Independence Day - Movie Review 

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The classic disaster movie tradition of every 4th. Here's my review for INDEPENDENCE DAY!
#IndependenceDay #ID4


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3 jul 2020



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LegendaryKing 6 dagar sedan
volcano review next
TheSuperReviewer 13 dagar sedan
i swear he is gonna give it an Awesometacular.. you wait.. you WAIT! **flaps awaey!**
Amish Drug Lord
Amish Drug Lord 17 dagar sedan
Yesterday was my 27th birthday and I watched my childhood movie. Roland Emmerich‘s Independence Day 1996 Yes. In the early 2000’s Independence Day was my Star Wars
Nightfall Månad sedan
Being someone who is very light sensitive "thank you for not playing that clip also".
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Was this the 1st use of the "Sky Beam"?
SevHighwind86 Månad sedan
I can still remember to this day the three movies I saw in theaters that stuck with me from childhood to adulthood. Twister, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day! Those were experiences in the theater.
DamageIncM 2 månader sedan
3:50 Um... Seems you haven't heard of Asia or trophy hunters... There's things like annual dog meat festivals, for which they collect dogs any which way they can (including stealing pet dogs), then killing them as painfully as possible to then of course eat during the festival. - Also North Korean dictator KimJung Idiot or whatever ordered citizens to kill their own dogs to eat. - So yea, it's not that universal and you should really wake up...
joshua miranda
joshua miranda 2 månader sedan
corrae99 2 månader sedan
First Lady a pornstar....progress 🥴
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace 2 månader sedan
my ex-wife got me a toy from the movie before the movie came out in the UK, bless her , it even had a little alien inside its body:)
Schmidteren 2 månader sedan
Long time viewer. Great video Jeremy. Man you've gotten a lot of subs, I remember when you had like a few thousands. Insane. Well done my man!
Baaad Username
Baaad Username 2 månader sedan
The sequel was terrible but the fact that they attemped to make a sequel without a "speech", baffels me.
Karol Budnik
Karol Budnik 2 månader sedan
Erika 2 månader sedan
If he was to marry a stripper he might not pass the security clearance.
TheRenegadeMaster 2 månader sedan
Do a Demolition Man review next!
salma ibrahim
salma ibrahim 2 månader sedan
Why don't you make a review on Mars Attacks I've always been seeing it as sarcastic version of Independence Day
jetman189 3 månader sedan
President's speech is one of the best in movie history
James Williams
James Williams 3 månader sedan
Awesome movie!
Sexy Abs
Sexy Abs 3 månader sedan
Do Independence Day: Resurgence movie review next. This sure is funny. 😂
Ashatron Clouthier
Ashatron Clouthier 3 månader sedan
The hell is that smell- will smith
jmangan17 3 månader sedan
The one thing that has driven me nuts since the first time I saw it, Randy Quaid spends the early part of the movie telling folks he was abducted by aliens, and no one believes him. But going into the last act, aliens are here, have blown up everything important and seem to be on the verge of wiping humanity out, he's mentions being abducted... and everyone acts likes he's crazy!? At that point, throw the guy a fucking bone. Love the movie, but that one bit has stuck with me all these years.
Nekotaku TV
Nekotaku TV 3 månader sedan
Wait what? HE punched a GUY thinking SHE was cheating... What's ID4?
F-zero91maru 3 månader sedan
I remember watching the movie years ago on vhs 📼 nowadays I have the original dvd. 📀 still fun to watch.
Kurt Haberle
Kurt Haberle 3 månader sedan
Independence Day was the first movie I snuck into when I was 10 with my brother. It was PG-13 but I think you had a have a parent with you?
