Ghost Of Tsushima - Game Review 

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I feel like this game needs no introduction, so here's my review for GHOST OF TSUSHIMA!


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27 jul 2020



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Juan Meza
Juan Meza Dag sedan
I’m i the only one that just rocked everyone and everything w the Wind Stance (circle) ? That shit worked on EVERYONE
Oskand 2 dagar sedan
At first, I was like ´´No stealth. Must follow the samurai way´´, but then many hours later, I was like ´´You know being a samurai is cool and all, but how about using stealth a bit more´´. You know, kinda like how Jin abandoned the samurai code to become the Ghost
MrTheDarkKnightFan 9 dagar sedan
The story is so strong & compelling, that it makes me so positive in my real life after playing as Samurai in GOT
Darkjedi 13 dagar sedan
They have a new game plus
holitinne 13 dagar sedan
Jahns: “I’m sad it’s over...” Suckerpunch: *Releases GOT Legends* “Arrre yoouu suuure?”
Skyler Gulley
Skyler Gulley 15 dagar sedan
Ok, hear me out. Sucker Punch takes the gameplay of Ghost of tsushima uses it to make a Highlander video game
yvwe 888
yvwe 888 3 dagar sedan
Yes please
jman881989 16 dagar sedan
Two words.... GHOST STANCE!!!!
ManWithGoodHands 20 dagar sedan
Red Dead 2 Jeremy. Red Dead 2
Michael Bankston
Michael Bankston 20 dagar sedan
Just picked this game up today. Your video Convinced me.
robk1990 23 dagar sedan
Whenever I played this & saw my character in Samurai armour I always had that moment of thought of “1545... This is Sengoku Jidai the age of the country at war.”
john raymond
john raymond 23 dagar sedan
I played the game and platinum trophy now free DLC coming
Phil 4 Real
Phil 4 Real 24 dagar sedan
Phil 4 Real
Phil 4 Real 24 dagar sedan
AwesomeAaronOfficial 25 dagar sedan
Did anyone catch that little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) reference at 2:03?
John deez
John deez 25 dagar sedan
I never changed my clothes. Not necessary. I stayed in travel gear. No armor.
John deez
John deez 25 dagar sedan
It was too easy. Like eaaaasy
Cruz Ruiz
Cruz Ruiz 26 dagar sedan
This game is still kicking a**!!
Randy Nguyen
Randy Nguyen 26 dagar sedan
Should've done AC: Japan long ago. GoT stole AC's thunder AND lightning
HoopleHeadUSA 27 dagar sedan
I hope the Legends multiplayer launches soon
Just started playing it. It's god tier.
Nocturnal Månad sedan
Never assassins creed to this masterpiece.
Anand Balasubramaniam
Not remembering what the stance names are but know which buttons to press.. yes Jeremy!! you speak to my soul.
ShadowX011 Månad sedan
I cannot wait to play both “Ghost of Tsushima” and “the Last of us 2” on the upcoming PS5. These two games already look beautiful I can only imagine how much better these will look on the PS5. 😎
Nightfall Månad sedan
PC, Playstation, or XBox for gaming in general?
William Parry
William Parry Månad sedan
When I finished the game I went and 100%ed the trophies and collectibles. I’ve never done that in a game, I just don’t have the time for it but I found time with this game! It’s that good! I’m sad it’s over now too
WANNABE Månad sedan
If this doesnt win game of the year ima be thoroughly upset
FuzzzWuzzz Månad sedan
Bought and finished, thanks to you. Some of the most beautiful scenery in a game, and I loved growing into the stances.
Chelsea Drouin
Chelsea Drouin Månad sedan
I loved this game and it too consumed me, I really couldn't stop playing it and i really want to replay it.
Ant Francis
Ant Francis Månad sedan
My favourite charm: poisonous wind charm My favourite skill: assassination x3 My favourite side weapon: hallucinogenic darts My favourite armour: mongol leaders armour My favourite game of the year: ghost of tsushima.
