Castlevania: Season 3 - Review 

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Castlevania on Netflix has released season 3, and we're in a much different place than season 1. Here are my thoughts on it.


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9 mar 2020



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That Guy
That Guy 10 timmar sedan
Imagine the show decides to kill ISSAC off in season 4 episode 1.
AbstractAudition 3 dagar sedan
TLDR: The internet has and will continue to p0rn this.
YoMamaUgly yee
YoMamaUgly yee 9 dagar sedan
Isaac best character Idc fight me 😤
Matias 12 dagar sedan
I honestly thought Issac was the weakest part of the show. His first conversations were good, then the last two after that were pretty much the same. Then they end with him losing his patience. It was very boring, he was very boring as a character. Season 3 felt like it's setting up for Season 4 though, which I think is going to be a banger.
WhyteLis21 12 dagar sedan
Man, it sucks for Alucard, he can't catch a break. His arc was the weakest in my opinion. Much like season 2. They have to execute and develop his character better and more interesting like the rest. 😁
Lana D.
Lana D. 13 dagar sedan
lonely alucard is me
Tarek Chamas
Tarek Chamas 13 dagar sedan
G0T... UGH dont let me puke the last 2 seasons it turned to pure shit
Angelique Norman
Angelique Norman 17 dagar sedan
Isaac was my favorite by far... I also liked how Hector could clearly see that Lenore was doing but still fell for it.. Perhaps out of sheer loneliness.
Rejuvenating Rhythms
Alucards episodes was really bizarre after everyone started getting naked
Tyler Asuncion
Tyler Asuncion 21 dag sedan
Vampire Mommy was the best part of the season imo
Rejuvenating Rhythms
Rejuvenating Rhythms 22 dagar sedan
Man. They made my boi Hector a little bitch. That kind of annoyed me. Curse of darkness is the shit for him but the show just showed me he’s a fucking simp
Aidan Keogh
Aidan Keogh 23 dagar sedan
I'm most interested and hopeful in the wake of Isaac's talk with the captain. Despite everything, I get the feeling that his story- once he's gotten his revenge on Hector, or at least just after that business is concluded one way or another- will be about rediscovering the humanity that he lost, and learning to believe in love again. In a world as grim as Castlevania's, that'd be nice to see. "Why would a man with all your fantastic knowledge not use it to teach people how to be kind?"
DarkSteellotus 25 dagar sedan
I think Hector is playing a long con.... he cant escape now, but once that army is built he chops off his hand and takes the metal smith vampire with him ,for making a new prosthetic or he lets him make a "gauntlet" beforehand so once prepared he turns the army against the 4 sisters.... what Im sayin is: GIMME SEASON 4
Whereismyjam ?
Whereismyjam ? 26 dagar sedan
Season 2 is still my favourite. Though Season 1 episode 1 is still the best pilot to any show ever. Im excited to see Alucard in season 4, the ending where he's starting to become his father was really good. Rather than bring Dracula back, I feel Alucard will take the reigns.
Stella Fox
Stella Fox 27 dagar sedan
Hector isn't being played. Lenore is just giving him what he wants. He was Vlad's pet but now he's Lenore's pet....with BENEFITS (sex, a comfortable and luxurious life - after all he gets free access to all of the Stryia) Lenore is the perfect diplomat - she gets what she wants and Hector gets what he wants.
G Toyadha Tagya B
G Toyadha Tagya B 27 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or this season will lead to Alucard being the next Dracula?
H2Batavia 28 dagar sedan
I want to see seasons 10.
M 28 dagar sedan
It's been a really great series thus far as it makes the viewer truly consider many different subjects of what is good and evil.
