Hannibal - Series Review 

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Hannibal was sadly cancelled after just 3 seasons, but all 3 seasons can now be found on Netflix. Here are my thoughts on the series HANNIBAL!


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20 jun 2020



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Nate Dark
Nate Dark 5 timmar sedan
I literally just happened to see it on Netflix a week ago and said fuck it I’ll watch this shit, finished it in 5 days and it’s honestly one of my favorite shows of all time now. Just the dynamic between Will and Hannibal alone was enough to seal the deal for me. 100% recommend this show, Mads is a fucking icon
starvb 2 dagar sedan
As a fan of the books and the movies I was so excited to watch this and I wasn't disappointed. I watched it as it aired and I never disliked an episode. Though I was not surprised it was canceled I was still devastated. The books, movies, and TV show are all great for different reasons and I like every iteration of these stories. Sure the first two books were better than the last ones and sure Manhunter was better than Red Dragon but at the end of the day what an amazing pillar of horror/mystery creativity. I am so glad you liked this show too :).
drrazia shahine
drrazia shahine 6 dagar sedan
Hannibal is the greatest thing i ve ever seen on tv apart from pulp fiction from cinema.
Indestructible_cocx 6 dagar sedan
Things I feel when Mads Mikkelsen was on screen: -Hungry -Scared -Loved -Epic -Smart
Indestructible_cocx 6 dagar sedan
Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal is like a combination of Light Yagami, Gordon Ramsay, Kingsman and Jason
miranda f
miranda f 7 dagar sedan
Just finished binging it last night: Amazing show. I need Netflix to revive it.
Amandu 8 dagar sedan
I would sell my organs for a season 4
Rold 8 dagar sedan
From The Silence of the Lamb to Hannibal TV series Who's hungry?
Big Badger
Big Badger 11 dagar sedan
An amazing series, terrific acting and storytelling. There were a few things in it that did not make sense, mainly the Freddie Lounds / Will Graham storyline, and Gillian Anderson's character especially at the backend of S3. But still fantastic tv.
Ravyne Hawke
Ravyne Hawke 12 dagar sedan
Oh, I definitely like what I see here (looking at you, Jeremy).... but yes, I am obsessed with Hannibal. I saw it on NBC, bought the DVDs and am now watching it repeatedly on Netflix because I cannot get enough of it. BTW, we fans are called Fannibals and we obsess over Hannigram. IF Netflix picks it up and makes a season four, of course I will watch it (and the whole cast says they would come back!), but if it never happens, I still have 39 episodes to watch endlessly. And yes, I've read all the books, seen all the prior movies and THIS Hannibal is my favorite.
Serpent Sepia
Serpent Sepia 13 dagar sedan
The only thing I liked about this show is that it put me right to sleep.
Meaghan D'Amico
Meaghan D'Amico 13 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite shows and have rewatched it so many times. I would kill for a season 4. And I think at the end of season 3, Bedelia actually chopped her own leg off in prep for Hannibal and will to come home.
Zach F
Zach F 16 dagar sedan
if they do a season 4 it would have to include a silence of the lambs remake and idk how well that would go over with how well the og was received
marie josephine
marie josephine 17 dagar sedan
Brian DiVincenzo
Brian DiVincenzo 19 dagar sedan
Yea bro.... Keep posting on SElosk... Love your vids
Brian DiVincenzo
Brian DiVincenzo 19 dagar sedan
Right....dude when Will Graham and Hannibal both fought Dolarhyde.... Shit was DOPE
ChaosInOrder 24 dagar sedan
My father and I recently started watching this show. And my god we love it! I gotta say it tests your stomach strength. If you don’t have a strong stomach DO NOT watch this show you’ll lose your lunch. But if you have one and you love Crime shows with interesting characters this is the show for you.
Matthew DeLong
Matthew DeLong 25 dagar sedan
Just got on s2 and its amazing
rorygal2991 25 dagar sedan
Jeremy, you should absolutely read the books. The show does mix up the timelines, but Bryan Fuller did it so beautifully it still works. I'm usually a book purist, but this show captured the emotional tone of the entire book series perfectly ❤
Heidi Meigs
Heidi Meigs 25 dagar sedan
Didn’t watch it on NBC, even tho I really love Mads Mikkelssen. Recently however, thought I’d give it a go. Bought the 3 seasons, did a 3 day Hannibal marathon. Mads and Hugh just killed it! I was gobsmacked at how brilliant their performances were. Season 2 was the best, to me. Still trying to decide if I really understood and liked it. But would nonetheless love either a S4 or even a movie....some kind of definitive closure.Mads and Hugh should have been at the very least, nominated for an Emmy. They were both outstanding.
