Lord of the Flies - Movie Review 

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A classic novel by William Golding that has inspired 2 film adaptations, as well as inspired themes among many other pieces of entertainment. Here I compare the 2 films of LORD OF THE FLIES!


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10 aug 2020



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aaakitsune 17 dagar sedan
Diddent they try to recreate it with "Kid nation" reality tv?
Gabriel Flucke Schmidlin
I remember watching this while i was travelling on a bus... I was 6 years old
hanzo hattori
hanzo hattori Månad sedan
Had to read this book in 7th grade english. It was the first story a school has forced me to read and enjoy.
geoffrey thomas
geoffrey thomas Månad sedan
k k
k k Månad sedan
Its konk guys not conch lol . Like the pronunciation I mean. As a sushi chef it always annoys me when ppl say conch with a -ch at the end lol
Sheeple Barn
Sheeple Barn Månad sedan
Neither movie was done well. The first lacked in film making even for the early 60s. The second was too far off the book. The 90s movie had Ralph with his arm in a sling. The kid who acted the part broke his arm just before filming began. That kid, Balathazar was part of the "Getty" family - one of the wealthiest families in the world. I often wonder if the disaster of a movie was not made just to appease his desire for an acting career ?
Alex M
Alex M Månad sedan
Do more books please! Movies are silly anyways.
userunknown203 Månad sedan
Jeremy this is probably one of your best videos. Keep up the great work- more content like this!
ednoisedem Månad sedan
I read only the book. Good read ... mandatory in a way. There is no way to think bout you, as reading person, if you read stuff like HP only. Those books like Lord of the flies that changes your life
K 2 månader sedan
"If we make it that far." That is definitely a mood as of late.
Gan Khef
Gan Khef 2 månader sedan
Great video. However, I must say that as a student of sociology and psychology (as well as a history and sociology enthusiast) I strongly believe the book to be largely based upon a faulty premise. The idea that the only bulwark against unchecked violence\aggression is the trappings of modern civilization is not borne out by the data. Human beings generally favor cooperation over aggression in a state of nature. In fact, an almost identical scenario occurred in real life and the children survived quite peacefully until being safely rescued. Our propensity toward violence sharply increased after we became agrarian and began to form static "civilized" social structures. The "inherent barbarism" concept this book helped carve into our modern cultural psyche is pretty cancerous IMO. I take your point about the role fear can play in amplifying a group's more destructive traits, however, fears ability to unify seems far too often overlooked as a result of confirmation/negativity bias. If "human nature" was as Golding depicted it to be, our species would have long ago proven inviable (again IMO). The Walking Dead is a perfect example of how much this idea of "human nature" has skewed our perception of reality, that is simply not how human beings would respond in such a situation over a sustained period.
kayisfish 2 månader sedan
I am one of the few people I know that really liked that book. As a teen and as an adult. It is terrible, of course but it makes you *feel*. It's message is poignant.
karadan100 2 månader sedan
Lion-O is growing his mane!!
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall 2 månader sedan
You can only talk when you have the conch? That's where the Umbrella Academy got it from?
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 2 månader sedan
To me, this book / and films are very powerful. You have to lose yourself in the story and get fully into the story like you are there. It's amazing
Normal Commenter
Normal Commenter 2 månader sedan
Can we get an F for Piggy please.
William Sanchez
William Sanchez 2 månader sedan
MarissaBollywood 2 månader sedan
The movie Eden was kind of similar but with high school/college age kids. It also introduced two women on the island which made for kind of an interesting dynamic.
David Collins
David Collins 2 månader sedan
I mean this in the best possible way: COVID has really upped the quality of your content.
ShakenMike 2 månader sedan
bro just start a podcast
WolfThornn Holtzklau
WolfThornn Holtzklau 2 månader sedan
I saw the 1990 version. If I'm not mistaken it features the late Bob Peck (Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park..R.I.P.) at the end of the film. I want to watch the 1963 version now. Great shout out to Michael Biehn's underrated Lt. Coffee from the equally underrated The Abyss!
alucard croft
alucard croft 2 månader sedan
Review the legacy of kain games, preferably defiance. You're a popular guy pal, with your influence square/crystal dynamics might consider carrying on with the story.
Ralph Barnes
Ralph Barnes 2 månader sedan
The book scared me a lot in school. I could not comprehend that the 'bad guys' would have no retaliation, that in fact they might not even be bad.
