Extraction - Movie Review 

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A NEW MOVIE REVIEW! So let's talk about the Nexflix action fest film EXTRACTION!


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25 apr 2020



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orangedrone 8 dagar sedan
I feel like Chris really wanted to do a movie like this.
Dued12341 23 dagar sedan
Always love an Incredibles reference!!
Anas shah shah
Anas shah shah 25 dagar sedan
Reza Firmansyah
Reza Firmansyah 26 dagar sedan
Guys watch the raid
Ved Madhu
Ved Madhu Månad sedan
They took an indian actor and gave him good role to perform.. I was afraid it is going to be like AnIl KaPoOr in MI4... I m happy after watching the movie 😎😎😎
Logan Mecimore
Logan Mecimore Månad sedan
Chris Hemsworth is a fantastic actor, I dont give a fuck what rotten tomatoes has to say about the movie. I wonder if we'll have another badass franchise next to John Wick.
Susovan Mishra
Susovan Mishra Månad sedan
Still confused, why they destroyed a whole country for one boy🙄
GelidWolf Månad sedan
There is no way Tyler survived at the end of the movie. I love Chris Hemsworth the action scenes were great my main problem is a lot of what happened could of been shorter like they really stretched the scenes to make this movie longer.
Herbster41 2 månader sedan
If you like movies where the hero performs a mag reload with one hand and then grabs a dude with the other and tosses him over a balcony - basically the dude we wanted in Thor.
Ashley Ayane
Ashley Ayane 2 månader sedan
It’s my first time I watch a Chris movie and I think the other guy is hotter Like that Indian guy 👀 But my ever favorite movie of Netflix I can’t wait for part 2
Aryeh Roskies
Aryeh Roskies 2 månader sedan
Dude. Love John Wick, but the proper reference here is The Raid. Simple, efficient set up. Propulsive, creative, non-stop hyper-violent action.
shevrolet 2 månader sedan
It was also funny as well. When he was fighting those kids I had a good laugh
shevrolet 2 månader sedan
This movie was solid. The storyline is basic and predictable but I didn't care becuz the action was amazing. The fights are dope, car chases are dope, gun fights are dope. Good movie if your into high energy, kickass action movie
David Swales
David Swales 2 månader sedan
A lot to agree with. Some to not. You should check into that "one cut", it's a big deal in cinematographic terms. And, no CGI.
Trevor Bullock
Trevor Bullock 2 månader sedan
SPOILERs Just watched it. Horrible movie yes hemsworth kicks ass but there is zero story in this movie, what’s the motive for kidnapping the kid bedside him just being the son of your rival. There’s no backstory nothing I hate it. The last bridge scene he could have couldn’t away with the kid easily but no the hero has to die for some stupid reason bc he wants to bc he’s in pain. So it’s like suicide by cop. It then he’s alive idk fucking know this movie sucked balls.
Ben Richards
Ben Richards 2 månader sedan
Why did the kid cry over some dude he barely spoke two words to?!
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 3 månader sedan
For awhile, I’ve been saying that the closest we have to a modern day Schwarzenegger is The Rock, but holy crap Hemsworth is truly on his way
Nicholas Nelson
Nicholas Nelson 3 månader sedan
SOOOO much murder
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 3 månader sedan
I'll take more of this less taken 3 jump cut movies lol
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 3 månader sedan
It was more raid his way lol
Zenith 3 månader sedan
As someone from Bangladesh, it was good to see a movie from Hollywood because they didn't have to bullshit any of the politics here. Just showed the worst of it, local movies can never do this because theyd just get shut down.
mkma _79
mkma _79 3 månader sedan
Eleazar Jarman
Eleazar Jarman 3 månader sedan
Rasiab's Gaming Corner
Rasiab's Gaming Corner 3 månader sedan
I think it's even better when you realize chris Hemsworth wasnt military but a merc. I really hope you do a spoiler review
Saad Ibn Shaheed
Saad Ibn Shaheed 3 månader sedan
The movie wasn't shoot in Bangladesh.
whovian59 4 månader sedan
In complete agreement with you about this movie, old chap, but the big downside is the number of scenes in various dialects of the native language, without subtitles! Otherwise a spiffing film!
Orlando DeJesus
Orlando DeJesus 4 månader sedan
This kind of movie makes Netflix all the more worth the money. Would be totally worth going to a theater to see.
