Mulan - Movie Review 

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Disney is on a roll with taking their animated classics, and making live action husks of them. Now we have MULAN! So here's my review.


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4 sep 2020



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Gabriel Mena
Gabriel Mena 2 dagar sedan
My boy Jeremy lookin like John Wick in this one 😂
M Safrons
M Safrons 3 dagar sedan
I’m the type of person that finished movies even if they’re bad, but I couldn’t finish this garbage. I could have made a better film with my iPhone.
Paltrax 3 dagar sedan
Does it have a cross dressing fat guy climbing a piller using a scarf?
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 4 dagar sedan
Mushu does not appear in the live action remake. Disney made the choice to ensure that the live-action remake stayed true to Chinese culture and traditions. Instead, Disney included a phoenix in the film, which is a sign of peace and prosperity in Chinese culture.
ScissorMeTimbers 5 dagar sedan
A live action Mulan should be one of the best movies ever. God damn Disney for not casting Michelle Yeoh in 1999. That woman could whoop my ass silly, and I'm a good scrapper lmao
Val Halla
Val Halla 5 dagar sedan
From the trailer...it sure looks like Disney also made Mulan another Mary Sue.
dinu mihai
dinu mihai 6 dagar sedan
i dont care what ppl say i liket the movie
Jacob Young
Jacob Young 8 dagar sedan
I’m going to use your video to explain to my daughters why we’re watching the animated version rather than this unartistic show of greed.
ValisFan3 9 dagar sedan
The worst scene in the movie was when Mulan just walked up the mountain with the buckets of water with no explanation of how she did it. In the original, it was clearly explained that Mulan had to use the weights to help her reach the arrow on the top of the pole. But in this remake, she just gets the strength to walk up a mountain carrying buckets "for some reason."
MasterBaiter 9 dagar sedan
"the scenes were great" till you realize parts of it were shot close to where an concentration camp is.
Ight, so no Mushu. Glad I didn’t see this movie then.
Bro? Bro?
Bro? Bro? 12 dagar sedan
I didn’t even finish it cuz it was shit😞
Grubkiller 432
Grubkiller 432 13 dagar sedan
Mushu: dishonor on you dishonor on Disney
Tecumseh Sherman
Tecumseh Sherman 14 dagar sedan
Barry Hurley
Barry Hurley 14 dagar sedan
I'm just waiting for Disney's Hercules who happens to be a true SJW LMFAO
Arthus850 15 dagar sedan
To all of you saying that Disney’s not dead because their animated movies are still great, I agree to an extent. Their animated movies are still great. The problem is that they’re not Disney’s priority right now. Let’s look at how many Disney animated movies were released by Walt Disney Animated Studios vs how many live action remakes there were in the last decade. Animated: Tangled: 2010 Winnie the Pooh: 2011 Wreck it Ralph: 2012 Frozen: 2013 Big Hero 6: 2014 Zootopia: 2016 Moana: 2016 Ralph Breaks the Internet: 2018 Frozen II: 2019 9 movies in ten years, 3 years with no releases (the third year being 2020), 1 year with more than one release, during which only 2 were released. Live action: Alice in Wonderland: 2010 Maleficent: 2014 Cinderella: 2015 The Jungle Book: 2016 Pete’s Dragon: 2016 Alice through the Looking Glass: 2016 Beauty and the Beast: 2017 Christopher Robin: 2018 Dumbo: 2019 Aladdin: 2019 The Lion King: 2019 Maleficent Mistress of Evil: 2019 Lady and the Tramp: 2019 Mulan: 2020 14 releases in ten years, 4 years with no releases, but only because they didn’t know how profitable the live action remakes were yet, meaning that 13 of those movies were released in the span of six years. 2 years with multiple releases, one of which had 5 releases in a single year. Plus, the live action remakes get more advertisement every time. Based on those statistics, it’s clear where Disney’s priorities are right now. They have more faith that these soulless live action remakes will make a profit than they do their heart filled animated movies. If this keeps up, there’s a good chance they might decide that their animated movies aren’t worth it anymore. And don’t say they won’t do that. I’d like to think they’re smarter than that, but Disney’s a corporation. I’ve seen corporations do worse. And if they do that, then Disney will be dead. Also, disclaimer, I liked Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, Christopher Robin, and Aladdin, but that doesn’t mean they’re not part of the problem.
