Justice League: The Snyder Cut - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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We have our first second trailer for Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE! Let's talk about it!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/q2xor2Wgp4KD2IE.html
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22 aug 2020



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sbi168 4 dagar sedan
Awesome trailer, from someone who loves mos and bvs, this is what wb promised and lied do badly about. Cannot wait!
The 80's Wolf
The 80's Wolf 13 dagar sedan
It's time the Zack Snyder haters stop with their bs, and begin to use their brains, and actually analyze the mans movies. The same people that hate Snyder probably praise The Boys, because they understand it when it's extremely obvious and hit's them im the face and overexplains things.
dangerzone 21 dag sedan
There will be a black and white version.
joexxxx95 23 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
XXXTheExtremeMan XXX
XXXTheExtremeMan XXX 23 dagar sedan
I might be late but i have a question : is the ration gonna change when the cut will be out in HBO Max or Blu Ray , im not a fan of this ration tbh
R2D2 Inc
R2D2 Inc 25 dagar sedan
Well even if the movie is bad at least steppenwolf looks better
Sammy Kapoor
Sammy Kapoor Månad sedan
darkseid doesnt have armor yet bc he isn’t darkseid yet
jacob kim
jacob kim Månad sedan
so the original josstice league like did that not happen? is that how its gonna work?
Jaco Tromp
Jaco Tromp Månad sedan
I can't be the only person on this planet who hated the fact that this will be im 4x3 aspect ratio. What the fuck!!!!
Annie 5 dagar sedan
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf Månad sedan
Okay what the hell when did his background switch to blue!? Did I miss something!?
tiberiius Månad sedan
the snyder cut that we will see is not the version that was originally planned. it will have elements of the original but it's gonna be way more. it will be it's own monster.
Taien Quinn
Taien Quinn Månad sedan
To be fair to Joss is was clear he was under a lot of pressure - not only to finish Snyder's film but also to make it lighter and significantly shorter... He had less time and way more pressure. Whedon was reportedly bought onboard after initial screenings of Snyder's rough cut had proven to be disappointing with test audiences. So it may well be that Whedon was never really on board with Snyder's vision for the movie. What we are getting is Snyder's cut years after the film was scheduled to be released in cinemas - so even the "Snyder cut" isn't going to be the same cut of the movie that Snyder's version of the theatrical cut would have been, had Joss not been bought onboard. Nor is the actual theatrical cut of "Josstice League" the movie Whedon would have made had he been the director from the word "go." The studio would always have insisted on some of Whedon's lines being in the film (in fact he was working on rewrites for the film before Snyder dropped out) and would have made Snyder edit it down to at least 3 hours if not less. What we will inevitably end up comparing is a labour of love given years to perfect, compared to a theatrical release compiled with little shooting time and completed by a director who was hamstrung by having to use someone else's work. And on top of all of this Ray Fisher seems intent on destroying Whedon's career through innuendo and allusions to wrong doing without revealing any details.
Hamza Månad sedan
I just finish watching the trailer and singing hallelujuah and i click ur vid and u just said " hallelujuah indeed." 😂😂😂😂
Mostafa Bakhtiari
Mostafa Bakhtiari Månad sedan
Another trash from Hollywood
TheRobbyVerse Månad sedan
Ok bud keep thinking that
Alrighty Månad sedan
Is it just me, that Jeremy is looking like Peter McKinnon
Michael Mwaniki
Michael Mwaniki Månad sedan
That is baby darkside uixus
ALCzysz17 Månad sedan
I have never been more happy to not have seen the original until now.
Grime Fork
Grime Fork Månad sedan
Listen to the song . It’s about Fucking ,
fedvgo Månad sedan
Idky people are happy the JL film was trash so this film cant be worse. The bar was set so low. But still im not watching this. Make another movie name it something else. You dont get to have my money after JL original.
TheRobbyVerse 8 dagar sedan
@fedvgo I won’t be disappointed 😏
fedvgo 8 dagar sedan
@TheRobbyVerse you let me know how you like it. Im done paying to see bad DC films.
TheRobbyVerse Månad sedan
fedvgo they only use 10% Snyder scenes this movie 4 hours longer with new scenes no reshot of anything
fedvgo Månad sedan
Make a different JL movie dont remake a bad movie. This is a remake of the same movie using Footage that wasnt used in the first. LmK what you think of the film once its out ill be sure to watch it when its free to watch somewhere. Ive already paid to see enough dc movies.
fedvgo Månad sedan
The JL that was released was so bad that this "synder cut JL" couldnt be worse. But im not willing to give my money again after JL original
Katai Mason
Katai Mason Månad sedan
Batflick is low key the best live adaptation of the dark knight I've ever seen....fight me Bale fans
1400 AK
1400 AK Månad sedan
Nah i agree with you
god o Randomness
god o Randomness Månad sedan
Darksyde looks like he's curling on the thumbnail
Alex Piers
Alex Piers Månad sedan
"cant polish a turd" Extending the length of a fundamentally bad movie doesnt it make it good...?