Jo Perez
Jo Perez 4 månader sedan
I was rooting for Saju the whole time during the movie. He was badass!
max b
max b 4 månader sedan
Saju was the real mvp
Voken 4 månader sedan
Didnt give the indian terminator enough credit dude was amazing in the film
Beast Boì
Beast Boì 4 månader sedan
Typical white savior movie shot in yellow
sawce 4 månader sedan
I looked up an Extraction review and I got a video of someone extracting blackheads from their nose
Augustin Kadende
Augustin Kadende 4 månader sedan
Follow my Instagram: augustin.kadende
maggie198333 4 månader sedan
Very abysmal dialogues and plotline. Great action choreo and one shot camerawork is memorable. But overall, meh. I learned one thing thou. That Chris can kick some serious ass.
Wunn Sen
Wunn Sen 4 månader sedan
More like The Raid and John Wick combined
MrWkelly1974 4 månader sedan
It Makes You Wonder, Towards The End, 'Was That Tyler Standing By The Poolside? Or The Kid's Imagination?'
Boe Jiden
Boe Jiden 5 månader sedan
The fight scenes are like Punisher meets John Wick
Bern Peñaflor
Bern Peñaflor 5 månader sedan
took me long to realize Hemsworth's introduction scene in this movie (the cliff dive) was actually a meme brought to the big screen
TTG STUDIO 5 månader sedan
I only watch Jeremy Jahns reviews. I'm serious
RadioactivTofu 5 månader sedan
The goonies beatdown was fun Never knew thor can be a badass while beating up street kids
Christian Cardenas
Christian Cardenas 5 månader sedan
Heard this was like MI on crack
Commit Die
Commit Die 5 månader sedan
John wick, Frank castle, and Tyler
Bumbu Kacang Review
Bumbu Kacang Review 5 månader sedan
The underwater scene reminded me to Under the Sea music. Sorry :)
John Ferro
John Ferro 5 månader sedan
wait.... i thought the walking dead was over
Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams 5 månader sedan
Rambo The God of Thundah
Maykol Alvarez
Maykol Alvarez 5 månader sedan
This movies was basically "what if John Wick joined the military"
T.J. Burrows
T.J. Burrows 5 månader sedan
This guy lolol.
jonhy vonbee
jonhy vonbee 5 månader sedan
too much shaky cam. too much
Sam Davies
Sam Davies 5 månader sedan
This film ruined the ending with the first shots. We go on this journey with hemsworths character all the way through but the start tells us what happens, skip that part if you want a better time
Quintin Naicker
Quintin Naicker 5 månader sedan
Danielle Radcliffe Guns Akimbo on amazon prime video we are waiting for your review
Prometheus 5 månader sedan
Pretty good movie imo
R S 5 månader sedan
Moral of the story - Indian Spec Ops guys are badass.
Jason McMurtry
Jason McMurtry 5 månader sedan
This could have made an excellent Terminator movie
Aaron Baker
Aaron Baker 5 månader sedan
I actually really liked the pace of the movie, the action was so long and intense that breaks were needed. But unlike a lot of action films I actually gave a shit about the characters. I really liked the Kid's Dad's personal special forces guy getting embellished in the story. We actually understood and sympathised with him shooting at Hemsworth. And Hemsworth's scenes talking about his kid, it really solidified that he was a guy who would not let this kid die on his watch, and that he had nothing to live for so very willing to die trying. It was like saving this kid was his ticket back to his own son. I never expect much out of action films besides good action, decent gun handling and reloading weapons. The only issue I had was the lack of shells coming out the guns when they fire a bullet, but I get it that, there's so much gun play in this to go in and add those would be such a bitch! So for me, this film killed it on the action, and I cared enough about the characters to be invested in their motivation. I'd give this a blue ray rating personally. I might prefer this to John Wick...might.
James Castaneda
James Castaneda 5 månader sedan
He gave it a bad rating. Definitely worth buying on Blue ray worthy. At the same time he said dumb and dumberer was better than horrible bosses. So he does have bad ratings from time to time.
H H 5 månader sedan
Randeep hooda is a dwarf manlet
Aaron 5 månader sedan
The movie is just plain ass blood fest with a very weak plotline.... Let's agree that this was targeted for the large audience of South Asia and nothing more....
