Final Fantasy VII Remake - Game Review 

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Final Fantasy VII released in 1997, and instantly became one of the most legendary RPGs in the hearts & minds of gamers everywhere. Now, in 2020, Square Enix releases a remake telling the story of the Midgar segment of FF7. Here's my review of the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!
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17 apr 2020



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Joe Fawley
Joe Fawley 7 dagar sedan
Jessie 💜
Joe Fawley
Joe Fawley 7 dagar sedan
Easily my favorite game of the year.
Collin Rossillon
Collin Rossillon 22 dagar sedan
donut operator
ML Chua
ML Chua Månad sedan
Wow didn't know Lucifer is also a game reviewer!
Ivan Leonata
Ivan Leonata Månad sedan
Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the Ancients lmao !!
Andrea Calderoni
Andrea Calderoni Månad sedan
Jörmungandr, The World Serpent
Those long dragged out moments are necessary for Part 2 when shit goes down.
alucard croft
alucard croft 2 månader sedan
Review the legacy of kain games, preferably defiance. You're a popular guy pal, with your influence square/crystal dynamics might consider carrying on with the story.
Cheeky-mando 2 månader sedan
240 dislikes...Shinra Corp. Please.
Dogmatic Kerr
Dogmatic Kerr 2 månader sedan
You have no business playing this game without having played the original ;D You miss SO MUCH if you have not played and beaten original 7 and seen Advent Children as well - oh yeah, and probably having experienced Crisis Core as well. To get the full experience, you really need the complete backing! My favorite thing was that in the very end, when Cloud is facing off against Sephiroth again at The End of Creation is that, if you pay attention, the two nebulae featured in the background both resemble Sephiroth's final forms from the ending of the original FF7 - much moreso the big, beautiful, blue-white-gold nebula (Safer Sephiroth) than the black-red nebula (Bizarro Sephiroth). A neat thing. Also, in the same cinematics, if you've equipped the Buster sword, you get to see two iconic moments that hail back to the main menu screen of the original FF7.
victor victory
victor victory 2 månader sedan
Ah man does it have ultimate end attack..
Derek Sims
Derek Sims 2 månader sedan
Laguna Leonhart
Laguna Leonhart 3 månader sedan
Some help for those struggling to understand the games ending without OG spoilers.. This is based on what you see in the game. - Soldier candidates are exposed to Mako to enhance their abilities but they do say that it doesn't suit everyone. - Hojo is Shinra's main scientist so therefore would be involved in these enhancements. - Cloud has his mental breakdown when he sees Marco (number 49) in sector 7. - Cloud has same breakdown when he sees the robed figure in sector 5 with the kids (number 2). - Cloud has mental breakdowns when he sees Sephiroth but for the majority of the game he is hallucinating. - Red XIII explains his name is an identification assigned to him by Hojo. Coincidence? Probably not. - Red XIII explains The Drum in Shinra HQ is a project Hojo has spent his life working on. Jenova is there and there are pipes connected to all of the pods which house monsters. - When you defeat Jenova she transforms into Robed Figure 49 (Marco) before fading away. - When Cloud climbs the ladder to the top of Shinra HQ after Jenova, Sephiroth flashes into Robed Figure 2 before jumping off with Jenova. - If you Assess Jenova in the boss fight it says that Jenova causes illusions. So what's real and what's an illusion Joe? Think about it. - Sephiroth seems to want to break away from 'destiny' and uses the team to help him at the end. - Aerith and Sephiroth at the end seem to know a lot more about 'destiny' than anyone else which eludes to some sort of connection between them. - Zack overlapping with the gang in the end is a clear indication that it's happening in a different dimension/timeline. - The harbinger of fate boss shows that the arbiters exist across time and space and when defeated you see a huge explosion not only in this time/dimension but where Zack is with a recovering Cloud. Roll on part 2...
RandomGaming2.0 3 månader sedan
lwvmobile 3 månader sedan
I think the game even acknowledges its padding areas when you go back to the sewers and have to chase something down. Some of the padding in Wall Market is great, but some of it when you have to revisit areas is kind of a pain in the ass. I think they did it so they could give players areas to level up and grind if they wanted to.
Ricardo Fuentes
Ricardo Fuentes 3 månader sedan
The dancing part was oddly fun
mikederp 4 månader sedan
I am enjoying the remake, but now FF 6 and Chrono Trigger need this remake treatment!
Adam Tideman
Adam Tideman 4 månader sedan
Unpopular opinion: Barret is my favorite character of the Remake.
