Guns Akimbo - Movie Review 

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A guy gets guns bolted to his hands and entered into an online life or death battle. Here's my review for GUNS AKIMBO!


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13 jul 2020



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Spank You Happy Helperton
It felt like watching Harry Potter in Crank.
ONYX 8 dagar sedan
this movie is the Purge X john wick
Yubel YT
Yubel YT 11 dagar sedan
Bruh I was cringing the entire time I saw his hands
Mani Meow
Mani Meow 13 dagar sedan
I didn't expect to enjoy this weird movie as much as I did. They did a great job. Samara's character is fire! ❤️
The Flash
The Flash 18 dagar sedan
I liked this movie and liked Daniel’s acting. Glad he is showing his full acting skills than just what people think and see him as that guy from the Harry Potter series.
Jose LLosa
Jose LLosa 19 dagar sedan
great movie, it was enjoyable
Just_ A_Foxhound
Just_ A_Foxhound 20 dagar sedan
Most of the movie is murder/ video games/ gun bad right up until the end when Radcliffe does a sort of 180 by hunting the bad guys. I kept watching the movie thinking "it'll get better in 10 minutes or so." Pretty trash imo the memes the movie spawned were better by far.
nintendoboy17 23 dagar sedan
I actually enjoyed the film a lot! VERY aware of how stupid it is. XD
Spencer Cook
Spencer Cook Månad sedan
I saw it last night, and honestly, I loved it! It felt more like Wanted than anything; Wimpy doormat character, just doesn't care much about anything, gets forced into a violent profession/situation, has to cope with and learn violence, and becomes a stronger person at the end.
Frantyx Månad sedan
Loved this movie! My only complaint would be the ex-girlfriend, that's all I can really think of. Otherwise superb film and Nix was the fucking show!!!
Underground Arms
Underground Arms Månad sedan
The guns technically weren’t bolted to his hands they were fastened to his hands with large lag screws and other hardware on his arms
Son of Hetfield
Son of Hetfield Månad sedan
Rey Carrasquel
Rey Carrasquel Månad sedan
I couldn’t finish that movie , very fucking stupid , Harry Potter needs a better agent
rocco angelillo
rocco angelillo Månad sedan
But how do you reload?
Robbie McDonnell
Robbie McDonnell Månad sedan
Star Trek reference automatic thumps up
Audiomajik Månad sedan
Nix shooting at others: Never misses Nix shooting at Miles: mostly misses Samara Weaving is great, though. STOP! Hammertime! The movie was fun. I think of it more as an origin story. If they do another one, the action should pretty much be the star of the movie.
William Ozier
William Ozier Månad sedan
This movie cracked me up.
Retro- GIE
Retro- GIE Månad sedan
This movie would’ve been better if you were high
labron katz
labron katz Månad sedan
I actually liked the movie
Gareth Beaton
Gareth Beaton Månad sedan
Loved this film so much this hared core hendry go hand in hand
Patrick B
Patrick B Månad sedan
Actually I started watching this movie thinking that it wouldn't be any good. Its actually not bad..a really fun time.
Aaron T
Aaron T Månad sedan
Yooooooo I have that exact pellet/bb gun on the left of the thumbnail, i say pellet/ BB gun because it shoots pellets and bbs... duh
panchow Månad sedan
i played blood when i was a kid!, "come on we wont kill you", that game was so awesome xD
BillyBadasssssss Månad sedan
those look like 1911's, that would be 8 rds per gun
Alessio Arbustini
Alessio Arbustini Månad sedan
I think that the guns nailing works just because the guy is a vegan pacifist. If he was violent all along there would have been no need to nail anything
Deshai McDonald
Deshai McDonald Månad sedan
Can you review free guy?
deMoonLux 2 månader sedan
Dick Gun exists in the film Dusk til Dawn
Brandon Cobbs
Brandon Cobbs 2 månader sedan
put a mole on Jeremy's face and wala you have a young Robert Dinero... You're welcome :)
Kye Winkles
Kye Winkles 2 månader sedan
i didn't care for this movie 1 bit
enter username
enter username 2 månader sedan
I liked this more than john wick. More action too.also I'm a john wick fan.
Rayray Hypezz
Rayray Hypezz 2 månader sedan
It would be cool to see nix fighting her way to where she is in guns akimbo
AeneasGemini 2 månader sedan
When people bring up Gladiators it annoys me, they think it was pure entertainment but forget (or don't know) about the huge religious implications. They were sacrifices to the Gods and considered sacred, not a matter of amusement. Also why do people have to be down on humans for appreciating fake violence? It's called Adrenaline, and there's nothing moral or immoral about it, just a physiological response which is absolutely fine when nobody really gets hurt
Afif Gbeili
Afif Gbeili 2 månader sedan
5/10 Movie
Karl Dailey
Karl Dailey 2 månader sedan
how did you not watch this a little bit drunk?
