Hamilton - Movie Review 

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It's a movie review....of a stage production rather than a movie. In any case, here's my review for HAMILTON!


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7 jul 2020



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Jazmin Aguilar
Jazmin Aguilar 7 dagar sedan
Does he not know this is broadway and not a musical ....
Eli 10 dagar sedan
I didn’t like it.. I hate how they were rapping and shit
Kari Dotson
Kari Dotson Månad sedan
I loved your review! Do you mind checking mine out? I did a Hamilton review too. I’m a smaller channel and I’d love some feedback
BaTerRy_CaT Månad sedan
The standouts were Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson." Me: *chuckles* You were WRONG
Royami Månad sedan
It's cool to see the opinion of someone who isn't really familiar with the musical
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf Månad sedan
megastarwarsrocks99 2 månader sedan
Jeremy spends entire videos praising movies then only gives them buy it on blu ray
Bdub 2 månader sedan
I feel really bad for Aaron Burr
Evans Wilkerson
Evans Wilkerson 2 månader sedan
I fell asleep watching it
Adeezydadon 2 månader sedan
You forgot Aaron burr sir. Leslie Odom carries the show.
12 GäüGë GrïñGö
12 GäüGë GrïñGö 2 månader sedan
why is the entire cast black tho?
Zee 2 månader sedan
"The standouts are Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson" *glares in Angelica Schuyler and Aaron Burr*
kidflashgirl123 2 månader sedan
Lafayette would not be disrespected like that
thejmeister 2 månader sedan
I went into it knowing even less about it than you did Jeremy, and I freakin' loved it. Currently on my second watching, and decided I needed to see your review of it. I very much echo your sentiments about everything you've said. About King George's drooliness, while it did seem weird and distracting, it also helped him come across as quite unhinged, which I think was the point.
Mykle Hunter
Mykle Hunter 2 månader sedan
Hamilton was surprisingly really good! Can you review another Disney+ exclusive, Togo? Togo was really good and doesn't seem to getting the attention it deserves!
Aidan Lambert
Aidan Lambert 2 månader sedan
If it weren't for second hand films of Broadway productions, I never would've seen half the plays I have. Would LOVE to see more films of plays so I can actually support them
Lloyd Porter
Lloyd Porter 2 månader sedan
Modern = A black take and or version of a story ...
Nathan Walton
Nathan Walton 2 månader sedan
The fact that you brought back footage of that old milk commercial...top notch, bro!! That’s how I learned about A.B.
Pontius Porcius
Pontius Porcius 3 månader sedan
You learned about history from Michael bay.
BWGgy 3 månader sedan
Wouldn’t have watched it if not for your review, thank you!
Nigel McPhearson
Nigel McPhearson 3 månader sedan
Ugh... the hip hop influence on respectable America is disgusting
Lola T
Lola T 3 månader sedan
I don’t give a shit about the @‘s that will come after my comment...The Book Of Mormon is racist af.
Alicia Nyblade
Alicia Nyblade 3 månader sedan
"I got you a coffee! Did you want a coffee?" Jeremy, please make this a series. Look up the titles of musicals and then sing what you think they're about.
Robert Britton
Robert Britton 3 månader sedan
Run, don't walk away. Unwatchable. Cultural appropriation. Rewritten history.
John Kitchen
John Kitchen 3 månader sedan
Jefferson/Lafayette, Hercules, King George are the stand outs. I actually think LMM is substandard compared to the rest of the cast
Giovanni Hernandez
Giovanni Hernandez 3 månader sedan
Rob Ross
Rob Ross 3 månader sedan
This musical is crazy impressive in the ways it weaves the different genres of music together into one cohesive sung-through musical. I went into this similarly to Jeremy, not knowing any of the music or what it was gonna be like. And I love it. It's brilliant.
Kris Currier
Kris Currier 3 månader sedan
sakin heart
sakin heart 3 månader sedan
You look different man..great looking
Paul Sommerhalder
Paul Sommerhalder 3 månader sedan
Without Miranda's Star Power, it would be a forgettable rap music adventure.
