Da 5 Bloods - Movie Review 

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Spike Lee brings us a new film about the bonds of friendship, and the destructive nature of hate. Here's my review for DA 5 BLOODS!


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12 jun 2020



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LL S 7 dagar sedan
This movie was good.
KilBarz 20 dagar sedan
what a movie man.
CyberSinZProductions 26 dagar sedan
When they find Norm's body. TEAAARRS , Best part of the movie. The scene that happened after that one. . . with Eddie . . .Disturbing. Then when I realized Chadwick Boseman had Died MORE TEARS. Beautiful movie and themes with a intense cast and action.
tyler landrum
tyler landrum 27 dagar sedan
I already don't like you. (10 seconds in)
Taco Eater
Taco Eater Månad sedan
As a black veteran and a fan of black panther. I was kinda dissatisfied. It was showing certain people as crazy just because of their political view is different than what was being pushed. I hate both Democrats and Republicans. I've seen evil on both sides. What pissed me off is movies pushing agendas. Remember we all will meet the Lord and agendas won't fly with him. I have evil family members that will love this movie and also call to do violence on others and then claim Jesus. Hypocrites. I'm so done with the corrupt population doing evil and calling it good. I have 0 sympathy for the corrupt agenda pushers
John Montoya
John Montoya Månad sedan
The movie had some moments, but it is one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen. I like many of Spike's movies, but many people just sucked on the dirty cock of this movie just to not offend. The movie was poorly written. It had potential, but that is it. The movie sucked.
Deja Curry
Deja Curry Månad sedan
I really loved this movie wasn’t what I was expecting, and the fight over who should get the money was valid?
Nate DS
Nate DS Månad sedan
So the setup of this movie has a different dimension to it now.
USUCKTOO Månad sedan
Fragile white people alert in the comments.
USUCKTOO Månad sedan
I don't think the MAGA hat undercuts the conversation just basically because there are really people who wear them, and anyone sane does automatically undercut the maga wearing people in real life. Thats just how it is. They live in the same world us ours. He was the type of person who would do that.
m1G1804s Månad sedan
This movie dialogue was a fail ... wtf trump hsve to do with veitnam ... dumb
M M Månad sedan
That mine scene really messed me up
Eddie Caligula
Eddie Caligula Månad sedan
Brilliant film and a history lesson 👏🏾
Dave H
Dave H Månad sedan
This movie was all over the place.
TheFinnmacool Månad sedan
TheFinnmacool Månad sedan
My wife and I got through an hour and a half and couldn't believe there was another belaborous hour to go. This was by far one of the worst movies I've seen in awhile. So much of it didn't make sense. So many "conveniences" it was goofy as hell. A guy walks down a hill to take a dook and then finds miraculously the gold they were looking for???? All the "groomed" trails in the middle of the jungle so these old bastards can just walk along like they were in a national park? The political jabs were also a bit much. MLK, Washington owning slaves, blacks falling for propaganda by commies during the Vietnam war. It's pretty clear that Spike is trying to rile up black people. Once people are angry you can shape their mind easier. This movie was trash.
super salty
super salty Månad sedan
A great film for Chadwick to finish off on
Sergio Moreno
Sergio Moreno Månad sedan
So, nobody is gonna talk about how present day old people look the same in a war 50 years ago?.
Aidan Draper
Aidan Draper Månad sedan
This movie felt pretty lazy with all the cut and paste graphics that are sometimes extremely low quality or rather out of place. A movie that has a 2 hour and 30 minute run time should have more than enough time to pace things effectively but it’s a mess. I wanted to like this movie, but it’s subpar, it’s wasted potential. I don’t know how someone can watch this film and not think it’s lazy.
Funnypenguin18 Månad sedan
I completely agree
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill Månad sedan
It was a bullshit film. I don't care. Acting- shit. Story- meh.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Månad sedan
RIP Chadwick
stomachegg0 Månad sedan
If you buried millions of dollars in gold when you were 20, would you wait until you were pushing 70 before you dug it up? Wouldn’t the idea of being rich appeal to you many, many years before that? Would you really wait until you were so old that you’d have to worry about throwing your back out when you picked up the loot?
stomachegg0 Månad sedan
You didnt mention how the movie had terrible dialogue. As an audience you felt like the characters were dictating their every move At one point, their dead platoon leader (Chadwick Boseman) is described as “our Martin and our Malcolm.” Why not let the audience discover that, rather than give these flashback scenes too much to live up to?
