Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath - Video Game Review 

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MK11 gives us a surprise in the form of new stages, new stage fatalities, 3 new characters, and a continuing story. Does it give you bang for your buck? Here's my review for MORTAL KOMBAT 11: AFTERMATH!
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29 maj 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Chauncey Kelly
Chauncey Kelly 15 dagar sedan
Quarantine laziness...it got me too. That and online schooling!
Jackson Briggs
Jackson Briggs Månad sedan
It was worth it for me
Alain Smith
Alain Smith Månad sedan
The game is a hot mess!!!
Andrei Rusu
Andrei Rusu 2 månader sedan
EVIL Milf mmmmmmmm 😍
Shane Cordova
Shane Cordova 2 månader sedan
The skins are shit in Mk11!
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald 2 månader sedan
I wish there were more stage fatalities, the fact that there’s only 3 was really disappointing
The ZombieMan
The ZombieMan 2 månader sedan
Got this on sale with MK11, it's great expansion and I love RoboCop and Fujin but definitely not worth $40 on it's own
nicodimus2222 2 månader sedan
Wait...is this just the DLC, or the entire game + DLC? Never bought MK11.
Joey Figueroa
Joey Figueroa 2 månader sedan
"What can I say I love me some evil milf" ~ Jeremy Jahns 2020
DAKoTa Fredburger
DAKoTa Fredburger 3 månader sedan
The story is really good but it's definitely overpriced.. The Aftermath DlC should have come with all the story characters instead of just 3 character's and 1 of those characters not even being from the DLC story
Darby Reviews
Darby Reviews 3 månader sedan
whats your gamer tag ?
TMQ 3 månader sedan
I got mk11 and every single dlc and the after math with only 26$ on Steam Psn is just a fucking steal
chuahbengbuan 4 månader sedan
Jeremy, pls. Last of us 2
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 4 månader sedan
I'm hoping not to bring back animality.
ALTAIR 4 månader sedan
How come he doesn’t do any spoiler talks anymore?
wile123456 4 månader sedan
DLC characters being unbalanced at release is scummy. It's better this way
Fabian Singh
Fabian Singh 4 månader sedan
I agree w your price points. I was mad at it
Holly Wagner
Holly Wagner 4 månader sedan
Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy... Jeremy, Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy. Sheeva's 3rd and 2nd variation are the tightest in game. They ARE coming out with more characters like Ash from the Evil Dead and Quan Chi, the leaks are REAL. Love the content, keep it real
Riverfilly153 4 månader sedan
Sheeva’s a badass. Just sayin’, love playing as her. Was hoping for it after I saw her in the main story.
0penthaugtz 4 månader sedan
I haven't played a MK game since Mk10. Anyone remember how good MK10 was?
Carl Ward
Carl Ward 4 månader sedan
Please lay off the hand talking. Believe me, you can emphasize your point without moving your hands that much
Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar 4 månader sedan
Patty F
Patty F 4 månader sedan
When he loves milfs but looks like a dilf
Humayan Kabir
Humayan Kabir 4 månader sedan
jeez, that's all you get for $40 expansion? Mate play The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition. WORTH EVERY CENT 1000 TIMES OVER!!
Terry Power
Terry Power 4 månader sedan
Spawn has a Deadpool costume 🙄
Luigi Is the best
Luigi Is the best 4 månader sedan
How is the story mode not half of the original it haves 5 chapters and all of them have 5 to 6 flights which means it’s over half of the original story
kSwissh007 4 månader sedan
i bet jeremy gets his ass beat whenever he plays kombat league lol
kSwissh007 4 månader sedan
i bet jeremy gets his ass beat whenever he plays kombat league lol
kSwissh007 4 månader sedan
i bet jeremy gets his ass beat whenever he plays kombat league lol
kSwissh007 4 månader sedan
i bet jeremy gets his ass beat whenever he plays kombat league lol
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever 4 månader sedan
Who was the face Model for Sindel? If there isn’t one I’ll gather all the infinity stones to make it a reality
A.C. Slater
A.C. Slater 4 månader sedan
Sheeva is S tier
Xavier Kyle
Xavier Kyle 4 månader sedan
How many tissues on the sindel.j.?
Marc Duncan
Marc Duncan 4 månader sedan
Think I will wait for destroy all humans remake instead.
Xavier L.
Xavier L. 4 månader sedan
Take a shot every time he says "DLC Characters".
Freekofnayture 4 månader sedan
You gotta keep that friendship thing you did
Chemical Z
Chemical Z 4 månader sedan
What I like about this story is that the power scaling makes more sense then the other ones which is really important for the story. And btw why the flip would they make robocop or spawn a part of the story mode? They have no place in there unlike OG BRO'S Fujin, Night Wolf and Shang Tsung
JJREDS 1 4 månader sedan
Did you watch mortal kombat scorpion's revenge?
