Final Fantasy 7 Remake - SPOILER Talk 

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake actually had some unexpected turns taken. I'll unpack them here in my FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE SPOILER TALK!


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20 apr 2020



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TheOriginal Unaleska
TheOriginal Unaleska 3 dagar sedan
This is so late, and I played the game ages ago, but I just wanted to validate your theory on Zack still being alive (I agree) and how Cloud and Zack both of the Buster Sword (I agree with that too), timelines are not liner anymore there is always the "original" and "alternatives" (every different decision creates a new alternate dimension), just like how Sephiroth knew of his fate, I bet he is "alternate" Sephiroth not the "Original".
Joe Fawley
Joe Fawley 6 dagar sedan
If they kill cloud instead of aerith and zack replaces him I'll feel a little let down. Not gonna lie.
Joe Fawley
Joe Fawley 6 dagar sedan
Easily my favorite game of the year!!!!
Mark O'Helm
Mark O'Helm 7 dagar sedan
11:09 did you just made up the new word? After Sequel and Prequel we get a Remaquel? That's awesome.😁 It's a Tetsuo Nomura game now. Like Kingdom Hearts, where nobody really dies.🤣🤣🤣
santiago villa
santiago villa 8 dagar sedan
so aerith choses who? cloud or zack?
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez 8 dagar sedan
“Think of the children” 😂
Oskand 13 dagar sedan
Maybe the Remake part of the title is not there to say that it's a remake. Maybe it's there because it's a subtitle. I mean, this whole game is about remaking things while keeping the original stuff intact, but with a few deviations. Like Wedge suviving the plate falling on him and Biggs being alive at the end of the game. Yes, it is a remake, but even ingame they are defying fate
delbroox 14 dagar sedan
I'm not buying another episode whenever it comes out
maui strife
maui strife 19 dagar sedan
People Say Zack died? Are they really that estupidly retarded and stupid? Zack is Alive in that "timeline" / dimensión. They Will Cross paths in the future.
Dizzy Rocket
Dizzy Rocket 26 dagar sedan
It’s clear they want FFVII to play out like Kingdom Hearts. I hope they scrap that plan and give the fans of this beloved series their due.
MegaMan9590 27 dagar sedan
*Zach:* _"yeah the price of freedom is steep, we're gonna bring the beer. LEEROY JENKINS"_ Old reference, but still hilarious so no sweat Jeremy.😂😂😂
Ivan Leonata
Ivan Leonata Månad sedan
new player here.. i know Zack from the Crisis core coverin PSP, but have absolutely no idea about his role
GamerOverTime Månad sedan
Jeremy: Square-Enix... think of the children! FF16 Trailer: Nah...
Chu Morgan
Chu Morgan Månad sedan
What if Zack is the Arbiter of fates last hope and task with hunting Cloud to restore the time line...
Justin Degler
Justin Degler Månad sedan
I played through all of final fantasy 7 . It was about 15 years ago . And I do not remember a Zack character at all. Is it just my memory ? Or
Mister Ranksz
Mister Ranksz Månad sedan
why would zack be old and grumpy?
Ele7en 11
Ele7en 11 Månad sedan
“We’re square enix, not squaresoft. Think of the children” always gets me everytime 😂
Jörmungandr, The World Serpent
What's so wrong about creating an Alternate 7? Why do people insist in having the exact same story but in HD?
Daniel Duran
Daniel Duran Månad sedan
Gabriel Williams
Gabriel Williams 2 månader sedan
Spiiler Talk activated: Sephiroth survived after FF7 and Advent Children. He knows he is an intergalatic virus. Now instead of monolging about his mother he is now aware of the whispers and that he has seen this path before. Your right. Its much less Industrial vs Spirtual and more "Looper." Which would make Sephiroth Old Bruce Willis to which I can say they both wield a Katana well. Also the Giant Arbiter of fate is a Weapon as far as I'm concerned. Giant monster created by the planet to fight alien contaminants. The group just did Sephiroth a favor...
