Justice League Dark: Apokolips War - Movie Review 

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We have another DC animated movie that seems to bring that world to a head. Here's my review for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: APOKOLIPS WAR!
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1 jun 2020



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Chris Weeks
Chris Weeks 4 dagar sedan
Can I be honest...it was not a horrible movie but I did not like it. The problem is the movie was rated R, and it felt like DC was going out there way to make it as gory and violent as they could to merit that rating. Damian Wayne survives a battle that destroyed almost every super powered hero including Wonder Woman, Starfire, The entire Green Lantern Corps, and superman gets completely owned. I do not get what the point was...all super powers lose and the ones with know powers survive. Now I understand a war between Darkside would require some deaths. But the complete antihalation or the super powered hero's. And really they did not win...they won cause of Trigon...without him they all would have lost. It is kind of like horror movies, they try to make them as bloody and gory as possible except that's not scary. Saw did not scare me...it was gory suspense movie. The scariest movie I ever saw was the original Halloween. There was know special effects, loads of gore and blood. It had the perfect score, and was creepy as all get out. Killing alot of people, loads of blood and guts...does not make a good story.
Ultimatevicio 10 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this movie a lot
Jackson Henry
Jackson Henry 22 dagar sedan
Me the entire tome watching this movie 😐😯😦
MultimediaChick1X9X 24 dagar sedan
To be honest, this is a better and more ambitious crossover than Endgame.
XL Månad sedan
Review The Death of Superman 2018.💡👍👍
Zion Strickland
Zion Strickland Månad sedan
Wasn’t terrible, but I definitely didn’t like it that much. Flashpoint and War were way better IMO.
Juan Jaramillo
Juan Jaramillo Månad sedan
I actually really like Tony Todd as Darkseid
Mark McKinney
Mark McKinney Månad sedan
Hey J, if you can catch, Justice League Dark, Justice League War, and the Batman and Robin entries, introducing Damien Wayne, it will catch you up.
moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo
this movie was awseome, should been longer ! fun 8.5
moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo
i used to watch ur vids 10 years ago lol, glad ur still around
jherrenor Månad sedan
War Machine after watching JL: War and JLDark: Apokolips War "Okay, big dude is tiny now, he's tiny now."
jherrenor Månad sedan
I thought it was pretty funny that most of Earth's remaining forces consisted of the Bat Family and Arkham Asylum. When sh*t hits the fan, Gotham survives the longest!
jherrenor Månad sedan
I don't know what they could have done, but I wish they had a better reset button than relying on Flashpoint as it wasn't integrated into the story enough to be the ultimate solution. Other than that, JLD:AW was pretty great with many unexpected emotional moments from characters I didn't really care about before. A good DC movie in a long time.
Michael Hewitt-Clarke
Bre this movies ending was depressing asf
Wes Treadwell
Wes Treadwell Månad sedan
watch all the other films in this universe
Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera Månad sedan
Garage movie shock value porn
jaybles cashews
jaybles cashews Månad sedan
If you want to see this movie then it helps a great deal if you see flashpoint paradox first
DIO but hes Confused?
First time coming to this channle and why does "Jeremy" look like a low budget john wick
Mr. Logical
Mr. Logical Månad sedan
The voice casting for this DCAU series, to put it diplomatically, is dull, disappointing, and one large mistake.
Ygo-riv Månad sedan
This movie was really good but only improves by watching the other animated movies as it only enhances the story & whats going on. Specifically Flashpoint, Justice League War, Justice League Dark, & the Teen Titan movies. My only issue for the dc animated movies where there were too many Batman movies & some were pretty boring.
Gan Khef
Gan Khef Månad sedan
The Gan Khef Corner: "Sorry TGIF, I got things to do."
dipzoid Månad sedan
Why wasn’t cyborgs last words booyah
Rahul Sudhakar
Rahul Sudhakar Månad sedan
I'm not a fan of the ending of this movie
ASAP ANIME Månad sedan
What movie takes place after this ?
David White
David White Månad sedan
I love ur hair
crossface2004 Månad sedan
If we're talking definitive voices, don't forget Keith David's Spawn!
Mason Ginn
Mason Ginn Månad sedan
I honestly couldn’t watch this movie through, it was too brutal
SageOfReality Månad sedan
Zack Snyder can do it, if anyone can make a Dark, Bloody and Unforgiving live action DC movie he is the fucking man. Just hope WB doesn't limit the possible dark moments.
