Doom: Annihilation - Movie Review 

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What is it about having "Annihilation" in the title of a video game movie that just seems to lead to garbage? Anyhow, Doom: Eternal was great, so let's talk about a Doom misfire. Here's my review of DOOM: ANNIHILATION!
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3 apr 2020



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MaverickMarty 3 dagar sedan
How to make a DOOM movie: 1. Take the plot of Predator, narrow the team run time from 1+ hour to 15 minutes (tops!). 2. Make the rest of the movie the entire final encounter between the MC and the enemy, across the moons (yes, both), to Hell and back..... with a lot more enemies, guns and explosions! 3. Hell, even add the dynamic of your MC being in touch with other people over interstellar comms. (a la Die Hard)
juan sebastian bonilla ospina
plastic love
Bebe Fett
Bebe Fett 6 dagar sedan
Where’s the Doom Slayer?
Antoney don
Antoney don 8 dagar sedan
Those things that shoot firballs in the movie look cheesy as hell
oldyyy 8 dagar sedan
Female Doomslayer 🤡
Genady Mitov
Genady Mitov 10 dagar sedan
Hardcore Henry was more of a Doom movie
Not just the budget or resources dude, you and all else involved have to have a true unrelenting no shit passion for the franchise to rival Star was, you have to put in ACTUAL WORK TIME AND RESARCH into the source material, read some of the books maybe play one of the games or to, I mean with just those standards I'd be watching Doom absolution or Doom 64 the movie by now for fuck sake!
Rosa Corral Lovaton
Rosa Corral Lovaton Månad sedan
bad moon rising
Nightfall Månad sedan
With that hair, I truly hope you headbanged to at least one metal song.
GrandHomme 360
GrandHomme 360 Månad sedan
İt would be better if the movie was never mentioned as an adaptation of DOOM and be a zombie space movie with tiny DOOM references
Bryan Delvalle
Bryan Delvalle Månad sedan
I enjoyed the movie review more than the movie lol XD
Kyansor Månad sedan
Beginning of the Jesus Jeremy
Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott 2 månader sedan
Its Not A Game Anymore!
Origami Master Yoda
Origami Master Yoda 2 månader sedan
They should just make a movie based on the storyline of the classic games, and later the newer games
Gary Lamb
Gary Lamb 2 månader sedan
Ya, know... I'm really beginning to think Hollywood has lost touch with their audience. The first movie at least was entertaining This crap had me hoping everyone died. I mean, for heaven sakes, the characters where terrible. The only actor who gave a great performance was Daisy. And she was the damn ship AI
MOMU STUDIO 2 månader sedan
pixelated apollo
Wiaan Brand
Wiaan Brand 2 månader sedan
My day is great Jeremy, thanks for asking :)
Karl Porter
Karl Porter 3 månader sedan
This movie was exactly what I was hoping for. Yes the CGI looked like a windows 95 game, yes the practical creature effects looked like Star Trek, but overall, it was the cheesy schlock I was hoping to find....also...the sets were pretty awesome.
Rosalyn Williams
Rosalyn Williams 3 månader sedan
reggaeton 2019
the real GNSS_sniper
the real GNSS_sniper 3 månader sedan
If anyone thinks of It what if doom anihilation was a way to make us think the sonic movie designs from the original concept was better it explains it doe because low budget and all that
Derp Fox
Derp Fox 3 månader sedan
"We are not involved with the movie" ~Doom creator
Derp Fox
Derp Fox 3 månader sedan
Does this movie come out on 1993 or 2019? I just found out about this piece of shit just now
Shiirow 3 månader sedan
you look like you should be wearing a male japanese school uniform and walking around with a wooden training sword.
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 månader sedan
I'm upset...Doom...as a movie...it didn't work
Random 5 månader sedan
Why does this movie get so much hate? I actually liked this movie a lot.
Deranged Crouton
Deranged Crouton 5 månader sedan
How I would have started the movie. I would have started it like stranger things with scientists running from demons not zombies, demons. The zombies are slow and cannon fodder not actually demons. The scientists are running and the demons slaughter them in the halls of the mars facility. One scientist escapes and opens a door and we see a perspective looking at his face as he reacts in shock as he's pushed out of the way as the doom guy with full armour walks through the door and completely slaughters the demons with heavy metal music playing in the background and the scientist just runs away. Good for comedy and badassary
Meaning Of Every Frame
Meaning Of Every Frame 5 månader sedan
This guy is 40 year old mannn I can't believe it😶😶
Lucas Ayers
Lucas Ayers 5 månader sedan
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua Hendricks 5 månader sedan
Phenomenon Phenomenon Phenomenon
TheDarkLink7 5 månader sedan
DOOM...... has potential. Like the movie.