rouenbones 2 månader sedan
Zack > Cloud
isaac navarro
isaac navarro 2 månader sedan
In Kingdom Hearts (another Tetsuya Nomura game) time travel/alternate timelines are a thing however, there are certain requirements for time travel you must follow. To gain the ability to transcend time, you must first cast aside the flesh and become an existence of only a heart (a formless being with a soul thus losing your physical self). -Once you gain the ability, you can never lose the ability, even if you become complete again (once you regain your orginal form you will still be able to time travel). When you move through time, in either direction, there must be a version of yourself waiting at the destination. (You must be alive in the past or future you are trying to visit if not you cannot time travel) You can only travel backwards through time once. -If you travel backwards, upon arrival, you can only move forward as per the laws of time. -YOU CANNOT REWRITE the events that are destined to happen. You can travel forward through time as often as you like. -If you travel forward, you must eventually return to your proper era. -Upon returning to your proper time, you will lose the memories and experiences you gained while time travelling. (Although you lose your memories the ability to time travel can still be done as stated by the first law) You cannot travel in both directions, you must choose one. (Either go back in time or move forward) In relation to this game maybe someone is trying to rewrite events in their favor (possibly Sephiroth) thus breaking a law of time which triggers The Whispers to make sure events play out the way they were intended to be. However, alternate timelines exist both in Kingdom Hearts as described by Luxu in his secret reports in KHIII and in this game when it is shown Zack is alive even showing an alternate Stamp art on a bag of chips indicating this isn't the same timeline.
Oscar 2 månader sedan
Technically hearts are not souls. Yes, it's mind-boggling since I've always assumed that was the metaphor they were going for. I learned about this last night and unless the game corrects itself at some future point they seem like separate things. Spoilers for KH3: When Xemnas is about to strike down Lea / Axel and Xion stops him. She says, "We need him alive. You know that." Xemnas responds, "We only need his heart in order to forge the key. We do not need his soul." So they seem like completely different things. Again this is just one line, so I could be completely missing on other past context but I believe this is the most recent development on the difference between the two.
G Toyadha Tagya B
G Toyadha Tagya B 2 månader sedan
So they literally remake it.
Goldenface 2 månader sedan
I am mixed with the game too, I like the deeper talks between characters in ff7re but I don't like changes to the story with timeline stuff. I am worried and curious what will the sequel be. The fanbase is divided on this ff7re.
Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Hawkins 2 månader sedan
Sydney Anderson
Sydney Anderson 2 månader sedan
While FF7R was the first FF game I have ever played, I did watch all of the movie cuts for the FF7 games - not including the FF7O, but I knew the story as intimately as the rest of the series, including the actual movies. I honestly loved the remake and can't wait to see where they will take the game, albeit I was WTF when the dementors came out to play. I also agree that some of the story was too puffed up. The Ghost Train scene was agonizing. All I could think about was how much "we don't have time for this shit, lives are at stake here!"
Andy 2 månader sedan
Basically the implication of future instalments is that there will be alternate timelines i.e. choices the player can make that puts you in different paths, one that could even lead to Aerith never dying.
senojnomis 2 månader sedan
Can anyone honestly argue that in the lead up to release the majority of pre-orders and people hyped to buy the game wanted it to be a sequel and would have been dissatisfied with it sticking to the original plot (albeit with some extra scenes for more character development and world building)? Nope. That’s what’s rough, when you voice your opinion about the ending being poor, the mega fans of the remake (and trolls) tell you that people don’t want a straight retelling of the OG story. Grade A bullshit! Admit it, Square have pulled a fast one on the fans and you’re just trying to justify it. Chances are Nomura and co. will give this the KH3 treatment and it will be a stinker of a plot from here on out. All they had to do was follow the original plot with some extras, like the first 90% of this game, and they would be getting praised for the best remake and possibly best games of all tike. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...
William Moon
William Moon 2 månader sedan
No can’t remember whether it’s sector 6 or whatever but you find Zack in a house and he’s fucked with mako, it’s been 20 years but I can remember thinking I’d seen him before at the end of the original
William Moon
William Moon 2 månader sedan
I’m sure in the original you find Zack in the slums but he’s in a bad way?
Laguna Leonhart
Laguna Leonhart 2 månader sedan
Some help for those struggling to understand the games ending without OG spoilers.. This is based on what you see in the game. - Soldier candidates are exposed to Mako to enhance their abilities but they do say that it doesn't suit everyone. - Hojo is Shinra's main scientist so therefore would be involved in these enhancements. - Cloud has his mental breakdown when he sees Marco (number 49) in sector 7. - Cloud has same breakdown when he sees the robed figure in sector 5 with the kids (number 2). - Cloud has mental breakdowns when he sees Sephiroth but for the majority of the game he is hallucinating. - Red XIII explains his name is an identification assigned to him by Hojo. Coincidence? Probably not. - Red XIII explains The Drum in Shinra HQ is a project Hojo has spent his life working on. Jenova is there and there are pipes connected to all of the pods which house monsters. - When you defeat Jenova she transforms into Robed Figure 49 (Marco) before fading away. - When Cloud climbs the ladder to the top of Shinra HQ after Jenova, Sephiroth flashes into Robed Figure 2 before jumping off with Jenova. - If you Assess Jenova in the boss fight it says that Jenova causes illusions. So what's real and what's an illusion Joe? Think about it. - Sephiroth seems to want to break away from 'destiny' and uses the team to help him at the end. - Aerith and Sephiroth at the end seem to know a lot more about 'destiny' than anyone else which eludes to some sort of connection between them. - Zack overlapping with the gang in the end is a clear indication that it's happening in a different dimension/timeline. - The harbinger of fate boss shows that the arbiters exist across time and space and when defeated you see a huge explosion not only in this time/dimension but where Zack is with a recovering Cloud. Roll on part 2...