Pranavanathan Yoganathan
Pranavanathan Yoganathan 2 månader sedan
Read Black Hammer, its amazing!
wolvez28 2 månader sedan
As someone who is a little late to this party, I can assure you the movies feel like they are in the same continuity. Over 15 movies there are some errors here and there but in general people will almost always cross over into each other's movie. They never feel like Thor 2 where the avengers supposedly exist but you only see the titular character. There will be a batman movie and supes will show up. There will be a Justice league movie and youll see the titans. Everything always makes sense.
chaitanya nimma
chaitanya nimma Månad sedan
Is it definitely required to watch all 15 movies or is it okayyy to...leave few not so good ones..if yes..tell which one to skip
MD 2 månader sedan
Only movie you needed to watch is death and return of superman.
Jets fly
Jets fly 2 månader sedan
So if DC did avengers end game
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 2 månader sedan
The only problem was that too many characters were dead, so ....it was predictable that they would come back eventually
Mitchell Best
Mitchell Best 2 månader sedan
Depressing extremely gory and hateful for no reason
Matt Ewald
Matt Ewald 2 månader sedan
Good comic to read? Look into Saga from Image Comics
Lord Juno
Lord Juno 2 månader sedan
This was better than endgame....fight me
Tray2Fly 2 månader sedan
Honestly all anyone need to watch is Flashpoint, Justice League War, And Justice League Dark.
Purple Mace
Purple Mace 2 månader sedan
this movie is so... brutal wtf it started with everybody being killed- starfire body got me 😢😳😩 Great movie I’m happy they asked for the vilain help
The Dime Drawer
The Dime Drawer 2 månader sedan
Aquaman got it real bad damn
H TW 2 månader sedan
Review umbrella academy since u said ur into indie stuff
AyOz 2 månader sedan
They should have split up the movie with the first one ending where batman is sitting in the electrical chair.
P L 2 månader sedan
Traumatizing scenes: -Starfire lying on the ground, cut in half with her guts all over the floor -Batgirl's death -Shazam's death -Green Lantern turned to dust and the ring didn't seek a new owner, fell to the floor. -Damian's death
Silly Me
Silly Me 8 dagar sedan
poor shazam knowing he's still a kid inside and experienced all that shit
The Dime Drawer
The Dime Drawer Månad sedan
@Nate Green Then Trigon made Darkseid his eternal bitch at the end of the movie 🤣👍
Mr. Bob
Mr. Bob Månad sedan
Don't forget Cyborg in pieces stuck to a wall, like something that came out from a Hellraiser movie.
Nate Green
Nate Green Månad sedan
Bruuuh the Lantern scene fucked me uuuuup, there was no one left. Darkseid clapped literally EVERYONE
The Dime Drawer
The Dime Drawer 2 månader sedan
Poor Aquaman got ripped in half and Hawkman got his wings eaten.
Ryan Quintana
Ryan Quintana 2 månader sedan
I loved it, definitely caught me by suprise I liked the animated DC movies so I am sad that there will be no more but damn I don't know how they would have continued after that
redfeng007 2 månader sedan
No Happy Ending like Endgame. War is ugly. You see your friends got killed one by one.
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso 2 månader sedan
Let’s talk about CROSSED, by Garth ennis.
bless 84
bless 84 2 månader sedan
You should watch Batman: Under The Red Hood. You will really enjoy that one.
Deji Adeleye
Deji Adeleye 2 månader sedan
It’s the best one out of all these animated dc movies
dark light
dark light 3 månader sedan
King shark is a shark!
Canaan B
Canaan B 2 månader sedan
Yeah and Captain Boomerang is a Boomerang
ninjastorm540 3 månader sedan
Man imagine the DC Movieverse actually making a competent universe and getting to make stories like this Live action. IT would have been amazing to see. This definitely felt like their own version of infinity war with a bit of endgame.
Carlos Dweller of a Long Name
Could you do a review for Flashpoint as well? Pretty please?
Carter Jacobsen
Carter Jacobsen 3 månader sedan
Just watched all of the new 52 animated movies in order, and this definitely a great pay off.
Freddy Gonzalez
Freddy Gonzalez 3 månader sedan
Jeremy! Don’t touch the hair
Arkham The Berserker
Arkham The Berserker 3 månader sedan
So funny story. This movie is brutal and I'm not easily disturbed. Well while I was watching this movie my daughter was watching "little baby bum" its a baby show that rehashes of nursery rhymes. Now anytime we put that show on for her and hear the into song I'm filled with a sence of dread. So good job DC lol
Shadow wolf
Shadow wolf 3 månader sedan
Idk why but seeing wonder woman's arm getting ripped off, fucked with me
solé Neptune
solé Neptune 3 månader sedan
We love the hair.
Assassin Jeff
Assassin Jeff 3 månader sedan
This movie reminded me when me and my friends got tactical nuked in modern warfare, then we came back strong and still lost XD
Astral G
Astral G 3 månader sedan
Justice League DANK: Biggest L (2020)
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior 3 månader sedan
NGL your hair looks pretty cool in that timeskip-power up-character growth fashion.
