Face/Off - Movie Review 

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Another classic 90's John Woo action movie, this time with Nicholas Cage & John Travolta swapping roles. Here's my review of FACE/OFF!


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27 maj 2020



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Don Mak7
Don Mak7 6 dagar sedan
Im sure i seen this as a kid, but after hearing so much on the internet i had to watch it when i seen on tubi....finished like 30 minutes ago and my main to thoughts are this. 1 movies use to be so much funner and 2 There is no universe with out John and Cage where this movie works and we were lucky enough to be that 1 in 1 billion that got them and it worked.
TheSuperReviewer 10 dagar sedan
Awesometacular Jeremy! PLEASE rewatch MI-2, Mission Impossible II, and review it! You might be more enjoyed about it now....
Dan Peckett
Dan Peckett 22 dagar sedan
Just had the pleasure of watching for the first time and I fucking loved it.
BAD BOY Månad sedan
theres so many great lines in this film and cage and tarvolta were the perfect lead actors
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Ridiculous movie, but I loved it.
oud master
oud master Månad sedan
John Travolta can act as T-1000
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson Månad sedan
7:32 That "bald dude", Gina Gershon's brother in movie actually DIRECTED the movie "The Notebook". Pretty interesting huh
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson Månad sedan
6:15... So Castor Troy protects daughter from Carl by breaking car window... but kills his son in the beggining. But I guess Nicolas Cage's reaction was surprising so he didnt want to kill his son. 😂
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson Månad sedan
6:15 the guy carl who tries to mess with his daughter.. the guy was actually accused of rape in real life recently. Go figure. I guess he played the part well.
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson Månad sedan
Jeremy is gonna let his hair and beard grow until there's a vaccine for covid-19
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson Månad sedan
5:21 When you said they're in the middle of fucking "nowhere"... that's the name of the prison... Nowhere... but spelled backwards. "You are now the property... of Erehwon prison. A citizen of nowhere..... When I say your ass belongs to me, I mean exactly that"... Pretty neat huh.
SMM Gooz
SMM Gooz Månad sedan
cant mention faceoff and not mention the airport scene with jacket in wind and the box....
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald Månad sedan
The thing I never got was how did Sean Archer manage to swim all the way to shore when he jumped off the prison boat?
Ole Mextorf
Ole Mextorf 2 månader sedan
man, now I really wanna rewatch Face Off
Cole Langdon
Cole Langdon 2 månader sedan
Face off, Con air, and the Rock form the holy trinity of Nic Cage movies.
Valentino Tarhan
Valentino Tarhan 2 månader sedan
This movie is so underrated, Cage & Travolta's best role for me.
Moviesgamesbeyond 2 månader sedan
I thought they both played awesome parts and they should make another movie together.
Paul Hannon
Paul Hannon 2 månader sedan
Jennifer Lopez’s Ass
Jennifer Lopez’s Ass 2 månader sedan
Wow now I wanna watch this movie again.
ragingfiip 3 månader sedan
I completely agree with everything Jeremy said in this review. Face/Off was one of my favorite movies of the 90's. It revolved around an interesting concept, contained great action sequences, emotional moments, memorable lines, and intriguing performances by both Nic Cage and John Travolta. Also, 8:15 - 8:52 was effing hilarious, LOL
Jakey 3 månader sedan
please review another John Travolta movie, Battlefield Earth to be precise
kmetzz1 3 månader sedan
I actually loved this action movie!
Entrepid83 3 månader sedan
Your explanation of the prison kind of reminded me of "The Island" with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.
Del C
Del C 3 månader sedan
Fun fact: Castor Troy’s bald buddy is played by the director of “The Notebook”
Crisdean Mackinnon
Crisdean Mackinnon 3 månader sedan
Huh, neat.
arsenic 3 månader sedan
Do Gone in 60 Seconds
Chrome1006 3 månader sedan
Please review Fifth Element
Gdlk Abe
Gdlk Abe 3 månader sedan
The original last of us 2 plot
Christian TookFlight
Christian TookFlight 3 månader sedan
The melodramatic acting was so weird
Vedraj r.m
Vedraj r.m 3 månader sedan
This isn’t a review It’s a recap
Akira Arika
Akira Arika 3 månader sedan
Is Nicolas cage love interest a 18 year old miss univers in this movie ?? he allways have Women co Star which is light year away from his league...
Lioness Mummy
Lioness Mummy 3 månader sedan
John Travolta scared the sh** out of me. His facial expressions were too over the top to me. Also, til this day, I still have not seen the face transplanting sene. It frightens me.
smikutow 3 månader sedan
"Let's geaux, let's geaux, I'm booored, let's geaux"...