Chris Medeiros
Chris Medeiros 2 månader sedan
If you're going to sell us a remake sell us a fucking remake not a weird time travel fan fic
CappuccinO80 3 månader sedan
This has probably been said already, but Zack is dead. At least in the FF7 original and remake continuity. He may be alive in that last cutscene, but it's another timeline. Gotta consider, Cloud wouldn't be FF7/FF7R Cloud without Zack's death.
Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia 3 månader sedan
Aerith says Cloud in the secret ralk in her house garden that Death is inescapable. What means, Aeris and Zack will die even thought the whispers go away
Lycanthromancer 3 månader sedan
I think "Remake" is in reference to Sephiroth (and Aerith) remaking the timeline. Id est, it's an official Peggy Sue fanfic story.
Games Are Fun
Games Are Fun 3 månader sedan
I love villains too. Everyone loves mark hamill because of Luke Skywalker. I love Mark hamill because of the joker.
tocheloveinuyasha25 3 månader sedan
It just funny they can curse in the game but no blood showing ☝ at all
Ghost F
Ghost F 3 månader sedan
As a new player to this series with FFXV being my only other FF game. I might get some shit for this but I almost want the next games to be quite different from the original. Unfortunately I got spoiled on some major scenes in the original reading through forums and chats (but hey it's kind of difficult to avoid for a 20 year old game). I guess it's just not exciting knowing what happens in some major events I want to be able to not know anything going forward. Yea there's potential to fuck it up but I personally don't want the writers to be tied down to their own script from 20+ years ago. From what I understand from the ending it seems like they still acknowledge the original happened but still allowing themselves to create something new so to me it's more exciting that way.
garfunky2 3 månader sedan
After experiencing this game, I'm much more excited that its headed into a direction that we don't know. There was really not much suspense or intrigue since I already knew the original story so nothing was surprising. Just think of the possibilities now. Picture this crazy shit. What if Zack is brainshwashed and is the big villain in the second chapter? What if he recruits Dyne as well? And midway through the game manageto recruit Aerith as well? We now have a three on three battle for the ages. Cloud v Zack, Barret v Dyne, Aerith v Tifa. Not saying this is a good idea, but just saying the possibilities are now endless. My nostalgia has been quenched with the first chapter. Now I am open for some crazy deviation. I think it was really smart of them to do it this way.
ArtoriasRex 3 månader sedan
*Zack fangirl incoming* I LOVE Zack, he's also one of my favorite characters of all time in anything (I honestly plan on naming my future son Zack if I have one) and he is ALIVE. I absolutely agree with you on your breakdown of those scenes. It means so much to me that they (FIXED IT) brought back such a great character. I played Crisis Core multiple times, one of my favorite games, and I teared up EVERY TIME I watched Zack die. And my only problem with new Zack is as you said, the new VA. He sounds like too much of a dude bro, when he's so much more than that (HE'S A PRECIOUS PUPPY). If they kill him AGAIN, I'll be so sad. I'm super excited for the next game, and hopefully we can save Aerith too! I'd LOVE that. Screw you Fates! We savin our precious peeps this time around! Btw thank you for loving Zack too, some people are just plain crazy not to love the guy. And Crisis Core.
Eric Mosher
Eric Mosher 3 månader sedan
So we are 10% through the original story and have no idea how similar/different it's all going to be. You can't clamor for surprises like Aerith's death and then get mad that Square surprised you. Let's wait for the resolution to the story before we judge it. I hope this is a continuation of what happened in AC. I hope Sephiroth persisted into a new time-line and is attempting to corrupt it as well.
Nathan Vanhelvoort
Nathan Vanhelvoort 3 månader sedan
Maybe Zack dies instead of aerith and I can understand why they changed the story a bit because not everyone will play it just because of updated graphics and visuals and apparently aerith in the og was only killed because of time constraints and wasn't really supposed to die in the story
SinsTenshi 3 månader sedan
Just saying, I'm with you on it. I too believe Zack's alive and I loved very much how you explained everything!
