Con Air - Movie Review 

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The 3rd and final movie review for my Nicholas Cage trinity of 90's action movies. Here's my review of CON AIR!


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29 jun 2020



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TheSuperReviewer 9 dagar sedan
5:56 YOU JUST EXPLAINED HERE why THIS SCENE IS NECESSARY... it's a semi-halucionitory dream state monumental sequence that justifies why he's crazy as well as mentally unstable and yet it is oddly profound when it does just that!
TheSuperReviewer 9 dagar sedan
rewatched recently and honestly.. it is quite an emotional story and hadles the drama so well and yet it is also erily disturbing and quaint, as well point and make fun type of vibe... the ending was great for me, necessary needed development and payoff even if not neccessary for the end of the story, it is! by the way, put THE BUNNAeY BACK IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!! you're forminind just... he, *falls to the floor, laughing* HEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! AlRight.
Cole REVIEWS 17 dagar sedan
Great film
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Månad sedan
Came for Con Air stayed for Super Star Wars reference i actually beat those games as a kid think Empire was probably the most BS or maybe A New Hope
vlogs de um iluminatiTM
This film is so Gr8!!!!!!!! ::::::::)
Lil Shirley's Boy
Lil Shirley's Boy Månad sedan
I'm just now realizing after watching this and your the rock review (and i haven't seen either movie by the way) that I always thought they were the same movie
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Nicholas Cage's accent. OMG. YES! 🤣🤣🤣
OrionsFaith Månad sedan
I love this movie! So glad to find a safe place to appreciate it.
Dario Di Donato
Dario Di Donato Månad sedan
HEy! He kills a baldwin brother 1:07 thats why he goes to jail^^
Dario Di Donato
Dario Di Donato Månad sedan
The Father, The Son, and the Holy SPIRIT!
Joel D
Joel D Månad sedan
Damn completely forgot Dave Chapelle is in this film. Well he cane out on top in the end.
Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov Månad sedan
Who's steve busemi?
Lucas Mossman
Lucas Mossman Månad sedan
"Put. The bunny. Back. In the box."
DamageIncM Månad sedan
Nic Cage impression; Nope. More like Brando. Malkovich impression; Yup!
jaimon john
jaimon john Månad sedan
Kay Cannon
Kay Cannon 2 månader sedan
Glad you didn't cut it
alucard croft
alucard croft 2 månader sedan
Review the legacy of kain games, preferably defiance. You're a popular guy pal, with your influence square/crystal dynamics might consider carrying on with the story.
dolfo10564 2 månader sedan
Movie's dope. Thanks for reviewing it.
IT TAKES TWO REVIEWS 2 månader sedan
"The father, the son, and the holy spirit" lmao 🤣 😆 😂
CrazyDiamondAJ 2 månader sedan
Bangkok Dangerous!!!
UxCANxDOxIT 2 månader sedan
Really Tired 64
Really Tired 64 3 månader sedan
I always had the impression that Garlands interaction with the little girl was not real. I think he hallucinated it.
Joshua Bistline
Joshua Bistline 3 månader sedan
I love Conair!
Apocalypse Nowish
Apocalypse Nowish 3 månader sedan
About those raycons ear buds. I night check out line wireless ear buds at Wal-Mart $4.99 and they are great five hour life time quick recharge in the car case. Case holds 20 charge time. Just pop open case and ear buds turn on automatically and syncs instantly for less than $5 dollars. Just saying.
TG5455 3 månader sedan
This movie is one of the many reasons why people love Nick Cage.
F. K.
F. K. 3 månader sedan
OMG Keanu Reeves is on this channel, wtf?!
TG5455 3 månader sedan
Well, Matrix 4 and Wick Chapter 4 production has been put on hold so that's why we're seeing him here. 😆
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 3 månader sedan
I watched this movie high with a few friends and it's a good time. Fun movie.
Song Says
Song Says 3 månader sedan
The video version cut out the little girl, so anyone who didn't see it in theaters wondered if Garland Greene wound up killling her off screen. Definitely darker!
myyinfatuation 3 månader sedan
When I was a kid this was my favourite action movie to rewatch, and friends who I don't see for years, when we get together all remember how we repeatedly watched ConAir in my basement
John Peace
John Peace 3 månader sedan
Those impressions tho!
zeusbacchushades 3 månader sedan
You should review Gone in 60 Seconds
emil engen
emil engen 3 månader sedan
This movie pisses me off, because he went to prison for self defense. He didn't even mean to kill that man.