Super Dewott
Super Dewott 5 månader sedan
I was surprised. I like this movie a lot. I'm actually excited for the sequel
Trey Lepper
Trey Lepper 5 månader sedan
Jeremy seems drunk asf in this video. What’s in that coffee bro? Lmao
BlackoutKalico Beta
BlackoutKalico Beta 5 månader sedan
the last one biggest sin was the fucking resident evil plotline... you can have zombies if you want just make them behave like deadites from evil dead and youre good to go
Horrormaster13 5 månader sedan
(3:10) Doom: Annihilation in a nutshell
Rich Reviews
Rich Reviews 6 månader sedan
I did a review on my channel for Doom Annihilation.
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed 6 månader sedan
If they made it like hardcore Henry I'm sure it would work
RisingVictor 6 månader sedan
This movie was a waste of money.
Anthony Frank
Anthony Frank 6 månader sedan
I loved the new doom movie
LunaOfTheDarkestNight 6 månader sedan
*The Icon of Sin breaks in* "Bring me the REAL Doomguy" *angry goat noises* These movies "what is that"
David Rojas
David Rojas 6 månader sedan
Can you make a review of The Man from Earth?
KH Lee
KH Lee 6 månader sedan
Awful Doom movie. There are lower budget indie sci-fi movies that look better than this.
Donny Witt
Donny Witt 6 månader sedan
I think you described Die Hard in the portal plot you were talking about
paco ramon
paco ramon 6 månader sedan
Just made Doomguy kill demons for 90 minutes and we will be happy.
paco ramon
paco ramon 6 månader sedan
A Doom movie should be really easy to made.
paco ramon
paco ramon 6 månader sedan
When this movie came up?
The Doomslayer
The Doomslayer 6 månader sedan
Clive Roberts
Clive Roberts 6 månader sedan
Why dont you review more movies that are on streaming sites?
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton 6 månader sedan
If I made a Doom movie,it would be just the Doom Slayer slaying demons! Nothing else!
Kyle Costello
Kyle Costello 6 månader sedan
All you gotta do is slap some green armor on a John Cena mother fucker, get lots of guns and just rip and tear any demon you see
Bludingoable 6 månader sedan
Like why don't they make a john wick movie with a doom skin? It's like the perfect concept for the subject matter. Just have a framing scene and some light story sprinkled throughout and make the rest and over the top action flick.
Kyan 6 månader sedan
Imagine replacing the motherfucking Doom Slayer with some unknown nobody actress, glad this dogshit movie failed.
TheRetroNerd 6 månader sedan
The movies starts as doom But then Stuff happens.
TheRetroNerd 6 månader sedan
Good name. Bad Movie.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 6 månader sedan
What is so fucking hard to make a Doom movie with the DAMN DOOM MARINE????
DaKermitFrog 6 månader sedan
I liked it, but there were parts where I was saying "I swear to God if everyone dies at the end of this I'm gonna be pissed" but luckily at least 1 of them survived.. the ending pissed me off when they drugged the main character, like come on... lack luster ending :(
TS0 6 månader sedan
Game: Giant strong slayer with an arsenal of heavy weaponry and powerful suits and utilities fights through massive onslaughts of demons ranging from imps to titans, rips through them and tears them apart, leaving only gore behind Movie: diE DiE dIe
xandy32 6 månader sedan
Please do a Guns Akimbo review.
Kenny Simbayi
Kenny Simbayi 6 månader sedan
I had a real good laugh watching this But it really was not as bad as the trailer But was better put together than Charlie's angel, or at least that's what I remembered, oh wait maybe I watched another movie in that week Gemini man?
Terrill Clark
Terrill Clark 6 månader sedan
Doom should be shown from the perspective of the demon's instead of the slayer.
Stank Eye
Stank Eye 6 månader sedan
corona 2099
Chemicalnovaa 6 månader sedan
Compare this review with the one from GmanLives which is now 6 months old...
Dimitri Michael
Dimitri Michael 6 månader sedan
First of all, how could this garbage movie adaptation get approved for a second film. Second, did everyone else play Doom: Eternal this week? I know my friends from work love the game
mohit9206 6 månader sedan
Just watched, good time no alcohol required. Fun movie, Jeremy bit too harsh on it.
Stu Sasser
Stu Sasser 6 månader sedan
The last segment of the movie was pretty good.
Christopher Stokes
Christopher Stokes 6 månader sedan
There is another doom movie in development starring john cena due 2022 . It's an official recon of the two piles of shite we got.
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis 6 månader sedan
I started watching this knowing nothing about it, kind of assumed it was an anime/CG animated kinda thing. Watched about two minutes after live action started and shut it down. Doom done like Netflix Castlevania would be pretty sweet.
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 6 månader sedan
0:25 "Don't say that name"
Kieran Schafer
Kieran Schafer 6 månader sedan
This movie never happened. What DOOM movie? I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Jordan Rickel
Jordan Rickel 6 månader sedan
The original Doom movie with The Rock and Karal Urban is a guilty pleasure movie I love to watch despite it being garbage. This movie was utter boring garbage. They needed to cast a better female lead. Michelle Rodriguez would be perfect. She is strong and badass. And this movie was mostly genaric zombies.
