Lucifer - Series Review (So far) 

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I have mentioned the series LUCIFER in a few videos, so here are my thoughts on the series so far!

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30 jun 2020



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MarvelKing 9000 Alt
MarvelKing 9000 Alt 2 dagar sedan
I love this show, like a lot. It deviates from the comic and people are going to get upset by it but I still love the characters and writing. I just think most of the villains are just not too compelling. Having main villains who’s motivations revolve around the love of somebody.....just aren’t great in my opinion. I really dislike Cain and Eve.
maxphilly 3 dagar sedan
What do you mean by enjoys life more than most humans do? And also are you hooked on drugs?
ACIDesignsUY 15 dagar sedan
Thank you I am currently in season 3 and it got tedious and too corny to the point you can fast forward half an episode and I was going to ditch it
ISAAC MAROLT 15 dagar sedan
Morpheus 21 dag sedan
I just finished binging the show, i found myself skipping through all of the buddy cop bs to the end of the episodes where there was more heaven/hell focus. Especially season 3, sheesh!
Thomas Månad sedan
I originally gave up with Lucifer after a few episodes in season 1... but a few months later, opted to push through and see where it goes. By the time I got to season 2 and the new avenues it opened in the mythology, I was so glad I'd made that decision.
Keskonriks Månad sedan
I get the feeling that you would really like Doctor Who! It's similar in some aspects, just aliens instead of demons and angels, and less on-screen violence due to it being family-friendly. Also: more variety in stories and locations. Just give it a chance
Master_G Månad sedan
Lucifer reminds me of Deadpool personality-wise of course
GOKUL Månad sedan
You look like Tom Ellis.
Wyn Nyx
Wyn Nyx Månad sedan
I think this season was part of the transition to the ethereal stories. I think that Fox only brought it on with the procedural aspect. That smacks of executive decision. Netflix should swing the storyline to where it needs to be. How it ended, who showed up, I think they are telegraphing that they are doing that.
a girl named brett
a girl named brett Månad sedan
I want to grow up and be Mazikeen.
Pancake Lover
Pancake Lover Månad sedan
Couldn't agree more with Netflix's decision to pick this show up. The first 3 seasons had me yawning like you said because the detective shit was repetitive and boring at times. After Netflix took over season 4 and 5 focused on the supernatural aspects of it. Basically the reason people tune into it anyway. Its more interesting having Linda & Amenadiel's baby kidnapped and Chloe plotting with the antagonist priest that wants to get rid of Lucifer etc. Everything about it is more fascinating and you just can't take your eyes off of the screen.
Rowena Pascual
Rowena Pascual Månad sedan
Funny that I watched only a couple of episodes of "Lucifer" years ago when it was originally on Fox but I dropped off. Due to the pandemic, I got into watching "Supernatural", then thought "why not for fun how about 'Lucifer'"? What a terrific transition!! I love Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar!! He's so handsome & his charisma leaps off the screen!! I agree the police procedural tends to be repetitive but it's the story surrounding the celestial beings like Lucifer, Amenadiel & Mazekeen that keep it interesting. I love the comedic elements in the show & the chemistry of the cast. I agree that Chloe Decker is very tightly wound & can come across as flat considering that she's contrasted to the hedonistic & freewheeling "Lucifer Bloody Morningstar"!!! Here's to hoping that the Deckerstar Duo can continue beyond Season 5!!
blyzo50 Månad sedan
lmao dude i thought your thumbnail was Tom Ellis with a fuller beard
Kelley M
Kelley M Månad sedan
This show is pretty good for the most part. To me it feels like they have 3 screen writers, one of the screen writers is awesome, one is just ok and one truly sucks...