Demetri 2
Demetri 2 3 månader sedan
Without it Miranda wouldn't have ever gotten star power
ChrisbeFoSerious 3 månader sedan
1. Thomas Jefferson - Daveed Diggs 2. Aaron Burr - Leslie Odom Jr. 3. King George - Jonathan Groff 4. Angelica Schuyler - Renee Elise Goldsberry 5. George Washington - Chris Jackson 6. Alexander Hamilton - Lin Manuel Miranda Lin is solid, but he’s not even close to being the best performer / character on that stage.
James Hubball
James Hubball 3 månader sedan
Nothing against Hamilton... it’s a masterpiece. But we get a review for this before then greatest showman’.... okay. 😂😂😂😂😂
DesertRanger319 3 månader sedan
I hope we DON'T get a review of the greatest showmen I despise that movie
freshly baked memes
freshly baked memes 3 månader sedan
Jeremy looks like a 40 year old dad with drinking issues atm
Challenger Delta
Challenger Delta 3 månader sedan
Please watch Midsommar
Anna Munsey-Kano
Anna Munsey-Kano 3 månader sedan
PSA: This is not the first time a stage production has been filmed and released for home viewing. It's just the first time a stage production has become such a cultural pop phenomenon that mainstream audiences cared enough to watch and review. If you truly like musicals, seek and ye shall find!
Ambi Sings
Ambi Sings 3 månader sedan
This was entertaining to watch as a theatre kid 😅 1776 was the musical you were expecting lol My only gripe was they cut out the 2 f bombs. I know Disney! But Washington on your side sounded strange without the mf word. Pg13 gets 1 f bomb technically and that song should have had it. And its impossible to sing theatrical songs without any spit and Jon is a known spitter and I kept telling the camera man at the tv no no zoom😂but he's still amazing! It's great to know you enjoyed this!! Maybe they can do the same with In the Heights ?👀
ShaiLee Carrigan
ShaiLee Carrigan 3 månader sedan
I would LOVE to see a recorded stage production of Dear Evan Hansen, or Be More Chill, Beetlejuice would be super amazing too.
Dahlia Legacy
Dahlia Legacy 3 månader sedan
I was fine until the last song... then I cried like a baby. >.
Aaditya Bhattacharya
Aaditya Bhattacharya 3 månader sedan
The Milk commercial was directed by Michael Bay.
Gold pills
Gold pills 3 månader sedan
The Cast: The orphanage... Me: Crying
Dan Reviews
Dan Reviews 3 månader sedan
I have the Hamilton music playlist on so much at home, every song is nothing short of incredible. Absolutely loved this film/show! It is so engaging from start to finish and this is impressive for a near 3 hour production.
꧁ tater.thot.88 ꧂
꧁ tater.thot.88 ꧂ 3 månader sedan
Did anyone else think that Lin Manuel Miranda sounded out of breath in the fist act? He always seemed to push out his lines instead of saying then naturally. It was still good, I just thought something sounded weird. His performance in the second act was exceptional. I didn't think this musical would get sad. Boy was I wrong. I was crying buckets.
David Mesa
David Mesa 3 månader sedan
Have you watched Palm Springs?
Jeff vee
Jeff vee 3 månader sedan
Half the cast are the black supremacists from SVU
Nikki Satmaka
Nikki Satmaka 3 månader sedan
YES! Filmed book of mormon would be awesome! Definitely won't be PG13 though
BatSTUD 3 månader sedan
Diego 3 månader sedan
Jonathan Groff (King George) is known for spitting. When he was on Off Broadway the front row was known as the splash zone. His nickname is Groffsauce
fairamir1 3 månader sedan
Still waiting on a shirtless video
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 3 månader sedan
you should watch '1776'.
