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Netflix has a documentary chronicling the pivotal moments in gaming history, the game changers, rule breakers, and unsung heroes that would forge the hobby for the millions of us. Here are my thoughts on the series HIGH SCORE!


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29 sep 2020



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jellygiraffe 3 dagar sedan
Genesis was the underdog, not in Europe my friend, everyone had a Megadrive, I knew one person with a snes
dakostek 9 dagar sedan
For the highest quality video games documentaries I highly recommend Ahoy. He doesn't post often, but when he does, it's a sight to behold.
B Man
B Man 13 dagar sedan
Neuro Tank
Neuro Tank 14 dagar sedan
This documentary was absolute trash.
stgRAW 14 dagar sedan
I feel like I watched the movie after watching this aha
Mister K
Mister K 15 dagar sedan
Jeremy, Butter Chicken or Tikka Masala. Proper dank! Also 'The War With Grandpa' thoughts?
Michael San Angelo
Michael San Angelo 16 dagar sedan
I love the history of video games more than videos games.
The Geek Buzz
The Geek Buzz 16 dagar sedan
nice shoutout to the gaming historian ! that dude is a legend
Rockstar Pyro
Rockstar Pyro 16 dagar sedan
This Dicumentary reminded me of another documentary called Video Games:The movie,I founnd the visuals in both quite similair,very fun
XYZ SHINJUKU 16 dagar sedan
Too gay. Too Black. To progressist. No thanks.
Eric Ross
Eric Ross 17 dagar sedan
Great review, Carlito
Palm Grove Software
Palm Grove Software 17 dagar sedan
from bedrooms to billions (britt machines : zx spectrum, commodore..), neat one
Captain Anopheles
Captain Anopheles 17 dagar sedan
It's a bit US Jspan focused, despite mist innovation being UK
Млађo 18 dagar sedan
In the left hand is joystick of best console Sega Mega Drive 2.
Steven Keller
Steven Keller 19 dagar sedan
Now review Console Wars on CBS All Access
Isaac Ambert
Isaac Ambert 19 dagar sedan
Hey jeremy check out stop skeletons from fighting one of the greatest channels on SElosk.
holiggan2008 19 dagar sedan
Ah I was waiting for the "High Score is... Awesometacular!" 🥺😅
lord morklen
lord morklen 19 dagar sedan
Jeremy, if that's Chicken Korma - I was born in London. :D
Cant0 Gaming
Cant0 Gaming 20 dagar sedan
Watch GVMERS on SElosk
ToqKaizogou 20 dagar sedan
Good god Jeremy's hair is more on point than usual.
Morgue Original Music
Morgue Original Music 20 dagar sedan
Thanks for the ad warning
Fer Sanchez
Fer Sanchez 20 dagar sedan
U r becoming wolverine man!!
sam 20 dagar sedan
Seriously, go watch Internet Historian's videos on No Man's Sky and Fallout 76
Mahky V
Mahky V 20 dagar sedan
Gaming Historian reminds me of watching Reading Rainbow for some reason or something like that, one of those shows that would of been on PBS
Bango Skank
Bango Skank 20 dagar sedan
The biggest thing Sega Genesis had over Super Nintendo was the blood in Mortal Kombat. That being said: Nintendo forever.
Milan Tančik
Milan Tančik 21 dag sedan
Quite a bit late to the party here, but if you're a fan of gaming history and the process of making games, you should probably check out Ahoy and Noclip. The former talks about all kinds of stuff like the origin of certain guns, or tropes like exploding barrels and the narrator has just the silkiest voice. The latter is basically a gaming-documentary YT channel funded by patrons, goes into the process of making games in great detail.
Luis Antonio Gálvez Heras
"Castlevania: Simphony of the night" thats all im gonna say
henry broke
henry broke 21 dag sedan
Matt Barton - Matt Chat - one of the best game history channels
The Terbear
The Terbear 21 dag sedan
It was ok. I felt they tried to go out of their way with their stories though to be lgbtq centric.
The Terbear
The Terbear 11 dagar sedan
@Tremble Dust did you miss the transgender player? Or the gay black madden developer?
