Dune - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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Ok, so this is pretty much me gushing about all the positives of this trailer, but I'm kinda finding it hard to see any negatives thus far. Anyhow, Here are my thoughts on the first trailer for DUNE!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/pG6pyoKjtoyg1GQ.html&ab_channel=WarnerBros.Pictures


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9 sep 2020



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Sahelium D
Sahelium D 4 timmar sedan
I can’t shake the feeling like this is gonna be too Hollywood, the song that plays over the trailer doesn’t seem to sit well and all the characters look too good now :/
vince santistevan
The “oh fuck you logan” got me 😂
Ev Key
Ev Key 9 dagar sedan
Path of Radiance is AMAZING!!! I hope you love it!!
dennis dedan
dennis dedan 10 dagar sedan
You should watch Euphoria Zendaya has been going away from the mcu stereotype thing for a while.
Michael Hooper
Michael Hooper 17 dagar sedan
Does look really good
Iliq Dimov
Iliq Dimov 17 dagar sedan
Read the book man it`s great.
Juan D MotorCycle
Juan D MotorCycle 18 dagar sedan
I really want to see this movie it looks at least interesting, I also want to read the book, may be I will see the David Lynch version of the movie.
Raul V.
Raul V. 23 dagar sedan
Im sorry, but GoT in space = The Expanse.
Jeremy Baumeister
Jeremy Baumeister 25 dagar sedan
Read the book! They call it the greatest sci-fi novel ever written for a reason. I read the original 6 at least once a year and I'm still finding new things in them
joexxxx95 25 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
Gypsee Danger
Gypsee Danger 26 dagar sedan
Excited?! ARE YOU KIDDING? Jason Mamoa as Duncan Idaho? Score! LOVING THIS. I read the book when I was twelve years old and that's approximately two years after the book was published. I understand that nobody reads anymore. Seriously, take some time and immerse yourself in that book. Just do it. You have until December. Go!
Gypsee Danger
Gypsee Danger 26 dagar sedan
Of, for F sake! Read the book RIGHT NOW
arakuss1 27 dagar sedan
I have reserved feelings for this remake. I have read the first two books and seen first Dune movie. ITs up there with some of my favorite sci-fi both books and the movie. Yes it doesn't follow the book exactly and some people don't like this or that about it but to me it was still great and looks great even today. I just not sure about this young actor and some of the tone to the movie. I hope they pull of something great. Also wish they would splash a bit more color into the scenes everything just looks to have nothing but dark color to it. That is what I truly liked about the first Dune movie, costumes, the ships, the colors. But I just don't trust movie makers of late so I am not hyped like I would have been several years ago.
Gareth davies
Gareth davies 28 dagar sedan
I have this New addition of the book just for this video... In that case put the book DOWN and go back to lurking about playgrounds..
Jayken 29 dagar sedan
Sandworms are filter feeders. Think Blue Whale with an anger problem and can't be killed.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 29 dagar sedan
This movie better be as good as the trailer. I can't keep on doing tihs...
Dixxy Chic
Dixxy Chic 29 dagar sedan
Charlie Cederblad
Charlie Cederblad Månad sedan
Damn i didnt realise the font was just the same letter turned differently. Thats a great design!
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon Månad sedan
Isaac Oscar in battle armor looks amazing. God I wish we can bring back fashionable armor sets.
Chaitanya Joshi
Chaitanya Joshi Månad sedan
Dune trailer has my hopes wayyy up! Its probably gng to be even better than blade runner 2049
Regulus Månad sedan
Um, the monkey would probably be more successful at it tho lol
nat santana
nat santana Månad sedan
Review 1990s dune?!
Daniel B Maximoff
Daniel B Maximoff Månad sedan
I much prefer Dune over Star Wars.
SnoogiePew Månad sedan
Excited for Javier Bardem
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson Månad sedan
Dude I am CRAZY excited about this movie! Like you I love Lynch movie, warts and all, I think it works because Herbert’s source material is so stellar. Speaking of which you must read the book, it’s fantastic and it’s such a dense world that I think it’ll be a good primer for the movie. You’ll better understand the inner workings of what’s going on when they’re inevitably only able to give such things a light dusting of if anything in the movie.
