Hubie Halloween - Movie Review 

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Well, I suppose this counts as part as my Halloween Movie Review Extravaganza. It's an Adam Sandler Halloween Comedy on Netflix. Here's my review for HUBIE HALLOWEEN!


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8 okt 2020



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sanction015 2 timmar sedan
Been a fan of Adam Sandler since his day's at SNL, but this is one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen. Absolutely terrible.
Andrew Gil
Andrew Gil 8 timmar sedan
Definitely a good watch was it mediocre oh definitely but have a beer and popcorn and it’s a good comedy in its own right a dumb Adam Sandler movie!
The Parrish Show
The Parrish Show 9 timmar sedan
This was perhaps the best movie of 2020 it was silly but it was still good and the main character was very likable I love how Hubie‘s mom who wanted revenge against Hubie’s bullies was actually a pretty genius idea Sure it was not the best movie this millennia, definitely not, but for me it was the best of 2020 Hubie’s terrified reactions to just about everything in this film was amazing and Hubie’s mom was a role to die for
Smash Er
Smash Er 11 timmar sedan
I liked it, and ive hated every sanders movie of the past 15 years.
carpetsnake83 14 timmar sedan
Conceptually this movie is good execution it is crap
Craig O neill
Craig O neill 16 timmar sedan
The 2 grown ups films are a guilty pleasure of mine
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez 17 timmar sedan
I hated this movie lol I generally hate comedies but this was just on another level
Julian Isaac
Julian Isaac 18 timmar sedan
This movie was really bad
joey walsh
joey walsh 19 timmar sedan
Hubie feels like another version of Whitey Duvall and I kinda love it.
Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop 20 timmar sedan
I just enjoyed some comedy that wasn't stuffed full of agendas or politics.
Craig Bennison
Craig Bennison 22 timmar sedan
Is 2020 the year of the Sandlerverse? I mean crazier things have happened...
90skid withaguitar
90skid withaguitar 22 timmar sedan
What about little nick?
Robbie Hamilton
Robbie Hamilton 23 timmar sedan
This movie was great and hilarious
Remko Ehrhardt
Remko Ehrhardt Dag sedan
I couldnt get through it, I watched 8 minutes.. maybe I have to give it another shot
Tyler Dag sedan
This movie was dumb and made no sense, but it’s good to put on in the background
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Dag sedan
I thought this movie was pretty stupid, but some pretty good cheap laughs throughout.
Philipp Niemann
Philipp Niemann Dag sedan
I was really surprised that this was a fun Adam sandler movie. And even Kevin James was bearable! It seemed that He was kept on a leash and that really helped the movie
kmetzz1 Dag sedan
I thought it was werid BUT it was ok. 🎃
Clifford Ollis
Clifford Ollis Dag sedan
I watched it and yes, it was dumb. Did it make me laugh? Yes, and that’s a rare thing these days.
Jenny Sparkz
Jenny Sparkz Dag sedan
Literally loved it. Stupid beyond belief but got a good few laughs out of it and actually enjoyed it.
bitter hops
bitter hops Dag sedan
Watched the trailer...I think that's enough. Sounds like his Waterboy character 30 years later.
roltthehunter Dag sedan
That's My Boy is terrible, but it's not that bad, it's watchable I think Andy and Adam play well together.
Eric Lecuyer
Eric Lecuyer Dag sedan
Watched it last night with some buddies, wasn't terrible. It definitely helped that we were drinking and smoking while watching. Would rather watch Hubie Halloween again than Uncut Gems.
croka77 Dag sedan
Favorite Adam Sandler comedy is definitely the tape They're All Going To Laugh At You. Which Hubie reminds me of a blend of Tollbooth Willie and Canteen Boy. Also its pretty great. Very entertaining.
Pro Jey96
Pro Jey96 Dag sedan
Best movie in 10 years... I guess grown ups 1 counts? I just really like it If not Just go with it Cause im guessing Uncut Gems doesnt count
whisperienced Dag sedan
The thermos was pointless. It was supposed to be an inspector gadget type thing but really served no purpose.
Edwin Goodson -Piper
Edwin Goodson -Piper 2 dagar sedan
What an absolute pile of crap movie. Really really bad.
Garrett Sanders
Garrett Sanders 2 dagar sedan
15 mins of credits????😂😂
Dan Mays
Dan Mays 2 dagar sedan
It was bad but hey, you can’t help but have a good time watching it
Lela Norman
Lela Norman 2 dagar sedan
Oh Jeremy, you are an optimist 😂
Kingsley Ndam
Kingsley Ndam 2 dagar sedan
I just can't deal with Sandlers choice to always go with that dumb facial expression and voice in his comedies. It is the same schtick in all his movies and gets tiresome. So this movies is a pass...except if I'm drunk. lol
Czesionyo 2 dagar sedan
I was afraid it will suck but if was fine. I chukled few times. Scenes where things were thrown at him were hilariouse. Nie A movie of the year but it was OK. You know what movie is a good movie - Who Framed Rogger Rabbit.