Chrome1006 3 månader sedan
Please Review The Fifth Element
Treva Land
Treva Land 3 månader sedan
I went to the movies thinking it could be a serious awesome movie. What a crap. I hate Bill Pullman, I can't stand his dumb faces and annoying voice. We sent a ship with our technology to hack theirs???!!! I see, so both technologies "speak" the same language? What about how superior theirs is? Soooo freakin' dumb, clearly for people who knows nothing about technology. If you know just a little, just like me you'd feel like the studio thinks you're brainless. Plus no superior race would need a war to defeat us, just take our technology down with an electromagnetic pulse, obviously their technology would be a 1000 times better.Or just cut our power, we'd be back to medieval age without our machines, wed go nuts only without fridges cause we won't be able to keep food safe.
cj hepburn
cj hepburn 3 månader sedan
Same as the ship in Avengers. Why the funky controls?
cj hepburn
cj hepburn 3 månader sedan
Will Smith told him Ma hecwas in love with a stripper? 10 grand
Emoe Blk
Emoe Blk 3 månader sedan
Are you going to review the 100
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold 3 månader sedan
This movie is a perfect and flawless grand masterpiece and was ahead of it's time and I really wish the 2nd one was just as very good as this and still had will smith in it.
Marko Savić
Marko Savić 3 månader sedan
I thought Michael Bay directed this movie. Wonder why?
Samuel Grey
Samuel Grey 3 månader sedan
I liked the computer virus bit it was a call back to hg wells war of the worlds.
elmer salinas
elmer salinas 3 månader sedan
This movie is like V for Vendetta for me. I always have to watch Independence Day 4th of July, like i have to watch V for vendetta on the 5th of November lol. This movie is still badass.
Matthew 3 månader sedan
2:13 😂
Margie Medina
Margie Medina 3 månader sedan
Randy Quaid’s character sacrificing himself for humanity and saying “tell my children I love them.” Gets me every time 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Fathomless Powers
Fathomless Powers 3 månader sedan
Den Smith
Den Smith 3 månader sedan
"Sir I just want you to know that ever since I was abducted by aliens 10 yrs ago..etc,etc"....and they still looked at him like he was crazy.
Amish Drug Lord
Amish Drug Lord 3 månader sedan
My childhood movies were Independence Day and Titan A.E For the love of God do a review for Titan A.E
Ramiro Perdiguero Díaz
Ramiro Perdiguero Díaz 3 månader sedan
Aaron J. Howell
Aaron J. Howell 3 månader sedan
Area 51 had that ship for awhile. You can bet they retrofitted it for human use.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark 3 månader sedan
Fun Fact according to IMDB: "[Independence Day] Holds the record for most miniature model work to appear in one film. Model shop supervisor, Michael Joyce, estimated that more miniatures were used for this film than in any other two films combined. Due to the advances in digital technology since this film's release, most experts believe this record may stand forever."
Ben Slashes
Ben Slashes 2 månader sedan
More than any old Godzilla movie? I dont think so.
Jaffa Rebellion
Jaffa Rebellion 3 månader sedan
More than Blade Runner? Wow.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark 3 månader sedan
I have a tradition every year where I watch my copy of Independence Day over the course of three days: I watch the "July 2" part on July 2nd, the "July 3" part on July 3rd, and the "July 4" part on... ...well, you get the idea. 😁
Tommy Guns
Tommy Guns 3 månader sedan
When I was young I thought this movie was the most badass movie. I love jets and airplanes.
Simon Wells
Simon Wells 3 månader sedan
dude.. Your hair 😳
asdf 3 månader sedan
This is possibly the worst reviewer I've ever seen. How does this guy have over a million subs? He talks like a teenager.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Månad sedan
Cool story
bicknell67 3 månader sedan
One of my all time favorite movies.
Magnus Mason
Magnus Mason 3 månader sedan
Color out of space review??
slickvicXLII 3 månader sedan
Whatever you do, DON'T review the sequel. Just pretend it doesnt exist
texaskc 3 månader sedan
Extended edition. I know I shouldn't throw that out. But it did confirmed my assumption that the virus worked because all our tech was revers engineered from theirs.
The Steelhound
The Steelhound 3 månader sedan
The two best speeches in action movie history... 1. President Whitmore's speech before the big finale of ID4 2. Captain America's speech at the end of The Winter Soldier. They just give you chills...
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Månad sedan
Not a movie but the speech Prescot gives at the start of Gears of War 2
OfficialNataly 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, the aliens had a 90s era too...hence the technology compatibility 😂
Akzork 3 månader sedan
If you cut your hair I'll dislike at least 3 videos.