Vits Vicente Torres
Vits Vicente Torres 5 månader sedan
Watching EXTRACTION gave me the same feeling of indifference I had when I read _CIUDAD_ (the graphic novel it's based on), because it's just a run-of-the-mill action thriller with very few noteworthy moments (mainly a 12-minute "oner"). In the source material, a mercenary whose name isn't revealed until the end had to save a Portuguese girl named Eva Roche. At first, nothing in her personality nor how she was drawn indicate whether she's the same age as the mercenary or not. Eventually, the 2 characters start bonding, but again, it's not detailed enough to tell if they have a romantic connection or a father-daughter connection. Later, the mercenary's colleague tells him "I know how you feel. You see this younger girl in trouble and you want to save her. I'm a father too." Things were finally clear... but during the climax, they kiss! Yep, it's messed up. Not because of the age difference, but because you're not supposed to feel an attraction to someone you see as a kind-of relative. In this adaptation, the mercenary's name is revealed to be Tyler Rake very early on (that's actually the title in some countries) and the gender was reversed (I guess to avoid all this nonsense?). Now it's an Indian boy named Ovi Mahajan. Wait, why change the nationality too?! How is that relevant?! Rake and Ovi have 1 or 2 "moments," but it never feels like they're bonding on a deep level. As bad as the Eva debacle is in retrospective, at least I was invested before I got to the end. *Spoilers ahead!* That colleague I mentioned before? In both media, he double-crosses Rake. In the movie, he lives alone. Ovi kills him in self-defense and his reaction to taking a life for the first time is intense. However, in the graphic novel, he's a family man. Rake is the one who kills him and Eva cries because she knows how this will affect his wife and kids. Rake and Eva briefly debate on whether it was the right thing to do. This take on the situation was more complex. 4/10
GiggleZenMaster 5 månader sedan
I can’t be the only one thinking this, but maybe if both dudes teamed up sooner, they might’ve pulled it off. I get the story and how there’s literally no time to establish hey we’re both trying to save the kid but when they did work together OMG. I just want a film of those two dudes being awesome.
The bear in the big blue house
That 12 minute one take made the film a 9/10 immediately. (Yes I know there are match cuts but its still impressive). But I do believe Daredevil's season 3 13 min genuine one take prison fight still holds the cake for one take action scene.
Vikesh Sonwane
Vikesh Sonwane 5 månader sedan
movie was great... no doubt.... but i would have much happier if they went for such WEB SERIES as netflix always did with enough one season so that they could have chance to built story and charector as well
Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis 5 månader sedan
Watch lucky number slevin
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez 5 månader sedan
I’ve seen it twice because once wasn’t enough and may see it a few more times! Chris Hemsworth made me feel his pain for the loss of his child😢😢😢Definitely no alcohol required to enjoy this quick paced action packed film!
Ken Muts
Ken Muts 5 månader sedan
Please watch and review the new British series "GANGS OF LONDON" ....created ,written and directed by Gareth Evans- creator/writer/director of the Raid movies. ACTION & damn good plot!!!!
Kristoff Cain
Kristoff Cain 5 månader sedan
Hope Extraction puts Randeep Hooda on the map, because I fucking LOVED him as Saju.
Empress 5 månader sedan
Extraction? This movie is good, but not a Cult Classic movie. Escape from New York 1981 Action/Sci-fi is full of extraction.
Texas 37
Texas 37 5 månader sedan
Loved it action was lit would rematch few times before I got sick of it
Santana05D 5 månader sedan
This movie is just a great action movie with human characters. The motivation for the “terminator” guy were clear. He only trusted himself to get the kid to safety. He didn’t know if the hired extractors were gonna respect the deal or not. But once he understood the type of person Chris’s character was he worked with him.
Denji Rosano
Denji Rosano 5 månader sedan
After watching this movie, I'd say Chris Hemsworth is the perfect Captain Price if they ever decide to do a Modern Warfare movie in the future.
Awesome movie, Chris and Randeep were great
Tank 5 månader sedan
The plot was so trash, Chris kills 30+ cops, who are just doing their work, just to save one lousy kid. Also he throws axplosives sometimes which could just ast easily have killed civilians.
MegaLaidback 5 månader sedan
I was in a action movie slump, this movie help relieve that.
