Jay & Silent Bob Reboot - Movie Review 

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Nearly 20 years after Jay & Silent Bob went to Hollywood to stop a movie being made about them, they return to stop Hollywood from making a reboot. Here's my review for JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT!


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8 apr 2020



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steve jones
steve jones 10 dagar sedan
budget 10 million. box office 4.7 million
Grim 11 dagar sedan
Damn I bet Jeremy's cool to sit and smoke a bowl with. I could talk about Star wars with him for days hahaha
Grim 11 dagar sedan
Not literal days... obviously
Cocky Balboa
Cocky Balboa 13 dagar sedan
This movie sucked.
Russell Michaels
Russell Michaels 22 dagar sedan
Finally saw the movie now that it’s on Amazon Prime. I enjoyed it.
Video Start Time Helper
For me, the most distracting part of this movie was Jay suffering from *total meth mouth*
by Alessio Freitas
by Alessio Freitas Månad sedan
Why do people expect a really good movie I watch Kevin Smith for the cameos, references, comic book stuff and a few jokes here and there and I like that he just takes the piss out of everyone and everything. He stands out from other directors, and I love that, also he come up through indie films and grafted his way into Hollywood, got to respect the man. Negative publicity is publicity all the same. 😂😂 decent film 5.5/10👍🏼
shynta apriliadewi
shynta apriliadewi Månad sedan
Quintin Garvin
Quintin Garvin Månad sedan
lol jeremy you too old to know you should have got high itwas a good movie
Me Me
Me Me Månad sedan
This guy is so boring 😴
CBright7831 2 månader sedan
I kind of feel like this video just gave Jeremy an excuse to show off his bong/vapor collection and let the world know he's a weed smoker. Kind of juvenile, but it seems to have garnered the "Oh that's so cool!" reaction from a majority of people. Whatever. 🤷‍♂️
Kyle Hixx
Kyle Hixx 2 månader sedan
This is sucks, first and last video of his I’m watching, boring
Kyle Hixx
Kyle Hixx 2 månader sedan
A real film No matter how bad it is u should be able to get through, I was so bored by this that I couldn’t finish it, it’s like a boring home movie, and I was the hugest view askew fan it’s just really bad.
CosmicCitiZen 2 månader sedan
I haven't watched it yet, what should I do? How bad is it?
Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan 2 månader sedan
Kevin Smith is a good father... but a great father would stop putting his daughter in his new shitty movies. Dude has fell off... hard.
kaveh hamedani
kaveh hamedani 2 månader sedan
I love this movie a lot
C Peterson
C Peterson 2 månader sedan
I made it 10 minutes into this movie before I turned it off, it is awful.
TheDude Lebowski
TheDude Lebowski 2 månader sedan
I avoided watching this movie for a while. I didn't think it would be that great but I was wrong. It was fucking terrible. What a major disappoint. Jays meth mouth and coce smashed nose are jarring. The movie goes from dick and fart jokes to emotional manipulation with dramatic scenes about family. My wife and I watched strikes back before reboot and howled with laughter. Reboot got a few chuckles and a bunch of "oh look who it is" but thats fucking it. We also could have done without the preachy wokeness disguised as a satirical joke. Wtf happened?
Brent Schaefer
Brent Schaefer 3 månader sedan
It has some good moments but it really did feel like he had a bunch of funny/clever ideas that he didn’t really know how to connect together in as coherent a way as he’s done in the past.
Greg Matic
Greg Matic 3 månader sedan
This movie is Smith's Infinity War/Endgame. It ties up several of the storylines from the viewaskew universe. It's the only one of his movies that has nearly every character from his askew movies. It's better if you watch every one of his movies from Clerks to Strike back plus Clerks2.
gcobbethc 3 månader sedan
How can you skip past Chasing Amy? Smith's second best movie if for nothing else than the Star Wars diatribe. "What's a nubian?" The moment Jason Lee realizes where he is. "A fu&^%$g tracer". REVIEW!!! REVIEW!!!
vikingknot 4 månader sedan
I really liked the scene with Ben and after reading it on IMBD it was a nice touch...
Brian S
Brian S 5 månader sedan
Totally agree! The humor really doesn't work anymore. I'm really not a fan of Kevin Smith's daughter she really doesn't need to be in any of these movies.
deestands4dorky 5 månader sedan
Can you review Jersey Girl? I feel like that was a movie everyone shit on even though it came from Kevin Smith's heart. I think that's abit of the issue... he is liked for stoner comedies so when he makes things outside of that he gets hate so he trys to stay in that box even though he wants to do other things.
