Lucifer: Season 5 (part 1) - Review 

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Lucifer enters its 5th season. How toes it compare to season 4? Here's my review for LUCIFER: SEASON 5....part 1?
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25 aug 2020



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Alen's Solo
Alen's Solo 2 dagar sedan
I actually felt that season5 was better than season 4.the episodes you told was fillings, actually was the key of lucifer and chloe getting back together right?
Bridie 16 dagar sedan
Watched the first half of the season the day it came out. I've been a pretty big fan of the show for a while, and after season 4 my expectations were really high- once season 5 came around I was a little disappointed. I only really started to enjoy it within the last 2 episodes when Chloe was kidnapped because you could really see the angst within Lucifer, and the guilt he felt for leaving her However, they dragged out a few things which I was disappointed about and it was definitely a step down from season 4, however in saying that! it is only the first half of the season so not much judgment can be made.
Morpheus 21 dag sedan
I just finished binging the show, i found myself skipping through all of the buddy cop bs to the end of the episodes where there was more heaven/hell focus. Especially season 3, sheesh!
Twisted 22 dagar sedan
Ngl Jermey looks like he would fit the lucifer role.
Lourens Bester
Lourens Bester 25 dagar sedan
Yeah, the filler was really annoying, but I liked the more experimental route they took for some of the episodes, particularly the one with Lilith. Also, side note, how much of a dick must Adam have been for both Lilith and Eve to hate his guts.
TheCrazyfighter19 25 dagar sedan
The thing with Dan hating lucifer was because of Charlotte. And Dan was getting therapy for it at the end of season 4
SaF 27 dagar sedan
Really disagree with you, loved this season. And that 2v2 fight scene in the last episode (of the first part of the season) with that music... my god was it glorious.
steelbarber Månad sedan
I mean this is exactly what I expect from Lucifer, idk how you think it’s any different from any other season.
the wolf 01x
the wolf 01x Månad sedan
Cmon Jeremy Lucifer and decker have one major thing incommon they both love punishing evil 🤦‍♂️
Ajith Batzzz
Ajith Batzzz Månad sedan
Season 5 "part 1 or A" was WEAK. Only the last episode was watchable.
Carolyn Payne
Carolyn Payne Månad sedan
Maze is becoming more human. She is growing a soul. She loves Trixie, Charley, Linda, and even Chloe. If you can love, you have a soul.
Erich Von Molder
Erich Von Molder Månad sedan
I know this is a fantasy show, but DAMN, the writing fell off the cliff in this season. Bringing Michael into the mix is ridiculous and Amenadiel having a child and being a Father with a mortal, Oh Boy. Now, then Allstate guy, Jesus. Then the scene where Michael, Lucifer, Amenadiel and Maze are fighting, Jesus Christ on a crutch! Oye Gevalt.
Caitlin Cushing
Caitlin Cushing Månad sedan
I’m sorry but have we been watching the same show? Lucifer has always had self-doubt and hatred towards him. It’s come up several times over the last few seasons. S4 was hands down my favorite and while I agree the writing could have been better in s5, it was a GOOD season. Ep8 is where Lucifer really shined. Since s2, people got it in Lucifer’s head (and eventually Chloe’s) that her only reason for existence was for him, which we later find out through Amenadiel that because of her existence, Chloe can truly see Lucifer for him. They even proved in 3x26 how they’d find each other regardless of circumstances. She wasn’t a gift for him yet that one subliminal suggestion sparked a huge controversy. Everything they felt for each other was real; it wasn’t forced or made up.
Alina Månad sedan
Jeremy’s right. Season 5’s writing was garbage
Thomas Månad sedan
I much prefer Dan and Lucifer being friends, to be honest. Jeremy says that Lucifer was just kind of bullying him, but, in actuality, Lucifer was taking his advice on board and even consistently wore the bracelet Dan gave him. Bracelet Bros for the WIN!!
Victor Vazquez
Victor Vazquez Månad sedan
I hated the revealed of the actor playing God. He is NOT A GOOD ACTOR.
