Cobra Kai: Season 2 - Review 

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Johnny's saga of redemption continues as does his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso. Here's my review for Season 2 of COBRA KAI!


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16 sep 2020



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Emo Ray Torres
Emo Ray Torres 9 timmar sedan
Stingray was the best part of this show "NOICE" 😁
Ja'Michael Johnson
Ja'Michael Johnson 21 timme sedan
After listening to this review I had to immediately go listen to The Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop because that song to me completely encapsulate the feeling I had listening to you deep dive the emotions aspects of how season 2 end its exactly how I felt every time I do a rewatch of Cowboy Bebop and get to the final moments of the crew, amazing review!
blamo boom
blamo boom Dag sedan
The school in cobra Kai was the most idiotic school I have ever seen. Usually if a fight breaks out it’s stopped in just a few seconds but these fights went on for AGES!
B T K F C Dag sedan
I realised, this entire show wouldn’t of happened without sams boyfriend at the start, think about that.
kirika119 Dag sedan
I adore that show; it’s ultra tities
Kingdom Muzik
Kingdom Muzik 2 dagar sedan
How is this show not a Power Ranger’s prequel? Lol
Oscar Roswall-Stanley
Oscar Roswall-Stanley 2 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that loves the show, but finds the writing annoying and cliche at times, but loves the show regardless
WJ ZAV 3 dagar sedan
An 80s property being sequeld into modern day, that introduces new characters while treating the old characters with dignity and respect and continues the story in a logical way? What sorcery is this?!!!
Pineapple Pioneer
Pineapple Pioneer 6 dagar sedan
The abseloute best part was during the final battle in episode 10 at the school, where stingray is applying for the job, he tells the principal "he's got this" and then attacks students from myiagi - only.
Isaac Olivas
Isaac Olivas 6 dagar sedan
Since when did Keanu reeves start reviewing Netflix shows
Vv O
Vv O 6 dagar sedan
Vv O
Vv O 6 dagar sedan
Hawk is the best character in the show
Vv O
Vv O 6 dagar sedan
Who else wanted Hawk to woop Dimitrie’s ass
Twisted Dark Joey 2004
He needs to shave
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 6 dagar sedan
Tbh tho the teens part was cringe af in season 2. Season 1 was better. They made the characters were so stupid and they couldn’t comprehend anything.
Zefram Cochrane
Zefram Cochrane 7 dagar sedan
Lol, "maybe I'm in a dark place". No shit Jesus, you plan on performing some miracles and walking on water with that haircut too or are you just waiting for your miracle skill level to hit 100 so you can manifest a barber? On a side note: Johnny and Daniel did fight...in Johnny's apartment at the end of S2 just before the mega-brawl. It wasn't great but decent.
Owen Sheldon
Owen Sheldon 7 dagar sedan
This is my third favorite show
Nicholas Noriega
Nicholas Noriega 7 dagar sedan
i liked this season even better than the first one! I can't believe how much I am liking this show. So much nostalgia too. Even though I wasn't born in the 80's I still grew up with the Karate Kid movies. So glad that not only we are getting a season 3 we're getting at least season 4 as well.
Victor Kellar
Victor Kellar 7 dagar sedan
Love the writing, love the direction, admire the fact they used the original actors ... but there's a reason it's been a long time since we've seen some of them. And I guess they casted the new actors in the same mould ... like, b movie badness ... but good try
szewei85 7 dagar sedan
Haha S2 fight is the best fight ever in history
Dante Ropitini
Dante Ropitini 8 dagar sedan
The end of season 2 might be my favourite end to any season of any show ever
milking cow suprise
milking cow suprise 8 dagar sedan
I also liked the part Daniel and Johnny were bonding with REO speedwagon... and you could tell they could actually be friends
2Real4Reality 357
2Real4Reality 357 9 dagar sedan
Did anyone else catch the small reference of Tommy actually getting put in a "BODY BAG"?......
Akleidius2's Gaming Channel
Daniel is like that because he's from Jersey, I completely relate.🤣 gotta be an ass growing up in Jersey.
