Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge - Movie Review 

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The story of Scorpion's quest for vengeance comes to us in a hyper violent, bloody animated movie. Here's my review for MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE!


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15 apr 2020



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Galaxy Eevee Evolution Studios
See, growing up I never played the "Mortal Kombat" games because, as a child, I wasn't into stuff that was bloody, gory, or violent but my Dad owned these kinds of games and I would watch him play them when I come over to spend the weekends with him. One Mortal Kombat game I remember had to be "Mortal Kombat 9" because he would play that game regularly. But other than that, "Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge" is a good movie.👍🏾
Nelson Crawford
Nelson Crawford 8 dagar sedan
The Only thing I didn't like about the movie was the camera shaking fights, super fast close ups and close outs, and the film like it's been rushed. It's like they're trying to copy Avatar, Legend of Korra, and Voltron Legendary Defender animation
Anthony Chobot
Anthony Chobot 11 dagar sedan
Saw it was awesome
Zahir Junejo
Zahir Junejo Månad sedan
I say the next movie be 2 hours long. Getting sick of this time limit thing. Like for god sake execs cmon, nobody cares, we audience just wants good movie. Dont care if its one hour two hour or three hour.
Maxwell _O.O
Maxwell _O.O Månad sedan
I really liked this movie it was mk9s story mode
I seen it and like holy my God. The most fore I have ever seen
Alex Gremlin
Alex Gremlin 2 månader sedan
I love the film a lot and the fact it showed us stuff before the games that isn't seen is great and the fact it's in 2D animation just feels like a cherry on top. Satisfyingly badass. Flawed but badass.
dragon ball talk
dragon ball talk 2 månader sedan
This guy's annoying I wish we could block certain channels
Terrence McGarty
Terrence McGarty 2 månader sedan
Watch the opening of this review and then go to his most recent to see just how much he ignored that advice.... damn
Dillon Kinder
Dillon Kinder 2 månader sedan
This is the most hilarious Mortal Kombat movie ever more funnier than the previous movies
Paltrax 3 månader sedan
Hope the legends name means this will be a franchise because I want more
Roque El Rompe-rocas
Roque El Rompe-rocas 3 månader sedan
Really good movie but Where is my sequel?
Rough Tough Alley
Rough Tough Alley 3 månader sedan
Ryu is the poster boy for Street Fighter franchise. But Scorpion should be the poster boy for Mortal kombat franchise.
Lavish Jules
Lavish Jules 3 månader sedan
I didn't know Blake Lively starred in this, I thought it was Scarlett Johansson. 😅
anthony gregory
anthony gregory 3 månader sedan
Not judging at all. But I get these vibes you just did three bumps off a mirror in the bathroom or on a table before doing this review. Your all over the place.
Zell K.
Zell K. 3 månader sedan
Ooooooh i get it, so Jeremy Jahns is impossible to impress after they just pulled the story the creators of mortal kombat wanted to portray where it all started, and left room for the continuation of sequels with material from the other mk games dude jeez impossible to please over here. This movie, was fucking awesome, this movie gave feels to me but probably because im actually a hardcore mk fan see my quitality montage video if i need to say anything more about that.
TheScoutPlay 3 månader sedan
Dude, it's simple. Nothing beats balls to the walls action and violence when it comes to Mortal Kombat. Jeremy is all like "nah it's not an MK piece of art yadayadayada" and I'm "bietch, please!" This movie rocks. It should be awesometacular.
Bloody Nuggets
Bloody Nuggets 4 månader sedan
the only problem I had with it was that they killed characters off too soon
IDontEvenKnow 3 månader sedan
That's how mortal Kombat does it
Pravesh Alva
Pravesh Alva 4 månader sedan
If this was released theatrically, I would pay good money to see this. But then the COVID-19
Golden Skeletongaming
Golden Skeletongaming 4 månader sedan
I loved it
Halosain Swavvy
Halosain Swavvy 4 månader sedan
The animation is just beatifull for the movie hope they don’t change that
Brandon Beach
Brandon Beach 4 månader sedan
Where my people who picked the other ninja characters other than sub zero and scorpion? Reptile, Noob Saibat, smoke, rain etc etc
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 4 månader sedan
Actually like mortal Kombat legends scorpions revenge but the movie could have been a little bit longer.
books from Windblown
books from Windblown 4 månader sedan
My cousin love the scorpion character to
Gem Bocobo
Gem Bocobo 4 månader sedan
unexpected but damn was it a welcome surprise!
Obsideus 4 månader sedan
I thought Sonya was the best bit of the movie, shes badass.