Expedition987654321 2 månader sedan
Stupid show, the ‘devil’ is lame
Dr Bvo
Dr Bvo 2 månader sedan
If men learn one thing from Lucifer: How to wear a suit
Hayley Simpson
Hayley Simpson 2 månader sedan
_meat bags_
Keith Davison
Keith Davison 2 månader sedan
Tom Ellis owns this role he’s come along way from Miranda’s crush (uk sitcom). I loved this show watched seasons 1~3 on Amazon and was gutted when it was cancelled,I was very nervous about it going onto Netflix but I got to agree with you JJ seasons 4 n 5 knocked it out the park well done Netflix
RealyOriginal chanel
RealyOriginal chanel 2 månader sedan
I remember seeing the first season few years back when it wasn't well known and then I forgot about it
J-H P 2 månader sedan
Nah, for me season 3 was the best. Really liked what they did with the different Charlotte Richards and I really liked Tom Welling's character. I think I liked almost every bit of these 26 episodes, even though I thought it was a lot when I started it. I also like Chloe because she has all the qualities a person can wish for. She's smart, brave, determined, and although she has strong values, she almost never judges Lucifer. She's an amazing human being. I don't know why people always have problems with good people in fiction. For me she's not boring, she's inspiring.
GypsyDanger 2 månader sedan
No season needs more than 26 episodes Naruto Shippuden: hold my sharingan XD
James Lawner
James Lawner 2 månader sedan
I honestly don't know how they could make this show without The Sandman or the Endless, like Seasons of Mist was such a huge deal in Lucifer leaving Hell, and in the show it's treated like, lol Luci leaves Hell cuz bored! :P Granted, the comics are dark, weird and creepy, and would not work for network TV, but a cop show is so lazy and uninspired to me. The only things that grabbed my attention were the supernatural elements; the cop elements meant nothing to me. Now I truly wonder if this show will somehow tie-in with the upcoming Sandman show (they're both on Netflix, so it could be possible)
Zaher ben abdallah
Zaher ben abdallah 2 månader sedan
lucifer season 5 review please
CheekySchnoodle 2 månader sedan
Season 3 drags so much :/ Season 4 was super refreshing. And Season 5 has me really hype
Charles Shikany
Charles Shikany 2 månader sedan
I can't stand the awkward romance between Decker and Lucifer. I'm watching S5 now and my friend was watching it with me and was complaining so I showed him S1 and he liked it. It gets so dumb and Decker is written as this dumb, blind, naive character and it's sad.
Galaxia 2 månader sedan
This show doesn’t have any bad characters
Keiana Sanders
Keiana Sanders 2 månader sedan
Please react to the season 5 trailer
Alerxz twist kid
Alerxz twist kid 2 månader sedan
Stopped watching the show cos it humanizes the devil, I started liking the devil and rooting for him so I realized this and just quit watching the subtle insidiously brainwashing neo anti-God show.
Mishell -
Mishell - 2 månader sedan
The way he floats into the scent! I cant stop watching that!! LOL!
Gabo Liz
Gabo Liz 2 månader sedan
If the show was an netflix original serie since the begginig it could have been more amazing but it is what it is.
Zeltaris 2 månader sedan
I just became fucking addicted to that show!
Lone Rider
Lone Rider 2 månader sedan
My new favorite show! Another case of why the hell didn’t I watch this sooner, but ya know, sometimes that works out better because then I get to binge it on Netflix! Love Lucifer, he’s everything I want to be(minus the cruel parts) and every character is well casted and I love crime dramas like Castle, I was upset when they show ended so this is a good replacement, in fact it’s better!
Daisho 2 månader sedan
I just finished season 2 and I absolutely love Tom Ellis as Lucifer. I watched the first episode just because a family friend put it on while we were on vacation and I immediately saw why people loved this show so much
Dan Warner
Dan Warner 2 månader sedan
Yeah you kinda made season 4 a lot clearer now for me becuz I find season 1 the best so far
Smokeythecat 2 månader sedan
Yes go the American Gods direction
Sydney Anderson
Sydney Anderson 2 månader sedan
This makes me want to give a second chance. There goes my sleep schedule...
Joe McGregor
Joe McGregor 2 månader sedan
I will say, seasons in order of quality; 4. Shackles are off. 2. “Okay, let’s have some more fun with this.” -someone at fox who was right. 3. Notice how Kane was absent for a lot of episodes... there was a reason for that... 1. “Okay, I know it’s a show about the devil, but we can’t be too wild” -some guy at Fox who was wrong...