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
TheBatman73 Månad sedan
I felt that this first half of the 5th seaspn tore every character down, like you finish episode 8 and every character (except Linda which was boring asf this season) is destroyed, Maze most of all she has an existencial crisis, amenadiel now is afraid of his child, Chloe is on doubt with her relationship and lucifers life isnt that exciting, lets not forget ella and her bad luck...
Ran Bar-Levi
Ran Bar-Levi Månad sedan
Hated everything about season 5 other than mezikin who had awesome plot line. without her I would have quit the show.
B Luz
B Luz Månad sedan
Dan being THIS nice makes sense. Remember there are 5 stages of grief. The self help books and him being super nice to Lucifer is him not dealing with his issues. It was obvious when he visited Charlotte and still feels the pain. Lucifer was slowly becoming more human. You don't need to like it but this was going to happen. :) I used to like Maze but she's so tiring. Her arc was actually good but come on, it's the same thing again and again.
ColoredPancake Månad sedan
Season 3 was the best and afterwards I would’ve hoped for some serious character building but they didn’t do that.
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores Månad sedan
Did you know tom ellis is in doctor who
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone Månad sedan
Anyone else really hate the story with Linda having a daughter years ago? Felt really filler and rushed
If u disagree with me u are stupid
Least favourite season?! Nothing is worse than season 3
If u disagree with me u are stupid
Maze is the stupidest character ever
If u disagree with me u are stupid
Why is dan so upset about Charlotte they weren’t even together long lol
MurderGiraffe19 Månad sedan
Just wait until Dan finds out Charlotte was Lucifers mom. He's gunna go full Xbox COD lobby 12 year old.
NotoriusMaximus Månad sedan
Ella is getting on my nerves
Cayla Armitage
Cayla Armitage Månad sedan
Honestly, I was so excited for part 1 of Season 5, but it was kinda boring. I love the show and how exciting it is but then I get to season 5 and think "oh this is what I was excited for?" I dont know. I wish there was more to it. I wonder what the other episodes will bring. Hopefully something with more spunk.
loungeblogger Månad sedan
how cool would it have been, if Morgan Freeman was cast as dad? 🤯
sujaaay Månad sedan
Man oh man. I hope Jeremy responds to everyone's comments.. Preferably as a "tales from the comment section" format 😅
Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson Månad sedan
Michael is basically the version of Lucifer we read about in the Bible and in legends about the devil lmao. The Prince of Lies etc
loungeblogger Månad sedan
what I don't like about the show is that there are no consequences whatsoever. I mean there is some fundamental celestial shit going on but nothing ever comes out of it. lucifer leaves hell, but nothing really happenes. yeah so he turned to a monstrous self, but it was dealt with within the same episode. Amenadiel fathers a child, ok whatever. kain walks the earth and then he doesn't. the most interesting character arc was lucifer's mom's, when she got her own universe. chloe is the most boring character ever, and she wastes all this time being pissed at lucifer even though it wasn't his fault. the show almost has an episodic sitcom character, and all the csi la bs is just boring.
Kellen Alvim
Kellen Alvim Månad sedan
Lucifer's showrunner found the best way to torture the devil in season 5 and 6, after four seasons of therapy, tragedy, a half-angel baby, a nudist colony, and more devil puns than should reasonably be able to fit into one series, Lucifer is in a same place from whence it began: Lucifer Moningstar is a charming and deeply traumatized devil that cannot be happy.
All Over the Place
All Over the Place Månad sedan
I kind of had the same feeling, that not much was happening, that was boring in the middle. I liked Michael, but I didn't like his motivations. I didn't new that the season 6 was confirmed, so I get scared that they will really ended with season 5. I think that they have to make a bigger plot and do the romantic drama as a side plot. Well a still hope for a good second part and a better season 6.
ParadoxFreak Månad sedan
I just binged watched the entire series and I gotta say that Season 5 was amazing. I respectively disagree with you, Jeremy. Seasons 1 and 2 were perfectly paced, though an extra episode or two couldn’t have hurt. Season 3 was drawn out too much. I won’t say I hate it but there’s too many episodes for a messy long arc. Season 4 was great but felt really rushed, this definitely could have used two episodes extra. Season 5 was fantastic, it really shows how people evolve. One step forward, two steps back. The cliffhanger had me at the edge of my seat and I’m excited for the second half.