Arnel Samson
Arnel Samson 29 dagar sedan
i like the ending of Alucard the spike, im glad they killed some characters ala George R Martin
Salman Alshamery
Salman Alshamery Månad sedan
I love fucking castelviana so fucking much
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan Månad sedan
I am the fan of the original game but I feel like series has the better story
Ryan Quintana
Ryan Quintana Månad sedan
As soon as lenore started interacting with hector I knew she was playing him, that poor guy didn't know what he was getting into
Hola Soy Hermosa UwU
I really hope season 4 will start with a new character :( and an enthusiastic non-betraying one. I would just rlly see castlevania season 4 rlly dull if its all just dissapointment and tears DX
This Justln
This Justln Månad sedan
Jeremy called Lenore RULE 34!!!! Im dying!!!, but seriously, those vampire pixels could get it ;)
Tommy Boogaloo Vercetti
Netflix please stop sodomizing fan favorite characters...
nicodimus2222 Månad sedan
Yes, Hector isn't too bright and is obviously being played. That said, I would still bang Lenore in the same situation. She's a hottie. Redheads, man.
Playfulpanthress Månad sedan
Love me some rule 34!! Alucard should have fucked his besties instead. His terrible, dropped him like a newborn giraffe, besties. :(
Vanessa Mendoza
Vanessa Mendoza Månad sedan
Could we just agree that Isaac is so boss in this season can't wait to more of him and his army in season 4
Nicholos Wilde
Nicholos Wilde Månad sedan
due i think season four is going to lead up to Castlevania: curse of darkness.
guts on the mic
guts on the mic 6 dagar sedan
Actaully season 3 was curse of darkness.cause, you know. A cult that was trying to revive dracula and all that
Federico Jimbo Smithson
I hope Netflix will give season on other eras on the Castlevania timeline, like with Richter', and Soma's
ShadowOkamiTime Spycookie
ShadowOkamiTime Spycookie 2 månader sedan
cbcastle Castillo
cbcastle Castillo 2 månader sedan
I am a Christian and this show puts Christianity in a strange place. One scene that I truly had a problem was when Isaac was sitting around the fire and asked who could speak the best and why he was put in hell. He said it was the Christians and Athens was worse off for it, but in all truth Athens was still a place of philosophy with a plus of now theology mixed into it as well. Good show but attacks the Christians quite a lot.
cbcastle Castillo
cbcastle Castillo 29 dagar sedan
@guts on the mic thats what they were going for, but at times i couldent tell if they were attacking the corruption within the Catholic church or Christianity in general
guts on the mic
guts on the mic 29 dagar sedan
the series isnt trying to attack christianity,but instead explore how those in power that use god as a excuse to do atrocious acts in the beliefs they were doing god`s work. the series is attacking corruption, not Christians
Cedric Bansah
Cedric Bansah 2 månader sedan
if you haven’t reviewed any anime shows i think you should start watching them and reviewing them really
Thomas Manko
Thomas Manko 2 månader sedan
Schmidteren 2 månader sedan
Agree on pretty much everything. Especially gotta note that Game of Thrones stuff.
The Lord of The Weebs
The Lord of The Weebs 2 månader sedan
For all the year I've seen/known of Jeremy. I didn't know he knew about ruke 34. Nice.
Tarif Wasi
Tarif Wasi 2 månader sedan
Fucking awful writing from the writers seriously it just felt like a garbage season of GOT with fan fiction galore and furthering political agendas. This show had potential for 2 seasons and after Dracula died the show basically died.
Anonymous 2 månader sedan
I was very disappointed with this season , when I watched season one I liked the anime so much to the point where I thought this anime is going to be huge but that’s Netflix they love to ruin everything .
Robert 2 månader sedan
Only 4 months ago? Man that feels like a life time by now
Unicorn Saw
Unicorn Saw 2 månader sedan
I fuking love alucard to death and I will kill for him 😔
Ashon James
Ashon James 2 månader sedan
Long story short, Hector is a simp
Cockroach- Spray
Cockroach- Spray 3 månader sedan
I thought Hector and the female vampire will fall in love but I Was definitely not expecting full tity sex scene.
Jackson Quinn
Jackson Quinn 3 månader sedan
I’ve noticed a few people upset about the gay sex scene. To that I say, now you know how we feel. Sitting through hundreds of straight sex scenes in popular tv shows every year. Seriously double standards much.
JF 2 månader sedan
Jackson Quinn yeah people complaining about it don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend it goes both ways.
FluffyFang 3 månader sedan
I feel like Trevor can't die at this point.
JF 2 månader sedan
FluffyFang trust me dude, im pretty sure sypha is/will get pregnant, and a time skip between this season and the next will probably begin to show that. At which point, all of trevors plot armor is gone since the belmont lineage can continue.