Xavier Molina
Xavier Molina Månad sedan
L.O.L @ 8:10 🤣🤣🤣
Gey Merr
Gey Merr Månad sedan
you're a gamer version of keanu reeves lol
JON WALLACE Månad sedan
“Oh boy leftovers” lol Great Tmnt reference
Tst Mkr
Tst Mkr Månad sedan
Jeremy, been a long time viewer of your channel for about 5 years. You should review the game Days Gone (a PS exclusive). I have a feeling you will love it. I bought and played Ghost it Tsushima based on your review, loved it.
Son’s & Daughters
Son’s & Daughters Månad sedan
First game I ever platinumed. A cinematic masterpiece. A tale of loss, family, honor, and the consequences in between. Yes, even though we have seen these open world gameplay elements before, never have they been done so well. A true Tour De Force in game design
shakira roja
shakira roja Månad sedan
lost interest playing other games after finishing it
Lincoln Liking
Lincoln Liking Månad sedan
Leftovers. Nice Ninja Turtle reference😁
Sarcasm Månad sedan
It's very cool how this game manages to make it feel like you're getting better at the game, alongside all the new stuff you get. I mean, in some games it just feels like your character is getting more powerful.. and sure, it's the same thing in this game too, but at the same time, I felt like I was the one progressing equal amounts. Even between any new skills, there was this learning curve where you clearly mastered a tool as well as your overall toolset again and again. Idk if I managed to explain it well tbh. But in short; The progression felt immensely satisfying and miraculously managed to keep it up unusually well through the entire game. Currently replaying the game on Lethal difficulty and it still keeps on being incredible. I love that the difficulty doesn't only make enemies hits more deadly, but yours as well, so it feels fair, but doubly deadly if facing numerous enemies.
YouTube Channel Reviews
Gonna be honest here. I like Jeremy's review better than that of most full-time game reviewers out there. Keep 'em coming!
khorney202 Månad sedan
The combat in this game never gets old because it’s still easy to die if you don’t focus. Makes your victories so satisfying knowing you’ve earned it
Xander Saleh
Xander Saleh Månad sedan
What a game. Game of the year. Had me crying at the end while my 12 year old son is looking. Last time a game made me cry was mass effect 3. Ty sucker punch. Ty Sony for not rushing this game out. Las
Lost Therian
Lost Therian Månad sedan
Go to a point on the map, do a thing. Go to another point on the map, do a thing. This isn't as different from all the other open world games as people think. Having said that I am enjoying it.
ethangelion 1.11
ethangelion 1.11 Månad sedan
This is the most engrossing game I’ve played sense Spiderman. I’ve been playing it for days on end.
Rickard Eneqvist
Rickard Eneqvist Månad sedan
Great game, you got a bit OP at the end. Challenge kills 4, then a dance and the rest is usually running away (if there are any). Which is the weak point of the game I think, stealthing takes too long, it just becomes quicker to run straight in.
rhythmandacoustics Månad sedan
Pfft Armour pieces, A real samurai needs no armour ~ Jin Sakai after to much Sake
Landy Ollowocandy
Landy Ollowocandy Månad sedan
My favorite thing about this game is the line about your father being the wind at your back and your mother the birds in the sky. The wind and birds then guide you thru the whole game.
ALL1NERD Månad sedan
Daelyn Månad sedan
Please please pleaseeee so a spoiler review!!! :D
Duo West
Duo West Månad sedan
Well I've cleared all the Mongol territories, completed all the tales of Tsushima, and finished the main story. All that's left are the rest of the springs, alters, and other such miscellaneous tasks that have neither combat, nor stealth. And since there are no missions or territories left and I'm fully upgraded, I don't see the point in seeing Jin's ass and petting the fox a few more times. I've got the meat of the game taken care of though. I don't eat the end crust of my pizza either, unless I have dipping sauce. I never did get very good with the perfect parry and counter thing though. You just have to be so precise with your timing. I only managed to do it like 40% of the times I attempted it.
Yellow Money
Yellow Money Månad sedan
By the way, Jeremy, are you going to do a review on Death Stranding, or did you just drop the game? Considering the state of the world, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
Eng. Faris Basnawi
Eng. Faris Basnawi Månad sedan
I just Platinumed the Game 2 days ago and am here watching the game review ...