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 3 månader sedan
Give Nicolas cage all awards greatest actor , not greatest person but hey least not rainbow culture hollywood, well thatll be ruined , anyways career be destroyed once not hollywood rainbow, w /e don't even watch movies for hollywood rainbows people
jp3813 3 månader sedan
Cyrus: "Well, it's not difficult to surmise how Nathan here feels about killing guards and my own proclivities are, uh, well-known and, uh, often-lamented facts of penal lore."
delfin7461 3 månader sedan
I love this movie because it's so ridiculous!!!
Don Mac
Don Mac 3 månader sedan
Not part of Nick-Trinity, but "Armageddon" needs to be an honorary inclusion to these 90's action epicness!
Kaio_K!d 3 månader sedan
Nothing makes me sadder when the pilot lost his bladder on the.. Aiiirplane.
Mohamed hamza
Mohamed hamza 3 månader sedan
Hey dude. I wanna follow you on Twitter but I can't find your account there. Can you give me a link to your twitter page ?
Ankur Aloney
Ankur Aloney 3 månader sedan
Attempt no 17 for you to watch and review dark series...hope you review it
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 3 månader sedan
It's a great movie for sure.
Jack o' Lantern
Jack o' Lantern 3 månader sedan
Review DARK
Jeff Buffington
Jeff Buffington 3 månader sedan
The only thing that threw me off was the elongated and impossibly routed crash... they literally would have had to fly/crash in oddly shaped figure 8's just to hit the things they did, and I have no idea how those pieces of the plane could wind up in 3 different parts of town. I guess having lived in 'Vegas just prior to this moving coming out may have broken my suspension of disbelief... just a tad. Still.. I loved Con Air.
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 3 månader sedan
Not a single mention of Trisha Yearwood?
gregorymjr12 3 månader sedan
"The Last of the Mohicans is burning man!" Dave Chappelle
Hamphield D. Phoenix
Hamphield D. Phoenix 3 månader sedan
Mmm... The sponsor, the one that Gray still wants to destroy it This is one of my unshameless (yes, I've just created this word, and is awesometacular) guilty pleasures
korodi zsolt
korodi zsolt 3 månader sedan
Go see the ghost rider
Sofa Overlord
Sofa Overlord 3 månader sedan
You intro is like Jeremy Kyle - change it asap.
The Qoheleth Foundation
The Qoheleth Foundation 3 månader sedan
Please don't ridicule the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We get enough of that on other channels.
Stolleflitzer 3 månader sedan
I d'ont know if you already did but you should review 8MM. Seriously underrated imo and one of his best performences.
RoScFan 3 månader sedan
Review pan s labyrinth!
IfYouDisagreeYouAreWrong 3 månader sedan
When did Dustin Diamond start doing movie reviews??
Eric White
Eric White 3 månader sedan
Please review Raising Arizona I put it way above Con Air
Jessica Kugler
Jessica Kugler 3 månader sedan
Con Air is my favorite then Face Off and finally The Rock. Awesome review
Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen 3 månader sedan
Out of Nicolas Cage’s trinity of 1990s Action Movies, “The Rock” (1996) is my favorite one out of them, with his performance as Stanley Goodspeed.
Miya Takamura
Miya Takamura 3 månader sedan
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have the only gun on board. Welcome to Con Air!"
Josip Erakovic
Josip Erakovic 3 månader sedan
holy shit dude, you look like a hobo
Alexander Forbes
Alexander Forbes 3 månader sedan
I always kind of though the little girl in the trailer park was a figment of his imagination, her waving at the plane would suggest otherwise but I think the scene works better when viewed in that light.
Saw Johnie
Saw Johnie 3 månader sedan
Long time ago when I was 16 movie, still doing review?
ExtrackterYT 3 månader sedan
I'm amazed by the fact that this movie didn't get a sequel... or five.
Big Boy Andrew
Big Boy Andrew 3 månader sedan
Reviewing a old ass movie clearly this channel ran out of content and top things off a shit channel
Subarashii !!!
Subarashii !!! 3 månader sedan
I'm subscribed to 4 channels that Raycon supports so can I get 60% off?
Gawani Whitecrow
Gawani Whitecrow 3 månader sedan
Medicated Movie Reviews
Medicated Movie Reviews 3 månader sedan
Looking for a movie review channel unlike any others? after watching this fine gentlemen's video, stop by ours and tell us what you think.
D.S. 3 månader sedan
You describe this movie just like Abed tries to describe Nicholas Cage in that one episode of Community.
