Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath - Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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We are getting more MK11 story, characters, and more! Here are my thoughts on the reveal of MORTAL KOMBAT 11: AFTERMATH!
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6 maj 2020



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Linus Gisslandi
Linus Gisslandi 4 månader sedan
Well, mk11 was realsed broken as hell. The upgrade system with 3levels are still just 2levels. And this after math is way to expensive, 3charcters for 40dollar when one dlc cost 5,9dollars. Its to much money for to little value
ninja ninah
ninja ninah 4 månader sedan
Alex Webster
Alex Webster 4 månader sedan
Hearing keith davids voice coming out of spawn in this was really satisfying
Brian G
Brian G 5 månader sedan
Cary Tagawa was fantastic in this. His dialogue and acting overshadows the game and he owns every scene hes in. He IS Shang Tsung. Somebody needs to give him more prominent roles or put him in a MCU movie or something.
Zelisius 5 månader sedan
Seeing Robocop was what pushed me over the edge to buy mk11. Bought the bundle for 60 and got the game, all dlc characters and aftermath.
World Of Thought
World Of Thought 5 månader sedan
3:33 erm...you could say she's been retcon from being a dick, to being even more of a dick.
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy 5 månader sedan
Please do a review of this, it would seriously make my day. Thank you. That's if and when you have the time to do so that is, once again thank you.
TheAngryDanishViking 5 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy you should play Terminator Resistance. It's the Terminator Movie we never got... but as a game.
Erisen 5 månader sedan
Sindel is the best MILF from MK11. She beats even Cetrion :D (or imo)
NoahTravels 64
NoahTravels 64 5 månader sedan
I hope he reviews The Last of Us 2 this June. I wonder what score he'll give it.
bob Mus
bob Mus 5 månader sedan
These guys charged $30+ for a single female Klassic skin. That's of course, if you didn't play Kombat league every day 7 days a week. They also only gave you 2 weeks which obviously nobody that couldn't spend all day on mk11. Even the gauntlet fully completed didn't give you very much.
Blood Wolf
Blood Wolf 5 månader sedan
I am not hyped for this. The Dlc is just boring to me. The first wave was too repetetive and i don't care about the guests. They should be MK characters. It is just a plain cashgrab from Nrs. And 40 is waaay too much. Espically if the main game is only 50 on steam. Also, those who bought the premium should get it for free. That is, what the premium is for. You bought the main game for 60, KB1 for 40 and now Aftermath for 40? They are scamming Day 1 players. Espically when you can buy everything for 60...
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 5 månader sedan
dark souls next?
fukka 5 månader sedan
review phone booth plz
Bradly Roberts
Bradly Roberts 5 månader sedan
Where is Ash Williams?!
friggyk 5 månader sedan
*i have commented on every single one of jeremyjahns videos*
Yousseph 5 månader sedan
I'd like to see Brutalities come back, it was always so satisfying when you had you memorize these long ass codes and you see it work. I've been waiting for that to make a come back for a long time.
Yousseph 5 månader sedan
@Nikki Holdmeier I'm talking about the original brutalities, where you just beat the shit out of your opponent until they explode. This new brutalities are just more severe fatalities.
Nikki Holdmeier
Nikki Holdmeier 5 månader sedan
Brutatlites are in mk11 and mkx
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator 5 månader sedan
So basically without buying that update you still get Friendships, new stages and stage fatalities for free? I think it should be 29.99, however, it makes sense to be 40 considering what they spent for those actors. If the story is like another 3 hours that would actually make sense.
