Doom Eternal - Game Review 

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Doom 2016 hit the gaming scene with all the adrenaline inducing action shootout one could hope for. How does the sequel hold up? Here's my review for DOOM ETERNAL!


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25 mar 2020



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Sully So Savage
Sully So Savage 10 dagar sedan
Frag Grenade + Ballista +Super Shotty = Dead Marauder
Grim Reputation
Grim Reputation 16 dagar sedan
Bruh, you complain about the auto switch when guns run out of ammo... There is an option in the settings for that.
12canadianboy12 19 dagar sedan
Just played this game on gamepass and i gotta say the Marauder ain’t shit. Smashed that guy on the 3rd try when i first ran into him. Every review hyped him to be this unstoppable force. Lol what a joke.
Pablo Eduardo
Pablo Eduardo Månad sedan
God bless Doom Eternal.
cook ape
cook ape Månad sedan
Well playing doom with blur motion 🙃
ichatterbot Månad sedan
This is one of the worst games I have ever payed. Have no idea what the reviewers are thinking. This game is utterly terrible. There is not enough ammo. U literally can’t kill all the enemies because the game artificially limits how much ammo u can carry. Stupid.
I Killed The Wendigo
I Killed The Wendigo 2 månader sedan
Don't worry Jeremy. I hate PvP too.
Missing apollo
Missing apollo 2 månader sedan
If you get a stroke while playing nightmare Slayer gates your a man
Davyd Teather
Davyd Teather 2 månader sedan
Man, I thought the previous game was fast and aggressive. I'm on mission 2 of this game and I'm already feeling the fast pacing and aggressiveness.
GrabberBythePuss 2 månader sedan
I sweat so much when I play this!
Ismael Mendoza
Ismael Mendoza 2 månader sedan
Your funny bro ! “This Maurader boss is messing up my momentum cause I keep dying “
unique mahin
unique mahin 3 månader sedan
I also hated the mauraders. All the demons makes u work fast while this one makes u slow. Its a shitty Design. Well now am goof at beating them but still they are annoying.
Dark descent Wylocon
Dark descent Wylocon 3 månader sedan
Not to be a snob but your all better of watching under the mayo to actually understand how to defeat the marauder
Anne Layne
Anne Layne 3 månader sedan
BroPortal 3 månader sedan
I've had the "run out of ammo and switch to BFG" problem happen a few times and man that SUCKS
JMN128 3 månader sedan
I found the Whiplash more annoying than the Marauder.
The life of Dan
The life of Dan 3 månader sedan
Tanmay Fadnis
Tanmay Fadnis 3 månader sedan
Warning: The Doom Slayer has entered the facility. Demons: Objective status updated, survive.
Shawn Stephens
Shawn Stephens 3 månader sedan
I loved the marauders, they were a worthy challenge and not that hard to beat once you learn their patterns and gun weaknesses
Davyd Teather
Davyd Teather 3 månader sedan
Demon's: Crap! It's the Doom Slayer. Doom Slayer: (Thinking in his head) I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum.
Gino Martell III
Gino Martell III 3 månader sedan
I was also pissed off the 2 or 3 times BFG fired unexpectedly...
Tobin Monroe
Tobin Monroe 3 månader sedan
My only issue is its a little to hard like dont get me wrong i love challenge and I love having to master a game but literally its the second level and im not even playing it on a harder difficulty im on medium because that's always where I start in a new game and im stuck already not even an hour in and i die every 2 seconds challenge becomes not fun when its the 25th try and im still dying and like if they wanna do that shit on the hardest difficulty than thats totally fine but the whole point of multiple difficulties is to start low and master it to the point where you can play the hard mode but if you can't master it and you just die all the time to the point where im going backwards in skill because of how hard it is than thats not that fun the game itself tho is amazing and im definitely gonna still try to master it but come on man
Sythraxx 3 månader sedan
Hes the most fast and most aggressive! Yesssssssss
Martian Buddy
Martian Buddy 4 månader sedan
coming from TLOU2 review, its amazing. Take notes directors/lead project managers.
Alan Lowrance
Alan Lowrance 4 månader sedan
Filthy consoler
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
Pathetic pc filth.
