Dogma - Movie Review 

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I revisit a Kevin Smith favorite of mine from 1999. Does it hold up? Here's my review for DOGMA!


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10 apr 2020



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Geek37 11 dagar sedan
I saw Clerks first and that’s the best Kevin Smith film, and Dogma came later for me but it’s the second best film he made. It showed to me how the power of humor and irreverence can make a person have a deeper, connected faith with the divine. Bethany’s journey is our journey for the lost and questioning. I purchased the two-DVD set of this movie and the extra hour of deleted scenes are worth the watch. I love Dogma and it’s one of my all time favorites.
SlabBeats 24 dagar sedan
The full movie is on SElosk without ads or small screen or anything
Akil-da-lion 30
Akil-da-lion 30 Månad sedan
Bartleby could tell that the woman on the plane cheated on her boyfriend, bartleby could tell that the man on the bus was cheating on his wife. But bartleby couldn't tell that he was sitting across from and talking to the woman that was on her way to the exact same place he was, to do the one thing that he was hoping nobody would try to do. Stop a couple of angels from entering heaven. You think she means us? NO TWO OTHER FUCKING ANGELS!! Oh yeah, not to mention the entire board room of sinners he read.
dj coolkid
dj coolkid 2 månader sedan
Is it better now than before? It’s better. It’s so much better. 👍
EdKMusic 2 månader sedan
Turns out Dogma can't be streamed because Bob and Harvey Weinstein personally own the film rights. So add that to the list of things Harvey fucked: Dogma fans 😔
The Frog
The Frog 2 månader sedan
Great joint❗️ Found it on DVD years ago so rewatched it regularly.
Jennifer E. Pergola
Jennifer E. Pergola 2 månader sedan
You also can borrow a copy of the DVD from a local library, if you just want to watch it and not have one to keep. I should take my own advice and do that, since this is another movie I have yet to see - thanks for the review! P.S. Support your local library!
The New Khan
The New Khan 3 månader sedan
I want to rewatch it but that's the thing: you can't anywhere legally, and I'm not buying a single movie from 1999 for more than 20 bucks, that's crazy.
Papapau 3 månader sedan
No mention of George Carlin? Really? The biggest star on that show.
MG224 MG224
MG224 MG224 3 månader sedan
I got crap liking this movie growing up. Family was super religious.
H Kay
H Kay 3 månader sedan
It's crap
StageApe 3 månader sedan
I wish Kevin Smith would do an uncut version, with the Cardinal Glick scenes, and Jason Lees monologue on "evil is an abstract!..."
RichieRich4998 3 månader sedan
JeremyJahns you should watch and review Blood In Blood Out. I watched it recently and I gotta say it’s one of best movies I’ve seen!
PlotagonDP 36
PlotagonDP 36 3 månader sedan
When can Dogma actually come out again on Blu Ray?
TenTonNuke 4 månader sedan
This movie made me want to name my future son Loki. Then Avengers made me change my mind.
TheGreenScreen 4 månader sedan
I wanna get high and watch movies w Jeremy. Sounds like a time
Chantale Houle
Chantale Houle 4 månader sedan
What are you talking about? Just watch it on You tube. For FREE.
Ali Saurus
Ali Saurus 4 månader sedan
I can't watch this without constantly thinking about Casper
vikingknot 4 månader sedan
Have you done a review of Chasing Amy?
Arman Solis
Arman Solis 4 månader sedan
Good thing is dogma is in SElosk just watch it before it'll get deleted.
John Bach
John Bach 4 månader sedan
There's a poop monster in this movie. SOLD.
Oscar Barbeito
Oscar Barbeito 4 månader sedan
Dogma: one of the greatest movies ever made.
johndzchambers 5 månader sedan
I love that Jeremy gives full props to Linda Fiorentino for her battle of faith in the lake as Bethany. And to Ben Affleck's rant at God as Bartleby in the car park is superb.
Levi Short
Levi Short 5 månader sedan
The full movie is on SElosk for free. Just search up Dogma movie
CoDee 5 månader sedan
That comment about Jay's age in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer.
Nico Nea
Nico Nea 5 månader sedan
I felt that the Jay % Silent Bob reboot was a bit like Blues Brothers 2000, more for the people involved in the project than for the general audience. A bit like the middle age dads' garage band that plays the local pup once a month but in movie form. I actually liked the reboot better than strikes back, mostly I think because It felt like a love letter to the old movies Smith and his team made before. To me though, Dogma is still his best work.
Bailey Wearne
Bailey Wearne 5 månader sedan
Maybe I'm missing something but this movie was only ok. Not nearly as thoughtful as Chasing Amy and only mildly funny I just didn't get it . I was raised catholic and while I understood the biblical references and jokes they just weren't funny, not disrespectful either just unfunny.
TheRenegadeMaster 5 månader sedan
' homie gonna shred 'em with his angel be good special'
Kacper 5 månader sedan
Good movie but not great. Loved Rickman and Rock, but Jay was a little annoying. A story is a bit confusing at the end. Solid but something was missing.