SpockBorg5 2 månader sedan
Dude stop spending your free time on a deserted island
Savage Ben
Savage Ben 2 månader sedan
Ok Jeremy, time for your double review of the Animal Farm movies 👌👌
A. G.
A. G. 2 månader sedan
Best adaptation of The Lord of the Flies was that Simpson’s episode
Vannah B.
Vannah B. Månad sedan
No it was the spongebob episode
David Navarro
David Navarro 2 månader sedan
I thought that he was going to say that the first adaptation was "worth buying on Blu-Ray", since there is a Criterion Collection edition of that one.
Nuno Bianchi
Nuno Bianchi 2 månader sedan
They made a TV series. It's called LOST
Johnathon Richard
Johnathon Richard 2 månader sedan
I have a lot of respect for this story. The way it's crafted and how the boys slowly descend into anarchy is one of the most chilling things I have ever experienced. My only real problem with it is that it's bullshit. Psychologist, especially Child Psychologist, all pretty much universally agree if this kind of scenario were to actually happen, children would do a lot better at surviving and building a society together than the story claims. Hell, just look at when this actually happened in 1965 and 6 schoolboys were stranded on the island 'Ata in the Tonga archipelago for over a year. Instead of desolving into chaos, the boys actually did a great job of working together to survive. They managed to set up a strict system of chores and ways to deal with fights. It was incredibly effective at keeping them working together, and they survived for over a year before they were rescued. It kinda erks me when people say Lord of the Flies gives us a harsh, real look into human nature, because objectively speaking it lies about the human nature. But that's just me
TheKingOfRuckus 2 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, have you seen Battle Royale?
Matías Baldoni Amar
Matías Baldoni Amar 2 månader sedan
I think this is the first time I've heard Jeremy reference a book in his reviews
Earl Chatterton
Earl Chatterton 2 månader sedan
impossible to not think of The Simpsons version. Zeppelin rules!
xdami4nx 2 månader sedan
I'm sorry, the superior one is the simpsons episode
Phat Critic
Phat Critic 2 månader sedan
I did this triple intake of the story a couple years ago. I never read it in highschool and I was on a kick to read classics. The book is brilliant and the 63 movie great. The 90s movie is a testament to movie audience expectations and hand holding ruining story telling. Ok I'm done.
Mighty Mad
Mighty Mad 2 månader sedan
Well, you brought it up, Jeremy... *Gotta review **_The Abyss_** now.* Not low key - it is, IMO, Cameron's best movie, *miles away* of _Titanic._ I mean, just 'The Resurrection Scene', as I call it... damn. So I would love to see you give it a legit review.
Modupe Sanda
Modupe Sanda 2 månader sedan
So... Jeremy's first book review?
Battle Tested
Battle Tested 2 månader sedan
This may be random, but could you review Lawrence of Arabia?
osaro runner
osaro runner 2 månader sedan
I Always felt terrible for Piggy he just never stood a chance did he.......“Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy.”
Draco Safarius
Draco Safarius 2 månader sedan
God, getting the flashbacks to 12th grade English having to draw a scene from the book and Piggy being an actual pigman in the drawing lmao
Windson Ma
Windson Ma 2 månader sedan
I only watched the Black and White Version and that was back in High School, and now that I've also seen all of the Star Trek TOS Episodes the Lord Of The Flies Really Reminds me of the Episode simply titled 'Miri' In Season 1 of the show. Instead of an Island these kids get an Entire Planet to themselves if I'm not Mistaken, and as for what 'The Lord Of The Flies' means to me Personally is that Laws Are Necessary I Guess?
AC 2 månader sedan
.....and that's the origin story of BLM and Antifa! With Chinese characteristics!
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 2 månader sedan
stanford experiment
Peace tf Out
Peace tf Out 2 månader sedan
Bro your beard is dope
Will lucero
Will lucero 2 månader sedan
Jeremy The Wolf
Zachary Foster
Zachary Foster 2 månader sedan
Are you going to review the all female reboot?
Jonatan Pina
Jonatan Pina 2 månader sedan
That beard is a tour de force.
wayner396 2 månader sedan
Watched an episode of the umbrella accademy last night were they can only talk if they're holding a chonch. Didn’t realize it was a Lord of the Flies refrence.
