Capone - Movie Review 

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A biopic about the last year of Al Capone's life and his declining mental state. Here's my review for CAPONE!


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13 maj 2020



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Deckard Cain
Deckard Cain 9 timmar sedan
Shame that people did NOT get this movie. Most reviews negative... Was a movie about a subject transcendent past it's setting and characters, which in my opinion was the point. Sure, AL CAPONE is the one in the movie going through this, but your individuality stops being as solid and maybe even meaning anything when your memories (what makes you, you) are deteriorating. The movie isn't about Capone as much as it's about the spiritual decay and horrifying journey through dementia/Alzheimers.
Deckard Cain
Deckard Cain 9 timmar sedan
A great reference point artistically to this is the Caretaker's 6 hour album on dementia. For me this was the movie version of that album
S1gm@_Wolf 26 dagar sedan
Linda Cardellini is so hot.
Liam Atack
Liam Atack Månad sedan
Not a fan of the film or the telling but enjoyed the basic plot and the acting was on point
Branden Loeser
Branden Loeser Månad sedan
Mmmmm pelts.... im dying 😆 🤣 😂 😹
Francesco DiStefano
Francesco DiStefano Månad sedan
dude how much did they pay you to give this a positive review?? wow.. this movie was UNBELIEVABLY horrible. very disappointed man..
Steven Ortega
Steven Ortega Månad sedan
I just watched Capone on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed it.👌🏽😎
OTW 2 månader sedan
Really liked this movie
RICO PARADISE 2 månader sedan
I love gangster movies & tom hardy but i just cant get behind this movie. Tom hardys take on capone is so off-putting it sticks out more than the cigar in his mouth for 99% of the movie.
DarkLycan89 2 månader sedan
This film was definitely sold differently to what it actually had in it. I ended up stopping the film and never returning because it was nothing like I had been expecting. Chances are I would not have even watched it if I had been shown the real plot but even then, I think the marketing did the film dirty.
Eddie Costa
Eddie Costa 2 månader sedan
This was a very crappy movie...
Chad Behnke
Chad Behnke 3 månader sedan
This movie was a pile of dung. I usually agree with Jahns, but , no. Laughably awful . He liked it more than Guns Akimbo? Covid boredom led to this.
Jack Joffy
Jack Joffy 3 månader sedan
It's one of the worst, most embarrassing performances I have ever seen. Tom Hardy was totally miscast and not up to the job as acting as Capone. Well at least the trailer made me laugh. lol.
Bertilfly 3 månader sedan
Tom Hardy is great in Peaky Blinders too....one of my Carona binges. Say this about English actors, they WORK...all the time...in all sorts of roles/productions.
Eric T
Eric T 4 månader sedan
I loved the tommy gun scene
RacerC45 4 månader sedan
Capone is wearing a diaper.
Coretta Ha
Coretta Ha 4 månader sedan
In the trailer, he reminds me of al Pacino in dick Tracy
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 4 månader sedan
I just watched your Wolf of Wall street review released 6 years ago....and i gotta ask... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED JEREMY???? Did you just hit puberty now?
The 80's Wolf
The 80's Wolf 4 månader sedan
Extremely underrated movie.
SoCali 4 månader sedan
Everybody's gangster until they get syphilis.
Callum Guy
Callum Guy 4 månader sedan
Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci 4 månader sedan
Why would anybody give a damn about someone elses hair in a movie review video, this is beyond dumb, im surprised he liked the movie tho, cos critics murdered it, so now ill actually watch.. P.s. im bald
SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms
Tom Hardy played a clone of Jean luc Piccard in Star TreK Nemesis.
Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar 4 månader sedan
wes hENRY
wes hENRY 4 månader sedan
I usually take all reviews with a grain of salt.. this movie was dog shit. Never flt like I deserved my money back after watching anything. But after the second trip to brown town or the scene with the eyeballs.. I think I'm owed
Grzegorz theMOVIEwatcher
Grzegorz theMOVIEwatcher 4 månader sedan
Tom as Bane is perfect.
BEAUTIFUL Music 4 månader sedan
Yeah the movie sucked but your hair doesn’t
Josh Nitkin
Josh Nitkin 4 månader sedan
I watched this movie last week... it is literally one of the worst movies I’ve seen in recent years... maybe longer. Just awful.
Drew A
Drew A 4 månader sedan
Jeremy actually enjoys this movie with no alcohol this guy not reputable I do enjoy your vids but I’m not gonna sub anytime soon Capone is one of the worst films I’ve seen in a long time
Digan lo que Digan
Digan lo que Digan 5 månader sedan
Brilliant movie!!!!! Brilliant expecting prequel Al Capone!!!!!