Jurgen Bastian
Jurgen Bastian 16 dagar sedan
man the only reason I saw this movie (and probably some other people) was cause Jet Li and Donnie Yen were on it , I knew they wouldn't have large roles but I was expecting them to do SOME action at least, but the action on this movie sucked. Was looking forward to big fights being a live action movie but meh, I'm glad I didn't pay for it ;D PS. another sword fights movie with clean blades after killing people...
Ify 16 dagar sedan
This is why DreamWorks is taking over. Disney is losing its creativity....or already lost it.
Thomas Joyce
Thomas Joyce 16 dagar sedan
800,000 monetized views. I hope poor Jeremy got his 30 bucks back.
Lando-Z 16 dagar sedan
What makes this a little bit worse? The part about spending $30 just to RENT it early on Disney+. I just saw John Campea talk about how all non-subscribers get a better deal on other platforms being able to buy the movie outright and have bonus features, for the SAME amount of $30. Disney unapologetically scammed people out of $30 on top of their yearly subscription fees and don’t even let them own the movie they spent extra money on. What the ever loving hell is wrong with Disney?
attack helicopter jr
attack helicopter jr 17 dagar sedan
Disney now trying to make a Fat Cinderella, what's next a transgender Snow Person of Color? Pinocchio but the private part gets longer when he lies?
Harris Fu
Harris Fu 19 dagar sedan
watch "matchless mulan 2020" it's better
Jori Sheppard
Jori Sheppard 20 dagar sedan
$30 dollars. I could take my whole fucking family to the movies with that money. I can get VIP seats with that money. I can get a ton of popcorn with that money. No thanks Disney, I am going to wait for theaters to reopen before I watch anything.
jm's shenanigans
jm's shenanigans 21 dag sedan
do not waste your time watching mulan. the trailier is th eonly good thing.
It reminded me of the bird from ghost of tsushima
Iltffny 22 dagar sedan
just got done watching the live action film and yeah, im watching the animated version now to rid myself of the stink that is the live action mulan
soundbombin23 23 dagar sedan
You should review Warrior on Cinemax...Dope show!
Mumu's World Parada
Mumu's World Parada 23 dagar sedan
Love this review 😆, also the movie sucked. I miss the original.
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 23 dagar sedan
Mushu does not appear in the live action remake. Disney made the choice to ensure that the live-action remake stayed true to Chinese culture and traditions. Instead, Disney included a phoenix in the film, which is a sign of peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. Costume designer Bina Daigeler researched for weeks in China to make sure the wardrobe was accurate. Casting directors reviewed more than 1,000 candidates for the role of Mulan. The requirements focused on skills in martial arts, the ability to speak English, and the potential to be an international star. First Disney live action remake to receive a PG-13 rating. This was mainly because of the brief shots of corpses and scenes heavily implying death. Otherwise, there is no nudity, profanity or blood. Primarily shot in New Zealand, with a few scenes in mainland China. Yifei Liu performs 90% of all her stunts as Mulan: horse riding, sword fighting, martial arts, and battle scenes. Actor and martial artist Jet Li, who plays the Emperor, admitted turning down the role because of the "script and pay." After his daughters reminded him that it was important for Disney to shine a light on Chinese culture, he backtracked and accepted the role. In the animated film, as part of her disguise and transformation to join the military, Mulan cut off most of her waist length hair. This scene wasn't adapted to the live-action film because it was considered redundant. Historically speaking, long hair on men was very common in imperial China, so Mulan having long hair at the military camp would not have been considered unusual.
Exploding Dynamite
Exploding Dynamite 24 dagar sedan
The banana splits!
zerosub 25 dagar sedan
Me and my 8 year old daughter loved it , it was supposed to be a different take , I give it a 6 /10 worth watching on tv not theatre's.
Abdullah Yusof
Abdullah Yusof 22 dagar sedan
6/10 is not really a rating that screams "I loved it" but power to you n your daughter that you did
Fahad Waraich
Fahad Waraich 25 dagar sedan
Cant you just give your score out of 5 or out of 10 in the start of the review? All the talk could be the later 🤔
Abdullah Yusof
Abdullah Yusof 22 dagar sedan
The structure of his review is: Movie background-> thoughts & opinions-> final verdict/rating You can just skip to the end to see his rating you know. You don't have to watch the whole review
zainul fachrial
zainul fachrial 26 dagar sedan
Disney is Disney. Its a family movie. Take some rest and sit. Watch Mulan: Rise of Warrior. You'll be realize how amazing Mulan behind the real story is.
jacob crabb
jacob crabb 26 dagar sedan
This movie was jus Dog shit I jus went to bed lol
Jim Nixon
Jim Nixon 26 dagar sedan
This movie brings dishonor on Mulan's entire cow.
