Broken Arrow - Movie Review 

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Another 90's action movie where the villain steals the show. Let's talk about BROKEN ARROW!


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1 maj 2020



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You forgot to meantion a lot of things: Like all the action sequences are all practical done for real. Ton's of explosions practical done. Army demanded that John Travolta takes the uniform off beacus ehe become the tratior. Christan Slater quit smoking for preperaing for this role. The stunt work in here is very dangerous and all practical real, for example Christian Slater's character is right above the ground shooting the helicopter and you see the helicopter hops right over him and Samantha Mathis one in the same shoot. The helicopter almost cut Samantha Mathis legs if Christian Slater wouldn't pulled he away she would have been almost cut, that stunt was for real and it was real dangerous. This is my movie and I like practical effects and stunts that are done for real. Christian Slater run's while John Travolta and Howie Long are trying to run over him with a army jeep Am General HMMWV M1043 and Christian Slater jumps on the back of the jeep and John Travolta hit's the back of the jeep HMMWV M1043 in front that army jeep. That stunt was real and it was really dangerous. Christian Slater did his own stunts. No CGI or fancy editing that was all done for real a lot of dangerous stunts in this. It is an adrenaline rush and an underrated film. No one talks about it today. The most underrated, unapreciated underrated action movie of the 90's. Does not deserve the goddamn HATE!!!!!!!!!!!
The Frog
The Frog 2 månader sedan
Not a word about the butterflies scene, I'm shocked ‼️🙃
1mezion 2 månader sedan
Yeah I definitely laughed my ass off when they switched John with the dummy in the tree
Shapoor Painda
Shapoor Painda 2 månader sedan
Bird box
Hugo Tate
Hugo Tate 2 månader sedan
“Christian slater, “nows your time”” is the best way to describe him lol
Hugo Tate
Hugo Tate 2 månader sedan
Samantha Mathis is hot
Sexy Abs
Sexy Abs 2 månader sedan
Travolta's villain character same as when he played in Face/Off lol. 😂
megachimene 3 månader sedan
Dang im on a rush... Wooooh
Loay Fraih
Loay Fraih 3 månader sedan
Best John woo american film is hard target
Leslie Scott
Leslie Scott 3 månader sedan
I agree with everything Jeremy Jahns said about this movie . I saw Broken Arrow in the theatre back in the 90s, and the thing that always stood out for me, was the amazing score, and John Travolta's incredible charismatic performance has the villain . Christian Slater becomes little more than an after thought in this movie . He is completely blown off the screen by Travolta, giving a performance, that only he could pull off . He was the bad guy . A good old fashioned, mustache twirling villain . The kind of which, we don't see anymore . These days villains have to be sympathetic, like Zod, or Thanos . Bullshit, I prefer a villain who's just bad . Which is what John Travolta was in this movie, but he was also extremely cool . Even the way he smoked is cigarette was cool, and I'm an anti smoker, but that guy made it look cool . What a musical score . An what a film . Broken Arrow gets an A for me . Love that movie .
C Hraeloni
C Hraeloni 3 månader sedan
3:51 oh my god I lost it here lmao
Andrew Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard 3 månader sedan
BOILING POINT with WESLEY SNIPES DENNIS HOPPER has twists and turns that are CRAZY
Battle Born
Battle Born 4 månader sedan
Just saw this due to your review. Really fun movie
MyLinuxGR 4 månader sedan
I really liked that film, despite the plot being a little silly sometimes. Travolta was great in that film and very funny too!
Michael Watts
Michael Watts 4 månader sedan
The first time I seen this movie I was 13 on vacation in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I watched Broken Arrow in Broken Arrow lol I'm not even joking.
Erik Ramaekers
Erik Ramaekers 4 månader sedan
John Woo made a couple of masterpieces in Hongkong but i think Hard Target is the only good movie he made in the states.Not the overblown Face Off or this movie.Not bad but nothing special.