Soumik Roy
Soumik Roy 3 månader sedan
First season was quite engaging but season 1 & 2 was so boring , totally waste of time... japanese anime is more rapid and so interesting..
guts on the mic
guts on the mic 15 dagar sedan
But you just said season one was engaging
Johnathon Richard
Johnathon Richard 3 månader sedan
my friend once created a group chat with me and a bunch of other friends, said this is "for the big bbq we're planning" which i knew nothing about, and when i tried to ask what was up no one responded. 3 weeks later i see a post on facebook of everyone in that chat having a big bbq party. i was sad Alucard for a while after that
SSchithFoo 3 månader sedan
I think the whole season was just last 2 episodes with a whole lot of unwanted filler. Also, why does it sound like all the male characters were voice acted by the same guy?
JF 2 månader sedan
SSchithFoo thats one talented guy...even pulled off Isaac and the captain.
Kishin Zephrite
Kishin Zephrite 3 månader sedan
You said it. Epic. I loved all 3 seasons.
Salvatore Andretti
Salvatore Andretti 3 månader sedan
More sex scenes🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️👱🏾‍♀️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️
bexilaya bexilaya
bexilaya bexilaya 3 månader sedan
mongolian throat singing
AlisterCountel 4 månader sedan
Season 3 was where I really started to trust the creators. Because they had concluded the “initial plot”, this was a season where it was going to mostly be character discovery and setup, and that was evident from the beginning. They set up four completely independent storylines: Belnades and Belmont preventing the resurrection, Carmilla and Co conspiring, and Isaac’s travels. At no point do these intersect with each other or even seriously mention each other (except Isaac finding out where Hector is). And lastly, lonely Alucard. Every single one of the four storylines felt like it was given sufficient attention, and they did not “complete” Carmilla’s or Isaac’s, both of those are still ongoing. There were a few points where I was wondering what others were up to, and lo and behold, the show just perfectly moves to the next story. I definitely agree that season 3 isn’t my favorite among them, but it really is where I see the foundation of a long running and successful Castlevania being built. They juggled A LOT, and somehow...Everything actually seemed to get just the right amount of time. That’s extremely hard and one of my biggest complaints with late GoT.
vjollila96 4 månader sedan
It really went dark at the end
CyberRonin 4 månader sedan
I wouldn't mind being Lenore's sex slave.. just sayin..
Chris This
Chris This 4 månader sedan
I completely agree with you. Isaac is cool, hector is a bitch tho, he deserved what he got. S2 of castlevania was the best, imo. S1 was good and s3 was decent. I hope the show goes on. I need some more spicy vampire shit
big mcthankies
big mcthankies 4 månader sedan
Season 3 didn’t need to exist tbh
Blasè 94
Blasè 94 4 månader sedan
Need that season 4! I’m still shook with the fact of who “The Judge” really was..
Mansplainer 2099
Mansplainer 2099 4 månader sedan
Hector's storyline throws up a plot question: Are Devil Forgemasters just immune to hypnosis and mind control or are the vampires in Castlevania just like "Mesmerize the cattle? Why would we develop something like that?" :-)
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey 4 månader sedan
The fist season was awesomne, but I liked this one for different reasons. It defintely remined of early GOT seasons
Hapsetshut 4 månader sedan
Ironically this was the most viewed season according to the numbers which surprised everyone at netflix apparently
Matej Sojka
Matej Sojka 4 månader sedan
Personally I despise Isaac. He complains about people being rude to him when he shows up with monsters on their doorstep. Bunch of smelly, ugly and dangerous pseudo demons and he has problems with normal people not liking having them around? They are afraid he will have them and their families all killed. Which he proceeds to do. Do not try to tell me the ship could not let him and his horde disembark away from the town.