Revelry Good
Revelry Good 3 månader sedan
This video was really good...and I liked it. Also, where have you been hiding that singing voice?
jonathan owens
jonathan owens 3 månader sedan
See I would have preferred it if they sang like Jeremy did in the begining even though he was joking lol. Probably why I thought King George's songs were the only thing I enjoyed in terms of music. But I've never been a hip hop dude and if that's your thing then there's no reason you wouldn't like this.
Ian MacQuarrie
Ian MacQuarrie 3 månader sedan
Sat in my front room watching this and I didn't look at my phone once. Tea breaks, yes. But it demands/deserves your attention. Loved it...
Roy Thomas
Roy Thomas 3 månader sedan
Saw it in October and was absolutely blown away.
Sentient Salt
Sentient Salt 3 månader sedan
So, its racist for Robert Downy Jr. to play an actor playing a black man in a movie, but no one bats an eye at a black man playing Thomas Jefferson or Puerto Rican man playing Alexander Hamilton? Hey im not gonna call for canceling it, protesting it, or review bombing it, or anything. In fact I don't care what ethnic backround you are as long as you're qualified. Just thought I would point out the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry. For all I know Hamilton may be the best stage production ever, and I'll get around to watching it one day. But lets keep fair standards for everyone.
MegaSoulHero 3 månader sedan
The only people complaining about Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder are people who haven’t seen the movie.
Robby Reznor
Robby Reznor 3 månader sedan
Stupid rap crap
Kris126 3 månader sedan
well hello, hater. Would you like to add anything to your stupid statement?
Heza 3 månader sedan
“I got you a coffee. Did you want a coffee?” “ I did not want that coffee. I wanted one cream and sugar.” Dying 🤣
Diego Torres
Diego Torres 3 månader sedan
Is it me or Jeremy has changed so much since quarantine?
Ekter 3 månader sedan
The spitting is definitely on purpose, and it was great for the king's character portrayal. I was on an emotional roller-coaster of cry-laughing throughout the whole 2 and a half hours. Glad you liked it dude!
Alex Wolfe
Alex Wolfe 3 månader sedan
So glad I saw the OG cast live back in 2016
Wacey Preston
Wacey Preston 3 månader sedan
Do “The outpost “
madestmadhatter 3 månader sedan
I loved it, favorite song is the Kings.
JJV1224 3 månader sedan
Honestly the stand out in this musical that makes me enjoy is Renee and Philipa. Their harmonizations and singing brought many of the songs to light for me and made me easily replay those songs like non stop. They are easily the best singers on the cast
Brad Silvers
Brad Silvers 3 månader sedan
Wanted Cream and Sugaaaaaaaaaaar!
podakayne 3 månader sedan
lol you're so funny, i am glad you liked it. saw it when they came to seattle, my daughter and i shanghaied my son (25 at the time) and he too loved it. again glad you liked it...dont think i could spew out the english language at the speed they were doing, let alone sing it...WoW was all i could say, then no time to awh, gotta keep up!
Edwin Dubon
Edwin Dubon 3 månader sedan
It's very unfortunate that this movie/play portrays Hamilton as a genius. Yes, Alexander Hamilton might have been smart but he got rich off the slave trade. Disney furloughed 100,000 employees recently (mostly low wages workers and many people of color), but yet they find $75 million dollars to glorify Hamilton, a person heavily involved in slave trading. People can spin it to fit their agenda, but Hamilton was without a doubt responsible for maintaining and even growing slavery. Would it be okay to create a musical glorifying Adolf Hitler or Robert E. Lee? If not, there's no excuse to deny Hamilton led to many people's misery at the cost of making Hamilton and others rich. You cannot just say he opposed Slavery when he was a slave trader - that's a non-starter.
