Love And Monsters - Movie Review 

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A man quests across an apocalyptic monster infested land to get to the love of his life. Here's my review for LOVE AND MONSTERS


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16 okt 2020



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Pancreas Channel
Pancreas Channel 51 minut sedan
Jesus of John wick look a like.
Great Arthur
Great Arthur 2 timmar sedan
I want another one
Mahesh 5 timmar sedan
This movie was so refreshing .. I hope they make a sequel ..
Tanner Scott
Tanner Scott 5 timmar sedan
I thought this movie was awesome, i hope they make more honestly
Broba Fett
Broba Fett 7 timmar sedan
Everyone in the comments talking about him in Teen Wolf or Maze Runner. Did no one see American Assassin? That was a really good movie and he did a great job in it.
Dave Dale
Dave Dale 8 timmar sedan
A boy and his dog 1975
Victor Shaw
Victor Shaw 9 timmar sedan
the world was good, the main character was trash...would've been better if it was the little girl and the old man. The story was shit.
IROC-T 11 timmar sedan
I honestly would have liked to see more monsters but overall decent movie
Screen Dome LSK
Screen Dome LSK 15 timmar sedan
Watched the movie. Boy should win an Oscar!!!!!
Wallace Rigby
Wallace Rigby 15 timmar sedan
Movie surprised me definitely and yeah the monster designs definitely was really well made.
Trazerade 16 timmar sedan
It was a really enjoyable movie !
Complexity 18 timmar sedan
Suck a great guy and the movie was great
KeyboardWrecker 19 timmar sedan
I think the fact that this movie's action was really muted and realistic worked against it for me. The relationships were also realistic and seemed to lack a certain dramatic flair. I guess for me there is nothing about this movie that would make me watch it again.
Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop 20 timmar sedan
I so enjoyed the movie and found the world in it fascinating. I hope they explore the world more in a sequel as long as they keep the quality up.
humanature 21 timme sedan
This looks like netflix "Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts!"
B28 Padriga Mikhail Francis
Come here BOII
Dyaln O'brian was the diamond of Teen Wolf, without him i probably wouldn't have continued watching that show.
Jacob Stallone
Jacob Stallone Dag sedan
Thanks for this, i watched it based on your review. I enjoyed it
Falbert ALBUS
Falbert ALBUS Dag sedan
Jere Dag sedan
Best supporting actor Oscar goes to... Boy Who's the good boy... Yes, you are
J Arellano
J Arellano Dag sedan
Find on Vudu too
Mendiola Romeo Isaac L.
movie has a taste of spielberg's movies
Broken Lantern X
Was surprised at the good review. Trailer made it look like another Monster Trucks flaming turd. Also fighting monsters with Boy? Someone's been playing God of War.
Cyba IT
Cyba IT Dag sedan
I'm glad Jeremy has chilled out a bit and isn't so shouty for the whole review. Also, yeah, it's a good movie but best to go in blind without watching any trailers or reviews imo
woojin214 2 dagar sedan
Holy shit. Just finished watching it. It's like Monster Hunter + Zombie land.
Nova Enforcer15
Nova Enforcer15 2 dagar sedan
Felt more like the last of us
Karen Vega
Karen Vega 2 dagar sedan
Since you asked our favorite monster movies, I gotta go with The Thing, the original from the 80's.
Tyllis 2 dagar sedan
This movie is Zombieland + I am Legend + Fallout. Lots fun. Highly rec.
daisx beohfox
daisx beohfox 2 dagar sedan
You can also youtube
Average Joe
Average Joe 2 dagar sedan
not sure if you'll find this comment but if you like Dylan o brien they check out his new film. "The education of fredrick fitzell" there is an article stating that during that time of filming the actor was very personal to the character. A quarter-life crisis
Christopher De Ciantis
Please review Borat 2
Unknown 2 dagar sedan
Wait when did Keanu Reeves start a YT channel?
wx_wolverine 2 dagar sedan
This movies was aewseome =) and dylan o'brien is always great.
Jordan Buysse
Jordan Buysse 2 dagar sedan
Favorite monster movie is probably the original Godzilla movie from 1954.
Eduard Drobby
Eduard Drobby 3 dagar sedan
i saw a long time ago a somewhat low-budget movie with the same premise. A man, during a zombie virus outbreak, leaves his home/fortress in search of his girlfriend. This movie sounds great
T 3 dagar sedan
The most predictable pg-13 movie ever.
S3MAT0NE 3 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but this movie isnt good for me. I love dylan o brien bit this just isnt it
Matias 3 dagar sedan
Best part about the movie was: no cgi dog
aeon lincoln
aeon lincoln 3 dagar sedan
Dylan O'Brien was my first choice to play Nathan Drake. He's just the right age, they could have started a franchise with this lad :(
Rahman Yii
Rahman Yii 3 dagar sedan
There's a subtle message in the film about the global pandemic.