MtnDewGuy100 3 månader sedan
*THIS MOVIE WAS INSANE !!!!!!!!!! Now that’s a conclusion !!!!!!*
Mohammad Zaman
Mohammad Zaman 3 månader sedan
I only watched the movie for Constantine so it didn't hit as hard when crazy shit happened
MtnDewGuy100 3 månader sedan
*ive been watching jahns since about 09 or 2010 lol it’s crazy how long it’s been and he still has no idea I, one of his fans exist*
MtnDewGuy100 3 månader sedan
*KEANU JAHNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
elliot harford
elliot harford 3 månader sedan
injustice year 3
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 3 månader sedan
Shit goes down. Kinda saw the ending coming but man the slaughter of heroes on this scale was not what I was expecting.
Top Back Podcast
Top Back Podcast 3 månader sedan
What loser is hating on another mans hair? Plus its nice hair....they're just jealous Jeremy lol
OVRDze 3 månader sedan
Dwight Schrute is Lex Luthor... just sayin
Eean Jones
Eean Jones 3 månader sedan
Did janhs just fucking punch me and disappear?
movie suggest
movie suggest 3 månader sedan
What you did is like watching the end of infinity war and then watching endgame without watching the other mcu movies and say you read marvel comics the target audience here are the ones who have been watching the continuity its not like assault on arkham but still its good to have someone share his views on the movie as an individual animated feature
Shane Carravello
Shane Carravello 3 månader sedan
This was great
Rambling Ape
Rambling Ape 3 månader sedan
Just watched this movie. Boy was I not bored.
tomas pantoja
tomas pantoja 3 månader sedan
John wick with the hair
Nash 3 månader sedan
"Justice League: War" is infinitely better than the DCEU Justice League movie. Hell, the DC animated universe they have made over these movies is better than the DCEU.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 16 timmar sedan
@Dom510 not before 2016. everything was fucking awesome before 2016.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 16 timmar sedan
justice league isn't even out yet tf
Dom510 2 månader sedan
Ben Wasserman arrowverse is edgy teen woke garbage. It sucks.
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman 2 månader sedan
Dude, War made everyone too much of an asshole. Honestly the Arrowverse has been the best DC universe for years and they actually make good crossover events.
Puneeth Raj
Puneeth Raj 3 månader sedan
Justice league end game
Pedro Trevino
Pedro Trevino 3 månader sedan
That’s some dark 💩
Didodi Drive
Didodi Drive 3 månader sedan
All you have to watch is Justice League War Justice League Throne of Atlantis Justice League Dark Justice League Dark Apokolips War
Mr. Sarcasm
Mr. Sarcasm 3 månader sedan
Smallville season 10: "oh man this is the final season, i bet darkside is gonna do some serious shit before clark becomes superman" Justice league dark apokolips war: 😓 For real though, smallville clark had it easy compared to this version of superman
Jay_sun Månad sedan
Well the writers wanted to do all the characters because they knew Tom didn’t want to continue playing that character forever.
Jake Cain-Roser
Jake Cain-Roser 3 månader sedan
This movie is DC's Infinity War/Endgame.
Bradley Winn
Bradley Winn 4 månader sedan
I dunno, it just felt hollow, outside of watchibg your heros fail and enjoy watching them get ripped apart, what mattered? I mean if there is another flashpoint, doesn't that mean darkseid isn't imprisoned with trigon anymore? Or does a flashpoint only effect time one one dimension, or are there now two darkseids now the timeline is reset, or did we just watch a movie because it's cool to see our heroes die and get horribly mutilated with no consequences? If so can I recommend you goreporn movies or a new sub genre, super hero gore porn. Its like green room, but COMICS!!! *rolls eyes*
hunterkiller1440 4 månader sedan
This is what DC Cinematic Universe actually needs. I'm surprised why are most DC Animated movies better than the DC Cinematic Universe movies.
AgniKai 11 dagar sedan
@Yes Idk Yes ok that too
Hathim Haathiqu
Hathim Haathiqu 11 dagar sedan
@AgniKai Joker?
Yes Idk
Yes Idk 2 månader sedan
AgniKai shazam?
AgniKai 3 månader sedan
@Janssen Productions Stop Motions and Films Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are the ONLY good movies in the DCEU.