Color Bars
Color Bars 2 månader sedan
Hes slowly becoming the poor mans Keanu.
Joseph Novak
Joseph Novak 2 månader sedan
Man, this is bringing back flashbacks when I saw the latest movie in highschool. The whole class lost it when the rock fell and killed that character (don't remember the name). They ended up rewinding and watching that scene 4 times xD
vinx2x 2 månader sedan
I remember the time back in my school days we had to watch both movies in class
concord327 2 månader sedan
When I was a kid I thought Lord of The Rings and Lord of the Flies were part of the same series.
Jonathan Barker
Jonathan Barker 2 månader sedan
The classic movie is better then remake .And the book is the best out all three .It was great read in High school ,But back in the day saw the movie first ,Then book later in High school as well the movie again ,But first time seen this dude not looking clean shaving as he usually does But it does not bother me it's his video .
Missy 2 månader sedan
I remember my humanities teacher put on the 1990's version during class and we got to the pig part and I had to leave the class because I knew I couldn't watch it.
The One Above All
The One Above All 2 månader sedan
I liked the 90's movie. The subtle changes made an old story new. The 90's movie was more violent and realistic as well.
Aeradom 2 månader sedan
I didn't realize Jeremy was a fan of no shave November. Or that it was November. Nice look.
Starry Night
Starry Night 2 månader sedan
Great review! Being forced to watch this film and read the book in primary school made me dislike it, but I agree with all of your points and I'll have to re-watch it again. Who has re-read some of the texts they were forced to study in school? I have a feeling we'd appreciate them more now.
DruMeister 2 månader sedan
Jesus, Jeremy Jahns legit looks like Moses or some biblical figure..
Rental Copy Video
Rental Copy Video 2 månader sedan
They killed piggy
V I R U S []
V I R U S [] 2 månader sedan
Review Sling Blade!
todd johnson
todd johnson 2 månader sedan
If the Godfather was a cartoon, then it wouldn't be highly regarded by most people.
Chris Fury
Chris Fury 2 månader sedan
Uhhh i loved the 1963 version and the book too. The 1990 version sucked, except one scene which i found pretty dareing.
The Goddamn Batman
The Goddamn Batman 2 månader sedan
It makes me wanna go back and watch the 1963 movie. Thanks! :)
Maureen 2 månader sedan
I have seen the black and white 60's movie and read the book. There was an interesting tumblr post talking about how Lord of the Flies only applies to upper middle class British boys, because studies show that children that age in lower economic circumstances tend to be more empathetic and compassionate. At least, if I'm remembering correctly.
rod dog
rod dog 2 månader sedan
@afireinsidebrad alienation is what causes violence
afireinsidebrad 2 månader sedan
If urban gang warfare and its prevalence among the children in those areas is anything to go by...id say thats a load of bull
Edgar Larios
Edgar Larios 2 månader sedan
Now, would this story work if they were all girls? Because the remake is all girls... Well, if it's getting made anymore.
jugadug 2 månader sedan
jeremy i swear looks like some beast from the woods he needs a hair cut and shave i can't this review looks disgusting
InaR1019 2 månader sedan
Watched lord of the flies in 3rd grade, traumatized me a little esp when they killed the kid
Boris Posavec
Boris Posavec 2 månader sedan
Jermy trying to dig into epic religious look these days... or Rasputin never died.
Marcel Zachary
Marcel Zachary 2 månader sedan
Crazy Nostalgia Critic compared Lord of The Rings movies together and Jeremy comparing Lord of the Flies movies together.
Drewster 2 månader sedan
Well, Joker called it back in 2008.
Zachary Santacruz
Zachary Santacruz 2 månader sedan
Can you do a review on the tax collector which is out now and Mulan once it comes out
SaketG 2 månader sedan
Mushrooms man. Does crazy things to people.
THami 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, you look so handsome!
wewyllenium 2 månader sedan
Metal Gear!!!
Archie Lundy
Archie Lundy 2 månader sedan
The veneer of civilization is wafer thin. Barbarism is always lurking just around the corner.