Skits And Giggles
Skits And Giggles 5 månader sedan
This movie is still amazing! I still love it. I think when I first saw it on cable they cut out the shit demon so when I saw that for the first time I was like “is this a new edition??” Lol
wowgaming videos
wowgaming videos 5 månader sedan
Jay 😅 I'll scream rape.
Lord Muffincakes
Lord Muffincakes 5 månader sedan
for those who want to watch it, the full movie is up on youtube with good quality XD
KingFisher TheFirst
KingFisher TheFirst 5 månader sedan
In the End, they messed up the part of God. He's a He not a she but otherwise good Flick.
Pablo Saucedo
Pablo Saucedo 5 månader sedan
Professor snape as god was the thing i never knew i wanted 😂
Horrormaster13 5 månader sedan
Chris Rock was hilarious in this film.
Big Stank
Big Stank 5 månader sedan
reboot sucked imo
Kathi Murray
Kathi Murray 5 månader sedan
Love Dogma!!! I don't own the blu ray, but I do own a copy of the DVD...
Mazvec 5 månader sedan
Now I want to watch it again; it’s been years
Paltrax 6 månader sedan
I wonder if anyone asked for a holy bartender after seeing this movie
Stefano Trida
Stefano Trida 6 månader sedan
What's is this? Jeremy reviews my favorite movies month? ok, Hot Rod next... or Evil Dead.
squadup22 6 månader sedan
This was won of my favorite movies to watch as a teen. Movie is fun as hell to watch.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 6 månader sedan
Charring Amy was always my favour KS film but ain't seen it since my dvd broke a decade ago. Think it need a watch and a reviewing 😬
Andrea Burke
Andrea Burke 6 månader sedan
First off: as of right this minute the dvd for DOGMA is available on AMAZON. $40 but money well spent. Second: as someone who experienced her own crisis of faith (as Kevin did when writing DOGMA) I'm kind of in the same bost as you. I loved it back in the day but I finally get it.💙
wrestlescotty 6 månader sedan
Id be curious what you would think about Chasing Amy
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 6 månader sedan
Loki was from Norse mythology Bartleby was from Christian mythology........ok it's funny
Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey 6 månader sedan
I actually went and got a very good copy of this on ebay because of this review. Very glad I did
Caleb Lail
Caleb Lail 6 månader sedan
As a religious person, I can say that Dogma is one of my favorite movies! It is weirdly so faith affirming (plus, daggum, it’s Kevin Smith)
Shane Cordova
Shane Cordova 6 månader sedan
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 6 månader sedan
hats off to alan rickman. one of the greats.
Mark ODonnell
Mark ODonnell 6 månader sedan
Great review ONE tiny criticism. How in the hell did you not mention George Carlin as a Catholic Cardinal? The most famously anti religion comedian of all time cast as a Cardinal.
Fabio B.M.
Fabio B.M. 6 månader sedan
I’ll re watched too, back in the day I loved it and had it in VHS 👴🏻
jessica butler
jessica butler 6 månader sedan
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦
dewlover420 6 månader sedan
How’d I not get a notification for this?!
FlamingMoe78 6 månader sedan
Just rewatched it now after probably 20 years and... oh my god... I still love this movie. I didn't know I was using quotes from it till this day. And Alanis Morissette... still the best God possible. Makes me kinda regret I'm not religious.
Ozbully Morales
Ozbully Morales 6 månader sedan
How many movies have I paid to see that have lined Harvey Weinstein’s pockets? The dirt won’t wash off.
David Rojas
David Rojas 6 månader sedan
Can you make a review of The Man from Earth?
R K 6 månader sedan
I actually loved this movie when I watched it at the time!
Apocalypse Nowish
Apocalypse Nowish 6 månader sedan
I didn't have to feel like you and hope it was still good because I know I liked it first time I watch it and long after. That's how I am with movies. I've never watched a crappy movie ever because I already know if I'm gonna be invested in a movie long after with a trailer or small scene trailer. Test me. Tell me a movie and I'll tell you if it's long standing.
Zach Carter
Zach Carter 6 månader sedan
First half was perfect. Then he wrote himself into a corner
The Analytical Menace
The Analytical Menace 6 månader sedan
Terrific. Now I wanna go watch this movie again. Thank you, Jeremy.
FF sake
FF sake 6 månader sedan
Dogma is one of my all time favorite movies. Some of the stuff chirs rock says about religion in the film make so much sense.
Jademan England
Jademan England 6 månader sedan
This movie was very important to my formative years in shaping how I see and feel about religion
LeKaNsWaNsOn 6 månader sedan
Great Movie.
Ivan ortega
Ivan ortega 6 månader sedan
Bailey Ray
Bailey Ray 6 månader sedan
Fuck yeah, Dogma. Thank u for that flashback. One of my faves, owned it on VHS. 😂🥰
Salvatore Climenti
Salvatore Climenti 6 månader sedan
Nah Jeremy it sacrilegious not to watch Dogma or any Kevin Smith movie sober. You need to be stoned and/or drug.