Danniel Lopez
Danniel Lopez 2 månader sedan
IT TAKES TWO REVIEWS 2 månader sedan
This was actually a very entertaining movie 🎥
Gab 2 månader sedan
It was an entertaining movie and I'm not mad at the time I spent on it; the chuckles were worth it. But I'm happy that I didn’t pay for it in a theater
Channel 97
Channel 97 2 månader sedan
*Hey Its that magician kid*
PhoenixLance13 2 månader sedan
The movie is the cracked-up lovechild of The Purge and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
regotror awespazing
regotror awespazing 2 månader sedan
It's k not so good 😔 bcz it's like not well settled anything not even lines not at all receivable hate that and why he ran from police 😑 and why guns cannot be taken from his hands he can go to a doctor 😂 right k but not nice he running 😅confused and they are teasing Scott pilgrims vs the world what 🤣no way
Jedi Spartan
Jedi Spartan 2 månader sedan
This is one of the craziest, best movies I've ever seen
The Observer
The Observer 2 månader sedan
I feel like this movie could have been great if it were faster paced and had at least one scene where we get to see Daniel’s character act like a crazy person. I don’t even think it would need that great of a story if it had just been a bloody mess. I expected something like the Boys s2 teaser, but ended up with a similar movie to Nerve (Which you should watch if you haven’t already, because that was a good movie)
Damien Sloan
Damien Sloan 2 månader sedan
Take a shot every time he says "guns bolted to his hands"
Tiberiu Capsali
Tiberiu Capsali 2 månader sedan
Wands Akimbo.
One of the best movies of 2020!
I watched it last night on Amazon Prime without any spoilers! I loved it!!
Geek Illustrator DAD
Geek Illustrator DAD 2 månader sedan
I enjoyed this movie!
Hengebobs 2 månader sedan
50 rounds in a 1911? Those magazines would be smacking the crap out of his legs the entire time... Yes, thats the part that I got hung up on.
4:45 SPOILER!!!!!!! So Radcliff survived. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson 2 månader sedan
And you have a good taste in whiskey. You're the man
Robin Thrush
Robin Thrush 2 månader sedan
Could have gone without seeing his wiener, personally.
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
Got high with my friend yesterday and watched the movie, let me tell you that it does merit the Good time if you're drunk (high) rating, because it did elevate the film. We were laughing so much! 😅
Tracey G
Tracey G 2 månader sedan
U should review Come To Daddy Hella Good
Craig Gassner
Craig Gassner 2 månader sedan
How is the woman with the bullpup in slowmo shooting when full cartridges are being ejected
KLEFUS MCDONALD 2 månader sedan
Good Movie, when it comes out on Blu Ray, it will go next to my copy of Scott Pilgrim and Hardcore Henry.
Stone_Wolf_ 2 månader sedan
Guns Akimbo was fine. It was a bit of fun. It was juuuuuust campy enough to pull it off. Worth every penny I paid for it (it's free on Prime).
Zombrero 2 månader sedan
Videodrome did it first and better
Chad Behnke
Chad Behnke 3 månader sedan
This movie is fun. It's not ground breaking, but the style and performances by Radcliffe and Samara Weaving are enjoyable. Underrated movie, IMO.
Aaron Ellis
Aaron Ellis 3 månader sedan
Dude he looks like Cap in Infinity war
Ernest Oglesby
Ernest Oglesby 3 månader sedan
Seriously......... can anyone name me a decent film Radcliffe has starred in since leaving the Potter franchise?
milking cow suprise
milking cow suprise 3 månader sedan
What was that movie where the lady had a gun instead of a leg and shot zombies?
megachimene 3 månader sedan
Watched it during quarantine, was a ton of fun, watching drunk
Richard Todd
Richard Todd 3 månader sedan
How does he change mags...durghhh
Nanoatic Alaeddine
Nanoatic Alaeddine 3 månader sedan
Potter forced to use guns instead of wands the movie.
Sinjin Reed
Sinjin Reed 3 månader sedan
Colosseum gladiator battles never actually involved murder. It was scripted, and more like modern wrestling. The only time it had killing was when it executions, which was rare. You’re probably thinking pok-ta-pok, which was from the Olmec, and they sacrificed one of the teams (either winners or losers, we don’t know). But this was the ancient mesoamericas, they pretty much sacrificed people who sneezed.
LiesureLee Minis
LiesureLee Minis 3 månader sedan
I loved this movie though!!!!
Kaleb Phillips
Kaleb Phillips 3 månader sedan
I think you've been in quarantine too long. You absolutely missed the whole point of the movie.
Azure Arcade
Azure Arcade 3 månader sedan
The movie was entertaining and a fun watch. I put it on the same level as Horns in terms of enjoyability. It meets expectations but has a hard time exceeding them.