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Månad sedan
Darkseid looks f*cking badass especially considering the fact that he is still in his early stages of his villain career. He dosent possess his Omega Beam yet thats why he is using the spear. He will only get more hardcore and deadly as time goes by i guarantee it.
George Popovici
George Popovici Månad sedan
HI. Darkseid is not missing his armour. The is the scene when he comes to Earth, under the name Uxas, for the 1st time to conquer it and he fights the "tribes of men" (you know who) but at this point he does not have his Omega power. Expect a different Darkseid towards the end of the movie.
YouTube Channel Reviews
I've been holding off on watching Justice League. This seems like the right opportunity to finally get to it.
Wilt Thestilt
Wilt Thestilt Månad sedan
Raised by wolves and The boys. ASAP. Thanks you
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez Månad sedan
Spoiler Alert: watchmen x Justice League
JLo™ Månad sedan
hallelujah! Jesus loves watching theater!
all lives matter
all lives matter Månad sedan
i got a copy if u want it, ill pay u to take it off me
Locswail Månad sedan
J whoever is doing your hair please praise him/her. Your hair looks amazing.
Coffee in Hand Productions
Genuinely super excited for this having written off and never seeing the theatrical release Wheodon apparently butchered. Hoping for a blu ray home release mid next year.
LetMe ReviewApps
LetMe ReviewApps Månad sedan
Am I the only one who thinks Silas Stone might become a version of Doctor Manhattan? He seems to evaporate in the same way DM does in Watchmen, and the DC Multiverse IS known to have multiple Manhattans...
Christopher Acevedo
Christopher Acevedo Månad sedan
Well what about x’s movie jahstice league
MtnDewGuy100 Månad sedan
Darth Plagueis The Wise
I’m hyped they’ve got Darkseid alone. This is gonna be better than what we got in every way.
Maddy Osa
Maddy Osa Månad sedan
I’m more cautiously optimistic. I’ve grown to dislike the “director’s cut” particularly when some directors and some their fans have tried to use their existence to reflect criticism of the main movie (Batman v Super man Cut) and Zack Snyder movies have often been more hit and miss for me as I think he relies spectacularly scenes/moments but fails to make the story overall that interesting (check out nerdwriter take on it). But since he never got to finish his movie and now we are getting his vision of the justice league. Maybe it better, maybe it’s not. I may not see it at first and wait for the general review before going to see it.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Månad sedan
now can we all get a Spider-man 3's Raimi Cut
soinu foig
soinu foig Månad sedan
now can we all get a Spider-man 3's Raimi Cut
Movie Fan 76
Movie Fan 76 Månad sedan
It's still 💩 Snyder's the worst DC movie director.
Sean Stark
Sean Stark Månad sedan
I love that you not only have VHS still, but multiple CRT’s. This guy gets it
Zahir Junejo
Zahir Junejo Månad sedan
You look like marv from home alone.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Månad sedan
No one even noticed the song was replayed. It went good with it but I get it your just trying to be funny but it didn’t work lol
night scriber
night scriber Månad sedan
Hack snyder
soinu foig
soinu foig Månad sedan
Hype is real
Tim Walden
Tim Walden Månad sedan
Zack Snyder’s Justice League uses the same song as Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, kind of like Zack Snyder’s Justice League will probably be much like Zack Snyder’s/Joss Whedon’s Justice League. I just don’t see enough difference. I have the VHSs, too. 😳
Emily An
Emily An Månad sedan
I didn’t believe the Snyder cut existed and now that I’ve seen the trailers I’m like wtf it’s a completely different movie
The Unknown
The Unknown Månad sedan
I wanted to see Batfleck in the Thrasher suit from the comics so bad instead of the climbing spider mech we got.
nel-sun studio
nel-sun studio Månad sedan
dude i thought i was the only one that know that soundtrack was from watchman
Mcbarf Mcspew
Mcbarf Mcspew Månad sedan
This looks bad i'm sorry. Zack has never made a good movie in his life
Emily An
Emily An Månad sedan
a justice league movie. They should of just done Justice League:War, which is an excellent cartoon movie which would make for great live action blockbuster
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Månad sedan
“Josstice League” will forever be the namesake of that film.
Skits And Giggles
Skits And Giggles Månad sedan
When did Jeremy become Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born?