Mario 5 månader sedan
They tweeted out Ash will not be in MK11 due to fail of receiving a message back from the creators of Ash vs. The evil Dead
Boosted avian
Boosted avian 5 månader sedan
If we doin video games... Could you review league of legends content, like tales of runetara
talanock 5 månader sedan
for a game where every match can end with one character killing the other, who cares about dying or coming back
Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis 5 månader sedan
Watch lucky number slevin
Zombieslayer 5 månader sedan
Terminator have to do the thumps up and I pre ordered it yesterday
WhiteGuy Ricky
WhiteGuy Ricky 5 månader sedan
Still waiting for Ash
Nikki Holdmeier
Nikki Holdmeier 5 månader sedan
Not go to happen
Ty The Guy
Ty The Guy 5 månader sedan
Shen Wei
Shen Wei 5 månader sedan
Honestly Sindel and Shang Tsung both play like a dream... I liked the game more than X... And now Shang Tsung leads a story mode with Cary voicing him... And friendships are back... Sub Zero doing Ice Cream ? NRS topped themselves... Can't wait for more
B D 5 månader sedan
Greg McDonald II
Greg McDonald II 5 månader sedan
I think the price for the dlc is a bit steep.
Pierre Maji J
Pierre Maji J 5 månader sedan
everyone is falling for the same trick are only adding more DLC characters the games because they're not coming up with no other games
Nikki Holdmeier
Nikki Holdmeier 5 månader sedan
They making injustice 3 right now
Jacob Eliason
Jacob Eliason 5 månader sedan
X was better. For sure and the dlc characters were wayyy fuckin cooler. AND ! IN THE STORY FOR X . ITS INTERACTIVE. story mode for 11 . No interaction . Lame as fuck
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite 5 månader sedan
They did the Joker *Justice*? Heh
ALESSANDRO DE SÁ 5 månader sedan
Robocop and his DickShoot fatality
SIDO KD Moke 5 månader sedan
I what to see and smoke to
SiCk SkOoBiE
SiCk SkOoBiE 5 månader sedan
I would like to see Goro, Smoke, Cyrax, Reptile, Ermac, Rain and Sektor as DLC characters.
Julio reviews
Julio reviews 5 månader sedan
They will miss a huge chance to also call the mega version ultimate mk11
ojoreakatheoj 5 månader sedan
We don’t care about stakes with MK deaths. We want to play the characters we enjoy. That’s it. Story is a second thought in fighting games.
Splurge Dotson
Splurge Dotson 5 månader sedan
John Wick 4: John Wicks Cousin. Starring Jeremy Johns Wick.
LifeSux Man
LifeSux Man 5 månader sedan
KOMBAT PACK 2!!!!!!!!!!
Wolf Hound
Wolf Hound 5 månader sedan
no not the thumb the give them the finger XD
ttrobertoproductions 5 månader sedan
Wait a year, they will release DLC pack 2 in the meantime and then MK11 Komplete edition for half the price of the game, DLC 1 & 2... =D
FreeTrial PremiumAcc
FreeTrial PremiumAcc 5 månader sedan
K but can we get a phucking blanace patch
Emperor G
Emperor G 5 månader sedan
Epic screaming Milf 😄
destrabex destrabex
destrabex destrabex 5 månader sedan
What id like to see is the heavy beat down mk3 brutality ♥️
man gamer add
man gamer add 5 månader sedan
I would like to see rain again and i have seen the trailer of aftermath
Austin Baker
Austin Baker 5 månader sedan
I've sadly never gotten into MK. That being said, if I wanted to start and play the games to experience the story, what games would you recommend and which games could I skip?
Paw Frequently
Paw Frequently 5 månader sedan
if you pay for the Premium Edition aftermath should be included cause we already paid for it?
realGeorgeWashington 5 månader sedan
1:45 yoo i remember watching that shit in 4th grade when it was uploaded
capt trips
capt trips 5 månader sedan
epic screaming milf, thats my wifes new nickname
Funny Guy
Funny Guy 5 månader sedan
Where is Takedaaaaaa
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores 5 månader sedan
Jason and leather are best character
GeekWithaSideofNerd 5 månader sedan
Epic screaming MILF!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
IAmChaos009 5 månader sedan
1:45 I see what you did there Jeremy. Nicely done.
FenixRising 5 månader sedan
You got my like for the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny reference. Good on ya!