Buckie Smalls
Buckie Smalls 3 månader sedan
Damn 23 years ago... Smh.. Great movie.. Definatlly one of cages best..
sulaiman shkaky
sulaiman shkaky 3 månader sedan
If only i had a dollar every time he says "good guy" or "bad guy"
Zvi mur
Zvi mur 3 månader sedan
5:46, Still hoping for a Nick Cassavetes and Woody Harrelson movie.
Alex Ross
Alex Ross 3 månader sedan
"That bald dude" directed The Notebook 👍
Ryan Banister
Ryan Banister 3 månader sedan
I love your stuff but small edit is that O- is universal donor. AB+ is universal receiver. But another great video.
Jennifer Pyrce
Jennifer Pyrce 3 månader sedan
Travolta, Cage, John Woo! 90's action PERFECTION!
Jennifer Pyrce
Jennifer Pyrce 3 månader sedan
They spend the entire movie effectively playing each other!
1st Name Basis
1st Name Basis 3 månader sedan
Cage was on top with this and Con Air ....
joe calahan
joe calahan 3 månader sedan
You are the new roger Ebert , Jeremy jahns for the you tube age.
Peter G
Peter G 3 månader sedan
As others have mentioned, do The Rock next!
Alex Totherocket
Alex Totherocket 3 månader sedan
the first movie i have ever seen in a cinema! man this movie is amazing for me!
Movie Collecter
Movie Collecter 3 månader sedan
This Movie Was Fuckin Awesome Have It On Dvd
RJ Martin
RJ Martin 3 månader sedan
I love this movie!
Den Smith
Den Smith 3 månader sedan
Yes its a pretty damn good movie and I'm watching it right now on TV and YT wants me to buy or rent it....like thats gonna happen
Night Sky Jeff
Night Sky Jeff 3 månader sedan
When did Jeremy Jahns get replaced by Ben Barnes?!
winston smith
winston smith 3 månader sedan
This movie sucked ass, just like all John Woo movies do.
JohhnySnipshow 3 månader sedan
John travoltas acting in this movie is atrocious
The Complex Individual
The Complex Individual 3 månader sedan
This movie is so God damn good
Paul Hitchcock
Paul Hitchcock 3 månader sedan
The kid who gets his ass kicked by John Travolta; Danny Masterson
Indranil Samanta
Indranil Samanta 3 månader sedan
Please review True Romance (1993)
Leon Coombes
Leon Coombes 3 månader sedan
"I wanna take his face......off" lol this movie is nuts! Cage was definitely better as the villain though and that suit he wears at the airport is fucking awesome! As are the gold guns he's carrying
Amjad Jarrar
Amjad Jarrar 3 månader sedan
the scene where the police storm the vila was my most watched scene back then, i used to keep rewinding the VCR and watch that scene, amazing firefight :D
ghostofsparta86 kratos
ghostofsparta86 kratos 3 månader sedan
Face off is and was the shit this is acting at its best and this my 20s on up babies this is action movie before green screen
Michael Watts
Michael Watts 4 månader sedan
This was whacky Cage lol 😂
Anshumaan Bakshi
Anshumaan Bakshi 4 månader sedan
Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta Nicholas Cage John Travolta
Sameendra Geethanjana Gangabada Arachchi
Nicolas Cage! good or bad?
Максим Чех
Максим Чех 4 månader sedan
Face... O F F
Tony B
Tony B 4 månader sedan
Jeremy please do a review of Adaptation (2002)
Deny Bastian
Deny Bastian 4 månader sedan
This was classic movie
Makayla Weatherman
Makayla Weatherman 4 månader sedan
Con Air please I live that movies please oh please
MagicGloves 4 månader sedan
conair next!!!!!!
Charlton Bighetty
Charlton Bighetty 4 månader sedan
A mind so carefree loaded with so much passion in movie reviews. True poetry at its highest peak as we all glaze into a magical journey as him as our supreme leader in where to search for that perfect movie high. Such confidence along with charm added with a smile that can go on for days. Thank you for you are the movie messiah of this Kingdom where no one will never replace you because you are the chosen one. See you soon as another movie will be talked about, and I will gleefully await your wisdom adding to a mountain of pride, and joy as you speak high above the mountains where many followers along with fans will never leave your side. You will get nothing but thumbs up from me.
PHILANDER PHILLIPS 4 månader sedan
Is it me or did Nicholas Cage do some cool freaking 90's movies?! The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, Kiss of Death, etc., etc.? Who wears that mantle now? NOBODY, because Hollyweird SUCKS!!
PHILANDER PHILLIPS 4 månader sedan
That movie is 40 years old, I only came here to see JJ's superior mane!