Jonathan Santillana
Jonathan Santillana 26 dagar sedan
I was expecting Clarice Starling to make an appearance at the end of the final episode, but I guess I was wrong.
SV COCONUT 27 dagar sedan
If I ever hear Love Crime again, I'll actually die. That ending made me feel like I was falling slowly so deep down an abyss- 🥴
meinlebenman 28 dagar sedan
Thank you, Jeremy, for turning me on to another awesome show.
Blue Collar Men Productions
Jeremy Jahns “eat my leg”
dagger Månad sedan
The season 3 is so fucking boring
Agatha Grunt-thruster
Janice Poon, one of the people who did the food for the show, has a blog that goes over how she made the meals. It’s pretty fascinating.
Armando Testa
Armando Testa Månad sedan
When it comes to the imagery, this show is a work of art!
Thrifty Freebies
Thrifty Freebies Månad sedan
Will Graham is just ADORABLE 😍
Lemunjoos Månad sedan
The best shot series I’ve seen, worth watching and rewatching
Leorio Tobio
Leorio Tobio Månad sedan
It is a travesty it was cancelled but I quite like the ending of season 3. The uncertainty it leaves us with is kind of perfect.
DS Soundtracks
DS Soundtracks Månad sedan
"Would you like to see season 4 on Netflix?" Yes
Maz Adams
Maz Adams Månad sedan
For many years I have wanted to see Michael Fassbender take on the role of a young Hannibal. I think he would be absolutely perfect casting.
Pulp Girl
Pulp Girl Månad sedan
When I first found this show on Netflix I remember wanting to watch episode after episode but having to take a break to protect my own mood since the show makes you feel like your going crazy too. Despite the constant violent imagery it still feels like a slow burn.
Abigail Haven
Abigail Haven Månad sedan
My friend and I were discussing the Red Dragon movie and when you brought up the point of Edward Norton it reminded me of why I love Silence of the Lambs more and why my friend loved Red Dragon more. Though Edward Norton did a great job, (that first opening scene in Red Dragon was awesome) it was much harder to connect with the character of Will Graham because of all the time given to develop Dolarhyde (granted, I don't judge because a movie can only hold so much). My friend loved that we could actually feel something for him rather than Buffalo Bill, who serves as a sort of one-sided force of evil in Silence of the Lambs. Though I saw their point, I loved Silence of the Lambs for a similar (but opposite) reason. It gave us the story and hardships of Clarice while sacrificing the time to develop Buffalo Bill. After watching Hannibal, I was seriously astounded and intrigued by Will Graham and wished Red Dragon could've explored more of who he was, just like Silence of the Lambs did for Clarice. I watched Red Dragon after I watched Hannibal, and it gave me the impression it might be confusing for someone to watch Red Dragon with no context because of how little character background and personality they give to Will. I'm well-aware a large part of Clarice's characterization is her struggle being a female in a largely male workforce, which is something that obviously couldn't be played upon for Will, but Red Dragon was just missing the icing on the cake. All in all, I love the tv series and it was really interesting to be able to dive into a character we got so little information about in Red Dragon.
Thrashifice Månad sedan
I haven't had actual cable TV since 2012 so I never even heard of this show. Im nearing the end of season 2 right now after starting the series last week and I absolutely love this show.
AeternaQueen Månad sedan
The show was flawless. Cinematography is A+++ in it. You taking a cinematography course and they not teaching u about Hannibal, it's trash find another. The visuals in it feels good to watch. I was watching it at the time it was airing and I was one of the fans who had wanted Netflix to take it on back then.
ABI woods
ABI woods Månad sedan
Welcome to the world of being a fannibal!
Edrei Argueta
Edrei Argueta Månad sedan
“Did he who made the Lamb make thee ?”