AlDoesAGood 6 månader sedan
How has “Sol of the Dead” not been made yet? That sounds like the perfect action schlock movie. That title alone would get me to watch.
gayspacetrash 6 månader sedan
I feel like there will never be a great video game adaptation. In any video game, it relies somewhat on players choice. Regardless, there are items, dialogues, missions, and characters people care/don’t care to unlock or explore. Video games are dictated by the players, without the players it just takes out a big piece of itself. The only game series that could probably be made into movies would be the Resident Evil series. And they fucked that up.
Louis H Evans
Louis H Evans 6 månader sedan
I saw it ages ago Its god awful XD
FryedPidgey 6 månader sedan
Any chance you could review the older resident evil movies?
walter mojica
walter mojica 6 månader sedan
James Webb, Disabled USAF Veteran, CANCER WARRIOR
I feel asleep watching this movie and thought about finishing later. Thanks goodness you saved me from a getting dumber while watching the movie!! Thanks man!!
Motivique Studio
Motivique Studio 6 månader sedan
God, if they had actually called this "Space Zombies in Space" and leaned into it, it would have been a blockbuster.
Papa Pred
Papa Pred 6 månader sedan
Thinking of it now. Doom would require an enormous budget for cgi. Some fucking great stuntmen/woman and sound designers. If Mad Max Fury Road can exist and be a success, then Doom can too.
TheTedwms83 6 månader sedan
Well shit I was really hoping for it
BigElkification 6 månader sedan
“Why is this unmakeable?” Because every director doesn’t seem to understand that doom isn’t an ensemble, it’s a one man show.
Eric Lembeck
Eric Lembeck 5 månader sedan
@Leonardo Braynen if you mean sign him up as the doom slayer then no..hell no.
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen 5 månader sedan
So THEY should sign on *LIAM NEESON*
Thegoodhunter96 6 månader sedan
There's no point to a Doom movie. Doom Eternal's combat when mastered by the player becomes a movie thats gonna be a lot cooler than some cheesy B-rank actors waste a a whole movie before getting to the demons
Doctor Lolchicken
Doctor Lolchicken 6 månader sedan
Jeez, I think I’ll pass on this, even for free.
Jaymib 6 månader sedan
the thing is, being in lockdown means we watch the awful movies, THIS IS WHAT A LOCKDOWN IS FOR!!! 😂
InSanityKing 6 månader sedan
when did DooM get another movie?
Unicorn Litning
Unicorn Litning 6 månader sedan
Your bored at home cause you can't go to any movie theater cause of the Corona virus....
Some Canine
Some Canine 6 månader sedan
The DOOM guy is the avatar of masculinity. He kills demons because he WANTS to. He is not just some marine who gets stuck in a bad situation. This is actually the aspect that they keep getting wrong. Nothing against Karl Urban but his lines in the 05 movie were not manly enough. Nothing would ever be manly enough. The DOOM guy does not talk.
L.M.W 6 månader sedan
Yes this did suck.
Red reaper
Red reaper 6 månader sedan
Doom is supposed to be the easiest movie to make! Send marines to hell
amr safwet
amr safwet 6 månader sedan
It's a better time if you are drunk
Horrorfan 93
Horrorfan 93 6 månader sedan
there is a music movie biopic trailer out called street survivors the true story of the lynyrd skynyrd plane crash i haven't seen a review for it wondering if you would give your thoughts about it. love your videos man keep up the good work
ARMY OF TOYS 6 månader sedan
Joe Dixon
Joe Dixon 6 månader sedan
I did like her ending up in a Doom world, even if it was for a few minutes. It felt very Canadian Sci-Fi.
Luis Aponte
Luis Aponte 6 månader sedan
Netflix's has 2006 Alpha Dog. Have you ever review, if not you should? What's your take on it?
Donavan Andrews
Donavan Andrews 6 månader sedan
This movie didn't know what it wanted it be from writeing to even the names of characters. It obviously wasn't meant to be a doom movie. They wanted to probably do perfect dark fanfiction, but probably couldn't get the rights with doom being an after thought. The only way to get a good doom movie is if someone makes a fan film or it is animated like heavy metal where it is graphic.
Andrew Skaines
Andrew Skaines 6 månader sedan
Its an okay B-movie. Not Mega Parana levels of 'so bad its good' but i had fun.
xXZiplockXx 6 månader sedan
Pompadour Rising. Lol
Void 6 månader sedan
didn't expect a review but ok
Hoka Turki
Hoka Turki 6 månader sedan
Do Face-Off movie review. Guilty pleasure
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins 6 månader sedan
As a fan of b grade sci fi and someone knows nothing about doom beyond the Dwayne Johnson film, I actually really enjoyed the movie. Maybe it should’ve been a generic sci fi movie - it sounds like the primary disappointment was how it didn’t live up to any of the doom lore.
mathsalot 6 månader sedan
Im great, Jeremy. Thanks for asking!
Cytron1515 6 månader sedan
The best part about the 2005 film was the "First Person Shooter" scene. I felt this whole film should have been in FPS, like Hardcore Henry. It this had been film in First Person perspective and but still had the same characters, scenes, and storyline it would have been 10 times better.
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