Raveous Carlias
Raveous Carlias 4 månader sedan
Broken Arrow was awesome
Agasthya 4 månader sedan
Please review Executive Decision.
szewei85 4 månader sedan
haha great old mid 90s summer action
Ed 4 månader sedan
Curious what you think of The Peacemaker. Been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time.
JoshuaM 4 månader sedan
"I said got damn what a rush!" Love that you included that quote.
Quentin Moore
Quentin Moore 4 månader sedan
"Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?"
stinky pinky
stinky pinky 4 månader sedan
You're a pretty likeable guy.
Darth Javo
Darth Javo 4 månader sedan
John Woo movies...doves...ahhahahhaahah
Darth Javo
Darth Javo 4 månader sedan
Hard boil ...inspector Tequila
Darth Javo
Darth Javo 4 månader sedan
Tequila...inspector Tequila.....boiling
Guillaume I
Guillaume I 4 månader sedan
last sentence in the movie is christian slater saying : put me in
Jef Costello
Jef Costello 4 månader sedan
Hard target is the shit, please review that.
Matej Sojka
Matej Sojka 4 månader sedan
Speaking of Christian Slater, please react to "Pump up the Volume". Sure the movie has it's problems but it is my guilty pleasure.
Notgiven Notgiven
Notgiven Notgiven 4 månader sedan
You tried to kill me. But I still like you. Yeah, I love Travolta as a bad guy
Mike Dignum
Mike Dignum 4 månader sedan
Travolta was good in The Generals Daughter & Basic also.
Afr0 Cuban
Afr0 Cuban 4 månader sedan
Do Fair game lmao that movie was pure 90s action all the way through
eric peterson
eric peterson 5 månader sedan
While I agree that Travolta made this movie, you are selling Slater and Mathis short. I really liked them, especially Slater, who I don't particularly care for. I really bought Slater as the action hero. He never really was this good again. And because Travolta was so in control, it really made me root for Slater. And what about Giles? And Red from that 70s show? so many good character actors.
Michael Newman II
Michael Newman II 5 månader sedan
Easily o e of my favorite movies for No reason other than Travolta,and Im not a Travolta fan. But man he was a bkast as the bad guy, so many good lines (many of which I still quote).. Samantha Mathis was a cutie, girl nextdoor type, and the Slater, the guy who is just too cool to be super popular, but famous enough. Had no idea they reused the theme in Scream, that was hilarious new information
Abandapart 1984
Abandapart 1984 5 månader sedan
Check out a Killer... It's also another bad ass John Woo flick...
luckystriker 5 månader sedan
Hard Boiled / The Killer / A Bullet In The Head. My John Woo Top 3.
Steelersgal89 5 månader sedan
This has always and will always be one of my favorite movies. I noticed the music being used in Scream 2 and just couldn't take that seriously. It's Broken Arrow's music, even if it hadn't been made first. Which it was. The music was awesome so I can't blame the Scream franchise for wanting to use it.
BrokenGod Ent.
BrokenGod Ent. 5 månader sedan
Love Samantha Mathis and Christian Slater. Pump Up the Volume is one of my favorite coming of age movies ever made. Super underrated.
Doc 5 månader sedan
Seen it....thumbs down.
TelevisionTunnelvision 5 månader sedan
You gave this a higher rating than knives out.
John Jacobs
John Jacobs 5 månader sedan
Superman lll, please!
Jason McMurtry
Jason McMurtry 5 månader sedan
Saw this in theaters with my dad when I was 15, still love it, yay Hard Boiled is one of my favorites
Scott William
Scott William 5 månader sedan
True lies 1994 Bad boys 1995 Desperado 1995 Goldeneye 1995 Eraser 1996 The Rock 1996 Con Air 1997 Face/off 1997 Cliffhanger 1993 The Getaway 1994 Leon The professional 1994 Point Break 1991
Scott William
Scott William 5 månader sedan
Please do a review of Point Break 1991
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod 5 månader sedan
Travolta is a legend
Daniel Irvine
Daniel Irvine 5 månader sedan
Do the Negotiator next please!