Dan Slash
Dan Slash Månad sedan
People who say this is a remake has clearly gone the way of abomination and must undergo the trial of possession.
AlloyMetal50 Månad sedan
Jeremy - The reason you thought Tenet was 1min instead of 30seconds is because you rewound at the end to extend the footage.
Zack Hernandez
Zack Hernandez Månad sedan
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance review??
Nomad Månad sedan
Loved the original movie release from 1984. This one looks really good. Can't wait.
SomeKindOfTaco Månad sedan
part of me wishes the logo meant DUNC and the whole movie was about Duncan Idaho
Martyn Reid
Martyn Reid Månad sedan
what most people get from this video: Jeremy is excited for dune what I get from this video: HELL YEAH FIRE EMBLEM PATH OF RADIANCE
Ramos El Apache
Ramos El Apache Månad sedan
Love the Carlito way look bro! 👍🏽👍🏽
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
Ayelet N.
Ayelet N. Månad sedan
Not to say that I'm not looking forward to the movie... but the mini series was pretty perfect and it will be hard to top it.
Joey Marchesi
Joey Marchesi Månad sedan
Please tell me what Edition of the book that is! 😭
Wes Skotko
Wes Skotko Månad sedan
I saw the trailer’s trailer at my screening for Tenet and squealed like a little kid.
Jonny McDobbsy
Jonny McDobbsy Månad sedan
Good Lord, Jeremy. "Denny VellaNoov" huh?
Zoltan1251 29 dagar sedan
i love how americans really care about proper spanish pronunciation of Joaquin Phoenix or Camila Cabello but dont give a fuck about other languages
Marie Constantia
Marie Constantia Månad sedan
Did he drink a 5-hour energy drink beforehand?
Jabba's Palace
Jabba's Palace Månad sedan
I don't want to be one of those guys that says you have to read the book. But you really do have to read the book. It's probably the single best piece of science fiction ever written. And that's coming from a huge Philip k dick fan.
Skylab14 Månad sedan
Hairs pretty dude.
News by Captain Rabbit
Actually Jeremy in the book Paul is a boy. LOL Actually the last two Paul (the original and sci fi) didn't really fit how i pictured Paul in my head. This new kid does. and what is funny is I think this kid is still older then Book Paul as he is like 15 in the books. Hey you didnt say Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck (Patrick Stewarts role in the original). And yes this is a good movie for Zee. Yes Dune is much like the FIRST FOUR SEASONS ONLY of Game of thrones.
reikun86 Månad sedan
I'm stoked.
Debra Purvis
Debra Purvis Månad sedan
Me too, love the books, still watch the old movie, and so excited to see this movie. More than that this is the movie designed for these times. These a touch of Cosmic magic in all this dropping now
James Oswald
James Oswald Månad sedan
Overall looked promising except for the music. Excited for Hans Zimmer’s score.
Shawn O'Toole
Shawn O'Toole Månad sedan
I loved the 1984 movie. I read the book and liked it, but it was very cynical and I was depressed at the end. This trailer looks GREAT! If the movie proves worthy of its trailer, it will be awesome. I do like that swords are the main weapons of war, like in the book.
Micheal93k Månad sedan
Never heard of it.
Gary Church
Gary Church Månad sedan
This goofball has 1.74 million subscribers? I need to start a SElosk channel.
9Dragon Månad sedan
So basically they went to find the weakest beta male looking guy they could to play Paul Atreides yup this movie is doomed. In the book, Paul was well trained and a good fighter already, he would not be like this sad pathetic looking sack. You can have the best special effects money can buy but if the characters are miscast or the story sucks or you change too much from the original story it won't be good. Which they have already gender-swapped some of the main characters. Needless to say, I am disappointed in the casting of Paul Atreides which sets the tone for the whole movie.
Timmy Squibs
Timmy Squibs Månad sedan
Tim is a great actor but to me his breasts are too small for my tastes. I wish he had a better pair on him honestly and then he'd be perfect. I could imagine a breast in each hand with an exceptional grip. Yes, i would like him a lot better for sure if they were bigger
Cindy Rink
Cindy Rink Månad sedan
Read the books, watched the first movie (and with ya JJ on that)...but this looks very promising and can't wait ti see it. Need something epic to sweep me away from...well...OK, to replace one precarious world (this one) with another that I can say is just fictional. Yeah. Just fictional.