SirSX3 Månad sedan
Tom Ellis as Michael is Shakespeare's Richard III
Mr. Smetch
Mr. Smetch Månad sedan
The most retarded thing about this show is the name. If you read the Bible in context (sadly hardly anyone ever does), Lucifer is a reference to the Antichrist and not the devil (two very different individuals).
Jack Dearnley
Jack Dearnley Månad sedan
I feel like you were a little harsh on this season. It's like giving The Dark Knight Rises a poor review simply because it had to live up to The Dark Knight. Sure, season 5 hasn't been as good as season 4 so far but I still think it was perfectly enjoyable and it isn't even over yet so who knows what will happen in the second half. Overall, I'd give this half-season at least a 7.5/10 and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
friggyk Månad sedan
*barely finished it earlier this morning at around 3 am*
qaz swer
qaz swer Månad sedan
I just watched it. I agree with most of what you say. Their relashionship reminds me of early episode of smallville. This story episode was boring as hell. But still with some kind of relevancy. I am not sure if it is the most boring season so far, but it is up there. I still enjoy it. The killer part was pretty good, it was a nice side story to his brother things. I still have faith in this series to be good up to the end. I hope they will just have sex and solve the problems of this world with fun and passion. In full control of their respective story and power.
Scarlet Speedster
Scarlet Speedster Månad sedan
I didn't like it and I thought It's only me but guess not ..
Madeline Timms
Madeline Timms Månad sedan
I feel like they walked back on the “amenadel takes baby Charlie to heaven” bit
maartenboy37 Månad sedan
S4 was far better, I did love the Noir ep.
Sera Lune
Sera Lune Månad sedan
Lucifer has always hated Dan. Just because Dan starts being nice doesn't mean Lucifer needs to forgive him or be nice to him, so I disagree with you there. Also, as far as Chloe x Lucifer go...we've waited 5 seasons for this. Honestly, it's fulfilling to see them together instead of finding another reason to stay apart for another season.
Molly Kalk
Molly Kalk Månad sedan
My wife watches it. Thats about it. How you fell about season 5 is how I feel about the series, I watched Supernatural, and I love it, I watch a few other along these lines and there are just better shows.
Haley Poluchuck
Haley Poluchuck Månad sedan
I didn't even finish episode 2. I hate the "I'm mad at you because I'm under the impression that you did something wrong, but it was a misunderstanding (or an evil twin)" plotline. The comments are making me want to go back to it.
Rintheblackninja Månad sedan
Has he watched season 1,2,3 cause it didn’t seem like it to me 🤔
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Månad sedan
I don't care what anyone thinks, but even in season 5, Regular flavourless Tofu is still more interesting than detective Cloey.
homa taha
homa taha Månad sedan
so, where is Jesus? is he also God's son? and Mary is God's second wife?
something dianne
something dianne Månad sedan
I don't think it was too much of a "filler episodes". As a fan of the character of Mazikeen, I enjoyed the episodes that are about her. And a little bit of Ella's identity/religious crisis was nice addition too.
Jay-r Castillo
Jay-r Castillo Månad sedan
Pancake Lover
Pancake Lover Månad sedan
The supporting characters of the show have so much depth because they have a lot of time and chances to work on them cause Chloe & Lucifer *are* the show. The ones that need the most creativity is Dan, Amenadiel, Mazikeen, Linda and Ella.
Bartosz Popiołek
Bartosz Popiołek Månad sedan
I hated episodes 2-5 and I thought the season was mediocre as hell. If it wasn't for Tom Ellis I wouldn't've finished the season for sure.