Tremble Dust
Tremble Dust 11 dagar sedan
dude it was one segment highlighting a gay programmer coding a game fighting against the discrimination against the gay and lesbian community back in the day. That one story made u think the series as a whole was lgbtq centric?? Ok im sorry I must of missed something. I will give u that it did seem a bit forced in but otherwise...no. The one thing I did find odd is the omission of Coleco and Intelivision.
dhoyft 21 dag sedan
Completely agree. It should have been titled High Score: A history of diversity in gaming. That'd have been fine.
AJ Cee
AJ Cee 21 dag sedan
Damn it, I'm in!
Jan-Willem van Dijk
Jan-Willem van Dijk 21 dag sedan
You interview Romero and stop at Doom. Yeah.
Cinellectual Properties
Gaming historian rules, great shout out.
The Walking Dev
The Walking Dev 21 dag sedan
I honeslty thought High Score was about Billy Mitchell and his cheatings.
Charlie Azogthsoth
Charlie Azogthsoth 21 dag sedan
Still hasn't reviewed "The Room." Sad
M G 22 dagar sedan
2.5 episodes of gaming history documentary gave enough of transgender, minorities and homosexuality for me. Thanks but no thanks.
Darlon 22 dagar sedan
This documentary made me feel old ☺️
Tremble Dust
Tremble Dust 11 dagar sedan
join the club. I was like...oh crap I remember in college when Mortal Combat first came out lol
Tawleyn 22 dagar sedan
Chicken Korma with a healthy helping of Garlic Naan? Food of the gods, my friend.
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 22 dagar sedan
The guy that made ET for Atari really got a bad deal... Forced to make it, by himself, in basically no time... It's amazing it turned out as good as it did haha And yes, the Gaming Historian is fantastic! The videos he makes are well polished, works of art.. They belong on Netflix!
Tremble Dust
Tremble Dust 11 dagar sedan
Nope nope...he bit off more then he could chew. He admits it. He was so cocky after the success of his last game he felt he could do anything...then ET happened. Live and learn.
Kyle Norwood
Kyle Norwood 22 dagar sedan
I enjoyed it but was disappointed they didn't cover more on the N64, especially Goldeneye or the rise of Sony Playstation. I hope there's a sequel / continuation in the works.
Dave Booshty
Dave Booshty 22 dagar sedan
Thanks For The Reccomendation , i tend not to check my Netflix often that i use and have seen many video game documentarys too. Mad cool.
Peter RETRO Palmiotti
Peter RETRO Palmiotti 22 dagar sedan
If you loved High Scores (Now its on my list of must see.) Go watch Halt & Catch Fire! (Also on Netflix right now.) The story of a salesman, a hardware guy and a female programmer. I love it for its nostalgia, for its creator point of view and mostly because its a freakin' great show. Let me know what you think.
Tremble Dust
Tremble Dust 11 dagar sedan
Ohhh what do YOU know about Halt and Catch Fire??? Man listen. GREAT SHOW!
akhil raj
akhil raj 22 dagar sedan
Review on raised by wolves
El Jrod
El Jrod 22 dagar sedan
I truly think you would like High Score Girl on Netflix. Great anime! You should watch it! A lot of Street Fighter and retro game goodness!
Aaron J.
Aaron J. 22 dagar sedan
Jeremy looking like Al Pacino in Carlito's Way
Kocka Disputa
Kocka Disputa 23 dagar sedan
Jeremy, I watch your vids because of authenticity. However, in this one somehow I miss it...if you check the imdb comments for this show most of them mentions the extreme LMBTQ propaganda that it has - and these comments are not hateful or discriminating whatsover, they are quite well written and point out a serius issue with High Score. I - as an avid supporter of minority rights - couldn't watch more than one episode it's just simply too much. Please don't become another IGN or watchmojo that shys away from touchy topics. Pretty please?
ducklaser 23 dagar sedan
3:06 When I was dead broke, man, I couldn't picture this. 50-inch screen, money-green leather sofa. Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur.