Jak W
Jak W 10 dagar sedan
Really didn't expect to enjoy this show so much
Laya Monarez
Laya Monarez 10 dagar sedan
Johnny I love you!!! Marry me!!!!
kagiso segami
kagiso segami 10 dagar sedan
Sam is the new Ali lol for the time being
JLinkshufflez 11 dagar sedan
looks like u havent got a hircut or shaves since the first season video!!! lol looks good on you brother
NEXCUSX 11 dagar sedan
Ahhh spaceballs reference instant like lol
Jackie Welch
Jackie Welch 11 dagar sedan
It's a really nice tragedy, I agree
VibeChecks 12 dagar sedan
I think this show is alright at best. Most of the characters besides Danny, johnny and kreese piss me off. The drama between the kids is pretty stupid. That shit is so fake and that Highschool vibe is so fake especially from someone who graduated recently
Luke Nuke
Luke Nuke 12 dagar sedan
Binged the whole thing, really liked it. The writers really know how to balance tone.
TheMdub27 12 dagar sedan
Poor Johnny I feel so bad for him, it’s not your fault bud🥺 It’s krees’s fault.😤
G Renz
G Renz 13 dagar sedan
Season 1 > Season 2 > discount Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Khalid al adwani
Khalid al adwani 13 dagar sedan
Season 3 is prob Johnny and Daniel team up and make a dojo against cobra Kai
Juan Valverde
Juan Valverde 13 dagar sedan
I just finished season 2, while I agree that this series has heart and that I couldn’t take my eyes off the tv until I finished it, I thought this seasons was worse than the first one, if it wasn’t for that unexpected ending and ultra cool final episode fight, the season would score 1 to 2 stars out of 5. I still thought it was entertaining and I love most of the characters, there were just way too many cringy moments, specially that episode in the mall, I think it was episode 5, damn, that was horrible lol. Still overall its better than Emily in Paris and that’s good.
Pro Jey96
Pro Jey96 14 dagar sedan
I feel like even tho season 2 has big moments, the structure wasnt as good for me, or was it the string that brought everything togueter, mmm like it made sense, but some ways to get there felt a little easy (I dont want to say cheap cause i still liked them) For me season 1 was amazing, so it just means season 2 was 1 step down of amazing, still amazing or really really good specialy with the ending. One thing i have to say, maybe unpopular opinion, i dont like stingray, i dont hate him, but i also dont love him like ihave seen may people do, i just felt he was a walking gag, and i actually enjoy those characters, but i guess not as much in this case
Kesler 14 dagar sedan
i just cant get over that long take they did for the final fight. it was so well done
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed 14 dagar sedan
Season 3 coming soon and already working on season 4.
Justin Conforti
Justin Conforti 15 dagar sedan
I can’t wait for season 3. The ending of season 2 just made me feel so many emotions and now I can’t wait to see what happens next. Johnnys gotta get the dojo back!
gamingsfinest1 15 dagar sedan
4:47 you're welcome
Clinton Kildepsteen
Clinton Kildepsteen 15 dagar sedan
Alli will be in season 3
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 15 dagar sedan
8th January 2021! Can't wait!
Mike French
Mike French 16 dagar sedan
My favorite moment of season 2 was Johnny has the dream about Carmen with White Snake playing in the background and it goes full blown 80's. I laughed till I had tears
Fred Eric
Fred Eric 17 dagar sedan
So it's not just me, this show is a nice blueprint for a Star Wars Jedi Academy show.
Luna Ladyboy
Luna Ladyboy 18 dagar sedan
Johnny and Daniel's storyline I loved so much, but fuck I could have done without so much stupid teen drama. I understand that Daniel and Johnny's story wouldn't be the same without it, but it could have been done alot better. I prefer season one as a whole, but I enjoyed Johnny and Daniel's season 2 arch more than their season one arch.
TheCheesyNorth 18 dagar sedan
dolfo10564 18 dagar sedan
One thing I def appreciate, is that they've done a great job with the kids. None of them are clear cut "bad guys". They're dumb kids, making dumb decisions, influenced by their surroundings. I will have to quit the show if Miguel ends up paralyzed though. Really rooted for that kid the entire show.
N plus 1 Studio
N plus 1 Studio 18 dagar sedan
I'd give you at least 5 likes if there's a button for it. Greatest kobrakai review ever.
Durty Dan
Durty Dan 18 dagar sedan
The only thing I want in season 3 is 4 Stingray to be in jail.
Tyler McLellan
Tyler McLellan 18 dagar sedan
Can anyone tell me where to find the song that played during the very end of season 2? He talks about it in this review
Jared 'JJ' Prince Roundy
9:10 - SPOT on Daniel impression XD
Pillow Jones
Pillow Jones 19 dagar sedan
8:20 made me laugh way too hard! “That’ll teach you to be good.” 😂🤣
sam p
sam p 19 dagar sedan
Miegel is my favourite character on the show. Came from nothing and instead of using his new tools to become a bully he still takes Johnny’s teachings seriously and retains his honour. I feel the show wants you to favour Robby but I can’t help but feel like Miegel is the most compelling character. Even how much he changed from the end of season 1
Tobermory 19 dagar sedan
4:52 "The catalyst for the big fight was just a girl cheating on her boyfriend." That was the catalyst for the Trojan War.