Kenan Jackson
Kenan Jackson 3 månader sedan
If Aerith doesn't die or dies in one timeline but doesn't in another, I feel like that will ruin the story a bit. No I don't hate Aerith or anything but doing this kind of waters things down.
angelo lopez
angelo lopez 3 månader sedan
This is so accurate 😂
Hard vi
Hard vi 3 månader sedan
im just sad, i never asked for that ending... JESUS CHRIST... horrible plot choice...I gonna totally sell my copy.... oh man so many years waiting...
mathsalot 3 månader sedan
"This doesn't feel like FF VII.... it feels more like Legacy of Kain or Bioshock Infinate." Yes, ever since they made their first mmo and abandoned turn-based combat, they have been chasing the other game franchises instead of staying true to their roots. Well, now you're just a knock off of all the games you tried to emulate. Congratulations!
Eowyn Sisterdaughter
Eowyn Sisterdaughter 3 månader sedan
I'm hoping that Zack's going to be around, getting him as a playable character is certainly enticing, but I do see the possibility of them killing him off a little later or having some weird time travel/time line stuff going on. I agree though that part of what makes Zack so phenomenal is how he was able to keep fighting until his very last breath and he has that hero's end, Rick Gomez FTW. If Zack's part of the plot now, they could still off him AND Aerith at the city of the Ancients. Which honestly wouldn't bother me as much if he and Aerith get to meet up again. He might exist in the current timeline, and his Cloud might merge with the OG Cloud to restore Cloud's memories in a Mideel scenario. He might have gotten separated from Cloud some other way and you have to play as Zack at different episodes to have him meet up with the main group. I do think it will make fighting Sephiroth much more interesting as Zack actually had at least a casual friendship, and maybe a really solid friendship, with him. Plus, Zack should be pretty Anti-avalanche since they killed Sebastian and Essai, so there's more potential loaded interactions. Keeping him alive could potentially cheapen the strength and resolve of his character, but then again they could potentially do some good things with him. Here's hoping.
Brant Bacon
Brant Bacon 3 månader sedan
Took a lot of thought but i think FF7 remake is a sequel to Advent Children. Based off that Sephiroth seems to know whats up. He straight up says I will never be a memory at the end of the movie.
Weston MCK
Weston MCK 3 månader sedan
I'm just going to throw this out there... Shinra mentioned that, as a SOLDIER, you are slowly degrading and we've seen this happen with Genesis in CC. Cloud hasn't gone through that at all and has been stable for years with no complications or defects (wings) and since if Genesis has been alive this whole time, where has he been and how did he resist reunion?
Midnight Jay
Midnight Jay 3 månader sedan
This. I honestly just wanted an updated FFVIIR. I guess if they keep it consistent and interesting and don't stray too far from the original I'm not opposed. I also liked seeing more fleshed out scenes but damn, I really just wanted a remake. They should've just made this a sequel or let people know they planned to retcon? Or add choices for the player to discover a new plot or stay on the original idk I don't mind new stuff but the ending was...well it was something I guess. Doesn't change the amazing experience playing it but damn. I just don't know how to feel about what they may do and the ending we have. Who knows how long it'll take for part 2 as well so we'll be sitting on this for awhile...
Code Khalil
Code Khalil 3 månader sedan
Zack lives.
PHXNTXM 3 månader sedan
Nobody stans Zack harder than Jeremy.
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 4 månader sedan
1:55 Literally me during most of the game
tanita K
tanita K 4 månader sedan
I think square want to show, that the change of fate can change such a important thing like the death of Zack. Now it's possible, that an other very important death can be changed as well: Aerith. That's just a teaser and zack is alive, but not in the timeline we are playing in the FFVII Remake (sadly). I don't think he will have an impact from his changed timeline (where he and Cloud helps Avalanche to beat ShinRa and they will be heros! Yes!)
klnz1107 4 månader sedan
I dont think he's alive. Could of sworn at the end of crisis core he still helps cloud then collapses? Could be wrong. But that voice he has now is definitely horrible. Crisis core way better
Dominic Soto
Dominic Soto 4 månader sedan
I hope Vincent will be in the sequel. One of my favorite characters.
TheSTainLess 4 månader sedan
In the game it seems sephiroth and aerith both know about the original timeline, so I’m thinking the aerith scene will be emotional in different way, because she will purposely sacrifice herself in order to save the world. Sephiroth kinda tricked the team into killing fate so he has a way to succeed now. This unknown makes me excited for the future of this series.