GG Brother
GG Brother Månad sedan
Brother I don’t care, I waited for 5 seasons for Lucifer to do the deeds. 5 SEASONS.
baileigh brown
baileigh brown Månad sedan
Agree to disagree.. season 4 In my opinion SUCKED i really enjoyed season 5 P1 and can not wait for the rest of it. It really dives in to the characters back stories.. but that’s just me
Hoodie Thor
Hoodie Thor Månad sedan
Hey can you review Power
TrickyNitsua Månad sedan
After giving myself more time to process my thoughts on the season, yeah this definitely felt like a step down. The mysteries were never the greatest but this season had some pretty atrocious and on the nose mysteries, and the “twist” with Ella’s boyfriend was too damn obvious. I’m still having trouble understanding what the purpose was to have Lucifer and Michael be twins. Because it clearly wasn’t to have a plot that keeps us and the characters guessing as to which is which and elongate the mystery of what’s wrong with Lucifer, as evidence by the trailer spoilers, the fact that Michael is found out by the end of the second episode, and then had his face carved with the knife so we don’t have to guess as to which character we are dealing with. By far the worst arc of the season was Maze’s sudden need for a soul out of nowhere and her constantly shifting allegiances seems like such a sudden turn for a character that has been set up multiple times as being overbearingly loyal but suddenly she’s willing to help the asshole that threatened her roommate, her best friend’s kid and dad and uncle. Also the fact that they killed off Mr. Said-Out-Bitch is such an atrocity.
94Temimi Månad sedan
Personally, the only time I got bored was the flashback to Lilith, it took longer than it needed. Other than that, I loved every bit of this part of the season.
Crystal Hickerson
Crystal Hickerson Månad sedan
I was hoping when Netflix took over it would have been darker and more serious. But it was the same basically. The only character that should actually have her own spin off is Mazikeen. As for Lucifer, I don't like it. It's too stupid and silly.
The Last Shady Walking Marvel
Idk i liked it 🙂👍
Promethyus_ Månad sedan
The ending of this half was actually really well done. Michael is super interesting, Amenadeal is still great. I do think Maze's arc is interesting, but Chloe bothers the hell out of me this season. (No pun intended) I do hope that the final episodes of this season carry the weight the last few episodes did
cristiandemirel1918 Månad sedan
i'm a fan of "Lucifer", not for the acting - which is average, certainly not for the story line - which has faults, but for the chemistry between the two lead characters, Lucifer and Chloe, something that i haven't seen for a long time in a TV series. However, the biggest problem with "Lucifer" is that the characters never evolve. They just move from situation to situation without learning anything from their experiences.
LEE Månad sedan
I agree. I thought the whole teenage drama angsty shit was tiresome and went on for far too long. Like you can't have the main chick proclaim how she has 100% trust in Lucifer in one episode and then the rest of the time lose the trust for no damn reason. And just uuugh.... I hate stupid angsty shit. I wish they had focused more on the non-human things
The Black and White episode was a waste of time.
BlankSpace Månad sedan
Overall, I enjoyed Season 5. I agree that the romance between Chloe and Lucifer was kind of uninteresting; and I thought Maze wanting a soul seemed like an odd about face for her character, especially when her initial sense of emptiness was about Eve leaving-which was much more believable (it looked like the two of them were going to be together), and relatable. Amenadiel and Dan seem to have been the most consistently written characters-and I could totally see them both freaking out over what they've learned about the people around them in the ways we saw. Ella's whole 'I'm attracted to bad boys' thing felt way out of left field, but I thought they made it work in those last few episodes-I genuinely felt sorry for her. Also, I'll admit to having a soft spot for the noir-themed episode they had about Lucifer and Lilith. It looked like everyone was just having fun with the story, and seeing Tricia Helfer in the episode was a nice bit of fan service. Also I liked how they tied the episode back to the season's overall story of Michael manipulating people like Maze and Amenadiel. Although I could have done without the singing...yikes Lesley Ann-Brandt. Finally can we all agree, the sight of seeing Dan and Lucifer, two people who have always butted heads over everything, actually seeing eye-to-eye on Chloe's ex, was hilarious
Kathy Brem
Kathy Brem Månad sedan
Ok, done watching you, you’re quite boring and way off!
