Cast Away - Movie Review 

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Nearly 20 years ago, Robert Zemeckis brought us a story starring Tom Hanks about a man trapped on an island, and the change it would have on him and his life. Here's my review for CAST AWAY!


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21 jul 2020



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Jonathan A.
Jonathan A. Dag sedan
Just rewatch Cast Away and yeah, all I can say it is great.
PhilOverKill_47 Gaming
PhilOverKill_47 Gaming 29 dagar sedan
Add a laugh track and some sound effects to this and it's the funniest comedy ever made.
Rock Månad sedan
I have made fire
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
"Permission to come abroad." LOL!!!
Mariah Curry
Mariah Curry Månad sedan
I love watching Castaway when I’m feeling sad because it reminds me things could always be worse.
getmefixed getyourselffixed
😡 Such a bad review. what use are you when you talk SPOILERS. Bye bye...
James Verner
James Verner Månad sedan
Isolation is super popular. Look at Minecraft is there any difference behavior wish?
undeadman7676 Månad sedan
I'm drawn to this type of show because I know without a doubt that I would NOT survive that situation and I want to absorb as much information as I can before I fly to Tokyo.
willmoua1 Månad sedan
When Wilson starts floating away while tom is struggling amidst the wind and waves......cries of agony, anguish....then boom! That somber, sad score comes on hard! You're a fucking liar if you said that didn't hit you.....and you didn't hold back those tears to preserve your machismo.
Mark Ciccolella
Mark Ciccolella Månad sedan
Jeremy I actually agree here and in a way Tom hanks in this movie is a metaphor for how Our need for attention and human connection can be a island to get away from and how his need for being by the books slowly ate at him like an drug addiction or Alcoholism and hitting what some people see as rock bottom (homelessness and the like) and how being stripped of all Materialistic items in life can change your outlook on your own existence.
ADjustinG2013 Månad sedan
this was the first movie i truly remember experiencing "suspense" with. The ending where the boat arrives and he sloooowly rolls over had me on edge.
Elijah Huerta
Elijah Huerta Månad sedan
Loving these old movie reviews
Bobby Badmon
Bobby Badmon Månad sedan
Wow, deleting comments that talk about why tom hanks moved to Greece and became a citizen. Wake up people!
David Ray
David Ray 2 månader sedan
I hope you review Saving Private Ryan, if you haven't already.
Pizza 2 månader sedan
Review greyhound plz
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk 2 månader sedan
Not a movie, but Lost is an amazing series about people on an island.
Poop Poop
Poop Poop 2 månader sedan
emin777 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, please review Mission to Mars.
iDroneFilmz 2 månader sedan
Awesome shout out to Conan O'Brian
The Variety Vendor
The Variety Vendor 2 månader sedan
We need more "permission to come aboard" cuts!
Milton2k 2 månader sedan
I have always loved the ending...... Otherwise..... Jeremy nailed it.
Milton2k 2 månader sedan
The score went in when he broke the big wave when leaving the island.
Xenolilly 2 månader sedan
You can watch Emma 2020. That's not an island movie, but it is a recent one. As for cast away, I liked it. It was Dad's favorite movie so we watched it a lot growing up.
Slimshadow457 2 månader sedan
We're missing the electric synth guitar after the "permission to come aboard"
dave flounders
dave flounders 2 månader sedan
So many feels in the movie When he makes fire 🔥 The toothache 😢 When he mistreats Wilson
Schmidteren 2 månader sedan
I'd love if you ever did a video on my favorite movie of all time. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.
Tylor Jones
Tylor Jones 2 månader sedan
Can you review lost
Devesh Sood
Devesh Sood 2 månader sedan
The red turtle is similar, but not really, but also good!
DINJA 2 månader sedan
It started with Robinson Crusoe.
LikeYoung 2 månader sedan
The Jason Momoa is killing me
Baaad Username
Baaad Username 2 månader sedan
Didn't talk about Wilson enough.
Twonkie 2 månader sedan
Not necessarily a “stranded on island” movie - but Swiss Army Man is phenomenal and has brilliant genre blending. Every time I watch either of those films (cast away, Swiss army man), I’m reminded of the other. Granted, Swiss is a lot more... oddball/arthouse I guess? Either way, they’re both great movies.
Hector Arredondo
Hector Arredondo 2 månader sedan
Didn’t. Realize that Cast Away has no score until when Jeremy said It could’ve used a score at the beginning When Tom created fire or even when he was escaping the island
MadmanJoE100 2 månader sedan
Could you review starship troopers jeremy?
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 2 månader sedan
It's a great one for sure.
tempt 666
tempt 666 2 månader sedan
The Road
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis 2 månader sedan
Cast Away is a masterpiece.