Apollo 2 månader sedan
Spoiler Alert Lol at the end of the book the British kids are acting all kinds of guilty, the naval personnel comes on shore and they're like oh dame. I feel like most of them would've justified what they did after. I bet the outcome of the lord of the flies would be mostly determined from where they came from and what time period they we're stranded in. If you've ever been to an international camp. It's kind of like a science experiment. People's background and culture has a role in determining the outcome of which the lord of the flies is based upon. However, in the end of the day. People will end up following the leader among themselves. It's just the characteristics to the one in charge that are different in every scenario. Kids and adults will always find someone to follow that makes them feel safe.
Ceasius 2 månader sedan
Look at the gap in the mustache, now you can't unsee it.
Miller Gonzalez
Miller Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
You want a low budget film, than try El Mariachi by Robert Rodriguez
mekkio77 2 månader sedan
Given how well he is good with children actors and the stories he tells with them, I would love to see Taika Waititi do an adaptation of the book. That or get 80's Spielberg circa E.T. and Empire of the Sun to do it. And while I agree the older movie is a better adaptation of the newer one, I don't feel either one of them caught the utterly spookiness I felt reading the book. The almost supernatural evil tone that Simon felt that lent itself to the title of the book. Lord of the Flies is a reference to a demon. Beelzebub. I want that element in the movies. I don't need to see the demon. He doesn't appear, himself, in the book. But I want that moment where Simon looks at the pig's head on the pike and feel that glimpse of supernatural evil that he felt. I want that uneasiness. That almost fever dream.
Josh Kodep
Josh Kodep 2 månader sedan
Joel wtf?! Ellie thinks your dead and your here making SElosk videos?!!
Jacobra The Great
Jacobra The Great 2 månader sedan
I saw the 90's version when I was a kid. That movie was probably my first experience being traumatized from a movie. It was the part when they dropped a rock on that one kid's head (I think they called him Piggy). That part freaked me out for days afterwards.
xxImaGlikeDATxx Gaming
xxImaGlikeDATxx Gaming 2 månader sedan
You Haven’t Done The Tax Collector??
guitarhero8110 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, I think you are at 'permission to come aboard' beard length.
Jamel Buckhana
Jamel Buckhana 2 månader sedan
Hear me out: what if the Joker is a lord of the flies kid that grew up?
Reasonably priced hitman
Reasonably priced hitman 2 månader sedan
LOST of the Flies
R.A.s Reviews
R.A.s Reviews 2 månader sedan
Dude you have to review umbrella academy!
Dalton james
Dalton james 2 månader sedan
Did u watch Barry
Legendary Scarlet Lunala 792
I've read the book( middle or early highschool? ) and have watched both movies (one for English class and the other for my law class). I do agree with him that the 1963 version, on the basis that with a small budget they had to get creative, it just feels more real and it makes you feel the conflict they went through.
nowisdasick 2 månader sedan
I watched the 1990 version when I was a kid and that scared me 😂
Caye Daws
Caye Daws 2 månader sedan
I remember when this one SEloskr said that if the kids were all girls it would have resulted in chaos, and I was like "did you read the book?"
drewbieware 2 månader sedan
I have only seen the 90’s version and i loved it!!
Colden Fell
Colden Fell 2 månader sedan
Oh my god a Spongebob episode magic conch was based on Lord of the Flies
People Mobz
People Mobz 2 månader sedan
Review ballad of buster Scruggs, its a cohen brothers netflix movie
KetchupOnThePHONE! 2 månader sedan
Review slither (2006) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!
Jameson Cyr
Jameson Cyr 2 månader sedan
An American Pickle review coming anytime soon? so many new films being released these days can’t blame you for missing it...
Ryan Lazrine
Ryan Lazrine 2 månader sedan
saw the black and white one in middle school and i end up referencing it from time to time i enjoyed
Jarryd Kniese
Jarryd Kniese 2 månader sedan
Jeremy I actually find your reviews a lot more entertaining when you’re talking about things that you care about over the newer releases keep it up
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 2 månader sedan
You should do a "Liam Neeson does more Revenge flicks than Taken" mini series, do Darkman. Apparently you never did a Retro Review
Artistry Artistry
Artistry Artistry 2 månader sedan
Lol he mispronounces "conch" over and over and over. :)
Mark Diaz
Mark Diaz 2 månader sedan
Jeremy I’m a huge fan and I was wondering if you can review this movie called zodiac it‘s on Netflix right know if you want to watch
Anthony Wolfe
Anthony Wolfe 2 månader sedan
Corona that was the sickness he had. Lol it's coming and nobody realizes it.
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