TheSTainLess 4 månader sedan
Here I realized I just commented on a month old video, sigh
Leandro 4 månader sedan
I didn't like the game. Time travel and resurrection are not my cup tea... Especially when they use this themes to chage a story that was already great.
jamesbond99 4 månader sedan
i get what your saying but i enjoyed watching a play through of the game i also enjoyed the music and i disagree with what your saying ps it obviously not going to follow the same way considering how old the original is however i see every element from original in the remake. PPS was the game really that terrible for you
Big Merc
Big Merc 4 månader sedan
haha yeah as long as they dont pull a Last Jedi piss ppl off i think itll be ok. I think ppl really did just want a true remake tho, me included. The prospects of aerith not dying and maybe a good conclusion to the romance plot do intrigue, but could also be screwed up and everyone turn on these.
Mister Ranksz
Mister Ranksz 4 månader sedan
when life gives you lemond you tossit back at there face untill the give you the oranges you asked in the first place !!!! -billmcneil-
Hiraeth 4 månader sedan
Ngl, seeing Zack possibly being alive is so fucking cathartic after being emotionally broken by Crisis Core. Aerith dying in OG FF7 was sad, but Zack's death was on another level for me, it devastated 14 year old me. While this may lessen the meaning of his death in Crisis Core, the feeling of happiness that I have at possibly having him back is far greater than anything. He's become my favorite FF character of all time after playing CC, and it isn't only because of his hero's death as many people like to say. I'm really hoping that they give us smth like branching paths, playing as Cloud gives you a story closer to the OG FF7, and playing as Zack gives you a whole new take on the story.
Stephen Petterson
Stephen Petterson 4 månader sedan
First, I want to thank for pointing out. this game is not exactly what players wanted. I really just want to treat as it was the E.T. game. SPOILER ALERT This is my opinion: The flash of Zack represents another time line so you actually have 3 time lines. The original Final Fantasy 7 time line in which Zack dies, Tifa find the clone of Cloud and bring him to a point of mixing his life with Zack and Sephiroth believes that he is an Ancient wanting to save the world from Shinra and human kind. After Midgar, all the characters evolve with amazing twist. One word: Masterpiece The Final Fantasy 7 remake time line (biggest slap in the face for those that love the original) in which Zack dies, Cloud seems to have a better knowledge of himself and the past and Sephiroth knows who is Jenova and the goal of Jenova. We can call this time line never should happen because Sephiroth is a mission centric person, the only thing important for him is the mission. When he knows the goal of Jenova, his mission change from saving the world to destroying it completely so he would have destroyed earth before Cloud even destroyed the first reactor. The last time line we see is flashes of Zack surviving the attack of a big battalion of Shinra. My theory of this flash is to demonstrate another time line of the infinite alternative time line possible. If some people would say Square Enix sucks, we are going back to our roots and rebuilding Squaresoft. I would buy a game from them in a second. I am tired of endless disappointment of Square Enix that I don't think that I will rebuy any other game soon.
Alexander Griffith
Alexander Griffith 4 månader sedan
I felt the ending was REALLY out there and out of place for the rest of the game...
Billghli 4 månader sedan
Just remember, in the original Zack and cloud are walking. Zack turns around and cleared out some enemies off screen. Runs back to carry Cloud and THEN gets shot down whilst thinking he's won. It could be that he wins that battle as shown and then goes to journey off with Cloud only to be caught off guard like the original FF7... it would certainly catch me off guard and be faithful to the original and crisis core. I hope the whole Destiny and Fate thing is them playing with us. Making us believe it'll be different but in the end having a "You can't change your destiny" twist smack us in the face as Zack is shot down and Aerith is killed. It would make it even more impactful thinking there's hope again.
starman69 4 månader sedan
I genuinely don’t know what the fuck is going on with the story by the time it ends.
makasete30 4 månader sedan
I’m calling it now: Zac sacrifices himself to save Aerith from sephiroph. Would be interesting if the player could actually choose which one makes the sacrifice.
Herbert Crawford
Herbert Crawford 4 månader sedan
It was genius. Tribune to the old while creating a real sequel. 10/10. Truly worthy of the original.
GoldVortex 4 månader sedan
After speaking with my friends, we came to the conclusion that Zack is alive in another timeline. Exactly how you described it at 11:25. The scene with Zack is there just to show that 1) alternate timelines exist and 2) the whispers were destroyed across all timelines, allowing for there to be one where Zack lives and 3) fanservice lmao Also Wedge is dead. He was pushed off the Shinra tower by the whispers. My friends and I thought that Biggs living was in the same reality where Zack lives but honestly, it's unclear either way
Nkosi Mataka
Nkosi Mataka 4 månader sedan
Quote of the year "I mean Luke's great, Han solo is better but darth vader is the shit." 🔥🔥🔥😂💀
Batfreak11 4 månader sedan
I hope Zack been alive is a game for another time where is just a Spin-off. I just hope Zack still death man...
brijor6ff7 4 månader sedan
"Are you gonna give it to them? Fuck No!" 😆 Fun game but yeah the ending was a bit of a head scratcher.
