Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - Movie Review 

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Hailed as one of the worst video game movie adaptations of all time. It's high time I give my thoughts on MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION!
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20 mar 2020



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D_Jon3z 198
D_Jon3z 198 Dag sedan
11:02 The poster says "Destroy all expectations"... At least there's some truth in advertisements at the time lol
Marc Araujo
Marc Araujo Månad sedan
Motaro played by Malibu from American Gladiators...you can't unsee it after you see it.
Ross Mitchell
Ross Mitchell Månad sedan
It's crap that Johnny cage and goro are nt in the new one that's coming from James wan can't wait
Arlo Pear
Arlo Pear Månad sedan
My life experiences with Mortal Kombat Annihilation and No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan are that they are 2 hilariously bad movies that are best enjoyed when you are with a group of friends and you're all drunk and\or stoned. If you watch either of these looking for genuine entertainment from a movie you are going to be sickeningly disappointed. Sharknado is seriously better than MK: Annihilation and that's not me making a joke to drive home the point of how bad I think this movie is, it's the honest to God's truth.
True Darkseid
True Darkseid 2 månader sedan
Lol movie
Gérann Gerber Channel
Gérann Gerber Channel 2 månader sedan
The only aspect of this movie that I really liked was the interaction between Liu Kang and Nightwolf!!
Geo G
Geo G 2 månader sedan
I can take a bad story all day, but the action of this movie is underwhelming.
Paltrax 3 månader sedan
I'd watch the live action tv series all day instead of this
vincent starnes
vincent starnes 3 månader sedan
Scorpion and sub-zero the most deadliest of enemies but slaves under my power "shang tsung"
vincent starnes
vincent starnes 3 månader sedan
Wow sharknado has better cg
Michael Cortez
Michael Cortez 3 månader sedan
I was 13 when this movie hit theaters, and it's the first movie I saw with a group of friends minus my parents lol good times.
EphraimAdamz 4 månader sedan
Guilty pleasure fun
Johnny Johnn
Johnny Johnn 4 månader sedan
On the back of the movie it literally says "destroy all expectations" 😂😂😂
Renee Benson
Renee Benson 4 månader sedan
The first movie is so much better
Airock the Great
Airock the Great 4 månader sedan
I disagree. I love this movie.
Darth Smythe
Darth Smythe 5 månader sedan
Saw MK in theatres but passed on MKA. Got it later on DVD thought I had bought a tv series like power rangers till friends confirmed that this is what I missed in theaters. Missed isn't the word I would describe, Streetfighter is one of those so bad it's good and SMB is just flat out bad this resides in limbo.
Kinnakeeter 1997
Kinnakeeter 1997 5 månader sedan
The only travesty of Mortal Kombat Annihilation was the fact that it actually exists
suckmyassloser 5 månader sedan
Talisa Soto is gorgeous and thats the only thing about this steaming turd.
Odin Akechi
Odin Akechi 5 månader sedan
Worst fighting game movie! And that's in a world where DOA the movie is a thing.
R. J. MacReady
R. J. MacReady 5 månader sedan
Aren’t most of the cast of the movie from the TV show........
Agnello Dei
Agnello Dei 5 månader sedan
At the end of the day, this movie is still super fun
Mimmo Esposito
Mimmo Esposito 5 månader sedan
mortal kombat 9/10 mortal kombat annihilation 7'5/10
Spritespitfire 6 månader sedan
I watched that on a 1 Dollar movie theater and I still felt ripped off.
Joshua Grissom
Joshua Grissom 6 månader sedan
Make a top 10 worst movies thats 30 minutes DO IT LOL
Skayth 6 månader sedan
Movie was Shit, Soundtrack was badass
Ian Sinclair
Ian Sinclair 6 månader sedan
I liked the 1st one wayyyy better then the 2nd one. On the good side, the graphics of today's games are way better then the older ones.
Vapedrive Talk
Vapedrive Talk 6 månader sedan
I love this movie
Vapedrive Talk
Vapedrive Talk 6 månader sedan
Nostalgia clouds my judgement
Will Scanlin
Will Scanlin 6 månader sedan
I enjoyed the review, but your main conceit that the writers of the movie never played the game is (sadly, wtf-ingly) untrue. Look up the writing credits to find that both Ed Boon and John Tobias provided the story for the film, aka the dudes who created the entire franchise and wrote all the games (well, John Tobias moved on after I think MK4 but that's neither here nor there).
Evan Michael Hardin
Evan Michael Hardin 6 månader sedan
I just want to go back in time and punch these filmmakers in the dick. Johnny Cage style.
CloisForever29 6 månader sedan
Watched this movie one time and never again. The first movie for me is a classic and I never get sick of watching it.
Jake Tilton
Jake Tilton 6 månader sedan
I know that it is objectively bad... but I don't care 14 year old me endures inside me and I love the movie.
Clips 6 månader sedan
5 year old me thought this was a good movie
David Dickson
David Dickson 6 månader sedan
Jeremy u checked out MK Animated movie, Revenge of Scorpion yet? Looks like be right up your street!!