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan 26 dagar sedan
Damn...I didn’t hate it.... but I had SUPER low expectations.
Jacob Monks
Jacob Monks 26 dagar sedan
Even if this movie was good, I don't know how someone could possibly justify spending $30 for it. A blu-ray costs less, and that's something you actually physically own.
Art Connolly
Art Connolly 26 dagar sedan
They should have let anyone with a disney plus watch it for free. Especially since most of us only joined to watch the mandalorian.
Ryan Woodward
Ryan Woodward 28 dagar sedan
Another thing I will spend my money on this year. The first being TLOU2.
Salam IQ
Salam IQ 29 dagar sedan
Never watched the animation, i give this one 7.5 out of 10
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 29 dagar sedan
It's nice to see that even a company that essentially prints money with whatever they produce is taken down a notch.
손상모 Månad sedan
Mulan 1998: Efforts make you what you want no matter who you are. Mulan 2020: Talents make you what you want no matter who you are.
cool ass corncob
cool ass corncob Månad sedan
No Mushu... all I got to say.
Kick It To The King Productions
Just watch Mulan online for free. This was such a bore fest. Leaves ya with a bad taste in your mouth.
Audrey Clément
Audrey Clément Månad sedan
Ok i need to say this, I don’t understand why i don’t see this anywhere else but: wtf is going on between Mulan and the Witch?!? Is it just me or theses scenes when they’re super close have more sexual/love tension than the scenes with what’s supposed to be her real love interest? When the witch died, i was basically waiting to see Mulan kiss her🤷‍♀️
David T
David T Månad sedan
Mulan: I’m gonna make people hate on Disney Rey: too late for that
John Kang
John Kang Månad sedan
Most eastern asian reviewers were enraged at a very western storyline with just Asian coverings. Screw the historical inaccuracies, but even as a fantasy, it's more in line with western story, female witch, gung-ho 1-on-1 emperor, and seriously... telekinesis? It's kinda funny even the western audience find this movie boring.
Jordan Lutz
Jordan Lutz Månad sedan
I actually fell asleep watching it
It's the same as... the animated one? hell no. where the hell is the chi-warrior magicgirl in the animated movie? yeeeah it wasn't there.... Cuz apparently Disney is all about if you dun have magic, girl, then you can never become anything.
Daishia The Overreactor
Lion King was a great remake
Kalus v V
Kalus v V Månad sedan
Tired of these mary sue movies
joseph hayden
joseph hayden Månad sedan
Definitely not wasting 30.00 on this. I'd rather just be patient and wait till it's free in December.
Raman Sandhu
Raman Sandhu Månad sedan
$30 FRICKIN DOLLARS!!!!! Man, just wait for it till it comes on blu-ray or iTunes. It’s probably gonna be $5 cheaper for buying. on buying it or are they gonna up the cost to $50.00 dollars! No no no $65.00
Diana Ramirez
Diana Ramirez Månad sedan
Yeaaaaa I’m not watching it . I’m sticking to the animated movie
James Krill
James Krill Månad sedan
Watched it with the family, so it was cheaper than going to the theaters. But going into it expecting to hate it and knowing Mushu wouldn't be in it... I was actually pleasantly surprised. I loved the cinematography and when they played pieces of the songs in the background music. Is it better than the original? Absolutely not. Should you watch it if you know you're going to hate it? Probably not. Should you watch it ever? I'd say absolutely. Not the worst Disney live action remake IMO
Stas Constantine
Stas Constantine Månad sedan
but salvia gods are my buddy's buddies... :( please don't say mean things about them
jamesmallone Månad sedan
Jeremy: There's not a dragon. There's a Phoenix. That kinda vaguely shows up once and a while to kinda fly in the general direction she needs to go. And now Pokemon fans, if you didn't know before, you now know what Ho-Oh from Pokemon was based on - the Chinese version of The Phoenix. *insert snarky joke about Ash being in movies more worth watching than Disney's Mulan remake*
Mark Law
Mark Law Månad sedan
What do you mean some live action movies? All of them have been thrash
IrgendwieCharmant Månad sedan
I'm watching this movie for free because I know how to pirate. Why does a guy who see as much movie as Jeremy don't know how to pirate?
badassdahn Månad sedan
No Mushu no Cricket forget it.