M4X Månad sedan
I love lucifer but I skipped ahead much of the middle of the season, the ending episode was great tho.
The Light
The Light Månad sedan
Doesn't this guy who's reviewing look like Jesus from portraits and pictures and that? 😂😂😂
Jose Legaspi
Jose Legaspi Månad sedan
I don't really see it as character change. I like some of the growth in these characters. Can't believe i'm saying this Jeremy but i disagree with this review in a lot of points. Good stuff though.
Nico Månad sedan
They were buying time for the final scene, because originaly there were only 10 episodes, but now the Season is 16 episodes. The middle is bad bad filler, tbh. They should have let them have a 10 episodes season.
Sunday BG
Sunday BG Månad sedan
I fucking hated this Season, seriously disappointed.
RynKen Månad sedan
You seem to have an issue with some of the character development and write it off as being inconsistent. You don't have to like the direction it took, but I don't think its fair to treat it like a fundamental problem.
Lucifer Rainfall
Lucifer Rainfall Månad sedan
When did Keanu start hosting Jeremy’s videos?
Gibran Crismatt
Gibran Crismatt Månad sedan
The only thing I agree with this review is the middle of the season did felt like a filler and some cliche elements that have always been there since the start. Wouldn't be the weakest season in my opinion that award goes to Season 3 that started interesting but dragged the story a lot. (Probably the reason it got canceled by Fox). Still mad respect to you Jeremy!
amandip de
amandip de Månad sedan
Watching Lucifer I don’t care about the cases they solve, it’s quite obvious that the cases are there to extend the screen time. Just proceed with the main plot
Yasmyne McDonald
Yasmyne McDonald Månad sedan
I definitely felt like something was missing from this season then from last season. I just kept going: God's going to have to come down and make everything clear for Chloe to understand. This is a mess you started and you're going to have to come clean it up. When did Maze loss her mojo? Mazikeen has never been afraid to tell people what was on her mind or how she felt or use her WORDS or even take the action needed in order to you get the results she wanted. Season 4, felt like it was a cohesive season that didn't apologize for being who it was or were it was going. I didn't feel like that true in this season. I had never seen Lucifer before it hit Netflix, and it made me a fan. Now I'm worried they're f****** up the formula. But I'm looking forward to seeing how they're going to correct the ship as it were.
seyedehniloofar Khazrabakht
personally, I didn't even like season four because they changed the show so much to match with Netflix's goal and mission that it felt like they were overdoing it. As for season 5, it was just so boring and cheesy right off the bat that I barely went through episode one. I just don't feel that spark anymore!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Månad sedan
I'm glad you shared this opinion. I was really excited for this season because I thought it would deal with the fact that Lucifer is back in hell but they just kind of glossed over that and continued with their normal, and far more boring, storyline. This season has been a major disappointment and I am not so interested in seeing what season 6/part 2 has to offer.
Ghost Haunter
Ghost Haunter Månad sedan
I have no idea how u are a rt certified critic after shitty takes like this one.
Kaeden Line
Kaeden Line Månad sedan
i'm on the last episode and i'm waiting to watch this video but something about his season feels off. it feels like its season 3 with all these annoying ass filler episodes, which sucks because there are only 8 episodes out right now. its disappointing because season 4 was so good and was able to expand the plot in 10 episodes which this season hasn't in 8. Hopefully part 2 will be good and im going to guess it will be because there are parts in this season i like.
One and only .jj
One and only .jj Månad sedan
I’m bummed you didn’t enjoy it. Episode 1 had me really worried at first, cause to me even the editing of the scenes in that ep was shoddy. But then from episode 2 on it was right back into the Lucifer groove imo and I was loving it! I hope part 2 ends up working for you!!
Richard_22_z Månad sedan
Sorry Jeremy don’t agree with you on this season. Lucifer is becoming more human which I think is part of the show and him and Chloe are cute together. I want that shit to happen lol Also Dan was pissed and blamed Lucifer for Charlottes death which is why he was so pissed at him. Now he’s at a better place or trying to.