Barbara 19 dagar sedan
Cobra Kai is the best show I have seen in a very long time. Jeremy, you said you would be satisfied if this was the ending because it is a reality of life. Normally, I don't love movies or shows that have a perfect happy ending BUT I need Johnny to have a happy ending. He has to have the full redemption arc. Even if the happy ending isn't traditional, as long as he is okay at the end. I hope this show doesn't become too formulaic though, because both seasons when Johnny and Daniel bonded something horrible happened soon after. So now I expect it.
Philip Ziche
Philip Ziche 19 dagar sedan
Could we stop and appreciate that crazy long take during the high school fight? That shit was insanely cool!
Dante 19 dagar sedan
I love this show too. I remembering seeing these back in the 80s as a kid. It's more than nostalgia though. The show just keeps getting better.
Milin Patel
Milin Patel 20 dagar sedan
If only the Sequel Trilogy was done like Cobra Kai...
What's Up Under The Bed
Johnny and Danny are gonna team up against Kreese. Please, I hope this happens.
Alek PD
Alek PD 20 dagar sedan
Because good is dumb - Lord Helmet 😂
Moone Shadow
Moone Shadow 20 dagar sedan
I freaking love this show! Cant wait for Season 3. Man that ending... wow... Just all out.... Lesson: Don't teach your kids Karate LMAO! Its the Ghosts of the old Generation kind of poisoning the well for the new Generation. I totally understand where your coming from. And for the fans: As Kreese says, "The story is just beginning." Season 3 of Cobra Kai premieres January 8, 2021, only on Netflix. And gear up because Season 4 is officially training to join the fight. Cobra Kai Never Dies.
kuja 20 dagar sedan
Christos Liambas
Christos Liambas 21 dag sedan
Great adaptation...
kevlar k
kevlar k 21 dag sedan
Johnny was always a honorable guy. In KK1 though, he was a honorable guy sprung on his ex.
Chibi Papa Nurgle
Chibi Papa Nurgle 21 dag sedan
This series is the Star Wars sequel trilogy we should have gotten.
Zefram Cochrane
Zefram Cochrane 7 dagar sedan
@H.H. Music There were literally dozens upon dozens of comic stories set after the fall of the empire and ones that told Han's origin story all better than the shit we got. Han's origin was more of a Game of Thrones-type origin when he discovered he's the last heir of the former Corellian ruling house and eventually rejected the throne (also kinda went into exile). It all builds up to The Yuzhaan Vong arc 150 years after the fall of The Empire, the greatest Star Wars arc ever written that we will sadly never see.
H.H. Music
H.H. Music 16 dagar sedan
Disney wasted it good didnt they, just imagine the possibilities with those characters . now we will sadly never see the star wars saga ending we deserved .
Gaurav sharma
Gaurav sharma 21 dag sedan
Can't Wait
avijit deb
avijit deb 21 dag sedan
Well nobody is gonna talk about HAWK ?? I enjoy every fuckin seen he is in...
islaopalitao 22 dagar sedan
Barney Stinson would love this show
Jesus Navarrete
Jesus Navarrete 22 dagar sedan
We never asked for this and it did better justice to Karate Kid than what the new trilogy never did for the unamed saga.
The KGB 22 dagar sedan
I just realised them putting Tommy in a body bag was a reference to “get him a body bag” which is Tommy’s most famous line
MrHarumakiSensei 21 dag sedan
Thanks, I missed that!
Dindu 23 dagar sedan
End game is such a cheap ass movie. They went with something original and meaningful in infinity war, and they just reverted it with end game.
Xavier Belton
Xavier Belton 21 dag sedan
I agree 100% I honestly really loved Infinity War until I realized what Endgame was going to do.