Darth Grizzla
Darth Grizzla 23 dagar sedan
This was a great show to watch. I binged it.....like a computer game!
keyman 66
keyman 66 23 dagar sedan
Is it just consoles? I remember MYST coming out for PCs and rocking the world. And I had a personal favorite of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee!
Matt Harris
Matt Harris 23 dagar sedan
This was a great documentary series!
Z P 23 dagar sedan
This documentary he is talking about is ok. Honestly it should have discussed some advancements that occurred in the early 2000s. What Halo did for the FPS genre, the Xbox, and the video game pro scene is way to large of a topic to skip. I mean they spent a lot of time on one guy and his experience in one tournament. Could have been better spent.
Monte P
Monte P 23 dagar sedan
Jeremy has to review my octopus teacher. His take would be very interesting.
Brigg 23 dagar sedan
That was a great show. I binge watched it when it first came out. How DOOM got started and what it did was just amazing.
Jerry Quiroz
Jerry Quiroz 23 dagar sedan
Machinima used to upload a series call “All your history belong to us” it was great, the videos were very informative and with a little humor to make them interesting.
dudeat1320 23 dagar sedan
Only one I can remember off the top of my head is The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters
The Iron Detective
The Iron Detective 23 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this documentary and it would be cool to see more. :D Jeremy, there is a really cool documentary on the Masters of the Universe toy line and The Toys that Made Us. Check it out. :D
Media Pool
Media Pool 23 dagar sedan
that beard is a new look for you.
Callum Ballantyne
Callum Ballantyne 23 dagar sedan
Also. Read the books by Ashens on gaming history. They are great.
zrifepsych 23 dagar sedan
Indie game the movie is still my favourite documentary about gaming. One part of likeable relatable dudes, one part of unhinged verge of breakdown dude, and one unrelatable somewhat amusing dude. Plus it's really well made.
Travis C
Travis C 23 dagar sedan
Really enjoyed this nice to see Jeremy review it. Would love to see more later in another series!
JJHcars 23 dagar sedan
Thanks for letting me know this was out. Gonna check it out right now
Graham D
Graham D 23 dagar sedan
Looks like a goth lion
Tmac12X 23 dagar sedan
yo thanks I going to watch it today
catestuff 23 dagar sedan
Well have you seen The Movies that Made Us or The Toys that Made Us? I wish High Score was made in the same quality as those two.
S-wo 23 dagar sedan
Disappointed you didn't talk about Jerry Lawson
spartan323 23 dagar sedan
Pls review dark on Netflix pls!!!
Ryan Pacr
Ryan Pacr 23 dagar sedan
I think video games are going help us understand the simulation that were actually in. GTA 20 is going to be another dimension to our world. Video games are just dimension creations
Positive Productions
Positive Productions 23 dagar sedan
Hope it gets a season 2
Netosha Johnson
Netosha Johnson 23 dagar sedan
I saw this Movie and loved it💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
colonforsecs 23 dagar sedan
Still, to this day... I take kindly to Sega Genesis fans.
YngFox 23 dagar sedan
I randomly thought of you and checked your channel to see if there was new content and sure enough there was. SElosk didn't recommended this video for some reason despite being subscribed.
Brandon 23 dagar sedan
I could have easily watched a 22 episode season on this stuff. I kind of wish they did that, because there's just so much to talk about.
Hussam Aljamali
Hussam Aljamali 23 dagar sedan
I was there. From the first Atari era.. I know.
NiGHTS1980 23 dagar sedan
Nice Helmet.
Vinura Kahawala
Vinura Kahawala 24 dagar sedan
When Jeremy was talking about video game soundtracks being art, the first thing that came to my mind is Nier Automata's soundtrack. He should really play that masterpiece of a game.
ConspiracyKill Happens
ConspiracyKill Happens 24 dagar sedan
do the rest of you snap your heads back when he delivers the knock out punch at the end or is it just me?
ConspiracyKill Happens
ConspiracyKill Happens 24 dagar sedan
I remember resisting Nintendo for some reason, always siding on the underdog side. i had a Magnavox Odyssey and eventually a sega genisis before diving into ps1 and so on.