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer Månad sedan
Rip Chadwick boseman
wizzzer1337 Månad sedan
this was Chadwick Boseman's last performance and he was absolutely fantastic in it, and I also think Derloy Lindo at least deserve an Oscar nomination for a leading role- and yes LEADING, because in a sense, he was the protagonist and the main thrust of the film.
Malky24 Månad sedan
This movie is like watching your favorite football (soccer) team play well in the first half then come out and concede 10 goals in the 2nd half. Bizarre nosedive in the quality of the writing after about an hour or so. Kinda like you know when some movies show you something that's meant to be horrific and shocking but it's so badly executed it makes you laugh? Yeah, that.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 2 månader sedan
*R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman ❤️*
Sakhile Nkomo
Sakhile Nkomo 2 månader sedan
Just got done watching this after Chadwick Boseman died... Man it hit so much harder. It's like he knew. . . really liked how this movie was made too. The perfect sendoff. Rest Easy Chadwick Boseman.
christino gonzalez
christino gonzalez 7 dagar sedan
I watched this for the first time just now. I cried more than I expected to. It wasn’t just because of Boseman’s death but that really helped for sure. Some deaths were literally foreshadowed and I love that it goes over my head for a while.
Sakhile Nkomo
Sakhile Nkomo Månad sedan
@Joey Mcallister "Ain't no thing Blood..." yeah that scene was tough to watch, yet so impactful.
Joey Mcallister
Joey Mcallister Månad sedan
That one scene with him and Delroy made me burst into tears man, especially because Chadwick is gone
SNYDER CUT 2 månader sedan
I watching Captain America Civil War before I was notified about his death😭😭😭
WoodPileDenmark 2 månader sedan
Spike Lee trying to program his viewers brain that "orange man bad" whilst making a movie about how that is not the way to go.. Is he a complete moron?
isl swerve
isl swerve 2 månader sedan
Green Tonic
Green Tonic 2 månader sedan
rip chadwick wakanda forevah
emotional blackmail
emotional blackmail 2 månader sedan
It’s politicized, and also has overt advertisements literally in the trailer.
emotional blackmail
emotional blackmail 2 månader sedan
Honestly, there are probably several better war movies.
Kind Brute
Kind Brute 2 månader sedan
I disagree. Sure this movie had themes it wanted to discuss and good intentions but in the end it never felt like a single coherent piece of art but rather the ramblings of a single man. I definitely needed alcohol to get through it
Louis Tracy
Louis Tracy 2 månader sedan
You, sir, are saved by edits. Your element is to be cut each 5 seconds.
IT TAKES TWO REVIEWS 2 månader sedan
Great plot and great explosions 😆
Kabutoes 2 månader sedan
I think the cuts to the photographs and historic explanations takes us out of the film and feels like I’m watching a history presentation. I like it better when they mention historic names or transition into talking about the events/people without being so direct that it takes us out of the film or makes us think that we couldn’t think for ourselves; I wish it were more subtle. Some of the scenes featuring Vietnamese interacting with the Americans feel cringey, but other than that the film was pretty entertaining, stylistic, and had good moments that conveyed the human condition.
benbug11 2 månader sedan
It was a movie about war and anti blackness in the US. I think that's politics and the Trump hat was connecting past and present circumstances
Hugo Tate
Hugo Tate 2 månader sedan
A spike lee joint*
Austin Reed
Austin Reed 2 månader sedan
After listening to you and reading some comments this isn’t my type of movie and I won’t watch it
Professor Krieger
Professor Krieger 2 månader sedan
It sucked. Flat out . Shmultzy score. Over played. Boring. Cheesy narrative.
Daniel Khomani
Daniel Khomani Månad sedan
I get what you mean. I actually loved it up until one of the guys died in an explosion and it was glossed over in like 30 seconds. Then it got a little icky for me.
MRJ2012 2 månader sedan
Qaydu Emdur
Qaydu Emdur 2 månader sedan
The Marvin Gaye symbolism and Chadwick Boseman’s character really sold it for me. You have to wonder how much this movie generalized an entire country that has its own significance besides the war. I might be ignorant so help me out here.
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis 2 månader sedan
He pretty much convey in a not so subtle way, if you are a Trump supporter you are an hateful person and that kind of message is itself hateful.
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
The film sucked in my opinion.
Chris D
Chris D 3 månader sedan
Worst movie of spike lee. PERIOD
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 2 månader sedan
MRJ2012 Because the film is garbage and doesn’t deserve the recognition the film gets.