Sanjay Raju
Sanjay Raju 6 månader sedan
5 - 9 10 - 4
Nicolas Degaille
Nicolas Degaille 6 månader sedan
The film is so bad that I would never watch it again. But I do like watching the first MK once every 5 years
Darknothing 6 månader sedan
Do super smash brothers
Goodwins all access Media service provider
My friend you have to watch Mortal kombat legends the revenge of scorpion 10\10 it's the best of everything Mortal Kombat
Haze Hilarious
Haze Hilarious 6 månader sedan
The Mortal Kombat films are 2 of the best terrible movies ever made.
Tone Balone
Tone Balone 6 månader sedan
The guy who made John wick, should make mortal Kombat.
Fabulous the BOSS
Fabulous the BOSS 6 månader sedan
One thing i will always always give credit to this movie as shitty as it is... the costumes were amazing. And my god motaro looked beast.
carlj12 6 månader sedan
If you want to review something you have never seen before. There is an old Australian movie called The Castle. It is a bit dated now and some jokes may not land outside of Aus, but it’s a funny movie
jibblejabjoe 6 månader sedan
Can you use the "fatality" clip on every occasion you label something "dogshit"? It works so well!
Shane Hill
Shane Hill 6 månader sedan
Did Shao Khan say “ADMIT THIS SUCKS” at 11:00? If he did than THAT THIS GLORIOUS!
Splash Danger
Splash Danger 6 månader sedan
I thought about babe-ality at the same time he said it. Made me chuckle.
Hector The chill guy
Hector The chill guy 6 månader sedan
Movie is bad bad can’t ever be watched again
Tony Mata
Tony Mata 6 månader sedan
I wanted to show this to anyone who wanted to know how much was the budget for this piece of crap, especially when compared with other films. The Mask - $18 Mil. Mortal Kombat - $20 Mil. And now for this one.... Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - $30 Mil. This right here should not have a excuse for the VFX looking that horrible when compared to those films, sure the first MK's VFX doesn't look great but Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Death Becomes Her and The Mask all came out in early to mid 90's and still hold up today. This is a similar issue when you compare to The Mask and Son of the Mask, the sequel has a bigger budget ($84 Mil.) but it looks horrible.
reginald tillman
reginald tillman 6 månader sedan
Ok Jeremy just watched this...how about doing mortal kombat legacy
Devecz László
Devecz László 6 månader sedan
Just watch the cutscenes from MK9, that's the best Mortal Kombat movie ever.
Suns Geek
Suns Geek 6 månader sedan
Sometimes with bad movies i will be positive about it and say "hey that movie had some good elements, and had some great actors or acting in it." but this movie literally has NONE of it. Even as a young kid watching this film i was like, something seems wrong, this movie isn't cool. I love Jeremy Jahns!!!
maikorage444 6 månader sedan
That robe is majestic
Orion Terry
Orion Terry 6 månader sedan
I convinced my dad to go with me to watch it in the theaters in 97. He refused to go to the movies with me since. I didn't blame him.
Frank Cervantes
Frank Cervantes 6 månader sedan
I’m so glad I’m subscribed! Haven’t stopped laughing! 😂
Deep Winter
Deep Winter 6 månader sedan
If I ever get the urge to watch a Mortal Combat video, I just pick any of the thousands of SEloskrs who've edited together the cut scenes from the various games. Way better story in the games!
Controversy! 6 månader sedan
This movie was awesome tbh everyone is copying other people's negative opinions. Does this guy think this movie was made in 2020 with all his complaining of bad CGI?
ScrimWars Community
ScrimWars Community 6 månader sedan
Well this is unexpected
Shea354 6 månader sedan
I love this movie BECAUSE it's so bad.
0009 LAH
0009 LAH 6 månader sedan
2:55 Talking about p**n like its a good thing? Simp!
Oscar Rangel
Oscar Rangel 6 månader sedan
Who are you kidding as a kid you probably loved this movie.
Jabril Malik
Jabril Malik 6 månader sedan
What happened to the outtakes at the end?
p g
p g 6 månader sedan
i got 3 movies for you to review: CUBE CUBE 2 CUBE ZERO
David Leon
David Leon 6 månader sedan
Still a better movie than Twilight
Juan D MotorCycle
Juan D MotorCycle 6 månader sedan
That movie, had some good costumes, and that's it, and yes Jeremy it is eye bleeding painful, great and funny video.
Jay Jay 106
Jay Jay 106 7 månader sedan
Damn I clicked on this so far
Justin Gary
Justin Gary 7 månader sedan
Johnny Cage got F-CKED UP MAN in the first 10 minutes.
Justin Gary
Justin Gary 7 månader sedan
At least Sonya Blade got to fight a lot more and she's SEXY
HalaL 7 månader sedan
🎶It. Is. GLORIOUS. 🎶
thezoneforonlyyou RSM
thezoneforonlyyou RSM 7 månader sedan
this film needs a new edition redoing all of the CG, I like this film better than the 1st WHY? the amount of characters and there's is WAY more fighting in it, still dry fatalities, but WAY more of them. I was never a fan of the animality fight at the end, scorpion and sub zero needed to return at the end of this film instead. Liu Kang is boring, but we'll get him all the way in every fucking film, its all about the ninjas, and everyone knows it.