HanniModjo 4 månader sedan
The voice acting is sometimes horrible
dragonstormx 4 månader sedan
The movie makes it clear that Shang Tsung is rigging the tournament as much as he can without flat out cheating. That said is the tournament isn't so much a tournament as it is a battle royal. I preferred this over the 2011 game, the tournament there was just Shang Tsung pitting fighters against each other willy nilley. Here we actually see him cleverly exploit loopholes while Raiden is doing what he can to stop him. The characters also got more fleshed out, and we could take the villains seriously since they weren't a bunch of jobbers. But I am putting my foot down on Scorpion killing Goro. That honestly made Shang Tsung look like an idiot for suspecting he was turning against him, and it showed more Scorpion favoritism because we haven't had enough of that no have we. The movie should have Liu Kang beat Goro, then Scorpion shows up and we his moment where he forfeits the match. We still get the good scene where Scorpion is presented with Shang Tsung's offer, but shows us that he's not so selfish he will sell out Earthrealm.
6ix6tar 4 månader sedan
Just watched it and hoping there is a sequel. WB animation has something here and can continue. I just hope the sales are a hit because I want to see some animated movie sequel from this.
George George George
George George George 4 månader sedan
Watching a full tournament would get boring after fight 2 think about it that’s all you talked about
Big Terminator
Big Terminator 4 månader sedan
I saw it last night and I saw them taking story aspects from the first four games and retelling them in one story focusing on Scorpion and because of that and other reasons I think it’s an awesome film and will definitely buy it on blu ray!
DarthMacchio 4 månader sedan
The animation/art style is actually what's keeping me away
IDontEvenKnow 3 månader sedan
The animation was amazing
David Riley
David Riley 5 månader sedan
I have just seen this movie and it's the most fun I've had all year. It's bloody amazing!
BigBlackBloodyDaddy 5 månader sedan
Absolute TRASH It's like one of those "edgy" dc animated movies "Oh look how badass we are, we use a bunch of profanity and kill children and have a bunch of unnecessary desensitization of violence" Tripe for idiots and their man crush antihero wolver.....log......i mean scorpion They dont even swear in the games And the BEST part of all is Raidens so called chosen one Liu Kang was in fact USELESS and won without beating anybody besides katana
Cologram 5 månader sedan
“It costs $30 to buy in 4K” *laughs in Soap2Day*
MaximumMadnessStixon 5 månader sedan
I decided to pick up the Blu-Ray since the price dropped to $15, and I really enjoyed it. I wish it was a little longer and developed the characters more. But it was 80 solid minutes of good, bloody fun. 100% agree with "Good Time, No Alcohol Required." I'm really hoping they continue and do more _Mortal Kombat Legends_ animated movies focusing on the other characters. *SPOILERS* Especially with the mention of Liu Kang's destiny and the Shao Kahn tease at the very end.
Dustin Catalan
Dustin Catalan 5 månader sedan
We have a live action mortal kombat movie coming next year
AugustAPC 5 månader sedan
I wanted to love this. I love Mortal Kombat, legit. I'm a hardcore fan. This movie is trash. It's the first MK movie done far worse, just with more Scorpion... and it's worse in every way, except for the gore. I mean, if you took out all the Liu Kang, Sony and Johnny stuff (which all felt rushed and wooden), you'd be left with like 20 minutes of Scorpion story... and it's like... not even good. The events he goes through in the games should have been explored... not just replacing Liu Kang with him at the last minute. Also... they said in the movie that fights needed to be 1 v 1, but Scorpion just kills Goro while he's killing Liu Kang and somehow that results in Earth winning? They literally cheated. Man... this was so bad. I can't believe people aren't trashing this film.
Ghost 5 månader sedan
Story was crap. Characters were crap especially Sonya and Johnny imo. Fights were meh and at times to short and too much blood imo (but pretty sure most people won't mind I just felt it was over used, though at the start was done really well). Animation was okay, personally never like DC animation but it isn't bad here. They did a good job. No complaints. There were some good throwbacks to the game like some iconic locations and a few characters from later installments showing up in the background but don't see either of them for too long. Over all it's a straight to DVD film, some will like it, some won't. Watch it for your enjoyment. I didn't like it, you might.
werthy is my name
werthy is my name 5 månader sedan
Meh, I’m Team Sub Zero all the way. But I did buy it on sale for 9$ on Vudu ;) so that was nice
SpaZn 5 månader sedan
For $17 I got it on Blu Ray, DVD and Digital not a bad deal if I say so myself
Drew Jennings
Drew Jennings 5 månader sedan
This is one of the best animated movies I've ever seen
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak 5 månader sedan
This was incredible. Now I want every MK character movie like this. WB did justice with the game n also with this amazing animated movie.