MRJ2012 2 månader sedan
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
Agreed. Technically the overrated movie of 2020 for now.
feminism is cancer
feminism is cancer 3 månader sedan
Terrible movie. Ok we get it, you hate whitey and the fact that the bad guy is the trump supporter. It's just poor directing. The only good part was the "we dont need no stinking badges" reference but apart from that it was just yet another movie about hatred for white folks and how blacks are the victim....but then again what would you expect from spike lee?......
feminism is cancer
feminism is cancer Månad sedan
@MRJ2012so you liked the movie did you? Well each to their own I guess, theres no accounting for taste. I still thought it was a poor attempt at continuing a devisive rhetoric to a bunch of simple minded, easily lead, racists who are so busy trying to gold on to their victim status that they dont realise that they themselves are the ones that are being racist and victimising other ethnic groups simply for the colour of their skin. I'm guessing you fall quite comfortably into that category.....
MRJ2012 2 månader sedan
This comment is exactly the kind of thing I would expect from someone whose name is feminism is cancer
SCHWARZENEGGER 3 månader sedan
Delroy lindo was just outstanding and excellent in this movie, Chadwick Boseman was surprisingly good too. Also all the black actors were very good, even jean Reno, his best role in a long time, he is just a bastard in this movie, I hate his character so much. But Delroy lindo stole the show with the excellent screenplay. Now is one of my new favorite spike lee movies. Lindo need an Oscar
Marcos Cordero
Marcos Cordero 3 månader sedan
Nah, it just didn’t work for me ...this is spike lees weakest movie ever made.....
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
Mandroid Musicvideo
Mandroid Musicvideo 3 månader sedan
i would love to love the movie, i thought it was very weak, just like the klansman thing.
Kind Brute
Kind Brute 2 månader sedan
This movie is objectively worse than BlacKKKlansman
Tony Davila
Tony Davila 3 månader sedan
Movie was long and boring. Grumpy old men should be at home quarentined from Covid and not looking for gold. None of them is a Morgan Freeman. There were a few creative scenes but in general the movie was bad. And Spike Lee injecting politics into it made it worse. Would rather watch Apocalipse Now or Platoon again.
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
Sith Saiyan
Sith Saiyan 3 månader sedan
Poké evolutions: First stage: Jeremy Jahns Second stage: John Wick Final stage: Baba Yaga Had to comment on Jeremy as I am tired of BLM bull**** movies.
Always_Serpico 3 månader sedan
The second David said he had to go make a deposit, my anxiety levels shot through the roof. All I could think about was that mines were going to come into play at some point. Spike Lee is a real asshole, and a genius, for how he shot the scenes that followed. He knew we were anticipating the worst, and he took his time.
dizzy dex77
dizzy dex77 3 månader sedan
It's shite
GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!
quick tip. the aspect ratio is to emphasize the difference of time like how colour in irishman was used from cold to warm through out the phase
G Prichard
G Prichard 3 månader sedan
In regard to the MAGA hat, I disagree that it is a purely political statement or overshadows the focus on other themes that the movie did so well on. While it was distracting, that hat represents more than a side of the aisle. It represents control by fear and hatred. Perhaps it was just something Spike Lee wanted to throw in there or a gimmick to make the movie more edgy and contemporary, but in my opinion it goes far beyond political beliefs and in fact is a physical manifestation of Paul's mindset and how it's controlling him.
Kunisake 3 månader sedan
I didn't understand it at some points, but I still really liked it. I thought the acting was very good, the story was interesting, and I liked the characters
JoBananas 3 månader sedan
I just watched this movie and its really trash. I get the message is timely but the execution is atrocious.
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
Agreed. Spike lee worst film since inside man, overrated director.
Victor Vazquez
Victor Vazquez 3 månader sedan
This movie is horrendously boring.. I couldnt pass the first 35 mins
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 3 månader sedan
Movies of NARCIST society hollywood or real life adventure? ....... careful one these answers greater implications then other like being shallow vein hollywood fan or someone actually lives own life not empty
PenDrag0n 3 månader sedan
This movie was garbage, It was like Spike Lee took the last 5 min of preaching Anti Trump stuff from BlackKklansman and made an entire movie. can't say I'm surprised this got a 92% on rotten tomatoes, though I couldn't keep track of the number of time I rolled my eyes at some of the dialog or the scenes that were funny when they wont suppose to be. I recommend watching "Beasts of No Nation" instead
Insomnia4thoughts 3 månader sedan
Man, I agree 100% about the MEGA hat critique. Spot on, congratz on that Jeremy.