ThePeddle 2 månader sedan
I absolutely fucking love Cast Away. It came out in my final year of university and my girlfriend at the time turned to me as we walked out of the theater and she could see the smile on my face, she said "you loved that didn't you" Yes absolutely......"I hated it" she said......she's long gone........the fact there's no musical score the entire time on the island and it only kicks back in as he looks back on the island after making it across the reef when he finally escapes is brilliant. I could watch this movie every week. One of the best ever..
John Fitz
John Fitz 2 månader sedan
I’d definitely die on the island
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 2 månader sedan
Ghost of Tsushima doesn't even look great at all. Empty world, average graphics, poor physics etc it would have been great a few years ago. That studio doesn't know how to make great games. About cast away, great acting and it's a good film.
Kaden Arnett
Kaden Arnett 2 månader sedan
Awesome Jason Momoa impression
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso 2 månader sedan
Watch "THE RED TURTLE", it's a great animated movie about a cast away and it has no dialogue.
kitano0 2 månader sedan
The Red Turtle is phenomenal...calling it "about a cast away" is barely scratching the surface, however.
I always thought the missing music was to represent how much more alone it felt on the island. Like the world was a lot smaller during the island scene
Pontius Porcius
Pontius Porcius 2 månader sedan
This story is mostly inspired by Robinson Crusoe.
Guilherme Garcia
Guilherme Garcia 2 månader sedan
That “Permition to come aboard” was so good
TNF 2 månader sedan
Tom hanks never gets the girl in the end: 1. Forest Gump, wife dies 2. Castaway, gf thinks he’s dead and she marries another guy and has her own family. 3. The Terminal, the flight stewardess goes back to the cheating husband 4. Saving Private Ryan, he dies.
Glenn Ford
Glenn Ford 2 månader sedan
Ya just know at the end he did a 180 and stared back at her house for a few seconds , jumped in his truck, drove back, walked up to her door and said "hey wanna go ice skating?"
soxenbridge 2 månader sedan
While your doing flash backs can you pls do Space Adventure Cobra? Cheers
F-zero91maru 2 månader sedan
It’s a good survival movie.
ScottyJones48 2 månader sedan
Joe Powell
Joe Powell 2 månader sedan
Have not seen it yet, but I want to experience more tom hanks movies thank u for this review Jeremy
Joe Powell
Joe Powell 2 månader sedan
Have not seen it yet, but I want to more tom hanks movies thank u for this review Jeremy
jaimon john
jaimon john 2 månader sedan
2000 great year for movies gladiator cast away almost famous Requiem for a dream x men all kind of movies for everyone
Dickie 2 månader sedan
Don't you just feel old when someone asks what's a VHS 😂 😂
hkr006 2 månader sedan
We're all Cast Away at this point lol.
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 2 månader sedan
Robot chicken picked on this Once. Even mad magazine Among others.
UCHUU อะวาฬกาศ
John wick
Ramses Barrios
Ramses Barrios 2 månader sedan
If you liked Cast Away, you should watch the movie Jungle (2017) starring Daniel Radcliffe
Short Tom
Short Tom 2 månader sedan
Id love to see you review Swiss army man
Man of Tin
Man of Tin 2 månader sedan
"can we have Aquaman?" Mom: "no we have Aquaman at home" Aquaman at home: 3:43
Shaquille Ricketts
Shaquille Ricketts 2 månader sedan
He's really good at doing impressions, I want to hear more.
4th Horseman
4th Horseman 2 månader sedan
Damn virus got everybody rocking a beard.
Al & Holly Urioste
Al & Holly Urioste 2 månader sedan
I was stationed in Okinawa for two years and had just transferred back to the US when this movie came out. I never felt so homesick and alone and all I wanted was to leave the island and come home. This was years before social media, before smart phones, where you had to make an appointment at the base internet lounge just to write an email. A phone call home was .89 cents a minute, something done only once or twice a month. At the time Okinawa had only one internet data line, and when a passing ship accidentally damaged it, the entire island was offline for a few months. Those two years were the loneliest period of my life, but when I left I was a different person. A "veteran" so to speak. Then I saw this movie and I connected with it in ways I never thought a film could do. To this day it's easily in my Top 10, and has more meaning to me than almost any other film I've seen. And I still can't believe Tom Hanks didn't get the Oscar that year! I mean, I love Gladiator, but come on, there was no contest. Great review, Cast Away is indeed awesometacular.