DL Butters
DL Butters 3 dagar sedan
That giant mutated frog probably ate the dog's previous owner...
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 3 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
MON ROSASINA 3 dagar sedan
Jeremy is slowly turning into John Wick.
Shane O' Mac
Shane O' Mac 3 dagar sedan
This movie was alright as a film, but felt like a rip off of zombie land, uninspired slog, naming a dog boy... Come on son. Lack of character development, weak story, interesting concept, but I did not feel invested in Dylan O'Brien
William Pattison
William Pattison 3 dagar sedan
Ok, Jeremy, this is horror author William Pattison and you want to know my favorite horror film of all time? Here it is. It is The Legend of Hell House, which is from the 70s and what I consider the greatest ghost story of all time. I watch it every year at this time and it is always ...Hell, yes, there it is!
Fakhrur Rozi
Fakhrur Rozi 3 dagar sedan
i liked the movie, but there's a major plot hole. if someone want to give advice on an apocalyptical world i think it will be Indians that will do that. just imagine them saying " hello guys welcome to my guide on surviving in an apocalyptical world" lol
Red Red
Red Red 3 dagar sedan
I still remember Teen Wolf season 3 as if it was yesterday. Dylan stole the show that season. I don’t feel that Dylan is underrated per say, but I do hope he can find a role that’s able to gain him more fans that are over the age of 17.
DarthDaddy1701 3 dagar sedan
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan 3 dagar sedan
My Review: I must say after the first 5 minutes i thought this was just going to be full of bad jokes the whole film. But i gave it a chance because of Dylan. The film has the perfect ballance of comedy, action and seriousness. The acting was great and the CGI was not overdone. I ended up liking most of the charaters. I loved the bond between joel and Boy. The negatives for me was you didn't really see many cool monsters like a spider, crocodile or a massive ant. They end the film with a set up of a sequal that i cant wait to see. But all in all i give it a solid 8/10
rahul srinivas
rahul srinivas 3 dagar sedan
Amazing movie !! Spot on review Jeremy
The Specialist
The Specialist 3 dagar sedan
It is Monster Hunter type of movie that is really wanted and better than the other actual one that is coming out soon that we all know, this movie nailed well on the storyline, monsters, characters and action & cgi scenes, was impressed by this movie and the hero and the dog too as i watched it already👍😎 Good review there👍
Uncle Dave74
Uncle Dave74 3 dagar sedan
I LOVE LOVE LOOOVVEE The Full Beard.. I Have Been A Long Time Sub.. Been watching you Since The None Facial Hairs Till Now A FULL BEARD.. LOVE this Look.. Love Your Reviewing Skills .. Keep Them Videos Coming... OHHHH YYEEAHHH!!!
barrybadranath 3 dagar sedan
Good movie, good ending. Didn't like the ending though...
antonio gonzalez
antonio gonzalez 3 dagar sedan
Dilan O Brien is the perfect spiderman we never gonna get
metal new 1
metal new 1 3 dagar sedan
A pretty good movie, I would have liked to see more of Mavis the a.i. robot and the first man and girl: Minnow, he met on the surface.
Nathan Breen
Nathan Breen 3 dagar sedan
Does anyone else think jeremy should finish reviewing sherlock?
WJ ZAV 3 dagar sedan
Sooooo, sounds like a life-action version of The Last of Us to me.
Asuna Chan
Asuna Chan 4 dagar sedan
Tnx i was debating on whether to watch this or not. 👌🇵🇭💕🎃
Milton2k 4 dagar sedan
Boy o boy that dog can act.
Milton2k 4 dagar sedan
Best movie ever made in a pandemic, perfect for this days.
Daniel Lackenby
Daniel Lackenby 4 dagar sedan
Loving the John Wick look that's developed over lockdown.
Jøhn Snøw
Jøhn Snøw 4 dagar sedan
Am i the only one who sees reviews after he sees the movie to see if ppl liked it to 😂
Dayvideo 4 dagar sedan
He told the elders to go North....
Brandon Sherwood
Brandon Sherwood 4 dagar sedan
This movie is one the great gems of 2020, and in my opinion the last decade
Joshua J.
Joshua J. 4 dagar sedan
Dylan o brian is extremely underated.
Muas 92
Muas 92 4 dagar sedan
Michael Rocker is the perfect mentor.
Yep. Just Eric
Yep. Just Eric 4 dagar sedan
Super grateful for the recommendation, Jahns. This was the monsterpocalypse fallout zombieland movie I knew I needed. And it was perfect for this year.