Rodrigo Vinueza
Rodrigo Vinueza Månad sedan
Not to mention that this protagonists have no chemistry at all. Lol.
John Morris
John Morris Månad sedan
What you've said about being stretched out and filler is why I loved season 4 there was no bs episodes. it was just main story no side crap
Jourdan Reading
Jourdan Reading Månad sedan
Honestly. I really enjoyed season 5. I got sick and tired of the back and forth game Chloe and Lucifer played for the last 4 seasons. Either get together or don’t. Preferably get together, but quick playing with my emotions. My point is this season gave me a sense of relief.
shaizy sanders
shaizy sanders Månad sedan
Loved it
stephen johnson
stephen johnson Månad sedan
You know. I really like Jeremy jahns. But I disagree with his opinion here. And that's ok
KingFisher TheFirst
KingFisher TheFirst Månad sedan
0:55 Dang, Jeremy Jahns has calmed down a whole lot in recent years.
Taha Shabbir
Taha Shabbir Månad sedan
I hated how they introduced God, it was such a cheap trick. They wrote themselves into a corner and basically did a Lucifer version of a space episode!
teddyharvester Månad sedan
I liked the fact that season 4 didn't fuck around with the whole 'network TV more filler than main story' thing and kept it tight and focused, even though, because I like those characters I kinda wanted to see more episodes. But it's always better when a show leaves you wanting more instead of making you wish it just got done. I have a feeling that with season 5 they were trying to go back to the way they did it back on network TV with more episodes, openers, filler, mid-season cliffhanger, that kind of thing. Yeah, it's more padding, but it all still progresses the characters, even if the main plot is somewhere out there waiting for the writers to remember it exists. My hope is, that because they didn't do the regular Netflix 'dump all the episodes at once' strategy and are having a mid-season break, they're gonna take some notes on what worked and what didn't and we'll get a more focused second half, whenever that comes out.
halsti99 Månad sedan
to me, lucifer has always been a bad show.... that i like. there are so many issues with the plot, like: -Maze betrays lucifer with pretty much every single villain of the show, for exactly the same reasons. -Most reveals can be seen 10 miles ahead. -most fights in the show could have been solved by one singular adult conversation. -Lucifer himself changes his behaviour SO much, depending on what his issue in the episode is (just as one example, in this season he was so intent on pranking dan, that he didnt care about a murderer running around. while he usually is all about punishment of the evil). -every single case that they do, convieniently brings up the exact issue lucifer is having at the time. -the romance plots are so bad, they could be a highschool movie i could go on with dumb stuff, but ... honestly its entertaining if you dont think about it too much.
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Månad sedan
I enjoyed the hell out of the season, in terms of what we got so far. For the sake of the season, the show will get crazy good in the second half. When I think of what the ending of episode 8 means, yeah, we're in for some epic material. TERRANCE OUT
Satan Lover13
Satan Lover13 Månad sedan
6:06 well Lucifer wasn't that mutch of a dick he did take on that bracelet
The Punk Gamer
The Punk Gamer Månad sedan
I do think the relationship stuff was kinda boring but im fine with all the side character stuff as its due to Michaels manipulation. Even with the self help stuff aside when Michaels was with Dan in episode 2 Dan clearly hated him until he saw Michael treating him with respect. He thinks lucifer has changed and he carries that on with him when lucifer is back even tho lucifer is no longer nice because he never was. And Maze only goes through her identity cries thanks to Michael forcing her into it
Shawn E
Shawn E Månad sedan
I thought season 5 was decent, the dynamic with Michael was interesting. There and continue I'm pretty sure Chloe will end up being some sort of angel
Skeletal33 Månad sedan
I worked on this season. Nice cast, nice crew. But 14-15hrs every day. No thanks
William Crouch
William Crouch Månad sedan
This season 5 first half is totally tropey.
Gallifreyan Browncoat
I found this season so far to be the strongest in the show's run. Maybe I just enjoy seeing these celestials get in touch with their humanity. I personally like the relationships amongst everyone.
Kells Here
Kells Here Månad sedan
I was so disappointed in the season 😭
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