Saud Aj
Saud Aj 5 månader sedan
Scorpion will always be the best character in MC
Dramatic Gnat
Dramatic Gnat 5 månader sedan
test your might... *MORTAL KOMBAT*
FWZ M. 5 månader sedan
Jeremy you should watch “Justice League Dark Apokolips war” and review it
Durty Dan
Durty Dan 5 månader sedan
I kinda want more of these MK animated films. If the DCAU can make it happen for as long as it has why not?
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 5 månader sedan
I loved it tbh it was just so bloody and gory
Chelsea fan
Chelsea fan 5 månader sedan
I picked Sub-zero more😃🥶
Atomic Optimist
Atomic Optimist 5 månader sedan
Gotta feel bad for sub-zero (kuai liang). This spectre of death is coming after you constantly and he is like “WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?!”
Thunderheade Danno
Thunderheade Danno 5 månader sedan
This is a GOOD GOOD movie!
ethanarc 5 månader sedan
Getting this today
professor chaos
professor chaos 5 månader sedan
I take it Shang tsung can't start MK unless raiden in the room which is why raiden stopped goro from killing Jax and said he didn't know MK had started
Killer Flame226
Killer Flame226 5 månader sedan
I saw that free on the website
Killer Flame226
Killer Flame226 5 månader sedan
This movie was craxy lol
Den Zel
Den Zel 5 månader sedan
Loved the movie, Foul language, violence, good fight scenes & MK 1 but in Scorpion's Story and perspective... Wish fulfilled. Also wished, Goro rip Liu Kang off apart in the film. Wish not really fulfilled.
محمد عاطف ربيع حسين
C'mon jeremy. fuck the tournament we have a video game movie with a SOLID story FINALLY
shogun harlem
shogun harlem 5 månader sedan
I hated it. Sonja goes through everyone now , liu kang is useless and it ends on qunchi vs scorpion. Trash as the last mk 11 games story mode
REXYBRO 5 månader sedan
Is MK legends a sequael to a movie and is what movie
IDontEvenKnow 3 månader sedan
Cruzinthruspace 5 månader sedan
It's 2 parts That's why it's called scorpions R.
Seb Munoz
Seb Munoz 5 månader sedan
I really enjoyed it and I didn’t like that original movie from the 90s
Giovanni Jiminez
Giovanni Jiminez 5 månader sedan
Liu Kang was MY childhood Bruce Lee.
LukisZone 92
LukisZone 92 5 månader sedan
I love how they portrayed Raiden in this movie. His presence feels like a god and is on a different level than the rest of the characters. The scene where he saved Jax, he just lightning bitch slap Goro like he was nothing. And at the end when Shang Tsung wants to attack Scorpion, Raiden just scares him off by his lightning eyes and telling Tsung that he(Raiden) no longer bound by the rules of non-interference. What a badass.
Ghost 5 månader sedan
I loved. I felt like some of his lines and actions were stupid like letting Johnny find things on his own. But over when the time came he felt like a threat. Though I wish he had exhibited more force when confronting Shang Tsung
Ahturos 5 månader sedan
I saw it, okay fun movie. It felt very rushed towards the end and some of the fights felt way to light weighted if I should explain it well. But hey I liked Skorpions story and the main characters were fun. I was not annoyed by Johnny Cage.
Sheik Asor RehtnaP Knip
Sheik Asor RehtnaP Knip 5 månader sedan
Technically it is the tenth tournament. So when people talk about MK1 they actually mean MK10? What does that makr MK 11? I don't know. But we might as well get to enjoy the early Kombats because hey at the end Earth Realm always loses. As for this movie... Tasteless
cory drury
cory drury 5 månader sedan
I liked the movie I was tired of the X-ray scenes though they did them to much. I was a kid when 1st movie came out and saw the 2nd in theaters as a kid lol love the 1st and like 2nd even for how bad it is lol probably just because I remember seeing it in theaters
kid flash
kid flash 5 månader sedan
Scorpion was never a good guy. They made us feel for him because he is the most popular character in the game.
the magalanium
the magalanium 5 månader sedan
Well he was an anti-hero/tragic hero
Nostalgia Brit
Nostalgia Brit 5 månader sedan
Is it on Netflix? 🙏🏼
LionLordXCVII 6 månader sedan
Not sure why I hate your face. You have a punchable face.
mwahahahahaha-guy 6 månader sedan
Just watched it, nice action but the character design is bad and the movie is boring.