NinjaSauce22 4 månader sedan
I just bought this lol I bought it because of your review! Made me too excited so I had to buy it haha 😆
Claire 4 månader sedan
this game is best with infinite ammo
MedicMaster049 4 månader sedan
The game just picks any weapon OTHER than my R1 quick select weapon every time. Usually it's the Heavy Cannon since I always use the super shotgun and it runs through ammo fast. I think it just moves clockwise with whatever weapon has ammo.
MedicMaster049 4 månader sedan
He called the arch-vile a new doom demon... hm..
EpicMiBz!! 5 månader sedan
Love the fact the URL of this video has 666 in the end!
TheAngryDanishViking 5 månader sedan
I had some major confusion going on at the start of the game.... like, what HAPPENED!? why is there a big science-fantasy looking space station that the Doomslayer is on, orbiting earth!? how'd the DOOM Slayer return from being tethered back to hell by Samuel Hayden? Uh.... yes. This is a pet peeve of mine cuz I actually like the lore behind the rebooting of the series with Doom 2016.
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
TheAngryDanishViking In game explanation? You want King Novik to be like: “Against all the evil that Hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them, only you. RIP and TEAR until it is done. Oh btw, we’ll show you what happened to the Slayer after the last game in the DLC”. You understand that he wasn’t telling a story, he was talking to the Slayer himself. He’s going to tell the Slayer that he needs to download some content so he knows what happened after Doom 2016? That should be something YOU put together, but I guess you’re too stupid to figure it out. Everybody else seems to have done so, so really you’re the problem here. Shit storytelling? Are you serious? I don’t think so.
TheAngryDanishViking 3 månader sedan
@Master Deity Doesn't make it good storytelling. I know I'm right, I don't care what the business does, cuz it's a shit way to give a narative, especially when there's no in-game explanations to it, cuz then we'd merely have some 'In Media Res', which works extremely well for certain stories and plots. I'd have been happy if there was like 'And so the Doomslayer was sent back to Hell-' and BAM, shotgun blasts and stuff and the narrator can state 'well, the rest is a story for another time' and then give us a timeline so we know how long it's been since we last saw the doomslayer (aka. tethering from Mars to Hell). Then they've set up that stuff actually happened, we know they'll most likely do some Expansion or DLC stuff letting us play that time between the games - But narratively for the player, you know get that winkwink, just play along for now, here's a big cool, knights-and-shit style space station orbiting a hell-infested earth. Go kill some demons!
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
TheAngryDanishViking You keep saying patchwork”. It’s not. All of this is planned, ID knows what they’re doing. You understand that Wolfenstein the New Order did the same thing right? The main game happened then they released the Old Blood which took place before it. Zelda BOTW did the same thing. DLC adds content all around, it doesn’t matter if the DLC takes place before or after the main game.
TheAngryDanishViking 3 månader sedan
@Master Deity That's not what DLC is for. DLC is to add small stuff, or side missions, or a small expansion to an ending, etc. not be patchwork fix for the START OF THE GAME.
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
TheAngryDanishViking That’s what the DLC is for. You really want what happened after 2016 told to you in a codex entry? It’s the aftermath of the events that happened there and something so big should be shown, not told. It would’ve lame if they just wrote a paragraph about it. Whatever happened clearly was too big to fit in Eternals story, so it had to be separate. ID obviously wanted to focus on the priests and the Maykrs in Eternal so they’ll fill in the gaps later. If they don’t at all, I’ll agree that what they did is bad. But for now, we’ll wait to see.
Moogii Bat
Moogii Bat 5 månader sedan
What a bitch
Mason Ladakakos
Mason Ladakakos 5 månader sedan
Do I want to play it yes. Do I have money no😂😂
/ Aludamin \
/ Aludamin \ 5 månader sedan
Awwww, is someone having trouble with the marauder? Get good BITCH!
Shmirko 5 månader sedan
1:33 Flashbacks to that Archvile Maze stage from Final Doom
Adam McIntyre
Adam McIntyre 5 månader sedan
Commenting for the ZOE reference! Party on!
Arjanator 5 månader sedan
If you really like the Slayer gates, just go to the Ripatorium on the Fortress of Doom.
Darrell Bouyer
Darrell Bouyer 5 månader sedan
Jeremy jahns is literally what a reviewer is supposed to be. He tells it like it is but still makes it interesting.