SirJyo 2 dagar sedan
You should do murder mystery, one of if not the best netflix Sandler flick
Jack Semenoff
Jack Semenoff 2 dagar sedan
This movie is bad like a 2 out of 10 bad.
aliceallgrown 2 dagar sedan
I have been passing on this movie because I thought it would be terrible, but I'll give it a watch based on this review. What else have I got to do? lol
Haut Strange
Haut Strange 2 dagar sedan
I really liked it. Felt like classic Sandler. Laughed out loud multiple times. The set decoration is absolutely fantastic. Will be for sure watching it every Halloween now.
20GRIZZ20 3 dagar sedan
I didn’t think I would like it at all but I was pleasantly surprised. Sandler is such a wholesome guy
JWUniverse 3 dagar sedan
Favorite Sandler movie in the last 10 Years I have 2 I believe Blended and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan!
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 3 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
Jokin Jake
Jokin Jake 3 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this movie! For me it's already a Halloween Classic! Its just a fun movie where I can just turn off my brain and just enjoy it.
singingchef23 3 dagar sedan
I actually really enjoyed his film murder mystery and the cobbler. Maybe it's just me but even the Hotel Transylvania series was good. I feel like hes made some definite duds but there are some fun ones as well. There are times when we over do it to an extreme.
aj styles
aj styles 3 dagar sedan
Really enjoyed the movie, that shaq twist 🤣🤣🤣🤣
danspydergeise 3 dagar sedan
While watching it I could tell Adam was just trying to make fun of all the stuff that made him famous but really overdoing everything! IT WAS AWFUL..
Jake Doss
Jake Doss 3 dagar sedan
This wasn't to bad, and murder mystery was ok... probably one of these 2 for best in the last 10 years.
Tee Rag
Tee Rag 3 dagar sedan
Best way I can rate it. Better than Sandy Wexler, and worse than Waterboy.
Justin Starkweather
Justin Starkweather 3 dagar sedan
I liked seeing Ben Stiller reprise his role as Hal from Happy Gilmore
Chad's Big Dumb Channel
Man I have to say I am shocked by the positive comments and review. I made it 15 minutes before I just could not take it anymore. For the love of God somebody has to stop him from making these movies.
videodromeTVversion 4 dagar sedan
Adam Sandler is trash. So... why? Would anyone watch his stuff after the 90's when a little AS nostalgia is unavoidable... for some people.
Jae kamacho
Jae kamacho 4 dagar sedan
Im probably gonna have to give it another chance, cause man i just couldn't handle past 10 mins of his "silly" voice and "funny stupid" acting. I like some of Sandler's work, not all of it though.
Zachary Deleon
Zachary Deleon 4 dagar sedan
Best part about this movie was Ben Stillers Hal L making a appearance
6thMan04 4 dagar sedan
10 year.... Hotel Transylvania. The rest I wouldn’t watch twice.
Ralph Harrison
Ralph Harrison 4 dagar sedan
Glenlivet 15. NOICE🍷
Ralph Harrison
Ralph Harrison 4 dagar sedan
Didnt he just make a damn murder mystery comedy a few months ago? Like Wtf.
FlannelCat 4 dagar sedan
I couldn't stand this movie, it wasn't even, good bad
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 4 dagar sedan
As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, and losing my brother recently, this movie is exactly what I needed. October is my favorite month, and this was a fun escape, where I found myself laughing and liking this movie way more than I expected. Granted I was high, but I feel like you need to be (or drunk in jeremy’s case) thank you Adam Sandler and everyone else who worked on this movie
Big Blue Elo80
Big Blue Elo80 4 dagar sedan
I actually liked this lol
JBIRD FILMS 4 dagar sedan
You made it easy for me. My favorite Adam Sandler movie in the past decade is Uncut Gems.
Jay N
Jay N 4 dagar sedan
Pretty much my thoughts on this film. Not the best movie out there by any means, but for sure the best thing Sandler and his production company have put out in a long time.
Chris Foufoulides
Chris Foufoulides 5 dagar sedan
Digging the Keanu Reeves hair look!
Wyll East
Wyll East 5 dagar sedan
Jeremy looks like John Wick and Brendon Urie at the same.
scisafersal1 5 dagar sedan
Yeah, it was dumb, but I watched it to the end and had faint feeling for it. I hate Adam Sandler for making complete crap, and somehow I end up liking it. The main characters are sweet and it means a lot for anyone who deals with a-holes daily. Sandler has some understanding of this, I guess. The kids like it, and it's kid friendly.