Revenanti 4 månader sedan
Ooh. I think they are also making Wutai a thing. in the original game, wutai was just a "story" an sidequest. now they are framing wutai to be the ones controlling avalanche. i hope yuffie and her dad would have a bigger part on the story
Chris Chetwyn
Chris Chetwyn 4 månader sedan
I've literally just had a bit of a rant on another videos comments about a similar thing. The way they've got rid of some of the most powerful visuals like in Hojos lab and President Shira being found dead, characters being brought back etc. Lots more things too like making them so overpowered by the end of this first game, completely takes away the character growth they go through before eventually fighting Sephiroth in the original Also I loved that lemonade/Apple juice analogy 😂😂
Reala728 4 månader sedan
As interesting as this is, I'd have preferred a 1:1 remake. If they were going this route on anything, it should have been VIII. That game already has time jumping craziness all over it, and to be frank some of the story is just silly and would be better changed in a lot of sections.
The Northlander
The Northlander 4 månader sedan
"Think of the Children" even though the characters swear all the time.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
I love that its not exactly the same.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
That ending wasnt as complicated as it's just the editing that's complicated.
Daamiyan Ahmed
Daamiyan Ahmed 4 månader sedan
I think how this turned out is a lot more interesting rather than a pure retelling of the ff7 story. It's strange that they never properly mentioned in the marketing that it wouldn't be the same thing, which is kind of scummy?? but I wouldn't be opposed to a new branching path rather than the story of the original which is already more than accessible to a lot of people through newer decives
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
If anybody was paying attention the whole game was basically the entirety of ff7 OG. Literally. I think they they are gonna do a lot of different things moving forward. I dont think the next game will be called remake
Pierre Maji J
Pierre Maji J 4 månader sedan
All I wanted is for them to make the game the same way as the original. We don't need the next generation's childish soft twist. I see how these corporate ass holes are now bleeding the gaming industry dry because we the customers feel the effects because we no longer perchance complete games because they feel the DLC's will hide the horrible truth. There's no nostalgia here because I'm sure we all wanted to experience the entire world of Final Fantasy VII, and all its unique characters places and the remembered people you meet along the way until the game's fantastic emotional ending. Well now it's all out the window. Jeremy I am a huge fan of your channel so PLEASE elaborate on this more. Let em have it!!
Darred Williams
Darred Williams 4 månader sedan
They divide us into groups of "people who liked the FF7 Remake ending" and "people who hated the FF7 Remake ending." I think those groups should be changed to "people who've never played Kingdom Hearts or the FF 13 trilogy" and "people who've played Kingdom Hearts or the FF 13 trilogy" because if you played either of those series you know that this ending opens up the possibility of super-confusing and unnecessarily convoluted hot garbage. The gameplay will be great, but the story won't make any sense. Thanks Nomura!!!
Revenanti 4 månader sedan
@Darred Williams well yeah. kadaj even looks a bit like the FF verus 13 guy. just with different hair. or a more angsty riku. I think nomura is trying to tie it up to AC. the fates are dead anyway. let's see what they'll do. i just home it's not just another ffxv dlc in another world for a different ending. ffxv was convoluted as f. Sad about bugenhagen though. they found out about gaia here in this game from sephiroth instead of bugenhagen explaining in cosmo
Darred Williams
Darred Williams 4 månader sedan
@Revenanti Let's be honest, with Zack alive in some alternate universe like they're giving us, Cloud's story is going to be f'ed up at some point. Because you just know these universes are gonna converge at some point, because apparently Nomura didn't get enough of that in KH:Dream Drop Distance or enough time travel in KH3. It just seems like Nomura is the kind of guy that has an idea of what he wants to do and is going to do it no matter what, even if it doesn't fit into the context of the story, as evidenced by the introduction of Yozora in the KH:ReMind DLC. And I know what people are going to say; "they use discarded models of characters all the time in FF games" which is true, but come on!!! Nomura used the same footage from the FF Versus 13 trailer! It seems to me that whatever plans Nomura had for Versus 13 are going to be what he does for FF7 Remake or KH going forward, just with characters we all know and love or new characters. And as excited as people are for where the FF7 Remake could go from here, none of them seemed all that excited by where FF13 ended up. I don't know, we're all on this ride together now, so we'll see...