Kealeboga MOLO
Kealeboga MOLO 4 månader sedan
My biggest question is why didn't Alucard just go with Trevor and Sypha. Or could have used Taka and Sumi more constructively. They saw Alucard was lonely. They talk about im detail. Just could have made it so they ask Alucard to just come with them. Adam Deats.... jeez
Armando G
Armando G 5 månader sedan
Otaku Senpai
Otaku Senpai 5 månader sedan
Imagine what would happen if this team had made Berserk (2016)
Otaku Senpai
Otaku Senpai 5 månader sedan
I think Season 3 was the best. conversions in season 3 had more depth
Thunder Goku
Thunder Goku 5 månader sedan
I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t like this season nearly enough as the first two. This one felt way too nihilistic and depressing. I also hated the contrived “Humans are bad/real demons” bullshit. Aside from Trevor, Sypha and St. Germain, everyone was an asshole. If this is the kind of direction the show is gonna take going forward, I’m not interested anymore.
Feline Discipline
Feline Discipline 5 månader sedan
During the R34 scenes near the end of the season I was like "When did this turn into the game of thrones" because the show was swapping between four scenes at once, two where people were doing it and the other two had people fighting to the death.
i cant splel
i cant splel 5 månader sedan
I rewatched s2 before I watched this and I liked s3 more. There are less filler episodes. In s2 they spend 2 episodes in Belmont home which was pretty boring.
Keaton Kitsune
Keaton Kitsune 5 månader sedan
Absolutely terrible. Just terrible. I cannot for the life of me see how anyone can enjoy this poorly written and animated drivel.
Adam Schlack
Adam Schlack 5 månader sedan
I have to disagree. This season, like this show, is TRASH! It's slow, boring and has zero likable characters. All action with the exception of the last few episodes felt tracked on for padding. None of the characters were interesting. None of the scenes were interesting. None of the dialog was interesting. Isaac fighting the possessed town was watching one asshole that I don't like fight another asshole that I don't know. I rooted for no one there. This was the sort of shallow, vapid, empty crap with some tits and blood that I would have liked when I was 13. The animation quality was mostly good and the creature designs were like they wished they had Guillermo del Toro's talent. That's the most nice things I can say for this total waste of my time. Only my fandom of the games and morbid curiosity kept me watching. I will not be continuing to season 4.
mje155 5 månader sedan
Issac's new goal is to teach humanity...... teach them Islam. Of course Netflix
b. 5 månader sedan
lonely alucard is me during quarantine...which is when i decided to finally watch the show, and almost 2 months in BOY IS THIS MY FAVE SEASON. the emotional connection i have to this is preposterous
Xavier Br3aking Bad
Xavier Br3aking Bad 5 månader sedan
I have to admit I like this Show a lot more than I expected to. I actually enjoyed the slower pace because it gave all the characters more depth. Was season 3 perfect? No, but I had a lot of fun watching it.
Quinton Campbell
Quinton Campbell 5 månader sedan
I hope they go all the way to season 10 or at least season 8..
Quinton Campbell
Quinton Campbell 5 månader sedan
@jeremy jahns i didnt see the judge being the judge and jury like that. Deceitful and all
mianmenu 5 månader sedan
Why do you always have to yell?? Why does everything have to be so full of action for Americans to keep up?
Elias Armendariz
Elias Armendariz 5 månader sedan
Finally finished Season 3, was able to avoid spoilers. That battle scene in the church was fantastic, the artwork/animation is amazing.
Bruno Mantovaneli
Bruno Mantovaneli 5 månader sedan
"Why do I keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result? Isn't that the definition of insanity?" I loved that Vaas reference
Gforce 720
Gforce 720 5 månader sedan
Lmao the amount of ppl that love this shit of a season is astonishing. Normies are literally ruining game lore
jojo bizarre adventure
jojo bizarre adventure 5 månader sedan
Hector actually is main caracter from the beginning if you play castlevania curse of darkness you will know and Isaac was there too but not the same design That's why I knew that hector gonna back stab dracula and Isaac Will start a plan to revenge from him from the beginning. and may even try to bring dracula back in s4 or s5
Verd254 5 månader sedan
I like the direction. Hated the execution.
Daniel Johansson
Daniel Johansson 5 månader sedan
This was actually my favorite season. Maybe because it's the season with the most episodes and so the characters felt more fleshed out, but I simply felt more for them. And I knew it was something like this with the judge! Didn't make it less horrible though.... Or maybe it's because Bill Nighy was in it as the fantabulous Saint Germain!