Vintage Video Clips
Vintage Video Clips 3 månader sedan
@Demetri 2 You can't be against slavery if you get rich by trading slaves. No way I can accept that and nobody should make any excuses for Hamilton's horrid past. As far as the play not being about Hamilton, this makes no sense...the play is literally named Hamilton and is based entirely on his history, such as when him and Madison (another proponent of slavery) wrote numerous journals and helped form the nation that totally allowed slavery and benefited greatly from it. People will see this play and think Hamilton was a great person. Lin Manual Miranda has said many times in the past that Hamilton was a genius. Hamilton also was responsible for establishing the financial system that exits today, which still allows the 1% to own 99% of the wealth. Hamilton literally created this and was honored for it by being put on the $10 bill. Your logic about the play not being about the play and people should celebrate the creator.....this is the exact same reasons that people say about the Confederate Statues. The same logic says that the statues aren't about Slavery (same thing about Hamilton), but rather it's bout art created by their sculptures and heritage. Why would anybody that is against confederate statues, use the same reasoning to allow Hamilton off the hook. We can find good qualities in most people, such as Hamilton. Confederate General Robert E Lee never owned slaves and actually released his father in law's slave when he passed away. They were actually released during the second year of the Civil War. Does this make him a good person? Would we be okay we making a play that portrayed him as a genius? Many people admit that he was a genius in the military. We should not defend slave traders and people that fought for slavery, neither is acceptable in any shape or form and Hamilton is definitely included in that. I appreciate your thoughts, but I don't think Hamilton should be celebrated and portrayed as genius.
Demetri 2
Demetri 2 3 månader sedan
I mean he was completely against slavery until he married into the Schuyler family and it started benefiting him. While that is a valid criticism, the character in the play isn't actually Alexander Hamilton. He's an idealized counterpart inspired by the man, maybe the person he should've been; people aren't gonna see this musical and go start celebrating the real life Hamilton, they're gonna celebrate Lin Manuel Miranda and the talented cast. Whether that makes any difference I don't know but it's worth considering
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 3 månader sedan
LAFAYETTE! Babbles in French! LAFAYETTE!
STEVE GOLDBERG 3 månader sedan
This is a stupid review. Should have done research and been serious..
HellsOnEarth 3 månader sedan
Lol never seen the got milk ad, but in Australia there are ads for fruit. like Bananas, not certain brand, just bananas.
og87 3 månader sedan
I can’t hear “Alexander Hamilton“ now without hearing the song.
Nico Reveco
Nico Reveco 2 månader sedan
I can't hear the name Angelica without singing "elizaaaa" in my head
james conlin
james conlin 3 månader sedan
can u review fire in the sky
vayanfilms 3 månader sedan
Gotta say, I’m really impressed with the review. This is the type of thing I would never even dream of watching but you’ve convinced me and I’ve really enjoyed it!
Nikko Manlapaz
Nikko Manlapaz 3 månader sedan
Thanks Joel... i mean Jeremy.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 3 månader sedan
I’m glad for the John Adams shoutout, one of the greatest shows out there
Andrea chaparro
Andrea chaparro 3 månader sedan
I'd heard the hype around and about Hamilton (How could one not?) But DAMN! THAT HYPE WAS WELL JUSTIFIED. Even though I still find Lin Manuel Miranda a bit annoying, he just killed it with this show... MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD
Melanie Kay
Melanie Kay 3 månader sedan
" I want to see a filmed stage production of 'The Book of Mormon'" ...or you could just read the book ;)
Kris126 3 månader sedan
Um some people prefer to watch shows instead of reading(?
Gankasaurusrex 3 månader sedan
Jason Luv
Jason Luv 3 månader sedan
Quarantine getting jeremy looking more and more like Joel from TLOU
Uriel 3 månader sedan
Jeremy Jahns looks aweosome
Mans M
Mans M 3 månader sedan
It's not historically accurate, lol. Both sides were white. Discrimination of white folks.
Kris126 3 månader sedan
this comment's so stupid smh
Abiral Pratap Adhikary
Abiral Pratap Adhikary 3 månader sedan
For me Aaron Burr was the best and most entertaining character by far
chentiangemalc 3 månader sedan
I agree the Filming and editing was so fantastic, hopefully this sets a trend to stop these awful high budget movie versions of musicals which just have a cringe factor or sound like an auto tuned soundtrack of celebrities who can’t quite nail the tunes without extensive audio processing. And yes Book of Mormon next please :)
Jessica Zarate
Jessica Zarate 3 månader sedan
Seen it 3 times I love the music can’t stop playing it 😂
SLOWJOE 3 månader sedan
Is anyone else diggin Jeremys hair and beard?