Lewtoons Månad sedan
the jason mamoa impression was aces
Nerdy Geek
Nerdy Geek 26 dagar sedan
your mom was aces
Darren Skeeter
Darren Skeeter 28 dagar sedan
And the patrick stuart one too lol
70briareos Månad sedan
Tim Chalamet is definitely book-accurate. In the book, Paul Atreides is described as being 15 years old and "small for his age". Kyle McLachlan was definitely too old to be Paul if you go by the book description.
Lord Veedo
Lord Veedo Månad sedan
Can you please watch, "The wackness" I promise you'll like it
natedaug1 Månad sedan
You got to the read the book man. :)
John Stevens
John Stevens Månad sedan
Supposedly this is going to be another jungle book type of remake BS. Identical to the original with no creative differences in story, THE SAME FUC*ING MOVIE JUST WITH NEW ACTORS AND CGI, HOLLYWOOD IS SCAMMIN US AGAIN WITH LAZY NONSENSE, great!
Александр Потоцкий
2:08 he actually was 15 in the book. so the cast is on point, though I personally don't like his hair style.
Александр Потоцкий
@Remy Azhary Yosef it just does not fit a prince raised in extremely strict environment
Remy Azhary Yosef
Remy Azhary Yosef Månad sedan
I think his hair is part of his contractual agreement in all of his movies.
fgdj2000 Månad sedan
4:30 Oh, you‘re gonna Love when they‘ll adapt the 6th and final book.... which ends on a cliffhanger... and was published 35 years ago... shortly before the author‘s death. Oh boy... at least we have the sequels that were written by his sone, yay... though they are said to suck... well...
Aron Halverson
Aron Halverson Månad sedan
That was a really good Jason Mamoa impression
japanesekoreanfan2 Månad sedan
I have read a large portion of the books in the Dune series, and you're whole "he looks really young" thing is actually a good thing. Paul at the beginning of the book is a very young man who believes that his father is the best thing since sliced bread. And Leto was a good man who truly cared for his people and was involved in his son's life as much as he could when he was the ruler of a friggin planet. So far what I am seeing makes me super excited to see this movie as well. I have also seen the SciFi channel's miniseries based on the first book and while Alec Newman was a little old for Paul at first he truly was able to show Paul's intelligence and charisma. So hey Jeremy, if you haven't seen it, you totally should.
Kunal Pawar
Kunal Pawar Månad sedan
I think the new sandworm is still an asshole. Now it has hemorrhoids.
Kariakas Månad sedan
The book is great and you'll appreciate the movie even more knowing all the extra backstory.
kuryamtl Månad sedan
Paul is 15 years old at the beginning of the story. He is meant to look like a boy. And is meant to be uncertain. I am quite pleased how young the character looks. Really you should read the book. Of course I didn't like the 1984 adaptation.
Lui Ross
Lui Ross Månad sedan
honestly dude... I agree with every-single-word you said.
Parker Lynn
Parker Lynn Månad sedan
That Momoa impression was 🔥
JingleFett Månad sedan
Generalu Stelaru
Generalu Stelaru Månad sedan
Can't wait to see Liet.... Not.
FLOWER Månad sedan
Jeremy, why are you not getting married?
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia Månad sedan
Review ray with Jamie Foxx
Eduardo Månad sedan
Why is John Wick doing trailer reactions!!??
Ryan Haile
Ryan Haile Månad sedan
Zendaya already had her break away from Disney/Marvel with her own HBO TV show that is as HBO as HBO gets really
BadFeeling Månad sedan
Let's just hope Stellan doesn't rise from that pool of murk shouting 'Is this not a magnificent thing that I, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, do?' as he does in the book.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Månad sedan
I know dune from ps1 game only and yeah those 3 piece mouths looked better imho
Austin Rodriguez
Austin Rodriguez Månad sedan
ᑐ ᑌ ᑐ ᕮ: what drugs are you taking and do you have more?
Dr Squiggly
Dr Squiggly Månad sedan
Watch "King" on Netflix. Has the same star actor and is very good.