Rob Rose
Rob Rose Månad sedan
This show is among the greatest imo. I can’t believe it took me so long to sit down and watch it.
Galilea Beltran M.
Galilea Beltran M. Månad sedan
I cant believe they just stopped it when they did. Like wtf. I was so sad.
Kooshin D-die
Kooshin D-die Månad sedan
You made me binge the whole show. i like it, ill give 8/10. but the relationship between will and hannibal was weird.
Nekroskum Månad sedan
Petition for season 4 !!
Anubis X
Anubis X Månad sedan
👀 6:20 that’s exactly what Dr Bedelia Du Maurier did.
Natilra Månad sedan
On the point about events being out of order, NBC couldn't adapt anything with Clarice Starling as the people who made the film still had the rights to her character, so that's part of why they re-ordered events Also, the book Hannibal wasn't written until after the film of Silence of the Lambs, so perhaps Thomas Harris wishes he did things differently BTW, I highly recommend the books. The prose is beautiful.
Olive Månad sedan
They filmed a kiss between Will and Hanny but it was edited out 😓😣😖😩😫😵💔
katherine ellis
katherine ellis Månad sedan
let her go
BronzeMuseum Månad sedan
such an amazing show, was so down when it was cancellled
a b i g a i l r u t h
But is it scary? Thats all I want to know haha 😄 the first movie Silence of the Lambs disturbed me so much. But for some reason I really want to watch this.
Ice Bear
Ice Bear Månad sedan
It's psychological. Hannibal series is more of psychological than horror. For real, my ma said you'll go crazy if you watch it back in the days when it used to air.
harshal salunke
harshal salunke Månad sedan
Mads Mikkelsen is an underrated actor ❤️
SkeetMARINE RAH Månad sedan
It insane Mads Mikkelsen did the cooking himself on the show......yup fun fact, he did all that himself, the actor, the thespian Sir Mikkelsen is in fact a top tier chef
Anthony W
Anthony W Månad sedan
I watched this in 2011 and loved it...I'm watching it again on Netflix...it's better to watch it a few times over
Vanity Cyan
Vanity Cyan Månad sedan
Hannibal... Is Masterpiece. Period. !!!
ImtheONE Hero
ImtheONE Hero Månad sedan
Season 1 fucked my brain up. This show is that good.
Chi Cat
Chi Cat Månad sedan
You can watch this series multiple times and it ALL still hits you. That’s another reason why it’s an incredible series. I want them to bring out more seasons of this show so badly.
Gábor Molnár
Gábor Molnár Månad sedan
i love horror movies and usually i am totally fine with gore and blood and everything. but there were a few episodes where i had to stop, or i had to tell myself this shit is not real... like the episode with the mushrooms or the bees, or when the police officer was cut into slices like in the movie "the cell". it is really a shame this series was cancelled, the ending was also questionable to me.
2k fortnite dead shot
I felt like I was Will Graham at times and Hannibal was speaking to me. This program is so fucked up but it’s too good to miss. I’m a Mads Fan and I think he is the best Hannibal.
Chris Bell
Chris Bell Månad sedan
I found this series from a cooking video on SElosk.
a girl named brett
a girl named brett Månad sedan
idk i think Hannibal is amazing as is. i want new shows and ideas.
RavenStag Rampage
RavenStag Rampage Månad sedan
I'm pretty sure they did invite a Michelin chef to design+make all the dishes in the show.
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Månad sedan
Everything sucks. Thomas Harris is the epitome of morons. You rule while everyone else drools. I can't argue with that. What will you do with your newfound superiority. I hope you don't bury all of us cretins under the weight of your will. I'd hate to go out that way. Don't cry for me Argentina. Oh, wait. Look behind you
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Månad sedan
I'd be happier if you found a way around my pathetic ruse.
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Månad sedan
Said nobody ever.
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Månad sedan
I don't intend to retaliate.
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Månad sedan
Mine will be anticlimactic
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Månad sedan
The walls are being nailed around my cell as we speak. I've been drugged and beaten. No less than I deserve. Let's see your counter measure.
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Månad sedan
I don't really care. I'm just trying to bait you into.a mistake. Do what you will.
