Impractical Jokers: The Movie - Movie Review 

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The jokers have come together for their first movie....which turns out to be a road trip movie. Here's my review for IMPRACTICAL JOKERS: THE MOVIE


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28 feb 2020



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projoe7Mrx11 2 månader sedan
If I had friends we would be just like the jokers.
Donald Munro
Donald Munro 2 månader sedan
I purposely stayed away from the movie for the sole reason I couldn't see how they were going to pull off the unscripted challenges in what was clearly going to be a scripted movie. The same reason why I haven't gone to see them live on stage, because everyone is aware of their presence and they don't have the 'unsuspecting target(s).
Mister cKray57x
Mister cKray57x 3 månader sedan
Movie was wack, stick with the show.
stuff4ever 4 månader sedan
So you're putting bloopers at the end now? Cool..
James Martini
James Martini 4 månader sedan
I love the show and was interested in the movie to just see the new challenges but honestly nobody wants to see the scripted stuff. Just challenges. Agree 100%
Darth Magnusei
Darth Magnusei 5 månader sedan
It was good, Murr's bday surprise lol For some reason Sal seemed like really gay in the beginning... Lol
Isaac Skywalker
Isaac Skywalker Månad sedan
He’s probably gay in real life they kinda of imply in the show
Elliot B
Elliot B 6 månader sedan
Just watched it, this review is spot on
Gabriel el tipo ese
Gabriel el tipo ese 6 månader sedan
Yeah I was very confused at what was going on when I started watching the movie and suddenly a prank with Santa showed up.
madhawk666 6 månader sedan
Completely agree with this I love what they do on t.v but I went to see them live and didnt find them that funny, same goes with the scripted bs too in this. Just stick to what your good at!
Shpligaphlorp Izdabest
Shpligaphlorp Izdabest 6 månader sedan
Gotta say, it’s nice to see the success of people that actually deserve it
The ending was weak. Get up and leave at the very end. Disappointing no end credits bloopers! Yawn.... 😴😷
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 7 månader sedan
btrsbspic231567 7 månader sedan
easily my favorite movie of 2020 so far
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 7 månader sedan
Great video.
Nathaniel Larkin
Nathaniel Larkin 7 månader sedan
Is that a crumb in his beard or a white hair? It's bothering me. Lol
Lenny Wright
Lenny Wright 7 månader sedan
+ Good time no alcohol required - Forget in T minus one Day = A good time if you’re Drunk (now it’s a party)
TannerThanYou 7 månader sedan
I think it was worth to see. Love the challenges. Yes the road trip part was cheesy and didn’t work but the movie is just way too funny to not miss
BinxPlays 7 månader sedan
It felt like this movie would have been a lot better if it was a made-for-tv movie. Not quite cinema quality.
Gawillamon 7 månader sedan
Dude you've always dressed like the Fonz
TreThePhenom 7 månader sedan
Johnny Bravo
T Dub
T Dub 7 månader sedan
Love the show, haven't seen the movie yet. Check this out though, Murr made a ton of appearances at movie theaters on opening night in NJ. I think that is awesome! He hung out, took pictures....from what I heard and seen on Social Media. Pretty damn cool! You Rock Murr!!!
Amanda Margaret
Amanda Margaret 7 månader sedan
I left 30 minutes into the movie because I was so bored
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 7 månader sedan
These guys are always busy. Promoting books, some shows and touring as the comedy group. Nice guys.
Luke Doyle
Luke Doyle 7 månader sedan
No one went to watch the jackass movies for a plot.
Jimmy White
Jimmy White 7 månader sedan
Not a fan of Impractical Jokers and expect this to be reviewed "How Did This Get Made" shortly
Vincent Cannizzaro
Vincent Cannizzaro 7 månader sedan
It’s also a bad attempt at borat
Duchess 7 månader sedan
Jackass films did it perfect. They had no plot and the movie was simply a montage of skits getting more and more outrageous as the film goes on, people have loved these enough that it got 2 sequels and people are still clamoring for more, this many years later. Impractical Jokers could have learned a thing or two.