Wei Wang
Wei Wang 3 månader sedan
Firs time I saw it was on TV at like 2 in the morning on a Saturday night in Canada... I think I was too scared to watch alien movies in the theaters back then, that and I had no pocket money.
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 3 månader sedan
Don't care about this movie , not funny hollywood trash
JWUniverse 3 månader sedan
I have this movie on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray and now 4K your right I do own every copy 🤣 BTW I need your hair its just Awesome!
Sarah ABC
Sarah ABC 3 månader sedan
This is the movie that broke me. The only movie I’ve never finished. For some reason, it puts me to sleep EVERY SINGLE TIME!
Hieronymous Lex
Hieronymous Lex 3 månader sedan
Dude, are you serious? This movie is a shallow, piece of shit blockbuster. It’s legitimately bad the whole time and treats the audience like morons. I feel like sometimes you review things at an extremely surface level
keis Farrow
keis Farrow 3 månader sedan
Review the Long Kiss Goodnight.
Jermaine Haslam
Jermaine Haslam 3 månader sedan
Still the best alien invasion film today!
tobias frost8675
tobias frost8675 3 månader sedan
This is still one of my favorite movies of all time
Kevin Strother
Kevin Strother 3 månader sedan
This movie was really good when it came out. My favorite sitcom was Three's Company when I was 12, so...
Cody S
Cody S 3 månader sedan
The hair is taking over Jeremy, soon he'll be more hair than man
deykno87 3 månader sedan
I said it then, i said it now..... No way in life's existence will a 1996 computer virus be compatible with a alien ship or even connect for that matter!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️.....but movie has to movie right?🤣😂🤣
OriginalCJiZZle 3 månader sedan
bruh ppl who are epileptic like myself appreciate the consideration
Yogan K
Yogan K 3 månader sedan
The Darkness is here Guardian
Dino Power
Dino Power 3 månader sedan
Do 1995 Power Rangers movie
DavesWorld 3 månader sedan
The sequel is what it would have looked like if they had prepared for an invasion which was about the only cool thing about that movie.
Adrian Lozano
Adrian Lozano 3 månader sedan
Jeremy's long hair is reminding of Zukos ark from Avatar.
Troy Jeffrey
Troy Jeffrey 3 månader sedan
Jer Bear is looking like a fineapple with that Covid hair. Soon this'll be Bradley Cooper's channel
Carston 101
Carston 101 3 månader sedan
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt the military or whatever refit the alien ship so it could be flown by a human? Swear that's how I remember it...
Bret Sheeley
Bret Sheeley 3 månader sedan
I going to say this, and I don't care for the response: God I hated that speech. I thought it was painful when I first heard it in the theater, and I cringed when I heard the clip here. Still really enjoyed the movie though.
TheWisestWizards 3 månader sedan
They were using our own satellites against us. That's how the virus was able to shut down their shields. At least that's what I thought when I was a kid. Maybe it just didn't make sense!
endless[3cho] 3 månader sedan
The ppl who found the ship they had for decades had retrofitted the ship but didn't yet know how to fly it. That cockpit area wasn't the same as the ones the aliens flew. There were 2 seats for the A51 version and a single seat for the aliens.
Mike Panick
Mike Panick 3 månader sedan
That was the WORST speech ever, embarrassingly so!!!!
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez 3 månader sedan
Paul McElligott
Paul McElligott 3 månader sedan
1996: “You’ll never fly the space shuttle if you’re dating a stripper.” 2020: Guy who smokes weed has his own space program. “This was the first movie where people cheered when a character first appeared.” - You were but an infant when _The Empire Strikes Back_ opened, so I’ll allow it, but _Independence Day_ was far from the first movie like that.
John Smith
John Smith 3 månader sedan
Wait this movie had a black hero? But I thought all movies were racist before 2010
Eddy Coulson
Eddy Coulson 3 månader sedan
Great vid Jezza,. Loving the lockdown hair mate :) Had my first haircut today. UK's hairdressers opened yesterday :)
Richard O'Doherty
Richard O'Doherty 3 månader sedan
When can we expect a review of "EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: The Story of Fire Saga"? Did you even get this on NETFLIX US?