Gabbo Esparza
Gabbo Esparza 6 månader sedan
My ranking of the three Mortal Kombat movies (updated): Mortal Kombat (1995) - Blu-ray if you're a MK fan, No Alcohol Required if you're a casual Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - Dogshit Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge - No Alcohol Required That's just me.
Arturo Ibarra
Arturo Ibarra 6 månader sedan
This reminds me of samurai jack
Arianne Hammond
Arianne Hammond 6 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, if you can please review the movie Bad Trip starring Eric Andre and Lil Rel. thank you
Isaac 6 månader sedan
Quarantine Jeremy is my favorite Jeremy
Kingjake 31
Kingjake 31 6 månader sedan
Absolutely loved this movie it was so epic
Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark 6 månader sedan
We need a sub zero and scorpion buddy cop movie
MrMustBNice 6 månader sedan
It was an okay film. I thought I’d be getting an animated retelling of _Mortal Kombat (2011)_ with even more focus on Scorpion than what he was given in that particular game. This film delivered on that but when it came to the tournament itself, they went *way* lore derivative! This film is good for the touch and go MK fan.
golden ranger_solaris
golden ranger_solaris 6 månader sedan
I guess a plug for target, but if you buy the movie, go there and get the steel book edition, its only sold there
Domo Jones
Domo Jones 6 månader sedan
Went 2 Wal Mart and was like GET OVER HERE 2 THE BLU RAY
Mar Wolfking
Mar Wolfking 6 månader sedan
Make mk3 movie
DLlive R
DLlive R 6 månader sedan
I just Watch the movie animation is really good just what you spec from Mortal Kombat 🔥🔥
Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson 6 månader sedan
When Scorpion took off the mask and did the fatality 😱 sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Wardor 1992
Wardor 1992 6 månader sedan
I enjoyed the movie. Now we now need a Subzero movie!!!
David Jones
David Jones 6 månader sedan
I haven't seen the movie but based off what you said why didn't they just follow Scorpion through the tournament and then whenever he was eliminated (which obviously eventually he had to have been) continue to follow him and maybe this all out war happened simultaneously with the tournament. (Ala MK Shaolin Monks Intro)
Omii P
Omii P 6 månader sedan
Four stars
Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brooks 6 månader sedan
I loved it and have a very dumb question: are the bonus features not on the 4K disc? I can’t find them.
Wardor 1992
Wardor 1992 6 månader sedan
Yes respcet for Legacy of Kain. This movie was pretty good
MGTOW Monk Apprentice Gang
This was alot more violent than I expected
Adam Coppola
Adam Coppola 6 månader sedan
I waited for the rent, but I'd totally buy it. My favorite thing about the movie was seeing the special moves and fatalities incorporated so smoothly into the combat choreography.
TYRANT 6 månader sedan
This movie would've been better as a 12 episode series
Mar Wolfking
Mar Wolfking 6 månader sedan
Agree each an hour later long
RDR 6 månader sedan
I did really like the movie, great action and a good story. However I do feel like the tournament did take over scorpions story a bit too much. The movie is called scorpion's revenge, but it's more like a 50 / 50 story with the tournament and scorpion's story. The characters were great but if they wanted to tell a scorpian story they shouldn't have included the tournament as much as they did. 8/10 for me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alcoon Slambag
Alcoon Slambag 6 månader sedan
You are fucking stupid.
Lyricytica 6 månader sedan
you have an amazing delivery, even at times i dont agree with ur review. i still enjoy watching u
When I saw the first ten minutes of this movie my jaw was on the floor.
Damion Baxter
Damion Baxter 6 månader sedan
As a mk fan I hated this movie The only thing they did right was Johnny wasn't useless and goro actually has an accomplishment by taking Jax arms that should be how he loses Them going forward. The devalued liu kangs win by having scorpion kills goro and over inflated scorpions abilities as a fighter.
shogun harlem
shogun harlem 5 månader sedan
@Agon Leed because any interesting change they've made to the mk tournament has been not only poor...its agenda driven. Kitana Kahn is by far the dumbest thing Introduced and spits in the face of the lore. This is just as poor . Each mk combatant has their own grudge story in the tournament.. scorpion and subzero, sonja and kano,and cage and his arrogance. Instead we got some girl power sonja nonsense., liu kang losing to goro of all people when in every iteration he beats shang tsung which puts him on Kahn radar. This reeks of mk 11s trash ass story..