Ajith Thomas
Ajith Thomas 5 månader sedan
*"I find your lack of faith...amusing."* Shang Tsung knows what's up.
Bryzantine 5 månader sedan
I miss kratos
SuperBabyMario0C 5 månader sedan
SElosk censors the r word for dumbasses but keeps fuck around WOW
SuperBabyMario0C 5 månader sedan
SuperBabyMario0C 5 månader sedan
Dwayne Vicario
Dwayne Vicario 5 månader sedan
Mk 11 is now the best mk ever,if they add takeda in rooster then it's perfect
D&A Productions
D&A Productions 5 månader sedan
I'm not pressed that scorpion didn't do the thumbs-up. But you have to remember- Shaolin Monks did it :)
Joao-Pierre Ruth
Joao-Pierre Ruth 5 månader sedan
Mortal Kombat: Time Heist
Dams 5 månader sedan
Am I the only one who thinks Jeremy looks like Keanu Reeves?
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster 5 månader sedan
He did play Neo in a SElosk remake of the slow motion Matrix helicopter scene
A Morgan
A Morgan 5 månader sedan
I'd love to see more than just 3 characters being added. Sure 3 for the initial release is great, but I'm hoping there's at least 3 more coming later on. As for who I'd like to see added, I'd be fine with no more guest characters. This is MK, not Celebrity Deathmatch. Preferably some underused 3D era characters. At the top of my wish list is Sareena.
edisfoamy 5 månader sedan
I just watched one of your older videos of Empire Strikes Back and boy you kinda got less aggressive in presenting. I still love your videos though!
MarkSleper 5 månader sedan
That Palpatine impression got me!!! 😂
The1TheOnlyG2 5 månader sedan
“Epic Screaming Milf”
Anakin 5 månader sedan
I hope they bring back MK9 costumes for Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot.
SOBEK 5 månader sedan
- new story - new characters, including the return of my man FUJIN, Sheeva with a new badass armored design, as well as frickin’ ROBOCOP - new skins, including MK Deception Sub Zero - bringing back some klassic stages (the Dead Pool and Soul Chamber) - stage fatalities - friendships Yeah I’m hyped
MarvinTheArson 5 månader sedan
Yes fix epic screaming milfs story.
Paul Grossenbacher
Paul Grossenbacher 5 månader sedan
Peter weller is reprising robocop via voice in mk 11
Logan _74_75
Logan _74_75 5 månader sedan
Mkx is still my favourite out of the 2 just because of alien and predator
Marsh Marlou
Marsh Marlou 5 månader sedan
This is one you should never buy day one fighting games people
A Gamer
A Gamer 5 månader sedan
I remember memtioning terminator doing the thumbs up on the stage fatality and im not suprised if other people commented it
Swaid 5 månader sedan
I sort of want them to bring in all their guest characters, cause then it'll cease being Mortal Kombat and start being a Smash Brothers for movie monsters.
CycoMiko 73
CycoMiko 73 5 månader sedan
Yeah Mortal Kombat always aims to please!!! I was hooked from the first time my friend introduced us to Mortal Kombat in the arcade telling us "you have to play this game called Mortal Kombat it's awesome"!! It was so much more intense in the arcades, picture a group of people standing around the machine like 3-4 people deep and quarters all lined along the ledge below the screen of people waiting to play next,( it went in order of the quarters from left to right), then getting on there and playing someone u don't know and beating everybody that's waiting to play and clearing them all out bc they didn't want to play me anymore was so intense I would shake with adrenaline it felt so great to be the best player in the arcade on Mortal Kombat! But only on mk and mk2 was I ever that good, age am I right?! Mk 3 was more of a home console thing with us never reaching the heights of intensity like 1&2 did but we enjoyed it.
MDH Da Snowman
MDH Da Snowman 5 månader sedan
I’m super hyped for this I never played Fujin in the older games so I’m excited to try him out, I’m still hoping my boys Cyrax & Sektor will be playable as they did say all story characters would be playable.