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres 5 månader sedan
Just beat the game and came back to watch your review. I found out a pattern to beat the marauders much easier. You super shotgun when he blinks, the amount of time he takes to colect himself is the amount of time you take to reload the super shotgun. So you gotta walk behind him while you reload and as soon as you are locked and loaded, blast him again, and repeat as many times as necessary, marauders won't be as much of a nusance. The most fun i had was sniping the heads off the preist drone things. Watching them drop a shit ton of ammo and health after nailing a headshot. Hmmm feel so good :3
LeRoy Thompson
LeRoy Thompson 5 månader sedan
Just bought it today and is downloading while I'm at work. After watching your video I can't wait to get home and play it. Awesome video , bro. Sincerely , new subscriber
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks 5 månader sedan
I love the games artwork
Alex Negz
Alex Negz 5 månader sedan
11:10 Jeremy: "and now I'd like to thank the sponsor of this video!!" Me: *Prepares the raid shadow legends memes* Jeremy: "This video is brought to you by raycon!!!" Me: *Puts back the raid shadow legends memes*
Dimitri Karas
Dimitri Karas 5 månader sedan
2000th comment
Brandon Cleland
Brandon Cleland 5 månader sedan
I'm definitely excited to play this game. Doom 1, 2, 64 and 2016 have kept me pleasingly occupied since March or April. Big fan of all 4. Haven't played 3 yet tho
Zazzaro703 5 månader sedan
And now Mick Gordon and ID/Bethesda are at odds so he won’t be returning to make the DLC music or music for future games 🤦‍♂️ what a disaster.
bustedsim 5 månader sedan
For me, DOOM Eternal is to DOOM (2016) as Back to the Future Part II is to Back to the Future. Not a terrible sequel, a good time, but not quite as well crafted as the original. It's more of the same, but with MORE, It tries a lot of twists on the original, and doesn't always stick the landing. And it's story is spread out across a bit too many disparate areas, and maybe jumps around a bit too much. At least for me. But, like I said, still a good time, but I definitely liked the pacing of 2016 better, I think the battle arenas were better integrated into the environment, and the arcade-y elements were better balanced with realism.
Psychonaut Sama
Psychonaut Sama 5 månader sedan
You can turn off auto weapon switch when you run out of ammo. It’s in the settings.
david aguirre
david aguirre 5 månader sedan
Fighting the Marauder is like blade fighting La Magra possessed Deacon Frost
Nart 369
Nart 369 5 månader sedan
and not a word about the story.. because it's not existent
Bebe Fett
Bebe Fett 6 dagar sedan
Who needs a story when you can kill demons?
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
Or just not the focus.
Raidanddie 5 månader sedan
Emanuel Marquez Torres
Emanuel Marquez Torres 6 månader sedan
30 minutes and i just quit the game... total deception.
Zachary Wong
Zachary Wong 6 månader sedan
This game is doomtacular.
Jae Wassell
Jae Wassell 6 månader sedan
Have to agree with all of this dude. Marauders were the absolute bane of my first play through. Having to find a grey area to shoot him, running out of shots and then chainsawing a ransom enemy to get more ammo and start again while also avoiding the wolf he spawns, fuck that. But the game is solid af 11/10 would play again and again
jerry james
jerry james 6 månader sedan
dude i love your reviews the energy you bring is unmatched. you inspired me to play this title please keep uploading game reviews. your awesome!
sulacomarine 6 månader sedan
All the frequent and annoying platforming sections docks points off this game, IMO
yo Nismo
yo Nismo 6 månader sedan
Love this game. I play this after getting my ass whooped on mk11 lol
Gaminglink1000 6 månader sedan
I like the Marauder, I think he is well designed and fun to fight
Sully So Savage
Sully So Savage 6 månader sedan
The whiplash's are frustrating as shit
Nova Verse
Nova Verse 6 månader sedan
Lol, Awesometacular 😂
Portl Master
Portl Master 6 månader sedan
When I first encountered a marauder I had 9 lives.... and after the fight I had 2 LIVES LEFT!!!!!! Fuck the marauder!!!!