Agon Leed
Agon Leed 5 månader sedan
@shogun harlem Having Sonya beat Reptile, in the style she did, was good. Invisibility, doesn't mean silent. She understood that her opponent was invisible, she sat and HOPED to hear him, which worked out just well. Cause luckily his dumb ass did wat lizards ACTUALLY do, stalk right up to their prey when they think they aren't seen. And she attacked. And it helped a lot more when mud got on him. So, there was nothing insane from that. No more than the many ways any hero in any action movie wins against the odds. That's just a nitpick you're doing with only the bare minimum of info to argue about. She's human and he's an outworld mutant, "it's not realistic". Scorpion...is basically a hellspawn. he's virtually immortal. Not really, but by his very existence, there's really not much that will take him out. I mean...his whole life story is very very similar to Spawn itself. All they did in this movie, was focus more on that aspect. Liu Kang is to defeat Shao Khan. We know that. What's wrong with saying that the REASON he defeats Shao Khan, was because he maybe WOULD'VE lost, but due to him learning, through THIS encounter, of him not being ready, he did what he had to do, whether physically and/or mentally to defeat Khan? I mean..the story goes that it's Shao Khan to beat anyhow. Mainly because Shang Tsung didn't win. No one would ever even have to face Shao Khan in ANY game or movie if Shang Tsung had won his 5th consecutive tournament. So, they switch up who beats Shang Tsung, we get the next battle with Shao Khan and Liu Kang defeats him..and all the fan boys of Liu Kang can take pride in that. I don't see the problem
shogun harlem
shogun harlem 5 månader sedan
@Agon Leed you are smoking. I love scorpion as much as the next guy but bi han was a once in a lifetime fighter... not scorpion. Scorpion was below shang tsung who liu kang beat because he was " the chosen one" the end all be all warrior. This movie basically destroyed that in exchange for some nonsense like the recent mk 11 story mode. Having sonja beat repitle is as inane as Deborah beating scorpion
Agon Leed
Agon Leed 6 månader sedan
what are you even?....he wasn't devalued..HE had a journey. But THIS was not HIS journey. It was Scorpion's. As much as WE made Liu Kang a staple, he's still just a monk. whereas Scorpion was a leader of a whole fucking clan of assassins before he died..died and all those skills were still there PLUS the powers he got. So...overinflated is untrue statement. This should be exactly as you imagine he would be
brandon coulter
brandon coulter 6 månader sedan
Really enjoyed it. Scorpion has been my boy since #1,and it was cool to see him go balls out berserker in this.
Kyle Campion
Kyle Campion 6 månader sedan
Really good movie! badass scorpion, can't wait for the sequel!!
pato movie.s
pato movie.s 6 månader sedan
Great movie
Donster 6 månader sedan
When is Warner Bros going to learn you can’t charge $20 fucking dollars for a 75 minute movie? Granted back in the day all the animated films were targeted towards kids with short attention spans, so I get that. But this movie is clearly NOT targeted to kids, so wtf? Us adults are used to 120 minute movies on average. Were not paying $20. Will pirate it every time.
Donster 6 månader sedan
@Agon Leed I can’t talk shit about the company when they release an overpriced product? Even when this video recommends you rent it for just about the same reason? Fuck outta here dude. I pirate movies when they are shit, they aren’t worth my money, they aren’t worth your money. If people keep spending $20 for a 75 minute “Movie” than nothing will change, your giving them more for less. If you pirate it or don’t buy it they won’t make money and will have to say “Geez nobody is buying our short films anymore, guess we need to make them longer now.” However, on the rare occasion WB releases a film worth the money, such as the Dark Knight Return’s (about 2 hours and 30 min run time) for $20 than yes, I do buy it. I’ll support the products and services I like if they are satisfactory. Same goes for video games. Don’t assume that just cus someone has the ability to pirate that they pirate everything, you ass clown.
Agon Leed
Agon Leed 6 månader sedan
I mean...acrtually, I'd say it's for teens to adults. And a teen WILL pay 20 as will I IF I didn't have access to pirating. Which, until 2007 I didn't. I technically pay for NO movies now, but in that sense, there's no reason to specificlaly point out this Warner Bros. for being stupid. Wouldn't matter if it was $5, I'd still just download it or some other free way. If you're going to pirate, then you're going to pirate. Don't realy deserve to talk shit
Panthror 6 månader sedan
The animation looked like a mix between current DC animated movies and 'The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes' tv series in my opinion. Loved how brutal it was, and isn't that what you want out of Mortal Kombat?
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