Tim Trinka
Tim Trinka 5 månader sedan
10/10 would watch Chris Hemsworth beat the shit out of 15 year olds again.
MM02 5 månader sedan
Saju was lowkey my favourite character
MM02 5 månader sedan
Just watched it and it’s pretty good. Basically if John Wick and The Raid had a baby who played call of duty= this movie. Basic plot but the action is solid
Swedish Otaku
Swedish Otaku 5 månader sedan
Spoiler with the kid thing... I was shocked when I saw it. I also found it disturbing how many people die in the movie just for you know what...
Chris-Diego Ngwenya
Chris-Diego Ngwenya 5 månader sedan
Reason I hated jonh wick, you cant have many man carring guns, and survive that! Just not realistic 🚮
J N 5 månader sedan
Thanks for the warning I got halfway thru it turned it off...it lacks everything else
Chris-Diego Ngwenya
Chris-Diego Ngwenya 5 månader sedan
This movie robbed me a lot I expected better, but naaaa
Chad Marip
Chad Marip 5 månader sedan
I like the movie. Just watched it and I’m feeling exhausted 😰. Definitely recommend it if you like action movies. Extraction is a “B” for me.
LordLevis 5 månader sedan
Bruh usually I liked many movies but this, damn. It was shit to me. Worst I have ever seen.. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Eduardo Quinteros
Eduardo Quinteros 5 månader sedan
Jeremy's facial and hair.... looking like Wolverine from Xmen 1 "Hugh Jackman" NICE!
Liquid Philosopher
Liquid Philosopher 5 månader sedan
6.8/10 as a bangladeshi. Cause the bangla accent they used were immersion breaking. we never talk like that 😂😂 I expected better from the avengers directors. It was a typical shoot and run movie, just in a new location.
[]_R_Y_A_N []
[]_R_Y_A_N [] 5 månader sedan
I live in dhaka & i wanna know where the forest is in dhaka?
Lemon Squeezy
Lemon Squeezy 5 månader sedan
Is this SEloskr the annoying prick from Parks and Recreation? Jeremy Jam? Or is he just more annoying and less likable by coincidence?
Lemon Squeezy
Lemon Squeezy 5 månader sedan
This movie was terrible
CannonHeroBrett 5 månader sedan
That guy playing the hitman trying also trying to save the kid was bad ass hope to see him in more action movies Tyler's handler was pretty rad too.
Benne H
Benne H 5 månader sedan
Good movie 👍
Ernesto Osuna
Ernesto Osuna 5 månader sedan
I'm just glad the "shaky cam" was not there. I hate it
Shy Ali
Shy Ali 5 månader sedan
I loved it gave me a vibe of John Wick, then the Raid and The Terminator
sreejith R
sreejith R 5 månader sedan
Its a call of duty game turned in to a movie
Austin Ryan
Austin Ryan 5 månader sedan
John Wick is the Korean movie style.
Eamonn Logue
Eamonn Logue 5 månader sedan
Yo someone explain to me cause my special ass doesn’t understand: why was Chris Hemsworth fighting the Terminator dude in the beginning and than randomly start working with him at the end
Seth DiMaria
Seth DiMaria 5 månader sedan
I thought the vagueness of the character’s backstories accompanied by the inconclusive ending made the movie feel a bit incomplete, but with that being said, the action was freaking entertaining as hell
Wakky Wabbit
Wakky Wabbit 5 månader sedan
For Netflix, it's pretty decent. I'm glad the Indian actors didn't have thick Indian accents. Their movie accents are much more understandable for US audiences. I've known Indians who have been living in the US for over a decade and I still cannot understand anything they say. They think that they speak perfect English and get angry when people ask them to repeat themselves.
Wakky Wabbit
Wakky Wabbit 5 månader sedan
Too many Indians, not enough cowboys. 😕
Matthew Hobson
Matthew Hobson 5 månader sedan
I want that Jeremy Jahns thick non-grey hair!
Aian Xaharia
Aian Xaharia 5 månader sedan
No respect to Randeep Hooda lmao.
shai tv movie
shai tv movie 5 månader sedan
I think the villain really stood out next to chris hemsworth, it was a shame to kill him at the end in case they wanted to do more
Kevin Parmar
Kevin Parmar 5 månader sedan
Do "The Night Comes For Us"
Extraction - Movie Review
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