D.S. 3 månader sedan
I love how much fun you have in your reviews. 😁
nash al- nash
nash al- nash 3 månader sedan
Great movie
Obi Wan
Obi Wan 3 månader sedan
Dave Chapelle was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights from 1993 ;) but okay. Con Air came 4 years later.
Kevin in the USA
Kevin in the USA 3 månader sedan
First, I have two pairs of Raycon ear buds and they are phenomenal. The easily stay charged 6 hours plus. My favorite Nic Cage is still The Rock but this one is a close second place.
Vivek 3 månader sedan
Put the bunny back in the box..
Karabo Mafa
Karabo Mafa 3 månader sedan
Nicholas Cage is such a cringe actor..but he did good in Con Air and Face Off
Janos Horvath
Janos Horvath 3 månader sedan
Review B L A D E please jeremy
Patrick Freeman
Patrick Freeman 3 månader sedan
The Latin at the end was quite impressive. Were you an alter boy at some point?
Some Canine
Some Canine 3 månader sedan
This was one of the last movies where Hollywood pretended to care about white southerners.
GLJohn Stewart
GLJohn Stewart 3 månader sedan
Matchstick and Lords of War are great Nick Cage films
Chris Osborne
Chris Osborne 3 månader sedan
Don't forget the great Danny Trejo as Johnny-23! "They'd call me Johnny-600 if they knew the truth"
Liz Williams
Liz Williams 3 månader sedan
Agree 💯 - this film is absolutely ridiculous and a a ton of fun. Even though that bogus Southern accent ALWAYS makes me cringe. You’re not trimming that hair are you?
Sherudons 3 månader sedan
As a dumb don't think about it movie, it was actually rather good... but I like dumb no thinky movies once and a while.
werdle92 3 månader sedan
Andrew Botero
Andrew Botero 3 månader sedan
I enjoy Con Air more than Face off, there I said it
k miller
k miller 3 månader sedan
Bubba Gump "What do think is wrong with him?" Cameron Poe "My first guess would be... a lot"
Brandon James
Brandon James 3 månader sedan
Why couldn't you put the bunny back in the box??
Ira Javier
Ira Javier 3 månader sedan
Thank you for completing the Holy Trinity Jeremy
eminosose 3 månader sedan
Guard Falzon was the star of this movie. "Gag and bag this nazi muffin" had me laughing so much.
ChanCeNecK 3 månader sedan
Interesting.... That scene with the little girl always stood out to me, too but in a positive way! Because she healed him by singing that song with him!
joe calahan
joe calahan 3 månader sedan
Best Nicholas cage movie ever
ChanCeNecK 3 månader sedan
Next up: Hulk Hogan movies!! ;-) Just send me a notification, when you reach Suburban Commando. I sincerely love that movie!
ChanCeNecK 3 månader sedan
Does this one even count as a guilty pleasure? Because I don´t care how high your standards for "quality film" might be, if you´re not able to get enjoment out of this movie, then clearly there must be something severely wrong with your brain!
Michael Oliva
Michael Oliva 3 månader sedan
I'm really enjoying these retro reviews. All the films I watched growing up lol Can we get one for Armageddon?
MrGonzale09 3 månader sedan
yup. the ending with the chase was unnecessary. it should have ended with poe hugging his wife and daughter.
Jake Rumble
Jake Rumble 3 månader sedan
You forgot about Danny Trejo!
Blake Walters
Blake Walters 3 månader sedan
Lol that John M impression made my day
Er P
Er P 3 månader sedan
We take Nicholas Cage for granted
Brian Rokosz
Brian Rokosz 3 månader sedan
Definitely The Rock, Face/Off, this.
Brian Rokosz
Brian Rokosz 3 månader sedan
Funny that in The Rock he says he drives a beige Volvo and then they gave him a beige Volvo in Face/Off to drive
Sick Bee2
Sick Bee2 3 månader sedan
Nice homestuck reference
Gabby Toyreview
Gabby Toyreview 3 månader sedan
Me and my friends watched this on the cinema and man it was fun.
Frank Vizen
Frank Vizen 3 månader sedan
I can't stand John Travolta so Con-air automatically gets elevated above Face-off
PUN PRO TIPS 3 månader sedan
Dude you missed the prime opportunity to mention the part where Steve Buscemi recalls the irony of listening to Skynyrd. 😂
123 456
123 456 3 månader sedan
I fully believe Nic Cage’s character only got put in jail for that accent
SHANNO B 3 månader sedan
Also in coming hair comments
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