Jaden Clark
Jaden Clark 4 månader sedan
Been thinking about Face/Off for months. Going to watch it after finishing this video. Thank you Jeremy. You are now Jeremy Wick 🥇
dominick951 4 månader sedan
The prison and boots come from the Mario bros. movie
Taylor Glover
Taylor Glover 4 månader sedan
Omg I so thought Nicholas cage did an ok job as a bad guy it felt so crazy because once they switched it felt normal LOL
Taylor Glover
Taylor Glover 4 månader sedan
First of all I love this movie secondly you were already hot but omg your quarantine look is amazingly hotter. Good job
Robert Gosselin
Robert Gosselin 4 månader sedan
“ when all else fails, fresh tactics” . Face Off and The Rock are two great movies
Not Another Minute
Not Another Minute 4 månader sedan
the title kills me
Gabriel Watson
Gabriel Watson 4 månader sedan
Would be awesome to know what review you would give the movie Equilibrium
Wilson 4 månader sedan
Nicolas Cage always impressed me in Lords of War
Zachary Dickey
Zachary Dickey 4 månader sedan
When my friend showed me this movie he insisted we watch it at 1.5 speed and it’s fucking hilarious. I can only watch it this way now.
Davor Habunek
Davor Habunek 4 månader sedan
Review Ozark,please and thank you.
Roberto Alvarenga
Roberto Alvarenga 4 månader sedan
I too love this movie for many of the reasons you mentioned. The one shot in the movie that nearly ruined it for me was when Travolta and Cage are catapulted out of the boat. I truly wish they cut that slow motion shot by half or just done it in real time because clearly seeing those stunt guys faces, both that look nothing like the actors btw, was just awful and took me out of the movie's spell for that moment. But with that said your review did make me appreciate that movie again for what it was: a great ride with surprising emotional heff.
Agasthya 4 månader sedan
Please do a review on Executive Decision.
Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar 4 månader sedan
Vedran Raić
Vedran Raić 4 månader sedan
Isn't the kid whit headphones from face of the kid from bomfunk mcs freestyler video?
Rafael Octávio
Rafael Octávio 4 månader sedan
Talking about action flicks, This movie was "The Matrix" of my young years. Just as "john wick" is "The Matrix" of my adulthood.
M S 4 månader sedan
why am I the only person I know that fricken' absolutely hates this movie? I mean, with Extreme Prejudice (now THAT's a great movie) do I have this movie.
preston davis
preston davis 4 månader sedan
Nick cage masterpiece. I love this movie
Abraham Benjamin
Abraham Benjamin 4 månader sedan
Till today when I do that face drag thing on kids just to make a point that it's weird, I watched it as a kid and I knew it was weird at that age, now I do it to kids cause its weird....is that weird?
thehmph1 4 månader sedan
My favorite action movie to this day because of the dueling swap of faces and lives the characters had to experience.
Michael.D 4 månader sedan
its also one of those movies where they say the name of the movie. I want to take his face off and put it on mine.
Daniel Hedén
Daniel Hedén 4 månader sedan
If would to send you flow...No let me rephrase my question!... if i let you SUCK.. my tongue! Would you be grateful? Best line in movie history 😎
Marco Issa
Marco Issa 4 månader sedan
"Isn't this religious??!!....Ah yes!!!..the eternal battle between good and evil, saint and sinner, and youre still not having any FUN !!! " i love this scene...
Marco Issa
Marco Issa 4 månader sedan
I love this movie too....watched it many times on vhs....
Michael Dawson
Michael Dawson 4 månader sedan
John Woo at his peak
szewei85 4 månader sedan
haha mid 90s woo are awesome especially this not much in broken arrow
Jansey Veloz
Jansey Veloz 4 månader sedan
Travolta along with Nicolas Cage have great and terribles movies, but in regard to entertainment they never disappoint.
alex li
alex li 4 månader sedan
I have this on VHS as a kid, I watched this, no kidding more than 50 times :) This other movie I watched a lot was the mask and the rock.
Draven 4 månader sedan
I found nick cage or ( nick copola technically) in raising arizona! Do that one.
46th king panda
46th king panda 4 månader sedan
I read something that said that the original plan was to have it be Arnold and Stallone If that was the original plan I’m so glad it never happened
hafiz Hussin
hafiz Hussin 4 månader sedan
stuckman should do hilariousity video for this movie.
Lord Billaire
Lord Billaire 4 månader sedan
A movie with solid replay value.
Mi trabajo
Mi trabajo 4 månader sedan
Just IMAGINE a FACE/OFF parody in which Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckmann trade youtube channels !
WolfThornn Holtzklau
WolfThornn Holtzklau 4 månader sedan
Love this bonafide classic.
JoshuaM 4 månader sedan
Duo action movies; Tango and Cash, 48hrs, and Another 48hrs (upvote pls).
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