Siro Sadkaata
Siro Sadkaata Månad sedan
Hi im Japanese and playing the game, i completely agree with you, If i can add more, the Japanese translations, the usage of words, and kanji(letters) are era appropriate. It is insane, i really need to get some of my dictionary to understand some letters. Props to the Japanese writers, obviously expert in archaic Japanese.
PageofLegend 2 månader sedan
It's the best kind of open world action rpg, the main story/quests only fill about 10-15% of your time. The rest of the time, it's all the side adventures you get into.
AceBoi Loot
AceBoi Loot 2 månader sedan
I wish i felt the epicness. This game was pretty boring to me outside of key story moments
Petit Colibri
Petit Colibri 2 månader sedan
I'm in love with this game. I completed this game with 100% trophies, and accidently overwrote my completed game. So now I'm playing over again from scratch and I completely love it. My favorite armor sets are Gosaku armor, mainly for serious battles, and the Traveler's Attire with my ashen straw hat, black thief mask and black shader. I love the shaders in this game too. This game is everything. I may play it over again a third time
Seba Chong
Seba Chong 2 månader sedan
Which type of contrast is better???
XtraSpicy 2 månader sedan
ok but now you need to review seven samurai
xHelloSushix 2 månader sedan
so a much better version of NiOh without the Yokais and such.
dontbeannoyed 2 månader sedan
6:21 if only Naughty Dog understood what you said here Jeremy, The Last of Us 2 could've been good
Chrmander _Z
Chrmander _Z 2 månader sedan
I got addicted to the Photomode and spent most of my time taking pictures... but now that I've finished it, I'm just hoping for a new game + to do it all over again and finally plat this game.
LBU 19
LBU 19 2 månader sedan
I wanted multiplayer and we got it lmao
Drew Harper
Drew Harper 2 månader sedan
This is the best game of 2020, fight me if you think otherwise. 🤘💪
TopFlightSecurity415 2 månader sedan
I literally cannot put this game down...i just beat it the other day now im doing all the side missions now, one of the best games of the decade so far
Hamphield D. Phoenix
Hamphield D. Phoenix 2 månader sedan
A great Japanese themed game, that makes a great homage to one of the greatest Japanese directors ever Noice I'm waiting for my Christmas bonus so I can buy this game Yeah, it's going to be a LONG wait
Justin Cook
Justin Cook 2 månader sedan
I want Kurosawa mode but with red blood. I think that would be awesome
Heathcliff 2 månader sedan
My only dig at the game was that for a pretty good middle section you're strongly encouraged to use stealth and the stealth aspect was...not bad but extremely meh. You can't hide bodies, you can't whistle or knock for attention, enemy a.i. doesn't look for you that hard and gives up to quickly and all the enemies are laid out in a very obvious path with a specific order you're "supposed" to kill them in to not get spotted, plus by the time you upgrade your knife all the way your stealth kill becomes a quick neck stab...over and over, with no variation till the end of the game. Honestly the stealth aspect was the weakest part of the game and kinda killed the fun for me for a while untill around the third act when they really kinda pull you back the other way and make it not so stealth oriented which is a little weird but I was grateful to get to use the combat system more since it is one of the best I've ever seen in a sand box title. All in all, great game with one odd flaw.
Adam Zillin
Adam Zillin 2 månader sedan
The one thing he didn’t mention was how much of a C**T Kojiro was to kill on hard mode.
keith jones
keith jones 2 månader sedan
“This game consumed me.” Nuff said lmao. About 10 hrs in
ShadowX011 Månad sedan
I finally downloaded it on my PS4 Pro and am about 24 hours into it. I had to force myself to get up and urinate and go to sleep, lol My alarm clock is set super early so in just a couple more hours I will be playing Ghost of Tsushima for many more hours. I love this game. 🌚
Samuel Rios
Samuel Rios 2 månader sedan
What happen to red dead redemption 2 review???? I'm really surprised you didn't even make a review about that game.