Voodooo Shop
Voodooo Shop 6 månader sedan
I'm gonna be honest, I didn't like Doom Eternal. It just felt... Off. I loved 2016 Doom. Everything about the game was perfect, but something about the aesthetic of Doom Eternal, seems sorta cartoonish (for lack of a better term). And the platforming in Eternal ruined the pacing of the game for me. Also I really loved the linear story in 2016 Doom and they kept some of the mystery behind the Doom Slayer. Now we have a Doom Slayer ship and you have to jump around locations, it's just... I dunno. I wish it was more linear than what 2016 Doom was, and I really wish they had kept the visuals and aesthetic of 2016 Doom and used that in Eternal. I get they wanted you to utilize your entire arsenal in Eternal, but jesus christ can we have more ammo? I personally didn't like the redesign of the demons or the weapons or the entire game for that matter to one extent or the other. I could rant on for thirty minutes why I didn't like Doom Eternal, but I just can't be the only one who didn't like it.
sulacomarine 6 månader sedan
You're right. Doom Eternal is definitely a different animal from 2016 Doom. I didn't mind the aesthetic changes so much. I personally like the new Plasma Rifle compared to the one in 2016. But Holy Hell, the platforming. Most of them were annoying as shit. Especially the levels which had those floating walls which would drop you if you stayed on them for too long. I came here to rip and tear demons. NOT frickin' swing around on poles like Tarzan on cocaine!
chuck solomon
chuck solomon 6 månader sedan
You kinda remind of greg giraldo. Not now cause he is dust, but just the look.
Ak47 6 månader sedan
the music man u didnt talked about it
Hussam Aljamali
Hussam Aljamali 6 månader sedan
The Marauder is the best thing in this game. He is such a bastard you will remember him fir years.
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman 6 månader sedan
I was thinking about getting this because it sounds similar to Rage 2 but I tried the demo to Doom 2016 and the demo I didn't like so idk.
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman 3 månader sedan
@Master Deity oh yeah you're right about that stuff I meant before I got the meat hook. Yeah the punch animation is a little disappointing plus needs a different button .
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
Christopher Foreman If you want to get close the Cacodemons, you can use the meathook. If you just want to kill it, use the Arbalist mod on the Balista. The blood punch thing, I can get behind. A different button would have been nice.
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman 3 månader sedan
@Master Deity also the blood punch I wish was a different button that the normal melee so I font accidentally waste it . I do wish it looked more unique and not like a regular punch .
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman 3 månader sedan
@Master Deity if I had to complain itd just be bad placement of those cyclops blobs sometimes. Like if theres a force field/ door that shuts right by an area you had to jump over to and you either miss the kill or fall off the ledge or get eaten until you get used to it. It was just annoying at first running into that.
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
Christopher Foreman Any complaints about it?
0penthaugtz 6 månader sedan
And now every other major gaming company will copy the Slayer Gate mechanic.
Bruh Machine
Bruh Machine 24 dagar sedan
I mean, in an interview they said that the gate was inspired by GOW4 with the muslheim trials. (don't know if I am spelling that right)
Rex Imingan
Rex Imingan 2 månader sedan
@sulacomarine I wish they will not
sulacomarine 6 månader sedan
*If EA handled The Slayer Gate Mechanic:* "Here, buy these lootboxes for a 15% chance of unlocking a Slayer Gate per box! But if you fail the challenge and wanna try again, give us more $$$!"
SuperReno3 6 månader sedan
Marauders do start as a pain. I went and replayed the level where you fight one right at the beggining and used him to train. Eventually the patern becomes super clear. Easiest is quick switchng with the ballist and super shotty also note, after you do the the combo with the weapons he will try and do an argent energy axe throw, he rarely if ever does the green eye swing after that so just side step and then get ready for the counter. Another strat that kinda works is to use the air blas on the ballista and shoot him with a charge. The initial hit will do ballista damage and the explosion will do a bit more. With this it took me 3 shots and one super shoty though you have to be real good at not missing the charg shot since your movement is slightly hampered. Now marauders are some of the funner encounters for me
Psiodyne 6 månader sedan
I completely felt the Cameron reference lol
Tedd Jasiczek
Tedd Jasiczek 6 månader sedan
The Marauders are soooooooooooooooo tough. I cringe everytime I see one.
Chris Braz
Chris Braz 6 månader sedan
The Marauder. Fuck him! 🤣🤣🤣
Kind Karma
Kind Karma 6 månader sedan
Ayy I’m using my raycons lol
adija1 6 månader sedan
Mad props to Jeremy! Love your channel.
Barbara Kocsis
Barbara Kocsis 6 månader sedan
I was able to stay in the doom flow fighting the marauder and the first time I fought him in big hordes I took little damage
Jack McGloin
Jack McGloin 6 månader sedan
Red dead redemption 2 review please
Robert McCutcheon
Robert McCutcheon 6 månader sedan
The trick to beating the marauder is to dash away from him. Then he will run after you and try to hit you his eyes flash green and you can kill him
Paul Rozenboim
Paul Rozenboim 6 månader sedan
You did not mention anything about the story of the game...