Revenanti 4 månader sedan
@Darred Williams he was a douche in the first one but he was annoying at best. he was only fleshed out with dirge. he was in a lot of readables though. gyahaha and kyahaha(heidegger and scarlet) have more screen time. it would be weird though if zack just "lives" without explanation. especially this early as cloud's story would be f'ed up. he hasn't redeemed himself yet this early and if he finds out or thinks that he might be "fake" like chadley or created like how sephiroth thinks of himself. he might turn antagonist instead of sephi
Darred Williams
Darred Williams 4 månader sedan
@Revenanti Yea, I'd be excited if that's the way they went with Aerith, but regarding the part about losing the focus and antagonism of Sephiroth by setting up Hojo, I think they missed an opportunity with that. When Hojo is in the board meeting and talks about using a SOLDIER to mate with Aerith, it could have shown a clip of Zack being held, but then when Sephiroth shows up, Hojo could have just been like, "Well, I guess I don't need Zack anymore" and discarded him showing that he wants to have Sephiroth and Aerith get together. This has a similar effect of the actual ending with a connection to Sephiroth and Aerith and an alive Zack, but without the craziness of fighting in the future. Plus, it would have kept Hojo in that secondary role because I forgot how much of a role he actually plays in the original game.
Revenanti 4 månader sedan
@Darred Williams well, for that part, Hojo would never have experimented on zack if he was dead as he was not cetra. it would be different if he got there if zack was still barely alive, and even though everyone thinks him dead, he COULD be revived and experimented on by Hojo... but... it would lose the focus and antagonism of sephiroth. Hojo might be a big villain but he isn't THE villain. also, i think talking to the lifestream and changing things via Aerith is what they might be doing. like Aerith's face on the end. it seems she "decided" something. It might be to accept her fate or have the strength to change it, we don't know,.
Zorro3k6 4 månader sedan
Having never really played the original game, I got to say the ending of this made me excited to see what comes next. I only knew Zack from KH BBS. So to see him in the Remake was awesome. Granted I didn't know how Cloud got the Buster Sword from him, but I just assumed it would be answered in the next game. Having now watched a few videos explaining some of these differences, here are my thoughts on it. This game is amazing and I liked what they did with it. It may not be the original story to a t, but it's kind of close and I liked how the game expanded on some of the characters a bit more. Honestly, if you feel the original story was told a lot better, then go play the original game. It's available on tons of different platforms right now in HD glory. Well as HD as ploygons of the PS1 can be. No one can take away that experience from you. But if you're looking of a solid game that is well made, with outstanding combat mechanics, and a similar story, the remake is perfectly fine. If anything, new people who never played the original, may be interested enough to play it after finishing the remake. I know I am. I bring this up because I feel a lot of people hate the remake without really giving it a chance. I could be wrong of course.
Revenanti 4 månader sedan
oooh. i agree on this one. it can also make the developers more money as if they reference the old game, people might be able to be interested enough to buy the old game and play it while waiting for the next game. i would want the new game to be something different on the same world. although i also want a 1:1 remake, i think it would be boring for some time and replayability would be bad as the old fans would have finished the game more than once. I replayed the game every year with suikoden 1 and 2. and i think if they did it the same, there would be NO theory talks, not much hype or expectations on the next game. it would just be a "oooh. good graphics, good gameplay, porn version of the beautiful chars" for the first month then nothing because we already know what would happen
Sarah Davidson
Sarah Davidson 4 månader sedan
the thing with biggs, wedge and jessie in the original though is that you kinda dont,,, care about them lmao?? like they dont get very much characterisation at all. the remake really excels in that respect and i appreciate the game possibly keeping them around because they feel like really interesting characters now.
No Hassle
No Hassle 4 månader sedan
I wonder if we are gonna play as Sephiroth towards the end of the story
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
At one point in the OG game you kind of do
GriznitDshiznit 4 månader sedan
Feels like FF7 is stealing from Xenoblade Chronicles quite a bit. Which is fine cause they’re both amazing
Josh Czoski
Josh Czoski 5 månader sedan
You basically nailed it at the end. All they had to do was give fans what they were clamoring for for a decade and a half, and they gave them a version that ends in seppuku. It seems commendable to do something audacious like this. The problem is that in doing so the game totally guts itself of ALL of its themes that make it memorable. And the coup de grace for that? THAT ITSELF is supposed to be the new theme! It has this quick and tasteless statement of a theme of not being bound by fate just superimposing itself over the entire narrative in some of the most crude possible ways and amounts to no impact other than the shock value itself of the most cherished story in gaming getting torn to shreds. I still simply can't even believe that they did this. The tragedy is that it really is a beautiful game that has a deliberate fly in the ointment that just betrays all the labor and artistic inspiration (i.e. besides the writing), let alone the source material and the fans who loved it enough to demand a remake and even tolerate the episodic re-release structure. I think they owe their fans a do-over for this thing. Not to mention reimbursing the psych bills. -_-
TheHardMode 5 månader sedan
Boy, he blabs about Zack too much.