InFamouzBX 2 månader sedan
Jeremy whick babayega
Kalpataru Sengupta
Kalpataru Sengupta 2 månader sedan
​ Absolutely Loving this game, This was made by the gamers for the gamers. Not like other false advertising games to swindle peoples money . Just returned something like that. And it was a tremendous waste of potential just for the sake of Identity Political agenda. What a waste. Loving this game currently, Playing on lethal mode.
Solid Wisdom
Solid Wisdom 2 månader sedan
Itw very solid game but I wish the story wasn’t so complex but I really recommend to anyone. Sucks for pc and Xbox fans cant play this unless they have a ps4 too
Lord steppergod
Lord steppergod 2 månader sedan
Multiplayer is going to be added to the game
MrZzJacobzZ 2 månader sedan
Would you do a “the last samurai” review?
low 2 månader sedan
"Very few games make you feel bad as while playing the game". I genuinely felt like a samurai and living samurai while playing this game. So true
aznpanda510x 2 månader sedan
This is me every time. " WHO NEXT!!!! turn around, where the fuck y'all came from." (start running away, Look back) " never turn your back on your enemy!."
aznpanda510x 2 månader sedan
Now That There online....... He will be gonr for WEEKS!!!
Eclipse 2 månader sedan
I just wish the subtitles were a tad bigger so i wouldn't have to squinch at the subtitles and not being able to look at the gorgeous scenery during the Japanese voice mode. Kurosawa mode's a cool idea, but there's so damn many beautiful colors in this game you'd be doing yourself a disservice. Too many fox dens, once you've platinum'd this game the world feels empty, i wish mongol/bandit/ronin camps kept popping up every now and then. a lot of the side quests where you help people feel repetitive in terms of story, i wish there were loadouts so you can pick and choose what style you want going into a battle or base (samurai, ninja, archer, ronin). i wish there was a new game + where you can skip the cutscenes and I wish you could see the mask you wear during cutscenes (not that i don't mind seeing Jin's face, Daisuke Tsuji's got a badass face) another nitpick i have is the annoying "DOSHO" cries from mongol archers, 1 or 2 missions were super hard (looking at you undying flame)BUT! though you die; you never get a game over. it's only over when you turn your console off. story's gripping, characters are likable and understandable, soundtracks hypnotizing, the shrine platforming was fun as heck, combat's original, stealth isn't too hard, nor complex as mgsv but still fun. you can choose to be a warrior or a ninja whenever you want, change costumes whenever you want, we're getting a free dlc that involves multiplayer next patch, there's no moral system like in the infamous games which i appreciate, the dual endings you have both make sense for Jin's character, and I hope they make a Ghost of Tsushima 2 with the second mongol invasion with an older more experienced Jin being drafted by the shogun in secrecy to make him the first shinobi. (SPOILER) Maybe meet up with Tomoe again. though it's not entirely original (there's been tons of open world action/stealth collectathons this gen and ninja/samurai games) it's the prettiest looking one grounded mostly in realism, and dare I say the best samurai/ninja game on the ps4 if not the best.
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 2 månader sedan
This game is fucking hard. I've finished the first two acts. But this is fucking hard.
Sawk Chalk
Sawk Chalk 2 månader sedan
Siberian_Psycho 2 månader sedan
The game felt too much like god of war 4. It's WAY TOO SLOW!! For that reason I did not like it. I'll stick with god of war 3 and Wolfenstein 2. I'm glad people had fun with the game though, because I didn't.
Rhys Myatt
Rhys Myatt 2 månader sedan
I absolutely love this game, it may be my game of the generation. Its amazing.
shin tis
shin tis 2 månader sedan
And now Legends just got announced, so more Ghost for us YAY!
JayMarTheOne 2 månader sedan
Ye I feel you I just beat it now idk what to do with my life...
malta071 2 månader sedan
Ready for GoT multiplayer?
Afif Gbeili
Afif Gbeili 2 månader sedan
9.5/10 Game You’re Welcome
Darth Wacko
Darth Wacko 2 månader sedan
Played it, beat it, loved it. one of the best games this year. now I'm waiting for Valhalla.