Daniel Simpson
Daniel Simpson 7 månader sedan
If you ever saw the tenderloins sketches or joker's wild you would understand their cheesy scripted comedy style side. I am a fan of both and I loved the movie.
Jack Saltzberg
Jack Saltzberg 7 månader sedan
Tired of it..especially since they do lots of the same thing just diff local....and some issues of disrespect to women
colleen 7 månader sedan
NO!! What show are you watching?! NO disrespect to women at all!! Disrespect to Murr, on the other hand....
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
The movie made me laugh pretty hard it was great, but it was cheesy as fack and super corny, the guys REALLY need acting lessons. It was so funny though it had it’s moments omg 😂😂
JackmfBauer 7 månader sedan
The bloopers at the end are a GREAT addition!!
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 7 månader sedan
When a prank show comes out with a movie like this they should have cameras on behind the scenes at all times and in the cars on the ride there and just make a compilation of all the best jokes or moments between staff members and other stuff that happens on the trip instead of creating a horrible fake story Some of the best moments of the show are the unscripted behind the scenes stuff like when Joe drank Sal's ginger infused smoothie, when a staff member put the chicken bone back in the bucket, and many more
Josh Monzo
Josh Monzo 7 månader sedan
I hate shows like that. Would Never watch the movie.
Pronav Marathi Gamer
Pronav Marathi Gamer 7 månader sedan
Mr Robot Review please cause the series has concluded the finale and i think it's the best T.V. series since Breaking Bad.
Jan Le
Jan Le 7 månader sedan
Shudda reviewed The Photograph
Leo Einarsson
Leo Einarsson 7 månader sedan
It’s not really reviewing to just say “I didn’t like that”
Leo Einarsson
Leo Einarsson 7 månader sedan
Eli Mar yeah, have a great day.
Eli Mar
Eli Mar 7 månader sedan
Leo Einarsson true, I guess it’s just Jeremy being Jeremy
Leo Einarsson
Leo Einarsson 7 månader sedan
Eli Mar Well usually a good review states more specific things like the acting, atmosphere and made you understand what exactly was good.
Eli Mar
Eli Mar 7 månader sedan
Leo Einarsson but he did review it tho, he went over what he liked and didn’t like about the movie, concluding he just didn’t enjoy it as much as he wanted too. It’s still a review, that’s how reviews work ?
FutureCloud 7 månader sedan
Kid: Can we go see the Impractical Jokers movie? Mom: We have that at home. Impractical Jokers movie at home: Impractical Jokers.
Coach BeSean
Coach BeSean 7 månader sedan
C'mon this guy is dumb, you go see the movies because you're fans, we got challenges that weren't on the show so what's the issue, we got what we wanted to see, challenges with a story tied in, like I'm confused on what more could be asked for
watertommyz 7 månader sedan
Some dude didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom, and went right into this movie. Let's me know the audience for this is shit.
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 7 månader sedan
I am disappointed. My local theatre isnt playing the movie. I have been looking forward to this movie since i heard it being a thing.
MrTofy1974 8 månader sedan
WHY?!?!......WHY A MOVIE?!?!?!
Alex Nouveau
Alex Nouveau 8 månader sedan
I love the show I just haven't watched it for a few years, as for the movie I didn't know it was a thing
Spaghetti Girl
Spaghetti Girl 8 månader sedan
When through murrs bags I laughed, when Sal said “shut the f up !” I laughed. When Q pulled the fire alarm I laughed. The scripted stuff wasn’t that bad.
Joe G
Joe G 8 månader sedan
I made a review video too...pretty much had the same opinion as you
Google User
Google User 8 månader sedan
Bobby Ahmed
Bobby Ahmed 8 månader sedan
Sal was in Jay and Silent Bob rebooted, he's a movie start damm it
Dueling Peaks
Dueling Peaks 8 månader sedan
Any chance you’d review The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix? It’s a doozy, but we’d love to hear your take on it.