DX2tI 5 månader sedan
You know I always thought this movie was a rom com based on that cover.
Laura-Mae James
Laura-Mae James 5 månader sedan
There was also a scene where a guy fell off the train and you totally saw the dummy.
James Ray
James Ray 5 månader sedan
Maybe do a ConAir review?
Jock381 5 månader sedan
tHeWasTeDYouTh 5 månader sedan
I always remember this movies because I watched it in 2015 and a few days later my ex gf dumped me.........
snapslav 5 månader sedan
Have I watched it? Man, I didn't just like this movie, this movie is my FAVORITE 90s action flick! Incredibly quotable lines, awesome set pieces, smooth pacing, nice twists and turns to the story, and the villain's plot is legitimately well-thought-out for an action film! Granted, I probably rank this above _Die Hard: With a Vengeance_ due to nostalgia, because when I think of it, that one's pretty much the better film. Still, _Broken Arrow_ is at minimum "Buy it on Bluray" grade viewing, for me. =)
The Dime Drawer
The Dime Drawer 5 månader sedan
Review the original Point Break (1991) please.
Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis 5 månader sedan
Watch lucky number slevin
sonsy coquette
sonsy coquette 5 månader sedan
This movie was so entertaining. Face Off and Con Air.
Stephen 5 månader sedan
Another underrated film BASIC with Travolta
nic nierobus
nic nierobus 5 månader sedan
one of my favorite ever
Dok Holiiday
Dok Holiiday 5 månader sedan
Face/Off John Travolta and Nicholas Cage check it
niamh430 5 månader sedan
Please review Starship Troopers. So bad it's good or just soooooo good?!?
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 5 månader sedan
Oh man I need to see it.
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay 5 månader sedan
broken arrow!!!!! check out rain hard with the slater man! its awesome
Tim Kilborn
Tim Kilborn 5 månader sedan
Let's get a review for True Romance that's Christian Slater at his best and a killer supporting cast
Dear Banshee
Dear Banshee 5 månader sedan
Review Stargate! Just watched that for the first time in years.
Minik Jakobsen
Minik Jakobsen 5 månader sedan
one of the underated from 90's ''Falling Down'' with michael Douglas.
CloisForever29 5 månader sedan
Hard Target?
Joshua Luna
Joshua Luna 5 månader sedan
thelookuplookdown 5 månader sedan
What about "True Lies"?
Vincent Wong
Vincent Wong 5 månader sedan
I dunno why, but I've never clicked on something so quickly
HellthyJunkFood 5 månader sedan
cd1517 5 månader sedan
I liked Slater in Hard Rain.
MrDeadhead83 5 månader sedan
Dear Jeremy. Please please please please please please do a review of Con Air
Victor Creed
Victor Creed 5 månader sedan
"True Lies" Arnold Schwarzenegger and the then savagely hot JLC.
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
*ill watch some doves get nuked*
Devecz László
Devecz László 5 månader sedan
Since you're watching '90s movies, how about the Lethal Weapon series? How long did you see those ones?
GeekDetritus 5 månader sedan
My dad took me to see this in the theater, and I was so excited, because I was going to see a Rated R movie, in Junior High. Had a blast!
Matty M
Matty M 5 månader sedan
JJ all swords are double edged, what you're thinking of is a knife.
Danny Morfenski
Danny Morfenski 5 månader sedan
90s action movies were just amazing. My girlfriend is 12 years younger than me she was born in 91 and she refuses to watch them. I just watched Face off and Time cop. You should do a review of those 2.
Wikanda Kitana
Wikanda Kitana 5 månader sedan
Jean claude van damme - Nowhere to Run!!! Pleeeeeeeease. Thanks!
Pontius Porcius
Pontius Porcius 5 månader sedan
This movie has the single best complaint about a bad situation, "What a Mongolian clusterfuck!"