Edgar P
Edgar P 2 månader sedan
I hate unskippable cutscenes! Like when liberating a town. Ugh! Other than that, this game is magnificent!
Ishrat Jahan Khan
Ishrat Jahan Khan 2 månader sedan
This is my first ever game that I Platinumed. I always play games to enjoy the story, but Ghost of Tsushima consumed me so much that I couldn't stop playing. Hands down this was a masterpiece!
William Cowell
William Cowell 2 månader sedan
Jeremy I want to know what your final decision at the end of the game was.. you know what I’m talking about.
Takano Makoto
Takano Makoto 2 månader sedan
You're one of the few reviewers who pronounce Tsushima correctly (with the accent on the "u"). As someone from Japan, I can say that it doesn't grate on the ear like many others' pronunciation of it, which is good.
Mike Dann
Mike Dann 2 månader sedan
This was my second video of urs! And I personally am super biased to this game- why? I don’t get why ppl don’t have a PlayStation! I get not owning an Xbox, why buy a system I can own a computer and get everything the same. But god damn it- this game is amazing! It’s been so long since a game provided Not just an amazing story, but an amazing game mechanically! I have bought my loyalty friend! Can’t wait to binge ur reviews! Hopefully it remains this fun!
Mike Dann
Mike Dann 2 månader sedan
U is constantly auto corrected to I. U have bought my loyalty. Also, anyone notice that a lot of characters sound like Arnold Swartzanagger (sorry it’s I misspelled) speaking Mongolian! I was so convinced he actually did the voices I had to look it up! This is honestly a beautiful game! Haha! And what a rich story! GOD! I can’t love it enough
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit 2 månader sedan
This game took me ages to 100%, I blame that golden bird! It distracted me so much, but what a game!
adam 2 månader sedan
This game is nothing like assassins creed.
adam 2 månader sedan
@BengeJ Uknowit theres a lot of people who think the earth is flat too.
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit 2 månader sedan
Loads of others would disagree! I've heard it's been called ghost of creed so many times!
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 2 månader sedan
Such a good game. Saved the year for me. Much better than last of us 2
JTCGiantz56 2 månader sedan
I loved this game. But my one gripe was that they make you way OP at the end. Even on hard everything was really easy having so many bombs and extremely strong things to use
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit 2 månader sedan
The stand off can wipe out everyone near the end, admittedly!
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 2 månader sedan
That’s my only complaint too. Jin is too op. I want the enemies to have more health and I want to fight 20 enemies at the same time. I have too many tools defeat them
EDHOLLA 2 månader sedan
This dude is out here looking like a young skinny George Lucas
Sick Randy
Sick Randy 2 månader sedan
Didn’t take long at all for Jin to become one of my favorite video game characters of all time.
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit 2 månader sedan
He's cool as hell!
Yellow Money
Yellow Money 2 månader sedan
I absolutely love this game. My one gripe though is the brute enemy type- not the shield or cannon guys, but the halberd guys. I friggin hate the big dudes that come spinning at you with their halberds in the longest unblockable attack an enemy can have, and they spam the shit out of that move repeatedly. It's even more annoying when you're trying to crowd control the others and this big guy comes in to knock you out of a perfect combo.
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 2 månader sedan
Yellow Money Oh. I recommend headshooting them with an arrow then. Press R3 to slow down time and get a headshot or use a kunai on them when they’re about to attack
Yellow Money
Yellow Money 2 månader sedan
@Biniam Gaming No. Not the spear guys. The brutes. I try jumping over it but they knock me out of the air with it because the attack sweeps high and low consecutively.
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 2 månader sedan
You’re supposed to jump over their sweeping spear move
AKSBSU 2 månader sedan
The Tadayori and Kensei armor sets with the right charms feel borderline unstoppable on Lethal if you use them right.
Daiveon Mallery
Daiveon Mallery 2 månader sedan
The one universal negative. The camera. Now whenever someone brings it up I’m like yea I know.
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 2 månader sedan
You’re supposed to keep the camera moving and not just use the left stick. It adds to the challenge
Ghost of Tsushima Angry Review