Shamm God
Shamm God 8 månader sedan
Michael Dunkle
Michael Dunkle 8 månader sedan
I cried laughing at the strip club reveal. So good
Shot Bro
Shot Bro 8 månader sedan
I am such an enormous fan of these guys!!! And it’s such a joy to c then on your channel!
Joe O
Joe O 8 månader sedan
Totally agree: way way too much "scripted" stuff and not enough challenges
Batlokoa Sekhamane
Batlokoa Sekhamane 8 månader sedan
Don't really like the show so not gonna watch the movie. But I wanna bitch about something else Jeremy! I just watched Snatchers a few days ago on pay per view. Never heard of it before so I went ahead and did what I always do, which is check what Jeremy has to say about it. Sadly there was no info to be had so I had to check what some random internet reviewer dude had to say. On the recommendation of that barbarian I ended up watching one of the worst movies I've seen in a good long while. And I paid for the damn thing and watched it with my wife! We're getting a divorce. So sad. Anyway... this is a call for you to suffer through more shitty movies for my specific benefit dude! I know it's a shitty thing to ask but DO It ANYWAY GODDAMNIT!! Jokes aside... you're a legend and I love the channel!!
Krait Haywire
Krait Haywire 8 månader sedan
Impractical Jokers is the best comedy show I've ever seen. They deserve every bit of their success.
VJ33 8 månader sedan
The pranks and jokes are funny and must see, but the acting ofc seems weird because we always see them just joking around and vibin as friends
mark borishnikoff
mark borishnikoff 8 månader sedan
I agree, i liked the parts where it was impractical jokers doing what they always do, but the story was pointless. Write that out, and it makes it great.
Insanity On A Bun
Insanity On A Bun 8 månader sedan
Bad grandpa was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen
Kaden Harris
Kaden Harris 8 månader sedan
Love the show and was thinking of seeing it but only because i thought it was like an hour of challenges really disappointing
TheElectronicsMan100 8 månader sedan
Long time viewer love your content! Would love if you put up some kind of website so we can check all your reviews in 1 place! Hope you see this keep killing it ♥️
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry 8 månader sedan
Having never seen the show, I wanted to walk out so bad at the beginning of this, and then came really close to falling asleep (still near the beginning) Glad I did neither, because this ended up being really funny to the point that even the none challenge material didn't bother me anymore.
Jeff Schauble
Jeff Schauble 8 månader sedan
Your feelings on the movie are exactly mine. The acting was not very good in my opinion.
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 8 månader sedan
So there really isn't anything in the movie that they couldn't show on tv? I was really hoping the movie would feature stuff that they can't do in the show for whatever reason. I remember in an interview Sal actually said that's what will be in the movie. He said that over the years, TruTV has rejected a few of their ideas and this movie is full of those ideas they weren't allowed to do. So I guess that isn't true or TruTV was being too hard on them?
Jay Sway
Jay Sway 8 månader sedan
If I’m ever in the mood to laugh, I immediately go to truTV and watch me some Impractical Jokers
JT LovesCodeLyoko
JT LovesCodeLyoko 8 månader sedan
Why Watch This Go Watch and review My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
Phoenix Maximus
Phoenix Maximus 8 månader sedan
love the show, did question why make it a road trip movie...
James Faust
James Faust 8 månader sedan
Jackass lite 😆
Billy Reynolds
Billy Reynolds 8 månader sedan
Cranjus? Cranjus McBasketball?
Billy Reynolds
Billy Reynolds 8 månader sedan
I love the show, absolutely love it...but I've seen their tenderloin stuff before and...it's not great...I have a feeling this movie was half Impractical Jokers and half Tenderloins, when I saw the trailer it looked horribly scripted and cringey. Your review doesn't surprise me at all, sadly I'm in the UK and it seems like they're only interested in showing it in the US just now, I have a feeling, due to the guys turning out at showing to get numbers up, they're trying to impress the network enough to get an international release.