Raephaele Masirnille
Started watching Hannibal on Netflix because it came highly recommended. The first season was very good but half way through the second season it lost any realism to me. I know it's just a TV show but people have to be able to relate to it on some level. My biggest issue is why was Will still hallucinating once he was diagnosed and treated for a physical problem?. And once he was released from prison why would Jack ever take him back to work again for the FBI after everything he had been through? And where did the romance come from between Hannible and Dr Bloom? How was Hannible able to committ crimes at the hospital and court house? Cameras and security are every where in those places. Once Jack's wife was dying why was he going to work every day, having dinner with Hannible most evenings, why was he not with his dying wife? This show should have done one solid season of about 20 episodes and got out. I thought it just got redundant after the middle of second season.
Liam Nielsen
Liam Nielsen Månad sedan
I’m in the middle of it right now and I am so attached to the show it’s so good
Melmac101 Månad sedan
This was a great show and Mads did an awesome job.
Melmac101 Månad sedan
Its possible that I'm the only person who liked Hannibal Rising 🤷‍♀️
emiel acton
emiel acton Månad sedan
I'm still seethed by the fact that this series has been cancelled. One of the few series I just couldn’t stop watching. Loved the dark artistic horroresque vibe that constantly permeated throughout each episode. And all the characters played their roles incredibly well. Not to mention the insanely well crafted artistic cinematography and music If Netflix actually does officially decide to continue I really hope they will continue the original format the show is known for and not ‘pull a Netflix’ on us by ruining the show like they did with many other cancelled shows. Let’s hope for the best because this show to me was a treasure that should be kept way longer in the game
Xceptiona1 Månad sedan
Spoiler review?
YouTube Channel Reviews
Since this review, I finished season 1. Just started season 2. Damn... a brutal and one-of-a-kind TV show.
ARNAB DAS Månad sedan
I love the series. But I didn't like the 2nd half of the season 3 where they just recreate "red dragon" movie. But without that the rest is pretty awesome and in my list of rewatchables.
Shaundina Litson
Shaundina Litson Månad sedan
Fave quote...dont psychoanalyze me...u won't like me when im psychoanalyzed
Owani Iroso
Owani Iroso Månad sedan
That show is fascinating I want a season 4
ok mate
ok mate Månad sedan
Hella mad coz I only just found the tv show I was really eh about watching it because I was so attached to anthony as hannibal but also had read the books and never got anything I wanted from the movies, I WISH I watched it early and it was cancelled literally the best show and kill scenes
Andy Zhu
Andy Zhu Månad sedan
Season 2 finale is one of the most shocking episodes ever
almo23u Månad sedan
Season 1 & 2: Awesome Season 3: Got weird and lost me.
MEMES MELA Månad sedan
3:30 to 3:40 we need to show this to NBC.😂😂 and also 6:17 to 6:34
SpoolyT Månad sedan
I was shocked NBC actually made the show and aired it for 3 seasons, not HBO, Showtime....
Kelly Oliveira
Kelly Oliveira Månad sedan
Of course this pops up as I've been binge watching this for the first time! Hugh Dancy is so hot! Lol
Disorientated Elf
Disorientated Elf Månad sedan
I always keep a stash of popcorn while watching the series so I don't accidentally eat the person watching it with me.
Zach Morley
Zach Morley Månad sedan
Too many needless slow motion blood flow shots. Overt humorless gore porn. Strange sexual overtones.
Kami_81 Månad sedan
This show absolutely needs to be revived!
Israfael D.
Israfael D. Månad sedan
I thought season 3 was more style over substance
rob spiers
rob spiers Månad sedan
There is a cookbook based from the food designer from the series it's really good
xAnescox Månad sedan
No creo que exista un show con una cinematografía tan bella como la de Hannibal. esperemos Netflix lo salve y nos de S4.
CurlyKingJT Månad sedan
So did anyone else notice how in episode 11 of season 1 the first psychiatrist who had his tongue hanging from his throat blinked when they found his dead body 😂. Dude couldn’t even play dead for the show 🙄. I dare you to go back and watch it’s around the 22 minute mark 😂 by the way great show and review Jeremy. I’m late 🤷🏽‍♂️
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Månad sedan
Jeremy giving me Infinity war Cap vibes hereee
Nate C. Concerts
Nate C. Concerts Månad sedan
I heard awhile ago that Mads Mikkelsen was taught how to cook for this role!