JageshemashFTW 23 dagar sedan
In the words of Woolie Madden: I hate poor communication as a plot _hole,_ I friggin love it as a plot _point!_
Larkin Hancock
Larkin Hancock 23 dagar sedan
The Dojo Wars
Every One
Every One 23 dagar sedan
No... johnny's son looks like a psychopath. I think we're watching cobra kai and a surprise origin story of the next Micheal myers
Aaryanprime uk
Aaryanprime uk 23 dagar sedan
Did he forget to mention ali at the end when he chucked his SMARTPHONE
Mansif Helali
Mansif Helali 23 dagar sedan
Please react to the trailer of season 3 of cobra kai
Mansif Helali
Mansif Helali 23 dagar sedan
Please react to the trailer of season 3 of cobra kai
Mansif Helali
Mansif Helali 23 dagar sedan
Please react to the trailer of season 3 of cobra kai
Mansif Helali
Mansif Helali 23 dagar sedan
Please react to the trailer of season 3 of cobra kai
Simps Sit Down
Simps Sit Down 23 dagar sedan
Get him a body bag! Yeah!
Danny C.
Danny C. 24 dagar sedan
I think we can all agree this rivalry has gone waaaay too fucking far
Justin f h
Justin f h 24 dagar sedan
Hawk is not just a bully, he's unstable. I wouldn't be surprised if Hawk gets into a match and he keeps beating his opponent under the John's Kreece's tutelage.
Vandole 24 dagar sedan
Review "Made in Abyss". You won't be the same after that.
joexxxx95 25 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
David Walker
David Walker 25 dagar sedan
Can not watch it the cringe factor is off the charts
John Carlton
John Carlton 25 dagar sedan
To be fair jeremy, daniel being an angry kid had a lot to do with a gang of karate dudes bullying the hell out of him, tell me u too would not be ticked off if one day u were minding ur own business and a bunch of pricks just show up n throw u off a hill on ur bike..his bitterness to this day are the emotional scars which is natural for anyone who has suffered bullying in life so for anyone to write him off as the prick would just make them an insensitive moron
Dimitri Michael
Dimitri Michael 25 dagar sedan
I'm calling it now for season 3: Miguel leaves Cobra Kai for Miyagi-Do and Robbie leaves Miyagi-Do for Cobra Kai Daniel and Johnny work together and end their rivalry to face Kreese Their roles in karate will shift
Natalie Shannon
Natalie Shannon 25 dagar sedan
Why is everybody so harsh and hate on Sensei John Kreese? He is not the evil nasty person people make him out to be, Just once I want a SEloskr or anybody in the fandom give Sensei Kreese some love and respect. The writers told me that season 3 will go into Kreese's back story. When he was in Vietnam. (I am afraid that Cobra Kai won't be lighthearted in season 3.) I also think it will be focused on the adults. Season 3 will go into the origins of Cobra Kai and Miyagi do. (Back story of Mr. Miyagi)
Natalie Shannon
Natalie Shannon 25 dagar sedan
Welcome to the Cobra Kai Fandom Jeremy. You are now entering a deep dark abyss, called the Cobra Kai zone. Your life will never be the same. (Lol)
Bart Rivezzi
Bart Rivezzi 25 dagar sedan
Love the show. But, what’s up with the contact lenses? They are all pretty people.
Bryan Foerster
Bryan Foerster 25 dagar sedan
Cobra Kai is one of the best shows I have seen, it's very deep. I am happy to have watched it.
Kevin 25 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed the show, but was put off by the ending. The show's "high" stakes were never actually that high, but were treated as such. It made it feel lighthearted and fun. Then way out of left field they hit you with a really dark turn and they leave you with it.
Abhishek Bade
Abhishek Bade 26 dagar sedan
I think I liked both the seasons equally but if I had to choose then I would go for season 2 as my favourites
Dick Thunder
Dick Thunder 26 dagar sedan
The final showdown could've been perfect if it ended up being less one-sided. Literally every 1v1 was won by a Miyagi-Do student and the fact that even Hawk lost his "duel" was just laughable, overconfidence or not.
Adam Osborn
Adam Osborn 26 dagar sedan
Anyone hoping for a surf ninjas reunion?! Including Rob Schneider!
TopZz AU
TopZz AU 26 dagar sedan
Are you not gonna mention that Dutch is serving 25-life
TopZz AU
TopZz AU 26 dagar sedan
It's said in the bar scene with Johnny Bobby Tommy and Jimmy
Pretty Alright
Pretty Alright 26 dagar sedan
The show runners said at comic con that the end of season 3 feels like the pause before intermission. So...I guess they’ve got a 6 season plan?
Dimitri Michael
Dimitri Michael 25 dagar sedan
They probably have plans to end it at 4 instead because knowing Netflix, they don't tend to keep their shows on the air for more than 3-4 seasons
Anthony Spalding
Anthony Spalding 26 dagar sedan
Loved the show. Also love me some badass hallway fight scenes
The Law
The Law 27 dagar sedan
Who else thinks that Neil Patrick-Harris should cameo next season?
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