1917cutlass 4 månader sedan
It is truly fucking haunting at how much Jeremy is starting to look like Keanu Reeves.
B D 4 månader sedan
Bad game 🚿🛌🗺
Daniel Ali
Daniel Ali 4 månader sedan
"I just love me some evil milf, what can I say"... Finally, a man of culture 😂
SlackStyle 4 månader sedan
Love your videos...don't love that Raycon doesn't ship anywhere else other than the U.S.
nirenberg190 4 månader sedan
I beat it in like 2 hours lol
Bogdan Anicescu
Bogdan Anicescu 4 månader sedan
Jeremy is becoming Ben from Ozark
Ultimategamer132 4 månader sedan
I wish you delved deeper into things such as why you liked/disliked certain characters.
Zondra Barth
Zondra Barth 4 månader sedan
I just want Negan from the Walking Dead in here, he fits perfectly as a guest character in MK. :D
David Jones
David Jones 4 månader sedan
I also love evil MILF. 💕🙏😍
David Jones
David Jones 4 månader sedan
thought I was dying at Jeremy's Friendship... I killed over at 6:42😂😭
Geeky Metalhead
Geeky Metalhead 4 månader sedan
Kakyoin: Evil Milf huh?
Suboo PC
Suboo PC 4 månader sedan
hey look chris d'elia
Shakeeb Anjum
Shakeeb Anjum 4 månader sedan
Jeremy has some serious hots for Sindel. Mee too.
Supah Gualtah
Supah Gualtah 4 månader sedan
cmon man just Review the Silent Hill games already youre a huge RE fan you ll love those games too n they all came out on Playstation !
John Garcia
John Garcia 4 månader sedan
Love the new look Jeremy
John Garcia
John Garcia 4 månader sedan
ChillaxinEskimo 4 månader sedan
That Friendship transition scared me 😂
Sanjot Minhas
Sanjot Minhas 4 månader sedan
Grow the beard all the way!
The Abortion
The Abortion 4 månader sedan
All the raid shadow legends ads got replaced by raycon ads
Jaimen Maisuria
Jaimen Maisuria 4 månader sedan
"I just love me some evil MILF" - Jeremy Jahns 2020
Parsa Shirali
Parsa Shirali 4 månader sedan
“I love me some evil Milf “ .......... yeah 4thsnake doesn’t sound that bad now
FineCastle IE
FineCastle IE 4 månader sedan
Has Jeremy ever reviewed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?
Gabriel Angelo Mirador
Gabriel Angelo Mirador 4 månader sedan
He said in the Witcher season 1 review
Gabriel Angelo Mirador
Gabriel Angelo Mirador 4 månader sedan
He hasnt played them yet
Brad Paul
Brad Paul 4 månader sedan
I like how you can play as the DLC characters, in the towers of time, without having to buy the DLC pack.
Jacob Gard
Jacob Gard 4 månader sedan
I’d buy that for a dollar. Not 40.
Antonio Ortiz Burciaga
Antonio Ortiz Burciaga 4 månader sedan
In two months Jeremy will be able to perform special moves and fatalities with his hair
SevenSecondsArise 4 månader sedan
YES IT IS NOT WORTH $40! I have total buyers remorse after finishing the story DLC...
Foba Bett
Foba Bett 4 månader sedan
Jeremy looking like a young Logan
Robert Menn
Robert Menn 4 månader sedan
If say the DLC is worth about $25. You get 5 chapters of story and the main story is 12. Almost half. And 3 new characters. It’s not $40 but I could see 25-30 value.
Sean Froelich
Sean Froelich 4 månader sedan
I want to see Onaga again
nachoprime 4 månader sedan
Sadly he died in between mkx and mk11
Cres 4 månader sedan
Awesome Jeremy, would love a review of The island (2005) from you!
Dimensionmaster05 4 månader sedan
Don't forget the skins and gear pieces exclusive to the story mode, as well
NerdyPYTHON Media
NerdyPYTHON Media 4 månader sedan
Jeremy's got that John Wick thing going on. Dope!!!
Officer K
Officer K 4 månader sedan
$40?!! Yikes! WB Games is really milking Mortal Kombat. “Aftermath” should’ve been included in the base game.