TrickyBread 2 månader sedan
Lukesoddlife That’s pretty gay
Lukesoddlife 3 månader sedan
No homo but I want him to shove that gun up my ass no homo
Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed 3 månader sedan
I think barret was everyone favorite character
ArtoriasRex 3 månader sedan
Radin V
Radin V 3 månader sedan
mkooij 4 månader sedan
As someone who had the original ff7 as his #2 favourite game of all time, just behind Chrono Trigger this is the most accurate review for me yet.
Luis C
Luis C 4 månader sedan
meh, you nitpicked all the first walking with aerith like if was something bad or dragged out but it's not true, I really enjoyed that "long" walk, the atmosphere and dialogue with aerith is so good I really loved it. Not a great review, a lot of nitpick
Petrichor 4 månader sedan
jessie best waifu by far
micia h
micia h 4 månader sedan
loud house
PopCultureIsDead 4 månader sedan
Buy them one by one or wait to buy the full set and play the entire game at once? I'm leaning toward the latter.
Caribe Naso
Caribe Naso 4 månader sedan
I like the game so far but still lot to put in there no CID no they don't let you use the red tiguer u can't go to the world and explore no chocobo races 🤦🏽‍♂️ still lot to do guys and two disk for what so upsetting
halcyon5zippo 4 månader sedan
Clearly the answer is Biggs.
Alexander Griffith
Alexander Griffith 4 månader sedan
This was my first time ever experiencing this game and the story and I have to say........it was ok.
D0MiN0 4 månader sedan
Well, the story is *far* from over yet 😅
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
I love this game. It was the remake I never knew I wanted
kloopym21 4 månader sedan
THE FUCKING STAIRS!!!! Jesus I hated that part... but I love this game
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
I did it on purpose just to see if they left it in lol
Sliider 5 månader sedan
i would play the living fuck out of this game if they implemented a true turn-based combat mode. i mean, i still thoroughly enjoyed it the first time around. im just saying, id lap that shit up like a starving wrath hound with turn-based mechanics.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
No. The game would be too fucking easy
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright 5 månader sedan
Great review
RandomGaming2.0 5 månader sedan
Finally a final fantasy game where you can see enemy’s health bar because when I play a RPG I want to see the health of the enemy and myself
Matt M
Matt M 5 månader sedan
The TRUE villains are fan expectations! God these people are awful. Why do all creatives HATE fans and the franchises they work on (star trek, star wars, FF, terminator etc)
ITyraxI 5 månader sedan
Didn't get around to playing the original, and the Aerith introduction part is BRUTAL. Slowed the pacing down to a halt... From a spec ops operation to picking flowers for an orphanage at a snail's pace... I'd rather the game be 5 hours shorter and skip the nonsense and fetch quests.
Random Sam
Random Sam 5 månader sedan
I know it was going to be impossible to please us all. But it couldn't have been much worse for me 🤷‍♂️. From the cebeebies tone which clashed with the swearing and everything being massively oversexualised, to the story forgetting everything that made it memorable in the first place and robbing impact from everything (nevermind that ending), to the "is this ALL they did??" size of it. Pointless, lame padding, awful sidequests, average at best graphics, and a huge lack of actual gameplay. If this was the same game but reskinned and named, i would give it 2/10. It earns zero points for nostalgia. Wont be back for more ✌️
TyeDye 622
TyeDye 622 5 månader sedan
Jessie is best girl
Cagatay Ocal
Cagatay Ocal 5 månader sedan
Why was the game split into two parts rather have it integrated??
TheHardMode 5 månader sedan
So classic mode is basically FF13 gameplay? To hell with that. That gameplay sucked and so did FF13 and their sequels.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
No classic mode is just super easy mode. They cut all the enemies life in half and they do less damage. Normal is basically too challenging so I'm sure they added in an easy mode during testing lol
Ramza 5 månader sedan
You do know that side quests were part of the original too right? You do know that there are obstacles in the original too right? You do know that this is how the original should of looked like but they just didn't have the resources right? You do know that they are just following the original story right?
Ramza 3 månader sedan
@D0MiN0 No, your argument does not make sense. How are you supposed to know the level of resources 25 years or so in the future?
D0MiN0 4 månader sedan
I'm sorry but that argument of "This is how the original was supposed to look" 25 years later is rather ridiculoius. Why make a game in the first place then and not wait until more ressources are available? See how flawed that logic is?