Zaya 5 månader sedan
In mortal kombat shaolin monks when scorpion dies in the lava he does the thumbs up
GiggleZenMaster 5 månader sedan
Is it just me or is your content uploads even more awesometacular than usual. I feel like you're having more fun with the channel whether is Alternate reality or terrible movies, great films it just seems like you are having so much fun. I am happy for you. I know I know, this comment makes me look lame but I am taking a second to appreciate the pure joy JJ is having. Dropping F-bombs, reviewing stuff that you can tell he'd always wanted but just didn't have the bandwidth (hah) to do so. Good on you JJ.
Rich consparart bro
Rich consparart bro 5 månader sedan
He said epic "MILF" . How cunning.
Rich consparart bro
Rich consparart bro 5 månader sedan
Very intrusive.
Jean Gentry
Jean Gentry 5 månader sedan
Sindel wasn't "cursed" with evil energy. She was brainwashed in MK3 and MK9 to serve and love Shao Kahn. That made her evil, not her powers. Her "Evil" look being at odds with her kind heart was because she was supposed to represent the idea of "Dont judge a book by it's cover".
Panther D Tiger
Panther D Tiger 5 månader sedan
Wish I could be fast as Jeremy with his quips, that’s damn near Spider-Man level
rakelgoj ludrahs
rakelgoj ludrahs 5 månader sedan
who agrees that NetherRealm is underrated?
Jonathan Vigoa
Jonathan Vigoa 5 månader sedan
1:46 Great reference right there!
Poet Scotty
Poet Scotty 5 månader sedan
I hope we get all past characters
E FT 5 månader sedan
Scorpion already does the Terminator thumbs up in Shaolin Monks
Jorge Winner
Jorge Winner 5 månader sedan
Biggest bullshit pack of all time: 39 euros for 3 characters( two of which I don't even want) and some friendships and cinematics(None of which I even give even a damn) This is literally robbery! I paid for the whole MK11 game with the first 6-character pack, 50 euros, and will never pay more 39 euros for this miserable pack. Netherrealm should feel ashamed of themselves.They shouldn't be stealing and abusing their costumers like this.
Doomguy 5 månader sedan
mkx is better than mk11 you are not wrong there
Chess Duncan
Chess Duncan 5 månader sedan
Did dr dre and eminem signed mortal kombat 11 to slim shady aftermath records looooool
Ali Fawaz
Ali Fawaz 5 månader sedan
100$ worth of DLC, how exactly i am supposed to get the dlc when it is worth more than a brand new game.
Weasel WarDance
Weasel WarDance 5 månader sedan
Gérann Gerber Channel
Gérann Gerber Channel 5 månader sedan
Two characters that I would really like to see are Havik and Reiko!!
Mr House
Mr House 5 månader sedan
I pre ordered MK11 when it came out I think April 17th 2019, loved it, played it for two weeks straight... Haven’t touched it since, the dlc trailers are awesome, the new playable characters are awesome yet I still play a cancer such as for honor instead...
Blueknight015 5 månader sedan
Raymond Jerackas
Raymond Jerackas 5 månader sedan
Is anyone else having problems buying the dlc? When I try to pre order it says not available?
Ethanol 3310
Ethanol 3310 5 månader sedan
Could u do a review for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War it was breathtaking
WeAreLive! 5 månader sedan
A shame that they’re ripping off us loyal fans and asking for a stupid some of money for the aftermath expansion and characters. Already paid a ton for the premium edition. Ill just watch it on youtube on day 1
Gregor Eisenhorn
Gregor Eisenhorn 5 månader sedan
I had to look up that quote at the end as it was bothering me where I'd heard it Jeremy. Ah, Robocop vs Terminator... time to fire up the genesis emulator and load something other than Shadowrun.
Obsideus 5 månader sedan
I WANT MY ASH!!!! But tbh this will do. Pre cool
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