Rico Baca
Rico Baca 5 månader sedan
The movie sucked, plain and simple.
PhobosDynami 5 månader sedan
The movie had a few funny jokes throughout that I thought were really funny. But the problem is the premise is meh and the jokes don't always land like they did in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Also, I was hoping to know what your third favorite cameo was in the movie. I thought the one towards the end right before they meet "Kevin Smith," to be a great one. And that joke about not knowing names was awesome.
tropicAces 5 månader sedan
This whole movie felt forced and immature. Which is the point, sure, but it was cringe too often
MovieMan. ТБ
MovieMan. ТБ 5 månader sedan
Good comedy!
Slaizen I Nezials
Slaizen I Nezials 5 månader sedan
saw it stoned as fuk. Was still bad
Horrormaster13 5 månader sedan
Please review Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)
noel elfuelte
noel elfuelte 5 månader sedan
This movie was like one big gay commercial, talk about pushing an agenda.
Make-A-Woosh-Foundation 5 månader sedan
if you ask me, even after boiling it out with dishwasher detergent it's still a dirty bong... oh man those times.what times?exactly
Johariz M. Sani
Johariz M. Sani 5 månader sedan
Best review in a loooooooonnng time!!
Wingless Mecha
Wingless Mecha 6 månader sedan
The pie fucker did not make a cameo
Randall Williams
Randall Williams 6 månader sedan
Please review the original
sempercompellis 6 månader sedan
it was tolerable until...yep his kid- again. NOBODY cares that you love your daughter. literally nobody. never again mr smith;
Retro Alliance Gaming
Retro Alliance Gaming 6 månader sedan
I loved this movie! It gets better which each viewing
Jake Riffle
Jake Riffle 6 månader sedan
As a fan of pretty much all the other Kevin Smith movies, I watched about 25 minutes of Reboot on Amazon and HAD to turn it off.
Dick Hassett
Dick Hassett 6 månader sedan
This movie was dog shit and kevin smith knows it.
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 6 månader sedan
Hmm, sounds interesting.
David Rojas
David Rojas 6 månader sedan
Can you make a review of The Man from Earth?
Risers 6 månader sedan
Jeremy totally blazed before this video didn't me.
Calvin Workman
Calvin Workman 6 månader sedan
This film isn't just for fans of Jay&Silent Bob but rather fans of Mall Rats, Dogma Chasing Amy Clerks hell the shit I love and a lot of people do to. I watched this Sober and was laughing my ass off because it's not going for a oscar or even a good Rating but for the audience. Which the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 94 so it accomplishes it's goal. Plus I enjoyed how woke the film is and how actors play them selves and their previous characters. I give this film a 10/10 and RIP Stan Lee
Christian Gravemaker
Christian Gravemaker 6 månader sedan
You should review 'City of Lies' the Depp and Whitaker movie about the deaths of Tupac and Biggie.
John Fraser
John Fraser 6 månader sedan
He got everybody back for this one hell Justin long plays the same character in this and zak and miri make a porno which ties those universes in had both his wife and daughter in it too
Micheal Rosen
Micheal Rosen 6 månader sedan
It was a good movie but it should have had more comedy to it, it's nice to have a serious message, but this movie was one of Kevin Smith's weaker movies.
Greg Russell
Greg Russell 6 månader sedan
Silent Bob, only funny when he was overweight and silent.
therush420 6 månader sedan
Felt the same way with the Beavis and Butthead revival on MTV.
Michael Pruitt
Michael Pruitt 6 månader sedan
Nice hair man LoL 👌
Biron James
Biron James 6 månader sedan
You know I always thought that Jeremy's personality didn't match the way he is and now I know that he smokes the sticky it's like he's in limbo between hyperactive jittery bastard and a calm cool level-headed douchebag
Brent Ulstad
Brent Ulstad 6 månader sedan
Sadly, but also why give a shit anyway... Reboot was fucking terribly unwatchable! Even the whole "cheesy=so bad it's good" was only very bad and then even much worse. Cringing so often I almost questioned my interest or appreciation for his past works. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD! That being said, and was the nicest way possible while remaining honest, I do get his "I don't give a fuck if you like it or get it I do what I want & make movies for me" artistic attitude.... but still, goddamn was it awful when fully aware of what he's capable of. I still hold dear respect and admiration for the man. Like many other filmmakers, comedians, musicians etc. I've learned that you can have interest and respect for a particular individual while simultaneously hating, nearly despising a particular piece of work/shit that they have produced/squeezed out. I could say much more but who gives a shit about a nobody commenting on SElosk, really. PS. I love you Kevin, I hope you have at least one more great film in you. So grateful for your recovery and healing heart! Vulgar. Clerks. Mallrats. Red State. Tusk. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. All great works ya got in da can! Heeheehee.... I know. I'm an asshole. I'll end myself... Right... about... Now. ....suck my cock Berzerker!
noodlemans 6 månader sedan
I am a real fan of everything from clerks to jay and silent bob strikes back. This movie was so horrid I couldn’t make it through.