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
Billy McBain
Billy McBain Månad sedan
From the Great Southern Land; good to hear your review, I guess this is one less torrent I need to worry about. Oh, and yes I do subscribe
IAM SINISTAR Månad sedan
Not to mention they had the EXACT same problem as Rey in The Force Awakens...they made her OP and fucking boring from the start.
Winterhe4rt Månad sedan
Is there ANY of those live action movies actually watchable whatsoever?
Leonie B
Leonie B Månad sedan
"evil lady hawk" 😂😂 Honesltly though. This is the first movie that really did not like from the live action remakes. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I loved Jungle Book, Beauty and the Best and Maleficent 1&2. Liked The lion King as well and Alice in Wonderland was okay. But this... This just felt All kinds of wrong. 🥺
WeLikeSportz Månad sedan
My favourite part is when the witch completely changes from the side she has been fighting on the whole time and sacrifices herself for the enemy, just because they both have boobies.
Cody Todd
Cody Todd Månad sedan
Two words= Mary Sue. That is the problem with Disney.
Qtri Nity
Qtri Nity Månad sedan
Thats not a phoenix, thats just a kite lol
Mario Q
Mario Q Månad sedan
Someone tell Jermy, barber shops are open.
soulwinner247 Månad sedan
Oh my God... it’s been LONG since I last saw you...How much you’ve changed, Jeremy!!!!!
Anon Månad sedan
You can hear Jackie Chan's uncle screaming " Chi is not maaaaaagiiiccccc"
Anon Månad sedan
It was a dumb movie. The cartoon version was a masterpiece
HYPNOGLANCE87 Månad sedan
You know this movie bored jeremy to death to the point it put him into a coma,until he woke up years later that he now has a beard and is now reviewing the movie.
Patrick Musgrove
Patrick Musgrove Månad sedan
Bro, great job at staying relevant after all these years.
marwinout Månad sedan
youtube movie critic
Da Crammers
Da Crammers Månad sedan
"Oh yeah burnt town...that's what happens in a war... *shrugs*" xDDD WAAAIIIII!!!!!!!!! Also.. also. The hair cutting scene TTT^TTT such a dramatic, moving moment. Nothing!! Disgraceful!!
Scottish Suzuki
Scottish Suzuki Månad sedan
is there any live action re make that's been a success ?
Joseph Krahn
Joseph Krahn Månad sedan
This is what happens when you cozy up to china...
CrashTestDummy Månad sedan
The Disney Animated Mulan is based on the Chinese Myth of Mulan This Version of Mulan is based on the Chinese Myth of Mulan You seem to be giving the movie negative criticism for not being like the Disney Version of Mulan when it's more like Mulan than Disney Mulan. There's plenty of other reasons to dislike this film, but being accurate to source material is not one of them.
You're kidding right? This actually managed to be further from the actual ballad. So yes inaccuracy is a very valid reason
Nina-Rae DeLong
Nina-Rae DeLong Månad sedan
I like the idea of having a villain that is a parallel to Mulan. We get a sense of who she could become if she decided to turn evil. It's like the parallel between Frodo and Gollum, because the audience gets a sense of an innocent protagonist becoming evil if they give in to the one ring. Mulan still chose to be a good person despite the fact that she was caught and outcasted.
Leigh Needleman
Leigh Needleman Månad sedan
It would have been a good idea but it doesn't fit here because Mulan wasn't supposed to be this amazingly perfect. Mulan isn't the best warrior but she's clever and hard working and earns the respect
Chen-Yun Yang
Chen-Yun Yang Månad sedan
I literally thought the phoenix was a kite when I saw this movie. I was so looking forward to this movie and everything about it let me down. What a waste of good actors. Only watch at your own risk!!
FE OS Månad sedan
I pirated this film and still want a refund!!
rbc21 Månad sedan
guess mulan is one of the reason why id card invented
Zealwind Månad sedan
It seems the cartoon animation director in Disney can make a better movie than all those live action movie director.
Jolaade Adebayo
Jolaade Adebayo Månad sedan
They were selling witchcraft...lolll...and boredommmmm
paul p
paul p Månad sedan
They made a hawk witch lady but they couldn't make a mini dragon?