Andy Sun
Andy Sun Månad sedan
Yo Jeremy what happened to those monthly vlogs?
Kiefer I
Kiefer I Månad sedan
I just started listening to the Audiobook, which has the advantage of telling you how the words and lingo of Dune is pronounced.
Absolute Doubt
Absolute Doubt Månad sedan
Lol, it’s funny, you sorta nailed Paul’s description from the book....except....he’s not really a boyish looking man... he’s just 15
Mike Whitt
Mike Whitt Månad sedan
He was 15 or 16 in the book
ReasonableRadio Månad sedan
For the record: yes paul is meant to look like a kid and this is a coming of age story
ReasonableRadio Månad sedan
You have a NICEass copy of the book
Domi Kronos
Domi Kronos Månad sedan
Don’t know who you are, but I like your hair!
MISSYGful Månad sedan
Didn't know that they were making a remake. Trailer popped up as a suggestion after I had accidentally clicked on another video. Best mistake of the year! Internal dialogue as follows: "Dune? No way! Let me see. Is this some SElosk parody. OMG it's a proper trailer. No way!! No f**King way!! How have I not heard about this? Holy sh**! This looks good... This looks really good. NO WAY!! I have to see this movie. Let me watch it again... How did I not hear about this. The cast is perfect. OMG please don't be crap. It looks sooo gooood! Let me watch it again. When does it come out? No waaaaaay! OMG! OMG! No f**King way! OMG. Let me watch it again on a bigger screen, where's my tablet? " Then preceded to message everyone I know sharing the link. Thankfully my brother responded with the correct level of awe and excitement. Everyone else were just philistines.
Andrew Deen
Andrew Deen Månad sedan
i like that timothy chalamet is the same age kyle mglaughlin was when he did dune.. sorry for the spelling
chico duran
chico duran 21 dag sedan
Except that Timothee looks the part, Kyle didn't. Timothee looks 15. Kyle looked too old.
Alpharius Månad sedan
Couple of things put me off the trailer. The actor for Paul looked too green for me. Looks too much like a male model giving me Twilight vibes, since he'll be 1 of the main protagonists that worries me. Maybe he's an awesome actor tho. There are some heavy hitting cast which is hopeful. I didn't like the style of the worm at the end but I admit that's totally personal preference.
itaketheSQUARE Månad sedan
gregorymjr12 Månad sedan
Don't give a damn the original Dune was the shit and this looks even better!!!
cbcastle Castillo
cbcastle Castillo Månad sedan
I loved the actor for The King (one of those rare netflix original) excited for this
Avelier Plays
Avelier Plays Månad sedan
The only problem I see is that it doesn’t looks too crazy in its sci fi, which is something I enjoyed from the original. Looks too simplistic and boring. Still wish Jodorosky’s Dune would have been made.
Chinook Månad sedan
Paul is supposed to be young; the casting is perfect. I think this is going to be epic 🥰
Enad Månad sedan
I can't wait to see their interpretation of the Space Guild Navigators
James Dean
James Dean Månad sedan
original dune amazing.. Come to to hate Stewart though now , became weak and woke ....................
Mark Richards
Mark Richards Månad sedan
Dude. Read the book.
Kristoff Cain
Kristoff Cain Månad sedan
isaac stole momoa's beard
Vega 22
Vega 22 Månad sedan
"Paul looks like he's ready to save the universe" Define save....
Erica Stein
Erica Stein Månad sedan
Got my copy in today!!!
Graf Aramaic
Graf Aramaic Månad sedan
If Skarsgard doesn't pull the plug it'll be all wrong.
Modupe Sanda
Modupe Sanda Månad sedan
Interesting... 4:21 someone else described The Expanse as Game of Thrones in space.
Don Draper
Don Draper Månad sedan
1:02 Somebody has been watching RazörFist ... good call.
icklenatzzzzzz Månad sedan
Might be better to watch the movie first, then read the book. I always find watching a movie after reading the book to be disappointing because they have to skip out on alot of stuff. But the other way round you get to have a deeper exploration of the story.
James Atkinson
James Atkinson Månad sedan
3:13 took the words right out of my mouth
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