Raynhir Månad sedan
because zack is awesome
jeff jackson
jeff jackson 5 månader sedan
I can already see Square Enix's response when people call BS if they decide to keep Aerith alive with their plot armor: "Well, Aerith didn't die in the original that was Aeris!"
Schismatic 5 månader sedan
If Zack is alive, he could be elsewhere in the world. Problem is, the fact he has Cloud with him would create a timeline conflict. Zack passed the sword to Cloud right before he died and appointed Cloud as his "legacy," and that moment defines much of Cloud's character. So, if Zack is in the world, is there also a second version of Cloud? Maybe a less asshole version?
Schismatic 4 månader sedan
@QUEENDOM Since Cloud was a soldier when Zack died, I've been toying with the idea of a villain Cloud showing up in the next chapters. So the Cloud we have in part I is the Cloud we know, Zack's heir apparent, Merc, false memories, all that. If Cloud was rescued in the alternate timeline, what did he become? I mean, they've gotta be working towards bringing those timelines together, right? Or was this all just so we could point at Zack and go "I know who that is, and he's supposed to be dead!"
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
The problem is we dont (sort of) learn about zack until you reach fucking gongaga village and we dont learn the truth until ultimate weapon attacks you toward the end of disk 2. They made zack Way too fucking important and I blame shitty compilation for that.
Supersaiyanrob1 5 månader sedan
I just saw it as alternate timelimes just like barry Allen went back in time and change every thing and what not
Supersaiyanrob1 4 månader sedan
@QUEENDOM well I said alternate timeline because if you remember near the end the logo that was stamp was a different type of breed of dog compare to the one they kept showing during the whole game. So that one maybe he lived while the other he died and things were changed just a theory
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
Yeah except nobody said that and if it were alternate cloud story would be completely plot holed. Theres no digging out of zack being alive.
BJT005 5 månader sedan
Jeremy just said a nicer version of my opinion of the game. I felt like this was the Saturday morning cartoon version of FF7 with all the dark elements and death taken out and changed. Not to mention the various times where logic went out the window such as the whole President Shinra vs Barrett confrontation. Just about any time the main cast had the opportunity to kill someone or someone should have died it didnt happen. I welcomed a expanded Midgar so I could get more attached to Avalanche and the people of Sector 7 before they were all brutally murdered. Now that that didnt happen I feel like it was all for nothing. One thing I hope comes out of this is that Square Enix realize that they made the best battle system I've seen in years and not to try to reinvent the wheel again by the time FF16 comes around.
Triple-D26 5 månader sedan
Wedge did die but in Chapter 17. It was random lol. He got thrown out the window by the whispers because... fuck em.
Echost Studio
Echost Studio 5 månader sedan
Like The Last Jedi and Gulf of Us Part 2 Final Fantasy is going to subvert our expectations
James Tyler
James Tyler 5 månader sedan
Now you got it.
Mimi Monday
Mimi Monday 5 månader sedan
I honestly loved the game entirely and I'm so happy you finally got to it! :) I had ffvii spoiled entirely for me because I didn't games growing up so I couldn't mourn Aerith or even care that Sephiroth destroyed a village because the shock was gone. I am impressed that they went this route and look forward to something new. Zack is literally my favorite male character and I'm both happy and sad he's back. I was crushed watching him die but it's a guilty pleasure that I wanted him and all the fallen soldiers back. That being said SE has time to mess this up but I'm not gonna fault them for trying to give a new experience instead of a word-for-word copycat with new paint.
Jackie Moo
Jackie Moo 5 månader sedan
Instead of the one constant being that Aerith has to die in every time line, maybe Zack is the one who is supposed to die. Maybe in this time line, he'll save Aerith and take the blow himself awarding him that heroes death.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
All of that is stupid because we dont know anything about zack and arent supposed to for a looooooong time. They essentially killed clouds back story if that's the path they are taking.
krazytaxicabbie 5 månader sedan
Mas moo ney
govarnie 5 månader sedan
I just can't believe they turned red into an NPC
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
Whi cares. He really isnt that important or interesting 😂😂
RD 5 månader sedan
I'm of the opinion that Zack is lessened by surviving. His death was powerful in both 7 and Crisis Core.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
Fuck zack. Clouds story would be completely screwed if zack is alive.
Ruination 5 månader sedan
It also seems that they are borrowing the plot of the cancelled FF15 DLC.
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