Peter Pieh
Peter Pieh 3 månader sedan
Looked up the My Lai Massacre afterwards.... jesus christ
J'Hue Casey
J'Hue Casey 3 månader sedan
I think you hit the nail on the head as usual. The film was just okay to me. The core of the plot was great, but the dialogue and directing was a little iffy at times.
Jefferson Sousa
Jefferson Sousa 3 månader sedan
Delroy Lindo's performance was the shit, man! Paul was the character that I most hated AND liked it, it's insane. Pretty good movie.
callum. mp4
callum. mp4 3 månader sedan
This is low key such a bad movie, it felt so cartoony and fake, I wouldn’t recommend watching it.
Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma 3 månader sedan
Just finished watching it and I really enjoyed it. Loved the idea of the flash backs being shot in a different style and aspect ratio. Delroy was definitely a highlight, his performance kept grabbing my attention, made you hate him but at the same time you care for him for what he's going through.
A.D.S.F 3 månader sedan
this film was shit ... and i'm from Algeria, Africa
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
Agreed. I didn’t like the film am originally from Nigeria Africa.
A B 4 månader sedan
I gave up after 15 minutes
No One
No One 4 månader sedan
This movie was a libtards dream. The extreme racist spike lee does it again.
Ronin Editor
Ronin Editor 4 månader sedan
I love Spike Lee and war films but, for some reason, I really hated this film... it just didn't connect for me. Again, I LOVE Spike Lee. This just felt like it was way too much standing and talking... then sitting and talking... then more talking without doing anything other than talking. He's an Oscar-winning screenplay writer... so who the hell am I to question anything but the main thing in writing is to "show" not "talk" about someone or something. We kept hearing how great Norman was -- but did we ever see him doing anything heroic, other than speeches? We only know he's great because of they saying he was great. And, was in the world was with them looking exactly their same age but 40 years ago? Grey bears, wrinkles, etc. Why didn't they just shave or something to hide the obvious age? I dunno... I really expected to love this film but it just missed the mark for me.
samhain2099 4 månader sedan
hawaii guy
hawaii guy 4 månader sedan
It was a shit movie about 5 guys complaining the entire time, and a pot of gold they gave to a bunch of liberal complaining idiots. Oh and the compensatory bastard child left behind in a war.
devilpupbear09 4 månader sedan
Salt & Vaseline Jeremy Salt & Vaseline
Butter Bay Biscuits
Butter Bay Biscuits 4 månader sedan
It's weird how good this review was... It's almost like Jeremy knows what he's doing! Fake it took you make it, folks!
Jaylen Tutt
Jaylen Tutt 4 månader sedan
This was whack, I'm sorry
Only Joel
Only Joel 4 månader sedan
No lie this movie sucks
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
Steadno 2006
Steadno 2006 4 månader sedan
They were the same age in the flashbacks. Epic fail.
Amren H.
Amren H. 4 månader sedan
This movie kept shoving black history down my throat. Honestly this movie was basically a black experience lecture made into a really bad movie. It really had the potential to be something better.
Parker Casto
Parker Casto 4 månader sedan
I watched this last night and did enjoy it, it was probably Spike Lee's craziest film. But it's not his best work, I thought the action scenes had too much CGI and the plot felt disjointed at times. But you are right in that the way it was shot definitely complimented the story, very glad Netflix is willing to take a chance on edgy material such as this.
Hans Carlson
Hans Carlson 4 månader sedan
Enjoyed the movie. A little political and preachy but hey that's a Spike Lee movie.
captain howdy
captain howdy 4 månader sedan
P.s. great line up of actors. 2 guys from the wire, a legend, and a guy I'm not familiar with but he was great. The whole thing had me obsessing about the black soldier in nam....men we for sure need not forget about and pray for.
captain howdy
captain howdy 4 månader sedan
The nam footage flashbacks, the characters look the same age, the Sargent friend is young...but they still old af lol. Good shit but yeah that just kinda ruined the flashbacks for me. I love nam movies and docs, this was a awesome point of view and something u rarely think about....the black man fighting in nam and at home, heavy shit. Good movie.
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson 4 månader sedan
I think that you missed the entire fucking point of them will be in the hat😒
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson 4 månader sedan
I think I got Delroy’s character the most... To be woke in America is to be in a constant state of anger.
Pillow Jones
Pillow Jones 22 dagar sedan
As an old souled, God fearing black conservative living in a “turn up”, twerking, love deficient, blame everyone but yourself society, I completely agree.