Billy Barnett
Billy Barnett Månad sedan
I know I might get some flack for this, but it's because people misinterpret the song. For better or worse Zack Snyder used Hallelujah in Watchmen accurately. People get the sense that the classic Leonard Cohen song is spiritual, which it is, but it's also VERY much about sex. Leonard Cohen wasn't coy with what his songs, and what be believed in. And it's a theme that runs through almost his entire catalog. That is that Leonard Cohen was a worshiper of love, sex, and heartache. Hallelujah is a beautiful song about people fucking. Listen to the song and read the lyrics (of which there are about maybe 20 pages or so lol). Dude wrote like 10 different verses, all of which revolve around sex, and the unity one feels when in a passionate embrace. So whether Leonard Cohen was successful in parlaying that message of sex being a transcendental experience, is up to the listener. But as far as subject matter in the song itself, it fits with that passionate sex scene Snyder filmed. I say this not as a die-hard Snyder head, which I most certainly am not lol, but as an admirer of Leonard Cohen. We'll see if this movie was worth the wait lol.
Trevor Chappel
Trevor Chappel Månad sedan
Don’t mean to throw you off your schedule but I believe you should review the HBO SERIES, THIS MUCH I KNOW IS TRUE! Would love to hear your opinion! I also think you might enjoy it as well.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Månad sedan
Syder said that darksied in the flashback is in his junior form and we will see him in his true form
Taylor Corlett
Taylor Corlett Månad sedan
oh my ga3d give me this movie right now!
Rashidi Månad sedan
is he John Wick now?
Ali Månad sedan
But guys what do we do if this movie is really good? Will the dceu go on? Probably not the way it should have. Will we want it to? Probably yes. What do we do if we want more? Will part 2 get made if this is a success? I'm excited and scared to watch this. After the josstice league we wanted to forget about it.but now we're getting something better that probably won't go on
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez Månad sedan
No one even noticed the song was replayed. It went good with it but I get it your just trying to be funny but it didn’t work lol
Hrishi Deokar
Hrishi Deokar Månad sedan
Hype is real
James Miller
James Miller Månad sedan
Ben Affleck is a terrible actor and this movie will still be hot garbage, The Batman looks awesome though.
Tough And Tender
Tough And Tender Månad sedan
Thomas Wayne Batman and Ben Affleck Batman are my favorite version Batman too Bad Dick Grayson died in Snyderverse.
leyenda61 Månad sedan
Review Keanu Reeves' Street Kings and Constantine. Both of those shoulda gotten sequels
leyenda61 Månad sedan
@123 contain true, but since it was INO w/o Keanu, it doesn't count
123 contain
123 contain Månad sedan
Street Kings got an unworthy sequel.
William Preston
William Preston Månad sedan
John Wick is the Constantine sequel. :-)
Austin Williams
Austin Williams Månad sedan
I want more batfleck!!!!!!!
Mr. Universe
Mr. Universe Månad sedan
Takes up 2 minutes blabbing about nothing. What a genius
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Månad sedan
Get a haircut and shave your beard man.
Indeed time will tell. It is mind boggling that with all the source material, comic books, animated movies and cartoon tv shows of DC comics entire history they can’t put together a justice league movie. They should of just done Justice League:War, which is an excellent cartoon movie which would make for great live action blockbuster
Aseem Månad sedan
I agree!!
Lord Grave
Lord Grave Månad sedan
I shit you not there are ppl saying this looks the same not much difference...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH lol
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Månad sedan
The Josstice leage was only a teaser
t0k3m0nk3y Månad sedan
I'm someone else has said it already but that was Uxas before he became Darkseid. That's the reason for the lack of armour.
Vishal Venkat
Vishal Venkat Månad sedan
This movie can't be as be as the original but I don't see this being a good movie anyway, cuz Zack Snyder.
gibby Fraustro
gibby Fraustro Månad sedan
Syder said that darksied in the flashback is in his junior form and we will see him in his true form
The Frog
The Frog Månad sedan
Just wooow for now ‼️
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Månad sedan
Ben affkeck batman better than that emo eye liner wearing weak ass Pattinson Batman
Wall Dropping Knowledge
Batman V Superman had amazing trailers. Let's slow the roll on this being some masterpiece upgrade to Joss's version. 🤣
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Månad sedan
Silas dying was shown last year! Not a spoiler. Darkseid isn’t in this trailer, it’s Uxas before he becomes Darkseid.
Robert Montoya
Robert Montoya Månad sedan
Zack Snyder's hindsight 20/20 cut. This movie did not existent till now.
JaysonPrime Månad sedan
Darkseid looks like a cutscene for DCU online
Sawarynk Månad sedan
Soooo.... the snyder cut IS REAL?
