Cyrus Chang 4 månader sedan
What creeps me out is the doll's resemblance to Jared Kushner.
Brandy Taylor
Brandy Taylor 5 månader sedan
Just connect the dot from the first movie and you can see where this film is going.....Producers and director needed to reflect this more in this film
Evil Queen
Evil Queen 5 månader sedan
I don’t even know why this movie had to exist, the first one was so great and the twist being just a psychopath man living in the walls doing all that shit was just genius! They ruined it for me.... no one needed another Annabelle
Ahmad Ilyas
Ahmad Ilyas 5 månader sedan
the boi
santiago calderon
santiago calderon 6 månader sedan
The first movie was not perfect but it was definitely better than this
ณมน วัฒเนสก์
The Boy 2 makes me feel sad. I thought it would be like a story about Greta after she ran away from Brahms. She married Malcolm and had a son. Brahms died and he came back . And the scene in the trailer when someone fell on some thing sharp I thought it was Malcolm. (Like what she did to Brahms at the first movie)
Pepe Polo
Pepe Polo 6 månader sedan
The moment the 300 pound table flipped and the mom still didn't realize a little boy can't do that and then the dad blames the mom for it... like bruh....
Stefan Richard
Stefan Richard 6 månader sedan
This guy makes even less sense than the movie. :/
Juwan Johnson
Juwan Johnson 7 månader sedan
Movie was terrible
Sophie Jocelyn
Sophie Jocelyn 7 månader sedan
I didn’t even know that they released a sequel to The Boy... great marketing clearly. 🤔
J 7 månader sedan
The Boy and the Boy II are two different films. There is nothing about the two which relates to each other. The only thing was the previous family. They made sure to mention the family over and over again. I guess they wanted us to believe that by doing so the movies would relate but they didn’t. Horrible films but they should have continued with the original concept. The F’d it up!!!!
amudu kalleh
amudu kalleh 7 månader sedan
It was sooo boring 4/10 i was sleeping at the enddd rlly number 1 all day 2 im outta here
Cole REVIEWS 7 månader sedan
The Boy (2016) C-
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black 7 månader sedan
Vomit a script. LMAO.
Robin Valdez
Robin Valdez 7 månader sedan
The boy was actually good and the boy 2 seems like it is conflicting with the very point of the first one
Shannon Hill
Shannon Hill 7 månader sedan
Seriously, this sequel blows big time. I mean if the director had announced that this movie took place in a different universe where Brahms IS supernatural than I'd probably be ok with it. But the fact that they tried to both retcon and connect the first movie just fills me with anger. Just pick one!!! Because otherwise you're ruining the first film by connecting it with this one! I liked the first one because at least it had some entertainment value and I liked that it wasn't supernatural. The concept was actually kind of realistic and horrifying when there have been real life cases of strangers living in crawlspaces, walls, basements, etc. Its a terrifying thought to think someone else could be in your house sneaking around when you are not aware of it. But the sequel just said " Nah! Let's completely ruin everything original and just make a generic possessed doll movie! Yeah, let's get paid." I mean they could've done a prequel at least considering the first movie gave lots of hints and even stated that Brahms ( you know the human that the doll was CUSTOM MADE FOR) had problems well before the doll ever came into the picture a.k.a he killed a little girl when he was eight years old, hurt other children his age, had problems cooperating at school, etc. Like, there was some potential for at least a prequel if apparently they couldn't figure out how to do a sequel. So much of the sequel makes no sense if you have watched the first film. This movie shouldn't exist. Sorry for ranting but I swear they could've at least tried in making a film fans of the first movie would like.
Royal Ace Genesis
Royal Ace Genesis 7 månader sedan
BOY!!!!! - Kratos 2018
Hamza Rehman
Hamza Rehman 7 månader sedan
the jump-scare horror movie sound that you made is so good i'm dead
Wari 7 månader sedan
Well I guess I finally got my answer as to why Jeremy never reviewed the first film....he never saw it 😄😄😄
Daniel Boyce
Daniel Boyce 8 månader sedan
long time watcher first time commenting. I've been playing "Ark" and I'm ready to make a go of it
DIGITALN0MAD 8 månader sedan
Aaron energy
Aaron energy 8 månader sedan
I like it
Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop 8 månader sedan
Of all the movies that could have gotten a sequel why in God's name did they give the boy a sequel? Everyone's asking for a dredd sequel, I'd love another planet of the apes movie, but the boy, that gets a sequel
Theodore Brunette
Theodore Brunette 8 månader sedan
The witcher 3
LPTV 8 månader sedan
All of the reviewers went to go see this, so obviously they were interested. And I stand by the fact that this could have been a franchise.
Manny 6 månader sedan
....or they go to movies so they can make reviews
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson 8 månader sedan
U have the best bad movie reviews
Julz XD
Julz XD 8 månader sedan
Thank you fir saving me time and money. It does appear like script vomit. I watched The Boy on Netflix. Its not bad and I honestly don't think it needed a sequel. There was an ending to the first film. WTH is up with this weird sequel??