Charlie Fillmore
Charlie Fillmore 7 månader sedan
Jeremy could give some thoughts about Doom: Annihilation too That's such a freaking disaster for Doom franchise
x802 Merciless
x802 Merciless 7 månader sedan
Watch Ozark. You will not be disappointed. I know what you like after watching you for years and this show is awesometachular.
WolfThornn Holtzklau
WolfThornn Holtzklau 7 månader sedan
Horrible movie. The first one kicks ass though and one of the best video game movies to date imo.
TheSBleeder 7 månader sedan
Shao Kahn: "PREPARE FOR FINAL BATTLE!!!" Ermac: "Uh, excuse me... your highness. But earlier in the film we had an army of thousands of fighters. Earthrealm only has like 5 warriors left. Maybe instead of fighting them individually we should just bum rush them all at the same time..." Shao Kahn: "SILENCE! We must put ourselves at as much of a disadvantage as possible!"
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 7 månader sedan
Those dislikes are people who Hate the movie.
TheSBleeder 7 månader sedan
With the first Mortal Kombat film, I think someone who wasn't familiar with the video games could still follow the plot and enjoy it. Annihilation felt like it was only made for hardcore fans of the franchise.
Parzival 7 månader sedan
The part with Shao Khan trying to hold the laugh back 😭😂💀
CZ OS 7 månader sedan
There's always the tragedy in these movies: One or more people, who in a properly done version, were perfectly cast. Dude who played Liu Kang. And Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is like bacon: He's good with almost anything.
Tony Purnell
Tony Purnell 7 månader sedan
As a kid, i only gave this movie a pass for one reason, the soundtrack. But ya this movie was like ugh.
Tony Purnell
Tony Purnell 7 månader sedan
I guess quarentine got you scraping from the bottom of the trash can with these movie reviews lately bro. 😁
Angel Adriel
Angel Adriel 7 månader sedan
Your forehead is wrinkly
Thierry Blondin-Rivest
Thierry Blondin-Rivest 7 månader sedan
Nah. Like the first one... this one just hurts. I can FEEL the cringe just thinking about it.
Aadin Heals
Aadin Heals 7 månader sedan
Best part about the Mortal Kombat movies are the soundtracks ... and the sweet one liners (there are many) that I still randomly quote, or even at 37 I still reenact Cyrax exploding all the glass after saying "death is the only way out". Yes I'm an idiot.
Dino S. Dominic
Dino S. Dominic 7 månader sedan
8:23 xD
Khaleel Ward
Khaleel Ward 7 månader sedan
2:45 in and he asks where do I start lol
Daniel Caro
Daniel Caro 7 månader sedan
Review the old Spawn movie! he just came out on Mortal Kombat 11 and there's a new movie on the making, so it would be relevant to review it.
White Void
White Void 7 månader sedan
It's time for another MK movie
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 7 månader sedan
Do Dead or Alive
Aidan Blackett
Aidan Blackett 7 månader sedan
One answer as to why: COCAINE!
Philip Crawford
Philip Crawford 7 månader sedan
I remember being 13 or so, having just seen the original mortal kombat film and thought it was actually pretty fun. I asked my grandma if I could rent annihilation, and me and my 13 year old brain turned it off within 2 minutes
cloudtx 7 månader sedan
I vaguely remember watching this as a kid. I just remember it had a lot more characters from the games than the first one but nothing else. Now I can see why my mind scrapped the rest. Also, the Shao Kahn actor is so BAD. Like, he sounds like he came out of Tommy Wisseau's acting school with a diploma.
So_Ramdom_Nece_ 7 månader sedan
Porn acting
Ahmed Aay
Ahmed Aay 7 månader sedan
8:23 that zach galifianakis laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller 7 månader sedan
Know what's really sad? The first one was actually good. Annihilation was straight 💩
Regular everyday Guy
Regular everyday Guy 7 månader sedan
this dude is my spirit animal
TheLoneDraftsman 7 månader sedan
I remember seeing this in theaters when I was around 10 with my cousin. Terrible.
Ozbully Morales
Ozbully Morales 7 månader sedan
I don’t hate many movies, but I truly H.A.T.E this movie.
Joe 7 månader sedan
This has to be the best AND funniest review of this movie EVER!!
Call555JackChop 7 månader sedan
My parents dropped me off to see this movie in theaters when I was a kid, I was the only person in the theater
Christopher thao
Christopher thao 7 månader sedan
chris stuckman and jeremy release a recview on this the same weekend. coincident?..I think not!
Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez 7 månader sedan
This movie plays like a porn parody but with no porn
Hermano Zenaide
Hermano Zenaide 7 månader sedan
I'm brazilian and I only watched this movie with a brazilian portuguese dub and... man, it was so much better than the original audio!
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