Joe McGregor
Joe McGregor 2 månader sedan
I would argue that Chloe is an interesting character, and isn’t always the straight person to Lucifer’s nonsense, but that was usually the case before season 2, where she got to be more flexible...
Daniel Ault
Daniel Ault 2 månader sedan
Just watched through the series and man I love it. Season 3 really felt like 2 seasons and didn't need to be so long but 4 just amazing. Cant wait for season 5 to hit!
Killer Flame226
Killer Flame226 3 månader sedan
Honestly it’s very predictable but I love the show
Yung Don
Yung Don 3 månader sedan
Season 3 is really painful to watch... just the same things.. over and over...
Ashton Aaron Diaz
Ashton Aaron Diaz 3 månader sedan
50 percent of comments: why didnt you mention trixie Other 50 percent of comment: DETECTIVE
Moochachow 3 månader sedan
currently on season two. got too much time and jeremy said it was good, plus i did actually enjoy castle, but this show so far so uneven and weird. sunk cost will probably dictate that i continue but, i feel though i got duped by my man jahns haha
Sadanand Bhushan
Sadanand Bhushan 3 månader sedan
please do the review of.. .INTO THE BADLANDS... .. Its one of the biggest underrated Great SERIES...
BMV The Movie Fanatic
BMV The Movie Fanatic 3 månader sedan
Just finished binging the show and I 100% agree! It was so fun! It is basically Castle meets...the Devil XD And agree that when they focus on the procedural stuff it kinda average, but when they delve into the lore THAT is when the show is at its best.
BMV The Movie Fanatic
BMV The Movie Fanatic 3 månader sedan
That twist on Jeremy's opener was pretty awesome XD
Phillip Henderson
Phillip Henderson 3 månader sedan
Agreed love the show to death 😂
Ben Huges
Ben Huges 3 månader sedan
But let's face it the actual lucifer the devil is nothing like this entertaining show unfortunately. Also impossible for us to be able to "see" the devil. We can only feel it. Great show tho
Ben Huges
Ben Huges 3 månader sedan
I agree, it's gone past the cop thing. The less it involves cops the better.
Calvin Wang
Calvin Wang 3 månader sedan
I decided to watch lucifer after this review and some short video clips on youtube. My god did season 2, ESPECIALLY 3 dragged. Season 3 made me go “what the hell is happening rn” but season 4 bought it back together the writing pacing and main story plot of the season was way superior. That being said, the one-off episode “Off the record” from season 3 was the best of the show.
Eddie MORALES 3 månader sedan
I'm actually glad Disney bought fox so they could cancel it and just out all their good shows on hulu
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock 3 månader sedan
Please give us a John Constantine and Lucifer team up!
Chris Strange
Chris Strange 3 månader sedan
Tom Ellis is wonderful! I've watched Lucifer since it started and at first I thought ... Hmmm, I don't know about the casting. After about 10 minutes I was hooked. I agree, Ellis makes the show. (And, of course, the writing. The writers have done an exceptional job.) What you said about Chloe is fair. The way I think about it, she's sort of the 'straight man' ... or gal, lol. But, right, it makes her a wee bit boring at times. But, still, LOVE HER! Thanks for the review!! 😀👍
lorriesherbet 3 månader sedan
Well, it had to be LA, it's the city of fallen angels
Elam White
Elam White 3 månader sedan
This show gave me the impression there was a much more awesome idea that had to be translated into a police procedural in order to see the light of day.
wolf wing
wolf wing 3 månader sedan
whats funny is, many of my favorite shows are my most hated type of show, procedure, but I watch them for the characters :> limitless blacklist lucifer izombie blindspot forever And others I can't remember.
wolf wing
wolf wing 3 månader sedan
on not being like the comic, they mentioned that they were limited with it being on prime time tv so they ketpt the char but made it more tv friendly.