Mark Boman
Mark Boman 5 dagar sedan
Terrible movie
William Bryant
William Bryant 5 dagar sedan
Honestly I’ve wasted more than an hour and a half on far worse films. It was ok
you know the funny thing is
It felt like it was made completely of movie references
Ashwin Pradeep
Ashwin Pradeep 5 dagar sedan
imma have to say that just go with it was my fav but this might be something a girl would say because of how romantic it is but i really loved adams and jennifers acting in it especially the comedy and chemistry and then again the second would be murder mystery and and 3rd and 4th as grown ups and the second part lmao
GWA Geek With Attitude
I loved it!!!! Plus all the old school Easter eggs in it
John Wick
John Wick 5 dagar sedan
The scene with cat was the only time I laughed out loud.
Geoffrey Linehan
Geoffrey Linehan 5 dagar sedan
What did you think of Anger Management?
28steps 6 dagar sedan
I can tell this guy is cool because of his leather jacket.
Raphael Shower
Raphael Shower 6 dagar sedan
Knows actually very easy Happy Gilmore
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 6 dagar sedan
Billy Madison, little Nicky, Hubie Halloween... why does he always act with the same stupid voice?
Travis Smalley
Travis Smalley 6 dagar sedan
Been a lot of talk that this was Adam Sandler's revenge film. I didn't think so it wasn't a bad film tbh
Brian Joseph
Brian Joseph 6 dagar sedan
Is this dollar store Jay Bauman?
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Good movie
Nin Nolose
Nin Nolose 6 dagar sedan
I chuckled a few times. It was fine for a quarantine movie. Sometimes you just want a light hearted movie in these heavy times.
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar 6 dagar sedan
The movie knew what it was. For that I respect it. Funny twist too. I'm very critical of movies, but I got what I expected and I respect Adam for making something new the kids can laugh at. Loved all the cameos and references to other classics.
G M 6 dagar sedan
This movie was stupid and a joke
Andrew Breeding
Andrew Breeding 6 dagar sedan
It has that old Pg halloween film feel to it like Hocus Pocus in a way. Just a good movie to watch once a year with the young ones. I enjoyed seeing all the old characters
James BV
James BV 6 dagar sedan
I like pixels it's not badd and the eighties throwback was fun
CAS 6 dagar sedan
Hubie Halloween was great time with my kids
I Am Cirby
I Am Cirby 6 dagar sedan
Honestly I haven’t truly enjoyed an Adam Sandler movie since Zohan.
Timo 6 dagar sedan
I loved it
mxavier91 6 dagar sedan
This movie sucked
naomi vargas
naomi vargas 6 dagar sedan
Adam Sandler claimed in his comedy special on netflix, that if he didn't win an award for uncut gems he was going to make a stupid halloween movie. Its Hubie Halloween??? the only reason he made it was because it was a literal joke.... Of course its got the early Adam Sandler charm to it which I really enjoyed but we should really see it as one big joke.
illmade2 6 dagar sedan
Managed to get about 15min in before I had it, truly was just enough, horrible movie.
Knocknitshark 6 dagar sedan
Im not surprised you dident think is was that funny its clearly a movie ment for children and young teens
Austin Reed
Austin Reed 7 dagar sedan
This movie was fantastic
Luke Cusick
Luke Cusick 7 dagar sedan
Genuinely liked it. A lot of good gags, similar to something you'd imagine from Naked Gun etc
Simon Wells
Simon Wells 7 dagar sedan
Are you trying to look like John Wick? 😁
toanthony 7 dagar sedan
Loved it. When you let go of expecting to see a clever comedy and accept its a bunch of friends making a movie for fun, it’s easy to enjoy it
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 7 dagar sedan
Don't forget Waterboy and Big Daddy
Rob L. 13 Godzilla
Rob L. 13 Godzilla 7 dagar sedan
If there's a part 2... need little Nicky crew in it
Dante 7 dagar sedan
A couple of the younger actors also were in Disney shows with Cameron Boyce, who was Adam Sandler's son in grown-ups. They dedicated this movie to him.
Eddie G
Eddie G 7 dagar sedan
Happy gilmore was better... It just felt too lame.
Home Studio Rescue
Home Studio Rescue 7 dagar sedan
I felt bad for all the awesome actors that were in this insanely hard to watch movie. It felt so long.
Caleb Jeter
Caleb Jeter 7 dagar sedan
It’s so hard to have a favorite of Adam Sandler but I’d probably go with The Waterboy
Rensune 7 dagar sedan
It was ok
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 7 dagar sedan
You explained this movie perfectly!! And I agree that it would be cool if he added some newer alums.
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 7 dagar sedan
That lip thing and voice he does just kills me! There’s got to be another way to play a character.
Casey Todd
Casey Todd 7 dagar sedan
Aside from Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler's last good movie was Zohan in 2018. Everything else since then has been glass in my eyes.
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