Concept Gaming
Concept Gaming 3 månader sedan
He had to do Hamilton that way because of the hip hop theme music
Concept Gaming
Concept Gaming 3 månader sedan
See star wars SC 38 reimagined
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle 3 månader sedan
Leslie Odom was pretty fuckin awesome as Aaron Burr
Music Life
Music Life 3 månader sedan
Oscar Leon
Oscar Leon 3 månader sedan
Remember kids,Hamilton is a stage production not a literal take on history and the founding fathers were flawed as you and me,there is a reason slavery was a thing and even low income whites were not allowed to vote until the early 1800s,Hamilton is as accurate as the movie 300,not very that is. (Their good entertainment though)
Peejay Garcia
Peejay Garcia 3 månader sedan
Your singing about coffee made me LOL... ;)
Monkey Powerkey
Monkey Powerkey 3 månader sedan
I have not seen it... And i don't know when i'll get to see it because the Disney + release just keeps getting pushed back again and again and again... Currently it's set for a release sometime this fall. But wouldn't be supprised if it gets delayed again. Disney sure as hell didn't plan this shit out well. Like, stress test! It's bound to break if you expect 2 views an hour. It's Disney + and then a Pandemic hit and the entire world wanted Disney +. If this keeps going i'm gonna have to pirate The Mandalorian Season 2 as well. I mean ey.... Pics of Baby Yoda started spreading like wildfire the second he was revealed. So i wasn't about to let the spoilers ruin it for me. And if Disney + isn't out yet when season 2 hits i will Pirate the shit out of it no shame.
BAHR 3 månader sedan
Epic Rap Battles only 3 hours and with a budget?
Louis Cyfear
Louis Cyfear 3 månader sedan
🤣🤣😂😂 _I didn't order that Coffee_ The musical
BRYCE 3 månader sedan
Hamilton is bad! Don’t watch. I’m kidding.
maztergamer 101
maztergamer 101 3 månader sedan
Good review
Jared Locke
Jared Locke 3 månader sedan
Fuckin loved it. Worth every bit of hype
corey yochum
corey yochum 3 månader sedan
i hate hamilton w a passion
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 3 månader sedan
I hate Jeremys new hair
Juncel Carreon
Juncel Carreon 3 månader sedan
I mean Leslie Odom Jr. (Aaron Burr) won the Tony Awards Best Actor, and he is the best part of the show IMO.
Rye Guy
Rye Guy 3 månader sedan
I thought Hamilton was good but there was soooo much hype around it lol
Rye Guy
Rye Guy 3 månader sedan
Joel Dumas I agree with you. My whole family are theater geeks and I’m not really the same so they convinced me to watch it with them. They said it was the best musical even but because there was so much hype around it and my family was singing all of them songs and stuff... some parts were a little bit hard to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great musical, but there was too much popularity around it when it wasn’t as good as others made it out to be as.
Joel Dumas
Joel Dumas 3 månader sedan
Yeah I agree. I enjoyed it but was surprised how 'traditional' it was. It was so hyped up I thought I'd see something truly innovate or ground-breaking but in the end it took quite a lot of inspiration from Sondheim and classic Broadway shows. Much had been made about the hip hop content but I only caught about 4 references which was disappointing. Great performances from all of the cast though. Was the cast overdubbed? Their singing was almost too good in places.
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith 3 månader sedan
Aaron Burr also carried the whole story along , I was surprised how good the play was, I watched it 4 times ... in 2 days 😑
Zortac 3 månader sedan
I like that you suggested teachers might show this to kids at school. It is historically accurate and is a fun way to tell the story.
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