Hazell Vasquez
Hazell Vasquez Månad sedan
I knew people hated this movie but I wanted to judge it for myself and I ended up thinking it was a decent enjoyable movie despite being annoyed by the inaccuracy of the original plot and characters but still damn I didn't hate it like a lot of people did .... Sometimes I think people are going overboard like chill you can't expect much from a live-action film ..... It will likely be different from the original source and you may not agree with all the writing decisions ...... Although I agree in this particular film Mulan could have struggled more to progress into her final form ........
Reed Gerber
Reed Gerber Månad sedan
Pirated with 0 bad feelings
BabyBoyBenSolo Månad sedan
I haven't even seen this movie yet and I already don't like it. I already know everything about it. I've heard its awful, I heard the editing is awful. And now I'm hearing that its boring.. Like how do you make Mulan boring??? I was excited for a historically accurate Mulan. I was okay with no songs, no Mushu, no Shang because I was excited to see Chinese culture and history. Everyone was complaining about all the remakes being beat for beat of the originals so I was excited for something different. I'm already disappointed lol
Hazell Vasquez
Hazell Vasquez Månad sedan
6:55 Bruh there is something called 123 movies .....
Gypseytails Månad sedan
I disagree that recent Disney live action films been bad, they always been bad, from the 60s to now,
Mike Oren
Mike Oren Månad sedan
I’ll take an old B&W flick with an actual plot, dialogue, and character development.
M Pasowski
M Pasowski Månad sedan
VintageRyn *
VintageRyn * Månad sedan
You know what? I don’t care. Mulan was an amazing movie. Sounds like everyone is always comparing the live action to the animated movie too much. My friend and I throughly enjoyed it.
VintageRyn *
VintageRyn * Månad sedan
Zahraa Alsari well first off, revealing herself wouldn’t make her sacrifice meaningless. Her father still wouldn’t have had to go to war. Secondly, judging by the reaction from all the guys at the word “expulsion”, we know that dishonor is worse than death. And I assume the general prioritized the life of the emperor and preserving the dynasty over killing her. They also all agreed that Mulan was a badass and should be the one to protect the emperor, hence all the sacrifices to get her to the throne. I get what you mean with the whole “I could kill you now” thing though. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I figured it could be connected to the fact that nobody would’ve accepted the witch, so she sacrificed herself so Mulan could become even greater. I was also disappointed that they didn’t know she saved them, but the whole purpose of their talk was for Mulan to remember that she isn’t like all the soldiers, she’s something special. She kinda forgot to embrace herself. Those are just my explanations though, and I totally understand your reasons. I did enjoy it though
Zahraa Alsari
Zahraa Alsari Månad sedan
@VintageRyn * the way they tried to make it seem Mulan cared about honesty so much she was willing to reveal herself even before going to war and render her sacrifice meaningless. How she did reveal herself and for some reason wanted to be executed? How the general went from "I will do you a favor and spare your life" to "you lead those men" in an instant. How the witch who explicitly mentioned she could kill Khan before he blinks was killed by him (she could've just killed him before he fired the arrow), just for the sake of the predictable redemption scene. There's also the fact that they never actually knew she saved them so the talk with the witch didn't make sense either. These are the ones that come to mind right now
VintageRyn *
VintageRyn * Månad sedan
Zahraa Alsari well, I thought it was a good movie. A few things I wish were done a bit different, but I did really like it. What did you think made no sense if you don’t mind my asking?
Zahraa Alsari
Zahraa Alsari Månad sedan
You don't need to compare it to the animation to see the acting, dialogue and line delivery was trash. Not to mention so many things don't even make sense
Riko Travis
Riko Travis Månad sedan
There's already Better Live action Mulan movies....
Jerry X
Jerry X Månad sedan
how didn't you get a copyright strike? is there an amount of time to show clips from a movie?
The Stoney Times
The Stoney Times Månad sedan
Finally a review from one of the big review channels that trashes Mulan
Joe Iorio
Joe Iorio Månad sedan
Every live action Disney movie is awful. Christopher Robin is really good but it doesn’t really count as a remake
Ariela Strombeck
Ariela Strombeck Månad sedan
5:44 "... just one"
EVODY-JR Månad sedan
This movie was weak they changed almost everything the emperor is catching arrows with his hands wtf? Alot of sword fights but not a single drop of blood 🤣🤣 and whats withe the witch ?
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