Bootleg ShawolSubs
Bootleg ShawolSubs 3 månader sedan
Watch Money Heist I binged it all in 2 days it was great
Lone Rider
Lone Rider 3 månader sedan
I just decided to give Lucifer a try since I have all kinds of time and I was looking for something new. I had heard of the show but I had no idea Fox cancelled it. Thank God Netflix saved it, because now this is one of my favorite shows and I regret not watching it sooner, but better late than never. So excited for season 5!
Extraterrestrial Horse
Extraterrestrial Horse 3 månader sedan
I really like that tough and rugged look, Jeremih. Makes you look like if Captain America with black hair and eyes.
António Júlio Sousa
António Júlio Sousa 3 månader sedan
Did anyone notice that they cast one child that has brown eyes to be (Trixie) the daughter of two main characters (Dan and Chloe) that have blue and green eyes respectively? That's a genetic impossibility! Each time I see the kid on screen I can't help to think that I'm just looking at a bad casting option and not to someone's child.
Andrew William Omlie Jr
Andrew William Omlie Jr 3 månader sedan
I always thought it was based of the Christaniny Lucifer but it's based off a DC character name Lucifer and I love they have a Christian playing Lucifer
MixSona Productions
MixSona Productions 3 månader sedan
Tom Ellis and Matt Ryan duo please
KB 3 månader sedan
Awesome breakdown.... makes me really hope he dives into Supernatural.
True Darkseid
True Darkseid 3 månader sedan
Netflix really saving this show
Tiki80 3 månader sedan
I dont understane hollywoods fetish of painting the devil as the "good guy" misunderstood.. they're doing same with supernatural too.. god is evil n devil is evil too but not as bad as god... oh wait its hollywood = L.A = city of sins=hollywood ppl sell their souls. Ah makes sense. Lets make a show of how terrorists or serial killer like ted bundy is ACTUALLY misunderstood n ppl paint them as villains
The Gaming Samurai
The Gaming Samurai 3 månader sedan
High time you watch The Last Kingdom Jeremy!!
AngryLittleGnome 3 månader sedan
I appreciate you using Lucifer's theme song instead of your usual intro theme :)
ChadRone 69
ChadRone 69 3 månader sedan
One thing that annoyed me a bit was the relationship between Lucifer and Detective,it’s like when ever Detective gave him a chance he would avoid it and not actually take the chance to be with her it would feel kinda dragged cause it happened multiple times throughout the show, they have like a moment for once and he denies it, it always happens But overall a good show with interesting characters
Saša Vulić
Saša Vulić 3 månader sedan
i just hope they don't turn it in some romcom soap opera bull shit.
Aaron Siam
Aaron Siam 3 månader sedan
I used to not like Chloe but in season 4, she was my favorite character
Maksim Matičić
Maksim Matičić 3 månader sedan
Lucifer=Castle=Blacklist Lazy
Jordi El Nino Polla
Jordi El Nino Polla 3 månader sedan
Tom Ellis caries the show. I’ve just finished season 1 and the whole devil and cop solves crimes plot gets old extremely fast. But the show has redeeming qualities. I’ll probably watch through season 2 hopefully it improves P.S. Tom Ellis would be a great doctor who
Jason Banuelos
Jason Banuelos 3 månader sedan
This makes me miss the Constantine tv show.
Sahelium D
Sahelium D 3 månader sedan
Mr. Penguin
Mr. Penguin 3 månader sedan
sounds like supernatural and thats a good thing. supernatural gets fucking wild in terms of lore including, heaven, and hell. couple of duds every once in a while or over dramatized moments but all in all i really enjoyed that show for how it portrayed different aspets of religion and the supernatural in a real world context.
Carla Souza
Carla Souza 3 månader sedan
Tom ellis........ you are the devil of my dreams
Rachit Rakesh
Rachit Rakesh 3 månader sedan
yeah, Netflix made it better
Amber Lauren
Amber Lauren 3 månader sedan
You should do a review on Supernatural
steph g
steph g 3 månader sedan
Lucifer season 5 trailer JUST dropped today!
silenced s̶p̶e̶e̶c̶h̶
Anyone think Jeremy looks like Tom Ellis?