Greg Sabin
Greg Sabin 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, I appreciate you having the balls to call out Hollywood, if I ever get the chance then I'm buying you a beer, sir lol
ben tubbs
ben tubbs 3 månader sedan
the vhs cover for this movie was bad ass
Mike Perez
Mike Perez 3 månader sedan
This film proved that it will Smith puts in some effort into it he can be the most charming SOB in earth.
Funk O'Matic
Funk O'Matic 3 månader sedan
one of the all time best SUMMER blockbusters. recommend for a super big screen viewing.
Spitfire Nation
Spitfire Nation 3 månader sedan
Please review "Train to Busan"...It's a good movie
Jessica Faith
Jessica Faith 3 månader sedan
You had me laughing to tears with that "one punch fake alien face" rant. 🤣 I needed that, thank you!
Zeon Remnants
Zeon Remnants 3 månader sedan
i watch this movie every 4th of july. love it. there is such awesome stuff here, sound design, music, the 1st 30 mins setting up the threat, creature and ship design, the amazing mix of practical and 3d effects, the all star cast, president whitmores speech, the comedy, the horror during the lab scene with dr oaken, the sacrifice at the end . just an awesome movie that doesnt get the credit it deserves for all the detail put into it. p.s resurgence never happened....shhhhhh
Matt Pfister
Matt Pfister 3 månader sedan
naybur74 3 månader sedan
I worked in retail,and at the time,e sold VHS tapes to buy from our VHS area,and to sell them, we'd advertise them on a small TV,during the day,All day long,every day,and this movie played..all day.. every day,I got SOOO sick of seeing it..I totally can't do this movie any more,least favorite movie,saw it the one time,and then was subjected to it.. forever..and that and the sequel sucked Spaceballs!!
Captain & Sad
Captain & Sad 3 månader sedan
pls review looks that kill!!! brandon flynn is so good in the movie
Tim Walden
Tim Walden 3 månader sedan
The Los Angeles Police Department is advising Los Angelinos *not* to fire their weapons at the visitor spacecraft. You may inadvertently trigger an interstellar war. However, they do not take issue with you using this unprecedented event to loot your local shopping malls.
Tim Walden
Tim Walden 3 månader sedan
No, Jeremy. You saw this film *four times* in the theater. That makes it Awesometacular by default. I accept no substitute. Don’t give me that worth owning BS. *Four times!!* I saw it five, just saying.
Julio Valdez
Julio Valdez 3 månader sedan
Now’s a the time for a Mars Attack movie review
Nicolas Blasco
Nicolas Blasco 3 månader sedan
Jeremy! You need to review Dark!
Connor Iquada
Connor Iquada 3 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, long time viewer here. I’d love to see you review “Dark” on Netflix, the third and final season just came out and it’s fucking unreal. You’d be doing yourself a favour man seriously!
Lord Zephyros
Lord Zephyros 3 månader sedan
The sequel sucked though 🙁
LEXXX LUCIFER 666 3 månader sedan
I'm going to throw a synopsis of the movie Up and see if anyone can help me find the name. A guy gets sent to find some missing diamonds that these kids find near the river of one of the kids place. All three of the teens get killed and I believe the bad guy in his buddies die as well. At the end of the movie the sister of the one boy comes home and finds the diamonds in the cellar... anyone have any idea what this movie is called? It's a 90s Thriller I believe and maybe a Canadian movie
Hans Cholo
Hans Cholo 3 månader sedan
dude Erik Estrada called he wants his hair back.....wow
Travis Starr
Travis Starr 3 månader sedan
People in the theater cheered when Randy Quad took out the spaceship over Area 51. Even Randy Quad got an audience to cheer for him. ID4 is still a great guilty pleasure summer flick.
Dason Greaves
Dason Greaves 3 månader sedan
So this is what movie critics do when the theaters are shut down
Wayne Moule
Wayne Moule 3 månader sedan
I think the Left wing nut jobs would rather we lose to the Aliens.
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