HunkMine 5 månader sedan
I hate the acting of Tom Hardy, not surprised it failed for a role that relied on dialogue. He is the most overrated actor of today who is just an old glamorized stuntman
Constable Constable
Constable Constable 5 månader sedan
All films about Capone up until now have been about his prime years, I think this film is a unique perspective into his mental decline. Which is something that hasn't been done.
Eduardo Jijon
Eduardo Jijon 5 månader sedan
Great hair
SHANNON Williams
SHANNON Williams 5 månader sedan
Tom Hardy in Stuart: A Life Backwards.
Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen 5 månader sedan
So far, Jeremy, my favorite Tom Hardy performance is Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012).
Niels Happylife
Niels Happylife 5 månader sedan
boring movie really was hoping for upcoming gangster capone not the old men shitting himself in his bed... :(
mad max
mad max 5 månader sedan
SPOILER Capone shits himself 3 times in this movie and wears a diaper....you're welcome guys!
Mark G
Mark G 5 månader sedan
I saw it last night. Tom Hardy was the only reason I watched the whole thing. 3 out of 5 for me
Adino1 5 månader sedan
Bronson was my favorite Hardy performance.
Mustafa Al Qallaf
Mustafa Al Qallaf 5 månader sedan
will Recommend other Al Capone movie's
itaketheSQUARE 5 månader sedan
Tom Hardy is like Winnie the Pooh, you just wanna squeeze him but then he gets stuck in a fucking hole trying to get that honey.
Just Another Doodle
Just Another Doodle 5 månader sedan
Jeremy hair is reverting to the early days
Bad JuJu
Bad JuJu 5 månader sedan
Rocking that just for men ultra black
Oliver Eide
Oliver Eide 5 månader sedan
Tom hardy is sick in Peaky BLinders i mean out of this world
Joann Wain Wright
Joann Wain Wright 5 månader sedan
This movie to me was boring didn't look like him at all didn't act like him Tom hardy isn't this movie yuk
QUITUTINCI TV 5 månader sedan
Jeremih we love you but don't lie, it was trash
Darrell Moore
Darrell Moore 5 månader sedan
Just saying my guy maybe natural born killers review on Hulu
Jovanny Lorenzo
Jovanny Lorenzo 5 månader sedan
I'm only a Capone aficionado cause i was born on the same date
George Blanchard
George Blanchard 5 månader sedan
Hardy’s Eddie Brock is patient zero himbo. I will watch him devour frozen tater tots anyday.
Frost Mei
Frost Mei 5 månader sedan
I feel like you should watch and review Boardwalk Empire. I'd like to know what you think.
Devin Simonds
Devin Simonds 5 månader sedan
Unfortunately I thought this movie sucked.. which is a shame because I love Tom Hardy but this was way too over the top
Roderick Asante
Roderick Asante 5 månader sedan
It's a slowburn .but it pays off really well.Dementia is really well portrayed.excited for venom 2.
Indoors 5 månader sedan
From the thumbnail I thought it was that guy from 'rise of the footsoldier' great movie I'd like to see him in more movies
David Beard
David Beard 5 månader sedan
You should review Bronson with Tom hardy and legend what a film
Joseph Mitzel
Joseph Mitzel 5 månader sedan
Do not give Trank a pass on Fan4stic. He destroyed the home the studio rented for him, threatened his actors and stopped showing up to the set a third of the way through the movie. Fan4stic was probably never going to be good, but it was even more crap because of him.
Phanom B
Phanom B 5 månader sedan
i thought the movie was fire actually i love how it shows how afraid he is of the things he created
Marwth 5 månader sedan
Me: came here to see about the movie Comments: Nice hair Me: wtf
v4der 5 månader sedan
your hair is just amazing
RaspyVA 5 månader sedan
The issue of this movie is that it’s extremely inaccurate and doesn’t have a consistent theme. At best it’s enjoyable when watching the main actors but the story is all over the place
NoJaYorK 5 månader sedan
So Joe Biden outro in present days or near future months?!?
Psycho_ Ravager
Psycho_ Ravager 5 månader sedan
That "Pelts!" part got me good. Hahahah.
Arnaldo Molina
Arnaldo Molina 5 månader sedan
The difference in the synopsis is a strategy by the Amazon. The audience will decide which movie to watch based on the synopsis they like.
Dan Fisak
Dan Fisak 5 månader sedan
atlanticbboy 5 månader sedan
Jeremy "Don't give a shit about my viewers" Jahns.