Janssen Productions Stop Motions and Films
Correction, why are ALL dc animated movie better than the DC cinematic universe?
rexthedog4 4 månader sedan
You’re hair is looking good, some John wick vibes
Latrell Richardson
Latrell Richardson 4 månader sedan
I liked Darksieds voice in Justice League War way better
Chef Banjo
Chef Banjo 4 månader sedan
I just had no fun with this movie. They were oh so clearly shooting for Endgame here, but there’s a big difference between these two. In Endgame, the audience walked in with a feeling of dread and gloom. The very first scene is Clint Barton’s family disappearing, and he doesn’t even see them go. Y’all remember the second scene? Lighthearted music, and an establishing scene between two characters playing paper football. I would’ve felt nothing in the heavy moments had it not been for goofy junk like that and Scott Lang turning into a baby. With this, I just felt nothing all the way through.
HUNK 4 månader sedan
Jeremy looks like a New York dirty cop character.
TheLadySilverMoon 4 månader sedan
My two dream scenarios: 1: Constantine crossover in Lucifer 2: Lucifer in a future animated DC movie (voiced by Tom Ellis)
Datu Topaz
Datu Topaz 2 månader sedan
@TheLadySilverMoon Yeah I would like to say the same thing too. Now with the new Lucifer Season 5 coming in Aug 21. I also heard John would appeared again either on this 5th season or the 6th. It would be a cameo or full. They already started a crossover if that happens. Also the other new netflex show Sandman is beginning their production slowly this month.
TheLadySilverMoon 2 månader sedan
@Datu Topaz I know of that cameo. What I want is a full on crossover with Constantine in the Lucifer TV show.
Datu Topaz
Datu Topaz 2 månader sedan
Actually it did on Crisis on Infinite Earths part 3. It happened a year ago in Dec 10 2019. The time when John, Diggle & Mia went to Earth 666 to meet Lucifer in order to get any mean magical item that will take them to Purgatory to get Oliver's soul.
Datu Topaz
Datu Topaz 2 månader sedan
@beaver benedict They did at Crisis on Infinite Earths part 3. The time John met him again on Earth 666.
beaver benedict
beaver benedict 2 månader sedan
I mean Lucifer and Constantine have met before
Msnyre W
Msnyre W 4 månader sedan
I like the hair😊
Kykywox 4 månader sedan
I didn't like it. I had the same issue I have with most of the recent DC animated movies. The dialogue feels off and even cringey at times. It feels like they put an extra second between every line of dialogue and that weird pause slows down everything and makes reactions delayed. It's really weird. Even though it's R rated, I didn't feel like it was made for adults but rather for kids who probably don't mind that kind of forced dialogue. Also, Damian Wayne had some of the worse voice acting I ever heard. And this is a minor gripe but I didn't think Lex Luthor sounded or even acted like Lex Luthor here. Give me Clancy Brown from the JL Animated Series any day. It's not all bad though, the Animation looked good and Constantine was pretty good but overall, DC can do A LOT better.
TRILOGY FN 4 månader sedan
so this is a hard reset right? there coming out with another DCAU?
Saether 4 månader sedan
Do Superman Red Son
Danny Jaxx
Danny Jaxx 4 månader sedan
I threw a Skippingstone over the DC animated movies, casually watching the ones that I missed. And I cried like a baby during apocalypse war. I think it’s the subtleties that drive the emotion home for this movie. So that might be what you were missing out on if you didn’t watch the whole DC animated movie universe
Danny Jaxx
Danny Jaxx 3 månader sedan
Canaan B holy hell that tore me apart
Canaan B
Canaan B 3 månader sedan
Damian's death hit me the hardest. "Justice...not...vengeance".
sweater ramen
sweater ramen 4 månader sedan
The hair is a definite good look
EARTH PRIME 4 månader sedan
Ooooo new hairstyle
DST Show
DST Show 4 månader sedan
It's dc infinity war
wowmartiean 4 månader sedan
I must admit I was weirded out with the new look at first but I must say I actually like the long hair. Not everyone can pull that off but you do spectacularly.
Daniel Stafford
Daniel Stafford 4 månader sedan
Flashpoint was good.. Watch flashpoint
leyenda61 4 månader sedan
Where was Joke in thisr? Did they explain & I somehow missed it? Or did they just give Harley his role?
Smurfette101 4 månader sedan
Harley in the movie says batman (who is brainwashed by darkside) killed him
vir123456 johnson
vir123456 johnson 4 månader sedan
There was no need to mention China by name in this movie. It detracted away from the plot and was a shameless attempt by the 50 cent party to infiltrate American culture and institutions.
Daniel Ppa
Daniel Ppa 4 månader sedan
I am watch the movie, because this is heavy spoiling lol
Alex Darr
Alex Darr 4 månader sedan
Michael Ironside is the best dark side voice. So many great lines. It’s fantastic.
NUWAN Sampath
NUWAN Sampath 4 månader sedan
what i hate about these movies young punk heroes dont respect OG's! why?is that cultural thing? it doesn't make story interesting.
david aguirre
david aguirre 4 månader sedan
I’d like Fede Alvarez do live action JLD!
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