Grimdeath Games
Grimdeath Games 3 månader sedan
It was a visually interesting movie but not much for than that.Horns is still the oddest Daniel Radcliffe movie.
zoraiz zia
zoraiz zia 3 månader sedan
I love you Jeremy
D. DIAZ 3 månader sedan
One detail I noticed that reallt bugged me was that when you see close ups of Harry potters hands you sweet dual 1911s. 1911s are single action only. The hammers were both down so that gun wasn't going to fire no matter how many times you pull the trigger. That and 1911s aren't known for their reliability what if they jammed? That and nix has perfect aim when shooting other people but can't hit Shit when she's trying to kill Larry plopper. But honestly this movie was so ridiculous that I had a blast. The only thing I knew was it was going to be berry popper with guns bolted to his hands and crazy shit. Was not disappointed
D. DIAZ 3 månader sedan
Wait Jeremy owns guns? Please tell me those are real in the thumbnail! You just a got a little cooler
Sword Wind Romance
Sword Wind Romance 3 månader sedan
JoJo reference
Mr.Trooper snooper
Mr.Trooper snooper 3 månader sedan
Everyone seems to forget this guy shot like four times in the movie and he seems just forget about them and moves around like nothing happened. And I would say that his hands will be in so much pain and infected and unusable but that just splitting hairs.
raimsss 3 månader sedan
I’m pretty sure Jeremy and I are close to the same age....damn it....and I was blasted back....fuck
Thoughts Concerning
Thoughts Concerning 3 månader sedan
You're a Cleric, Harry. (Equilibrium, anyone?)
B Kranz-12
B Kranz-12 3 månader sedan
Pretty lame movie honestly. It kinda just relied on music and neat colors to keep you interested. It also moved way too fast. I really didn’t care about the plot at all.
Emmet Scales
Emmet Scales 3 månader sedan
Sorry to disappoint... it’s just as bad drunk 😵
DJ Bean
DJ Bean 3 månader sedan
I didn't see any trailers or anything for this before I bought it, but I love when Dan does weird, different roles. After how much I enjoyed Horns and Swiss Army Man, I just took a chance on this one and wasn't disappointed. Happy to have it in my collection.
Jason Adkins
Jason Adkins 3 månader sedan
When the guy said "poo poo in my pantaloons" I screamed lmaooi
SilentWorkForce 3 månader sedan
"I live again" Intro to blood, never forget that
Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw 3 månader sedan
Sounds like a better story path would have been for the protagonist to become willing to shoot at the turn into act 2, then the act 3 shift would actually have him committing to not to shoot in order to win the final climax. It feels like his resisting during the first half is like having a half-baked acceptance of the call.
Adal Martinez
Adal Martinez 3 månader sedan
I liked it it was good
Jeremy Sincaglia
Jeremy Sincaglia 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, how do you do your hair? Any tips?
SuperLordpig 3 månader sedan
It's a shame Radcliffe has gone woke.
Kuda95 M
Kuda95 M 3 månader sedan
DUDE.....JEREMY looks like a glorious lion...i mean wow...no homo bro.....IMPRESSIVE ASF!
Random Chance
Random Chance 3 månader sedan
So you wanted a serious shoot'em up and didn't see the word 'comedy' in the description. It wasn't what you expected. Your loss, but don't knock the movie because you missed that it's a comedy.
CJusticeHappen21 3 månader sedan
I'm going to just throw my cards on the table and walk out of here in a silent huff while all of the good people in attendance question what my fucking problem is, because there is no way that those guns are holding 50 rounds.
Jeff Herc
Jeff Herc 3 månader sedan
Idk why we don't have a Manhunt movie adaptation.
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud 3 månader sedan
I get where you’re coming from and don’t completely disagree with your review. But I think it’s unfair to give a movie a lower review because it wasn’t what you were hoping it was. I felt the same way in the beginning of the movie but by the end of it I got over my bias and ended up really enjoying the movie for what it was and not what I wanted it to be.
Chef Carl Casper
Chef Carl Casper 3 månader sedan
Who else has played “Cards Against Humanity” and has ever gotten the card “Daniel Radcliffes Delicious Asshole”?
Undead dissection
Undead dissection 3 månader sedan
I'm vegan and don't like the thought of hurting people but FUCK THAT! Someone's trying to kill me I'm shooting 🤣
Challenger Delta
Challenger Delta 3 månader sedan
Please watch Midsommar
that one guy
that one guy 3 månader sedan
Ill never see this guy the same again after seeing the meme that says he looks like john wick but he got a cat
Josh & Michelle Zedwick
Josh & Michelle Zedwick 3 månader sedan
Glenlivet 18 is very very good
PeterMcGuf 3 månader sedan
You are slowly turning into 70's era George Lucas.. should be be concerned? :P
Nathan Somerville
Nathan Somerville 3 månader sedan
I only have one question: How does one reload effectively?
Fangsabre 3 månader sedan
Jeremy is really giving me The Dude vibes lol. Like a young Lebowski. Honestly, not a bad look for you bro
Roy bgp
Roy bgp 3 månader sedan
I didn't like the movie. Had some funny moments. But meh.
TheStranger 3 månader sedan
TheStranger 3 månader sedan
I guess maybe there’s some kind of reservoir up his sleeve? I guess that works.
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