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson 4 månader sedan
Correction “for a country that DOESN’T believe in them”
ThatKidSON 4 månader sedan
This movie addressed a lot of things about the war that is not normally talked about and it should've been out in cinema but covid... at least on Netflix a lot of people have access to it
Roz Wynn
Roz Wynn 4 månader sedan
Thank you for taking the time to review this film and give it explosion on your channel. Delroy Lindo is one of the best.
Porkchop118 4 månader sedan
I really liked the first half of the film but after they found the gold i feel like it all fell apart and became really confused and boring
Jennifer E. Pergola
Jennifer E. Pergola 4 månader sedan
I want to see this but don't have Netflix :-(. Thanks for the review!
Lordpianz 4 månader sedan
wasn't sure i was going to like this I'm not a spike lee fan at all...it turn out somewhat nice...worth watching....i like the vibe they all had
Nardi Nardstrums
Nardi Nardstrums 4 månader sedan
Visually appealing and exhausting lol
Vits Vicente Torres
Vits Vicente Torres 4 månader sedan
DA 5 BLOODS is well-acted and the pacing is very good for a 154-minute-long movie, but it could and should have been more subtle with its themes and social commentary. The 4 main actors play their younger versions in flashbacks and it's not convincing. To make matters worse, Chadwick Boseman (who's noticeably younger than them) plays a character that only appears in flashback. Was there some meaning behind all this? Like the characters feel they're still in the past? Then why not go all the way and have them wear the same clothes? Why not blur the line between the timelines? Artistic decisions like these are supposed to enhance the experience, not take the viewer out of the story. Actually, I could say the same thing about other stylistic choices. For example, the use of old photographs in the middle of conversations (is this a SElosk movie review?!) or pointlessly cutting from one shot to another one where the angle isn't that different. Using different aspect ratios in different scenes can work if you don't draw attention to it. This movie unfortunately shows the transition. 6/10
Alfred Daniel
Alfred Daniel 4 månader sedan
Cut that hair you hippie. Just kidding... I've had dreads for 7yrs now.
masterzombie161 4 månader sedan
I’m Sorry but the Ending Sucks, there should’ve never been a bad guy in this movie. It went against what this movie wanted to be which is about old comrades looking for Norm and Gold, then all of the sudden it’s a siege movie. They just used “Black lives matter” to promote this movie and it worked, rather then telling the horrors of war and that every side was affected by it was completely thrown away by making the French dude the villain.
S P 4 månader sedan
wow, excellent review, nuanced as hell. as a black man i'm not often able to hear the review of a "black movie" by a white critic... props for the ability to talk about the different levels...especially for us geeks who took cinema class.
West Kamau
West Kamau 4 månader sedan
This movie sucked. Dragged, boring conversations, but since it came out after George Floyd's death, you just gotta give it positive reviews. It was shit
Jaja Jaja
Jaja Jaja 3 månader sedan
Exactly after the death of George Floyd any movies that has to do with black lives will come with positive reviews, Da 5 bloods sucked.
mask gamerx
mask gamerx 4 månader sedan
It was just another money is bad and being rich sucks movie
Timothy A Cowin
Timothy A Cowin 4 månader sedan
Almost all the deaths in this movie where ridiculously stupid.
Michael Godwin
Michael Godwin 4 månader sedan
I think Spike knew exactly what he was doing when including the MAGA hat in the film. He wanted to show the audience that we live in a time now where the leading figure of the country openly promotes and encourages hatred and resentment, and that he takes advantage of damaged people who have been wronged by the oppressive and divisive systems America has put in place. Sure the message is incredible strong and relevant without mentioning Trump, but by including Trump, Spike made the film even more timely and relevant, which is really important in a time where more and more Americans are coming together to stand up against injustice, racist systems and policies, and hatred. Trump is a big part the issue and a big obstacle standing in the way of progress, justice, and equality. Spike Lee is not afraid to point this out and I really respect him as a filmmaker and a social activist for always standing up.
Mikey Tavarez
Mikey Tavarez 4 månader sedan
heeeyyyy, the movie review guy i unsubscribed from months ago....movie is too long and it's all about greed. they didn't even care about their fallen 'nam comrade...baloney. best you can say about Spike is he's an abstract artist...meh...
andy forsythe
andy forsythe 4 månader sedan
I was looking forward to this movie but was really disappointed. I just couldnt believe any of it. Honestly I started laughing and turned it off ten minutes towards the end. By then it was just embarrassing.
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