Vincenzo Vieri
Vincenzo Vieri 4 månader sedan
I just beat it a min it ago and i really like this campaign dlc. it was just as good as the campaign before and this continuation is really good. now i take into consideration the price, some people complain about the price and time but you have to realize your paying for characters at $5 a piece and yes, you only get 3, but that leaves $25 your paying which you can say go towards the campaign. Does that justify the price, well i'd say for the length maybe $20? The game isn't long enough to justify the price, honestly. this really should of been priced at $15 for the campaign and $15 for the 3 characters. the campaign was too short, however it was fun but it's too short. another good example is that garbage spider man dlc. the campaigns were extremely short beyond redundant npc fight's with the random big bald man that sounds like a woman/voice actor, that dlc was $25 and totaled in length but it was awful. i feel that should of been $5. it also comes down to quality but in short if u have the money, go for it but if ur wanting to get another game first or somethings on sale then i say get that first. this will go on sell in time.
Ethan Harvey
Ethan Harvey 4 månader sedan
Why do you edit out the gaps between your sentences?
Raphh TV2
Raphh TV2 4 månader sedan
Dear god, please keep the quarantine hair. PLEASE
Shubhankar Bhingare
Shubhankar Bhingare 4 månader sedan
Jeremy's imagining Sindel X Jeremy fanart.... And i dont blame him!
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey 4 månader sedan
Dude just trim the sides please, you're becoming a guest in your own channel
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 månader sedan
Sheeva’s friendship is the best
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 månader sedan
Johnny Utah from Point Break 3 years after retirement from police force
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 månader sedan
Robocop’s fatalities are siiiiick!
Wright Family
Wright Family 4 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy I was wondering if you can review bodycam it's a cop thriller involving a deamon that only the main women can see
Hossein Mohagheghian
Hossein Mohagheghian 4 månader sedan
Ash: "Names ash...housewares"... Shang Tsung: "ill swallow your soul " Ash:....come get some Please let the Ash dlc rumors be true 😓
kemuael 4 månader sedan
Bring back Mileena.
The Penguin Boi
The Penguin Boi 4 månader sedan
The story was great but chapter 4 was tough to play,not cause it was hard,just fighting my favorite character and the good guys hurt to do. All 3 new fighters are fun
mad titan
mad titan 4 månader sedan
Yup The Aftermath DLC was awesome but... It's not worth the $70 I payed just for the story and 3 character's, They diffenitley fucked the people that have supported the game since launch again! The first time they tried to fuck us was when the Game launched incredibly beyond Grindy which they fixed and gave us who had been playing since the beginning a decent reward that was worth it. they should do the same here! Us OG players need a lil something more than what was given to everybody else at a cheaper price this shit ain't right. Either wb is taking more control over what netherrealm studios are doing and telling them how to run their business with dodgey sales tactics or thats just the way the studio is... heading towards being another EA or other bullshit company with no integrity and thats sad😔
Abhimanyu Jamwal
Abhimanyu Jamwal 4 månader sedan
play red dead redemption 2!!! You'll absolutely love the story and the characters.
Corbin Dunston
Corbin Dunston 4 månader sedan
You should review Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
B Man
B Man 4 månader sedan
(Red Dead Redemption II) next
hjames78 4 månader sedan
Im going to wait till that goes on sale before i get it. It will go on sale. I got mortal kombat 11 itself for 25 dollars lol
Ondre 4 månader sedan
Fujin is definitely one the best characters and definitely better than Joker and Spawn, you tried tho
Herowebcomics 4 månader sedan
OMG! This game keeps getting better then ever! I want to see more awesome characters and features get added!
Eastside Reviews
Eastside Reviews 4 månader sedan
At this point, you trust Shang Tsun after all of his bullshit, that's on you. Also, apparently Sindel has always been a massive asshole.
Patrick Brooks
Patrick Brooks 4 månader sedan
Jeremy is turning into a lion
Ali Fawaz
Ali Fawaz 4 månader sedan
Honestly, sheeva is absoutely broken. Like she is playing mkx
conrad ensenat
conrad ensenat 4 månader sedan
Evil Milf!! Evil Milf!!!! Evil Milf!!!
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese 4 månader sedan
I hope MK 11 bring the sexy skins back for the Female characters
Blankar 4 månader sedan
*Jeremy Wick.*
Hi Im EOIN !
Hi Im EOIN ! 4 månader sedan
Kitanas friendship is my life now
Ratboy 367
Ratboy 367 4 månader sedan
I watched the DLC cut scenes for this on youtube..it was over 2 hrs of new content...I consider that worth at least 20 bucks like if u bought a bluray..add 5 bucks a character...I'm thinking 35 range is not bad....they went with 40...I'm buying game of year edition.
TheManCalledBen 4 månader sedan
He caught the Sub-Zero: Mythologies reference. Nice!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Saunders
Matthew Saunders 4 månader sedan
Dude you gotta do a maneater review. I got the aftermath dlc but haven't cared because I'm playing maneater lol
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