Coffee in Hand Productions
20 years ago me would've loved this movie. Present age me couldn't really care less. The ending here was epic, though never knew until now that Volcano was a thing.
8bit phoenix
8bit phoenix 6 månader sedan
this movie was just psa on be a good dad after being absent for 15 years. movie sucked ass.
Shepp Husky
Shepp Husky 6 månader sedan
this... wasn't a review
C M 6 månader sedan
this movie was the equivalent of running into a friend you haven't seen since high school and within thirty seconds you can see they are still making the same cheap awkward jokes that haven't aged well and weren't very funny in the first place. I love Kevin Smith but with the shit storm of promo that he did for this film I was hoping for more than one big "remember this?" reference. But fuck it, it's quarantine so we got time to kill right? hahah edit: wrote this before Jeremy made the high school reunion joke at the end hahaha great minds
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson 6 månader sedan
I just wanted to click on the video to say, fuckya dumb wop face
ROArecords2 6 månader sedan
It's not that we were young and dumb for his earlier movies, they've just not been as good as he's gotten older (and higher, let's be honest) The earlier movies do hold up, they started getting bad after Clerks 2. He made Cop Out from someone else's script, started smoking weed to deal with stress (that's right, he didn't before that) and he just hasn't been as sharp.
John Gulotta
John Gulotta 6 månader sedan
How's the volcano work need to get one of them
Jake Volz
Jake Volz 6 månader sedan
Jeremy is/was a stoner confirmed Also, huge fan of Dogma. RIP Alan Rickman
petey twofinger
petey twofinger 6 månader sedan
do i need to say "i am sorry but this movies was really bad as in massive steaming stink bomber ala hindenburg of flaming poopie diareah bad ... horrible silent bob reboot .
Darksky1001able 6 månader sedan
I forgot Jeremy is 39. Fuck dude... where does the time go. Yesterday i was playing Smash Bros with my cousins jamming to Slayer. Now im about finish College. What the fuck happened to me?
nobe nono
nobe nono 6 månader sedan
E9 G
E9 G 6 månader sedan
It doesn’t matter 😂
Максим Чех
Максим Чех 6 månader sedan
So here are my favourite ViewAskew movies: 1. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2. Mallrats 3. Clerks 2 4. Dogma 5. Clerks
Johnny Skinwalker
Johnny Skinwalker 6 månader sedan
Eric Draven
Eric Draven 6 månader sedan
how did you make a six minute review without saying anything about the movie
Brandon's Movie Rants
Brandon's Movie Rants 6 månader sedan
My favorite is either Chasing Amy or Clerks 2... I know a lot of people didn't care for Clerks 2...but I got brought to the theater by an older cousin, having never seen a View Askewniverse movie. It got me hooked... 🤣
Sal Saucy
Sal Saucy 6 månader sedan
I personally loved the reboot. Especially the chasing Amy part.
MrTwodogshumping 6 månader sedan
The volcano bit made me really laugh out loud haha
Denim Chicken
Denim Chicken 6 månader sedan
The movie is not... good. But as a fan of jay and silent bob, even still today, it’s just enjoyable to see them again. It’s no classic, and isn’t as rewatchable as the original, but it was a pleasant experience.
matthew beebe
matthew beebe 6 månader sedan
The passions of the clerks. Obviously.
Logan Waltz
Logan Waltz 6 månader sedan
One of his weaker films
Matthew 6 månader sedan
Jesus Christ, 6-minute review, about 2 mins on the movie and 4 mins on the guy himself and his stupid jokes. I mean fair enough if you didn't like the film but Christ to do so in such a lame review where you tell me boring things about yourself and try to make jokes that suck ass and balls is just vanity and extremely grating.