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
The game was better than all the ideas and things I wanted for the past 20 years. They did the remake better than i could dream lol
Frédéric Faddoul
Frédéric Faddoul 5 månader sedan
1:27: Yes
Russ Fox
Russ Fox 5 månader sedan
They are releasing these games like idk 4 discs i am assuming P
Russ Fox
Russ Fox 5 månader sedan
Disc 1 lol
Russ Fox
Russ Fox 4 månader sedan
QUEENDOM i mainly mean that this just just disc one of the game because they are release more lol not that its the entire original disc one
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
Not even close buddy. Disk one ends at the northern crater. No way they could remake all.of that now that I'm seeing the game
96miffy 5 månader sedan
haven't played the original, didn't felt like a drag.
Brady Powell
Brady Powell 5 månader sedan
Same here
John Tumahab
John Tumahab 5 månader sedan
Look...am I too old or something? Does the modern gamer DEMAND that you use every single button on the controller constantly with any game that you play? Are games too boring or dumb if you don't? I guess I'm just too old, because I hate this game. I stuck with it for 30 minutes, but between those stupid alternate modes, the constant need to dodge and block, regular attacks versus sustained attacks, ATB gauges (which I can't even figure out how they work and where), how ridiculously easy it is to take damage... Hell, I didn't even make it to the first boss and I was done. Anyone want a physical copy of this game? They go for a good price now online, don't they?
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
Most ff games pass 7 were like this. Nothing modern about it. You just have a bad memory. Lol
Ahad AL-Attas
Ahad AL-Attas 5 månader sedan
Disappointed Memories of 25 years ، it’s not remake its another story and a another world very bad
Aniv Moreno
Aniv Moreno 5 månader sedan
I think you should do a review of Trials of Mana
Anthony Montanez
Anthony Montanez 5 månader sedan
Please review super smash bros ultimate
xDestinyx 5 månader sedan
I haven't played the original, but I've been wanting to pick this up. I was obsessed with Cloud as a kid just from Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts. Should be interesting to play it having some knowledge of the characters but not really the storyline. The review was definitely encouraging.
xray538 5 månader sedan
My man! Definitely Final Fantasy VI!
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Armstrong 5 månader sedan
Popcorn, flat beer and weed .... Sounds like my hometown
Jimmy Noonan
Jimmy Noonan 5 månader sedan
I agree about the game dragging it's feet at times, but hey I liked the rooftop walking segment with Aerith
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
It's an RPG...
Abto Hassan
Abto Hassan 5 månader sedan
Chapter 9 was a grind man. I'm so glad I got through it. After that, things have been moving at a good pace. I'm about to start chapter 14 now
Oni Lao
Oni Lao 5 månader sedan
i would rather have them do it this way then resident evil 3 did :P
STAR_SLINGER 5 månader sedan
I had 0 problem with the play time. I was at 40 hours on my PS4 and it died on me. Had to buy another PS4 and start over.. my second attempt I beat the game at 68 hours. This game was incredible.
D1 &only
D1 &only 5 månader sedan
That moment when you realize the Remake is actually a battle between SquareEnix and fans: Whispers of Fate = The purists of the OG FF7 who are upset with the new storyline and are fighting to keep the timeline intact. Sephiroth = SquareEnix who are changing the timeline to his/their liking. Cloud/Barret/Tifa = The newcomers who are playing the Remake with no knowledge of the OG and just like the three characters are being given glimpses of the future and the past. Aerith = The players who have been wanting for a long time for Zack and them to survive. She's also indoctrinated Marlene and Red to work with her on this.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 5 månader sedan
I really liked the gameplay here. I kinda want to see other turn-based RPGs with like Persona and Pokemon in this style now.
DingoEnderZOE2 5 månader sedan
Ya know....listening to his review it just clicked to me who Jeremy looks like....he looks like Biggs from this exact game he's reviewing.
Strengthesthetics 5 månader sedan
IMO the side quests that are necessary are so short (like maybe 15 minutes), and are a great way to balance out the fact that you kust finished a super action packed segment and now you're calmly walking around. Also, walk with Aerith, easily one of the best segments in the game, great for character introduction to new players and expansion to original players. It really sets their relationship perfectly and is a fine example on how they "padded" the game with great story and dialog between the cast
Kyle Matthew Revilla
Kyle Matthew Revilla 5 månader sedan
I found the filler content to be rather pleasant. They let us spend more time with these awesome characters and the small banter during filler sections and otherwise is just so much better voiced than in text boxes and lets them develop where they otherwise wouldn’t in the midget section. But I totally understand why people would rather have the pacing of the original ff7.