Freecko Treecko
Freecko Treecko Månad sedan
Just finished watching it. Most beautiful, horrifying, gay TV series I've seen yet.
Brett Werner
Brett Werner Månad sedan
Will is psychic and they don’t say that. I wish they would just be clear there. They use a psychic like supposedly do in law enforcement
Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson Månad sedan
fucking loved this show!!!!...i really hope netflix (after buying some rights from NBC or something?) does ONE MORE and FINAL SEASON..please!
Zay Månad sedan
I don't know if anybody touched on this in previous comments, but I remember Bryan Fuller the showrunner making a comment that basically described his characterization of Hannibal in a nutshell. Something along the lines of, "What if Hannibal Lecter was the devil?" And there's just something so genius about that, especially in the way it was presented and executed. So much mastery and, as you said, elegance.
welshmikeable Månad sedan
Best Batman and Joker.
Sophie Cooper
Sophie Cooper Månad sedan
Oh my God yes . It reminded me a lot of Batman and Joker .
Robbie Still
Robbie Still Månad sedan
Excellent review, I’m glad that your enthusiasm for the show has found a venue of new fans to take a peak at this masterpiece. I’ve read the books, watched the films, and was made anew from my first viewing of the show back when it first aired on NBC: one of the few times where as it stands... Hannibal the show shines brighter than its precursors. Fans who disagree and prefer Thomas Harris’ works and/or the films are perfectly entitled: they are great! For me however, the show is one master stroke of genius after the next from performances ALL THE WAY to the artistic arson of a production. It’s straight razor sharp in every imaginable approach it takes, and it’s bravery to balance murderous psychosis’s with an intelligent approach of emphasizing with the darkness in all unspeakable evils. Beautifully macabre! Many times it takes creative liberties deviating from the original source material or rearranging titular moments from the books. But such changes I think, more times than not, are better than the books because it benefits for an easier flowing, more organic story; and the development of Harris’ characters that inhabit this version. Because of that investment, it enhances that source material that Thomas Harris created. From that, it just bleeds further in its poetic bliss and ideas that deliver no other kind of viewing experience on television. It’s a proper reimagining that respects the old tellings, but heightens it to innovate with beautiful aesthetics, symbolism, lessons and situations that makes viewers question morality and “taste.” It’s refreshing and saddens me that this following caught on after its cancellation. Hopefully we can see the story unfold, I’d love to see Netflix get all the rights to adapt Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I’d most anxious to see Fueller’s reinterpretation of Clarice and how Mads would develop in further seasons. An almost perfect show that deserves every shred of praise to dignify THE DEMAND for a return. And I hope that it does... 💀❤️
Mohammed Yahya
Mohammed Yahya Månad sedan
Watching hannibal cook his meals, was always so unsettling. Like the way it focuses on him cooking. This show was amazing
Aaronn Lawson
Aaronn Lawson 2 månader sedan
mads mikkelsen would be the perfect actor to play “Dr. Doom” for the mcu! I wish he wasn’t cast in doctor strange. But I thought Hannibal show was brilliant and amazing! I like how the show gave me “dexter” vibes!
chester bennington
chester bennington 2 månader sedan
Sopranos review plz
Aaron Ellis
Aaron Ellis 2 månader sedan
@Jeremy Jahns You should watch and review the kevin bacon series "The Following"
Brooks Roberson
Brooks Roberson 2 månader sedan
i FEEL THE FIRST SENTENCE i was like that alll looks fucking tastey as fuck but then my brain taped me on the shoulder and said BITCH THAT IS PEOPLE.
JDF 2 månader sedan
Its a master piece . It took so long for people to realize the ART
Lolturtle145 2 månader sedan
I see all this talk of Mads being amazing as Hannibal. YES he was fantastic, I loved his interpretation of Lecter. But MAN can we talk about how BELIEVABLE and FRIGHTENING Hugh Dancy is as Will?? JESUS he is so good at playing a man descending into madness! His mental breakdowns between S1 and S2 are... Dreadful to watch. I was blown away by his performance, and everything else going on around him just drew me in deeper and deeper. Phenomenal performances all around. I do and don't want a S4. Too much in media has changed for it to be done in the same manor/taste, unless it was made out of passion, not for profit.
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