A.R Pradipta
A.R Pradipta 5 månader sedan
Who the hell didn’t know al capone 😂😇
Gladsley Reviews
Gladsley Reviews 5 månader sedan
Loved your plot interpretation of Empire Strikes Back. You should do more for other movies for example for Aladdin you could say "after tricking a poor homeless boy to being trapped in the cave of wonders. Jafar goes in pursuit to woo the Sultan's daughter." 🤣👍
Donnie White
Donnie White 5 månader sedan
Jeremy looks like a wolverine love this channel though
fukka 5 månader sedan
review phone booth plz
xray538 5 månader sedan
Everyone is shitting on this one but you.... hmmm I’ll trust ya.
dafuqawew 5 månader sedan
why does the thumbnail looks like Elon Musk starring in this movie lmaooo
Alfred Daniel
Alfred Daniel 5 månader sedan
Grace from Beyond The Trailer said this movie was shit. Literally and figuratively.
Q n D-Uos
Q n D-Uos 5 månader sedan
Happy 40th Late Birthday
A Penandroll
A Penandroll 5 månader sedan
I couldnt stand more than 10 minutes of this piece of shit movie. As soon as i heard Tom's voice everything went down hill...Horrible.
Hard Blues
Hard Blues 5 månader sedan
My favorite Tom Hardy movie was Lawless
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 5 månader sedan
Omg this SElosk commented change is a real mind fuck!? 🤔
Pan Pan
Pan Pan 5 månader sedan
This movie was so awful. If you value your time, skip it.
Frans Stal
Frans Stal 5 månader sedan
My mum says you are handsome
Joostin Kookel
Joostin Kookel 5 månader sedan
I came down to the comment section to compliment your hair, but the whole world beat me to it.
project Deryck
project Deryck 5 månader sedan
Im confused. Is this *John Wick* or *Ross Geller?*
Dee Cei
Dee Cei 5 månader sedan
Al Capone had untreated syphilis which fried his brain and took his life didn't it?
Alex Trigo
Alex Trigo 5 månader sedan
I wanted to see this movie!...now I don't. Also this guy in the video has the worst hair I've ever seen.
friggyk 5 månader sedan
*wait wasn’t there another movie similar to this one with also Tom hardy ?????*
Ashu Osake
Ashu Osake 5 månader sedan
I agree. This man is living his best hair.
WFA Phillips
WFA Phillips 5 månader sedan
I like the hair,Jeremy top notch 👌🏾
Iain Smith
Iain Smith 5 månader sedan
Warrior by far is my favourite Tom Hardy film. He's good in everything but that he is amazing.
jtturner1508 5 månader sedan
Hardy is up there with guys like DiCaprio and Denzel as one of the most elite actors of the last decade or so. He's such a phenomenal actor
Jerry Bergström
Jerry Bergström 5 månader sedan
Dude ya gotta revieq " The platform" spanish movie on netflix. Kinda like the old Cube movies with huges wft happened and wtf is this
Ricardo Pineda
Ricardo Pineda 5 månader sedan
Jeremy, how about a Serpico or Carlito’s Way review? You surely look the part. Great posts, bro.
Conor Maynard
Conor Maynard 5 månader sedan
Fant Four Stick: Jeremy Jahns 2020
ahmad mujtaba
ahmad mujtaba 5 månader sedan
Jeremy review's a review ...
reservoirdogsss 5 månader sedan
Jeremy do a review on you're hair
Austin Nwachukwu
Austin Nwachukwu 5 månader sedan
First thing I thought was goddamn that hair. Glad everyone else noticed lol
Scott William
Scott William 5 månader sedan
The movie is Meh
Bikash Gupta
Bikash Gupta 5 månader sedan
Dude just review RocknRolla
JJGerrard1980 5 månader sedan
Mae is the heart and soul of this movie?? She is barely in it and I wouldn't go into this movie looking for heart and soul bc it isn't to be found and has nothing to do with the plot.
I’m not a troll All the time
As a bald man I can confidently say, Jeremy is someone I now look up to...
Joshua Santana
Joshua Santana 5 månader sedan
Jeremy is starting to transfer into Wolverine little brother, Hogan.
Jasper Nelson
Jasper Nelson 5 månader sedan
Please review the lighthouse
Adhar Gupta
Adhar Gupta 5 månader sedan
Hair Tutorial ? Please. Thanks
Tardis crew
Tardis crew 5 månader sedan
Why do I see David scwimmer from friends when I look at you here
chillieice 5 månader sedan
I watched Bronson before I knew who Tom Hardy was and I think that is my favorite performance of him this far.
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