MrVecau 5 månader sedan
Damn...I'm old. Why is this guy making me think of The Fonz.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 5 månader sedan
You just got my subscribe after two years of watching." mentioning final fantasy six as the best. I mean it is actually final fantasy 3 in the states and five is two but that is how seven was made
Rory Kurek
Rory Kurek 5 månader sedan
Honestly never understood the obsession with hours of play-time. I am seeing people saying that part 2 needs to be longer... Meanwhile I'm thinking, "this game would have been way better if they cut out about 1/3 of it."
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 5 månader sedan
Never played any of the Final Fantasy games, pretty sure Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t count, but I’m very interested in buying this at $50. Wait, why did they drop the price by $10? Works in my favor but when have they ever done something like this for us? I smell conspiracy.
Vivid.Imagination 6 månader sedan
U missed 8 needs a remake
D0MiN0 4 månader sedan
FF8 is by far my favorite game of the series!
Big Boss
Big Boss 6 månader sedan
basically this is what mgs gz was trying to be
zenaky 6 månader sedan
hahahahha this guy hahahahah all thig is a critic but not body see the good thing anymore
Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez 6 månader sedan
Made me feel old making that david Bowie labyrinth reference lol.
chuckandimeforeve 6 månader sedan
it's a 9 for me. The sidequest undoubtedly were filler and didn't need to be in the game. however, most of everything else was Killer The Aerith rooftop stuff, for example, was one of my favorite parts of the game. as for the OG, I haven't played it in 15+ yrs but has always remained as one of my most treasured gaming experiences.
Bryan Silva
Bryan Silva 6 månader sedan
Spoilers!!! But I have a theory! The game itself is almost like a sequel to the original. It's called a remake for obvious reasons although, I do believe the ending of the story left it completely open to a whole new story line. The whispers literally are there to stop Sephiroth from changing the past (the results of the original) and failing to do so. With an open mind you can actually say that FF7 remake could be sequel to the og. Sephiroth goes back in time to remake the results different to the ones from FF7 og and succeeds. We clearly see both Zack and Biggs survive at the end, two actions that didn't occur in the original. With all this being said, I don't think a full back story to Sephiroth is needed at this point, if my theory is correct. After all a mysterious villain is always interesting and the story is still being expanded. He's character can always be build up more for newer players in the upcoming installments. So do y'all think this could be a potential sequel to the OG?????
Bryan Silva
Bryan Silva 4 månader sedan
@QUEENDOM Welp it's been confirmed so ha ha!!!! My theory was right :p
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
Stanley Constant
Stanley Constant 6 månader sedan
I'll watch the spoiler talk when I finish I'm addicted loving the game
Matthew Chen
Matthew Chen 6 månader sedan
Matthew Mux
Matthew Mux 6 månader sedan
I would like to see this kind of remake for Final Fantasy IX, such a powerful game that was.
Lionheart 6 månader sedan
My fav FF is 8. But 2nd is absolutely 7. I had an absolute blast playing this remake, and the ending left me in awe and very excited, but not gonna lie I am a bit worried if they go full KH with this, the ending was kinda meta.
Kevin Kusman
Kevin Kusman 6 månader sedan
That Labyrinth quote at the end... You are fkin amazing Jeremy
Blellow 6 månader sedan
I get the sense that some FF hipsters lower the games review score just because the original is “overrated” and there are better FF’s out there. Jahns complaint of game being longer is also silly. It’s a remake... they expanded a 5 hour part of a game into 30-40 hours.
James Loehr
James Loehr 6 månader sedan
It would still be better with the old combat system. Some of us like turn based combat.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
No it would not. Also ff combat has never been this good ever lol
ImAlive 4U
ImAlive 4U 6 månader sedan
I'm curious about what people thought about some of the changes like not being able to control Red XIII as a playable character, or getting high powered summons so early on in the game, or that the battle system is similar to FFXIII?
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
@SgCy yeah its more like 12 combined with 15.
QUEENDOM 4 månader sedan
They changed very little imo. They ADDED a lot.
SgCy 6 månader sedan
The battle system is nothing like FFXIII
Zen Razor
Zen Razor 6 månader sedan
The rooftop part was great,It feels slow because its world building, The game knows how to build up before a large battle very well. Otherwise it would just forgetable, I think the game was amazing easily the best in the year so far. RE3 was great but short Doom was awesome but limited boss fights and pretty simple.
Core1138 6 månader sedan
FF 5 is my favorite one.
Unknown 6 månader sedan
Jeremy should review red dead redemption 2
HatedJared 6 månader sedan
This game, sans the ending, had me smiling all the way through. Everytime I got to a new area and thought "oh, are they going to let me do that thing from the original" and then I could, was awesome. I do wonder if that stuff feels like busy work to someone who is new to the game though.