Alfonso 24 dagar sedan
High score is pretty decent but as important as what they show is what they don't show. I don't know why, they just stop some stories and they won't tell you anything there nor in any other episode. A bit frustrating. I prefer the gaming historian style.
Alihan Şimşek
Alihan Şimşek 24 dagar sedan
the only downside was that esport stories they kept putting around episodes. I wish they only focused on game design and development.
Kotlica Slobodan
Kotlica Slobodan 24 dagar sedan
Thanks mom! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha....
TotalMK 24 dagar sedan
Nice Video. I did a Tour Of Chicago for Mortal Kombat Inspirited Locations It's on my SElosk channel if interested. Some of the Editing isn't the best as I had to make this by the seat of my pants and use videos from other people, but I still maintain that the video shows some of the deepest roots for MK.
Abdallah Ismail
Abdallah Ismail 24 dagar sedan
Jahns shouted out his supporting mom, making my heart full!! Love y’all. Be kind to each other. Video games is life.
gmfitzg 24 dagar sedan
Mohd Farun
Mohd Farun 24 dagar sedan
Jeremy you should check out the social dilemma on Netflix.
Hamphield D. Phoenix
Hamphield D. Phoenix 24 dagar sedan
Jontron, he was my favorite retro videogames favorite SEloskr
Brendan Pramjee
Brendan Pramjee 24 dagar sedan
JJ going all Stuckman on video games ! Get deep man. I feel you
Fluoride Jones
Fluoride Jones 24 dagar sedan
If anyone would like to check out a fun, laid-back channel of someone just reviewing retro video games, I would highly recommend "The Retro Revival Show," here on SElosk. Give this man some love, people, his videos are fun and entertaining!
Powerhouse band
Powerhouse band 24 dagar sedan
It was fun to watch!
Jimmy White
Jimmy White 24 dagar sedan
Have you checked out Get Duked on Amazon Prime
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit 24 dagar sedan
I bet it's not as good as "video games" the movie!
Parker Brown
Parker Brown 24 dagar sedan
Damn Netflix. I would've loved watching this because I grew up on the Super Nintendo. The Sega vs Nintendo rivalry was legendary. Unfortunately I had to cancel Netflix because I refuse to support pedophiles with their "cuties" film.
og87 24 dagar sedan
I like the toys that made us and it’s basically the same show by the same people so yehhh good show.
political dissonance
political dissonance 24 dagar sedan
The documentary fell short for me. It touched on great moments, and then spent the lions share on shit that checked Netflix feel good boxes. Key moments in gaming history were either glossed over or just briefly mentioned. Felt like a documentary made by someone that was never a gamer or a Johnny come lately. Indie game is way better and this documentary is weak sauce
Diego Production
Diego Production 24 dagar sedan
Check out the smash brothers documentary on youtube, its goes in depth on the smash bros melee community and why it is unique from other fighting games
Marcelo Garcia
Marcelo Garcia 24 dagar sedan
You hit on 2 great video game entertainment I enjoy. The Gaming Historian and this doc. I loved the stories as well. I don’t even like most role playing games but that episode was one of the ones I found most interesting. Great vid, Jeremy! Also check out NES Complex, you just hear the love for the games he speaks about. His video on Super Metroid....
Jianthonnie Rojas
Jianthonnie Rojas 24 dagar sedan
Console wars is coming to Cbs All Acess. I highly recommended.
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 24 dagar sedan
I loved watching it with my kid who is huge into gaming. I was like I remember that! And he was like geez that's old, lol.
Lord Veedo
Lord Veedo 24 dagar sedan
Can you please review a movie called, "the wackness"
Jeremy Fairman
Jeremy Fairman 24 dagar sedan
Can you do a review of the documentary "Playing Hard"? It might still be on Netflix. It's about Ubisoft making the game For Honor, and it essentially shows how corporations care more about money than they care about delivering good ideas. Would love to hear your perspective on it.
Jay Ess
Jay Ess 24 dagar sedan
Genesis does.
Magi Munoz
Magi Munoz 24 dagar sedan
Duuuuude I'm so excited to check out this documentary! I'm right there with you, I freaking love retro gaming... aka games from my childhood. lol I hadn't heard about it, but stoked to check it out!
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