Robintat2 8 månader sedan
Money grab
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez 8 månader sedan
Cranjis Mcbasketball? Cranjis Mcbasketball?
Cole.g13 8 månader sedan
so we’re gonna act like we didn’t see Murr’s naked ass?
Tom Leonard
Tom Leonard 8 månader sedan
I love how almost all of the music in the movie is covers or instrumental versions of “Forever Your Girl “
steph g
steph g 8 månader sedan
at my house RIGHT now, impractical jokers will be on in 9 minutes on tru tv(not sure why this matters,but there it is)
Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar 8 månader sedan
Feline Fatale
Feline Fatale 8 månader sedan
This should've been a big screen rated R movie where the Jokers play raunchier, maybe more mean spirited pranks that they couldn't show on tv. Like the "Jackass" movies.
skin19head69 8 månader sedan
It's like bad grandpa, hidden camera prank stuff but needs story to progress it
jH3nG 8 månader sedan
J. S.
J. S. 8 månader sedan
Your points are exactly why 'Jackass' movies were popular...IT WAS JUST MORE JACKASS WITH A BIGGER BUDGET.
carawayjustin 8 månader sedan
I totally agree!
Man Ransom
Man Ransom 8 månader sedan
Couldn’t agree. Bad grandpa was 10,000 times better.
chef-3381 8 månader sedan
How can you take a review serious from a douche who dyes his hair with Flex Seal?🤔?
Tihs Eht
Tihs Eht 8 månader sedan
The shows pretty good but too bad its fake
jodiescookin1 8 månader sedan
Ok so I love the show since the very first episode but Lord, this movie was awful!!!! The pranks were not even that entertaining and the scripted stuff was just dumb!!! Can I get my money back?
F 8 månader sedan
Tommy Steinbrecher
Tommy Steinbrecher 8 månader sedan
The show is the only reality tv I’ve watched since 2012 they deserve this movie for sure
Tommy Steinbrecher
Tommy Steinbrecher 8 månader sedan
Could be wrong but I think I saw will ferrel in the background of a scripted scene
Edgar Dominguez
Edgar Dominguez 8 månader sedan
I don't watch the show, for me it was enjoyable
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 8 månader sedan
My favourite critic reviewing my all time favorite TV Show, never thought I'd see that. (I know this is for movie, but he talked about the show, bought up Jaden Smith tattoo too)
dielawn 8 månader sedan
Jeremy "the fonz" Jahns
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi 8 månader sedan
As long as there isnt too many scripted scenes outside challenges you cant go wrong! I just wouldnt care for the story bits cuz i know its a front to make it a movie
H K 8 månader sedan
We went to see it last week like the tv show but movie was bad We ended up leaving before it ended just couldn't take the bad acting should of been more challenges with a little more adult content
Big Sam
Big Sam 8 månader sedan
Will Ferrell was the best part of the movie
Robert Bennion
Robert Bennion 8 månader sedan
These guys are my go to when I come home from a bad day at work, they put a smile on my face. I live, laugh, love Impractical Jokers.
evilsocksss 7 månader sedan
this is the only instance where it's okay to use "live, laugh, love"
Pats Productions
Pats Productions 8 månader sedan
It’s funny how people think IJ is scripted
the_weirdkidd 8 månader sedan
Can you please review the lighthouse
CMDR Mawortz
CMDR Mawortz 8 månader sedan
They never fail to make me laugh
tanner fraser
tanner fraser 8 månader sedan
I thot impractical jokers was scripted completely
Jim Shoe
Jim Shoe 8 månader sedan
If it's like the TV show it will be total shit
The 4bidden1
The 4bidden1 8 månader sedan
I almost spent 10.50 at the theaters today, maybe 5$ on Tuesday.
Happy 8 månader sedan
I absolutely love Impractical Jokers but the movie was kind of weak.
Sean D
Sean D 8 månader sedan
I just got this notification today
JCordoba1001 8 månader sedan
Why? Who asked for this?
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