Eeanjay 6 månader sedan
Would love to hear your thoughts on witcher 3
Jekoi Koi
Jekoi Koi 6 månader sedan
This reviewer is a joke
Ferien7 6 månader sedan
We need to see more of the game and less of your face
Road to Dawn
Road to Dawn 6 månader sedan
Totally was not expecting that Labyrinth reference lol
Mariana Alegria
Mariana Alegria 6 månader sedan
I think most people were expecting a remaster with some cover up on the plot holes but it's actually the true definition of a Remake. I also agree that at some points people will be "What the hell is this?" new players I mean but that is also to create expectation of something that might happen in the future games.
D0MiN0 4 månader sedan
I'm super curious to see how they'll handle travelling the open world. This is where the true fun started for me in the original.
Luvstagrind 6 månader sedan
So you made Tifa a "close-combat mage"
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 6 månader sedan
"Sometimes the characters your not controlling... they can be idiots." You mean EVERYTIME.
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 6 månader sedan
@SgCy So you're telling me that they purposely designed the AI controlled characters to stand around and do nothing? Or stand in the corner? Or ranged characters to run into melee? Or melee characters to STOP attacking once you temporarily switch from them to run and stand beside the ranged character that you just switched to to build ATB? This is 2020 and you can't even set basic parameters like you can in EVERY other action RPG. Simple things like: setting parameters for AI controlled party members to target the player target, stay at range, fight in close, ECT. Saying that the "AI isn't supposed to win for you" implies that in ALL other action JRPG's your (the player) actions really don't matter because if you put the controller down the game will just play itself and win. Come on now. Don't make excuses they dropped the ball. And they probably will patch it eventually. This is an action RPG with 'some' turn based elements. If the player was meant to control EVERY minute action they would have just made it turn based.
SgCy 6 månader sedan
This because youre supposed to switch between characters a lot. The AI isnt supposed to win the fight for you.
reckneya 6 månader sedan
Hey can you review deeznutz next? ;)
Shivin Wason
Shivin Wason 6 månader sedan
Lmao, how much of the smell of weed was from the game? 🤔😂
Sebastian Sacilotto
Sebastian Sacilotto 6 månader sedan
Yeah but what you're talking about with the battle system is all shit though? Really didn't enjoy it.
Mitch Lacasse
Mitch Lacasse 6 månader sedan
this game is beautiful. I enjoyed this much more than the original. I felt the characters were a bit more developed, I grew attached a lot more to the side characters. all the characters I find more likable. I never used Barret originally, but in here, I'd have him in everyone of my comps. even Cloud, I was never that much of a fan of his character, but I found him much more likable in this, more humanized. would love to see Final Fantasy VI get this treatment
Soultaker1982 6 månader sedan
Biggest ripoff in video game history 100%
Kyle Kliamovich
Kyle Kliamovich 6 månader sedan
Chapter mother fucking 8. Walk on the roofs, walk through town, walk here, walk there walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk. By the end of the chapter, I wanted to smack the shit out of Aerith. Chapter 8 officially made me ship Cloud and Tifa. Seriously terrible fluff job on that chapter, especially on second run.
D0MiN0 4 månader sedan
Cloud x Tifa = best ship! I couldn't stand Aerith in the original all too much either, and I'm having a hard time with her this time around as well, but at least we get to spend more time with her (maybe a bit too much?) to make somewhat of a deeper connection -- I think that's what they were trying to do. In the original everything felt a bit too rushed emtionally and the connection Cloud supposedly had to her didn't really come across for me (granted, I was only 12, so maybe that was it). Can't say that I was too sad about her perishing in the original, I was rather pleased to not have her around constantly.
Timothy Nguyen
Timothy Nguyen 6 månader sedan
You should have a gaming channel
GuitarJester89 6 månader sedan
I loved the Remake. Cant wait for the 2nd game. And the scene on the roof tops with Cloud and Aerith is in the original. But their conversation and the music playing durring the walk. I loved that part.
Tolkjen Kot
Tolkjen Kot 6 månader sedan
If Square Enix ever makes FF6 remake, the game will end when you leave Narshe. After 40 hours.
20 Frames Per second
20 Frames Per second 6 månader sedan
If you don’t understand the last 5 seconds go back on TikTok.
Blaxx MAO
Blaxx MAO 6 månader sedan
It's really mean business when Logan start review about Final Fantasy 7 Remake..
Dianto Xentar
Dianto Xentar 6 månader sedan
This is ff i like after ffx and ff vii crisis core
SpyengoEen 6 månader sedan
F: Tifa M: Jesse K: Aerith (
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