Review Of The NERDS
Review Of The NERDS 6 månader sedan
Yeah I didn't care for the movie either and I was also a big fan of the View Askew series in the past. Smith is older now and he's trying to recapture the magic of his early days but it just wasn't really there this time. Maybe he rushed into this one too fast and needed to ease into it more. The movies jokes just don't land for the most part and yeah, it's actually pretty boring in places. It just feels like an inferior version to the original, same general story and jokes but with out the same energy. As far as favorite View Askew movie ... that is tough. I guess if I had to pick one it would be Dogma but Mallrats and Clerks come close.
Sreejit Mukherjee
Sreejit Mukherjee 6 månader sedan
Oh the Volcano man xD , hope ur making good use of it in the corona stay at home timeline
rediculousnicholasvegas 13b
I was psyched to see the reboot. Big Kevin Smith fan. Had to turn it off mid 2nd act. He was all over the place, and it did not work. It was disappointing to say the least. One can only hope Kevin will come out with something else that showcases his mastery again one day. The fact that he released this stinker doesn't bode much hope though.
Aly Michel
Aly Michel 6 månader sedan
Now you gotta do a review of Jason Mewes' Madness in the Method. I personally enjoyed it more than Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.
gordon 6 månader sedan
The Ben Affleck speech was a pretty great scene and the Martha joke was fucking funny
Xavier Gutierrez
Xavier Gutierrez 6 månader sedan
This movie blows...... that is all
wink1980 6 månader sedan
yes love the ending ,, been watching this guy for years fair play
arkayen666123 6 månader sedan
I dunno man, I keep thinking of Dumb and Dumber To the more I hear
THE TOY TIME MACHINE 6 månader sedan
This movie was pure trash
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash 6 månader sedan
*The Ben Affleck quote at the end broke me*
Fangs1978 6 månader sedan
I just watched the movie, and it... was bad. It wasn't very well put together at all nearly all the scenes felt like there was another scene on the cutting room floor somewhere linking them together. Like where the hell did those clansmen come from? The humor wasn't great either. I remember laughing exactly once, but I can't remember at what. I loved the Ben Affleck scene though it's the only thing keeping it from being completely forgettable. I hate to do it because I love Kevin Smith to death, but it's a 2/10 from me. Frankly I'd rather watch the walrus movie again.
Vean Studio
Vean Studio 6 månader sedan
I'll be honest with you all... I heard of this movie through an ad on a certain orange and black site...
Max Madmax
Max Madmax 6 månader sedan
Wait what.. you smoke ? i didn't thought so...
Nick Hurst
Nick Hurst 6 månader sedan
I was high af when I watched it and it still want good
Oak Aye
Oak Aye 6 månader sedan
I liked where after earth was Going. Do a video on that. Would be a fun spinoff series
Oak Aye
Oak Aye 6 månader sedan
My current 21yo me loves Jay and silent Bob
Chris Smet
Chris Smet 6 månader sedan
I feel like the biggest disappointment of this movie is that some of the main players of the 1st movie are sourly missed... specify Will Farrell... the loss of George Carlin and Mark Hamill didn't help either... I turned the movie off with like 20 minutes left, it was just meh...
Starfleet HQ Noob-TubeR
Starfleet HQ Noob-TubeR 6 månader sedan
Jeremy...It's hunting season
jake hopgood
jake hopgood 6 månader sedan
Smith lost the heart.
AMiR Martin
AMiR Martin 6 månader sedan
You are nuts. Was a great movie
Brett S
Brett S 6 månader sedan
Clerks 2 was my favorite. I didn't hate Reboot... but it's probably my least favorite.
Grant Pflum
Grant Pflum 6 månader sedan
Besides, I'll use the volcano anyway so it doesn't matter! BEST. QUOTE. EVER.
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 6 månader sedan
Maybe one day get a hair cut and wear a yellow or green shirt...not a single one of your followers will stop just bc if that....
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 6 månader sedan
Talk about the letterman jacket yet your hair is like that permanently... you even usually wear a goddamn black vest like your stuck in the movie grease....just be you and wear and do what you want....just stop with the cliche constant shit...I could do a pitch meeting for your channel and it would be super easy...barely an inconvenience.
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 6 månader sedan
@4:25 look at that goddamn stack of hair...holy hell...how much jell?!?! How much?!?
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 6 månader sedan
If you want to date more girls......change that goddamn hair. I slay shit lol trust me...your hair is distracting as fuck...like a goddamn cockatoo
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 6 månader sedan
Your hair is half the height of your own head....goddamnit...
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 6 månader sedan
Your like Fox Mulder...but still like fox mulder....x files rock...you suck. Change your goddamn hair
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