Roman Blecha
Roman Blecha 8 månader sedan
Movie for Kratos
Immense Dreamer
Immense Dreamer 8 månader sedan
Star wars jedi the fallen order
WAYNE KING 8 månader sedan
Bears win bowl
huntercrunch 8 månader sedan
I just got home from seeing this. I actually loved the first one, and found it really refreshing going into a haunted doll movie only to find out it wasn't supernatural whatsoever. I also liked the characters, which actually makes you care when they're in danger, which doesn't happen in most horror movies. I've definitely seen much worse than this movie, but I don't really understand why they retconned so much from the original and just made this an actual haunted doll. The family was likable enough, and the acting was good, but it wasn't scary, and the choice to retcon the first movie is puzzling to say the least. Still, it's far from the worst horror movie I've ever seen, and I think the director has a fair amount of talent that I could see eventually making a great movie. Hopefully if they make a third one, they actually have more continuity between them beyond a few references.
O'Neil Benjamin
O'Neil Benjamin 8 månader sedan
Horizon Zero Dawn.. like I can't put it down.. it makes me so happy :)
Joseph Coronado
Joseph Coronado 8 månader sedan
"Gimme that leg, boi!" - The Nightman
Kam Paschalis
Kam Paschalis 8 månader sedan
2:08 😂😂 spot on tho
Nick Grimes
Nick Grimes 8 månader sedan
Really dug that Face/Off reference! One of the best 90s action movies.
N0d4chi 8 månader sedan
WAIT WHAT; FF7 remake isnt going to be the entire game? WHAT THE FUCK
Gameboy538 8 månader sedan
haha I thought Jeremy was gonna dogshit this one
Loel Polo
Loel Polo 8 månader sedan
You are so right, I like the first one but this one I hated it. We seen it last night at five dollar Tuesdays and it still wasn’t worth it. Nothing but close-ups of Katie Holmes making weird faces and a close-up of the doll and that’s all it was. Not scary and not fun.
mike wise
mike wise 8 månader sedan
We need a review of the boy please.
Mark Kilkelly
Mark Kilkelly 8 månader sedan
MegaMan Zero collection on the Switch. Brings back so many memories.
Amir Amirul
Amir Amirul 8 månader sedan
Brahms actually offer something that no movies had done. Jumpscare, or should I say, wake-up call!
The Doobster
The Doobster 8 månader sedan
Fractured but Whole and Smash Ultimate. Only question I've answered. Seen every video.
D P 8 månader sedan
Crash Team Racing: Nitro-fueled. Soooo good!
Chidera Izuora
Chidera Izuora 8 månader sedan
I have been playing pes 2020 just got the game
Trio Pack
Trio Pack 8 månader sedan
Surprised Katie Holmes even did this film.
jennifer romero
jennifer romero 8 månader sedan
I forgot the first movie exists
TrinderTV 8 månader sedan
Would love to see a late review for the original film, just to see you give an even worse opinion for the second. Thought that Sinister and The Boy were two of the best horrors of the last ten years... their sequels are a joke
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 8 månader sedan
Honestly this sounds like a Child's Play ripoff, not interested in seeing it thanks for the review.
Jason Powell
Jason Powell 8 månader sedan
The first one at least had Lauren Cohan.
MIA Grass
MIA Grass 8 månader sedan
They should've took their time and made part 2 about how that doll and the first boy from the first movie so we can have a better understanding of shit bc I had high hopes for this movie.
MIA Grass
MIA Grass 8 månader sedan
@huntercrunch you can tell they didn't take their time the way this guy just review the movie and they just did whatever the storyline is crap the movie is ruined now.
huntercrunch 8 månader sedan
The weird thing is, they did take their time. The Boy came out 4 years ago, and would have been in production 5 years ago. It makes me wonder why they finally decided to make a sequel, and one that is only slightly related to the first one at that.
Andrew Ortega
Andrew Ortega 8 månader sedan
Enter the Gungeon. Can't put that game down.
MileageMayVary 8 månader sedan
Playing Banished on Steam.
Ryan Woodward
Ryan Woodward 8 månader sedan
Dude, that clip. “I don’t give a FUCK.” Lol. I died. 🤣🤣
B D 8 månader sedan
No Cohen damn 🚎🚌🚙🚕🚗
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle 8 månader sedan
Resonance of Fate
Joma Hawk
Joma Hawk 8 månader sedan
Did they at LEAST have somebody playing the newest God of War and have Kratos say “BOY!”? As for what game I’m hooked on, I’m playing through True Vault Hunter, Mayhem 4 in Borderlands 3.
David Smith Jr
David Smith Jr 8 månader sedan
MravacKid 8 månader sedan
I've been playing a lot of Tank Mechanic Simulator these past few days, it's a fun game if you like tanks but it gets tedious and repetitive pretty fast. But there's quite a few tanks in it so I've got a ways yet to go to get them all. :) And I've also reinstalled Hearts of Iron 4 to get warmed up for the upcoming La Resistance expansion.