John Soda
John Soda 5 månader sedan
Face/Off next please
J. W
J. W 5 månader sedan
Hi Jeremy Any chance of a 'Deep blue sea' review? Cheers!
Matthew Rollins
Matthew Rollins 5 månader sedan
Want to review a movie that didn't age well? I submit to you Species.
Jason Nicholson
Jason Nicholson 5 månader sedan
Are you taking movie suggestions Kiss of the Dragon (Jet Li) Payback (Mel Gibson) Fortress (Christopher Lambert) The Saint (Val Kilmer) Sudden Death (JCVD) The Substitute (Tom Berenger) Deep Rising (Treat Williams) Soldier (Kurt Russell) Passenger 57 (Wesley Snipes)
David Roy
David Roy 5 månader sedan
How about Swordfish??
Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez 5 månader sedan
Dude I would love to see you do a review on Constantine (2005)
NicKeLas 5 månader sedan
I've been wanting to see this since I was a kid but never got the chance. I did eventually watch it in my university years. That was highly disappointing, especially after watching other 90's action film's for the first time like "Face off", "Con Air". Those were fun and, some cool action, and great interaction between the characters. This one... had Travolta. That's it, nothing else memorable for me. Definitely don't ever want to rewatch it, I remember being bored and waiting for something to happen, and then the movie ended. And yeah, "The Rock" is still better than any of those and totally held up for me through the years.
persie PRINCE
persie PRINCE 5 månader sedan
josh2000film 5 månader sedan
Here’s a good 90’ flick “Sneakers” (1992)
gerBEARbot 5 månader sedan
So whats your hair routine? Shiny but nut greasy to me.
Tony Barnes
Tony Barnes 5 månader sedan
I LOVE this movie, purely to watch Travolta ... "Travolta it up" on screen! After he kills the Money Guy, "HUSH! ... hush..." SO GOOD!
Matthew Pullen
Matthew Pullen 5 månader sedan
Air Force One - Get off my plane
Ostro1980 5 månader sedan
Toy Soldiers 1991. Let's do it
Phat Critic
Phat Critic 5 månader sedan
This was the movie I went to see in theaters for my 13th birthday. Great memory. Rewatch this at the cottage pretty much every summer....."hush....hush!"
GoddessOfWhim2003 5 månader sedan
you're a better nostalgia critic than Nostalgia Critic, these have been fun. is Face/Off on your list for this 90s throwback, cause it should be
gutspraygore 5 månader sedan
"Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons"
Jorge Zarco
Jorge Zarco 5 månader sedan
I really like Broken Arrow, but let's be honest. It's a clone of Thunderball(1965). The plot for Speed(1994) was an homage to the 1975 Japanese film Bullet Train. There was a 1950's Western also called Broken Arrow.
Jorge Zarco
Jorge Zarco 5 månader sedan
Up your nose with a rubber hose! I found a Welcome Back Kotter book in our school library around 1991. John Woo directed comedies in Hong Kong as well as the 1975 Jackie Chan kung fu movie Hand of Death. Woo is more famous for his Sam Peckinpah style shoot em up action thrillers such as A Better Tomorrow, The Killer and Hard Boiled. He "went Hollywood" with the 1993 Jean Claude Van Damme film Hard Target.
Chimerat 5 månader sedan
I am wondering if you'll eventually get to "Air Force One" or "True Lies", since you're one "cheesy older movies" binge.
cedric crepin
cedric crepin 5 månader sedan
another great line from Travolta "do you mind not shooting ths nuclear bomb"
Oshyy 5 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy! I know this is an unpopular opinion but can you make a review for the movie "Event Horizon" ?? I always thought it was criminally underrated and I just want to know your opinions about it. And it would help the movie a lot if you talk about it since you have a number of audiences who watch your vids😁
Oshyy 5 månader sedan
I would do a review for it but I just don't have the furthest reach of an audience... So, if you'd consider... That'd be awesome!
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