Jesse A
Jesse A 6 månader sedan
To the people who have a problem with weed in a review rating of all things, go fuck yourself.
Joshpgorman 6 månader sedan
I saw the reboot roadshow live and Kevin did a Q&A afterwards. Someone asked if there would be any follow up to Dogma. Kevin said that there was backlash from religious protesters when the movie was being released and Disney didn’t want to release it. So Harvey Weinstein personally bought it to release it and he still personally owns the movie.
Steven Baxter
Steven Baxter 6 månader sedan
Dogma and chasing Amy are my favourite jay and silent bob films
Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite Corpse 6 månader sedan
There are exactly two great Kevin Smith movies: DOGMA and TUSK. The rest have their moments, but those two may actually be talked about in 30 years.
Winchester NL
Winchester NL 6 månader sedan
Chasing Amy and Dogma will be the greatest movies that Kevin Smith had made. I love it. But all of Kevin's movies are worth it for me.
Jose Zarate
Jose Zarate 6 månader sedan
Got this recorded on my dvr 😂
I got the Magic
I got the Magic 6 månader sedan
Weed ?! Disgusting
Ralgore 6 månader sedan
So it's still good, it wasn't...Dogma-shit =P
Joe Levesque
Joe Levesque 6 månader sedan
Boy I'm glad I got my bluray copy a few years back for $5 at best buy.
kc 3182x
kc 3182x 6 månader sedan
Vamroc Sylar
Vamroc Sylar 6 månader sedan
I remember watching Dogma with director's commentary and DAMN Kevin torched Fiorentino saying what a complete BITCH she was the entire time
horse dick .mpeg
horse dick .mpeg 6 månader sedan
Good lord you are insufferable.
Matt C
Matt C 6 månader sedan
Ive heard a bunch of praise on this movie recently and I have yet to see it. I need to get my hands on a copy..
BackwardsShark 6 månader sedan
Have you reviewed Mallrats yet? You should review Mallrats if you haven’t.
DOLO BROLIC 6 månader sedan
I don’t know a Kevin Smith movie I like........🤔
D.K. Lewis
D.K. Lewis 6 månader sedan
I was actually able to get a copy of dogma on blu rae. 34.99 on eBay.
Dave Rudd
Dave Rudd 6 månader sedan
Don't trust a Christian who doesn't at least respect this movie.
JJScrotus 6 månader sedan
I completely agree. Tusk is way better than Jay & Bob reboot. Came from a place of real passion. That said, I also think while Kev set the stage for Harley, he was also allowing Jason to "grow up" in J&Br
Thomas Robinett
Thomas Robinett 6 månader sedan
Where can I find this movie? I can't find it anywhere
Jesse Sisolack
Jesse Sisolack 6 månader sedan
The scene when The Metatron was trying to comfort Bethany after her freak-out was great. Alan Rickman really sold it as his character said how unfair it all was, and how he would take it all back in reference to Jesus if he could. Alan Richman was a great actor for sure.
David Brown
David Brown 6 månader sedan
Kevin smith fell off a cliff regarding movie story telling
Pelican74 6 månader sedan
👀. Iconic Movie Review request! 👀🔥 Jeremy. Can you review 'Forbidden Planet' I think you'll LOVE this movie. Yes. It's from like 1954 but I watched it. And it's actually amazing!!! I am gonna watch it again. Please check that out. As a movie lover yourself. You can't pass up this iconic movie which literally is. ICONIC. it was amazing for its time. And it still holds up. I hate old movies. But this doesn't feel old. Please please check it out. !!!
Dark Scholar
Dark Scholar 6 månader sedan
Did you just paraphrase Joker, but with weed?
Zortac 6 månader sedan
I still watch this movie every now and then to cheer up. It never gets old for me :)
AFC 9798
AFC 9798 6 månader sedan
Bethany: "What gear are you in?" Car engine revving it's gut out Jay: "Geeeeaaarrrrrr?" I cry with laughter every time I watch it
Jason R
Jason R 6 månader sedan
Is dogma hard to find because I think I have some weird Korean subtitle VHS tape.
Robb Hardwick
Robb Hardwick 6 månader sedan
Yeah this film holds up. Still on of his best films. Think you should run through them all 😉
todd johnson
todd johnson 6 månader sedan
How do you not assume one religion might be correct out of all religions?
Kronos Shadow
Kronos Shadow 6 månader sedan
It’s on SElosk for free
Escander Sanchez
Escander Sanchez 6 månader sedan
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 6 månader sedan
You should review remember the Titan's
Seyar Esmati
Seyar Esmati 6 månader sedan
if you're losing your mind just smoke some weed
David Minor
David Minor 6 månader sedan
"Stoner movies" meant something different twenty years ago. Propaganda was easier before people could fact check from their phones. If you are under 30 - 35, you probably don't grasp how much of a pioneer Kevin Smith, Dave Chappelle, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong actually were. Let's just say there's a reason for the "imply, don't show" in That 70's show.
Alex Doll
Alex Doll 6 månader sedan
great movie and great review. 🙂
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