Rob -J-00
Rob -J-00 8 månader sedan
Assassin's Creed Odyssey amazing game.
Cam N
Cam N 8 månader sedan
Just bought return to Arkham city on my Xbox because I haven’t played the story in a long time. This shit slaps. Top 5 games of all time. Pretty hooked on this right now
tega64100 8 månader sedan
Jeremy , dude you are hilarious 😆- I just love you enthusiasm- cheers mate
clint mcbride
clint mcbride 8 månader sedan
I've been hooked on Terminator: Resistance. It's not an amazing game in it's own right and it does literally nothing new, but it treats the source material with mad respect. So much respect, for the future war aspects of the original 2 Terminator films, is on display here that I love it. It's definitely worth playing if you are a fan of the James Cameron Terminator films.
jdzencelowcz 8 månader sedan
I liked how it wasn't predictable, & how it's as Hammer-esque as the first film.
Spencer 8 månader sedan
The Boy 2 would’ve worked a lot better if it came before Boy 1. The concepts would’ve made a lot more sense. Sorta, kinda, not really. But I think it would’ve flowed a lot smoother
Rekt Lord Onegaminus
Rekt Lord Onegaminus 8 månader sedan
Damn Jeremy, giving Kratos a run for his money with how many times he says "boy" in this video
TG5455 8 månader sedan
I'm not your boy toy...(Boy Toy)...I'm just a sexy boy. 😆
MellowMadnessRMX 8 månader sedan
The movie was pure garbage 😡
Conor Maynard
Conor Maynard 8 månader sedan
"You need to be in a coma to enjoy this movie" - Jeremy Jahns / 2020
Shabako Cooper
Shabako Cooper 8 månader sedan
Hey dumb dumb. The boy 2 might suck.. But you might wanna watch the original BEFORE reviewing the 2nd. Lazy ass!
Andriej69 8 månader sedan
No surprises here yet again
Taskmaster 8 månader sedan
and that's why I love this channel. keep it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smug_grinch 8 månader sedan
That jump-scare sound is called a stinger.
Frost 8 månader sedan
2 video games I'm kind of hooked on at the moment is RE7 and Neir Automata
Frost 8 månader sedan
The part where Jeremy wakes up from his nap was timed perfectly, with one of my roommates slamming the door and waking him up lol
Elliot Gillies
Elliot Gillies 8 månader sedan
I’m genuinely impressed by Jeremys rather authentic horror sound 😂
D Mittleman
D Mittleman 8 månader sedan
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Damn you, Epic Games, and your free deals.
TGK AFG 8 månader sedan
Jan an' Feb have always been dump months, up 'til Deadpool came out.
Svpremee 8 månader sedan
Lindsay Langdon
Lindsay Langdon 8 månader sedan
I'm currently playing Ocarina of time Master Quest, and I just started the Water Temple...so that's how much fun I'm having..
BlkRathalos 7
BlkRathalos 7 8 månader sedan
Haha fifa 20
INFJoy 8 månader sedan
2:19 😂
Pete Rich
Pete Rich 8 månader sedan
I'm currently replaying Final Fantasy X
Palladiamors 8 månader sedan
This gets a like just for the Final Fantasy VII talk.
XShrike 8 månader sedan
There is a icecream and burger chain called Braum's. When I hear this films name, I think of icecream.
Time Lord Spock
Time Lord Spock 8 månader sedan
The video game I'm hooked on is The Witcher 3
Joshua Blitzer
Joshua Blitzer 8 månader sedan
New drinking game! Every time he says “boy”, take a drink! How many times does he say “boy”?
Erik Hilton
Erik Hilton 8 månader sedan
This guy dissed on the sonic movie
Dave 8 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, when is your Death Stranding review coming out? I'm still waiting for it. See ya!
Krystal Ballin
Krystal Ballin 8 månader sedan
Lets here it for the boy
lfyoung 8 månader sedan
I would like to see your review of Haunting of hill house
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 8 månader sedan
I didn't bother with it, because when i saw the trailer and the mum jump scared the doll and the jump scare sound played my eyes rolled back so fast they hit relativistic speeds making my eyes younger then the rest of me.
Evan Hakansson
Evan Hakansson 8 månader sedan
My mans! Please Review FF7!
kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena 8 månader sedan
I forgot what this movie is about
S. Souless
S. Souless 8 månader sedan
Please watch The Boy and review it. It was enjoyable and a nice fresh breath. So i was excited about its sequel. Now I'll wait for the free download instead. 😀
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 8 månader sedan
I may be biased cause I went with a group of friends but the movie is enjoyable to a degree. Was it original? Not really, some characters land are flat but for a copy paste generic horror movie it's aight for a night out. 3/5 for me
Faust. D3
Faust. D3 8 månader sedan
Ultima Materia, of course! Lol
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