TommyTooBad08 5 månader sedan
I really could have gone without seeing alucard getting rammed in the ass by another dude...
Abc Xyz
Abc Xyz 5 månader sedan
This anime is overrated. The anime is boring and voice acting not that good.
Mailus Phoenix
Mailus Phoenix 5 månader sedan
oh, they did fill a void... the void in Alucard's ass... This season was asbolute garbage... When it has you rooting for Hector and Isaac, and you don't give a shit about Alucard, Trevor and certainly not Sypha (god she's fucking annoying), you know the castlevania show is failing as what its setting itself to do... And Alucard allowing himself to be sexually abused by those twins... the guy who would stand against Dracula himself, his own father, cannot turn down ass rape from some shitty mortals... Riiiight... Also, that major of the town, or Judge, having him too being evil for no good reason, made no fucking sense. Jesus this season was absolute garbage.
TheOnlyGuermo 5 månader sedan
I liked the general plot more in 2 and 3, had more forward drive, but I loved the slow build the character moments, and then the hit the fuck it button moment
Starr 5 månader sedan
Season 3 was glorious!
Cole McDew
Cole McDew 5 månader sedan
God I hated this season...
FunkyMonkey19 5 månader sedan
I saw the betrayal coming a mile away when the pair started questioning Alucard's reasoning as to why he wasn't showing more of the castle. What i DIDN'T see coming was HOW it would happen!! WTF, people!! The fight between Sypha and Trevor vs the Hell Beast was freaking awesome!! Second favorite fightn scene, the trio vs Dracula first favorite... I have a feeling that Trevor and Sypha are gonna have to fight Alucard in season 4...
Jim Nixon
Jim Nixon 6 månader sedan
Season 3 is the Empire of the series.
Chris Prestipino
Chris Prestipino 6 månader sedan
Everything but the Alucard sex scene was amazing.
rocketscientist14 6 månader sedan
Only fuck up of the season was making Alucard look like an emotional little bitch when he gets played & almost fucked the shit out of by those twins.. I thought that entire scene was rubbish
actrambley21 6 månader sedan
This was the best season by far. While S2 had some great moments, it didnt flesh out characters a d make the world feel more alive. This season opened so many crazy doors. Is no one going to talk about the Infinite Doorway?!
Hydra Arctic
Hydra Arctic 6 månader sedan
This season was great other than them making Hector, one of my favorite characters in the whole series aside from Richter and Alucard, into the biggest dumbass simp I’ve ever seen in my life
Rush Storm
Rush Storm 6 månader sedan
It’s was bad I hated the ending only because of the Alucard scene
BroadcastNinjastar 6 månader sedan
Lonely Alucard is that mood where you actually think about stalking your stalker because they might be crazy but atleast they are some body Lonely Alucard is that mood that has you thinking about dropping 800 dollars for a iguana because it's all they had at petsmart Lonely Alucard is that mood that has you thinkin about having tea with the queen during masturbation because casual conversation makes you horny and at that point it's all you have. Lonely Alucard is that mood that has you watching RomComs and joining in on key conversations that advance the plot because where the fuck you gon get it from Lonely Alucard is you calling a 1-800 number to talk to lonely single girls near you even though you know they are 40, 3 kids have a hormone issue and real name is actually Harvey
Gandalfdawytenigga 6 månader sedan
Butch lesbians , bi-sexual Alucard getting fucked in the ass, and hating on crazy old men blah blah blah and a touch of anti christian words just to prove that they are full time sjw turds. Too bad i was enjoying the show . Why cant politics be left behind in entertainment ?
Scott Riley Adrueno
Scott Riley Adrueno 6 månader sedan
On a scale of 1 to Hector, how bad are you at making decisions?
flik221 6 månader sedan
The expanse already filled the game of thrones void
Lid Vaskrov
Lid Vaskrov 6 månader sedan
The mystery of what was in the church with Sypha and Trevor was really intriguing, and the last two episodes were amazing
Peter Glide
Peter Glide 6 månader sedan
All of those conversations were with Isaac soo much satisfying to watch. Such well written and interesting dialog between the chars. The guards were killed, but the captain and shop keeper kept their lives because they cooperated through smart and well constructed dialog. This show keeps being amazing.
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