Marcin Kuśmierzak
Marcin Kuśmierzak 3 månader sedan
Lucifer made me regret that there was nothing like Netflix when Fox canceled Firefly, Dollhouse and some other series
Evil Otto
Evil Otto 3 månader sedan
whedon would have still found a way to get his shows cancelled
Sistik123 3 månader sedan
I dropped off after it was cancelled, might pick it up again someday.
Christian Knight
Christian Knight 3 månader sedan
Personally, just finished the fourth season yesterday after I'd been going through the series for about a year and a half. I can safely say that it is one of my favorite shows of all time. Love all the characters, love anytime someone does something interesting with any kind of mythology; even more so when they can use it for commentary for religious things, always loved the perfect mix of humor and drama. In broad strokes that's what I love about the show. With the seasons in particular, I agree that season four is the best and a rare season of any show that I can say it's a perfect season. Maybe I'm an oddball fan, but I really liked the first season and was my favorite until the fourth season. One of my favorite episodes of the show is 'A Priest Walks into A Bar' and just Tom Ellis's monologue near the end of that is a top 5 scenes of the show for me and really was the moment where I began to love the show. Season two was good as well, particularly when it came to Patricia Helfer's character and deepening the mythology along with introducing Ella Lopez. Season three I do think is the weakest, but it's still not bad. I say that because of what they do with Tom Welling is really interesting(barring a certain romance plot-line; Lucifer fans you know what I mean) and those last three episodes(chronologically and story-wise, I'm not counting the 25 and 26 on Netflix even though I still like those episodes more than most fans, probably) are some of the best of the show. Are there more things to complain about in that season than any other? Sure. That doesn't make it a bad season. I can't call any of the seasons bad, pretty rare for any show. So the bar just goes from good to some of the best television I've ever seen. Overall I would say that it's a show that has problems, but the problems are not significant enough to criticize it too harshly from being a favorite. Much like Lucifer in this show. Because when this show is good, it's monumentally good and really hits me hard.
Tech Tock
Tech Tock 3 månader sedan
I'm surprised that no one in the comments mentions the resemblance between Jeremy and Lucifer
Dave40 3 månader sedan
Jeremy Jahns review Sleepy Holow Series
Marlena Sylwia Sidor
Marlena Sylwia Sidor 3 månader sedan
Maze is called so because she's a-MAZE-ing xd Fav character from the start along Luci ofc
Kawaii Pachimari
Kawaii Pachimari 3 månader sedan
this quarantine got to huh I watched this cuz of you and I'm like lmao why
Magnus Mason
Magnus Mason 3 månader sedan
Color out of space review please
danieldoobs 3 månader sedan
Gonna binge it now thanks Jeremy!
Helen Hanson
Helen Hanson 3 månader sedan
I just started watching it!!! I like it so far only In the second episode in.
Yousseph 3 månader sedan
Its basically one of these 90's formula remnant shows, like Supernatural or Grimm. Buffy and Angel worked at their time but not anymore, at least for me.
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 3 månader sedan
Sorry can't pay attention, somthing about super hollywood culture men's faces bigger ruins attention, this review taking to long assume hollywood and protagonist some kind narcistic Psychopath, basically trash don't want watch ever
Jay-r Castillo
Jay-r Castillo 3 månader sedan
Thank you Netflix for giving Lucifer TV series a chance!, too bad the next Season will be the last.
Blessing Omenazu
Blessing Omenazu 3 månader sedan
I was so surprised by his performance in Luciferafter watching him for years in the British show Miranda. Best casting!
Jonny Rosado
Jonny Rosado 3 månader sedan
Jeremy kinda looks Tom Ellis a little bit funny enough
JustJames 3 månader sedan
I just skipped season 3 and went to the last 2 eps cause it was too long and boring. season 4 was by far best.
Tarotiste 3 månader sedan
Cologne? No, I think Lucifer just naturally exudes a tempting scent... He's an angel. The light bringer.
MistahT SexyFly
MistahT SexyFly 3 månader sedan
Pleaaaaasse do as bojack review
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