Music Deep Dives
Music Deep Dives Månad sedan
😂 subscribing to your channel..
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Månad sedan
I remember you being part of those who claimed the Snyder cut does not exist...that explains alot on how you are reviewing the trailer
hu yueqi
hu yueqi Månad sedan
"I dont care how many demons his fought and how many hell, His never fought us", --that's the longest version of "cause I am batman"
SAVUFILMS Månad sedan
The Josstice leage was only a teaser
Ronald Williams
Ronald Williams Månad sedan
The CGI still looks really bad💯
Joshua Kallenberger
Joshua Kallenberger Månad sedan
Michael Ironside will always be Darkseid to me.
Taeng Keu
Taeng Keu Månad sedan
future note, dont let a marvel director direct a dc movie...
Charles W.
Charles W. Månad sedan
Why is everybody so hyped a remake of a shit movie is a shit movie. Stop calling it snyder cut when he is actually reshooting the movie. He blamed it being bad on everybody else then claimed his version was better and was reshot if thats the case why is he taking a year to completely reshoot new scenes. Only thing he did was finally listen to what the fans actually wanted then said ya thats what i always wanted see. He monday morning quarterbacked his own movie
Charles W.
Charles W. Månad sedan
@The last Kidd by reshoot i mean shooting brand new scenes or new photography. Which means he isnt just adding scenes that where cut he is redoing whole scenes from scratch shouldnt be snyder cut should be snyder do over
The last Kidd
The last Kidd Månad sedan
Oh forgot to write about it One years to finish the vfx and the ADDITIONAL photography not reshoot
The last Kidd
The last Kidd Månad sedan
No he is not reshooting the movie, the whole filming process was done back in 2016/17(without vfx) learn your fAx lmao but he going to be need some additional photography to connect some scenes in between episodes and of course some post credit stuff too So yeah before you write an comment check your facts. One thing I agree with you is that Yes the movie will be hot garbage and I can't wait to see people realise that Zack Snyder isn't a good director
svenskdod Månad sedan
So.... what’s up with the hair/beard?
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Månad sedan
I liked it very much i am very thankfull?
Gregor Eisenhorn
Gregor Eisenhorn Månad sedan
The cgi still looks fucking terrible. As does Darkseid, I'm talking late ps1 era bad.
The last Kidd
The last Kidd Månad sedan
Yeah it looks like ps2 graphics but they didn't have much time to render it in just one month For a character like Darkseid they need a year to render it. I mean yeah the movie is releasing next year so it makes sense. Hate the design tho
i hope it lives up to all this hype
larsyxa Månad sedan
So this means that Batman is Ben Affleck still and Robert Pattinson is Batsy also.....im confused but happy. As stated we all are tired of happy go lucky superheroes, we need some brooding shit.)
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Månad sedan
Josstice League will become the Star Wars Holiday Special of DC
FC XAVIER Månad sedan
I hope that is not darkseid or is just pre darkseid cause darkseid doesnt need a weapon. His fighting stance is standing with his hands behind his back spamming omega beams and bitch slapping anyone that gets close.
U MT Månad sedan
I remember you being part of those who claimed the Snyder cut does not exist...that explains alot on how you are reviewing the trailer
U MT Månad sedan
The scenes of darkseid was when he was Uxas(basically before he was a god) so he is not shown in his full God look, this was him as a kid
Dale Sanger
Dale Sanger Månad sedan
The Hologram that Bruce is looking at .. the legs look like women's legs... Supergirl??
Raymond Eddleton
Raymond Eddleton Månad sedan
Technically that is not Darkseid. It is Prince Uxas. This is before he trapped his father King Yuga Kahn in the source wall. IE no armor.
CornTater83 Månad sedan
It will be the pseudo 4:3 when it releases. He intends to release it Full Frame.
k p
k p Månad sedan
Jeremys age has shown throughout this plandemic
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh Månad sedan
*Everytime he says Josstice League* 🤣🤣
Louis Dion
Louis Dion Månad sedan
Why the vhs?! Let me correct you: Why anybody else doesn't have a little tv and vhs?!
Lonnie Holcomb
Lonnie Holcomb Månad sedan
ok so wheres the the dark side voice over video link,,,,, huh :P
VirtualVince Månad sedan
Jeremy, that beard must be itchy. Come on now, do the right thing. Make a Joe Exotic cut out of it.
Cinepifisis Månad sedan
Another Martha...
C T Månad sedan
We want retribution for Executive deciet!
Ho dy
Ho dy Månad sedan
That's probably an earlier younger darkseid. Without wrinkles and without armour.
Jacob Bornstein
Jacob Bornstein Månad sedan
Josstice League will become the Star Wars Holiday Special of DC
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