Raffo's reviews
Raffo's reviews 6 månader sedan
Fuck the marauder
Quint Dunaway
Quint Dunaway 6 månader sedan
This is the type of game where getting every collectable and getting every achievement felt extremely rewarding in the end. At least it was for me.
Captain Poontah
Captain Poontah 6 månader sedan
The marauder is tough! But that is the fun. An unbalanced duel that you have to figure out! I feel bad for people who did an ultra nightmare run straight away and didn’t know how to handle him! You also didn’t say that this huge 3A title is only half the size of doom 2016 (eternal is under 40GB) which is unheard of today (devs please take note)
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett 6 månader sedan
Jeremy Dongs
Joe freeturd
Joe freeturd 6 månader sedan
U should start a gaming channel. That would be great! 😎
Zero Pain Zeus
Zero Pain Zeus 6 månader sedan
Please make a zone of the enders 2 review. Please !!!!!
shaquille o'neal
shaquille o'neal 6 månader sedan
I was like "why does this man find the marauder to be so difficult? HE is the easiest piece of crap in the game" And then I realized he used a controller
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
shaquille o'neal Fair enough, you’re not wrong.
shaquille o'neal
shaquille o'neal 3 månader sedan
@Master Deity not saying you cant be good on controller, but for an enemy that requires more precision, for some people, it may be a bit more difficult than with a mouse
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
Yeah, so what? I play on controller and destroy the Marauder every time I see him.
WildCard Bitches
WildCard Bitches 6 månader sedan
Fuck the Marauder and that damn dog. I had the BFG error happen to me as well. That was a pain. I loved this game. I recommend it to everyone during quarantine!
Mario C.
Mario C. 6 månader sedan
Just beat it. Super difficult but super fun! Felt the same way about the water acid puzzles. Lol and that initial marauder battle. God damn. He was pissing me off until I figured it out.
Draco Den
Draco Den 6 månader sedan
Thanks Jeremy, just picked this up, its live as hell in everyway
javgoblin 6 månader sedan
UAC researcher log: After countless hours of tiresome research, I have concluded that he is Super God, The Great.
justin martin
justin martin 6 månader sedan
Who is else took a rage break because of the Marauder then watched this. Yeah, raise your hand. I know I’m not alone
electrocreeper123 6 månader sedan
Lol I remember your Devil review was how I found you WAY BACK when you were still growing. And now your one of the go to movie review guys on SElosk now. Beautiful thing friend.
Mike McMuffin
Mike McMuffin 6 månader sedan
While in quarantine I just finished Doom 2016 for the first time, I loved it! I’m gonna play RE2 next. Then Doom Eternal. And finally I’m gonna play RE3.
Fart Tony
Fart Tony 6 månader sedan
I wish Slayer didn't have a face in this game. It feels more mythological when you just see his helmet
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
But why? You always saw Doomguy’s face.
Ronnie Henry
Ronnie Henry 6 månader sedan
I can't get past the 3rd encounter with the Marauder. This review is so spot on with how I'm feeling. Such an amazing game but also extremely frustrating. It'll feel amazing to finally beat it though.
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll 6 månader sedan
Awesome review, Jeremy. Just throwing it out there. Please do every Metal Gear Solid game. Again. That's right- the whole series. Again. Please.
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll 6 månader sedan
...What's a slayer gate?
danieldoobs 6 månader sedan
I prefer not seeing the Slayers face makes him feel like death itself
Master Deity
Master Deity 3 månader sedan
But he’s always had a face?
Luc Angelo Finney
Luc Angelo Finney 6 månader sedan
Man... I just realized I started watching your videos in my last year of high school. Now I'm finishing the first year of my Master's degree. Wild.
Brian M
Brian M 6 månader sedan
ewww isn’t RayCons made by that scum bag Ray J ? lol
Sam Smart
Sam Smart 6 månader sedan
Dude! Did you just lick your finger? Can your say corona
RandomVidz 6 månader sedan
I waited until Doom 2016 was a $20 PlayStation hit... I don’t think I can wait that long for this game haha! So much fun...
Glitch chaos
Glitch chaos 6 månader sedan
Everything that annoyed him I understand completely
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