The Last Outlaw
The Last Outlaw 4 dagar sedan
Review Back To The Future Part III
ΔϟK KΔV 4 dagar sedan
I think this movie would do well as a tv series.
Edward Bedor
Edward Bedor 4 dagar sedan
(looks at thumbnail) So it's NOT the infamous Doctor Who episode fans of the show hate.
Enzo954 4 dagar sedan
I thought the ending sucked!
Joshua Mata
Joshua Mata 4 dagar sedan
Im predicting the dog dies at the end, I feel the way Jeremy was talking about the dog so much he's gonna die. Also he said that Dylan O Brain did good on emotional scenes, he probably is crying when the dog dies. I might be totally wrong tho.
max petren
max petren 4 dagar sedan
I just watched this movie and I loved it
RossBossNerd RBN
RossBossNerd RBN 4 dagar sedan
i watched it on ps4 store and the little girl with rooker is baby gamora in infinity war
Jon Vidal
Jon Vidal 4 dagar sedan
You should've mentioned Mavis! One of the parts that made it more than an adventure/action flick. Really loved that scene.
AJ Merz
AJ Merz 4 dagar sedan
It wasn't great
Kanye West
Kanye West 4 dagar sedan
Great Movie
og87 4 dagar sedan
Decent movie. Would watch in the cinema if they do a sequel. But MY GOD HOW CUTE IS THATT M***FING DOG. I also had to google spoilers because ya know.... dogs and NO ONE WILL EVER I AM LEGEND ME EVER AGAIN. It’s an Australian kelpie. Googled it. Obsessed.
teeths 4 dagar sedan
damn good movie, very emotional , perfect direction and music. Mixture of LOVE and monsters. but i really didnt like the End part, where he did this for LOVE but ..in the end he was heart broken almost. very bad scene. hate that girl.
Jay N
Jay N 4 dagar sedan
Really want to check this out... I also wanted to pay for it, but 20$ is absurd to rent a movie.
Andrew Montoya
Andrew Montoya 4 dagar sedan
I loved this movie
dennis dedan
dennis dedan 4 dagar sedan
Dont jinx 2021 come on and Dylan O brien is an amazing actor for everyone who have watched teen wolf knows this.
Travis Zander
Travis Zander 4 dagar sedan
Dog O'Brien makes the movie.
Non Combatveteran
Non Combatveteran 5 dagar sedan
So fallout
Ray RPGer
Ray RPGer 5 dagar sedan
My kids were cheering for Boy
Jameel Far
Jameel Far 5 dagar sedan
we want a game like this movie or of this movie and i want ut to be an openworld
Devin Hobbs
Devin Hobbs 5 dagar sedan
I just want to know, does the dog get hurt or killed?! If it does I’m not watching.
Ifeanyi Grace
Ifeanyi Grace 5 dagar sedan
I watched The movie and it's amazing I love it
the44118 5 dagar sedan
Good movie! Dylan O'Brien is a star.
joe thumm
joe thumm 5 dagar sedan
lts not sayin alot, but best movie ive seen this year......
DJ TECH 5 dagar sedan
He's the best young green screen actor out lol
Blitz Creak
Blitz Creak 5 dagar sedan
please jeremy, review event horizon
Bankai Media
Bankai Media 5 dagar sedan
Bruh, the best friend is a dog so that is already an automatic thumbs up in my book
Mr nice guy *
Mr nice guy * 5 dagar sedan
So here’s my theory about Boys owner. The frog ate her and that’s why Boy was there when Dylan’s character was lured.
FearTheUnnKnown 5 dagar sedan
People of the comment section. If you would like to see this movie for free in 4k like every other god damn movie I watch and don't pay for just download and program called KODI. You can either download it on your PC or android box or fire stick but fire stick it runs a little slow. Videos are all over SElosk. You get KODI and you'll never have to pay to watch a movie again. You're welcome 😊
Priyank 5 dagar sedan
I watched the movie after this review, totally worth it.
Daniel Parkerson
Daniel Parkerson 5 dagar sedan
I've always loved Dylan as an actor. I watched all of Teen Wolf even though it's awful JUST BECAUSE of Dylan O'Brien.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 5 dagar sedan
Go to Vudu. Best movie app ever and its on Roku
Guybrush3pwood 5 dagar sedan
There are actors in this movie from other movies. I'll list the three i have seen and ignore the rest. You have also seen some of the actors in other movies and am amazed how i listed characters fro, other films. So you upvote this thoughtful comment and i get validated for having the brain power of a chimp. We all get dumber, start using literally as a metaphor and here we are today. Yay.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 5 dagar sedan
I like when Keanu Reeves reviews movies
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