Alex Lauriano
Alex Lauriano 2 månader sedan
Red turtle
CrimsonJax88 2 månader sedan
Do another BSG review now that you have the time, your old review is so short and now that you mention Adama I just felt like: Yeah JJ! Another frakkin BSG fan :)
privat privat
privat privat 2 månader sedan
5:51 thats why many people like zombie Apocalypse movies and series ..... its basicly a fresh start into a new world...imagine what we will feel when aliens arive on earth :D.
Vicente Gatica
Vicente Gatica 2 månader sedan
Cast away was the first strand like game jsjsjsjs
Samuel Cahill
Samuel Cahill 2 månader sedan
This is my second favourite movie EVER
trakrekkid 2 månader sedan
Review ghost of tsushima!
Suns Geek
Suns Geek 2 månader sedan
You are one of my heroes Jeremy!
Back Yard TARDIS
Back Yard TARDIS 2 månader sedan
Love castaway but Disney's swiss family Robison is my favorite
Cam Hardy
Cam Hardy 2 månader sedan
Castaway got me thinking similarly like Room. Whereas one primarily (Castaway) a real trapped isolation and (Room) is at first physical then mental. Both have love saving the person.
Hugo Iberri
Hugo Iberri 2 månader sedan
Can someone tell this guy that he can get a haircut now.
Clip & Fredrick's
Clip & Fredrick's 2 månader sedan
Could you please and please better days it’s a Chinese movie
Gus Olives
Gus Olives 2 månader sedan
Wow! I don't remember to have seen an awsometacular before! (Maybe I have... Possibly Logan?... Don't remember.) It's a very interesting movie. But I disagree with you: if you made reviews back then, you'd have made a terrible review, and said it makes no sense and has a terrible ending! Ah, youth! lol ..But seriously, it's a very interesting movie. Whenever I see it, I wonder whether I'd be able to make fire. And it's so cool when he's back, he picks a ..one of those things that lights candles, and gives a sigh or a smirk or whatever... lol The movie is great, and I completely agree with your grade on it: It's awesometacular! Cheers from Rio! o/ Gus
Ardiem3 2 månader sedan
One wonders. If one got stranded on a deserted island today, would their cell phone work? Would they be stranded for 4+ years too. Scary stuff to think about. Great movie and review by the way.
CharlieThunder24 2 månader sedan
decent momoa impression
Derick Moncado
Derick Moncado 2 månader sedan
Urban Noize Music
Urban Noize Music 2 månader sedan
A perfect and profound review for a great movie.
Urban Noize Music
Urban Noize Music 2 månader sedan
If you work your way backwards through the thumbnails of Jeremy's videos from last month, you can see his beard gradually growing up til now lol
Adam 2 månader sedan
The art of self defense
Blue Werewolf
Blue Werewolf 3 månader sedan
The only way to do this justice would have been to watch and review it without a trace of cynicism. Great review.
Fern H
Fern H 3 månader sedan
Review Twister!!! LOL
Seize 3 månader sedan
Bro... that fucking hair.
Christian Ogden
Christian Ogden 3 månader sedan
Someone please tell me what he's referencing when he does "in the year 2000"?
bust2007 3 månader sedan
One of my most loved movie
Chris Cossin
Chris Cossin 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, would you consider doing a review of The Room? Not the Brie Larson film, but The Room as in Tommy Wiseau
chille 3000
chille 3000 3 månader sedan
I don't understand why i never get any notifications for your vids. Not in recommended and neither in subscriptions page.
Josh from Guam
Josh from Guam 3 månader sedan
you should actually make a real video about movie trailers that ruined the movie.. sounds like a cool idea lol
Domomonster o
Domomonster o 3 månader sedan
great Mamoa impression.
David Dicken
David Dicken 3 månader sedan
Castaway on the Moon was a great Korean film, highly recommend it
TheAngryDanishViking 3 månader sedan
Did John Wick kill Jeremy and take over??? :p
Pizza 3 månader sedan
*WTF happened to Robert Zemeckis!?*
Araceli Millan
Araceli Millan 3 månader sedan
Have you seen Life of Pi? If so you should do a video on it, would love to see your thoughts on that movie! 🙏😊
goodguynow 3 månader sedan
I loved this movie from start to finish
Chris Cossin
Chris Cossin 3 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, totally random but I wanted to ask if you’d consider doing a review of Jumper? The one with Hayden Christensen and Jamie Bell. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, would love to hear your thoughts about it if you’re interested. Be safe ✌🏻
V I R U S []
V I R U S [] 3 månader sedan
Review Dragonheart
Logan 3 månader sedan
The beard is beautiful
Ryan M
Ryan M 3 månader sedan
give a like if you think Jeremy should do a top 10 movies of all time list
Roy B.
Roy B. 3 månader sedan
How's your hair modeling career going?
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